Claim: The Global Cooling Skyscraper Which Could Save the Planet

Pialo Megastructure (My Impression - see Pialo's website for the original concept)

Pialo Megastructure (My Impression – see Pialo’s website for the original concept)

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Italian architect Paolo Venturella has proposed a gigantic megastructure to prevent global warming, though building it may present a few practical difficulties.

Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming, and even if various strategies have been planned to solve the problem, none of them provided a solution.

This is causing natural disasters all over the planet. The temperature all around the planet is increasing making the ice in the pole melt.

Only a “global strategy” can be adopted.

To cool down the temperature a huge greenhouse is placed in between the sun and us.

This works according the same principle of the “solar tower”. Thanks to the accumulation of heat in the glazed structure, air flows naturally from hot to cold generating rapid and strong flows. These flows bring hot air far from the Earth cooling down the temperature of the whole globe.

The air flows restore better climate conditions and moreover generate renewable energies by wind turbines placed inside the structures.

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Its worth visiting Paolo’s website just to see the gargantuan scale of what he is proposing – a vast horizontal building touching the Earth’s equator, whose size appears to dwarf the diameter of the planet.

As I said, there are a few practical difficulties, such as smelting all that construction steel using wind power, finding a way to get a chunk of the Earth’s crust to support trillions of tons of building, handling the centripetal stresses caused by the Earth’s rotation, preventing the building from “seesawing” on its mount, and probably a host of other civic engineering issues.

Paolo’s diagram of what appears to be hot air venting into deep space also raises some obvious concerns about the long term impact of his proposal, even if such a structure could be built.

However, lets hope Paolo qualifies for his Cyclotron Road funding – in my opinion the megastructure proposal makes at least as much sense as some of the other projects being funded by the US government, and Paolo’s idea has a sort of cosmic grandeur.


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      • My first reaction was that that’s a serious insult to 4-H.

        Though typically thought of as an agriculturally focused organization as a result of its history, 4-H today focuses on citizenship, healthy living, science, engineering, and technology programs. link

        With the decrease in rural population, one would expect that 4-H would get smaller. It sounds like they are doing what organizations tend to do. They are attempting to change their mandate to ensure the organization’s survival. Sigh.

      • AA?
        But, if we are going down this – ah, interesting – road the I moot it is built on an equatorial gantry, so it can go round our world – at 900 mph, facing the sun permanently.

        Problem solved.

        Might there be other problems – ahhh ignore then – the science is settled, isn’t it??


  1. Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming, and…

    What a crock!

  2. If it was an oil company proposing such a structure to help humanity (rather than “saving the planet”), there’d be all manner of outrage from green quarters saying such a thing would destroy the planet AND use up all the mineral resources ever available (I don’t know, “peak minerals” or something). Good intentions – and green ones, naturally – make it all right and worth all the money, all the destruction, all the unintended consequences. /sarc.

    Green dreams of course are pure and by default could never harm a living creature (not including mankind who shouldn’t be here). /bigger sarc.

    I demand equality for good intentions! /ginormous sarc!

  3. Why not have mylar mini-blinds on a cosmic scale? Servo motors and an ABS frame lined with solar panels and ion engines to maintain geostationary orbit. Should keep NASA and their contractors busy for years and will undoubtedly advance extra-atmospheric construction techniques. Money better spent than the failing solar and wind subsidies.

  4. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. Oh ! I know, how about just building a giant air-conditioner and put a thermostat on it?!!! That should do the trick.

    • That’s it! All that’s required is a 7 mile high condensing unit. Then the whole tropics will be like waiting for a ride at Disneyland, cool and breezy.

    • “and put a thermostat on it”

      And what temperature would we set the thermostat at?

      • I don’t know. I’ve been waiting for a warmunist to tell me what the right temperature of the Earth is for almost thirty years now. So far if anyone knows this magic number, no one is saying.

      • The perfect temperature is the temperature that is thought to have existed when humans began to burn fossil fuels on a large scale.

        That was also the perfect level of atmospheric CO2.

        No matter the scientific facts on how life in the past did with lower or higher levels than those. . We are already well above the perfect levels of the past. Any increase above that is bad. Model projections make it crystal clear………..higher by X amount will be catastrophic.

  5. How clever – making a structure to ensure a snowball earth forever. Einstein was right, human stupidity is infinite.

    • No, No! You don’t understand! To counter the snowball Earth we will put large reflectors at the leading and training Lagrange points and focus them on the Earth when it gets too cold.

      See our intelligence is amazing when we act totally from emotion (fear) and let our betters do the thinking for us.

      (Do I need to add /sarc? Where is that sarcasm font when you need it anyway!)

      • @owen, For cooling, you would need to be closer to Sol than L1. For warming, somewhere between L4 and L1 would be better. In either case, you would be on the “down-slope” of the gravity well leading to Sol, and you could use the radiation pressure to keep you from sliding in, thereby saving fuel.

        It’s kinda hyptnotizing, isn’t it?

    • That’s why I like my extra-atmospheric mini-blind idea. We just fold it up and convert it to a solar reflector to heat Mars.

      • There are academics and academics. I frequently quote Cromwell to my students: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, consider it possible that you may be wrong”, and one of my colleagues takes chocolates into class to give to students who find mistakes in anything he has written.

  6. Looks OK by me. What could possibly go wrong… go wrong… go wrong… go wrong…

    • I know, the gods could get really angry if people did a building like that. But think how angry the said gods become when people commit the sin of learning each other’s language, or, even worserer, make a translation device like Magogletranslate?! Repent, sinner!

      Paolo was 7 days late by publishing this Apr 8 in his blog. And, to tell you the truth, if this is NOT April’s fools, I’d never ever hire this man to plan any building whatsoever, because he apparently does not have the faintest idea of how much weight steel can stand; nor how much it costs; now how much energy steel production takes.

      • You have me wondering now, Hugs. Do you think all his architectural experience to date has been with Lego structures?

  7. As an Engineer type, I wish I could come up with impractical, cost prohibitive solutions to my problems in day to day life. I just wish i could be paid to think, let alone do any meaningful work. I think this is what artist do, on second thought, they actually create something meaningful for humanity.

      • Artists are paid to create emotions and start discussion, and outrage is an emotion and we are talking about it. So, I have to say that it was successful in those goals.

      • I have no problem with artists creating whatever the heck they want.
        My outrage is at being forced to fund it.

      • How cross in a jar of urine relates here? It was another artist, wasn’t it?

        A cross in urine is a no-brainer, if you try to ‘shock’. To shock for real, these days you needed something more controversial, like an Islamic symbol together with an unholy thing. I won’t spell it out, though, these guys, when shocked, will peacefully behead somebody if they don’t manage to do an extended suicide.

        The Paolo guy has been planning a Guggenheim branded art business building into Helsinki. Looking at the pictures, he adds wow in Wow architecture by doing incredible designs (but not in the good way). I hope he wasn’t paid for his crap.

  8. If we built it, we’d be geo-engineering a natural environment. And, if it works as advertized, it could throw us into another glacial advance. Why don’t the globalwarmists fear a cooler earth?

    Oh. That’s right. Because they pay no attention to actual climate history–or human history, for that matter–and don’t have the slightest clue how devastating a global temperature drop of a few degrees would be.

    • Well they say the should only be about 100 million (or some such number) humans on Earth. A new glaciation would be one way to accomplish that in short order.

  9. Reminds me of all the silly devices you would see in an old Sears mail order catalog.

  10. “Thanks to the accumulation of heat in the glazed structure, air flows naturally from hot to cold generating rapid and strong flows. These flows bring hot air far from the Earth cooling down the temperature of the whole globe.”
    Already does that. Called convection currents. No building required. No wasted resources. It was in full swing in Iowa today…gave me a headache.

    • “Thanks to the accumulation of heat in the glazed structure, air flows naturally from hot to cold generating rapid and strong flows. These flows bring hot air far from the Earth cooling down the temperature of the whole globe.”

      And then cool air will naturally be drawn in to replace that hot old air with the nasty CO2 pollution in it . . a two fer!! ; )

    • If this device takes hot air and dumps it far from the earth, won’t the earth start running low on atmosphere pretty quickly?

      • I could be wrong, but if that is to scale, I shouldn’t think the spin of the planet would allow it to stand long enough to complete. It would never get that far.

  11. Oh my God….. They finally have reached the point where one of the warming catastophists has posited the use of an Umbrella to save the Earth from frying in the noon day sun.

    We used to joke about this.

    Is this the point were Mary Poppins meets the Guardians of the Universe?

    • We’re only doing the WH. Then we’ll pay the rest of the world UN mandated restitution for having screwed up the Hadley circulation which caused a new ice-age.

    • They’ll use the generated power to move the building around the equator at over 1,000 MPH so it always stays closest to the sun. Surely a supersonic building which has to let air flow through won’t encounter any problems with airflow.

  12. “Paolo’s idea has a sort of cosmic grandeur.”
    Are you sure you didn’t mean
    “has a sort of comic grandeur.”?

    • Paolo’s idea, in short, distinguishes 10 types of people. Those who actually can design buildings, those who should stick to drawing cartoons, and those who think in terms of ternary.

      • Personally, the only thing I want to know about this project is what color of crayons were used in the original submission?

  13. If there was ever any doubt warmistas are the stupidest SOBs to ever wear the mantle of science on their pointy heads, this should forever dispel them.

    • They can’t be the stupidest. Human stupidity is infinite. So, there must be somebody out there even stupider…Although they must surely be in the running for a blue ribbon.

    • If All Gore in sales says it’s a good idea, I think I’m in. Maybe run it by James Hansen over at Frightened and Goofy and see what he thinks. Or maybe if he thinks!

  14. “These flows bring hot air far from the Earth cooling down the temperature of the whole globe.” Ha ha ha ha ha. Priceless. Just needs Bill Nye sagely nodding and stroking his chin.

      • Yes, of course. Where else?
        And they will be replaced by fresh, cool, pristine flows of air.

        We should get going on that right after we replace all the bad plumbing in Flint, Michigan.

      • Silly people. Everyone knows it’s cold in space, so that cools the air. Then it falls back down to earth because of gravity. Why, if we could funnel it back into pipes on the way back down we could run it through turbines again and collect power from it both coming and going. Perpetual Motion!

        I can almost smell the science. ^¿^

  15. “Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming, and even if various strategies have been planned to solve the problem, none of them provided a solution.”

    If it was irreversible,this nimrod would be living in a shack on a glacier where NYC now sits. What is irreversible,except through constant ridicule,is these clowns. And we allow them to propagate?

  16. I wonder what the gravitational effects of such a large structure would be. I wonder what material it would be made out of, steel wouldn’t be able to do it. This guy is an architect?

  17. In the past here, I have made the following proposals:
    1) Reunite Gondwanaland, with really big winches and strong cables.
    2) To mine out the entire country of Italy to below sea level to recover all the CO2 in all the carbonate rock which makes up the country.
    3) To recreate the magnetic field of Mars, by remelting the core of the planet via a giant induction furnace, as a prelude to colonization.
    4) Reestablishing the equatorial current from the Pacific to the Atlantic, as it was 3 million years ago by digging out the entire country of Panama to a depth of 5000 ft. below sea level.

    The good readership of WUWT knew I was not really serious.
    This guy makes my proposals look downright modest in comparison. I think I need to put in for some Cyclotron Funding myself. What are we all waiting for?

    • Regarding #3
      Ya know, if you had a really big asteroid with high concentrations of uranium and thorium, you could have it impact Mars. That should heat things up a bit. Then just crash a few large comets to quench and voila… habitable plant. No need to build a planetary scale induction furnace. :)

      • I would say a better choice would be to dig a hole to the core of Mars and drop an asteroid sized package of fissionables into the hole. Impacts on the surface take too long to travel down the gravity well and we really don’t want Mars struck with a large enough impact to get it there sooner as it could break up the planet and send chunks our way.

        Of course, where we would find an asteroid composed entirely of thorium and uranium is beyond my feeble knowledge.

        Though while we are at it, can we go capture some of the water in the Oort Cloud into some nice sized comets and drop them on the surface too? It would need some water to be more Earth-like.

        All we need for the project is a few Star Trek style vessels and these Dilithium crystal thingies – I hear they can be used to power the electric grid too, so bonus for that. I haven’t seen them at the local hardware store though, so those evil hydrocarbon companies must be hoarding them all.

        (My sarc phaser is set to high today.) /sarc

    • No reuniting! Support home rule for Gondwanaland. “Gondwanaland for the…er…Gondwananese!” I’m hoping President Barmy Sanders will appoint me US Ambassador to Gondwanaland as one of his first executive orders, right after requiring that underwear is to be worn outside the clothes.

  18. ..Never mind Glo.Bull Warming, who is going to save the planet from all these liberal wacko’s ?

  19. Please excuse an old American engineer for using pounds and inches but lets suppose we use 50ksi steel (yield strength of 50,000 lbs per square inch) and we allow a maximum of 70% of this stress to occur in our columns to allow for buckling and some safety margin, so about 35,000 ksi working stress.

    Now a column of steel 1 inch by 1 inch by 12 inches high weighs about 3.4 pounds. And a column 10,000 feet high would bear down on its one square inch base with a force of 34,000 pounds. So then our steel column will reach its maximum allowable stress when the column reaches a height of only about 2 miles (10,560 feet). This does not take into account wind loads or any dead or live loads the structure might be asked to carry… its own weight is all that it can support.

    If we wish to build towers that are 10 or 20 miles high, then they will be made of some rather exotic (expensive) materials.

    • You could always use unobtanium mined from Pandora. I understand it’s superconductive at room temperature, too.

      • @ SMC, : “You could always use unobtanium mined from Pandora. I understand it’s superconductive at room temperature, too.” But if you use the new “nevertobehadaminium” you’d have it fixed in no time but then there is always the wayinthefutureaminimum as a backup that will do the job. ( although the risk factor goes up somewhat).

      • We could use adamantium, but then we would have to get Adam Ant to build the thing, and I hear he is too busy fighting crime just now to take on any new projects.

    • Tie tiny helium balloons every foot? Just trying to help get this tremendous idea off the ground. Just tell a politician how many jobs it’ll create!

  20. The positive side of the structure is that NASA would be rendered irrelevant as satellites orbits will be blocked and they can just mount sensors and cameras on the structure. Ye old space elevator concept – just whack the structure out to geo-stationary orbit … oh wait … that’s 35,800 km and it’s supposed to be glazed as well? Whack-a-mole!

    Our population is going through the irreversible process of brain shrinkage, and even if various strategies have been planned to solve the problem, none of them provided a solution.

    This is causing natural disasters all over the planet. The IQ all around the planet is decreasing making the IQ of the population shrink.

  21. Apart from complete ignorance of most gas laws, and attempting the equivalent of creating a perpetual motion machine that breeches the second law of thermodynamics, this proposal appears to have ignored the fact that the Earth rotates.

    I wonder how much they will give him to explore this concept?

    • It does give us a place to house all those immigrants and refugees.

      As to the earth’s rotation, we could put it on rails and roll it around the planet. Rails and water skis, since 71 percent of the planet is ocean. The earth is going around a thousand mph at the equator, so water skis should be able to hold it up.

      • @ Mike McMillan, Boy oh Boy, wake boarders would love that ride! ( Until they hit a coast line but what the heck with this technology who needs rails? We can cut channels through a few continents just as a by product!).

  22. That’s right up there with the plan to cure Los Angeles smog by tunneling through the San Gabriel Mountains, then using huge fans to suck it out of the basin.

    • While the tunnel fan project would be insanely expensive and provide minimal benefit, it has an infinitely higher possibility of 1. Being able to be built, and 2. Performing some small portion of its proposed mission.

      This idea is just charting the edges of Einsteins statement on human stupidity.

      • According to Mr. Einstein there is no edge to chart. Apparently, that is true in three dimensions.

      • True, infinity is hard to chart an edge, but this does draw near to it. I like the idea of something so awfully, awesomely stupid that infinity draws nigh to measure it.

  23. Cranky old man some years in the future…

    “Yea, I remember all that Global Warming silliness. It was all fun and games, until somebody decided to actually do something about it.”

    • Are you serious? The oceans would slosh clear across the continents.

      Obviously, it makes more sense to spin the sun until the night side is toward earth.

    • Are you serious? Why not just move the moon so it is 1/100th as far away as now and position it so it is always between the sun and the earth to create a huge shadow?

      • Geo-stationary is about 1/10th the current distance to the moon. Would that be close enough?

      • Geo-stationary is about 1/10th the current distance to the moon. Would that be close enough?

        Of course it could not be between the earth and the sun at all times if it were geo-stationary. As well, the moon is about 5 degrees off the ecliptic and that is why eclipses do not occur every month.
        Of course it is not possible to move the moon, but if it were, and if the angle could be made to zero degrees, then there would be a huge shadow somewhere on earth for 12 hours out of every 24. And that shadow would increase in size as the moon moves away from the high noon position.
        Would this make a measurable difference to global temperatures over the course of a year? If someone wants to do the calculations, be my guest.

      • Moving the moon to a tenth of its present distance may cause some cooling. But the tides would be 100 times stronger. On the one hand, there would a huge increase in tidal energy that can be tapped. But on the other hand, many coastal cities would be wiped out in no time. The unintended consequences would be way worse than the so called problem some people think we need to solve.

      • If the moon were in a geo-stationary orbit, there would be no lunar tides. Just a permanent bulge right under the moon and on the far side.

      • If the moon were in a geo-stationary orbit, there would be no lunar tides. Just a permanent bulge right under the moon and on the far side.

        That near bulge occurred to me as I was walking my dog. I was wondering if anyone would read and/or catch it. Well done! Would that mean that some islands would disappear and others would be created?

  24. Average live span of 750 years? I had this idea several years ago, but forget global warming. Think weather control. I mean if you could control the amount of energy that reaches a certain point, every point on earth, you can conceivably control the weather. You would need temperature readings from every point on earth in real time, and a eclipsing disk between the earth and sun. This disk would be made up of thousands of individually controlled filters to regulate and/or magnify energy from the sun. No more seasons, always spring. No deserts (unless you wanted one for some reasons).

    Of course humanity would most likely die off from paradise syndrome… but still…

    Pics I made last year..

  25. It’s going to take a ship load of steal and electricity to make that thing.

    [Yes, but they are spending money that has already been stealed from the taxpayers and energy users. .mod]

    • Oh, I don’t even think it’s feasible unless it can be completely manufactured in space. Raw minerals and all. Which is why I think that nearly all space launches past the 3rd Apollo mission have been a complete waste. Imagine where we would be now if all that cash for the last 45 years had been spent on getting infrastructure into orbit. We’d be relocating and mining asteroids, processing raw materials into useful things to be used here on earth. The possibilities are endless and we’d be 50 years or more ahead of ourselves in space exploration, among other things…

      • We launched potential space infrastructure every time we launched the Space Shuttle: The Space Shuttle’s External Tank (ET). The perfect Space Infrastructure.

        he ET was 153 ft long and 27.5 ft in diameter, consisting of a hydrogen tank and and oxygen tank and a structure connecting the two, and was perfectly suited to be converted into habitation modules, or just about anything else you needed in orbit.

        During the Clinton administration, when NASA was determining the space station design, there were three options presented: Option A, Option B, and Option C.

        Option A and B were basically designs like the current space station design: small habitation modules, carried inside the Space Shuttle, which would be assembled in space into a much larger structure. This design required dozens of Space Shuttle launches to put all the equipment in space.

        The differences in Option A and B were mainly the price as I believe one design was something like $18 Billion, and the other was $12 billion.

        Option C was a space station design that would have taken the ET into orbit with the Space Shuttle and used the ET as the U.S. space station. One ET Space Station would have had more habitable volume than the entire American space station today. And it would only have take ONE lauch of the Space Shuttle to put a huge American space station in orbit, ready to be inhabited.

        The Option C design used a habitation module 15 ft long and 27.5 ft in diameter which would be attached to the bottom of the ET prior to launch and would include everything required to be occupied immediately upon reaching orbit.

        The Space Shuttle would have had to fly with an empty cargo bay in order to be able to take the whole combination ET/Habitation Module into orbit.

        Once in orbit, the hydrogen tank and the oxygen tank would be vented and then filled with a breathable atmosphere, and then their entire volume is available for human use. Each tank has access ports that make this all pretty simple.

        Option C was estimated to cost about $5 Billion.

        NASA launched 133 ET’s before abandoning this most valuable piece of space infrastructure.

        NASA never put one ET in orbit.

        If it had been me, there would be ET’s around Earth, the Moon, Mars, and maybe some cycling ET’s traveling perpetually between Earth orbit and Mars orbit. Get on board, and catch a free ride to Mars.

        So NASA in their blindness (at the Top), threw all that away. No vision.

        NASA needs a new visionary leader like the U.S. needs one.

      • I asked about that once. The problem is with the hydrogen tank. Hydrogen would be outgassing from the walls of the tank for years.

      • @TA, Good info there. The ET would have been very nice indeed. But the scale I speaking of is closer to “2001 space odyssey”. You would need both zero and earth norm gravity. And the scale of build areas would need to be gym sized at the least. And that would be just the start toward manufacturing the equipment needed to mine needed resources. You would of coarse, be building the retrieval (and/or mining) ship/s while in orbit…

        I’m thinking that reviving project Orion is the only way to go. Just get the efficiency up so the number of deaths would be something around 1 in a million (note, in case someone doesn’t know, this is not actual deaths, but chances that someone’s life will be cut short due to radiation. When Orion ended, the number was 1 in 10,000 I think)…

        But mostly, thinking about this is my form of relaxing or counting sheep at night… ;)

  26. Being the Managing Director of “Blinds are us” I’d like to put in a quote.

  27. Any of these schemes to influence climate (e.g. cloud seeding) display a gross ignorance of Earth’s economic, ecological, and environmental systems. Any major event has advantages and disadvantages depending on the requirements of orgasms affected – including man

    Take for example the 2015 El Nino: N E Africa is being hammered with drought whilst other parts of the world have enjoyed a boost in agricultural production through increase in summer rainfall. Who is to decide where and where rain should fall knowing that e.g. one set of farmers on un-irrigated land will dance in the rain and neighbours growing grapes near the peak of their ripeness and susceptibility to fungal rot, would cut someone’s throat. And what about the recreation industry? There are potential conflicts at every corner

    Any genuine long-term increase in global temperature would benefit some systems and penalise others. Take a citrus orchard that is at marginal latitude and getting just enough heat to make some money on a good year. It could well benefit whilst those in the optimum location could find their production dropping. These examples are just hypothetical but display a very basic principle based on simple common sense and field observations for anyone to see

    “It’s a foul wind that blows no one any good”

    • Oops ORGANISMS :-(

      [But the recreation industry approves of the need for increased research and funding for organisms’ orgasms. “Tis an ill wind that misspells no god.” .mod]

  28. The construction crew will probably ride to and from the job on one ofArthtur C. Clarke’s magic space elevators.

  29. Italian architect Paolo Venturella’s partner in the project; German architect, Baron Munchausen was unavailable for comment!

  30. Hm… why not bend the ends around and vent the cold air at the Poles? :D

    You could add in some metal beams internally and generate thermo-electricity between the hot and cold parts.

    And use large plastic parasails to reach orbit up the thermal column… :D

  31. It has to be a unique and continuous structure, placed in a single point, and cantilever on both sides.

    Excellent idea. That single point is supposed to be located at the equator. Still, one can clearly see the polar bear walking beneath it, so global warming is surely gone.

    We only have to figure out how to manufacture the copious amount of unobtainium needed to support it in a carbon neutral way.

    The problem of Earth’s rotation is solved easily by recognizing the fact that there is no such thing. Only the sun has to be stopped in its diurnal orbit around terra firma, but it was already done at least once, so that tidbit is doable.

    • The problem of Earth’s rotation is solved easily by recognizing the fact that there is no such thing. Only the sun has to be stopped in its diurnal orbit around terra firma, but it was already done at least once, so that tidbit is doable.

      On Tisdale’s “average” non-orbiting, 342 watt/m^2 flat-earth disk, there IS no problem with rotation! Nor with continents, seas, nor hurricanes or tides. And we have NASA to prove it.

  32. Had another thought – could we use this like a giant fly swatter to knock all that space junk (and a few US Military satellites) out of orbit?

    It’d sure make some lovely romantic nights for lovers watching all that space junk plummet through the sky.

    And we could have a betting system based around how likely we are to survive any given revolution of the swatter – compounds so anyone surviving until there’s no more space junk can be the last billionaire on the planet… :D

  33. “Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming”!? Er, we are in an intertglacial, i.e in between the normal earth-state of ice age, and I suppose he would have proposed a giant space mirror in the 70s when the cry was “global cooling”!

  34. I’ve been waiting for some environut too propose resolving two ‘problems’ at the same time. Take all of the earth’s nukes and start blasting the moon. Keep it up until all the nukes are gone and the moon is just a dusty ring around earth. The result would be a permanent lunar dust solar eclipse, ending both the global warming threat and getting rid of all those nasty nukes. Tides? Who needs tides?

    I would wager that someone could get a lot of donations to promote that concept.

    Considering the rapid devolution of Mankind’s intellect, I don’t think we’ll still be around for another fifty years, so all of this is a moot point.

  35. Also build one diametrically opposite and hang seats from them both. Then Richard Branson could promote it as the first ride in the Galactic Fairground.

    Date: aprile 8, 2016
    Author: Paolo
    Category: PROJECTS

    THE JUMP →

    Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming, and even if various strategies have been planned to solve the problem, none of them provided a solution.

    This is causing natural disasters all over the planet. The temperature all around the planet is increasing making the ice in the pole melt.

    for “this is causing”: PROJECTS

    one really needs ← SUPER PUSH THE JUMP →

  37. It has to be a unique and continuous structure, placed in a single point, and cantilever on both sides. It results as a tangent object on the planet.

    It touches the ground in a unique point, and for this reason it is perceived in different ways from different parts of the world.

    there are a few practical difficulties, such as smelting all that construction steel using wind power, finding a way to get a chunk of the Earth’s crust to support trillions of tons of building, handling the centripetal stresses caused by the Earth’s rotation, –

    No need to support trillions of tons of building:

    when the gravitational center is balanced in the distance of centripetal equilibrium.

  38. One can only imagine if the tales told about the annunaki that came to Earth some 300.000 years ago to mine for gold that was to be changed in some way and seeded in their atmosphere to save their planet could be true. The gold mines in South Africa that predate us would suggest yes. Wasting all the gold on Earth would be cheaper than this project.

    [??? .mod]

    • Oh come on Wayne, surely you don’t believe those silly wives tales about Annunaki stealing all that gold do you ? It is a well known fact that they were just borrowing it to see what it looked like atop their Tower of Apsu !! Sheesh !

  39. “renewables”, e-cars won’t work till the problems of energy storage are’nt solved.

    That cooling skyscraper first needs developing the material to bear it’s own weight.

    Sigh !

    • Space elevators are fantasy, one of the US military’s surveillance blips broke it’s tether a while back and the tether caused a lot of damage, a broken space lift would wreak havoc right around the globe

      “The blimp broke away from its mooring near Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland and came down in Pennsylvania, but not before its heavy tethering cables dragged on the ground for 20 miles, bringing down power lines and cutting electricity.”

      • Why were they doing surveillance on the Amish??!! Do those buggies have a habit of not stopping at stop signs?

  40. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The current largest mega structures on earth would fit in it’s pocket.

    This is obviously fiction.

    And yes, there is no way to stop such a massive construction from affecting our spin, the center of gravity will change so will earth’s spin and wobble on the axis.

    This is the very sort of idea that will actually cause man made climate change

  41. If this tower supersedes the Trump Tower, it will probably be nuked as a part of the new US foreign policy…
    No, take no risk, call for the Climate psychologist instead.

    • For the sake of good order, climate psychologists are real: In Norway we e.g. have the climate psychologist Per Espen Stokknes who can “help all of us who have felt the climate depression lure in the dark corners of our brains”. Sic!

  42. Reminds me of “Shortstack’, a short story that appeared in the December 1964 issue of pulp magazine Analog Sci-Fi featuring Willy Shorts, a Tom Swfft-like boy wonder who (in this story) proposed and built a 1000 foot plastic chimney in the desert, for the purpose of generating electricity from the updraft. You can read a short excerpt of this story HERE.

    Among Willy Shorts’ other absurd discoveries (another story, ‘Shortsite’) was… a room temperature superconductor. Yesterday’s exciting science fiction may become tomorrow’s boring science fact.

  43. Dumb and dumber – that’s what it seems to me. Using their own arguments against them, how much carbon dioxide would be created in building this thing? Probably would have a more negative (to them) impact than they wish, IMHO.

  44. Yes, well, of course, this is just the sort blinkered philistine pig ignorance I’ve come to expect from you non-creative garbage. You sit there on your loathsome, spotty behinds squeezing blackheads, not caring a tinker’s cuss about the struggling artist.

    (Monty Python of course but you can tell they knew a few architects)

  45. Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming
    “irreversible” means that no matter what we do, the global warming will continue.

    so why build a skyscraper if you have already decided that it cannot reverse global warming?

    • “so why build a skyscraper if you have already decided that it cannot reverse global warming?” ???

      Because if you keep going, and eventually reaching the Moon, we could all ride an “elevator” to the Moon !

      I can see “Great” vacations to the Moon, with free Gourmet Meals along for the ride !!

      Has anyone seen Emeril Lagasse or Bobby Flay ?

  46. While getting his degree from the Castanza School of Architecture, Paolo obviously aced the course on “any PR is good PR” but skipped the classes on climate physics, much less ever clicking on WUWT.

    Actually Gaia invented his solution an eternity ago and has deployed it on many planets. The thunderstorms that Willis so eloquently describes as the “Thermostat Hypothesis” are just such gigantic cooling towers. However, Gaia is a much more advanced engineer than Paolo – hers can be built out of nothing but condensed water, sourced locally, erected in minutes when needed and moved to any location where there is excess heat to be dissipated.

    But wait! According to his website (under jobs), he is looking for a partner, because he is the guy with “smart ideas.” Now is your chance folks! Sell the car – sell the house – sell the kids – move to Rome and get in on the ground floor with what will certainly be Italy’s next Nicola Tesla!

  47. I’ll bet this guy has read Larry Niven’s Ringworld. In that sci-fi novel, Ringworld is a manufactured wide ribbon that completely surrounds it’s central star, with high walls on both sides of the ribbon, which, combined with centripetal effects, holds in an atmosphere, creating a living habitat of almost unimaginable dimensions. Each locale on the sun-facing surface of Ringworld has artificial periods of day and night, created by a inner concentric ring rotating at a different speed, with solid panels alternating with open areas to block out the sunlight. Hell, why don’t we just build THAT instead?

    • I have some shadow-square wire here in my pocket… oops, my hand just fell off.

  48. Its worth visiting Paolo’s website just to see the gargantuan scale of what he is proposing – a vast horizontal building touching the Earth’s equator, whose size appears to dwarf the diameter of the planet.

    There one can see a bridge to the moon, a tunnel from NY to Europe and other absolutely stupid fantasies.

  49. Report from Tornado Alley USA: Well the second severe weather system of the spring is currently passing through Tornado Alley, and just like the first system, this one has proven to be low-energy, with very few tornadoes reported.

    This, to me, means the atmosphere doesn’t have the heat in it to build up really big widespread thunderstorms. Remember: the hotter the atmosphere, the more extreme the weather, according to the Alarmists.

    Lower tornado numbers have been the norm for the entire 21st century, compared to previous extreme weather decades. That would seem to me to mean the weather is milder now than then. Which means this “hottest year evah! hyperbole is just that.

    The focus of the energy over the U.S. seems to be moving north and east, away from Tornado Alley. Which is a perfectly normal thing for it to do. Usually, the only variable is what part of the year this happens. Will it be early, like it seems to be this year, or will it be later in the year before the high pressure builds?

    We like it when there are little or no tornadoes. :)

  50. “though building it may present a few practical difficulties.”

    Perhaps the understatement of the epoch.

  51. better idea – a 93million-mile-long hose. We can put out the fire in the sun and end global warming forever!

  52. I still can’t get my head around how dumb that is. It’s surely got to be satire aimed at the Warmistas.

  53. This is funnier than some perpetual motion machines, and doomed for the same reason: The developer is totally ignorant of several technical fields, such as thermodynamics, material science, fluid dynamics, gravity, etc. In another era he could have found a job as a writer for Looney Tunes, the only domain where such an idea might work.

  54. I think what earth needs is a massive heatsink that’s easily able to swallow up the minor amount of CO2 ‘forcing’.

    I suggest 1.35 billion cubic kilometers of water ought to do it. The advantage of a fluid over a giant finned metal structure is that it could transport the heat automatically to the poles where it would be radiated to space during the long polar nights. Furthermore, a large fluid heatsink could also be used for transport of trade and recreation. I don’t know this hasn’t been done already.

  55. We already have such a structure. The Earth has an atmosphere with a troposphere with a natural lapse rate that does not depend on the LWIR absorption properties of greenhouse gases. It is already in place.

  56. And millions of years from now, aliens discover an icy planet with signs of a formerly extant civilization, such as a giant heat sink reaching out of the ice into space. It is presumed that some long-past crisis triggered this construct.

    Scientists have noted that the construct itself and the buildup of ice may have accentuated the planet’s “wobble” in its orbit and caused irregularities in the orbit of its single large moon, which is expected to collide with the planet’s surface in the next several thousand years.

  57. That megastructure just dropped a window on a Tesla driver in Shanghai. What are the odds of that?
    Window Plummets from 76th Floor of Shanghai Tower, Injuring Tesla Driver

  58. What a “GREAT” idea, why didn’t I think of it ?

    And just think of it, it would cost only a few Trillion [$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.00) U.S. dollars, and before President Obama leaves office, He could just call it another Presidential Executive Order and we won’t even need to have Congress on board (Again), “GENIUS” !

    What an idea ?

    Better yet, and for only another, say 100 Trillion or more U.S. dollars (When you think of it, this entire Global Warming fiasco is really the fault of the U.S. Congress, Corporations and Tax Payers?), why don’t We Earthlings just put a “Radiation Filter Blanket” around the Sun ???

    The Sun is only about 100,000,000 miles in diameter, this is doable !!

    We then could filter out the destructive Gamma Rays, High Intensity Xrays and Ultraviolet rays, especially the UVB Rays, I mean, who really needs a tan anyway, not to say Red Apple’s, doesn’t Green Apple’s taste just as good ?

    Great Idea part ll !!!

    Man, I can’t wait…


  59. The internet discussion of the proposed structure has a silver lining. If Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences (ETIs) intent on destroying the Earth because via our CO2 policies conclude that we are abusing our home planet and lying about that abuse to boot (see the Journal Acta Astronautica (volume 68, 2011, pages 2114-2129, or intercept the Earth outbound radiation describing the proposed structure, he/she/it/they will turn their spaceships around and abort their destroy-Earth mission. He/she/it/they will come to the realization that there is no intelligence (malign or otherwise) on Earth to destroy.

  60. Why has no one mentioned the obvious wonderful analogy with the Tower of Babel story from the Bible?
    Genesis 11:1.9- ” The people of Babel said,” Come,let us build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the whole earth.”
    I could go on ( and I’m irreligious) but I don’t want to give any spoilers as to how the story ends!

  61. Mat, May 9, 2016 at 5:28 pm wrote: “@TA, Good info there. The ET would have been very nice indeed. But the scale I speaking of is closer to “2001 space odyssey”. You would need both zero and earth norm gravity.”

    The ET has you covered, Mat. :)

    If you take about 100 External Tanks (remember, NASA launched over 130) and connect them end-to-end and form them into a giant circle, you will have a 2001 Space Odyssey-type wheel-shaped space station about a mile in diameter.

    Spin the “wheel” at one revolution per minute, and that will generate “gravity” on the outer rim of the space station that is equivalent to the gravity on the Earth’s surface.

    Also, you could take two External Tanks and put each on the end of a mile-long cable, set them spinning like the wheel-shaped space station, at the same speed, and that generates one Earth “gravity at each end of the cable.

    You could simulate the gravity of Mars or the Moon by placing your simulation experiment along the cable, closer to the center, to the appropriate spot for the “gravity” you desired.

    Generating Earth-equivalent “gravity”, with this technique, would be highly desireable for making long trips to Mars. Or for living in space, in general. Humans have to have some kind of gravity.

    For MarkW: The Option C ET spacestation design was an accepted, viable design and the hydrogen tank was not a problem.

    Option C wasn’t rejected because of a flaw in the design. It was rejected because it was too cheap, and only required a few space shuttle launches.

    NASA’s administrator at the time, Dan Goldin, wanted to create a monster space station program, and his way of doing it was to design a program that needed 100 space shuttle launches, required $100 billion and could be carried out over a decade or longer.

    You can’t maximize the use of the space shuttle if all it takes you is a couple of launches to put a space station in orbit, or so Goldin’s thinking went (my best guess).

    Goldin just didn’t think big enough. He could have created a similar big program but instead of limiting his scope to low-Earth orbit, he could have put in place space infrastructure based on the ET, around the Earth, Moon, on the Moon, Mars, and done lots of other things with them. ET’s would make good telescope mounts. How about a 27.5 ft diameter mirror.

    Goldin could have had the same budget, used the space shuttle just as much, and had an ongoing long-term program, only in this case he would have developed the whole Earth/Moon/Mars system for about the same price as we paid for one low-Earth orbit space station.

    • The idea if messing with solar energy input is ludicrous and would actually cause real unimaginable man made climate change..

      apparently this fix for imaginary man made climate change is creating real man made climate change.

      The whole thing doesn’t stand up to even the most rudimentary logical examination

  62. Typical architect. Toots his ideas trumpets and then leaves the
    (important) detail to the engineers.

  63. Anyone else notice there haven’t been a lot of noteworthy Italian architects? More form that content? Da Vinci stands out. Across the road there’s Paulo Solari. But really, are thee more than a handful?

    Here’s an idea; if you want to block incident sunlight from reaching earth, consider a lightweight mylar film at a Lagrange point. That’ll cool things down really fast and it could actually be built.

    Otherwise I suppose we could spend the next thousand years building something that couldn’t possibly work, but would put the Pyramids to shame.

    • If we did that or the “greenhouse” this would actually make man made climate change a reality, how ironic

  64. The answer to the non existent question is a geo stationery positioning of reflective iron filings to shield the Earth from the Sun, these could be hoovered up magnetically after a day and an illustration of exactly how cold we would be with zero sunlight.
    I have offered this solution several times and in several places but have yet to receive any offers or grants to fund my project. I was sort of hoping Virgin might consider it as he is a bit of a greenie , Virgin Shield has a certain , je ne sais quoi ,no?

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