Local Journalists Condemn Pakistan Government Climate Inaction

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Journalists in Pakistan have condemned government inaction with respect to climate change, which they blame for unusually harsh winter weather, and heavy snowfall.

According to The Express Tribune;

Swept under the carpet: Climate change remains little-known threat in K-P


Climate change is a subject that is not widely discussed in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa even though spending in this regard has increased by 88% over the last four years from Rs13 billion to Rs24.4 billion.

While this matter is brushed under the carpet, weather anomalies under the El Nino effect have drastically increased. Through this phenomenon, when the surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean rises, more rain and snowfall is expected in winter.

The effects of this phenomenon are likely to grow manifold in 2016.

However, this has not encouraged officials of the provincial government to put their heads together and come up with a workable strategy to address the effects of climate change.


Winter has become particularly harsh and the precipitation levels have also been affected.

Snowfall that was expected in February began in November. Erratic patterns of rainfall have caused flooding. This has resulted in a considerable loss to life in urban areas and dealt a heavy blow to the provincial exchequer.

According to estimates, each spell of rain in urban areas across the province has resulted in the death of at least three people.

Floods triggered by the glacial lake outburst phenomena (GLOF) phenomenon have killed more than 90 people across Malakand Division. And yet, there are a series of doubts as to what has caused these events.

Read more: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1019930/swept-under-the-carpet-climate-change-remains-little-known-threat-in-k-p/

Here I was thinking that the Himalayas were melting away. Luckily journalists on the scene have corrected this misapprehension, and helped us to understand that global warming causes harsher winters and a massive increase in snow accumulation. Though placing the blame on local politicians seems a bit unfair – perhaps the politicians are simply holding back, keeping their UN climate money safely deposited somewhere on behalf of the public, until next year, when global warming will cause the end of snow.

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  1. “weather anomalies under the El Nino effect have drastically increased”. Hmmm, now weather is part of climate change? And El Nino is, as well?

  2. Yes, the climate should never ever change from…what? Oh, that is the question.
    But realistically, demanding this is insane. It is impossible. Silly, even.

    • emsnews… And the Earth is the center of the universe. The sun circles the Earth. The Earth is flat and if you sail too far you will come to the edge and fall off into a maelstrom of monsters and torments, or whatever punishments you got for thinking that far ahead back then. Diseases are caused by evil vapors and letting blood is the cure-all for almost any illness. Anyone who didn’t conform in some communities were witches and needed to be tortured and killed in the most painful of ways.
      Sharia law is very similar in a lot of respects to the leftist, socialist pro AGWers with their agenda to use the religion of environment and climate change to control people and the punishments for non belief in the AGW and climate change BS will become, given their gaining more traction and power, closer and closer to the punishments that sharia law imposes upon their non believers… Torture, slavery, beheading, rape, etc. Humanity doesn’t matter to them, only the faith and belief that they are right, where facts mean nothing any longer and where there are no constraints to the extent they will go to to further their agendas. In the end it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong, only that no one is around to argue with or oppose them…
      Happy New Years 2016 to all. It’s time for the enlightened people of the world to crawl out of their safe places and to make a stand against the forces who are determined to drag us back to the dark ages, or worse… To a place where the honest, intelligent pursuit of knowledge, science, etc. is controlled, dominated and disseminated by political and religious groups for the benefit of whatever agenda serves those in power. Example…Hillary Clinton. No regard for any truth or anyone below her in status. Lies and illegal actions are perfectly fine and for some reason are discussed but never acted upon by those we entrust to enforce the law. If it was I who had retained even one single classified piece of information, I would be in prison now facing a very long sentence. WTF are we allowing to happen here. What Citizen of the United States can actually even consider this lying, lawbreaker for president who has probably allowed enemies of the U.S. to view her server where so much secret info was stored. It seems like she and her proponents and the media condone it. As if it is ok. Does that mean that it is okay for me to disregard the laws and treat them as merely impediments in my way to wherever I’m going? That is exactly what our government is saying, by example, if nothing is done to charge and prosecute her. I has a secret clearance in the past and fully understood the consequences for mishandling of classified material. What Hillary has done is illegal…No ifs ands or buts. If nothing is done about her lawbreaking because of politics, my views and attitude toward our laws will not look the same to me and will not have the same meaning. They will simply be impediments to whatever actions I would want to undertake. Sad, huh?

      • Ah, but Dahlquist, diseases WERE caused by evil vapors. For wasn’t it true that if you were in a closed room with someone sick and coughing out those evil vapors that you would likely get sick too. And it was clearly evident that to get a puncture wound that bled was far safer then one that didn’t. And if you didn’t believe that there were monsters out over the sea at the edge of the world you were welcome to take a boat and sail for it. Many had tried before, never to be seen again.
        The truth is, all those things you listed in your first paragraph were scientific theories, all though most weren’t called that at the time. And like most theories throughout history they weren’t correct. But, and here’s the part most people forget, and also like a lot of theories throughout history, they weren’t completely wrong either.
        Unfortunately many people at the times those theories were dominant became so invested in them that they weren’t able to let them go when new information and theories superseded them. And it still continues to this day. The CO2 as Climate control knob theory arose based on observations and beliefs of the times. It was (and still is) a functional theory to explain the warming that happens in the later half of the 20th century. But it proponent have become so invested in it that they can no longer accept any data that DOESN’T support it. Unfortunately for them that won’t stop such data from accumulating, and like the gentle waves falling against a sand castle, eventually washing it away.
        Science marches on.

      • Dahlquist,
        “Does that mean that it is okay for me to disregard the laws and treat them as merely impediments in my way to wherever I’m going?”
        Of course not, because you are not a member of the elite/ruling class (or under the protection of such a member), and that is the intent that lies behind the push for a “new world order”, I believe. It’s not really new at all, it’s the ancient world order, disguised as the solution to virtually all the world’s problems, as I see these matters.
        Top-down authoritarian rule by a few elites, with a “priest” class of favored “experts” to provide justification for whatever the elites wish to do (and do to us common folk), with total impunity . . is how I actually think of what we are facing, and have thought about it for years now. This is not just spontaneously emerging from “society” at large, I don’t believe, it’s being “rolled out” gradually, with the actual intent to establish a stratified social order, wherein elites can live as the “royalty” of bygone times, openly, proudly, securely . . and only through service to them, can the rest of us humans hope to enjoy any real safety or security to speak of.
        In the proverbial nutshell; Gangland style social order. .

      • JohnKnight,
        I do, of course agree with you as far as your history of elitism goes. But what I am speaking to is that in the U.S., Kings and Queens and aristocracy were done away with and the U.S. Constitution became the rule of Law. In it, no one person or group is anymore important or immune from the law than another… We are equal under the law. This diversion, and slimy corruption has become more and more apparent over the course of the last couple of decades and people here are beginning to take notice of it with great disgust and anger. The simple fact that Obama oversteps, illegally, his authority, and that Hillary Clinton seems to believe that she is not subject to the laws, even with her rabid, idiotic, leftist cult followers who would support her anyway, does not mean that there is something that gives legitimacy to their illegal actions. It does, however, give rise to the fact that when those in power do not follow the same laws that the citizens they represent must follow, or else, then the law simply becomes a mute point and anarchy may follow, or revolution, ( Which Thomas Jefferson supported and condoned in such situations). If the law is not applied to all citizens equally, then there is no law…Period. It has been torn down and to shreds by the offenders and those who would tolerate it’s abuse… Especially by those in positions of power, elected by the people or appointed, who are there to enforce it. With no recourse to the law, what are the citizens alternatives, other than not respecting the laws, or it’s enforcers or taking it into their own hands?

      • Schitzree, “It [CO2] was and still is a functional theory to explain the warming that happened in the later half of the 20th century”. Not so: 1. Cyclical warming during the 160 years of meteorological records simply reflects the recovery from the Little Ice Age to more normal conditions. 2. During 1950-2000 there was warming only during 1977-1998. 21 Years of G.W. in 50 is no correlation with increasing CO2. Actually 21/75 since 1940.

  3. Just after we had adjusted our brain to think that CO2 causes global warming and hot weather. we are called on to re-adjust it to thinking that CO2 causes global warming and colder winters and a massive increase in global snow accumulation. This is too much and we have re-adjusted our brain to just looking at the weather and taking necessary steps, which is much simpler.

    • It’s called “doublethink”. Cognitive dissonance. It happens when people who are trying their very best to deceive you speak. The best solution I’ve found so far is to put them on the next bus to somewhere you aren’t.

  4. Many Blessing upon the children of Pakistan. May their days be filled with love and their hearts filled with joy.

  5. It depends on whether you want snow or not. Global warming will bring snow to those who don’t want it and deny snow to those who want it. Is that really so hard to understand?
    (Broadly speaking of course. If those who want it get too much it’s also global warming doing it.)

    • Global warming will
      only if your faith in “Climate Change” is less than pure.
      it has always been human failing that causes storms. in the past it was because someone didn’t believe strongly enough in God. It was the sinners among us that failed to offer sacrifice to God that brought down God’s wrath upon us, and caused the storms, floods and droughts.
      now we know better. We know storms are not due to God’s wrath. Humans are creating storms through Global Warming, and it is the sinners among us, those that fail to offer sacrifice to Climate Change that have brought Nature’s wrath upon us, and caused the storms, floods and droughts.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  6. I suppose it is comforting to know that climate hype American journalists are not the only hyperbolic lunatics on the planet.

  7. Actually it is quite a reasonable article . It ends by saying:
    “Climate change is here to stay and adaptability is the only solution. Experts have warned that if precautionary measures are not taken, the effects will be devastating.
    Unfortunately, the government has not realised the need to practically implement a policy in this regard. The year 2016 will be a test of how the K-P government will tackle this issue.”
    The people of the North of England would say that , given a change from “K-P Govt” to “UK Govt” and it could equally easily appear in one of the British newspapers.

    • Okay, MikeWaite, I’ll give you that, but with these corrections of misleading language (possibly — HOPEFULLY — due to English not being the first language of the article’s author):

      Climate change** Cooler and possibly wetter weather is {likely} here to stay and adapta{tion} is the only solution. Experts have warned that if precautionary mitigating measures are not taken, the effects will may be devastating.

      **”Climate change,” in current common useage, only means “human emissions-caused climate change.”

  8. Well here they are back on message telling us that the warm winter is down to ‘climate change’.
    Anything that happens is down to climate change, innit?

  9. Yahoo! Condemnation from the ignorant!
    Give them a decade or two, they’ll catch on.
    Happy new year to all.

  10. Its was called Anthropogenic Global WARMING for a reason.
    They changed it to Climate Change.. because warming stopped.
    Now is it going to become Anthropogenic Global COOLING?…
    … just in time for the lower solar effects to kick in

    • Yes, logic! If El Nino is the natural weather patterns that occur when excess heat builds up in the Pacific and CO2 causes excess heat to build up in the atmosphere and slowly heat up the oceans, then it logically follows that CO2 contributes to El Ninos occurring more frequently and with greater intensity.

      • And LOGIC, Dan (assuming you were not being sarcastic above), tells us that a conclusion based on a false premise (here, “CO2 causes excess heat to build up in the atmosphere”) is false.

  11. some high-flying CAGW activists who would understand the paradoxes:
    31 Dec: Democracy Now: The People vs. Exxon: As Fossil Fuel Cover-Up Exposed, Activists Try Oil Giant for “Climate Crimes”
    During the recent U.N. climate summit in Paris, environmental activists held a “mock trial” charging Exxon with “climate crimes.” …
    The witnesses were questioned by two leading environmentalists acting as chief prosecutors: Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org, and journalist Naomi Klein…
    JANNIE STAFFANSON: My name is Jannie Staffanson, and I am Sami from the Arctic. I was born and I live in a reindeer-herding family…
    BILL McKIBBEN: What is—has that begun—you’ve indicated that that’s begun to change in recent years.
    ***JANNIE STAFFANSON: So, the temperature are increasing and decreasing, which we have never seen at such a rate, and each and every day is different. Usually, we — I have heard stories about good winters, right? where we didn’t have to be out tending for the reindeers or digging holes so they can reach the food. But with the increase and decrease of temperature, there are ice crests on the snow, which makes the reindeer unable to smell the food underneath, and therefore it will not dig for it. And even if they try, it’s not strong enough. So they starve to death.
    BILL McKIBBEN: So, because of these freeze-thaw cycles, it’s becoming difficult for the reindeer to access their forage…
    JANNIE STAFFANSON: Yeah, the food. Yeah, they starve. We have had bad winters as such, as long as I can remember, and my whole generation. We are the generation of climate change…
    CHERRI FOYTLIN (journalist, contributor to BridgeTheGulfProject.org): … I think Exxon is corporate serial killers. I think they’re murderers. And I think they need to go on trial, and I think the death penalty needs to happen.
    BILL McKIBBEN: Thank you very much…

    • … mock …

      There’s the take-away from that bit of journalistic farce.
      What else can one do? Bill McK. and the Climate Clowns — does any rational person take them seriously?

      • Happy New Year, Bubba C! And may 2016 be for you the beginning of being no longer “underemployed.”
        Way — a — minute…. then, you will have less time for WUWT… . Would you settle for “sort of underemployed?” 🙂
        (re: crappy acting — Nah. They are naturals.)

    • I see Naomi Klein was at that mock trial as well. Why does that not surprise me one eensy teensy little bit?

  12. Climate change causes everything by the same people repeating this nonsense that don’t have a clue what it actually does. Shouldn’t let them get away with ‘climate change’ a warmer world does not lead to colder temperatures, it generally warms everywhere up at different rates. It is global warming not cliamte change as the physics relies solely on energy retention. When-ever someone says climate change it is always cringe-worthy and ignorant to the planet’s climate history.
    Only reason why sometimes the temperatures seem to be colder at times is because there are many thousands of slight variations in monthly weather patterns. In only a few hundred years it is impossible to cover them all if global temperatures remained the same.
    Like the daily south westerly winds in the UK for the entire month of December 2015 that occurred for the first time in since records began back in the mid-17th century. This would have been a record even if it had occurred back then in the mid-17th century. If the same thing occurs again, but say a north easterly every day during December then records will fall also for this scenario. This didn’t even happen during December 2010 that recorded the 2nd coldest December month since records began and was only beaten by 0.1 c.
    Taking into account urban expansion and higher energy uses especially for keeping buildings warm with central heating, than this reading really should have been the coldest since records began. Potentially this record can be broken even if global temperatures remained the same because only need the wind direction to persist longer.

  13. This is just one more data point showing that people are really stupid. Imagine the stupidity it takes to holler out loud: “Global Warming make winter COLDER and gives more ICE and SNOW”.
    Yep, if the global temperature ever really does go up any (non in about 20 years) will will see glaciers covering most of the northern hemisphere!

  14. Isn’t this like worrying about the thermostat setting when you can hear the killers breaking in the back door?

  15. They can’t control Jihadism. They couldn’t find Bin Liner. You would think that the Pakistani government would have higher priorities than soft 1st-world pseudo-science like “Climate Change.”

    • Global Warming CAUSES Jihadism. According to what I regularly read in the popular news media, all the world’s problems are caused by AGW. Hell, just reading about it has given me a raging case of hemorrhoids!

  16. I’m sorry, but this strikes me as a sick joke. Smarmy self righteousness from the comfortable folks at the Express Tribune.

  17. “Journalists in Pakistan…”

    Well, we now know where those greenpieceianites landed when they were kicked out of India.
    Maybe we should inform the greenpeasinacan twits that the tribes in Northwest Pakistan would love to ‘go green’, but need help.

  18. Pakistan’s median age is about 22 (the USA is at 37+). Thus, half the good souls there were yet to be born or under age 3 during the big 1997-98 El Niño.
    Meanwhile, there are many old farts posting, reading, and commenting here at WUWT.
    We should cut them some slack because of their “youth and inexperience.” [1984 Reagan quote.]
    Happy New Year!

    • Well said, John F. “You know things. Share.” Hultquist! 🙂
      Ronald Reagan “… youth and inexperience…”

      (and though he was not my choice, Walter Mondale also deserves a nod and a smile for his generous laughter at Reagan’s wit)
      We WUWTers are blessed to have so much wisdom and knowledge from the many “old farts” commenting on WUWT. (((applause! applause!)))
      Here’s a little research for you, one of WUWT’s finest (and being the natural scholar you are, I feel quite certain this will be of interest to you (if you do not already know it, I mean!)):
      “I was interested in finding this original quote to determine which of the two mentioned writers was the author. The best candidate IMO is from Cicero’s Cato Maior De Senectute (VI.20; if anyone has a better candidate, please don’t hesitate to comment). The original Latin:
      Quod si legere aut audire voletis externa, maximas res publicas ab adulescentibus labefactatas, a senibus sustentatas et restitutas reperietis.
      Literally: “But if you were to read or hear about other nations, you would discover that the greatest states are made unsteady by the young, sustained and restored by the old“.
      (Source: http://www.latinlanguage.us/blog/index.php?blog=2&p=28&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 )
      With admiration,

      • But if you were to read or hear about other nations, you would discover that the greatest states are made unsteady by the young, sustained and restored by the old.

        Modern scholars have pointed out the same thing. youth bulge

  19. Why would Pakistan want to do anything?
    Within Islam all events on Earth are the will of god, not the hopes and desires of man. And if god wants the world to warm then Insha’Allah – it is god’s will. And to say otherwise is blasphemous and punishable by death. So tell me, why would any Pakistan politician want to put his life on the line and say that warming is man-made? Salman Taseer was the last politician to cross the blasphemy line, and he was murdered by his own bodyguard.
    Why can nobody in the West understand that Muslim politics and culture is on a completely different planet to the rest of the world? Who is next for the chopping-block?

    • Insha’Allah
      Exactly the same as Christian beliefs in medieval Europe, prior to the Age of Science.
      All that Science has done is to replace “God’s will” with “the forces of nature”. Rather than placing money in the collection plate to show our devotion to God, we now pour taxes into renewable energy to show our devotion to Mother Nature. Those that fail to believe in Climate Change are seen as sinners, much like Pagans were seen by Christians. Both deny the self evident truth of belief.

  20. Ignorance is bliss for the P authorities.
    And the money is set aside for those new Mercs and Audis.

  21. It looks like so much BS has been spouted by the believers that the mouth breathers are now confused about the difference between climate and weather. The journos sentiment is exactly right. The local authorities need to get some of the climate cash back from their Swiss bank accounts and buy some snow blowers.
    Adapting to changing weather is the sensible approach. In the UK they spend a little on everything because with a temperate maritime climate controlled by the North Atlantic drift you never know what the weather is going to throw at you. Pakistan knows they will get heavy snow in the winter but does nothing to alleviate it because the resources are all filtered away by corrupt local politicians before anything hits the ground.
    We once tried a project to provide midwife training in the Karakoram where the death rate in childbirth is appalling. Midwives were prepared to give up their time and careers to go out there and train local women. There was no money involved so eventually it failed because the local pollies were not getting their palms greased. Women’s lives are worthless to them. So one dies in childbirth, just trot out a younger version and carry on. As long as corruption rules these territories there will be no progress and the local journos can whistle for it.

  22. My respects to all Pakistani avalanche casualties. My thoughts are now particularly with the 140 lost in Himalayas on 7 April 2012. May they rest in peace.
    Fully understanding weather isn’t always climate even in planet GIGO lexicon, the climate change wheel on fortune hyperbole seems to suffer from prophetical algor effect, but this time in reverse. The weather in Pakistan is currently sunny and seems fine to me:
    The lowest temperature is 60F in Quetta (Jan daily mean 38.7F) and
    the highest 86F in Karachi (Jan daily mean 64.6F).

  23. Happy New Year one and all. Here is what I think is a great present for everyone.
    Tony Thomas: The Fishy ‘Science’ of Ocean Acidification https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/tony-thomas-the-fishy-science-of-ocean-acidification/#more-24811

    In one celebrated episode involving Climate Science™, a lone oyster farmer in Maine put his oysters into a bucket and then found that the bivalves at the bottom were crunched because their shells were weakened.[1] Can any reasonable person ask for better scientific proof of ocean “acidification”?
    “Ocean Acidification”, the evil twin of global warming, is scary because the chemistry is so simple. For example, the Australian Academy of Science in its curriculum for secondary schools, organizes an experiment for 16-year-olds where crushed ocean shells go into a test tube of sea water. You add acid or vinegar or something, and then watch the shells fizz and dissolve!

    There whole thing is a hoot. I could not find which link goes to the original post, maybe someone better than I can. Anyway, the graphic is great and the essay humorous.
    I hope someone enjoys.
    ~ Mark

  24. Yes. Governments worldwide have “decided” that we need to control the weather, by making ourselves poorer. Pakistan needs to get with the program.

  25. I see that many Pakistanis have the same understand as Australians – climate change affects individuals countries differentially and in inverse proportion to the amount of money spent internally on abatement. (As opposed to its predecessor “global warming,” which was – you know, global.)

  26. This journalist lacks the fundamental knowledge of meteorology, Here a comparable article and my comments!
    When You have a unprofessional selective view on weather & climate You com such conclusion: “In the past four weeks there has been an almost complete lack of frost, with the UK average temperature during December hitting a record-breaking 8C, which according to the Met Office is about 4.1C above the long-term average – beating the previous record of 6.9C set in 1934.”
    Europe is in the same climate cell with North Africa & Middle East, so question why is it in Syria, Jordan, Arabia so cold, why is there snow and not here!
    “This 4.1C temperature anomaly was higher than for any calendar month since 1910, which means that temperatures in the last month of 2015 – now the officially the warmest year globally – were closer to what we usually expect for April or May.”
    So if You would honestly & scientifically measure all over the climate cell, You would see that we have a temperature and precipitation shift from North to South.
    How is that possible within such a short time of about 20 years?
    What has changed, what was changed?
    Who has changed it?
    How was it changed?
    Everything gets a sense when You replace the propaganda words “climatechange” & “globalwarming” with Geoengineering, Tropospheric Solar Radiation & Water Management!
    I will not put links here because they are censored out because of bad designed & moderated comment software, but You may search for following key words to find my website for more information: geoengineering geoarchitektur SRM HAARP chemtrails
    Or just go to the blog!
    geoarchitektur DOT blogspot DOT com
    The topic I am explaining requires from the reader attaining some basics about Meteorology, specifically about mechanisms of cloud formation, different kind of clouds for being able to use and abuse them for artificial weather warfare or commercial harvesting of tropospheric water.
    The technology comes into the public as Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management to stop globalwarming. When notorious liars tell You that they want to save the climate, feed the poor, bring peace etc. You have to expect the opposite of them, because the truth is always the opposite of lie. A swindler has always to tell lies to his victims.
    First thing You have to understand is that they say Stratospheric (ca. 21km – 50km) but mean Tropospheric (0km – ca. 11km over Europe & USA). As I don’t want my comment being blocked again, I will not put links here. So please search for “CO2_Molecule_of_Life.pdf” to get the basics about CO2 first. Because all this house of lies about man made globalwarming & climatechange is built on the profound lie about CO2.
    Think about a slogan of mine “Don’t blame the SWEAT for the HEAT!” Put that together with “enkidu gilgamesh” into Your search to find a infographic JPG, showing some main aspects of clouds.
    What they basically do is steering the thermal heat & tropospheric water by building artificial ice clouds, based on intentionally sprayed fine dust from ca. 6km up to ca. 12km. At the beginning these artificial aerosol ice clouds built up along the the trail of the dust spraying jets. Therefore these are called chemtrails to separate them from contrails. Within an hour they are trimmed by high frequency radiation and build a white cover blocking the sunlight, collecting the humidity, drying out the area around and lifting more humidity from lower layers. Such chemtrails and artificial covers are the practical appliance of TROPOSPHERIC Solar Radiation Management.
    The target of global Empire is to grab the full global cycle of WATER & CARBON! Therefore the first create a psychology of guilt by asking You about Your “water footprint” & “carbon footprint”. This is Neuro Linguistic Programming or as George Orwell named it Newspeak, masterly designed and applied to steal air, water, sunlight & soil and damage the health of all living creatures without being punished for this crime.
    I am explaining that in my blog-posts in more detail, with translations in various languages. Most of it is primarily English or German. If You have understood the topic and would like to translate into another preferred language, please contact me. I will integrate Your translation under the symbol flag of this language.
    This technology is causing huge collateral damage, with extreme weather events, but as long as the people accept the event being the result of man made globalwarming, they can only blame themselves.
    Most people lack the knowledge, so they cannot understand what I am telling here. However please take care about Your VitaminD level and of Your children. By blocking the sunlight, most people don’t get enough UV-B rays, even when they are outside every day. VitaminD is produced under our skin with UV-B radiation during the optimal sunlight during the noon time. Children & elderly people are affected harder, as old people need more sunlight to get enough VitaminD and children need it to build their bones and teeth and to grow.

  27. I have mixed emotions: the correct conclusion (i.e. that the government is the problem) has been arrived at for all the wrong reasons.
    The location is correct, but the velocity is wrong, and momentum may drive the masses into an inauspicious position.

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