Friday Funny – the new "AA" class electric Mercedes

I drive an electric car for around town use. It saves gas and is fun to drive. I get lots of complements about it. However, I still enjoy a good laugh when people poke fun at them, such as this parody video from Julia-Louise-Dreyfus on SNL.

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    • +1
      it has been a while since anything SNL did made me laugh, sad to say the laughs are the exception rather than the rule with SNL! 🙁

    • “Very funny. I didn’t realize SNL still did humor.”
      News to me, too. They haven’t been funny in 25 years.

      • Most of the problem is, 25 years ago, practically everyone on the program was an Unrealized Comedic Talent (Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, Michael O’Donoghue, Gilda Radner,) so the program was awash in comedy. Now, while there is some talent, most will never aspire to the level of their predecessors so the program is left flat or listing. It used to be driven by the performers and accentuated by the guest, now the guest is more often driving the program.

      • But just like the Beatles, splitting up can happen when you get so many talented people together on one crew

    • Don’t think small. Go 12V. (I’m thinking of the old lantern batteries, not 12V lead acid type batteries.)
      [The mods are thinking of submarine-sized 12 volt batteries …. .mod]

      • Mods… A huge one with 3″ electrodes in the back seat comes to mind… With wisps of acid fumes emitting..

      • So there is a T&V Mercedes advertisement that features two Mercedes automobiles driving around a banked track.
        One of those two autos, is a modern sedan, and the other car is the most expensive (selling price) car of all time by far.
        Somebody paid somebody else $650 Million to buy that 1954 Mercedes W-196 open wheel formula one grand prix car; the one that drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio drove to multiple victories in 1954 and 1955 except they used an enclosed wheel version in the Italian grand prix.
        So the question is; who the hell paid 650 million dollars for that GP car; but more of a puzzle, who did they buy it from, and how the hell did that owner ever get possession of a W-196.
        I’m guessing that Mercedes paid the 650 million dollars to get that car back, or how else could they have used it in their ad ??
        But how in the blazes did somebody else ever get their hands on that car.
        Did some earlier chump at Mercedes actually sell a W-196 to somebody before anyone knew about it.
        The W-196 with its 2.5 litre straight eight engine, with desmodromic valves, and four wheel inboard brakes has to be one of the most fantastic GP cars of all time, and I can see why Mercedes would want to have it back, but how did it get loose in the first place.
        Or if you don’t like that; maybe Mercedes just sold that car for the 650 mil to whoever the chap driving the car is.
        Anybody know just what happened in regard to that car.

  1. Spelling-grammar police alert.
    a polite expression of praise or admiration.
    “she paid me an enormous compliment”
    a thing that completes or brings to perfection.
    “the libretto proved a perfect complement to the music”
    Okay, back to humor now.
    [But what if the libretto thought it was a very good complement to the music? .mod]

  2. I like the E-Z battery change. I was wondering how long it would take to remove all those batteries. Now we know it takes only seconds. (I think I missed the ‘replace the batteries’ part. Must have turned my head for a moment.)
    P.S. I’m not about to discuss the Mercedes DD Class. I just won’t go there ;o)

  3. Just imagine the kids pulling the battery release as you’re zooming along at 56mph.
    James Bull

    • Well, AGW true believers do not believe in having children, so they will not have that problem.
      Oh wait, they do not believe in OTHER people having children. Looks like we will be having some entertainment in suburbia after all.

  4. Still not as funny as the “Chameleon XLE” commercial.
    “They might tow it away … but they’ll never steal it.”

      • I doubt it. Cheapest I’ve seen so far were $.20 ea. on when bought in bulk, which comes to $1,926.60, and no mention of free shipping, so that could add a bunch more.

  5. Wish I could find a clip of The Beverly Hillbillies episode where they set out to combat pollution. Jethro converted there truck to electric. They were going to drive to Washington but Jethro couldn’t find an extension cord long enough.

    • My Beverly Hillbillies fav was where they bought a passenger jet, and Jethro was going to be the pilot, because he had finished the 6th grade and could do “ciphering numbers”. They took out the seats and put in wooden benches to increase seating, and were going to charge $20 to fly to India, somewhere just north of Kentucky. People were lined up to fly to India for $20.

  6. The part about the thoussands of batteries is about right, at least for the way Tesla builds their battery packs – they use 18650 laptop battiers, about 6,0000 of them, as I recall, to make their 85kWhr battery pack. They weigh around 850 pounds as I recall. Cost? Hardest thing is to find out the cost – when Tesla first started they charged roughly $35,000 to replace a battery pack whose owner had allowed to go completely discharged. Lately they are talking in the low hundreds per kWhr and I suspect when they make batteries for $100 per kWhr, the gas powered era will end, very abruptly. You’d never know it from looking at Tesla’s ultra complicated Model S, but electric cars are inherently simpler and more reliable than gas powered vehicles. The strategy to sellingEVs, in my opion, at this stage of battery costs, would be to electrify a car like the upcoming three wheeled Elio, which gets 85 MPG. With a relatively small and cheap battery pack, it could provide suprisingly practical driving ranges and quick recharges. Henry Ford’s wife always drove an electric car and Ford himself made huge effort (with Edison) to try to create a battery that was good enough to compete with a gas powered vehicle. They failed.

      • And then the LNG era will be rip roaring. The limited range and payload of battery cars will never allow them to be used for long trips.

      • Nah. The gas-powered car era will end when teleprescense is good enough to make travel obsolete. At which point, we probably will use electric cars for the few trips we still have to make, since we’ll be able to print them at the local 3D print shop.

  7. Actually, she’s pretty funny. I’ve been watching Veep (since it’s on after Game of Thrones)… the digs at and mocking of hillary and zero are subtle, but very funny.
    And this particular parody is good! Get people thinking about how ridiculous the whole idea is…

  8. Cute,
    The top speed of 52MPH made me chuckle. When me and my wife moved up to Chico for college in 1980 our one car was a 1961 Datsun pickup. 1200 CC, 60 HP (yeah, right), manual specified top speed of 61 MPH though I never got it past 60. We made many trips down to San Diego and back, interminable 12 hour trips too hot in the summer (AC? you got to be kidding, that would take 10 mph off the cruising speed), and too cold in the winter (no heater either). It seemed happy at 49 MPH, and after a few hours on I-5 I was sure I was hearing every valve tappet’s unique clicks. I fell asleep once on I-5 and ran off the road, but I was going so slow I had time to wake up and maneuvered it back out of the rough onto the shoulder

  9. I started to wonder about HP from 9648 AA’s. Setting aside heat and circuit resistance. If an AA is good for 2600 mAh, and we want to drag race around for 1/2 an hour then we burn at 9648 x 1.5V x 2600 / 0.5 hrs = 75250W … about 100 HP. Not bad I suppose.

  10. On my travels in Washington State this week, I looked across the hotel parking lot to the Tesla charging station. Two Tesla’s were being charged. In between the two cars, the drivers were sitting in camping chairs, with beverages (assumed to be non-alcoholic) patiently waiting to continue their journeys. It should be called Telsa Tailgating. All that was missing was the football game. At least it wasn’t raining.

    • “At least it wasn’t raining.”
      Are you sure you’re talking about Washington State? Infamous for our two season (wet season, wetter season) climate?
      Well, maybe you were over by Pullman somewhere:) 🙂 🙂

  11. I did not find it that funny to be honest.
    Is a top speed of 160 kph a(regulated) and Lithium rechargeable that worthy of parody ?

    • Funnier and a real joke is the recent transatlantic flight of Solar Impulse 2. In the age of supersonic jet, this hilarious solar plane crossed the Atlantic in 71 hours. Charles Lindbergh would have laughed at this amazing feat because he did it in only 33 hours back in 1927. It’s a big step backward. Piccard should have declared upon his landing “that’s one small flight for me and one giant folly for mankind.” Welcome back to the 1920s

  12. No believer in AGW but because it’s so underpowered on acceleration, am thinking of putting a golf cart motor on the front transaxle of my Syncro Poptop (Vanagon). Supposedly, 10 electric hp is equivalent to 30 petroleum. And lately, am loving the GW hoax because my neighbor bought a Tesla and brought electricity down my street to charge it. Thanks Algore!

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