France's Top TV Weatherman Suspended for Criticising Climate Dogma

Liberté, égalité, fraternité - except when it comes to climate change

Liberté, égalité, fraternité – except when it comes to climate change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t fobdangerclose and ralfellis – Philippe Verdier, weather chief at France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, has been suspended for publicly criticising Climate Alarmism.

According to The Telegraph;

Every night, France’s chief weatherman has told the nation how much wind, sun or rain they can expect the following day.

Now Philippe Verdier, a household name for his nightly forecasts on France 2, has been taken off air after a more controversial announcement – criticising the world’s top climate change experts.

Mr Verdier claims in the book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation) that leading climatologists and political leaders have “taken the world hostage” with misleading data.

In a promotional video, Mr Verdier said: “Every night I address five million French people to talk to you about the wind, the clouds and the sun. And yet there is something important, very important that I haven’t been able to tell you, because it’s neither the time nor the place to do so.”

He added: “We are hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change – a war machine whose aim is to keep us in fear.”

Read more:

Frankly I’m shocked. Just a few months ago, January this year, in the wake of a horrifying terrorist attack on their offices, France rallied to support Charlie Hebdo’s freedom of expression, their freedom to satirise and speak out on sensitive issues such as religion. France prides herself that no subject is taboo. But apparently offending the Climate Taliban is a step too far – that gets you suspended from your government job.

France’s motto, Liberté, égalité, fraternité – except when you want to talk about climate change.


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je suis Philippe Verdier

Charles Nelson


Chris Wright

Yes, brilliant.
I’m going to shoot off an email to the Telegraph, I hope you don’t mind if I quote that.
What is particularly sickening is the quote from le Monde, which claims that the climate models are actually predicting the climate rather well. What can you do in the face of a huge tsunami of lies?
It looks like he was literally sacked for telling the truth.
Truly, je suis Philippe Verdier


Le Monde shows this image as proof that the models are right and philippe is wrong
Climate models developed and ripened for several years proved rather accurate to predict the evolution of the Earth’s climate, even if they are not perfect.
To check the accuracy of climate models, they are tested on past climate. If they are able to correctly predict developments past, there is no reason to think that they can predict the evolution of the climate in the future.
The models used to predict the average increase in the Earth’s surface temperatures have proved to be rather reliable, the gap between observations and predictions being quite reduced.

“ripened” ? They certainly stink!!!


“quote from le Monde”
Sorry, you got this wrong.
Correct spelling is “L’immonde” now.

“Climate models developed and ripened for several years proved rather accurate to predict the evolution of the Earth’s climate, even if they are not perfect.”
That is not at all a correct description of the models. The only reason why the models seems to fit temperature records is that they are heavily adjusted to fit the temperature records. The predictions made just 10 years ago fails miserably. Even the fifth assessment report by IPCC report states that the models are really bad. The problem is that the necessary conclusion that they are bad does´t find it´s way in to the conclusions by IPCC. With IPCC´s own words:
“When initialized with states close to the observations, models ‘drift’ towards their imperfect climatology (an estimate of the mean climate), leading to biases in the simulations that depend on the forecast time. The time scale of the drift in the atmosphere and upper ocean is, in most cases, a few years. Biases can be largely removed using empirical techniques a posteriori.”
(Ref. Contribution from working group I to the fifth assessment report by IPCC; On the physical science basis; Decadal Prediction Experiments)
There wouldn’t be a fit without using “empirical techniques a posteriori” or to put the language straight – the only reason the model output seems to fit the data is that the model has been adjusted so that the output fits the data. IPCC confuses nature with bad models.

Bryan A

October 15, 2015 at 4:57 am
I like the Model vs Observations image and how it Conveniently cherry picks 2000 (after the last Super El Nino) as an end date


>>Correct spelling is “L’immonde” now.
It would have a common pedigree.
“A bit of a lemon” was coined from the strange design and reputed unreliability of Citroen cars.

Pete J.

The other “cherry pick” on the graph was that the model “results” were not initially zeroed like the data was in (approximately) 1865, which would have likely showed a separation (bias) of +0.2C between the model and observations in year 2000 and even more so if they extended the graph into the “modern anthropogenic pause period” through today.

William R

How impressive that those models are able to predict the past accurately! Those are some damn fine billion dollar curve fitting supercomputers.

Matt G

The models used in hind-casting the past illustrated here are based relying on a aerosols fit, that have been shown to be far smaller with observations than this match. Especially don’t include ocean cycles or not correctly and have no idea on Earth’s albedo.
Every time when shown against future observations always fail.

Matt G

Correct link.comment image


I am Philippe Verdier.
If the climate models can’t predict weather for a year away, why should anyone believe the climate changers? It is a fraud by politicians to take away more taxes and enslave people, and they pay off some scientists with pressure and funding.
UN and others “support” their claims saying there is scientific consensus. Let’s see, there was scientific consensus that: miasma created disease, bleeding is a cure for illness, the earth is flat, the universe revolves around the earth, and on and on. Good science questions, it is not hidebound.

Beat me to it. Touché. I would also say “Je suis carbon”
It is time to start a movement behind this:

David Smith

#jesuiscarbon appears a gnat’s hair away from “Jesus is carbon”.
Might upset the Pope…

Considering that we are all “carbon based life forms” the phrase “Jesus is Carbon” has a rather true ring it in my mind.

average joe

“To check the accuracy of climate models, they are tested on past climate.”
A model is fit to match past data, then based on the fact that it more or less can be made to fit the data is proof that it can predict future data.
Please excuse me while I rip out my hair and gouge out my eyeballs. I cannot take it anymore.

Exactly. This vilification of the essence of life is an absurd form of self-loathing by our planet “protectors”. The green movement actually condemns the primary substance needed for greening the earth. If it was a Hollywood movie, no one would believe it…

Bryan A

Could definitely deserve a good BM

David Ramsay Steele

Nous sommes tous Philippe Verdier

Paul Mackey

je suis aussi!


A positive when the climate alarmists feel threatened by a humble weatherman simply speaks the truth. There must be panic in the ranks as more and more speak out and fewer and fewer take heed of the scare. It won’t be long before politicians realize they will not automatically be elected simply for saying they believe in global warming. The thought that Paris will be another flop must be terrifying.


Je suis Phillipe Verdier.

Evan Jones


Hat Tip; to fobdangerclose of Watts Up With That yesterday.
Lies kill.
Truth is life.
seek truth or die.
[“or” fixed – mod]

Richards in Vancouver

Perfect timing. Perfect place. And his suspension will create a Streisand Effect. Magnifique!


Exactly. If they had done and said nothing then it would’ve been just another climate change book launch by just another weatherman and would’ve stayed largely anonymous. No big deal. Now the world knows of the French and climate activists intolerance to a challenging viewpoint.

Contact the “weather talking heads” of CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC, CBS, Weather Channel and ask them to give their assessment of this news on air for the record.
Push them, make them go in the real History as the liars they are.
To be known for all time as total frauds is not a good thing and they know it.


Wasn’t Al Roker fired for expressing some similar heresy?

Are there any practicing TV weatherpersons in the USA that are expressing the same sentiments as Philippe Verdier, and still have a job as TV meteorologists? Ie,: John Coleman is retired…and A. Watts is not doing daily weather either (as he has “bigger fish to fry”)…

Steve (Paris)

Very much a ‘non story’ so far in France, alas.

Steve (Paris)

But that’s about it. That said He has replied to an early article in this obscure publication essentially demanding the ‘climate skeptics’ be denied anymore airtime.
Essentially saying he is not a skeptic but a journalist arguing that the press is miss reporting on climate change, notably on the data but also the advantages of warmer weather. He also objects strongly to be tarred ‘extreme right wing’ due to association with authors published by the same house.
BTW his book concludes that the world is being ‘held hostage’ by the AGW lobby.
Note that the former French environment minister recently called him a c**t on TV. And she’s of the right.


During the presidential electoral campaign against Ségolène Royal, Nicolas Sarkozy signed the ecological pact of Nicolas Hulot (with the exception of the antinuclear bullet point). Ségolène Royal signed the pact without reservation (according to the media), then she explained that actually made reservations.
Nicolas Sarkozy is known for his very limited economic reforms “libérales” (liberal in the very slightly libertarian direction, not US “liberal” direction), but also for many greeny moves like banning fracking and not allowing GM seeds (France was very advanced in GE tech some decades ago, now it’s gone elsewhere). The only part where Sarkozy did not let go is nuclear power (but then Mitterrand did not either, despite his electoral promises). Nuclear tech was a French national pride for some time, less today.
NKM was a minister of communication of Sarkozy, where she did nothing to stop HADOPI, an inept anti-piracy law and subject of jokes (except telling people that she knew how to get away with illegal downloads without fear of HADOPI surveillance).
She was also a forgotten as “secrétaire d’État” (2nd class minister) of environment, except for her hate of GMO, and for throwing a tantrum “J’en ai marre d’être confrontée à une armée de lâches” because members of the parliament wouldn’t come to vote against GMOs (on a legislative proposition from a communist). She believes elected people should vote as they are instructed (“Manifestement, Copé n’arrive pas à tenir le groupe.”) She has authoritarian tendencies with a love for the violent destructive methods of the “Faucheurs volontaires” (GM fields destroyers). She went to kiss “José” (actually Joseph, but José is more altermondialist) Bové, the leaders of these GMO destroyers, who is an elected representative in the European parliament.
NKM is more leftish than the typical leftish right politician. She wants to ban more diesel engines and do it earlier than the socialist mayor of Paris. She is all in favor of every ecoloonacy.


Galileo revisited. Science has now returned to what it was centuries ago: A cabal of ignoramuses led by the Pope putting the real scientists in jail applying RICO.

jolly farmer

I wonder if the “journalists*” who work for France 24 will have anything to say about this.


Back a few years…
Clément Weill-Raynal of France 3 TV channel filmed the “mur des cons” of the SM magistrate union (far left); the SNJ-CGT union (far left) of France 3 TV channel “demandait que le journaliste soit traduit en conseil de discipline” (wanted him to face a disciplinary board).

Alan the Brit

They did it in the UK, silenced doubters or others wit scientific knowdleg. Dr David Bellamy had hi BBC career destroyed because he spoke out against AGW nonsense. Johnny Ball (mathematician), father of TV/Radio personality Zoe Ball, was taken off air, spoke out about AGW nonsense. At least some in the independent tv sector have tried by have appearances by Piers Corbyn on daytime tv to talk about AGW nonsense, but very few times this has happened! America, stand up & stay strong, resistance is NOT futile!!!!

Alan the Brit

Please excuse typos!

“French WW2 rifle for sale, Cheap! Never been fired. Only dropped once!!”

Stephen Skinner

That’s not really helpful or correct.


“Comedy is not pretty”
– S. Martin

Martin A

No. It’s a disgraceful comment.
Every day I walk past the war memorial in the small French village where I live. Its dozens of names of soldiers killed are the same names as those of my neighbours.

David Smith

Lighten up Stephen. Good humour is supposed to make you feel a bit uncomfortable.
Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?
A: Nobody knows, it’s never been tried.
Q. Why did the French plant trees along the Champs Elysees?
A. So the Germans could march in the shade.
Q: How many gears does a French tank have?
A: 4 reverse and 1 forward, in case the enemy attacks from the rear.
Q: How can you identify a French Infantryman?
A: Sunburned armpits.
Q. What’s the difference between Frenchmen and toast?
A. You can make soldiers out of toast.
Q. What do you call 100,000 Frenchmen with their hands up?
A. The Army.


“Every day I walk past the war memorial in the small French village where I live. Its dozens of names of soldiers killed are the same names as those of my neighbours.”
Yes, of course they are. Smith, Jones, Thompson, Anderson, Davis, Freeman….

Mike the Morlock

‘On ne passe pas’ Verdun.
Martin A . My grandfather lost a leg at Chateau-Thierry in 1917, he was with the 26th Yankee Div. He was 17.
For a little perspective.
Visit Your Local PBS Station PBS Home
Close Window
WWI Casualty and Death Tables
One way to understand the violence and slaughter that occurred in the Great War is to examine the number of casualties aand deaths. Exact figures are still in dispute, because of different definitions used each category, the questionable accuracy of the recording system used and the loss or destruction of a number of official documents. The data in the tables below reflect numbers from several sources and are consistant with most experts’ current estimates.
Country Total Mobilized Forces Killed Wounded Prisoners and Missing Total Casualties Casualties as % of Forces
Russia 12,000,000 1,700,000 4,950,000 2,500,000 9,150,000 76.3
British Empire 8,904,467 908,371 2,090,212 191,652 3,190,235 35.8
France 8,410,000 1,357,800 4,266,000 537,000 6,160,800 73.3
Italy 5,615,000 650,000 947,000 600,000 2,197,000 39.1
United States 4,355,000 116,516 204,002 4,500 323,018 7.1
Japan 800,000 300 907 3 1,210 0.2
Romania 750,000 335,706 120,000 80,000 535,706 71.4
Serbia 707,343 45,000 133,148 152,958 331,106 46.8
Belgium 267,000 13,716 44,686 34,659 93,061 34.9
Greece 230,000 5,000 21,000 1,000 27,000 11.7
Portugal 100,000 7,222 13,751 12,318 33,291 33.3
Montenegro 50,000 3,000 10,000 7,000 20,000 40.0
TOTAL 42,188,810 5,142,631 12,800,706 4,121,090 22,062,427 52.3
Germany 11,000,000 1,773,700 4,216,058 1,152,800 7,142,558 64.9
Austria-Hungary 7,800,000 1,200,000 3,620,000 2,200,000 7,020,000 90.0
Turkey 2,850,000 325,000 400,000 250,000 975,000 34.2
Bulgaria 1,200,000 87,500 152,390 27,029 266,919 22.2
TOTAL 22,850,000 3,386,200 8,388,448 3,629,829 15,404,477 67.4
GRAND TOTAL 65,038,810 8,528,831 21,189,154 7,750,919 37,466,904 57.5
sorry to be wet blanket. It just touches home with me,


Before you leap to criticize gudolpops, read Bill Shirer’s book The Collapse of the Third Republic.

Mike the Morlock

rw no I have not read it.
Have you read “The gathering storm” by Winston Churchill? A bit self serving but fairly good on the events of the time. 6 volumes as I remember. Somewhere, I think I have a first printing of volume 1

Marvelously inventive the French. Their military vehicles are a thing of wonder. 5 gears in reverse, 1 in forward. “Advance to the Rear” mes amis.


That was the Italians.

Gary Meyers

Is it any wonder that scientists who depend upon grants to continue their research efforts might turn a blind eye to this climate alarmist crap? I hope that Richards in Vancouver is right the Streisand effect.

“Climate Taliban” is awesome.

Jim B

I thought now that the AP had eliminated “denier” from its style guide for climate change, the position was not to use name calling to address people with differing opinions. This doesn’t seem like a good way to further healthy debate, especially given Anthony’s comment:
“People are fond of saying that when you’ve resorted to insults, you’ve lost the argument. My view is that you can win many more arguments with persuasive language than you can with labeling and name calling.”
Perhaps the author was just trying to imply that those who called for Verdier to be let go are censoring views they don’t like, something that the Taliban have done as well. Isn’t that the same way the whole “denial” thing started? I suggest/request that the original author remove the reference.

David Smith

I couldn’t care less if they call me a d*ni*r. I’m not that precious.
I’ll call them names as well, because it’s fun:
climate taliban
grant troughers


No comments section in the telegraph piece, although the page has 2.6M “likes” on Facebook


Careful dennisambler – that 2.4M likes could include those who support his sacking !

Rex Forcer
Evan Jones

Another Global Warming-related job loss . . .

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

Je suis Phillipe Verdier.

SOP for the green blob – ignore the and take out the man.

Doh! s/b “ignore the ball and take out the man”.

I’ve seen this bloke number of times, as well as some rather attractive weather presenters on all 3 news channels. He has my sympathy, I suspect he knew what is getting himself into and what consequences might be, so his honesty and bravery should be exemplary lesson to many others.
It’s not only France gone bonkers, UK, Germany and others are just as bad.
It all comes from the Brussels’ Bastion of Bureaucracy (better known as EU) , from the experts who banned curved bananas and invested millions in research for production of square eggs…

Ian W

Indeed. The rapid removal of people with a contrary opinion shows how weak the warmists think their hypotheses are.

Gilbert K. Arnold

Kind of reminds me of the ooh ahh bird… the one who lays square eggs and goes ooh ooh…. ahhhh whenever it lays one.

Chris Wright

I just sent this email to the Telegraph, though the chances of it being printed are very small:
The sacking of Philippe Verdier, as reported by the Telegraph, is truly sickening. Is this the France of Charlie Hebdo, where those who were murdered were regarded as heroes for telling unpalatable truths? Verdier was sacked literally for telling the inconvenient truth. I am very familiar with climate science, and all of Verdier’s claims are true. Climate science is in a shocking state which makes Volkswagen look good in comparison.
The Le Monde quote about climate models is shocking: it is a complete inversion of the truth. The models have utterly failed to predict future climate and even the IPCC has admitted this. But don’t take my word. Listen to the words of perhaps the greatest living scientist, Freeman Dyson: ”What has happened in the past 10 years is that the discrepancies between what’s observed and what’s predicted have become much stronger. It’s clear now the models are wrong, but it wasn’t so clear 10 years ago.”
I hope that any journalist with the slightest integrity will protest against this sacking.
je suis Philippe Verdier
Christopher Wright


Do you remember the huge protests among journalists after the sanction of Clément Weill-Raynal?
Neither do I.
He was sanctioned for reporting about the “mur des cons” of the SM (syndicat de la magistrature, far left magistrate union). He was working for France 3 (national TV) where the unionized journalists didn’t like his reporting about that wall where photos of politicians of the “right” together with photos of parents of victims of serial rapist/killers who had the audacity to criticize the judge who released the dangerous already convicted rapist-killer before the end of the duration of the prison punishment.
And RSF (reporters sans frontières) found an excuse to not defend the journalist.
Note: Also, one of the terrorists involved in the “Hyper Cacher” attack (synchronised with the Charlie Hebdo attack) had been convicted six times. Last conviction: he prepared a plan for an evasion for Smaïn Aït Ali Belkacem (involved in the RER bombing in 1995). He was convicted in 2013 and received 5 years in prison. Adding all the prison terms he theoretically got, the total is 18 years. (Naively adding these years, he would still be being bar.)
A few days ago, someone convicted for armed robbery was temporarily released during his prison term, did not return to prison (why?), and killed a cop. (We are told that everything is normal.)
Anyone who criticizes this façon de faire is immediately labelled “hard right”, “far right” or “extreme right”.


Here’s hoping Philippe Verdier will submit a guest essay to this blog.

Je suis Phillipe Verdier.

Village Idiot

“We are hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change – a war machine whose aim is to keep us in fear.”
If you want to learn about climate ask a TV weatherman – especially one like this ‘Charlie’ who hasn’t even studied meteorology
Ha ha ha ha! Good one

‘Ha ha ha ha!’ So, what’s your CV? I mean, beside being the village idiot?


You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
It’s reassuring that a luke-warmer like Phillipe can still see and be offended by the corruption of Big AGW.

Mike the Morlock

He. (Phillipe Verdier.) took a stand, did something noble, that’s his CV.
So what have you done lately ah, Village Idiot ?


Village Idiot. We could call up a bunch of Highly credentialed Scientists, and you would still find fault with their sceptical views.

Evan Jones

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to calculate that the warming since CO2 “took off” is ~1.2C/century (~0.7+C since 1950), with a 40% measured increase in CO2. And that’s using the “pause-buster” data, at that.
Raw CO2 forcing (without net feedback) is ~1.1C/doubling. The atmospheric sink is 400ppm with ~2ppm added per year (+0.4%/yr., actually). Net feedback has no shown itself in the data.
So how do you figure +3C by 2100?

Ter of Kona

Village Idiot, I’m not sure why you are happily and proudly calling yourself “Village Idiot”. If your comments were accurate, thoughtful, well reasoned, and you had earned the respect of your target readership; the name might be appropriately ironic. However, based on the vast majority of your comments, it is merely descriptive.

Warren Latham

The dice are on the carpet.

John Atkinson


Juan Slayton

It the die cast? Or is it cut?

You cannot keep a government job and tell the truth.


And it’s clear he knew he couldn’t keep his job and tell the truth. The blurb on the book makes that clear.
But he still told the truth.
Good man – France should be proud of him.


Official the France Televisions group management is none of the government business, with an “independent” president, controlled by “independent” CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, the TV “regulator”).
In practice, there are more “independent” when members of the “right” (closet socialists) are governing (with continued attacks against Nicolas Sarkozy from France 3).

4 eyes

Oh so true


Hummm, if he leaves his country, he could actually qualify as the first climate change refugee?……..


Patrick Moore’s book told the truth, but if you haven’t studied the history of communism you might not make the connection. Since the fall of the USSR, much truth has emerged. The Marxism taught since the 1800’s in western universities is not aimed at the cannon fodder, the average middle class, but to push for a return to a system where the new aristocracy (people with lots of $) rules . Climate change is just their latest effort to create a one-world government with them in charge….Just about everything we were indoctrinated into via government schools and universities has now proven to be a false narrative to support a small group to rule over everyone, deciding every aspect of life. If you destroy affordable energy, you essentially return to the pre-industrial age where the rich still have every convenience and everyone else dies early in poverty. We still have the internet but the US government is now aimed at censoring that. Compare the EU, the US and the USSR. The similarities are striking. The government plans every aspect of life. The ‘welfare state’ is just a variation on communism. As Thomas Sowell has noted, the industrial revolution was a positive for the average person, but added nothing to the aristocracy. The Industrial Revolution happened because of abundant fossil fuel energy.


Freedom of the television medias, in France, was considered good… compared to Russian televisions.
Until now.
Nearly every journal has a segment about the deregulation of climate or alternative energies or both.


Actually he did MUCH LESS!!!
He was a member of french propaganda staff (Jean Jouzel & Co) –and may still be, if not ostracized –, and still believes in CAGW.
He only is horrified of “dangerous links between scientists, politicians, economic lobbies, environmental NGOs and religions about climate” (his words), of the way IPCC works, and the ways some people make big bucks out of the scare. He also insist that weather is not climate…
He didn’t use his speech time as a weatherman to tell that, he wrote a book, “Climate investigation”.
For sure a Streisand effect will ensure a big, big success to this book (as Richards in Vancouver said at
October 15, 2015 at 2:58 am ). The book was announced in general indifference in July, it now has massive coverage.
This move of french television will backfire immensely on COP21

Pamela Gray

So he thinks the science is correct but the corruption is dangerous. In every age, humans have attempted (some succeeded and some failed) to make hay out of science. We have medicine because of it. We have artificial body parts because of it. We live longer because of it. And we eat better because of it.
Unfortunately, we still have heat left in the oceans to belch out (not much more but enough) so warming will continue for a little while. But without a doubt in my mind, the imbalance of heat goin in versus heat leaving the oceans will end this period of mistaken science held in place by the lure of money. And then there will be hell to pay by the scientific community, which will smear across all disciplines. That will be a sad day because I love science and the discovery process, mistaken or not. But corruption through the glimmer and gleam of the almighty dollar will kill it.


Alas yes

Dave in Canmore

“…which will smear across all disciplines.” Yes! And this is why academics everywhere in any discipline must rock their boats now or find they have no boat soon enough. Good scientists quietly observing the perversion of science will surely suffer for their own silence.


Yes he explicitly rejects the “climatosceptique” qualifier!
He thinks it’s an insult!
And yet just by saying the scientific-political show became a grotesque farce, he is excluded from the group of the nice guys.


“Climate Taliban” – love it!

Warren Latham

+ 1.


links to Le Figaro’s French language letter to Hollande fom Verdier:
15 Oct: Breitbart: James Delingpole: France’s Top TV Weatherman Suspended For Expressing ‘Wrong’ Views On Climate Change
For good measure, he has also written an open letter to French president Francois Hollande attacking the forthcoming climate talks in Paris:
“I scarcely hear in your words any sincerity, any intention of acting truly for the environment in a manner measured and constructive…
“In two months, France welcomes the COP21, the conference of nations united for the climate. Your political strategy team has told you that it will all come to nothing, like the 20 before it. Then why continue to pretend to be saving the planet?
You, president of the Republic, cannot support the ultra-politicized scientists of the GEIC, the corporate lobbyists, the NGO environmental groups, nor the self-proclaimed apostles of the new religion of climate.”…
Verdier was inspired to write his book out of disgust at the actions of his foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who last year summoned France’s weathermen and asked them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts.
“I was horrified by this discourse,” Mr Verdier told Les Inrockuptibles magazine. Eight days later, Mr Fabius appeared on the front cover of a magazine posing as a weatherman above the headline: “500 days to save the planet.”
Mr Verdier said: “If a minister decides he is Mr Weatherman, then Mr Weatherman can also express himself on the subject in a lucid manner.

William Astley

We are living in an episode from the twilight zone or an Ayn Rand book where there is a pointless conspiracy to do something irrational (stop climate ‘change’ by wasting trillions of dollars on green scams that do not work – significantly reduce total CO2 emission – when 97% of the warming in the last 150 years was due to solar cycle changes rather than the increase in atmospheric CO2).
The planet cyclically warms and cools. The cyclic warming and cooling is not due to chaos, some mysterious magic internal forcing function. The sun causes the cyclic warming and cooling.
There is significant abrupt cooling (complete reversal of the warming of the last 150 years over a period of 2 to 3 years) on the way due to the interruption to the solar cycle. The cooling has been delayed by solar wind bursts from coronal holes on the surface of the sun which masks cooling that would have occurred due to the highest GCR in recorded history for this time in the solar cycle.
There are now holes appearing in the coronal holes as the coronal holes start to dissipate.
There is ocean sediment evidence of ocean surface cooling of 8C to 10C due to increased cloud cover over the ocean and increased wind speed over the ocean which causes increased evaporation.

He said he decided to write the book in June 2014 when Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and urged them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts.
“I was horrified by this discourse,” Mr Verdier told Les Inrockuptibles magazine. Eight days later, Mr Fabius appeared on the front cover of a magazine posing as a weatherman above the headline: “500 days to save the planet.”
Mr Verdier said: “If a minister decides he is Mr Weatherman, then Mr Weatherman can also express himself on the subject in a lucid manner.
“What’s shameful is this pressure placed on us to say that if we don’t hurry, it’ll be the apocalypse,” he added, saying that “climate diplomacy” means leaders are seeking to force changes to suit their own political timetables.

Timing of abrupt climate change: A precise clock by Stefan Rahmstorf
Many paleoclimatic data reveal a approx. 1,500 year cyclicity of unknown origin (William. Come on man, the cyclic climate forcing agent is the sun.) A crucial question is how stable and regular this cycle is. An analysis of the GISP2 ice core record from Greenland reveals that abrupt climate events appear to be paced by a 1,470-year cycle with a period that is probably stable to within a few percent; with 95% confidence the period is maintained to better than 12% over at least 23 cycles. This highly precise clock points to an origin outside the Earth system; oscillatory modes within the Earth system can be expected to be far more irregular in period.
the 1470 cycle looks more like a beat frequency.


>>The 1470 cycle looks more like a beat frequency.
There is no regular frequency to these D-O sudden warming events, because they are created by forest fires, and the forests need a large fuel-load before they can (randomly) burn. These continent-wide fires deposit soot on the ice-sheets, and the sudden low albedo melts much of the ice, warming the world up to 8ºc in just 5-10 years. See the graphic below, to see the link between D-O events and forest fire amonium and sulphates.
As I pointed out in my article on Ice Age modulation, the primary feedback that initiates all Interglacials is albedo, not CO2. Each and every Interglacial period is preceded by 10,000 years of dust storms, which reduces the albedo of the northern ice sheets and allows the Interglacial to begin.
And the dust eras are caused by a lack of CO2 killing all the plant-life. So yes, CO2 does cause Interglacial warming, but only by getting so low in concentration that all the plants die and the world becomes a dust-bowl, reducing the albedo of the ice sheets and allowing them to melt. So the Green alarmists were right about CO2 being a vital forcing agent – just not in the way they thought:
Ice Age modulation by albedo, without CO2 feedbacks.

due to the interruption to the solar cycle
There has been no ‘interruption’ of the solar cycle.


Keep ’em honest Leif!

William Astley

Oh boy, I can hardly wait. Abrupt cooling. I can say ha, ha, I was correct, I know how to solve holistic problems. There was sufficient observational evidence to solve a set of linked scientific problems. The trick is to summarize the observations and provide a physical explanation that eliminates the paradoxes.
The solar cycle 24 interruption is the most important scientific event in the history of science, based on how it will affect the planet’s climate and how it will change the foundations of science. The politicians and the scientific community will need to explain how it is possible after being told hundreds of thousands of times the science is settled that the entire scientific basis of CAGW, past and future climate change, outlined in the silly IPCC reports was in correct.
Just as rocks do not jump up hill, the earth’s climate does not jump or tip without a forcing function from one state to another. The massive forcing function of the our planet’s climate is the sun. The sun is significantly different than the ‘standard’ model. There are hundreds of astronomical observations and analysis results that support that assertion.
Greenland Ice Sheet Temperatures Last 100,000 years

The peculiar solar cycle 24 – where do we stand?
Solar cycle 24 has been very weak so far. It was preceded by an extremely quiet and long solar minimum. Data from the solar interior, the solar surface and the heliosphere all show that cycle 24 began from an unusual minimum and is unlike the cycles that preceded it. We begin this review of where solar cycle 24 stands today with a look at the antecedents of this cycle, and examine why the minimum preceding the cycle is considered peculiar (§ 2). We then examine in § 3 whether we missed early signs that the cycle could be unusual. § 4 describes where cycle 24 is at today.

The Antarctic peninsula is outside of the Antarctic polar vortex and hence records the temperature of the Southern sea. The Antarctic peninsula ice cores shows cyclic warming that matches what we have recently observed. Obviously the past cyclic warming and cooling was not caused by atmospheric CO2 changes.

“Does the current global warming signal reflect a natural cycle”
…We found 342 natural warming events (NWEs) corresponding to this definition, distributed over the past 250,000 years …. …. The 342 NWEs contained in the Vostok ice core record are divided into low-rate warming events (LRWEs; < 0.74oC/century) and high rate warming events (HRWEs; ≥ 0.74oC /century) (Figure). … ….The current global warming signal is therefore the slowest and among the smallest in comparison with all HRWEs in the Vostok record, although the current warming signal could in the coming decades yet reach the level of past HRWEs for some parameters. The figure shows the most recent 16 HRWEs in the Vostok ice core data during the Holocene, interspersed with a number of LRWEs. …. …The paper, entitled "Recent Antarctic Peninsula warming relative to Holocene climate and ice – shelf history" and authored by Robert Mulvaney and colleagues of the British Antarctic Survey ( Nature, 2012,doi:10.1038/nature11391), reports two recent natural warming cycles, one around 1500 AD and another around 400 AD (William: Same periodicity of cyclic warming and cooling in the Northern hemisphere), measured from isotope (deuterium) concentrations in ice cores bored adjacent to recent breaks in the ice shelf in northeast Antarctica. ….

The solar cycle 24 interruption is the most important scientific event in the history of science
It is not what you know that gets you into trouble, but what you know that ain’t so.


>>The massive forcing function of the our planet’s climate is the sun.
No. You do not need a solar influence.
As I pointed out in my article on Ice Age modulation, the primary feedback that initiates all Interglacials is albedo, not CO2. Each and every Interglacial period is preceded by 10,000 years of dust storms, which reduces the albedo of the northern ice sheets and allows the Interglacial to begin.
The dust eras are caused by a lack of CO2 killing all the plant-life. So yes, CO2 does cause Interglacial warming, but only by getting so low in concentration that all the plants die and the world becomes a dust-bowl, reducing the albedo of the ice sheets and allowing them to melt. So the Green alarmists were right about CO2 being a vital forcing agent – just not in the way they thought:
Ice Age modulation by albedo, without CO2 feedbacks.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”


Courage by definition has consequences.

The operations that took place, will take place on the sun are due to chaos.
Thus goes the universe.
Thus goes our weather.
All as time curves in on itself.


Philippe Verdier, weather chief at France Télévisions, the country’s state broadcaster, has been suspended for publicly criticising Climate Alarmism.
If anyone had any doubts about the facts of climate science being supressed at the highest levels of Europe’s governments , this should remove any doubt. This man was a state employee .These leaders come here and preach global warming threats while back home they punish their own people for telling the truth . Things seem to have not improved there despite all the wars and conflicts about freedom and human rights . No one is allowed to question state views . This type of government is known by other despised descriptions. Are not these freedoms of expression the values that North American young men went there to defend . Was it all for nothing ?


We are living in Michael Crichton’s book “State of Fear”

Jeff in Calgary

When my grandfather went to France and Belgium to fight in 1917, he was no going to defend the government’s right to suppress opposition!


here is what THE INDEPENDENT quoted what Pilippe says
“The book primarily attacks the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, saying the organisation “blatantly erased” data that was contrary to their conclusions and doubts the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate models.
It also claims top climate scientists have been “manipulated and politicised”.
A particularly controversial chapter of the book describes the “positive results” of climate change in France, a country expected to be one of those least affected by the phenomenon.
“It’s politically incorrect and taboo to vaunt the merits of climate change because there are some,” he writes.
Benefits of climate change cited in the book include the warmer weather bring larger numbers of tourists, lower electricity bills in milder winters, and better wine and Champagne, “


Even as I am critical of the French limiting the free expression of climate science information by their state weather man , I have to remember that there is a similar struggle going on here in North America where fellow scientists call on racketeering type of government investigations on fellow scientists who happen to disagree with their flawed science . One senator even called for prison terms for climate warming doubters. In Canada, David Suzuki called for similar jail terms for doubters when he appeared on AUSTRALIAN and US TV networks . So this attempt to muzzle climate science expressions and information is a problem that has affected many on both sides of the ocean.


Just wait for the next logical step: Making the expression of non-consensus approved climate opinions grounds for being fired and even unlawful.

G. Karst

Just another “proof” that there is NO academic freedom and that a Free Press does not exist. How very depressing. GK


To all who claim “je suis ….”, they better read and realize that Verdier is a believer in global warming and in fact complains mitigation is not going fast enough. On the way, he certainly denounces what we all have denounced for years.
So I suggest caution in making him a martyr of climatoscepticism…


And “Je suis Charlie” never meant “Charb’s drawings are always clever and funny” or “I am a religion hater socialist” or “I believe nuclear power is poisoning people” or “I want Justice to forbid the FN” (Front National, far left party with nationalism, ie far right).

Gary Pearse

TomRude Well, the higher principle involves his right to say what he thinks, n’est-ce pas?


I agree with you all who commented. I am just suggesting caution not rejection.


Not the first, won’t be the last.

There’s a great report in French here and an English summary here by French mathematicians who denounce the battle against global warming as absurd, costly and pointless, based on information and ideas that lack scientific validity. Of course, it has been ignored by the mainline media and the country’s politicians don’t want to hear debate about the dogma they have espoused. A former environment minister, now deputy president of the conservative opposition party, Les Republicains, said the other day critics of the global warming hypothesis are “conards”, Latin root a six-letter word beginning with c, usually translated as cretinous or bloody idiots. French maths people are generally recognised for their excellence, so perhaps the minister is the one who should revise her views.


“Je suis moi-même issue du milieu scientifique, j’ai fait des études scientifiques. j’ai le plus grand respect pour la controverse scientifique, la diversité des points de vue, y compris des opinions minoritaires, mais il y a un moment où on sait
My approx. translation:
“I am myself from the science community, I have studied sciences, I have the greatest respect for scientific controversies, diversity of point of views, including minority views, but there a point where we do know
She is really full of it!
She previously said that as a minister she wouldn’t read the IPCC scientific report, or even the IPCC summary for policymakers, but only a summary made by her team of the IPCC summary; so she knows none of the science.


She truly is an idiot.


NKM is “an X”: she went to Polytechnique!
In French, “you don’t need to have studied at Polytechnique to get that!” (“il faut pas avoir fait l’X pour comprendre ça!”) means “you don’t need to be rocket scientist to get that!”. “Faire l’X” (study at Polytechnique) means “being extremely intelligent”.
Most famous “X” include:
– Augustin Fresnel
– Augustin Louis Cauchy
– Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot
– Benoît Paul Émile Clapeyron
Henri Becquerel
Henri Poincaré
Some known politicians went to X: Alain Lipietz (green), Bruno Mégret (nationalist), Karine Berger (socialist), Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (“les Républicains”, “right conservative” whatever that is – there are only enviro-socialist parties in France, but with different shades of nationalism and Rousseau-ism).


I don’t remember if I found this link here at WUWT or somewhere else, so I apologize if you’ve seen it. The insanity never stops.


Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity?

Jeff in Calgary

Where can I buy his book? I would love to support him.

Barbara Skolaut

“Frankly I’m shocked.”
I’m not. >:-(
(And neither are you, really.)

Gary Pearse

The book could be an effective seed of a movement against the tyranny of climate demagoguery. I believe the French stand more strongly for freedom of speech than the British and Americans, even though much of the rhetoric on the subject is Anglo-Saxon. Mark Steyn, in his speech at the Danish Parliament, noted that only a small minority actively fights for this right. Most happily trade it off for peace and security – witness the official mealy mouthed responses to horrific Muslim terrorist activity in US, UK, (and I have to admit Hollande in France does this, too). But the French don’t hesitate to take to the streets if they are unhappy about an incident or a policy.
It would be a beautiful development if there was a popular uprising in Paris over this blatant punishment for freedom of speech and opinion in the face of the Paris COP which is essentially an attempt to clamp down on and subdue dissent. I hope someone who knows how to make these things happen steps up, because the French love this stuff.


In France it isn’t even allowed to say how many immigrants or recently naturalized people are convicted or in prison:
– “racial” statistics are illegal (and anything can be considered racial)
– inciting to racial hate is illegal (and anything can be considered “inciting”, “hate”, “racial hate”, except anti-white hate is almost never prosecuted) and simply comparing crime rates of immigrants could be, has been, and will be considered “inciting racial hate”
and it seems that nearly everybody accepts that.

– and they banned Uber-taxi service….


No, Uber is legal and currently operating in France.
The Thévenoud law made UberPop illegal.
Thomas Thévenoud had to leave the government because of his “paperwork allergy” (and tax and paying for stuff allergies):
“Après ses impôts, ses PV et son kiné, Thomas Thévenoud n’a pas payé ses factures EDF”
“After his taxes, his tickets, his physiotherapist, Thomas Thévenoud didn’t pay his electric bills.”
A proud socialist!

John law

Je suis Philippe Verdier!


The BBC did the same to David Bellamy, back in 2005.
Bellamy was the UK’s favourite TV environmentalist, until he questioned the wisdom of wind turbines and Global Warming, and then *** poof *** he disappeared. Many did wonder if the KGB had got to him, and he was in a salt mine in Siberia. But no, we have our own KGB in the UK – its called the BBC.

Smart Rock

Shocking, but not unexpected. The AGW movement has become a religious movement, where the punishment for apostasy is to become a non-person.
Meanwhile, another sensible piece in the mainstream media that you might like to look at. Canada’s Financial Post, which is really the business pages of the National Post, has this article by Terence Corcoran:
He also gives a link to an article by Indur Goklany, which was printed beside the Corcoran opinion piece, which made a WHOLE PAGE of anti-AGW material in a national newspaper.
The NP and FP are somewhat right of centre by Canadian standards, but definitely not fringe material. So perhaps things are getting better when stuff like this is not censored out.. A ray of light in the darkness.
Negative comments on the CBC website, however, get moderated out. Perhaps it’s a thing about publicly owned broadcasters.

@ Smart Rock
October 15, 2015 at 1:33 pm
What would you expect from the Communist Broadcasting Corporation? Think Suzuki, Quirks & Quarks, and even the National News. They are always pushing CAGW. Know your enemy. Listen. And comment. Someday they’ll get it. Many of will have frozen to death by then, but they’ll get it … slowly. Not our best and brightest in that “Corporation”.