Keeping up the heat on the UK Supreme Court

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley


On September 17, 2015, the UK Supreme Court held a climate-change propaganda event in its no. 1 and no. 2 courtrooms, in which only one side of the debate was permitted. Lord Carnwath, chairman of the event and a justice of the court, said:

“President Obama has said we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it. On that basis, the forthcoming Paris negotiations under the UN Climate Change Convention are a crucial test of our ability as a global community to address those challenges. The intention is that the commitments which emerge from those negotiations should have legal force.”

Worse, Philippe Sands QC, the court’s chosen lecturer, having regurgitated numerous IPCC talking-points without questioning the veracity of any of them, expressed outrageous prejudice against scientifically-qualified skeptics when he said:

“The International Court of Justice or International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea could be asked, for example, to confirm (as a scientific matter) that emissions reductions are needed – nationally and globally – to stay below the globally agreed temperature threshold of 2 degrees Celsius. As I noted at the outset, there is a broad emerging consensus on many of these factual matters, but they remain subject to challenge in some quarters, including by scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential individuals, and the courts could play a role here in finally scotching those claims.”

The Court at first broke the law by failing to reply on time to my freedom-of-information request about its pantomime of hate against “scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential” skeptics whose “claims” its favoured lecturer said it and its counterparts worldwide should “scotch”.

It then continued to break the law by sending not a single one of the documents or records I had requested. Its excuse was that it would cost more than the statutory $1000 limit to source and send the documents.

Accordingly, I invited readers of WUWT to assist. Within hours plenty came forward. Each of the first nine responders has been asked to send one of the following questions to the UK Supreme Court under section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

1. Please supply copies or, where copies are unavailable, records of all correspondence or conversations in connection with the climate-change conference at the Supreme Court. In particular, but without limitation, please supply copies or records of all correspondence or conversations between or among any of the Justices or other personnel, servants or agents of the Supreme Court, any of the participants, any government departments and any suppliers or contractors. I do not expect that this request will breach the statutory cost limit, since you can send an email to everyone asking for copies of the relevant files and then simply assemble the documentation and email or post it to me.

2. Please supply a complete list of the names of and positions held by all who attended the climate change conference. I assume that a list is readily available, since either the court itself invited them or it permitted them to attend on the basis of invitations sent out by a third party. If the latter, then under Section 16 of the Act please identify the third party, since I shall wish to address freedom-of-information questions to it. Furthermore, the court’s security staff were no doubt given one so that they could admit to the building those who were on the list, so I do not expect to be told that providing the list would be disproportionately expensive.

3. Please let me have copies of all correspondence between any of the justices, personnel, servants or agents of the Supreme Court and any of those who attended its conference on climate change on 17 September 2015. In particular, please supply correspondence from and to the Court’s then chief executive officer, and from and to Lord Carnwath, who chaired the conference.

4. Please send me copies of all agendas, working papers and other documentation of whatever kind in connection with the climate-change conference at the Supreme Court that were produced by or received by or sent, given, transmitted or otherwise made available to or by any of the Justices or other personnel, servants or agents of the Supreme Court. There are only a dozen Justices and a small number of other personnel who were involved in organizing the conference, and I do not consider that a round-robin email from the freedom-of-information office to each of them, followed by collation and forwarding of the documents they supply, will breach the statutory expenditure threshold.

5. Please identify the person or persons who requested the then Chief Executive of the Supreme Court to permit the use of the Court’s premises to stage the climate-change conference of September 17, 2015, together with the date of the request and all correspondence from the beginning of 2015 to the present between those persons or the organizations they represent and any of the Justices, personnel, servants or agents of the Court. I require this information by way of assistance in terms of Section 16 of the Act, so that I can submit freedom-of-information requests to any other public bodies – such as Government departments or universities – who may have played a part in originating or organizing the conference.

6. Please state under what head of expenditure approved by Parliament the £775 spent by the Supreme Court on the hire of a broadcast engineer for the Supreme Court’s climate-change conference on 17 September 2015 was authorized, and by whom. I require this information in terms of section 16 of the Act so that I may frame and direct freedom-of-information requests to the Ministry of Justice and to HM Treasury with the object of determining whether the said expenditure was permitted by law and was consistent with the obligation of the Court to be politically neutral on questions of current contention.

7. Please supply copies or records of all correspondence or conversations in each of the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 between Lord Carnwath and the United Nations Environment Program that have been or are filed at the Supreme Court, together with accounts of all honoraria, expenses or other emoluments or remuneration whatever paid to or received by Lord Carnwath or any of his servants or agents by the United Nations Environment Program or any of its servants or agents. I require this information because I have seen evidence suggesting that Lord Carnwath is not impartial on environmental questions, and has a particular prejudice on the question of climate change, and because I propose to direct freedom-of-information requests to the Ministry of Justice and thereafter a complaint to the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman. If it is the contention of the Supreme Court that, though it is itself obliged to comply with the Freedom of Information Act its justices, albeit that they are members of that public authority, are exempt, I should be grateful, in terms of section 16 of the Act, to be told which provision of the Act or of any delegated legislation made thereunder exempts the Court’s Justices from all scrutiny when they have acted in such a fashion as to give good grounds to suspect that they are parti pris.

8. Please provide a complete list of all cases concerning the environment, climate, or other matters connected in any way with the subject-matter of the conference that are currently before the Supreme Court.

9. Please provide copies of all documents held by the Supreme Court in connection with the prejudice demonstrated by Lord Carnwath on the question of climate change during the Court’s widely-broadcast climate-change conference on September 17, 2015, together with documents relating to any steps taken or to be taken to ensure that Lord Carnwath is not permitted to sit in judgement, or to participate in any way, in any case relating to climate change or to the environment.

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November 21, 2015 6:09 pm

yeah right…..I can just see our supreme court starting out with “British Prime Minister David Cameron has said”…
They are just trying to advance the agenda.

Evan Jones
Reply to  Latitude
November 21, 2015 6:57 pm

He holds their toes to the fire. Either they don’t cough up, in which case they lose, or they do cough up, in which case I think they’ll lose worse.

Reply to  Evan Jones
November 21, 2015 7:10 pm

They won’t cough up anything but excuses.
Politicians only allow FOIAs to become law to present a facade of transparency. They never intend to actually be transparent or have the law actually apply to them. They will always find loopholes, and their brethren on the courts will always uphold them. But at least these requests should serve to expose their duplicity and hypocrisy when it comes to any past claims of support for openness and transparency in government.

Eugene WR Gallun
Reply to  Latitude
November 22, 2015 1:04 am

Latitude — Yes, that was an amazing statement. — Eugene WR Gallun

Steve Case
November 21, 2015 6:20 pm

As time goes by, Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” becomes more and more relevant.

November 21, 2015 7:10 pm

Don’t tell the generations that lived through the Younger Dryas period what Obama said.

Reply to  Eve
November 21, 2015 7:55 pm

Yes, Eve.
Temperature fluctuations over the past 17,000 years showing the abrupt cooling during the Younger Dryas.
The late Pleistocene cold glacial climate that built immense ice sheets terminated suddenly about 14,500 years ago [12,500 BC], causing glaciers to melt dramatically.
About 12,800 years ago [10,800 BC], after about 2,000 years of fluctuating climate, temperatures plunged suddenly and remained cool for 1,300 years.
About 11,500 years ago [9,500 BC], the climate again warmed suddenly and the Younger Dryas ended.
Also showing the Holocene Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period compared to today’s small rise in average temperature. Graphic by Don J. Easterbrook.
See See Geologic Evidence of Recurring Climate Cycles and Their Implications for the Cause of Global Climate Changes Don J. Easterbrook (2011). Department of Geology, Western Washington University, .pdf, at
See also The Intriguing Problem Of The Younger Dryas – What Does It Mean And What Caused It (Guest post by Don J. Easterbrook
Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University) – Watts Up With That? (June 19, 2012), at

Reply to  Andres Valencia
November 21, 2015 11:29 pm

Can you please supply a reference for where this graph came from?

Reply to  Andres Valencia
November 21, 2015 11:59 pm

Give the credit to whom it belongs per graph.

richard verney
Reply to  Andres Valencia
November 22, 2015 12:57 am

I will leave Andres to provide the link, but I think it is based upon the ice-core (Greenland) reconstruction. But of course, warmists claim that this is regional evidence only.
For example, see the Mann et all Greenland reconstruction. The source is noted at the top of the image.
And another:
And by R B Alley published in the Journal of Quaternary Science Reviews 19 at 213 226

Reply to  Andres Valencia
November 22, 2015 1:14 am

It is highly likely that the Younger Dryas was caused by a meteoric impact. I am not sure why this theory is not more widely acknowledged, because it seems so obvious. This is why there were several simultaneous events:
The Younger Dryas cooling
The creation of the black-mat strata
The presence of nano-diamonds and bukminster fullerenes
The creation of 500,000 ‘impact craters’
The extinction of all the Amrican megafauna.
The extinction of Clovis man.
The Carolina Bays and the Destruction of North America.

Samuel C. Cogar
Reply to  Andres Valencia
November 22, 2015 6:20 am

The extinction of Clovis man.

The Younger Dryas may have “triggered” the extinction of the Clovis “point” nappers ……. but not the Clovis man.
A more easily learned napping “skill” would not infer such a massive cultural extinction, to wit:

Reply to  Eve
November 22, 2015 8:19 am

The Younger Dryas may have “triggered” the extinction of the Clovis “point” nappers ……. but not the Clovis man.
I don’t think that is correct. Clovis man was extingiushed 12,900 ago, and was apparently replaced by a Paleoindian culture. Had even one family of Clovis man survived, they would surely have maintained the former traditions. So the end of Clovis appears to have been instantaneous:
No skeletal remains of horse, camel, mammoth, mastodon, dire wolf, American lion, short-faced bear, sloth, tapir, etc:, or Clovis artifacts have ever been found in situ within the YD age black mat, and no post-Clovis Paleoindian artifacts have ever been found in situ stratigraphically below it.
The megafaunal extinction and the Clovis-Folsom transition appear to have occurred in less than 100 years, perhaps much less … This implies that extinction … was geologically instantaneous, and essentially catastrophic.
P.S. Dates in this paper are unadjusted carbon dates. Add 2,000 years for actual dates.
PPS That map of yours needs a date or an explanation.

Samuel C. Cogar
Reply to  ralfellis
November 23, 2015 5:20 am

My most favorite and passionate “topic of discussion” is the evolution of Homo sapien sapiens and I very seldom, if ever, make statements or claims in reference to said that are not based in/on actual, factual science evidence, …… common sense thinking, logical reasoning and/or intelligent deductions. I am an “original thinker” and do not ascribe to the “pie-in-the-sky” mimicry of those whose forte is simply their claims of “expertise” based on their Degree status.
Anyway, me thinks you need to “keep better updated” on your paleo-history knowledge, to wit:

Ancient baby DNA discovered in Montana yields new clues to earliest Americans
The DNA of a baby boy who was buried in Montana 12,600 years ago has been recovered, and it provides new indications of the ancient roots of today’s American Indians and other native peoples of the Americas.
It’s the oldest genome ever recovered from the New World. Artifacts found with the body show the boy was part of the Clovis culture, which existed in North America from about 13,000 years ago to about 12,600 years ago and is named for an archaeological site near Clovis, N.M.
The boy’s genome showed his people were direct ancestors of many of today’s native peoples in the Americas, researchers said. He was more closely related to those in Central and South America than to those in Canada. The reason for that difference isn’t clear, scientists said.

Did you note the “more closely related to” statement which negates the claims of “a Bering Sea land-bridge crossing”?
And ps, here is something else for you to think about that you will not find another source for.
As far as you or anyone else knows, ….. the evolving of “sweat glands” in the epidermis covering of the human body may have specifically evolved for ridding the body of excess salt …… and NOT for the purpose of “cooling” the body as most everyone claims ……. because the ingesting and/or retention of too much salt will kill you “deader than a door nail”, There has been more than one (1) human that has died from drinking “salt water” …. or “sweating out” too much of their body’s salt content. Early humans had to have evolved salt-emitting “sweat glands” long before they ever migrated out onto the “HOT” savannahs of Africa ….. simply because both salt and water are preciously needed commodities in such an environment and “wasting” them makes no logical or evolutionary sense.

November 21, 2015 7:17 pm

How they can assign so much significance to one of the planet’s least qualified individuals to opine on the subject defies logic and probably law. They should all step down from office and be made to burn their robes.

November 21, 2015 7:32 pm

Slightly off topic… Obama is angry that ISIS is taking the political emphasis off climate change. Climate change is the path that the socialist leaders are using to take control of western civilizations…etc. But does anyone out there (here) actually believe that Obama is not in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood or equivalent? Or actually a Muslim/ Is there any piece of evidence which would show that he is not a firm supporter and believer of Islam…? Everything he does is coincidentally in support of Islamic ideals and political / geographic Islamic goals going forward. He despises anything or anyone who opposes anything contrary to Islamic ideals and expansion.
If anyone can show me just one example of his not supporting any move by Islamic fundamentalists, except for a few, for show airstrikes, etc. please let me know. This is a real situation of ‘the King Has No Clothes’, with a little twist. No one is willing to say the truth. Obama is either a closet Muslim or is a sympathetic member of the Muslim Brotherhood. And all of his actions and spoken words cannot disprove this.
The blood of a very many, many non muslims in this world is on his hands and his supporters in his Administration including the many of his followers who have knowledge of this. Every action, decision, order, inaction, speech… whatever, is designed to promote his muslim affiliations and divert attention away from it. He is surely a racist, a divider, a promoter of civil disorder and rioting and discontent. His anger is directed, not just at his political opponents, but also at the average, simple American who just wants to be secure and safe in their homes and neighborhoods…Just because they don’t absolutely trust his, previously proven false many times, rhetoric of ‘trust me’ BS.
So, can anyone out there give me a good argument for why we should not consider and label Obama as a racist Muslim supporter if not an outright Muslim himself?

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 21, 2015 7:49 pm

Way off topic. shut up and go away,

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 21, 2015 7:54 pm

Where’s the “report” button?

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 21, 2015 8:37 pm

Dahlquist November 21, 2015 at 7:32 pm
I believe I can confidently offer you a diagnosis for your condition; it is a hybrid affliction of Mad Cow and Raging Bull syndrome.
In the world at large, it is a very common disease but the pages of WUWT have been, thankfully, largely spared infection by this obnoxious pathogen and, until recently, it has manifested only as an opportunistic irritant in a generally healthy body of informed and inquisitive commentary.
Please, act now to quarantine your regrettable outbreak by confining your bilious verbiage to a Notepad file on your own PC and occasionally reciting choice tracts to your spouse or other close friend.
Lest you misunderstand the thrust of this assessment, I emphasize that antipathy towards Islam or Obama is not, per se, an unhealthy response.

Samuel C. Cogar
Reply to  mebbe
November 22, 2015 6:31 am

And, spite of pride, in erring reason’s spite,
One truth is clear, whatever is, is right.
” Alexander Pope

Reply to  mebbe
November 22, 2015 7:32 pm

I would rather it be Raging Cow sicknessIt with Mad Bull disease (syndrome) for my case. BTW, I have a Mac, not a PC.
As far as unhealthy responses, your ‘thrusting’ assessments where you claim antipathy toward Islam in our current times is why there aren’t more of the mebbe family line in existence. Lest you misunderstand, they are at your door and wanting to cut your head off. So, do what you advise and be a pathetic victim, if you would really follow your own, impotent thrusting.
It seems as if your response is as angry as mine…you about me and off topic and me about a U.S. President who would disregard the laws of a nation, the same as the UK Supreme Court Justice which is the topic of this conversation. I probably chose the wrong place for my comment, being a British story, but relatively, it is comparable. ; )

HGW xx/7
Reply to  Dahlquist
November 21, 2015 9:53 pm

I can’t stand Obama for his politics. I couldn’t care less for whatever his religious beliefs are or aren’t. Trying to convince everyone that he is a Muslim and then imply this makes him evil is a losing argument, period. Not just in the eyes of those on the left – as you wouldn’t be convincing regardless – but even amongst those more sympathetic towards the right side of the spectrum, such as myself.
Obama and his leftist, Greenie ilk are wrong based on numbers and facts. One dogmatism or another need not enter into the conversation and certainly not if we want to win the “war”.

Reply to  HGW xx/7
November 22, 2015 8:00 pm

I take it that you aren’t a U.S. citizen. Perhaps if you were you would understand just how much Obamas religious beliefs actually do matter…Very much. Perhaps it is because you are used to the notion of having a Monarch as a part of your Kingdoms form of government.
Having a leader of our, supposedly free democracy, who spits on our Constitution as well as, more regularly, a majority of his constituents, is a real slap in the face to those of us who believe in “We the People”… Not “Me the king, Obama”.

HGW xx/7
Reply to  HGW xx/7
November 23, 2015 10:20 am

Mr. [Dahlquist],
I do enjoy how because I disregard Obama’s religious proclivities you assume I’m not a US citizen. I should inform my parents of this since they had assumed raising me from birth in Oregon would grant me said citizenship. I’ll have to contact my employer here in Washington state, too, as I incorrectly checked that box affirming my US citizenship.
I am as anti-statist as they come, good sir. I’m vehemently libertarian and with that comes a dislike of those wielding power over my life. I don’t care if the president is Christian, atheist, or Muslim. The beef I have with them all is their position of power and they all revel in ruling over our individual rights; their ecclesiastical association doesn’t make it right or wrong.
Not only this, but as someone who fairly consistently votes Republican, I can attest to how pushing the “he’s a Muslim” meme didn’t exactly get Romney into the White House. Perhaps a different strategy might help in the future, be it political or scientific.

HGW xx/7
Reply to  HGW xx/7
November 23, 2015 10:22 am

‘Dahlquist’ was incorrectly rendered as ‘Fahlquist’. My apologies. No disrespect intended.

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 21, 2015 10:34 pm

Dahlquist should understand that we do science here, not politics. Yes, Mr Obama has spoken of “My Muslim faith”, and yes, Ayn Rand gave the clearest of warnings in 1957 that Socialists would attempt to damage America’s economy by forcibly closing coal mines, oilfields and power plants, and yes, that is what Mr Obama and other socialists worldwide are doing, but our task is to be as statesmanlike as John Galt, keeping our eye fixed ever on the truth and on that eternal question-mark by which science strives ceaselessly to find it, and defending the real seekers after truth from any attempt by princes, potentates or courts, be thy never so high, to forbid or even to punish that informed and marvelling curiosity that is the unfailing hallmark of the intelligence that marks us out most clearly from the beasts and likens our souls most closely to the divine.

Science or Fiction
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 2:20 am

“our task is to be as statesmanlike as John Galt, keeping our eye fixed ever on the truth and on that eternal question-mark by which science strives ceaselessly to find it, and defending the real seekers after truth from any attempt by princes, potentates or courts, be thy never so high, to forbid or even to punish that informed and marvelling curiosity that is the unfailing hallmark of the intelligence that marks us out most clearly from the beasts and likens our souls most closely to the divine.”
– Christopher Monckton
That is a great quote worth keeping.

Robin Hewitt
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 2:52 am

“be thy never so high”? My father used to say ridiculous things, we children would correct him only to look foolish, but I still cannot resist. Be they ever so high? Be Thy nethers so high, perhaps?
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 3:15 am

Maybe Atlas is about to shrug ?

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 4:02 am

In answer to Mr Hewitt, the punch-line of one of Lord Denning’s celebrated cases is “Be you never so high, the law is above you.”

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 4:53 am

That’s (Lord Monckton’s comment) a bit rich, given my Lords’ not uncommon political comments on world government, the European Union and even the Scottish Parliament.
Remember these comments:
“The United Kingdom Independence Party, the only climate-skeptical party in Britain, has scored a crushing victory in Sunday’s elections to the Duma of the European Union.”
“The European Duma, like that of Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, has no real power. It cannot even bring forward a Bill, for that vital probouleutic function is the sole right of the unelected Kommissars – the official German name for the tiny, secretive clique of cuisses-de-cuir who wield all real power in the EU behind closed doors.”
Science or politics?
Admittedly, the article does go on to talk about UKIP’s climate policy but not until quite a bit of politics is allowed to be expressed first.
Or how about Prince Charles?
“Charles must go. His future, along with that of the thousand-year monarchy, is in the past. It used to be said there would soon be only five kings in the world: spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds, and England. Scrub that last one.”
Politics or science?
I’m a great admirer of Lord Monckton’s articles on this website but on this occasion he’s been caught not singing from his own hymn sheet.

Robin Hewitt
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 6:00 am

In response to Monkton of Brenchley. I will excuse you the thy then.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 8:17 am

Thank you all kindly for your, mostly, polite criticism of my post above. It was a rant and not in keeping with the, generally, scientific discussions that are sometimes posted here. This site is also political, as politics plays just as much a part as the science in this forum as it does in ‘climate change’.
So, with my tail between my legs, I sulk away, to return again another day… With a comment more towards the science rather than the ravings of a beer guzzling man on a rant against a tyrant.
I just love WUWT

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 4:24 pm

Elegantly said.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 6:46 pm

In answer to Alba, I am grateful for the diligence with which he has read my posts; but in each of the instances he cites there was a direct connection between the political point glancingly referenced and the scientific argument.
Prince Charles, for instance, has the same obligation of impartiality as the Supreme Court, but has repeatedly infringed his obligation of silence on questions of current political debate, notably the climate.
UKIP was mentioned here and in one or two previous articles because it has a strong stance against the climate scare and is the only major party in Britain to do so. Neither Prince Charles nor the court’s can claim, therefore, that the political debate is settled.
The EU Kommissars have notoriously adopted the climate storyline not because it is true but because it is expedient, and they, not our elected representatives, set Britain’s climate policy. And we cannot remove the Kommissars, for they are not elected.

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 22, 2015 12:46 am

Does he attend a Christian church?

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 22, 2015 12:46 am

Dahlquist ..
Whether on topic or off i happen to agree with you .
I also agree that what Obama thinks of global warming is false.
I come to site about 3-4 times month for last 2 years.
I have come to this conclusion , 7 of 10 are from the ( critical thinkers club ) and 3 of 10 of us our knuckles are close to terra firma .
Mostly used as a slander to others today by those that perceive themselves as superior intellectual beings , generally i suspect , those that have at least attained a Masters or Ph.d in ” gender studies , fairness and justice along with other worthless pursuits at tax payers expense , and are entrenched on the staff of Prestigious Universities and Governments like parasites “, use it as a slander to those they deem inferior intellectually , which is all the rest of us , the ( knuckledragger beings ) that support them .
Unfortunately i have never attained membership or even been considered for a membership in the Prestigious National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking .
I’m crushed !!!!
Notice: You must be intellectually disciplined .
Well , were not Hitler , Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao Intellectually disciplined ?
Critical Thinking as Defined by the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking, 1987
A statement by Michael Scriven & Richard Paul, presented at the 8th Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Education Reform, Summer 1987.
Critical thinking is the ( intellectually disciplined ) process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

Reply to  Dahlquist
November 22, 2015 12:07 pm

“Is there any piece of evidence which would show that he is not a firm supporter and believer of Islam…?”
I have seen the man mock Christians for believing in any miracles at all, which to my mind logically renders him a non-believer in any Theistic religion (though self worship seems quite possible to me ; )

November 21, 2015 7:53 pm

Well done here Christopher. It’s a good fight and I appreciate your taking it to them and keeping us informed! Good luck!

November 21, 2015 7:59 pm

Too bad that the POTUS is a “Useful Idiot” misusing the “Bully Pulpit”.

Santa Baby
November 21, 2015 8:05 pm

“… but they remain subject to challenge in some quarters, including by scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential individuals, and the courts could play a role here in finally scotching those claims.” Courts to deceide on science like the Catholic Church once did? Where did the scientific principle and freedom of speech go?

Santa Baby
Reply to  Santa Baby
November 21, 2015 8:14 pm

They are science deniers.

Santa Baby
Reply to  Santa Baby
November 21, 2015 8:58 pm

This is a dejavu with lysenkoism in the USSR?

Santa Baby
Reply to  Santa Baby
November 21, 2015 9:35 pm
Santa Baby
Reply to  Santa Baby
November 22, 2015 12:59 am

Some similarities? “So quickly did he develop his prescriptions — from the cold treatment of grain, to the plucking of leaves from cotton plants, to the cluster planting of trees, to unusual fertilizer mixes — that academic biologists did not have time to demonstrate that one technique was valueless or harmful before a new one was adopted. The Party-controlled newspapers applauded Lysenko’s “practical” efforts and questioned the motives of his critics. Lysenko’s “revolution in agriculture” had a powerful propaganda advantage over the academics, who urged the patience..”

Reply to  Santa Baby
November 21, 2015 10:40 pm

Santa Baby has reached the heart of the matter. We are to be silenced and our “claims” “scotched” because the truth we seek is inconvenient to the classe politique and the judges who serve it.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 1:32 pm

Hello Lord Monckton……
According to free will and freedom of speech and expression, any of this persons or entities (the QCs, the judges) have the right to be involved and participate in any activity they see fit or they believe to be right, but that has a consequence.
It takes only for a clause in the constitution of the land and the country they belong to, to default and automatically disqualify them from the application of their duty and their power in a given subject.
In this particular case, it takes only that the British or the UK constitution demands and requires fairness and an unbiased approach by the courts of the land and their judges to any subject or case under or to be subjected in the future under the judgement,,,,,,, for these QCs and judges participating in this particular venue to be automatically and without prejudice disqualified from their duties and power of acting directly or indirectly in any judicial process that is directly or indirectly related to the subject in question.
So if by any chance the constitution of the land has such demands and impositions, any one participating in that venue is prohibited from actively or even inactively participating in a judicial process or any official judicial activity of any kind listed or named under “climate”, climate change” or “environment”.
Does the British or UK constitution has such demands or impositions……I do not know….but you may just be able to find out….

Reply to  Santa Baby
November 22, 2015 4:58 am

Courts have always ruled on matters of science. Is fingerprint evidence reliable? A matter of science, yet ruled on by the court. Was An Inconvenient Truth factual? Questions of science, yet ruled on by the courts.
The Frye standard was established in 1923 concerning polygraph evidence. From wikipedia: Novel techniques, placed under the scrutiny of this standard forced courts to examine papers, books and judicial precedents on the subject at hand to make determinations as to the reliability and “general acceptance.”
This has been replaced at federal level by the Daubert standard.

November 21, 2015 8:50 pm

This legal pantomime is just so enjoyable – sadly it will be Christmas before next act. Can’t wait. Thanks, Christopher Monckton.

John F. Hultquist
November 21, 2015 9:30 pm

President Obama has said …” [Lord Carnwath, and so on]
I had to go back and read it again – the Lord sounds a lot like Obama’s Sec. of the Interior, Sally Jewell.
I do find it fascinating the that the UK (the once proud United Kingdom) has a Supreme Court taking its lead from a community organizer from (a once proud) Chicago.
It just gets sillier and sillier.

November 21, 2015 9:41 pm

Some folks don’t understand how serious this is. A justice of the court should never, ever, under no circumstances, express an opinion (even in private) on something that might come before the court. That justice should resign.
It is disturbing to me that Christopher Monckton seems to be the only British citizen trying to take action on this. People should be screaming from the roof tops.

Reply to  commieBob
November 21, 2015 10:45 pm

Commiebob is correct. Unfortunately, the present generations have little understanding of how precious and fragile a flower is freedom. Some will trample it if they can. Most will trample it without ever understanding its value to the political environment.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 21, 2015 11:40 pm

I am stunned by the arrogance of this ( and for that matter ANY ) Supreme Court. I guess I am just really, really naive to think they would be impartial. (I know they get appointed not on merit but on political stand points these days). I think that if Lady justice takes off her blindfold she’d wish she’d be blind in embarrasment!

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 2:33 am

“Unfortunately, the present generations have little understanding of how precious and fragile a flower is freedom.”
That statement is true enough, but the fact is that it started generations ago. The USA is now verging on a police state and few seem to be able to see it. I will not go into the horrible details, but “freedom” is no longer found in the “land of the free”. We are fighting a rear guard action … and losing. We may still be able to defeat the climate alarmists, as many of the powerful enjoy modern industrial society also, but winning back freedom looks to be a much more difficult task.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 7:07 am

How ironic that the institutions that protested against the war in Vietnam and government deceit are now protesting against free speech. There was an article about liberal cannibalism recently that described how these far left university settings have created politically correct zombies unable to live under the harshness of freedom. They need “safe places” where the Bill of Rights don’t apply. Any administrator standing up to these “cry bullies” is devoured by the zombie masses. These students are naively walking into their own Orwellian demise.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 11:42 am

@ markstoval November 22, 2015 at 2:33 am

We may still be able to defeat the climate alarmists, as many of the powerful enjoy modern industrial society also, but winning back freedom looks to be a much more difficult task.

I am afraid you are right. What I do’t get is the people who become a part of the problem–like the police–or those that teach –you know the ones who used to teach us about critical thinking! They folded at every curve in the road. Had to or we wouldn’t be here. I made my college graduate neice read about the polar bears–as she was convinced they were dying out–she read the facts I presented her andthen her eyes glazed over–I assume she simply didn’t bleive teh truth and felt sorry for me who bleived the “lies.” You can’t reach anyone any longer–Maybe it’s like learning a new language–if they get you before age 10 you have a good chance of learning it and learning it correctly–but after that you always are a foriegner. Maybe if you don’t learn critical thinking by a certain age, you are incapable?

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 23, 2015 8:24 am

FTOP_T is right. The vicious Left have become ever more intolerant of different viewpoints. To test my theory that, particularly among undergraduates, only one viewpoint on just about every major political question is now tolerated, I recently preached a sermon in the Chapel at Churchill College, Cambridge, in which I said the Church’s teaching was that homosexuality was wrong because it was medically dangerous to its practitioners, who ought to be given fair warning as smokers are; abortion was wrong because its victims were torn limb from limb without being given their own anesthetic; the West’s response to Islamic terror was incorrect because nearly all news media were too craven to defeat the Charlie Hebdo terrorists by running some of the less offensive cartoons, and no one had made the point that a few of the cartoons were understandably, grossly, gratuitously offensive to our Muslim brethren, who had had no legal recourse because the blasphemy laws had been unwisely abolished; and that the Church ought to have learned by now that it should not adopt positions on either side of scientific questions such as climate change, but should instead ensure that no one stifled legitimate scientific research and argument on either side of the debate.
I revisited Cambridge recently and discovered that the sermon was being still being talked of, in horrified tones, throughout the university, and speculation is rife that I was only allowed to preach because I had donated very large sums to the College. I had not realized just how extreme the hard Left’s intolerance of any viewpoint but its own has become. At least there are no jackboots this time.

High Treason
November 21, 2015 10:09 pm

Science conducted by consensus is politics.
Science conducted by belief is religion.
Science conducted by censorship is TYRANNY.

Reply to  High Treason
November 21, 2015 10:46 pm

Well and eloquently spoken.

Reply to  High Treason
November 21, 2015 11:17 pm

Science conducted by following the scientific method is understanding.

Santa Baby
Reply to  TRM
November 22, 2015 1:33 am

According Marxism: science that supports its ideology and agendas is logical, and science that does not support Marxist ideology and agendas is not logical. It’s called Critical Theory.

Reply to  TRM
November 23, 2015 2:18 pm

“Science conducted by following the scientific method is understanding.”
I can appreciate your sentiment, but that sentence is not truly rational to me . . and is indicative I feel, of the very “idol worship” sort of thinking/speaking about science which has been exploited to bring us to our sad state of affairs in this regard.
Science conducted by following the scientific method can surely help lead to more understanding of various things, but the understanding itself remains to be attained (or not) by the individual person. The scientific method is available to even those who wish to stymie understanding on a massive scale, and is actually being used in that way as we speak, I am rather certain.

Reply to  High Treason
November 22, 2015 1:06 am


Eugene WR Gallun
Reply to  High Treason
November 22, 2015 1:08 am

High Treason — Nicely said — Eugene WR Gallun

Reply to  High Treason
November 22, 2015 7:16 am

Unfortunately, science is the profession most susceptible to an “appeal to authority” and judges are most easily swayed by these “expert” arguments since they weigh the witness for credibility and not the science.
I’m sure SCOTUK would have ruled we have 24 chromosome pairs prima facia.

Reply to  FTOP_T
November 22, 2015 7:19 am

In 1923, leading American zoologist Theophilus Painter declared based on his findings that humans had 24 pairs of chromosomes. From the 1920s to the 1950s, this continued to be held based on Painter’s authority,[25] despite subsequent counts totaling the correct number of 23.[26] Even textbooks with photos clearly showing 23 pairs incorrectly declared the number to be 24 based on the authority of the then-consensus of 24 pairs.[26]
As Robert Matthews said of the event, “Scientists had preferred to bow to authority rather than believe the evidence of their own eyes”.[26] As such, their reasoning was an appeal to authority.[27]

Reply to  High Treason
November 22, 2015 12:58 pm

Science conducted by models is biased.

November 21, 2015 10:51 pm

Kipling always had a pragmatic view:
“We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.
With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.”
There is still hope.
Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley,
As a brutish Texan my suggestions may be redundant and perhaps already attempted. Screaming from the rooftops we attempt to remind those who have forgotten since the days of yore that danger is always awaiting us. You have suffered the slings and arrows of our misled traffic light “Commu-gress” left and did so marvelously (Embarrassing, though, certain advocates pronounced it “Mockington”) . But, it is my fear that a danger equal to that of the “Dead Hand” from the Soviet cold past faces us yet again. However, this time there will be no bombs, no missiles and no democracy or representatives to fight on our behalf. This battle needs the steadfast vision and the resolve of Margaret Thatcher, the unflinching conviction of Ronald Reagan and the intelligence and resilience of you, Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley.
It is those of us here that stand here behind you to remind the traffic lights for one last time.
“When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!”
It is time that we ensure that their smooth tongued wizards withdraw.
Perhaps a re-examination of the processing notes for the failed freedom-of-information act request could be requested or any tangential agency stateside be queried?

November 21, 2015 10:58 pm

The specter of a supreme court judge deciding a case before having heard it is indeed frightening.
But, may I ask, where are the cases?
Its like a modern version of Judge Roy Bean’s “we’ll give him a fair trial and then we’ll hang him”.
Except that Roy Bean had an actual crime with an actual body and an actual case to hear before the hanging,
You’d think, given the supposed harm that has been “proven”, ambulance chaser lawyers would be filing cases left right and centre. But they aren’t. They’ve got no crimes, no bodies, to bring before the court. So the very cases the judge proposes to scotch, for the most part don’t exist.

Stephen Richards
Reply to  davidmhoffer
November 22, 2015 1:54 am

Cases have been heard in Holland, USA and far east.

Reply to  davidmhoffer
November 22, 2015 4:26 am

They will force corporations to transfer wealth to chosen beneficiaries through threat of non-compliance with corporate responsibility edicts etc.
We already have this situation in the UK where companies jump through numerous hoops simultaneously supporting he creation of uncountable non-jobs under the guise of corporate responsibility.

November 21, 2015 11:35 pm

In America, 1st Amendment Feedom of Speech rights have, for the most part, been rigorously defended by SCOTUS.
It’s both frightening and tragic to see SCOTUK make Orwellian threats to prohibit scientific speech questioning the efficacy of the CAGW hypothesis, especially in the year celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.
We’re witnessing the death of Western Civilization if SCOTUK actually fulfills their threat..
Keep up the good fight Lord Monckton!
Please advise if there is a site where people can donate to assist in covering any legal costs involved in this FOIA request. I’d certainly like to assist you on this issue.

Andrew Richards
November 21, 2015 11:46 pm

Monty Python revisited:
“Well I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition”
“No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!”

November 21, 2015 11:52 pm

Aren’t the powers separated between legislature, executive, and judiciary in the UK?
For this reason it seems doubtful UK Supreme Court President, Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, could afford ignoring some of his judges’ legislature ambitions. Her Majesty and Prime Minister might have a word to say. Perhaps also John Bercow, Chris Grayling, Frances D’Souza and Tina Stowell.

November 22, 2015 1:02 am

The only separation of power of which I am well aware in the UK is the one that refers to distance between one legislative individual from another executive individual to another with the judiciary individual attempting to stand in between. Is that not correct?

richard verney
November 22, 2015 1:04 am

I have attended the House of Lords (before it became the Supreme Court), on several occasions, and my experience is that you are always on a list against which your name is checked off. In the past, on arrival, I have had to pop into an office and collect a name tag etc.
I consider that it is inconceivable that there will not be a security list with the names of attendees.

Robert B
November 22, 2015 1:15 am

“As I noted at the outset, there is a broad emerging consensus on many of these factual matters, but they remain subject to challenge in some quarters, including by scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential individuals, and the courts could play a role here in finally scotching those claims.”
I doubt that anyone would go so far as to allege that the defendant is a witch because she weighs less than a duck but has he just set a precedence that the police could get away with doing that?

November 22, 2015 1:17 am

Sorry, but pseudo-legal rants may worry the common man, but I cannot see them worrying the judges at the Supreme Court.

Reply to  ralfellis
November 22, 2015 1:35 am

Perhaps not, but pseudo-legal Supreme Court might annoy those nominating the judges.

Reply to  ralfellis
November 22, 2015 8:21 am

Not quite sure who “ralfellis” is accusing of “pseudo-legal rants”, but the legal statements of Lord Denning on the independence of the judiciary, combined with the recent act of parliament obliging the judiciary to be impartial, and the rules obliging them to be impartial, do not have the properties either of pseudo-legality or of rants. The Supreme Court is in breach of the law. Once I have obtained enough answers to work out what went on, I shall propose to its president some simple and inexpensive steps to rectify the impression of prejudice that it created by its self-exhibition on September 17.
Unless these steps, or reasonable counter-proposals in lieu, are taken by the Court, its president may expect to find himself in front of the Administrative Court on judicial review of his failure to take reasonable steps to put matters to rights, and may also find himself in front of the Bench at Horseferry Road on a criminal charge of wilful misfeasance in a public office. Judicial impartiality is central to the British judicial system. The Court’s departure from strict impartiality is, therefore, a very serious matter, and the courts below can be expected to take it very seriously indeed.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 22, 2015 9:30 am

Monckton of Brenchley
Thank you for your time, your dedication, and the success of your efforts.

Nigel S
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 23, 2015 3:58 am

Looking forward to this one, might be even more fun than Mann vs Steyn whenever all that finally happens.

David Cage
November 22, 2015 1:45 am

I would like two other questions to be answered.
Since advanced signal analysis is not part of the curriculum for climate science why are engineers not called as the only properly trained experts in determining what is actually abnormal based on a proper signal analysis of long term climate data?
Since CO2 based climate change is a significant part of the examinations for a climate science qualification why can they consider any case presented by climate scientists as invalid if not verified by outside examination and auditing?
Clearly by limiting the evidence to those in the climate science profession they will never get to hear the case against so it is a rigged trial they should be thrown out of the profession for supporting the idea.
Bear in mind that many who are in other professions are there because they could not get grants because their field of study undermined climate change belief and are better qualified than most in that profession especially the computer modellers in electronics who are decades ahead of the climate scientists.

Reply to  David Cage
November 22, 2015 3:23 am

… especially the computer modellers in electronics who are decades ahead of the climate scientists.

I’m not sure that’s true. Models are a wonderful tool for problems that aren’t ‘messy’. On the other hand we still do physical measurements if we need to know something like the radiation pattern of a cell phone.
Climate models have no predictive skill. The fact that almost all of them have predicted more than the observed warming indicates that their underlying assumptions are wrong.

David Cage
November 22, 2015 1:47 am

sorry cannot edit the comment but it should have read “Since CO2 based climate change is a significant part of the examinations for a climate science qualification why can they consider any case presented by climate scientists as valid if not verified by outside examination and auditing?”

November 22, 2015 2:07 am

When they canoodle. fomenting behind the scales, and resort to the mendacious idea of a few judges out of sight from the legislature, fashioning some sort of legislative device to graft onto a very political agenda – in an attempt to close down the debate by criminalizing if you will! Those, who plainly point out the paucity of government scientists methodology, data and reliance on fixed computer generated divination…….
By a country mile have you lost the plot and ultimately one must question [Brits] if we still actually live in a country which abides to and through the institution of democracy. It would seem not.

November 22, 2015 2:24 am

Obama’s religious beliefs are probably more fundamental and deeper held than his political beliefs.

Reply to  ntesdorf
November 23, 2015 4:49 am

Yet, as Queen Elizabeth I would hav put it, it is not for us to make a window into men’s souls. It is Mr Obama’s policies that matter, and they seem to combine the crony-capitalism of national Socialism with the hatred of free markets characteristic of international Socialism and the hatred of humanity that is the hallmark of environmentalist Socialism. His aggressively partisan opinions and policies, insofar as they were mentioned with approval by a Justice of our Supreme Court who ought to have known better, do have some relevance here.

Science or Fiction
November 22, 2015 2:51 am

“there is a broad emerging consensus on many of these factual matters, but they remain subject to challenge in some quarters, including by scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential individuals, and the courts could play a role here in finally scotching those claims”
The ideas that Philippe Sands might be respectful to the quest for truth by critical rationalism and respectful to the role of the courts in this respect are both falsified by this very statement.
It is remarkable that a Professor of law can demonstrate so clearly in just one sentence that he lacks understanding of principles which are fundamental to his profession.

Russell Hayes
November 22, 2015 3:02 am

On youtube Dr. Donald W. Miller Jr. explains how the US Gov. changed the world’s eating diet based on a unproven science theory. The reason I bring this youtube video up is because Dr. Judith Curry used this example in her testament to Congress i.e. lies on cholesterol. You will see where Senator George McGovern, quotes ; the Government does not have all the time until all the science is in. There is so so much in this video to our cause Climate Change manipulation please watch. On youtube Enjoy Eating Saturated Fat by DR. Miller.

November 22, 2015 3:13 am

When the plebians do not snap to you make em. Our US court is increasingly following the same line.

November 22, 2015 5:39 am

And more… Lord Monckton’s Eerie Powers of Prediction

November 22, 2015 5:42 am

FOI them on the cost of those gowns.
Makes for interesting reading.
They are just in it for themselves.

November 22, 2015 5:59 am

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom seems to have lost its way.
This year marks the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta.
Cl. 39 and 40 read as follows:
[39] No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.
[40] To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.
Regards to all, Allan

November 22, 2015 6:06 am
A few observations:
1. CO2 is the basis for all carbon-based life on Earth – and Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are clearly CO2-deficient.
2. Based on the evidence, Earth’s climate is insensitive to increased atmospheric CO2 – there is no global warming crisis.
3. Temperature, among other factors, drives atmospheric CO2 much more than CO2 drives temperature. Atmospheric CO2 LAGS temperature at all measured time scales.
4. Cheap, abundant, reliable energy is the lifeblood of modern society.
5. Green energy schemes (scams) are responsible for driving up energy costs and increasing winter mortality rates.
I suggest that all of the above statements are true, to a high degree of confidence.
All of the above statements are utter blasphemy to warmist fanatics.
It is truly remarkable how the warmists could get it so wrong.
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”
– Albert Einstein

November 22, 2015 7:20 am

Monckton of Brenchley on November 21, 2015 at 10:34 pm
Dahlquist should understand that we do science here, not politics. Yes, Mr Obama has spoken of “My Muslim faith”, and yes, Ayn Rand gave the clearest of warnings in 1957 that Socialists would attempt to damage America’s economy by forcibly closing coal mines, oilfields and power plants, and yes, that is what Mr Obama and other socialists worldwide are doing, but our task is to be as statesmanlike as John Galt, keeping our eye fixed ever on the truth and on that eternal question-mark by which science strives ceaselessly to find it, and defending the real seekers after truth from any attempt by princes, potentates or courts, be thy never so high, to forbid or even to punish that informed and marvelling curiosity that is the unfailing hallmark of the intelligence that marks us out most clearly from the beasts and likens our souls most closely to the divine.

Ayn Rand philosophically showed that socialism (and its ilk of collectivism, totalitarianism, communism, fascism, etc) was anti-human and she philosophically analyzed that capitalism was pro-human plus she graphically portrayed socialism as a parasite that could only be sustained by sucking the wealth and freedom to act of capitalism. Socialism isn’t a benign parasite, it weakens capitalism progressively and if allowed to progress will destroy capitalism in her view.
So, in a sense Monckton is right about thinking Ayn Rand warned that “socialists would attempt to damage America’s economy by forcibly closing coal mines, oilfields and power plants”. She thought that socialism must suck the wealth out of them and must interfere with their freedom to act, at which point they would be nationalized and become productively inept to the point of being useless.
Ayn Rand also philosophically showed that ideological environmentalism was anti-human. She found that it would directly force shutdown of science, technology, industry and even try to shutdown reason.
PS – Christopher Monckton, good show on your unrelenting inquiry into the SCOTUK’s prejudicial behavior wrt climate skeptics.

Reply to  John Whitman
November 22, 2015 10:09 am

Abe on November 22, 2015 at 7:51 am
“Those of us who are active atmospheric radiation scientists can remember very well, when mentioning the laws of thermodynamics was sufficient to be banned at ALL believers’ sites. . . “
“This story about the ”Magical Gais and AwL” is about a COLD atmosphere being professionally referred to as a WARMING device.
A COLD fluid BATH, WARMING the SENSORS it scrubs of energy, three separate ways.”

You appear to be talking about the theories advanced in the book “Slaying the Sky Dragon”. You should take them elsewhere as per WUWT site rules.

Gary Pearse
November 22, 2015 7:31 am

If the supremes can break the law with impunity, don’t expect them not to do so again. They have lots of precedents to go on from gleick through climate gate examples, U Virginia, decisions of investigations of irregular cliSci hooligans, all the US gov departments… They have become ever more emboldened

Reply to  Gary Pearse
November 22, 2015 8:14 am

However, in the UK, which is in a few respects something like a free country, the private citizen can if necessary prosecute even the Supreme Court for wilful misfeasance in a public office, one of the ancient pleas of the Crown. If the Court were to take no steps to rectify the impression of prejudice it has created, the president of the court would be guilty of wilful misfeasance, a serious, imprisonable offense. Even the mere fact of a prosecution being lodged would end his career in ignominy.
In the past I have successfully prosecuted a very powerful and secret organization of the British State for wilful misfeasance (the whole affair was so embarrassing that They had to change its name), so They know I can and will do it again unless They take steps to rectify Their wrongdoing.

John F. Hultquist
November 22, 2015 9:04 am

This post is titled: Keeping up the heat on the UK Supreme Court
Your comment is about what?

Brian Borders
November 22, 2015 9:04 am

Absolutely astounding how these elite, well educated jackasses do not reflect even a smidgen on how medieval their thoughts and actions are.

William Astley
November 22, 2015 11:01 am

In reply to ralfellis

November 22, 2015 at 1:14 am
It is highly likely that the Younger Dryas was caused by a meteoric impact. I am not sure why this theory is not more widely acknowledged, because it seems so obvious. This is why there were several simultaneous events:
The Younger Dryas cooling
The creation of the black-mat strata
The presence of nano-diamonds and bukminster fullerenes
The creation of 500,000 ‘impact craters’
The extinction of all the Amrican megafauna.
The extinction of Clovis man.

The Younger Dryas comet or meteoroid impact theory/hypothesis is an urban myth, goofy, silly, is physically not possible.
Climatology is chock full of urban myths which indicates that there are multiple fundamental problems with the process that is used to analysis and attempt to solve pure science problems.
There is sufficient information to solve the climatology connected set of problems. The issue as to why the connected climatology problem has not been solved, is not how smart the people are who are attempting to solve the problem.
The assertion that the earth’s climate has a ‘tendency’ to abruptly ‘jump’ from one state to another or tip from one state to another is an urban legend that was created as the true physical cause of cyclic abrupt climate change is not known.
What and why the climate cyclically changes is a physical problem. There must and is a physical reason what has and will occur. There are no magic wands.
Rocks do not jump up hill. Climate does not ‘jump’ without reason from one state to another. There must be and is a physical reason for cyclic (I repeat, cyclic) abrupt climate change. There are specific observations that are concurrent with the past abrupt climate change events which must be explained and help solve the problem.
Greenland Ice Sheet Temperatures Last 100,000 years
It is interesting that the Dansgaard/Oescheger ‘events’ (cyclic warming and cooling that happens again and again and again) have a characteristic period of 1470 years have continued throughout the Holocene interglacial period. The point is the climate is very different glacial phase vs interglacial phase yet the same cycle continues which supports the assertion that the forcing is external not internal.
As there are cosmogenic isotope changes that are concurrent with all of the Dansgaard/Oescheger events (also referred to a Bond events named after Gerald Bond who tracked 23 of the cycles and pointed out that there cosmogenic isotope changes at the 23 events and pointed out that the solar cycle changes must hence be causing the cyclic changes) and the Heinrich events. The observational evidence supports that assertion that specific solar cycle change is causing what is observed.
If that assertion is correct, based on the magnitude of the climate changes and what happened to cause the climate changes, the sun is significantly different than the standard model and the sun can and does change to a mode which is very different, that has astonishing impact on the earth’s climate.
There are hundreds of astronomical observations that all support the assertion that the sun and stars are significantly different than the standard model.

Davis and Taylor: “Does the current global warming signal reflect a natural cycle”
…We found 342 natural warming events (NWEs) corresponding to this definition, distributed over the past 250,000 years …. …. The 342 NWEs contained in the Vostok ice core record are divided into low-rate warming events (LRWEs; < 0.74oC/century) and high rate warming events (HRWEs; ≥ 0.74oC /century) (Figure). … …. "Recent Antarctic Peninsula warming relative to Holocene climate and ice – shelf history" and authored by Robert Mulvaney and colleagues of the British Antarctic Survey ( Nature , 2012, doi:10.1038/nature11391),reports two recent natural warming cycles, one around 1500 AD and another around 400 AD, measured from isotope (deuterium) concentrations in ice cores bored adjacent to recent breaks in the ice shelf in northeast Antarctica. ….

The fact that earth’s climate is changing cyclically means there is, there must logically be a forcing function that physically changes the planet’s climate again and again and again and again.
A comet and/or meteoroid impact is not a cyclical event. A comet and/or meteoroid impact will cool the planet for less than decade. The earth resists climate forcing changes. The Younger Dryas abrupt climate (the planet when from interglacial warm to glacial cold with 70% of the cooling occurring in less than a decade at a time when summer insolation at 65N was maximum which is evidence that Milankovitch’s theory is an urban legend, note summer insolation at 65N is currently the same as it was during the coldest part of the last glacial period) change event lasted for 1200 years.
We know that the planet does not cool for a 1000 years when there is a super volcano eruption. The planet cools for at most four or five years.
The eighteen Younger Dryas burn marks are at different latitudes and are on different continents. It is physically impossible for a single comet or asteroid impact to create those burn marks. Multiple independent comets and asteroid impacts would be required to create the burn marks. Due to the statistical likelihood of an impact, it is almost impossible for there to be multiple independent comet and asteroid impacts in a short period of time.
The 500,000 Caroline bay burn marks occurred 40,000 to 50,000 years ago and hence have nothing to do with Younger Dryas abrupt climate change event. A comet or asteroid impact cannot cause 500,000 burn marks.
There are two ‘mysteries’. What causes two independent in time burn marks (YD burn marks and Caroline Bay burn marks) and secondly what causes cyclic abrupt climate change. Question is the connection with what caused the burn marks and the abrupt climate change. The evidence does not support an impact as the cause of the burn marks.
Look at the dang Carolina Bay burn marks (see link below). Think about the physical implications of this observation. Think about what must have happened to create 500,000 elliptical burn marks on the surface of the planet some of which overlap and all of which point in the same direction.
There is evidence of restrike (electrical discharge from the top of the atmosphere to the surface of the planet. Massive electrical discharge will create burn marks are elliptical and orientated in a north-west direction which is caused by the rotation of the earth as the strikes are occurring and the effect of the earth’s magnetic field which moves the charge mass).
It is fact that there is an abrupt change to the geomagnetic field (largest change in cosmogenic isotopes in the Holocene record) that correlates with the Younger Dryas abrupt climate change event.
A massive electrical discharge from the ionosphere to the surface of the planet will abruptly change the geomagnetic field. There will be a delay of roughly 1000 years for the liquid core of the earth to integrate the abrupt magnetic field change (initially the liquid core creates a back EMF which resists any surface impose magnetic field change which explains the sudden cooling due to the initial drop in the geomagnetic field intensity which causes the cooling due to increased GCR strikes in the atmosphere and due to the sudden abrupt change to the geomagnetic field orientation). Due to the orientation of the planet the YD discharge event resulted in a stronger geomagnetic field when the change was integrated in the liquid core.
The current orbital position is such that a massive electrical discharge event would occur in the Southern hemisphere and would hence reduce the strength of the geomagnetic when integration occurs.
“Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions
and the Younger Dryas cooling”
The black mat material is found in multiple locations in Europe and multiple locations throughout the North American continent – eighteen locations in total – at significantly different latitudes and longitudes. As others have noted very special conditions are required for an impact to burn the earth without leaving a crater. The distribution of the black mat regions on the planet are such that it would require extraterrestrial bodies from different orbits, different source bodies. Astrophysicists do not support that possibility. The researchers are specialists looking for an explanation for the mass extinction that coincides with whatever caused the Younger Dryas abrupt cooling.
Figure 7 is picture of some of the earlier Carolina Bays burn marks. As noted the largest burn mark is 8 km long.
“Fig. 7. Aerial photo (U.S. Geological Survey) of a cluster of elliptical and often overlapping Carolina Bays with raised rims in Bladen County, North Carolina. The Bays have been contrast-enhanced and selectively darkened for greater clarity. The largest Bays are several kilometers in length, and the overlapping cluster of them in the center is ≈8 km long. Previous researchers have proposed that the Bays are impact-related features.”
This is some of the evidence that a magnetic excursion correlate with the Younger Dryas abrupt cooling event.

Reply to  William Astley
November 22, 2015 12:57 pm

William Astley (replying to ralfellis)

Multiple independent comets and asteroid impacts would be required to create the burn marks. Due to the statistical likelihood of an impact, it is almost impossible for there to be multiple independent comet and asteroid impacts in a short period of time.

But even in the last 20 years we saw multiple comet impacts hit Jupiter at the same latitude, all within a few days of each other. And (as I recall) 6 more inter-planetary impacts since then on Jupiter and other planets. Tunguska was a high-energy, no-impact, collision only 100 years ago. Siberia was hit again just a few months ago with a near-atomic-bomb size mid-air blast. But no crater. Yes, single hits of rock high-energy impacts are more likely than multiple hits of a non-cratering, non-rock event, but obviously, planet-wide multiple hits in a very short time do happen. Regularly.

November 22, 2015 11:39 am

Forget all that .
Just demand they present the physical equations in SI units explaining how electromagnetic , as opposed to gravity , can “trap” energy . And for extra credit , an experimental demonstration of the phenomenon .

Reply to  Bob Armstrong
November 23, 2015 1:01 am

Do you have a link for your point of view? I found Astley’s post and links extremely interesting although one thought occurred to me.
Why are the burn marks found only in certain locations? To alter the climate in such a catastrophic manner you would think the burn marks should show up in more locations across the entire earth.

Reply to  Bob Armstrong
November 23, 2015 1:31 am

Electromagnetism does not trap energy: it transfers it. When a photon in the principal absorption bands of CO2 interacts with a CO2 molecule, it sets up a quantum oscillation in one of the vibrational modes of the molecule. That oscilliation is heat. It is like turning on a small radiator.

November 22, 2015 11:47 am

Great idea! I’ve seen so many politicians and officials who were speaking about climate and climate change, without, having any idea on what they were talking, so…. no more comments. On the other hand, COP21 already starts to seem like a lost cause to me:

November 22, 2015 1:23 pm

What on earth has the climate got to do with the UK Supreme Court? Haven’t British judges got any crimes to worry about? How would Galileo fare today if lawyers thought they could determine the truth of his arguments?

Reply to  Roy
November 23, 2015 1:45 am

Where there is a scientific dispute, as with any other form of dispute, the courts are well trained to weigh the arguments of both sides, after each side has had a fair opportunity to present its case and to be cross-examined by the other. At present there is no scientific forum in which both sides are fairly heard in this way, for many national science academies hsve adopted a narrow scientific position in one direction only, and will not allow the skeptical point of view to be expressed or debated.

4 eyes
November 22, 2015 3:09 pm

I followed MOB’s story on the UK Supreme Court from his initial submission and I am still dumbfounded by what the SC said. To think that they can rule on scientific matters is absurd. However for them to be blatantly prejudiced about the outcome is really horrifying – it tears at the very heart of the justice system so everyone in the UK, including the shameless alarmists and their political friends, should be up in arms over their prejudice and what that implies. If that happened here in Oz I would relentlessly hound my MPs and my several friends in the judiciary until the Court publically grovelled and issued an absolute retraction and apology and the ringleaders resigned their commissions. Only then would I stop. For a while, then I would probably start again. Rant finished.

Reply to  4 eyes
November 22, 2015 6:33 pm

Courts can certainly rule on scientific issues, as the High Court splendidly did against Gore’s sci-fi comedy horror movie. But courts that have,in effect, declared a priori a prejudice cannot thus rule.

richard verney
Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 23, 2015 2:05 am

Every day the Courts are ruling on scientific issues. In almost all medical negligence cases, there are competing views expressed by experts. ditto, in construction disputes which rely heavily on engineering reports, and shipping disputes etc.
But of course, Judges are not scientists and therefore cannot form an independent view on the merits of the science. Courts are good at sorting out facts, and seeing discrepancies and inconsistencies in evidence, and weaknesses in the manner in which evidence is presented.
For example, a Court would have no problem at looking at problems and issues surrounding the land thermometer data set, getting to grips with what it represents (it is meaningless) and problems with station siting, station drop outs, homogenisation and adjustments etc.
A Court would quickly appreciate importance of unverified model output, the difference between projections and predictions (which I consider to be a killer point), the fact that the science cannot be settled when there are about 100 different CGMs all outputting different scenarios, and that the average ensemble is misconceived and meaningless for reasons often spelt out by Dr Brown, and of course, the problems with Climate Sensitivity upon which there is no consensus.. Likewise the difference between the alarmist computer derived scary sea level rise, against the factual modest sea level rise.
I personally consider that the warmists have under estimated the problems that they would face since they have fooled themselves in to believing that the Summary for Policymakers is sound, when in practice it is far removed from the underlying reports of the working groups which make it clear that there are many uncertainties. That coupled with the fact of all the failed predictions clearly demonstrates that ‘Climate Scientists’ have no idea about what they are speaking about. I see huge problems for warmists.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 23, 2015 8:11 am

Mr Verney’s well-considered comment is surely right. Though the courts themselves daily perpetrate and perpetuate the ancient logical fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam by paying regard to “experts”, they are in general very good at understanding logical inconsistencies in arguments. For instance, the IPCC’s RCP 6.0 scenario says there should be 2.2 degrees’ warming from now to 2100, but equilibrium global warming in response to 3.7 Watts per square meter of forcing would only be 2.1 degrees, and only three-quarters of the 3.7 Watts per square meter forcing, or 2.75 Watts per square meter, will occur by 2100 on RCP 6.0; and only two-thirds of equilibrium warming would occur by 2100 if all the forcing arose today; but, since it arises in small and roughly equal annual increments, one must roughly halve the estimate again. So, by these entirely mainstream methods, the warming in response to 2.75 Watts per square meter of forcing arising in annual increments from now to 2100 will be three-quarters of two-thirds of half of 2.1 degrees, or around 0.5 degrees, not the 2.2 degrees forecast by the IPCC.
Imagine an “expert witness” trying to argue against these mainstream calculations. One can see at once that the RCP 6.0 21st-century warming figure published by the IPCC is pure fiction. Once the court sees that this and similar central quantities have simply been made up, it will at once realize it has been had.

November 22, 2015 9:12 pm

Dear Lord Monckton, here is the result of “regime change” in Canada:

Reply to  TomRude
November 23, 2015 1:33 am

The increasingly hard and vicious Left have taken to the global warming storyline like quacks to colored water. Their vicious campaign to destroy the coal industry – to which most industry chiefs have responded with exceptional feebleness – reflects very badly on Socialism.

Reply to  TomRude
November 23, 2015 3:38 am

Socialists Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley were recently elected in Ottawa and Edmonton (Alberta), both by voters who wanted “change”, Now we have the same warmist lunatic ravings in Ottawa and Edmonton and our economy is headed into the dumpster,
Here is what “change” will look like:
1. A major increase in energy costs, due to their move to “green energy” schemes, which are typically not green and produces little useful energy.
2. Huge increases in government debt to subsidize their intermittent and diffuse green energy schemes.
3. Huge payoffs of taxpayer monies to their financial sponsors, who will build these green energy monstrosities.
4. Huge increases in energy costs to consumers, who will be forced to buy this intermittent and unreliable green energy at greatly increased prices..
5. An increase in joblessness as industry relocates to lower-cost energy venues.
6. An increase in Winter Mortality Rates, particularly among the elderly and the poor, due to the greatly increased cost of home heating.
These dire results have already been widely experienced in Europe, Europeans rulers set out on this extremely foolish and destructive course years ago, and are now retreating as fast as they can, only limited by the speed that their politicians can admit they were utterly wrong about energy policy.
It is truly remarkable that young Justin and Rachel cannot even learn from the obvious blunders of the Europeans, but have to go and make the same incredibly foolish errors again, all by themselves.
When someone acts in such an obviously stupid manner, one has to ask the question – are they really that stupid, or are they simply corrupt? Is warmist nonsense just a scam to steal from the public, much like the many socialist scams we see in the developing world, where rulers get elected by promising the dream of a better life, and then proceed to live in luxury while their citizens continue to suffer in poverty?
Regards, Allan
1. The UN’s IPCC Has No Credibility On Global Warming September 6, 2015
by Allan MacRae
2. Cold Weather Kills 20 Times as Many People as Hot Weather September 4, 2015
by Joseph D’Aleo and Allan MacRae

Reply to  Allan MacRae
November 24, 2015 5:19 am

I sent the above as an open letter to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, with copies to leading Canadian journalists.
I suggest that it is valid to serve public notice on our politicians when they intend to misappropriate billions in public funds and put the elderly and poor at serious risk.
Whether their conduct is due to stupidity or corruption, they should be held accountable.
”… the possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility.”
– Hansard, 1817

November 23, 2015 6:38 am

there is much talk about freedom, but freedom is often not well understood
freedom is not easy
for one, freedom is always risky, and you cannot be really free unless you can face this risk
and also, it is never a given, you have to conquer it, time and again
I cannot blame people for shunning away from freedom, it is a natural reaction towards something they fear
and a lot of the people in the “free world” paradoxically shun away from freedom for this reason
you may become disappointed about this, or angry on their lack of courage, but also you may pity them, as they prefer to dwell in their prison of conformity – maybe save from the risks of freedom, but for sure also missing the rewards
as for judges – it is a pitiful sight indeed when they not just dwell in conformity for professional reasons – I guess by law they have to – but even further retract themselves into this cowardly cage of political correctness, deluding themselves they do this for the common good
while in fact in doing so they are the epitome of deniers of real freedom to others
this maybe because they prefer to not have any of it themselves?
maybe because they are eh… afraid?
a scared judge clearly can’t be a good judge
so yes Sir, your course is not the easy one, but it is the right one

Reply to  Jurgen
November 23, 2015 8:01 am

I am most grateful to Jurgen for his thoughtful response. It is tedious having to wring basic information out of a Supreme Court that appears supremely reluctant to comply with the law by revealing what it got up to; but our steady, polite pressure will yield at least the bare minimum of information within a few weeks, after which I shall be in a position to write to the Court’s president to suggest sensible and proportionate ways of putting right the illegality in its conduct that has arisen. With a little goodwill on the part of the Court (where I have friends), all may yet be well.

Reply to  Monckton of Brenchley
November 23, 2015 6:49 pm

May God bless your every effort in this matter, Mr. Monckton, and thank you most sincerely for what to my eyes are many blessings you’ve already bestowed on us all.

Osborne Cox
November 24, 2015 8:21 am

Thank you very much for all our your efforts in your endeavor for justice Lord Monckton, you represent a beacon of hope in the face of this dogma – and for I and many others it is very much appreciated.

duncan veasey
November 29, 2015 12:51 pm

During a pleasant afternoon at the French pub in Soho with a group of bright young graduates of a decent English university, me being 62 an’ all, I happened to mention that I was a member of UKIP and despised the EU and all its malign ways. Gasps of Batemanesque horror and real shock and anger. No political argument, just: “You must be a racist!’
Mr MacRae will know that the Liberal Premier of Ontario has just tarred all of us who recommend prudence with regard to mass Muslim immigration as racists.( Uh oh! Maybe ‘tarred with the same brush’ is as racist now as ‘niggardly’? How come nothing but science is ever settled in the horrible world of PC?) Lord knows what they call Lord M. at Churchill College! Darth Brenchley?
There is no debate about anything that really matters. There are only cowardly, closed minded, ad hominem slurs.There is no point in writing to politicians, academics and the MSM….you are just a denier, and almost certainly a racist. You probably voted for Mr Harper, club baby seals for a hobby and have a sneaking admiration for Mr Trump. We folks, in all our variety, are pariahs.
There IS a point in trying to get the establishment to act within its rules, as our noble Lord is doing, charging gallantly unto the breach with his nine questioning, questing lancers. (As I didn’t get my email in in time to help, I’ll sit here watching on my donkey like Sancho Panzer if I may further doubly mix my cultural metaphors.)
My guess is that if delay squared doesn’t work, they will just quietly change the rules eventually, but the Commission for Porcine Aeronautics will be fully staffed by the libleft quangocracy before they admit significant fault at the Supreme Court.
Eventually there will be a tipping point and the scales will surely fall from the eyes of the public in Europe and North America but, even accepting that the libleft have their hands on all the levers, and the especially evil effect of MSMTV, it is surely a long time coming and we have a few more years at least to suffer in Canada, eh?

Reply to  duncan veasey
December 5, 2015 8:28 am

Thank you Duncan Veasey,
Below is the open letter I wrote in 2013 to Baroness Verma, warning of the energy problems to come in the UK..
What was it David Cameron said recently – something like “get rid of all the green crap?
Regards, Allan
An Open Letter to Baroness Verma
“All of the climate models and policy-relevant pathways of future greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions considered in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recent Fifth Assessment Report show a long-term global increase in temperature during the 21st century is expected. In all cases, the warming from increasing greenhouse gases significantly exceeds any cooling from atmospheric aerosols. Other effects such as solar changes and volcanic activity are likely to have only a minor impact over this timescale”.
– Baroness Verma
I have no Sunspot Number data before 1700, but the latter part of the Maunder Minimum had 2 back-to-back low Solar Cycles with SSNmax of 58 in 1705 and 63 in 1717 .
The coldest period of the Maunder was ~1670 to ~1700 (8.48dC year average Central England Temperatures) but the coldest year was 1740 (6.84C year avg CET).
The Dalton Minimum had 2 back-to-back low SC’s with SSNmax of 48 in 1804 and 46 in 1816. Tambora erupted in 1815.
Two of the coldest years in the Dalton were 1814 (7.75C year avg CET) and 1816 (7.87C year avg CET).
Now Solar Cycle 24 is a dud with SSNmax estimated at ~65, and very early estimates suggest SC25 will be very low as well.
The warmest recent years for CET were 2002 to 2007 inclusive that averaged 10.55C.
I suggest with confidence that 10.5C is substantially warmer as a yearly average than 8.5C, and the latter may not provide a “lovely year for Chrysanths”.
I further suggest with confidence that individual years averaging 7.8C or even 6.8C are even colder, and the Chrysanths will suffer.
So here is my real concern:
IF the Sun does indeed drive temperature, as I suspect, Baroness Verma, then you and your colleagues on both sides of the House may have brewed the perfect storm.
You are claiming that global cooling will NOT happen, AND you have crippled your energy systems with excessive reliance on ineffective grid-connected “green energy” schemes.
I suggest that global cooling probably WILL happen within the next decade or sooner, and Britain will get colder.
I also suggest that the IPCC and the Met Office have NO track record of successful prediction (or “projection”) of global temperature and thus have no scientific credibility.
I suggest that Winter deaths will increase in the UK as cooling progresses.
I suggest that Excess Winter Mortality, the British rate of which is about double the rate in the Scandinavian countries, should provide an estimate of this unfolding tragedy.
As always in these matters, I hope to be wrong. These are not numbers, they are real people, who “loved and were loved”.
Best regards to all, Allan MacRae
Turning and tuning in the widening gyre,
the falcon cannot hear the falconer…
– Yeats

December 6, 2015 4:18 am

Dear Lord Monckton.
The energy debacle in the UK is apparent – it is now obvious that their green energy schemes (scams) were not green and produced little useful energy. Wind farm operators are now being paid to set up diesel generator systems to augment their intermittent und unreliable wind power, while investments in reliable, less-costly conventional power generation systems were curtailed.
The British public was fed a pack of falsehoods, and has paid much higher energy costs than were necessary to support this green delusions, notwithstanding that cooler heads warned the government many years ago of their energy nonsense. The costs of this green energy scam were not only higher energy costs, but also higher rates of winter mortality, especially among the elderly and the poor.
UK governments were warned that their green energy scams were unworkable nonsense – I submitted two submissions to the Stern Committee in 2005 and others did as well.
Question: Is it now reasonable to sue current and past government leaders for “malfeasance in a public office”, for their ridiculous green energy scams that were foisted on the public?
Regards, Allan
Allan MacRae, Calgary

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