Reduce CO2, or More Homeless Kittens

Cute abandoned kitten, author Nicolas Suzor from Brisbane, Australia, source Wikimedia

Cute abandoned kitten, author Nicolas Suzor from Brisbane, Australia, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to the New South Wales Cat Protection Society, climate induced warmer weather is causing cats to have more unwanted kittens.

Longer breeding seasons, more kittens: are cats reacting to climate change?

When Kristina Vesk started working at the Cat Protection Society of NSW in 2006, she rarely saw kittens in winter. Now warmer weather means cats are breeding all year round, increasing the numbers of unwanted kittens and the threat to native wildlife from strays and feral cats.

Ms Vesk, the society’s chief executive, said there used to be weeks from June to September when the shelter saw very few, if any, kittens. But with the climate changing and temperatures rising, it seems cats are increasingly on heat.

“For the past three years, I don’t think we’ve experienced a full week at any time of year where we don’t have at least a couple of kittens in our care,” Ms Vesk said. “Kitten ‘season’ has grown longer and longer as we keep having … enough warm and sunny days in winter that make cats think it’s a good time to start breeding.”


Vanessa Barrs, a Professor of Feline Medicine at the University of Sydney, said most cats do not breed in winter to conserve energy and help kittens survive. But breeding can be influenced by photoperiod, the number of available daylight hours, and “cats artificially exposed to 12 hours of light indoors … can be induced to breed all year round”, she said.

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Is building wind turbines and solar installations really the most effective way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens? Or might it be more effective to run a TV campaign, encouraging pet owners to be responsible about having their animals desexed?


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You too? hahaha!!

Jay Hope

Me too. 🙂


This is a crock of ……… cats doo doo.
So more owners are not de-sexing their cats; ergo more pregnacies and more unwanted kittens.
Problem solved!

But — owners aren’t spaying and neutering their cats because it’s too hot! They can barely drag themselves out the door to go to work, much less take their cats to the vet. Be reasonable.

Pop Piasa

Apparently they never saw ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’.

“Longer breeding seasons, more kittens: are cats reacting to climate change?”
More goofy papers, more climate weirdness. Are climate scientists running out of research questions?

So she joined in 2006 and it’s now 2016. Call it a decade. I don’t know what the temperatures have been doing in Oz, what with BOM adjustments and all, so let’s make an IPCC-like projection and say that they’ve *maybe* experienced up to 0.2C change over that time. Are cat breeding patterns really sensitive to a 0.2C change? I mean, *really*?
What’s been happening to the human population in her area? More people => more cats => more kittens. Is that a possibility? Have people been losing jobs, so that the cost of neutering animals has to be balanced against necessities like alcohol and tobacco? (/sarc) Has the cultural mix changed in the area? Have people shifted from abandoning puppies to abandoning kittens? There are LOTS of alternative hypotheses that deserve exploration. The leap to just-so stories about climate change is a way to STOP thought and paralyse action; I do hope this person is not in a position of authority. Oh wait, “chief executive”.
Vanessa Barrs seems to be thinking, though. Of course, if cats are living inside enough to be influenced by artificial light, they are living inside enough to be influenced by artificial heat too, in which case the climate becomes largely irrelevant. And in Oz you are very much encouraged to keep your cats inside a lot to protect native wildlife. So protect wildlife => keep cats inside => longer breeding season => more cats => increased threat to wildlife. Systemantics, how true it is…

So … global warming is good for animals. That’s great – isn’t it? It takes a very special kind of brain to turn every single benefit into a negative.

Bruce Cobb

Yeah, human populations are exploding, too. Must be “climate change”.


Is building wind turbines and solar installations really the most effective way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens?
Answer: running TV campaigns, trips to the vet in the family buggy for neutering, etc. all use fossil fuels and contribute to global warming, so I’d have to go with the wind turbine and solar panel option on this one.


Wind turbines may not inhibit feline breeding directly, but they will feed the cats – if the cats develop a taste for migratory birds and bats.

Don’t be silly….Catwoman had a “thing” for Batman….so of course cats don’t eat bats. 😛

michael hart

I just couldn’t hold it down the last time I tried to neuter a cat with a wind turbine.

michael hart

I just couldn’t hold it down the last time I tried to neuter a cat with a wind turbine.

This is because you must hold the cat “up” to use a wind turbine blade to neuter the cat. (Please sharpen the blade, hold the cat firmly up in its natural neutralized position, and clean everything thoroughly afterwords. ) /s

Actually, it is the Green Machine that is the cause of cat proliferation. The greater numbers of Wind and Solar installations have caused greater numbers of feral cats to eat the greater numbers of downed birds.
There you go Cause and Effect! PNS….pg

Sweet Old Bob

More UNWANTED kittens …how can that be ? !! The economy is doing so WELL !……

Yep, she is correct.
It’s all those ‘bored’ dogs not chasing cats any longer, so cats get up to no good more often.


Those dogs have real jobs now, they no longer have time to chase cats.

David Cage

More likely it is obese dogs are now unable to chase the cats so they have too much time to get up to no good.

Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
From the department of that nasty colourless, odourless, trace gas, plant food – CO2 – that causes everything and anything…


warmer winters are better for animals…
…film at 11

Ivor Ward

Kittens are good for polishing the car……..Very soft fur…….leaves a great finish. How can they be unwanted when they are so useful?


AND they lick themselves clean for the next car wash!


Well then, how about an ice age ???
That should do it. If all the homeless cats freeze to death, there will no longer be any homeless cats !!!
Problem solved .


Horse dump! The title should read “Reduce CO2, or More Homeless Climate Scientists”.


Oh come on – FFS!! No comment can assuage the sheer sense of despair that this ‘news’ has caused me. Somebody shoot me please!


That’s one way to feed all those homeless kittens.


Another way to feed a kitten is to toss it over the fence to my neighbors dog. 😉

Winnipeg boy

Gunpowder is 15% carbon. Das ist verboten


Ms Vesk, the society’s chief executive, talks about unwanted kittens. How can the head of the Cat Protection Society call a cat unwanted? Erect the gallows!
Peak cat ???


People who are experiencing fuel poverty find that they are not able to feed new kittens so the cats end up in the shelter.

Ok I’m sold.
Lead me to my cave where I can shiver in the warm knowledge that my abandonment of 10,000 years Human development has caused:
fewer stray cats and fewer depressed dogs.
Polar bears will always walk; they’ll never be forced to swim.
Pikas will prevail.
Delta smelt never felt better.
Me, I’ll have a clean conscience but a shorter life span in which to enjoy it.
On second thought…

Tom in Florida

How could you forget to mention the poor koalas.


Are you against wealth creators?
Why not well-to-do koalas- not necessarily filthy rich ones, despite the jobs they create in interior design, yacht building, fur coats, very expensive cars, etc.


Shorter life span is also in the advocacy agenda.


Oh, but the polar bears will be IN the cave with you! Yummy.


Expand the layoffs. That will take care of it.


Next: CO2 is causing it to rain cats and dogs!


Good one!

Correction-CO2 is causing it to rain DEPRESSED cats and dogs. Try to be more current! (grin)

Wait a second….maybe that’s why all the DOGS are so depressed….the cats are getting all the action during this “heat” wave….heat….get it?! Where’s my Nobel Prize?

George Daddis

Unless CO2 also extends daylight hours, the last paragraph quoted destroys the argument.
If Ms Veck’s logic holds, we should have many more litters here in South Carolina than they do in New England.

Bruce Cobb

Logic? They don’y need no steenkin’ logic!


And nearly no cats in Canada! Then we export the southern kitties to Canada and they can hunt down all the extra moles and mice up there who come for the warmer weather. Balance nature and all that. Do NOT send us your alligators and poisonous snakes, please.

Mumbles McGuirck

“Is building wind turbines and solar installations really the most effective way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens? ”
Wind turbines would be a very effective way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens IF kittens flew.

Owen in GA

Well, at least if we install more windmills, the cats will feast on all those dead bats and birds around the base of them. Most of them aren’t dead when they hit the ground, so the cats will help end their suffering. But wouldn’t all that extra tucker lead to more cat breeding?


I once distracted a cat for days by attaching a piece of yarn to the blades of a ceiling fan. I wonder if it would work scaled up?


HERE IS AN EXPERT Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin’ Cats
Mark Steyn, vocals
with orchestra arranged and conducted by Kevin Amos


Neil Boortz used to organize an annual cat catching contest. If you want to know what cat catching involves, think turkey’s and “WKRP in Cincinnati”.
PS, it was a gag, no actual cats were used or harmed.


Vanessa Barrs, a Professor of Feline Medicine at the University of Sydney, said most cats do not breed in winter to conserve energy and help kittens survive.

Many species refrain from breeding if conditions are wrong for offspring survival.

But breeding can be influenced by photoperiod, the number of available daylight hours, and “cats artificially exposed to 12 hours of light indoors … can be induced to breed all year round”, she said.

“cats artificially exposed to 12 hours of light indoors …” are well fed, sheltered cats. The chances are that their kittens will survive. It is much more likely that they will breed and therefore there will be more winter kittens. I’m skeptical that photoperiod is the major factor.
When I was a kid, most cats were barn cats. Not as many folks had pet cats. In fact, the pet cat population has nearly doubled since 1981. link
Anyone attributing kittens to climate change is suffering from a lack of intellectual rigour.


I live on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada we winters much colder than anything wales has ever seen. We have farm cats, that is to say they live their entire lives outside and only get food once a day and hunt to supplement their diets. Thee is no change in the amount of breeding between +20 and -20. I can’t help but wonder if they even looked at a cat in this study.


I think that a bunch of rats at night got to the computer in the lab after escaping their cages and wrote this about cats hoping humans would fall for this.


The Green Bible states that the PR spinners shall inherit the earth.

Jeff Alberts

More like annex the Earth.



How can they inherit something the rest of us are destroying? 🙂

Mike Maguire

CO2 always causes more of what we have too much of and less of what we have too little of.
Weeds always do better. Food crops and good plants do worse.
Virus’s, bacteria, ticks, mosquito’s, pest insects and overpopulated animals always do better….while humans, most animals and good insects(like butterflys and bees) always do worse.
What’s weird is that all of this life on earth, suddenly started obeying a new universal law that did not exist until a few decades ago.
Our brilliant scientists, immediately found the widespread, compelling evidence of this new law…….so it has to exist.

Jeff Alberts

Apparently causes an overabundance of apostrophes as well. 😉

Phil R

H’eh, L’O’L!


I did bee keeping for decades. Bees LOVE warm weather! They hate cold. The only times I lost hives was if it went to -40 F for example. Ditto, butterflies. I grew up in Tucson, AZ, and we had plenty of butterflies during the rainy season. They loved the hot desert.
Come to think of it, the coyotes, bobcats, vultures, roadrunners, owls, snakes, gila monsters, etc. etc. all loved the hot desert. So do jack rabbits and desert mice and lizards and horny toads, etc. Not to mention saguaros.


The gestation period for cats is 65 days average, as late as 71 days for Siamese cats. So are they trying to say cats normally don’t breed in the fall as they know survival at birth will be lower in the cold of winter? Or are they implying winter breeding is up due to warmer winters, even though survival in the spring is not detrimental? WTF? Do the cats know impending seasons or not?

Shoot, I recognized this danger back in 2012. Save the Gender-Neutral Kittens from Global Warming! [grin]


Next: Dogs and cats living together!
To wit:
Clearly we are headed for disasters of biblical proportions
What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling.
Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes.
The dead rising from the grave!
Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!


When Noah filled the ark, he started with two cats, two mice and two dogs. He landed with 50 cats, 1,000 mice and two dogs. 🙂

You know….the Bible predicts all kinds of global turmoil in the future and people mock it. But then Marcott and gang predict global turmoil in the future and people take it seriously mock it. 🙂 Never mind.


Wow, anecdotal evidence from Kristina Vesk a worker from a cat shelter is impressive scientific proof of not only an increase in the cat population but also the increase being due to climate change. To bolster this claim there is also anecdotal evidence of a welcome decrease in the mice population in the area. This however may be due to the local hardware store running sales specials on mouse traps. We are still awaiting reports on how the mice feel about all these changes.

Tom in Florida

Well, she did say “For the past three years, I don’t think we’ve experienced…” so that should prove to you that her conclusions are based on long term, scientific studies and geometric logic.


Oh, let’s see about an alternate theory: People have less disposable income, so are more likely to forego having their cats neutered/spayed. The result is more kittens.

Tom in Florida

No need to neuter if you spay all the females. Leave the boys alone.

Also, there may have been a population increase with more people living in the area and owning cats, a percentage of which were not spayed or neutered.


cats can be hidden from Landlords easily
they dont have to be registered or chipped(some places starting to)
they dont eat much,(supplement neighbours dog food and native species) get left while owners holiday
while a dog needs kennels
theyre allowed to roam to crap all over the place while every dog owner got to clean up carry a poopy bag etc
and theyre NOT being desexed.
and btw NSW is NOT know for ever getting that cold in winter.. especially urban areas anyway


“Is building wind turbines and solar installations really the most effective way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens?”
We have a winner for red herring of the day!


Amazing what that .1 degree can do.


Sounds painful.


On the other hand, there hasn’t been any warming at all for 18 years. So these cats are responding to warming that hasn’t happened.


The last time I checked, the cats don’t live in the upper layer of the troposphere.

Sweet Old Bob

Cats don’t live in the ocean , either…last time I checked….

We have a NEW winner for red herring of the day!

They’re model cats responding to model warming.


Good grief!


Everyone is just positioning for a cut of the carbon tax money at this point. next

The Original Mike M

In France they have to sell skinned rabbits with the head, feet, and tail still attached. I thought this was strange until I found out that people used to sell skinned cats as rabbits. Apparently a properly prepared house cat tastes and looks like a rabbit. So not only an easy solution, but tasty as well.

Steve in SC

I recall a couple of years ago there was a news item about global warming causing a super abundance of cats in Germany and a catastrophic shortage of Bulgarian prostitutes. Go figure.

So — the number of cats was up, but the number of cat houses down? Huh.

Phil R

That’s why so many cats are out street-walking.


Trump says those are pussy cats.

FJ Shepherd

Feral cats can be good rabbit hunters. I believe Australia still has a rabbit problem?

Patrick MJD

As well as cats, mice and other non-native rodents and TV and sporting celebrities they all need de-sexing.


Feral cats are a problem, too. They eat many of the smaller native animals. If we could get them to concentrate on taking cane toads, we might solve at least one problem, but I think they are a bit too intelligent to try that.


yes they can get the odd bunny
but bunnys and the major cat pop arent in the same spots:-(
and we still have a LOT of rabbits.
in site of calici and myxo releases


Australia be warned; kittens could become the new rabbits…

David Cage

Australia be warned; kittens could become the new rabbits…
Only if cats start going naturally vegetatian.


“The average TV commercial of sixty seconds has one hundred and twenty half-second clips in it, or one-third of a second. We bombard people with sensation. That substitutes for thinking.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Yeah, but Bradbury didn’t know about Roku, Netflix or streaming devices that eliminate all commercials or allow people to zip past them. We’re becoming bombardless.

Pop Piasa

You got that right, and don’t forget Ad-blockers on blogsites!

Thomas Edwardson

This might be the first truly positive feedback mechanism found in the science of Anthropomorphic Global Warming.
Q: What are all of these excess kittens going to do with themselves?
A: Push AGW theories.
It is happening already …
CATAGW … Cats Advancing Theories of Anthropomorphic Global Warming.
Uncontrolled feedback …

Oh my word…I would SO play in a box full of that for days on end! Puppies too….


pffft, even without artificial light they can breed all but 1-2 months of the year. In our modern age for many cats this is now year round because of LIGHTS not warming. The same is true for many animals. chickens for instance will not lay many eggs in winter because of low light conditions and if you add the light they can produce well right through the winter. Temp is not known to be a factor, it is the light.


The warm freaks want no more lights, too, you realize.

Michael of Oz

Solar powered lights are the go…

“Ms Vesk, the society’s chief executive, said there used to be weeks from June to September when the shelter saw very few, if any, kittens. But with the climate changing and temperatures rising, it seems cats are increasingly on heat.”
Weird….according to others, the number of cats and dogs in Australia is dropping-
Maybe she needs to explain to people where kittens come from, because there’s a simple procedure that prevents cats making more of them….


I am reminded..
Mark Twain, in 1875, anticipated the current insanity and delusion of the ‘scientific community’ with
his wonderful essay “Some Learned Fables, for Good Old Boys and Girls, in Three Parts”. It closes with..
“There were vulgar, ignorant carpers, of course, as there always are and always will be; and naturally
one of these was the obscene Tumble-Bug. He said that all he had learned by his travels was that
science only needed a spoonful of suppositions to build a mountain of demonstrated fact out of; and
that for the future he meant to be content with the knowledge that nature had made free to all
creatures and not go prying into the august secrets of the Diety.”
An entertainting read and perhaps an anchor back into the current reality.

Douglas of Perf

Supply and demand; will Chinese food get cheaper?

Quick non-climate related story. Years ago, sometime back in the ’70s, my aunt and uncle went to a Chinese restaurant. It took a long time for their food to come and my uncle joked that they were probably trying to catch the cat. Shortly afterwards the doors to the kitchen sprang open and a cat came running out followed by a chef with a cleaver. Of course, it was pure coincidence (the cat belonged to the owners), but when the evening was over, they got a photo of themselves with the chef holding the cat. Wish I knew where that photo was now.

Pop Piasa

Just in case somebody hasn’t heard this…

Question: will all females come into heat more often with global warming? If so, I think it’s time for separate bedrooms.

NW sage

This id brand NEW!! Headline – Global Warming aka Climate Change affects the earth’s rotation. The increased ‘photoperiod” which causes more cats to come in ‘heat’ [get it?] must have resulted from Global Warming slowing the earth’s rotation speed! Finally, real news!


Also the increase in whale population has led to massive sea level rises as their massive bodies displace the water around them ,time for the Japanese to do some research into the affects of carbon pollution on whales .
Then Greenpeace will help by herding the whales towards the research ships .


All that extra Co2 acts like a sail which slows the earths rotation !
Also the real reason for sea levels rising is due to the increase in whale population ,their massive bodies are displacing the sea causing the rise .
Time for the Japanese to do some research on the affects of increased Co2 levels on whales and the subsequent sea level rise .
Because this research is carbon pollution related Greenpeace can help out by herding the whales towards the research ships (everyone wins) .

Christopher Hanley

“At The Sydney Morning Herald we are passionate about giving you independent, quality journalism …”.
That is the proud boast of the rag where this garbage, and a lot more of the same, was published.
The SMH along with its Melbourne stablemate The Age were once the quality newspapers in Australia.
They have both gone tabloid along the lines of the National Enquirer.


This story is complete bollocks. The increase in cat population is just part of their master plan. Cats have succeeded in taking over the Internet. Now they increase production. Total world domination to follow.

Why don’t progressives ever argue that we should license all cats, they must be spayed unless you have the proper breeding permits, and all must be tatooed so the owners can be found and fined if the cat is not taken care of. After all, regs are the way to fix everything. Regulate cats. Problem solved.


Stop the press, CSIRO head has announced that climate science is more like a religion .