Friday funny – Don't Ever Name It A Lull

Josh writes: Lots of news about science ending The Pause – so what will they call it next?

DENIAL_scrAs an extra bonus distraction why not think up what D.E.N.I.A.L. might stand for?

Cartoons by Josh

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      • Oh, now I see… the title was a big help, but then I thought Josh was making it a guessing game. I missed that apparently, Josh wants other ideas.
        Rats! Now I’ll really be distracted.

    • And if it’s sea level it’s a pothole or speed bump. Certainly not a lull, remission, respite or any such word that wouldn’t indicate that we really want it to happen, and the sooner the better.

    • CAGW is still there. Don’t believe in your lying eyes. Because CAGW has turned into some sort of Holy Ghost? You can’t see it but it’s there?

  1. So how much do they say temperature increased during the last 18and a half years of the not-pause?

    • It needs to be called what is is. A halt .
      It is halted until it moves again, and that I expect will be to the cold side.
      Probably is already if you use a 4 year time window. So how long a period makes a trend? Is a 2 year period long enough to say “Elevated heat has left the planet.”? If not, then I ask “Where’s the heat?”

      • Mr. Smith,
        In science one is supposed to be very careful about defining all terms and using those terms carefully. Since climatology in the modern era is certainly not science, we expect them to abuse all terms.
        And they do.

      • If we could still buy and sell it on Intrade, I expect it will turn out to have been a head-and-shoulders top.

  2. Paraphrasing Henry Ward Beecher….
    Their hindcasts are much better than their forecasts.

    • Even the climate simulation models’ hindcasts are worthless:

      … climate models show no skill whatsoever at hindcasting — which means climate models FAIL, for they are not realistic, not even for the last few decades.

      Climate Models Fail, p. 12 e book by Bob Tisdale (2013)

      • Heh. Yeah, Cool Arrow, and the first little item on the list: the year Sir Edmund Hilary reached the top of Mt. Everest, 1953 1947. Since Hilary Rodham Would-I-L1e? Clinton was named for him in view of his achievement. According to her. So, that’s a fact. So, the historical record must be wrong. Sir Hilary hid out in a cave for 6 years, he was so shy… . Then, he was too embarrassed to admit he was so shy. SO! Just a little bashfulness adjustment.

  3. If they can erase the medieval warm period, the little ice age, the dust bowl years and the grant-threatening hiatus, then there is clearly nothing to fear about global warming, climate change or even extreme weather. A few keyboard clicks and poof – no problem. Let’s redirect our focus to some real problems that can’t be wished away in the fantasy digital world of climate science.

  4. The past was cooler than we remember, the present is warmer than it feels, and the future will be boiling.

  5. This reminds me of a Cheech and Chong skit…
    “Looks like it. Yeah ewwww”
    “Smells like it, aw yes..smells awful”
    “Taste?. Yuk yeah it tastes like it.”
    “Good thing we no step in it!”
    A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  6. Data and
    Evidence {CO2 UP. WARMING STOPPED}… but,
    Accepts a

  7. It stands for what Warmunists will say once the jig is up:

  8. D.E.N.I.A.L. is the method used for re calibrating old temperature data: Deciding Every Number Is Always Lower

    • Almost, but not every number. How about Definitely Earlier Number Is Adjusted Lower (or Is Extremely Reduced, for the other usage of the D word)

  9. Does no one else find it just a little self serving when you re-evaluate the raw data of a failing hypothesis and taa-daa the new data supports your hypothesis?
    Worse they are not in the least bit embarrassed and still have the balls to consider themselves scientists.

    • Does Everyone kNow I’m A Liar?
      Yes, yes I am taking liberties with norms, rules and standards but we are talking about the climate!

  10. Or we could just simply look up ‘projection’ in any dictionary …
    Digging Endlessly , Never Informing, Always, Lying.
    Picture of no particular Paris climate goon …
    (draws a rectangle with said ‘climate’ goon framed ….)
    (can’t afford the Court case (which is a really sad indictment of the state of ‘science’))

    • Good advice, Kim 🙂
      (For first language not = English readers: “lull” and “unwary” (if I understood her or him correctly).
      Re: if the spelling was intentional, the deep humor of “lulz” and “unwherey” — well, of COURSE it’s “deep,” if I don’t get it, lol — is beyond me.

  11. I concur with S.G. (See Goddard’s graph showing the ever widening different from GISS and one of the satellite data bases RSS).
    The cult of CAGW have unashamedly, unequivocally abandoned the scientific method. The cult of CAGW have now moved to complete (100%) fabrication/data manipulation/adjustments to support the cult’s beliefs and agenda.
    The NOAA GISS super adjusted temperature data base has been adjusted and manipulated (dropping of rural temperature stations, dropping of high altitude stations, (3000 stations to 1000 stations) and then unexplained adjustment of past temperature data have been applied, up and down to increase the rate of rise) to produce a graph for propaganda purposes.
    GISS is the go to sciency temperature ‘graph’ for the cult of CAGW displays. It is now painfully obvious based on the difference of multiple independent satellite temperature data sources (the independent satellite data agree with each other and do not support the GISS sciency shenanigans) that GISS has been produced by D.E.N.D.I.A.L. to push/justify CAGW policy changes and to push green scams, with the unintentional consequences of mutually assured economic destruction.
    D_ Dopey
    E_ Excuses
    N_ A(N)D
    I_ Impossible
    A_ Analysis
    L_ Limited
    The climate wars are about to enter a new phase. There is now unequivocal observational evidence of high latitude cooling, both poles. Scary global cooling will get the attention of both the public and the media. Scary in your face global cooling is a game changer. In response to global cooling scientists, politicians, and media bellwethers will one by one abandon the cult of CAGW.
    P.S. The cult of CAGW had made a big deal concerning the past warming of the Greenland Ice sheet (unexplained amplification of AGW, the canary and so on). The cult of CAGW have ignored the fact that the majority of the AGW warming should (based on greenhouse gas theory and the general circulation models GCM) be in the tropics where there is the most amount of long wave radiation emitted to space prior to the rise in atmospheric CO2. There of course almost no warming in the tropics. All of the majority of the warming has been in high latitude regions.
    The cult of CAGW also ignored the fact that there are cycles of high latitude warming and cooling (both hemispheres that correlate with solar cycle changes) in the paleo record. The fact that there has been almost no warming in the tropics supports the assertion that the majority of the warming in the last 150 years was not due to AGW. As the solar cycle has been interrupted (which will be the biggest science story of the 21st century), if the past is a guide to future, the planet will cool. The question is how much and how fast. No need to speculate, as to what will happen next to planetary temperature, we can watch it unfold real time.

    • And thank you, Josh, for creating the delightful opportunity for some FUN (at the Climate Clowns’ (this data trick is REALLY low-brow — what a bunch of buffoons) expense)!

  12. When I was a boy I studied science in school – I had to show my work. When I got it wrong my teacher always let me go back and change the numbers on my work sheet to show how I got my answer. Eventually she would get impatient and just say “Never Mind” and give me an ‘F’. I see that I am not alone.

    • My chemistry teacher had us record data in our lab book. You could line through with one thin line IFF you had a recording error. ANY erasure was an automatic F grade, no matter what answer you got…
      The shinanigans of The Climate Clowns would have them ejected from the class with an indellible F grade.

      • Haha yah, some scientists that i work with have not heard of that. Also no data was allowed in pencil. The lab was returned with no mark and extra work was assigned. That was back in the 90s.

    • Some on here seem to be in D.E.N.I.A.L. Defining Every Number Ipcc As Lace.
      Well the clever ones do find a lot of holes in them!

    • Picture entered my head of the Nazi rallies circa 1934-45. So convinced they were right, they killed millions of innocent people, and the general population turned a blind eye. Are we headed down the same road again, I fear we may be.

  13. I am definately not in lockstep. But this time keeping on string is hard for me. I havent found a string that this applies.
    Just wondering if everyone missed the double volcano eruption that occurred on 4/22/15? The first was at 21:30UTC and it blasted again about 6hrs and 20min later. The eruptions were not large, but they did go high into the atmosphere.
    Just for the record, that double blast left a lasting impression on the barometric pressure readings all around the world. I received the impression on my instruments 32 hours later with twin dips (dropping of pressure) each lasting approximately 40 minutes.
    It may not be a major deal to be able to detect this event, but after reading up on some other erruptions and past studies and research, they have calculated the speed of the pressure wave of previous volcanic eruptions. Just wonder if it has been done on this one too. I’m assuming the information is important for the calculations of the feedbacks used when a climate model attempts to compensate for the semi-diurnal oscillations.

  14. Doesn’t
    Needlessly, (or Nefariously,)

  15. Deserts Entail New Irradiation Adjustment Line
    Depress Early Numbers Increase Accepted Levels
    Droll Excuses Never Impress Aware Lecturers
    Distorting Every Number Indicates Activist Lurking

  16. Hmmm…what about:
    (D)endroclimatology (E)-mails (N)eeded (I)nvestigation (A)t (L)ength

  17. In the United States under Obama, D.E.N. I.A.L. stands for:

  18. Didn’t Even Note It At Langley
    “We closed down the climate nonsense department ages ago.”

    • lol. Don’t let the Enviroprofiteers (who now pull some hefty strings, attached to the blades of their windmills which they CAN make turn… using coal-powered electricity) hear you… or it will be:
      (however… “The truth WILL set {U.S.} free.” — in the end. #:))
      Don’t laugh. Would you EVER have thought NASA would be instructed to make “Muslim self-esteem” a priority target? Well, I would not.

  19. The cult has no other options but to fabricate, manipulate and lie like crazy.
    They invested the entirety of their credibility and political capital leaving them out on a limb
    hanging over an abyss.

  20. I think in a strategic move Global Warming has moved into a temporary defensive position where it can more easily defend itself from sneaky denialist attacks. In the Army we call this position a laager. With tanks it’s a circle with all guns pointing out. Hmm. Laager reminds me of lager. Goodnight.

  21. Haven’t seen this even mentioned on the MSM and I started wondering why. I just realized why, and it is kind of funny.
    If they just reported that the missing warming had been found, the story wouldn’t make any sense.
    They would have to begin by explaining that the warming had been missing for the last 18 years or so first.
    But if they reported THAT, then everything they’ve reported previously about the world warming up (perhaps “reported” is the wrong word…how about “droned on about” instead?) would instantly be exposed as false.
    Even a child would have to say wait… they’ve been telling me my whole life it was warming but they knew it wasn’t, except now they’ve changed their minds and it is? Were they lying before or are they lying now?

    • emsnews,
      Hey, I hope it stops freezing in the Adirondack Mtns ’cause I am heading there in a couple weeks to stay at our lake cabin for a couple of months.

  22. This is a war based on public perception. Not on sophisticated and nuanced science.
    The sooner the skeptical science community gets real and fights this PR war using the same simplistic PR press releases as the warmists, the sooner the battle will become more of a level playing field.

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