Leonard DiCaprio working on another climate movie, will it bomb as bad as 'The 11th hour'?

From the NASA Goddard Facebook page, 4/29/16:


Academy Award winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio visited Goddard Saturday to talk about NASA Earth science with former astronaut Piers Sellers, the current deputy director of Goddard’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate.

They discussed NASA missions studying changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, water and land masses for a climate change documentary DiCaprio has in production.

Using Goddard’s Hyperwall high-definition display system, they viewed presentations based on actual science data captured by NASA’s fleet of satellites orbiting Earth, as well as climate and ocean-current modeling done by the NASA Center for Climate Simulation at Goddard. The background visual shows the biosphere with data from a NASA satellite instrument called the Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-View Sensor (SeaWiFS).


Mr. DiCaprio also viewed the clean room where the next-generation James Webb Space Telescope is being developed.

I have to wonder, did Piers Sellers tell DiCaprio what he was actually looking at? That image from SEAWIFS shows the greening of the planet thanks to increased CO2, as documented on WUWT back in 2008, and corroborated by a recent press release from NASA Goddard: NASA: Carbon dioxide fertilization greening Earth, study finds

My bet is both were oblivious to what was behind them on the big screen. If they weren’t, I doubt they considered it important information.

From another photo:


Academy Award winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio visited Goddard Saturday to talk about NASA Earth science with former astronaut Piers Sellers, the current deputy director of Goddard’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate.

They discussed NASA missions studying changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, water and land masses for a climate change documentary DiCaprio has in production.

Using Goddard’s Hyperwall high-definition display system, they viewed presentations based on actual science data captured by NASA’s fleet of satellites orbiting Earth, as well as climate and ocean-current modeling done by the NASA Center for Climate Simulation at Goddard.

Mr. DiCaprio also viewed the clean room where the next-generation James Webb Space Telescope is being developed.

Credit: NASA/Goddard/Rebecca Roth

From People Magazine:

DiCaprio, 41, has been working on a climate change documentary, having traveled to Baffin Island in the Arctic last summer. In 2007, he created, produced, co-written and narrated The 11th Hour, a documentary that gave viewers a look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.

DiCaprio’s last climate film, The 11th Hour, was a total bomb, earning just $985,207, and in limited theater release with just 111 theaters. In the USA, it earned only $707,343 and was ranked 259th for the year out of all films.

Source: Box Office Mojo http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=11thhour.htm

With a poster like this, it isn’t hard to see why people didn’t react well to it. After all, who wants to see a film that makes the audience look like jack booted Gaia thugs?

27 x 40

Meanwhile the movie Climate Hustle is gaining steam. Go see it Monday night.


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..is the bear going to be in it?


Yep, that’s the hook. Only this time it will be a polar bear. The director will be heard berating the animal trainer ‘I only wanted you to blow his bloody draws off’. The bear will claim provocation because DiCaprio said he was going extinct and he just saw red and thought ‘I’ll show him extinct.’


Perhaps, the bear could win


..If it is a battle of wits..the bear will win..paws down !


“the bear will win..paws down !”
Unlikely, there never was a paws.


Touche’ ….


Poor little Leo, 41 and not one piece of candy on his arm. I refuse to see any film he is in. His last opinion during the Hollywood elitist shows was so…….. little in thought. OH Leo, so ya think that ‘climate change’ is so important that you had to announce your opinion on national TV. Poor little Leo.


There was a time when actors and musicians were called “players,” who rode caravans between towns. They were considered anything BUT respectable. Perhaps we should once again question the validity of looking to such as “thought-leaders” for anything but the most frivolous of fashions.

Jay Hope

Goldrider, didn’t Alfred Hitchcock describe actors as cattle?

Fly over Bob

In any given population half the population is above mean intelegence the other is below. Does that help any, as depressing as it is?


But all the children from Lake Wobegon are above average.


A week or so ago, I caught the end of the ‘View’ show on TV. Joy Behar (sp) made a comment that no one, and she emphatically stated, no one, should vote for any candidate that did not believe in ‘climate change’. I about puked at her lack of information.


Within 20 years, animation will be good enough that it will be impossible to tell the difference between live action and animation. I can’t wait for it.


I sure hope that what he heard at NASA won’t prevent him from using that 60′ yacht or the private jets that he uses to cross the county weekly. God forbid that his concern for the environment would affect his pleasure.


Don’t forget the private island.


Don’t you just love how these “limousine liberals” keep demanding the rest of us “reduce our carbon footprint” to that of a starving African villager? But not them, they’re too important.


That’s always the end result of socialism. Some animals are more equal than others.

Something wrong with the headline image.
I don’t see Leonard DiCaprio (?) just the empty space.


..New definition of ” Air Head ” ??

I had to copy & paste Caprio bit wary of the anagram

The ultimate irony is of course that his career, fame and wealth is ALL thanks to an industry which would not exist without fossil fuels.
Without fossil fuels Wanker di Caprio would be a stage actor in a theatre lit by candle light…

DiCaprio is so shallow he almost beads up 🙂

Could be a very short movie. No warming this century except a 2015 Nino blip now cooling. Antarctic ice loss was a mistake; wrong modeled GIA corrections to GRACE- plug in observed GIA and oops. SLR not accelerating. NASA says the planet is greening. German Energiewende results in more rather than less CO2 thanks to intermittency. Models busted by pause and missing tropical troposphere hotspot and observational TCR/ECS.
Or, if a long movie it could be documenting fictions spun by warmunists. Climate Ambassador DiCaprio does not know what he is talking about. Polar bears do not depend on late summer ice and are thriving. Oceans not acidifying and corals prove adaptible. No climate refugees anywhere. Hurricanes and tornados down not up. COP21 INDC’s grossly insufficent, and whole thing voluntary while China and India refuse to play. No real money provided to the Green Climate Fund developing world extortion.

Stephen Richards

Obama gave $500.000.000 to the green climate scam fund. Not peanuts


..Hmmmm, how many poor, starving people around the world could be fed with $ 500,000,000 ???


That $500 bil. Probably went to the coffers of the Third world and UN Kelptocracy.
Nothing of use for anyone else..

Good points all.


“it could be documenting fictions spun by warmunists”

George Tetley

Movie Stars together, then there is sure to be a ” show” of ignorance,
( should it not be Peter Sellars ? )

I wish,imagine what Peter Sellars and the cast of The Goon Show,could do with such public idiocy.The material almost writes itself.
Pompous authoritarians and clueless nitwits, a real comedians dream.

Harry Passfield

George: I think you’ve hit on a collective noun for actors: An ‘ignorance’ of actors.
John: You made me think of (Goon) Eccles. Di Caprio looks so much how I imagined Eccles to look. He (Leo) could go to the Arctic and utter that famous phrase (because of the lac of ice): “I’ve fallen in the water!”

Peter Sellers
“Often credited as the greatest comedian of all time
Date of Birth 8 September 1925, Southsea, Hampshire, England, UK
Date of Death 24 July 1980, Lambeth, London, England, UK (heart attack)
Birth Name Richard Henry Sellers


His movie, “The Party” was memorable.

Gerry, England

Dr Strangelove. Absolute classic.

If Peter Sellers was in the movie it would not be a bem.


That’s what I first read and proceeded on a humorous short-lived fantasy with Inspector Clouseau getting to the root of AGW …


“My bet is both were oblivious to what was behind them on the big screen. If they weren’t, I doubt they considered it important information.”
My bet is that you are oblivious to what they were thinking. 😉


..Wagen..You are always oblivious to reality !

Those two have a large carbon footprint telling others to cut their own down.
Their hypocrisy will pave the way to their failure as a role model.


But were they oblivious to what was behind them on the big screen? And if they weren’t, did they consider it important information or not?
That’s the real question 😉

Michael Jankowski

Leo fumes whenever that issue is raised…

I am sure you will try to excuse his hypocrisy here: Environmental hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio’s super yacht has huge carbon footprint
“That preachy, sanctimonious environmentalist is at it again, oblivious to the irony of him vacationing on a gas-guzzling, CO2 spewing, 450 ft. superyacht, anchored off the Mediterranean coast of France for the annual debauchery known as the Cannes Film Festival.”
“In 2014, Leo borrowed another super yacht, the 482-ft. Topaz, to watch the World Cup in Brazil and party in style.
According to Monalisa Gangopadhyay of Liberty Voice, the $680 million Topaz is the 5th largest super yacht in the world, and belongs to billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. The super yacht is replete with luxurious features that include a top deck jacuzzi, opulent staterooms, a swimming pool, gym, movie theater, a large conference room, and two helipads.”
He owns four LARGE homes. an Apartment and one island.
He is a freaking hypocrite!!!


Could all be true (did not check). But
was he oblivious to what was behind him on the big screen? And if he wasn’t, did he consider it important information or not?
The author ATL tells us he would bet that he knows, but doesn’t tell us why.

Wagen,Leonardo make clear he doesn’t give a dam about the world greening up since he is a pompous warmist ecoloony hypocrite which I have pointed out already.
Want to talk about Al $$$ Gore and his large purchases of big CO2 emitting real estate SINCE his dishonest misleading video presentation? Since he keeps trying to force a carbon neutral lifestyle on the little people.
What about that jerk John Travolta,who OWNS a Jet which he parks right next to his oversized home.He also tells us little guys to cut back on out carbon footprint,while he live at least the equivalent of a large street of many homes of average people CO2 emissions.
You appear to be overlooking a large slice of reality here.


Ok, you win in the whataboutery contest! 😉

David Ball

Wagen wins the “inability to even consider the validitiy of a counter argument” award, and gets to take home his consolation prize; confirmation bias.


Board of Trustees | NRDC/Natural Resources Defense Council
Josephine A. Merck, Ocean View Foundation
Laurance Rockefeller
Wendy Schmidt, Schmidt Family Foundation
Leonardo DiCapprio
The New York Times/Deal%K, Jan.29, 2014
Foundations band together to get rid of fossil fuel investments
Article includes the names of the foundations involved.
Look where DiCapprio is coming from!

This photo is a perfect metaphor for people like Leonardo who ooze hypocrisy everyday. They walk all over the average people who couldn’t even come close to matching his carbon footprint he emits everyday.comment image?w=720


Sure, all quite possible, maybe even apt, but does it show that
He (LdC) was oblivious to what was behind him on the big screen? And if he wasn’t, he then didn’t consider it important information?

Chris Hanley

Pettifogging nonsense.


Thanks! 😉

You deny the fact that he lives a life of high CO2 emitting lifestyle?


I have not given an opinion on that yet! Stay focused! 🙂


The troll who’s trying to change the subject is telling others to stay focused.
Irony is lost on warmistas.

Brett Keane

Oh please, don’t feed the trols!

Brett Keane



My bet is that you are once again trying to change the subject.

hopefully the chinook will get a special feature; Que wide eyed nitwit”I have seen global warming with my own eyes”.
Seems the era of the celebrity” expert” is coming to a close,I am sure they will blame Utube.


..I doubt he has grasped the concept of a Chinook yet !!


At first glance I thought the rightmost silhouette in the photo was supposed to be D. Trump. 😉

Richard Brown

He should be renamed Leonardo Di Crapactorio….
Totally full of crap.


Sometimes simpler is better, DiCrapio is much better.

Sellers: What is the most important message you could give to the citizens of earth.
DiCaprio: We must act now. We are running out of time to save planet earth.


..But who is going to save us from DUh,Caprio and friends ?


But “running out of time” is relative. If we’re in the eleventh hour of the 4 billion-year existence of the earth, we still have hundreds of millions of years left. Surely we’ll come up with alternate sources of energy by then.


..He’s a liberal..did you really expect something different ?


I asked on the Grauniad website why that ‘newspaper’ (I use the term loosely) had not mentioned the CO2 Greening paper. But my post was deleted and I was immediaely put into ‘prior moderation’, where all my posts are checked.
These Greeneys are afraid of good news, and afraid of the truth. Scientists likewise. Climate ‘scientists’ (I use the term loosely) are only paid to give bad news, and so that is what they give – endless doom and gloom. They have prostituted their profession to the highest bidder.


Waste of time posting anything there. It’s a self flagellating echo chamber.


How did DiCaprio get to be an expert? According to Wikipedia he dropped out of high school (and later earned a “general equivalency diploma”).
The problem with actors being the voice of a cause is that their whole career is based on being believable, speaking words which are not their own in a way that others believe them and having the facial expressions and body language that add to that belief. In a way, actors are professional liars.
Of course, activist actors may very well believe what they say for their cause, but what are the roots of that belief, shallow faith or deep science? How many actors can do deep science? None? But they are good at doing propaganda.

Bruce Cobb

He’s king of the world, doncha know.

Michael Jankowski

I remember Leo interviewing Al Gore back when Leo thought global warming and ozone depletion were the same thing.


According to the Myers-Briggs personality classifications, most of us WUWT regulars are probably ISTJ or INTJ, whereas DiCaprio is most likely ENFP.


“How did DiCaprio get to be an expert? ”
So you telling me you listen to the experts? If so, please tell me what it is they are saying that DiCaprio is not?


Most of your experts have no more qualifications than does deCaprio.


will Cher take him when she leaves …..


..When ever I look at the picture above…I am reminded of ” You can’t fix stupid ” !

Harry Passfield

…to talk about NASA Earth science with former astronaut Piers Sellers

But didn’t think to talk to the new ’49ers:

49 former NASA scientists and astronauts sent a letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden last week admonishing the agency for it’s role in advocating a high degree of certainty that man-made CO2 is a major cause of climate change while neglecting empirical evidence that calls the theory into question.


No, DeCaprio didn’t meet with the “49”.
It’s a case of hearing what you want to hear, and rejecting what you don’t want to hear. That’s how otherwise intelligent people can be so wrong about some things.
Their emotions overrule their thought processes when it comes to something they really care about, like being seen as a savior of the world.


Regarding the last picture with an image of the Earth with a massive boot print pressed into it:

After all, who wants to see a film that makes the audience look like jack booted Gaia thugs?

The jack boots of old had leather soles, and were smooth, they would have left a smooth footprint. That bootprint has the impression of a heavily lugged sole, indicative of the hiking boots favored by environmentalists and eco-warriors everywhere.
Perhaps that picture does contain a subtle truth as to who would trash the planet after all.

Seeing him always wearing a hat now days made me wonder if L.DC is going bald . Google seems to say “yes” .


The media and entertainment complex is at it again with another CAGW, “we’re all going to die” and “it’s all your fault” propaganda piece. Perhaps it is time to review the basics.
Here is Sharyl Attkisson talking about Astroturf campaigns and large organizations creating their own media “truths”.

Right near the end, at just about the 9:00 minute mark, Attkisson lists a variety of characteristics common to astroturf campaigns. What struck me was how every single item in her astroturf list applies in abundance to the CAGW scare. Well worth the take in, at least for that.

I could not care less what DiCaprio is doing with movies. Until he actually lives like he believes in global warming, I refuse to listen to anything he says. He obviously does not believe his own message.


Presentation of the CAGW prophecy in the wrong environment with a cooling climate will reduce receptiveness of the natives. The models and polls predict a catastrophic divergence from the prevailing narrative.

Chris Hanley

For anyone campaigning against tobacco or alcohol use, wife/husband-beating, gambling, speeding, drink-driving, whatever, the first most fundamental rule is don’t get caught transgressing doing the very thing you’re campaigning against, for if you are caught the media will make a meal of it and your credibility will be shot.
Oddly that rule applies to every ‘moral’ crusade except the campaign against fossil fuels.
If fact as Alex Epstein says the true moral case is exactly the opposite.


“Oddly that rule applies to every ‘moral’ crusade except the campaign against fossil fuels.” Don’t forget Bill Clinton’s pass from the Women Libbers when he just couldn’t help himself with Monica!


Or any other woman that came within his reach.

Bruce Cobb

What will this one be called?
“TIME’S UP; We’ve Reached DOOM O’CLOCK?”


Leonardo should join one of he political parties. He’s doing pretty good for someone with no post secondary education.


What is Leonardo’s purpose in making these documentaries if nobody sees them? Does it just give him the excuse he needs to fly all over the world in his private jet and not feel guilty about his own enormous (and growing) carbon footprint? How about he make a documentary showing us how he is practicing what he preaches by reducing his own impact on planet earth? These self-appointed elites always think they are exempt from the rules they want to impose on the rest of us.


Is it me or is Di Caprio slowly morphing into Mann


DiCaprio and male, two words not often seen in the same sentence.

“…as well as climate and ocean-current modeling done by the NASA Center for Climate Simulation at Goddard…”

Care to lay odds that when the observations didn’t match claims, NASA substituted their day dream climate simulations instead?
Typical NASA, fill in the empty spots and overwrite the unpleasant data with made up foolishness.
And DiCaprio…?
He won’t be the first stone brained Hollywoodite to believe in fairies and spend all their money chasing false idols.
Piers Sellers with a classic deer in headlights look. Piers is probably envisioning who will portray Piers in DiCaps next movie bomb. Considering how badly DiCaprio portrayed Hugh Glass, maybe Piers should hope the bear fills his role.


That footprint could be Crapios carbon footprint

Tom Judd

That is the goddamdest, stupidest, ugliest movie promotion poster I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my sorry eyes on. That is also the goddamdest, stupidest, ugliest piece of graphic design crap I have ever seen.
I realize those former two statements are nothing other than ad hominem attacks. But, I worked as a commercial artist for over 30 years so there’s at least a little bit of intelligence behind them (my sister, my older sister, would dispute that, though).
The composition doesn’t break any rules (eco freaks are fascists, after all), but there’s no movement, no directing of the eye, no action, no real center of interest, no originality to it. But then, I guess that’s exactly the kind of lifestyles our eco superiors have in mind for us (but not them). Hmm; maybe the composition’s appropriate after all. DiCaprio’s big Freudian slip


What are the odds Sellers corrected him on some of the nonsense he obviously came out with if they discussed “climate change”?.


See see science and activism hand in hand like this is concerning to say the least. NASA are truly political. There is no doubt. They are not even trying to hide the fact, and offer it as a “good thing” except any philosophical examination would lead to the logical conclusion science and activism cannot coexist without one influencing the other.


Leo has 2 great skills, maybe 3.
First is the ability to pretend to be something he’s not
Second is the ability to properly recite the lines that others told him to say.
Third is the ability to think that rules that he is willing to impose on you and me should not apply to him and not realize what that makes him.


I like your list. Applicable to, well, lots of people.
But, the third item is only a skill when you can repeatedly get away with such through the manipulation of others … he doesn’t have that skill. He only gets away with it because of the popularity that he has gained through the use of the first two skills.
🙂 I hate to see him get more credit than he deserves.


Put a bent cigarette drooping from his lips and he would be a dead ringer for Andy Capp.

Any person with a brain would have asked ” why is the planet so green”

One day, billions of years from now , when the sun is a obut to go super Nova, the last alarmist on earth, the great, great, great, great, great,………. grand child of a love in between Michael Man and Al Gore, will say ” see, told you, the earth is going to fry!”


Di Caprio’s best movie success was getting raped by a bear. It was grizzly..

Mumbles McGuirck

Meanwhile, “Years of Living Dangerously” Season 2 has been postponed until late 2016. Showtime and Nat Geo Channel won’t set a date, yet. My colleague was approached about being a ‘talking head’ for the show until they found out he was a skeptic. Since then, they haven’t contacted him to be interviewed. Why let the truth interfere with a good story.


Reminds me of Hollywoods preference for movies that are anti-soldier.
They get great reviews and win all kinds of awards, but always bomb at the box office., but they keep making them anyway.
Sometimes it seems they are more interested in making movies for each other, than for the masses.


I remember reading an interview with George Clooney (not a fan of his politics) where he told of a visit between himself and some of his friends and DiCaprio and his entourage. Clooney said DiCaprio and his buddies kept challenging Clooney and his guys to a game of basketball, and were bragging about how good they were. Clooney said they didn’t want to play but the trash talking got so irritating that they did, and Clooney’s team proceeded to demolish DiCaprio’s team in three straight games of 11-0 or 11-1. Clooney said its important to have someone in your life who will tell you what’s what, and not just feed your ego, and its obvious DiCaprio doesn’t have that. I think of that whenever I read about DiCaprio’s Global warming crusade. It all seems so one sided and obvious that he’s not getting a balanced story on the subject, or doesn’t want a balanced story, and he has no one around him who will tell him the real facts on global warming, probably because he won’t hang out with anyone who does tell him whats what.