Carbon Tax Hoaxsters Snare Trump Followers with Fake PR

Of course today is April Fools Day, and all sorts of shenanigans are about. This is why I ran my Friday Funny yesterday, because I didn’t want it taken for a prank. With Carbon Tax proponents, it’s just another day of pulling the wool over your eyes. Today, an outfit called “Carbon Pulse” created a fake news story saying Donald Trump wants to pass a carbon tax to pay for a wall on the Mexican border.

A nationwide carbon tax could raise enough revenues to fund the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced Friday morning in a surprise policy U-turn on the climate change issue.

Yeah right, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

Here’s a screencap of the article.


A couple of outlets picked it up, and there’s been some Twitterring about it.

If they’d bother to read the last line of the PR story, they’d notice:

Some more details on Trump’s and Cruz’s proposals can be found by spelling out the two words formed using the first letter of every paragraph in this story.

That of course spells “April Fools”.

Of course, there’s a far easier way than a tax, just sell carbon credits to the gullible:


All your need is a printer, some certificate paper, and this website.

90 thoughts on “Carbon Tax Hoaxsters Snare Trump Followers with Fake PR

      • Yes, Mark. The Electrolyte College actually decides who will be President. Each Electrolyte is pledged to the candidate in each state proportional to the votes received, but they can actually vote for any of the candidates on the ballot, as opposed to a direct in a Democ…. What’s that? Electrolyte not Electoral???
        Never mind….

      • After The Electrolyte College finishes with the primaries, there will be unwanted elements to poison the voters.

      • Ya cant fool me! Electrolyte ain’t got nuttin to do wid collages. They make vacume cleaners and dern gud uns to. I got one in my haul closet.

    • The architect of obamacare did imply that they passed it by leveraging the collective stupidity of their base. We are living it.

    • Was about to note that. Anything can be expected from Trump. Except, of course, for whatever he has already promised…
      Hmmm. Campaign goes on long enough, and we’ll have his actual platform just by eliminating everything that he’s ever said it is. (Assuming there is anything left, of course…)

    • Kinda like that constantly recirculating “Mars as big as the Moon” story that Huckster necrophiles refuse to let stay buried

    • The Mexicans are going to buy the Carbon Credits………. I think.
      They have to launder their drug money somewhere.

      • Ok, I really don’t care for defending Trump, but saying you’ll build a wall and Mexico will pay for it doesn’t mean telling the Mexican treasury to write a check, it means increasing tarrifs and earmarking that $ for a wall project. Personally, I’m a free trade kinda guy. I don’t care for building a wall, but the feasibility is not reliant on Mexican approval at all and the idea is not nearly as “simple-minded” as it’s being made out to be.

      • The $209,432,920 a year in foreign aide to Mexico (2012) should be easier to take and would be a good start on a grand wall.

      • No John, Trump means that most of the illegals will be heading back across the border and because Mexico doesn’t want them back they will pay for a wall to prevent their return.

      • Tom in Florida says: April 1, 2016 at 12:47 pm
        … the illegals will be heading back across the border …

        Actually, they already are returning to Mexico.

    • The price would be:
      –no more free services, because you’re on the Mexico side of the wall.
      –lost sales of drugs, because you’re on the Mexico side of the wall

      • Hawaii has figured out the Drug Problem. They are planning to use the Portuguese model which has been working well for about 15 years. Legalize everything.

      • Also lost domestic services and agricultural workers on the US side of the wall.
        Who will pick the fruit?
        Who will look after the children of Wall St investment bankers?

  1. GWPF ran this story, but as it’sfool’s day the intent seemed obvious. Mind, I sent it to a mate at work and his reply was dealy serious, so I assume it wasn’t quite such an obvious wind-up as I thought.

    • Sorry for the typos, must be time to clean the keyboard and re-zero my fingers. I meant ‘deadly serious’

      • Somewhat interesting coincidence;
        There was a FBI agent that wrote a memo about Dealy Plaza 52 years ago … he had concerns about the traffic, not the safety, as the motorcade would be leaving “Deadly Plaza”, and he asked that the local authorities others look into possible traffic congestion mitigation.
        This memo was suppressed, only because of the ironic coincidence, and they didn’t want to have more hype.
        A scan of the original memo can be found by using the first letters of each paragraph in the subject article.

  2. The one I liked best was the UK National Trust (the body who look after ancient monuments) solemnly moving big stones around in a trailer to put Stonehenge forward one hour for British Summer Time…

  3. It is evident the new Nature SLR joke of a paper was accidentally released two days early. Fooled MSM into it being taken seriously that way.

  4. The following is missing from the above text:

    Only time will tell, however, as to whether Trump’s plan will come to fruition, as he faces fierce competition from Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination – a rival who himself has proposed his own controversial strategy for the US to adapt to climate change.
    Looking towards his birth nation, Cruz said that if elected he would invade Canada and relocate the entire US north to gain better access to cleaner water and better beer.

    • ..Invade us all you want and we’ll probably wave as the tanks drive by BUT, if you threaten our access to Canadian beer there will be hell to pay !!

    In a story that itself seemed like it may be an April fool’s joke, the WSJ writes that China’s official Xinhua News Agency has issued a warning on its viewpoint commentary microblog that antics over April Fool’s Day – a tradition it was first exposed to only in the late 1970s when it gradually opened up to foreign cultural influence – are “inconsistent with core socialist values” and at odds with Chinese cultural tradition.

  6. You know, the saddest part is that most of the time, with the gorebull warmening scam afoot, what should be a fool’s joke is actually what these people believe and are pushing. It becomes very difficult to discern fact from fiction.

  7. No John, Trump means that most of the illegals will be heading back across the border and because Mexico doesn’t want them back they will pay for a wall to prevent their return.U

  8. Actually double wall on the Southern border was authorized in 2006 by congress, voted for by Hillary and Obama, it was to be 400 mile long and the bill was signed by Bush. The funding was probably not 100% at that time.
    One of Obama’s first act was to cancel the project because he said there were technology problems.
    Wonder where the money went????
    Trump is only saying the same thing except to sat Mexico will pay for it, why is this fact ignored by the Media?

    • It is ignored by the Media because the Media wants to present Trump in the worst light possible.
      The Media are the enemies of Trump, and the enemies of all Republicans and conservatives, because most of the Media are made up of Liberal Democrats/Socialists.
      The last thing they want to do is tell the truth about their political opposition.

      • “the Media wants to present Trump in the worst light possible”
        …and Trump doesn’t try to be “antisystem” by playing a dangerous game of anti-intellectualism?
        I get that many people in the US hate “intellectuals” because they have betrayed the people. They went from subtile discourse to crazy discourse and then word salad.

      • Tom in FL
        The favorable light is the hope of the destruction he will bring to political types and the Washington Cartel.

      • Glenn999, Trump has spent many years buying political influence on both sides of the aisle. He has been a huge part of the problem with Washington. To believe he is an outsider and not part of the Washington cartel is looking blindly. He is the most insider of them all!

      • Tom in FL
        I must disagree with your assessment.
        If Trump is an insider, then what is the fear by the Washington crowd. He should fit in just fine according to your logic. Just another corrupt political elite…
        I agree Trump played in the current system, but as an outsider businessman maximizing his leverage.
        And it’s not just me, many others agree he is an outsider in the traditional sense and not part of their club.

  9. In order to trump the Trump and his Mexican wall, Hilary Clinton just tweeted, if elected to be the next US president she is going to put up a curtain. A purchase option with a Chinese steel manufacturer for 1000 km ‘iron curtain’ material has been arranged.

  10. ..Clinton doesn’t like being reminded the she has accepted millions from the fossil fuel industry during this campaign, screams at a liberal activist who dared to mention it !
    too funny !

  11. The fact that many green organizations, some funded by the ultra-left-wing Rockefeller foundation, have said that the revenue from a carbon tax could be used to pay down the national debt and/or to add funding for social programs, I wouldn’t put it past our government to try and sell us a carbon tax to pay for a wall some day in the future.
    The bigger issue with a carbon tax is that the government would get so much revenue that there wouldn’t be a need to raise rates on the rich.
    Why is it a bigger issue? Because a carbon tax is an excellent way for the rich to keep their wealth. In fact, many rich people want a carbon tax. But what they really want is for the middle class to pay for the debt and government social programs so they can keep more of their wealth.
    I used to be of the mindset that they should be taxed at the same rate as everybody else (flat tax). Now I want to stick it to them royally, especially since the DNC is now the party of the rich and that many left-wingers are rich.

  12. Who were the Trump followers that were “Snared”? I missed the names when I read this story.

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