John Kerry channels Paul Ehrlich with doomsday predictions of climate change and threats to national security


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

US Secretary of State John Kerry has just cranked up the rhetoric on Climate Change, by mixing statements about National Security threats and Climate Politics.

According to The Washington Post;

In a speech delivered at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, home to the world’s largest naval base and already experiencing flooding linked to climate change, Kerry called climate change a threat to national security.

“We have to prepare ourselves for the potential social and political consequences that stem from crop failures, water shortages, famine and outbreaks of epidemic disease,” he said. “And we have to heighten our national security readiness to deal with the possible destruction of vital infrastructure and the mass movement of refugees — particularly in parts of the world that already provide fertile ground for violent extremism and terror.

“The science tells us unequivocally, those who continue to make climate change a political fight put us all at risk,” he said. “And we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.

Kerry’s rant sounds just like Paul Ehrlich’s failed predictions from the 1970’s. Read more: Washington Post

What can I say – hurry up with that dark money cheque Anthony, and make it a big one. I’ll need the cash to build my hollowed out volcano lair, so I can hide from Kerry’s new Homeland Security Climate Ops Team.

155 thoughts on “John Kerry channels Paul Ehrlich with doomsday predictions of climate change and threats to national security

    • Did anyone here ever see that tv series :”An Idiot Abroad” where the traveler comedian Karl had a fantasy about becoming “Bullshit Man” – a super hero who just flew into meetings and shouted “bullshit” whenever someone was dribbling crap.
      Karl would be in his element at CoP meetings.

      • Yes – hilarious 🙂
        My little girl came up with the all time classic line about “An Idiot Abroad”. When I asked if she wanted to watch an episode, she said;
        “I want to watch children’s TV for children. An Idiot Abroad is children’s TV for grownups…”

      • Look up the source of the term ” A crock of s***t”.They must have had their fair share of John Kerrys even thousands of years ago! The ritual should definitely be resurrected!

      • The idea that Snopes is some sort of fact checking neutral source of info is laughable.
        They are little more than a liberal clearinghouse and disinformation site.
        Get real.

        • Menicholas commented: “…The idea that Snopes is some sort of fact checking neutral source of info is laughable….”
          I’ve heard this complaint about Snopes but my own observations do not support it. It always cites the source of their investigations and they are valid. If they cannot verify they say so. The only Liberal spin I detect is their tendency to check and report more on facts contrary to Liberal views. Wikipedia they are not.

      • @Mark – for the most part snopes is pretty good, but it does tend to lean left if there is any possibility that it can. I have seen it in the past on some subjects – I wish I could recall one to cite as evidence.
        @Menicolas – apparently you did not follow my suggestion, which was to read the comments on the video, which is a significantly stronger indication of the accuracy of the video than anything snopes may have to say. For your edification I will repeat a couple here:
        “For those that understand “Poe’s Law” no further disclaimer is required. For those that don’t………I suggest you look it up.” – posted as the tag line for the video.
        “Folks…….this a spoof. It was never intended to be taken as a legitimate news report.” – posted by the same person who uploaded the video.
        Let’s try to stick to dealing with facts. This video is a spoof, and was intended to be such. Let’s not put it out there as reality.

    • You can always tell when John Kerry is telling untruths, just keep an eye and ears open when he sticks his tongue out!

  1. John Kerry must be channeling Paul Ehrlich. After all, Ehrlich is still writing forty years after he predicted catastrophe, and Kerry admires someone who can show no consequences for being wrong.

  2. “The science tells us unequivocally, those who continue to make climate change a political fight put us all at risk,” he said. “And we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.”
    What the F is he talking about? A political fight is all this ever was.
    He is right that the politics puts us all at risk though – his politics.

  3. Leave it to John Kerry to conclude that the “mass movement of refugees” is due to “climate change” and not the the his own, and his master’s, incompetence at foreign policy.

    • And just why is no one talking about the “mass movement of refugees” (15+ million) across the southern US border from Mexico and other points south?
      No other country on earth even comes close to absorbing that number of refugees (15+ million) so there has to be a dastardly devious reason why so many people are claiming that the US is obligated to “importing” a few more million immigrants from Middle Eastern countries.
      Like a “herd of stray cats”. The “do-gooders” can and will find “adoptive” homes for many of said cats, thus decreasing the population of the “stray cat herd”. But that will only “trigger” a breeding frenzy resulting in an equal or greater number than was in the original “herd of stray cats” ….. which will cause far worse problems because the “new” generation of cats will be “smarter” at getting what they believe they deserve.

      • Immigrants nowadays are initially dependent on many government programs, and as such, generally vote for democrats. Mr. O knows his legacy can only be potential future votes for the dems – hardly anyone is currently inclined to vote for them. Yes, there are many women and a few men who still swoon to their tune, but they’re getting old and after a few more presidential cycles they’ll be migrating south of the border to keep warm.

  4. “Climate” is causing the sinking of Norfolk
    so what, nobody will drown…. they’ve got big ships

  5. … those who continue to make climate change a political fight put us all at risk,” he said. “And we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.”

    He got that right.

    • Wasn`t that you, John, I saw standing behind the POTUS as he politically nixed Keystone even though the State Department cleared it? That wasn`t political? That wasn`t you? Oh, sorry. You must have an identical twin. My mistake.

    • These Alinskyites love to accuse their enemies of doing what they are doing. Kerry wants to push everyone else out of the arena so his agenda is uncontested. That will give his party a monopoly on the benefits and cronyism that come from politicizing climate change. He’s confident that once opposing voices are silenced, climate-change propaganda will finally be successful at alarming the public. Then they’ll be willing to sacrifice everything to fight the imaginary monster that is hiding in the deep oceans and ready to pounce at any moment.

    • Wagen
      November 21, 2015 at 3:17 pm
      “Kerry called climate change a threat to national security.”
      Truth as a cow.
      Yes, maybe so, but I think that Kerry somehow forgets to mention that the biggest threat to national security, the USA national security, the number one threat,,,,is the misinformation, as it stands, and than maybe climate and than after that whatever follows can be considered as a threat, according to the politics and any other bullshit of the day or the following day after.
      As far as I can tell, the USA’s NSA is already very much concerned and in a very much “hands on” with the main threat of the national security of USA,,,,,, the misinformation…….. The rest comes only after as a secondary or whatever threat….
      And it is trying for the best with the “social engineering” methods to keep anything at control, for as long and as much that is possible, under the circumstances.
      And WUWT it is under the treatment as far as this concerned.

  6. Ok, John. Show us the way. Walk the walk. Start by asking your boss to stop tooling around in that massive 747. A gossamer-winged, solar powered Air Farce 1 would really inspire me, and I’d start believing all the hubris. At least the Pope has the sense to ride a Fiat Popemobile. Appearances matter, and “Do as I say“ admonitions don`t have any effect on me other than to give me a good chuckle.

  7. They’ve been banging on about ‘climate refugees’ since 1995. So where are they? I feel like a refugee from the apocalypse in other people’s heads

  8. Kerry and Obama still maintain that the weather is the greatest threat to humanity.
    Not Russia, not ISIS. The weather.
    This is why Obama plans to attend the Paris Climate circus in a couple of weeks.
    The worst President ever.

      • Putin’s first bombing missions in Syria targeted those rebel forces which were acting against the Syrian government. The Russian mission exists to support Assad and thus, maintain the Russian warm water port in Syria. Since Paris, the Russian propaganda machine has made sure that everyone gets to hear about Russian bombing runs against Daesh/ISIS.
        Those altruistic Russians…

  9. I’m at a loss, utterly. Can Kerry actually believe what he’s saying? Help me out here. Please.

    • The real question must be – does Kerry really believe ANYTHING? The current crop of quotes causes real doubt.

      • Liberals are naturals at employing selective amnesia to handle their mental gymnastics. (Those without this capability call it lying.)

  10. Young Justin Trudeau got elected recently, and Canada got a whole lot stupider. This election was a National IQ Test, and Canadians failed. Justin won a third-world election – all style and no substance.
    It used to be that intelligent Canadians could feel rather smug – we had an honest and capable Prime Minister in Stephen Harper, and we could look south to the USA at the global warming ravings of Obama and his acolytes with disdain.
    Now we have the same warmist lunatic ravings on both sides of our common border, and even worse, we are stuck with Justin for four years!
    Regards, Allan
    1. The UN’s IPCC Has No Credibility On Global Warming September 6, 2015
    by Allan MacRae
    2. Cold Weather Kills 20 Times as Many People as Hot Weather September 4, 2015
    by Joseph D’Aleo and Allan MacRae

      • I didn’t even know what the Kardashians was About until the last few weeks. I had (and always will have) better things to do, like Learning.

      • I don’t pay attention to the Kardashians, but from the blurps I have noticed, I wasn’t aware that they wore anything.
        (Weren’t they the “bad guys” on a Star Trek spin off?)

    • Stephen Harper’s conservatives won the last election, where they got a majority of parliamentary seats, with 39% of the vote. The liberals, and their cheer leaders in the media, said it wasn’t legitimate. Now Trudeau fils has won a majority with 39% of the vote and it is hailed by the same people as a glorious landslide.

    • Here is the just-announced Alberta Climate Policy by the new Harpo-Marxist government of Alberta .
      We are not amused.
      Regards, Allan
      Alberta’s climate change strategy includes a tax on carbon, a cap on oilsands emissions, a phasing out of coal-fired electricity and an emphasis on wind power.
      “Our goal is to become one of the world’s most progressive and forward-looking energy producers,” said Premier Rachel Notley. “We are turning the page on the mistaken policies of the past, policies that have failed to provide the leadership our province needed.”
      But the strategy will not be cheap and will be paid for not only by industry, but by ordinary Albertans.
      If the policy is approved, the price of gas at the pump will jump by 4.7 cents per litre and home heating costs will rise by $320 per year by 2017 and $470 by 2018.
      There will be, however, consumer rebates to offset some of those increases.
      The carbon tax on industry is expected to raise $3 billion a year, which will be reinvested in renewable energy sectors and cover increased costs to consumers.
      The province sees the emissions cap as motivation for the oilsands sector to innovate and become more globally competitive.

      • Excellent exec summary.
        Wow, u folks have gone bonkers.
        It gets cold up there.
        Your not using your national resource.
        You will be cold and lose wealth.
        What’s the upside ?
        ::::: I used to think your currency was one of the better safe havens because you used your resources wisely, held down debt and aspired to reasonable lifestyles ::::

  11. I would love-love-love to debate either Kerry, or Obama, or both of them on this. Like most readers here, I’ve forgotten more basic science than either the Community Organizer/ Choom Gang member, or the Viet Nam fake HE-RO have ever learned.
    You can almost see the invisible hand moving, as the puppets parrot “Climate change!!”

    • DB
      Recommend you do a Clint Eastwood empty chair debate.
      You’re quite the articulate fellow.
      Post it on YouTube.
      Check out this webpage. Lists up in coming lawsuit actions/state. Hansen and his granddaughter in Oregon is one.
      Maybe the defense attorneys need a good dose of WUWT you tube priming.

    • The Nam fakery is in part redefined in the late Hackworth’s book About Face. A necessary tolerance of getting past Hackworth own ego-look at me, but his coinage of pecking-order is still current. The components are: 1. 2nd Lieutenant (partially the rank but mostly the mental decision making) 2.School Boy (as in, my teacher in a class did not teach all of those other things) 3. Ticket Puncher (promotion) 4. Bureaucrat (an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment)
      It has become obvious to me as a non climate physics person that politicians are actually intellectually less than the mass of people concerning science and the pursuit of knowledge.

  12. No, he doesn’t believe what he is saying. Everything is about power and politics for folks like Kerry, Obama and Clinton.

    • He may be one of the actual fools.
      Not that he isn’t also a big fat liar, but he is almost surely stupid enough to believe his own lies after long enough.

  13. Headlines are the only reality to those engaging in the proselytism that is the defining characteristic of the doomsday chorus. The hired spokesman in the pulpit can preach to the choir ad infinatum; the debate will be won when three or four show up at the local council meeting to object to the waste of taxpayer resources. On-line mastery of a subject is regarded with as much respect as the most ignorant repetition of the current meme. A lifetime’s commitment to science is often met with vulgar ad hominem attack. This is the reality of the mass media:
    Headlines count even when they have noting to do with the story;
    Repetition of nonsense is the same as empirical proof;
    Refutation and falsification are not possible;
    Expert opinion is ontological (my mom says -it’s the UN – 97% !).
    And, of course, “you are a moron/denier/anti-science ect.”
    So if you like correcting the internet or doing battle with mental midgets you have a lifetime of opportunities. If, on the other hand, you are interested in bringing about change, in your world, that is based on on careful evaluation and deliberation of real world cause and effect then show up at that council meeting, sign in to address the school board, and commit time to talking to your neighbors about why you have chosen to reject the agenda that is driven from afar. This is a political battle and “all politics is local”.

    • Great post. I’ve always translated “Think global, act local” as “Big Green will tell you what to think and where to make a nuisance of yourself.” The whole CAGW thing is sophistry at its worst.

  14. Ya know, if he was talking about global cooling, he might actually have a point. As it is, with climate change equated to global warming, he’s out to lunch.

  15. Kerry is just wrong, how did such a drongo become the US sec of state? Dr Goklany and Lomborg etc have looked at the data and shown that everything today is much better than 100 years ago.
    The death rate from extreme events have dropped by 97% since the 1920s, SLR isn’t a problem, polar bear numbers are four times higher than 1950s, UAH V 6 data shows that the planet hasn’t warmed for 18.5 years and the south polar region hasn’t warmed since 1979. Greenland warming was faster during the 1920s than the recent warming and seems to be influenced by the AMO, not co2.
    Of course you can throw trillions $ at this fraud and you won’t change anything because the non OECD countries will emit 90% of new co2 emissions at least until 2040. Just check the numbers of new CF power stns to be built over the next few years.

  16. “The science tells us unequivocally, those who continue to make climate change a political fight put us all at risk,” he said. “And we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.”
    And who is doing that?
    Who politicized climate science?
    Who stops papers emphasizing natural climate change from publishing?
    Who launches horrible personal attacks against scientists who dare to disagree with the forced IPCC consensus (and gets them fired)?

    • Before there was anything called “climate science” there was an agenda. Every model has a specificity of purpose and is only useful in that regard yet we see multi-model means, and the ubiquitous “global” index or anomaly used as substitutes for complex system dynamics.
      You ask, “Who politicized climate science?”
      Well you know the answer. The next question appropriate to ask would be “What shall we do about the politicization of climate science?” There is nothing to be gained in trying to deny the reality that re-hypothecated data is not useful to science. There is much to be gained in challenging the proposed conclusions and attendant “solutions”. The proselytizers of doom have created the rules where all human actions lead to failure. Challenge them to prove the efficacy of their proposal! Will it really work?

      • Robert Ballard writes: “Challenge them to prove the efficacy of their proposal! Will it really work?”
        Robert it’s just as clear to us as it is to you: taxing CO2 will not lower average global temperatures, and the people proposing this solution don’t care. Taxing tobacco doesn’t cure cancer. Taxing gas doesn’t reduce consumption. All taxation ever does is inflate prices and rob people who save money. It’s a “forcing” on the economy that increases the “velocity” of money, nothing more. Essentially it’s a way to steal savings from individuals, to remove the authority of a person over the product of their labor. It’s robbery.
        The robbers will never agree to stop robbing. It’s not a scientific argument at all. Just because an attempt has been made to “legitimize” it through the false use of scientific method doesn’t mean it’s science. The people perpetrating this hoax don’t care about science, they care about stealing from you without being incarcerated or hung for it. Science is just a tool for them. They’ve chosen a meme that intimidates the common person. Science is a field that has come to be revered by people who admire its achievements and feel a sense of humility in its presence. They have come to trust science. That trust is being abused, you and I know that, but they (the common people) don’t and can’t. It’s a perfect scam.

    • The answer to your question is Michael Mann, Andres. He’s the answer to all of them.
      After Gelbspan, MM is the guy who politicized climate science. That came after Steve McIntyre showed Mann’s hockey stick was fake, and asked to see the code. Mann’s response was classic. He claimed he was being bullied, and paid fossil fuel stooges were the culprits. His lie was bugled by the environmental NGOs and the MSM made hay with it.
      But I blame the American Physical Society. If they had stepped in and demanded common scientific integrity, the play would have stopped right there. But they didn’t. Instead they got on the bandwagon. Amazing to see, and to say, but the chief institution of physics in the US consciously betrayed physics. The entire management deserves to be sacked, the lot of them.

      • Unfortunately, Piper, I fear that’s what is really being justified here . . as in, to those who will soon be tasked with making the Internet “safe”, for one thing. Extremists of various sorts can do great damage to all that’s good and holy through the wild open Internet, ya know?

  17. Arab Spring, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, etc etc…
    ….We didn’t have anything to do with it…it was climate change
    I know…we’ll blame it on climate change
    The preceding public service announcement was brought to you by “Hope and Climate Change”…….

    • Climate change is to blame for belly button lint and colliding black holes in far away galaxies. That’s all one needs to understand about the scientific underpinnings of climate change.

  18. Kerry also told the President of India that their continued refusal to toe the climate Armageddon meme was equivalent to India using a weapon of mass destruction on the world. Kerry has been Obama’s lap dog spreading the AGW religion and ignoring the real problems facing the world. An international embarrassment.

    • I reckon India must have taken Kerry’s advice to heart as I see they have lowered the boom on Greenpeace.
      “The Greenpeace India’s registration has been cancelled under Section 13 of the FCRA, a senior home ministry official said on Thursday night.”
      Kudos to the Indian government.

  19. I’ve always admired John Kerry’s ability to say absolutely ludicrous stuff while keeping a straight face

  20. these gents will all go into the history books as massive fools. they may think they are noble, but they need to open up their eyes and ears, listen to non-syncophant advisors and judge for themselves…..then decide how they want history to judge them. unlike many other political statements (which have no definite or proveable right or wrong), climate predictions are falsifiable by merely waiting. they can’t make the weather warm up to their predictions just by continuing to repeat them, and the veneer over the falsified adjustments is too thin to fool anybody.
    are you listening John Kerry? are you listening Mr. President? are you listening James Hanson?

  21. This from the man who declared his government had “neutralized” Al Qaeda on the same day Al Qaeda killed dozens and had taken 100s hostage in Mali.
    Reality. John Kerry. It’s not possible to use them in the same sentence.

    • Kerry has been lying since he got back from Vietnam in 1971. For this, he has been rewarded with high office (including a shot at President) and a billionairess wife. So why would he tell the truth about anything?

  22. That John Kerry is a fool, there is no doubt. The only question is how much harm does his viewpoint, his precipice declaration do to humanity. He is both evil and should be regarded as such. Little should society regard his utterances. Little should society regrade those of his commander and chief: Barrak Obama. They are one in the same.

  23. Think of the amount of problem solving energy wasted on this apocalyptic claptrap.
    No wonder so many areas of the world with real problems are getting worse. Those we should be able to count to solve real problems are instead chasing phantoms and perversely insulate themselves farther from reality by deciding that democracy and freedom are not worthy in comparison to their obsessions.
    Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Gore, Ehrlich and the other sorry long list of climate obsessed fools deserve the disrepute they are earning in spades.

  24. In reality, the only doomsday scenario in relation to Climate Change is substantial Sea Level rise.
    We all know how pro cAGW the BBC is, and yet surprisingly, it has jus reported the latest finding that suggests that Sea Level rise by the end of the century will likely be 10cm, and that the previous shrills of alarming rise are unlikely, in fact have no more than a 1 in 20 chance of happening.

    Perhaps the scary Sea Level rise claims are about to hit the buffer, and a more reasonable projection will come to the fore.
    This results in projections for a warming climate where the most likely outcome by 2100 is a contribution to global sea level of roughly 10cm.
    This is in close agreement with the most recent science assessment (2013) from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
    Where the new study really differs, however, is in its marking down of the high impact, low probability outcomes – the possibility that runaway collapse from an unstable Antarctica could add half a metre, even a metre, to sea-level rise by the end of this century
    “In our study – those just aren’t plausible,” Dr Edwards told BBC News.
    “The bed of Antarctica is so important for what the ice sheet is doing, and there are parts of it that are just too bumpy and rough or are not sloping in a way that will allow for anything to happen too quickly.

    See generally:

    • “there are parts of it that are just too bumpy and rough or are not sloping in a way that will allow…”
      Amazing news for anyone who ever wondered why vast chunks of Antartica do not just roll off into the sea.
      This is like science for 7 year olds.
      What are they going to explain next? Why the himalayas aren’t likely to fall down within the next decade?
      it’s painful to witness the debate descending to this level.
      But refreshing to not that at least one person was capable of pointing out something that to many intelligent observers falls into the category of “completely bleedin’ obvious”.

      • “Note” vs. “not”
        I’m a frequent victim of typos myself. The saving grace is that human minds tend to fill in those gaps, as I’m sure you know? This site doesn’t offer an edit function which seems a bit backward but that’s the way it is. S1M1L4RLY, Y0UR M1ND 15 R34D1NG 7H15 4U70M471C4LLY W17H0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17.

    • Well isn’t that ashame, is it just me or is there a tinge of sadness here in the admittance of we’re not all doomed as fast as we thought and now the roosting begins?

    • It could be worse than that. There is credible information in Paris that the DEACH have gas weapons. Two or three thrown into the conference centre could kill 40000 green idiots.

  25. Further to my above comment, the first paragraph of the blockquote was my comment.
    The quote from the BBC article should have commenced with the second paragraph:

    This results in projections….


  26. Well.
    Back in the day, the Democratic National Committee did give a “Hoot” and “study” to the Dan Akroid and Eddy Murphy Film, “Trading Places”. A jurists writes, “A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.”
    In Real Life, Eddie Murphy plays Barak Hussein Obama! But “WHO” plays Dan Akroid (What a Hemorrhoid!)
    Ha Ha

  27. Curious to me how Kerry could be so stupid to preach such a fallacy to the “naval experts” at Norfolk. Out of deference to his office they would not refute him publicly, and perhaps not even privately to his face, but would surely in their innermost being as in “Planet of the Apes”, reveal to themselves the worrisome aspect of having such an idiot for a Secretary of State.
    It must be really difficult to have put one’s life on the line for such fools. This is how powerful nations armies become demoralized and ripe for defeat.

    • The US Navy has it’s own oceanography department. I believe that the top dog is an admiral. He was complaining how screwed Norfolk is a couple of years ago. As the son of a naval officer, I lived in Norfolk as a youngster. The city is built on filled creeks and rivers. Large parts of the bases were built on filled swamp land. All of the active duty officers tow the Obama line. 75% of all bombing runs in Syria are cancelled for fear of civilian deaths. Cancelled runs come from the top. So when you hear how many sorties we have made, how many drop weapons? When the news media tells you that the US has made 65% of the bomb runs, I can only presume that it means that we have dropped 16% of the bombs. Nothing like encouraging your enemy to hide among civilians. France and Russia have become the real martyr machines. Raqqa needs to be leveled as an example. The civilians are being slaughtered by ISIS anyway.

      • I suspect an old russian nuke may be smuggled into ISIS territory.
        Then detonated and ISIS blamed for blowing themselves up.
        At least that is what I would consider if I was the russian president.

  28. Kerry and the gang are acting more and more desperate, and their alarmism is sounding more and more shrill. Could it be they are beginning to realize that this is the last time they can cry wolf before no one will believe them anymore?

  29. Once again, proof – if ever it was needed – that to be a politician you do not need any functional brain cells.

  30. Does Kerry actually believe this carp? I think there are more pressing things than lowering the oceans – such as stopping the terrorists dead in their tracks. At best, he is dishonest, and worst, he is a idiot.

  31. In a desperate attempt to change the subject from his recent diplomatic blunders Jonh Kerry says ” hey look, the world is doomed”

  32. The US Secretary of Ketchup has to be the laughing stock joke of diplomats from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe with his “climate change is the world’s most important threat” drivel.
    The only thing the 3rd world wants out of Paris COP21 is the aid money and to be left alone from blithering morons like Kerry and Obama.

  33. In John Kerry’s world of science, plants do not depend on CO2.
    Indeed, how could they? Since the CO2 is to be found in a layer 1/4″ thick at the top of the atmosphere, many kilometres above the tallest redwood tree.
    From his flat-earther-condemning speech in Jakarta;
    “Try and picture a very thin layer of gases – a quarter-inch, half an inch, somewhere in that vicinity – that’s how thick it is. It’s in our atmosphere. It’s way up there at the edge of the atmosphere. And for millions of years – literally millions of years – we know that layer has acted like a thermal blanket for the planet – trapping the sun’s heat and warming the surface of the Earth to the ideal, life-sustaining temperature. Average temperature of the Earth has been about 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which keeps life going. Life itself on Earth exists because of the so-called greenhouse effect. But in modern times, as human beings have emitted gases into the air that come from all the things we do, that blanket has grown thicker and it traps more and more heat beneath it, raising the temperature of the planet. It’s called the greenhouse effect because it works exactly like a greenhouse in which you grow a lot of the fruit that you eat here.
    This is what’s causing climate change. It’s a huge irony that the very same layer of gases that has made life possible on Earth from the beginning now makes possible the greatest threat that the planet has ever seen.”

  34. This whole administration’s foreign policy is such an incompetent disaster they need to distract with “climate change ” as a national security threat.

  35. Kerry’s rant sounds just like Paul Ehrlich’s failed predictions from the 1970’s.

    Eric, you are too kind. To me Kerry starts sounding like Heinrich Kramer from the 1480’s or biblical even.

  36. It says much about the utter loss of credibility of the USA’s decision-making processes that such a useless blowhard could even reach the steps of Congress, let alone one of the most powerful Offices of State in your hugely powerful land.
    The road to hell is paved with self-serving intentions………

  37. John Kerry’s incompetence is self-evident to anyone with half a brain. However, the really important question about him is: “Does he wear a wig?”

  38. Interesting radio interview with Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars at about John Kerry involvement with 2nd Nature, an entity birthed after the recently widowed Teresa Heinz connected with John Kerry at the 1992 Rio Summit and they cooked up scheme to wine, dine and enlist college presidents to sign on to their sustainability (all encompassing) initiative. At 8-24-15 some 700 colleges in US were “signed on” by top administrators, many others active without being signatories. McKibben, Naomi Klein figure, as well campus unrest. Interesting 19 minutes.

  39. Wont John Kerry be presenting his resume at the nearest McDonalds come next general election in the USA?

    • In that case he will become unemployed. He doesn’t have the common sense needed for any job there.

      • Yes but think about the ketchup franchise he could bring to the table!

  40. Eric Worrall highlighted the key to Kerry’s remarks. All of Kerry’s “climate” ramblings led up to the words which revealed his true agenda; the end of free speech (and freedom, for the peasants.)
    Do not fail to understand that the entire scenario of climate disaster was formulated by a handful of elites, as a means to an end. That end was the subjugation and reduction of human populations, i.e., more for them by way of fewer of us.

    • Hear, hear. What we are witnessing is the global attempt to eviscerate and destroy democracy.
      As was reminded on the radio the other day, “Big brother is about controlling people and what they think by using a manufactured scare or danger.”
      Precisely what ‘climate change’ amounts to – a manufactured scare.

      • Old England,
        That is exactly right, and when one looks at the “carbon” scare from that perspective, it all falls into place and makes perfect sense.

        • DB/Old England
          It does make sense.
          Make a totally baseless claim that the growth of man is killing the atmosphere .. earth.
          Ignore the easiest of counters that its been warmer in the past 5000 years.
          You have to ignore this otherwise you get laughed out the door.
          If I asked you to invest money based on the above tenets, you’d throw me out and warn your friends.
          I woke up with a headache again. Very unusual for me. I have to stop reading WUWT before I crash. It causes my mind to race right when I should be relaxing it. Last night I read WUWT and some comments. Then picked up Hoffer’s True Believers again and reread the sections concerning the most likely groups of followers in a mass movement. The author is spooky accurate concerning the current CAGW movement (obviously he doesn’t speak to it directly), its early promoters and its base following … fallen out of favor professionals seeking to regain validity, disenfranchised/disillusioned adults and youth of previous means. The truly poor aren’t targets because they are too busy focused on a meal and roof over their heads. The mass movement targets communities where the family unit has been weakened. The family unit is the enemy to the mass movement.
          This quote sticks with me ..
          “we join a mass movement to to be free from individual responsibility or in other words “to be free of freedom”.
          Perhaps the solution to resolving the hoax of CAGW is to identify it as a mass movement. Appeal to the emotional disgust of being associated with a con. Appeal to the common sense need to not wanting to be seen as a fool who gave up his freedom for a hoax.
          I highly recommend rereading True Believers, but don’t do it before you try to sleep.

  41. Unfortunately this is the new tactic to strangle the US economy. By elevating the fake threat to one of national security, Obam a can make an agreement with the Security Council of the uN

  42. Well in all wars, as in the war on “climate change”, the first casualty is Truth:
    “…… and already experiencing flooding linked to climate change”. One more time – Norfolk was built on a filled-in saltwater marsh which has been compacting and subsiding ever since. Add to that the fact that the whole area is subsiding as a result of post-glacial rebound and Norfolk is getting a double whammy. If anything it’s not as bad as it would be because there is a general increase in polar-regions snow and ice.
    Would that the sea level would be rising – I’d have sailboat depth at my dock eventually. But personal observation here on the middle peninsula is that absent the (very) occasional storm surge water levels are remaining within the bounds of natural variability.

  43. Gents, this is all hype for Paris – his boss told him to pull out all stops. I believe that there is huge preparation going on in all parts of the CAGW mosaic.
    1) Political speeches have taken on a shrill character
    2) They are even using the massacre in Paris as a lever
    3) T. Karl timed his pause buster for this
    4) Shukla enjoined the gov to charge skeptics under RICO
    5) All the Arctic ice graphs from Japan, Denmark, Norway, U of Illinois etc. have halted their plots and you will see some massive revisions in ice extent coming out in the next days.
    6) They are trying to bury recent studies showing accretion of the Antarctic ice cap with new game-over disintegration of the shelves and sheets.
    Paris is CAGW’s Manhattan Project.

  44. If all the truth in Kerry’s statements was arranged end-to-end it would reach the height of 0.1 millimeter…..

  45. They are desperately worried that their Paris Conference will be upstaged by a terrorist attack. They will say anything to try to make Climate Change appear the bigger threat so they can grandstand their hoax. If the Conference ends like a damp squib they will suddenly put Terrorism back on the agenda to cover their embarrassment.

  46. Here’s a sobering thought experiment to determine how big a threat something is to the society in which we live. Let’s say one is in the theatre and bellows out two words to determine if the general public perceives what those words represent as a threat to themselves, others in the theatre, and thus the society in which they live. So, at the top of their lungs, that person screams out, “Climate Change.” Except for likely hearing a number of “shhhs” and “shut ups” the only other reactions are likely to be a number of quizzical looks with ‘who is this nut job’ expressions on the fellow theatre goer’s faces.
    Then, shortly afterwards, that person screams out, “Allahu Akbhar.”
    John Kerry, with his tony mansions, and his tony yacht, and deeply sheltered from the lives and reality of the rest of us, apparently believes it’s the former. Shortly after the Paris attacks he seemed mystified and contrasted it to the Charlie Hebdo attack which he initially called out as “legitimate” and, immediately catching the blunder, walked the statement back.
    Now, assuming John Kerry could possibly have more knowledge than sensible people, and attribute any refugee crisis to Climate Change rather than the mayhem his boss’s administration has cultured in the ME, may I present a recommendation to him to both counter Climate Change and any resultant refugee crisis. For both crisis how about subdividing into multi-family units each of his 5 mansions? He can live on the yacht.

  47. Yikes – a bit jarring to hear this from one of our top government officials about his political opponents:
    “The science tells us unequivocally, those who continue to make climate change a political fight put us all at risk,” he said. “And we cannot sit idly by and allow them to do that.”
    “The science” says we can’t allow dissenting voices? Gee.

  48. Okay, stop with the scary mask face and psycho talk. Just tell us how much new revenue you are after. That’s not asking too much is it?

  49. I see Kerry or Obama’s face and I have the same reaction I had when I saw Bill Clinton’s face when he was in office. “What’s going to go wrong now?”
    (He visited an Ohio State practice session last week. 😎

    • For those who don’t follow or care about US college football, OSU lost to Michigan State last Saturday. Their first loss in, I think it was, 23 games
      “They were a contender!”

      • So was he . . hypothetically . . but thanks for this little ray of hope, this Kerry effect you may have detected 😎

      • John, I don’t want to leave you with the wrong impression. This was “The Clinton Effect”. (It has more than one cause.)
        Bill Clinton watched the Buckeyes practice. He even addressed the team.
        (I hope Bill visits Michigan before Saturday! 😎

  50. Polities annexed science, which is corrupt and must listen to the politicians, who want to impose their power above the power of nature. The fact that politicians and corrupt scientists, want to convince the civilization that CO2 is the main culprit of climate change, there is a complete deception and nature and the laws of nature and its power. It is good to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, to cleaner atmosphere, but an increase in consumption of natural gas, bringing profits to politicians, and science is not able to assess the consequences cause “Caverns” from which will be drawn out natural gas?
    Climate change is occurring on all planets due to mutual influence of the planets and the sun, but in a way that science does not know and does not want to understand. Time will tell. Around 44 to 46 years (one of the most important cycles) will be significant climatic changes (count from the end of the Maunder minimum), but there are many others and the strengths and weaknesses of influence. If science does not want to know, will help her future weather events,

    • “Around 44 to 46 years”
      That’s bad news. If this charade goes on for another 4 plus decades many will die for stupid reasons while a few get rich. Science as a respected field will spend many years trying to recover its credibility. All because of a sleek con.

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