The Caribbean Climate Summit – for people who can't wait until Paris

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Nobody seems to mind, if a “Green” clocks up a lot of air miles.

TeleSur reports that the French President visited the beautiful island of Martinique on Saturday, to chair the Caribbean climate summit.

According to TeleSur;

The Caribbean Climate 2015 summit will be held on the French Overseas Territory of Martinique.

The Summit will deal with preparations and mobilization for UN Climate Change talks, to be held in Paris, France, in December 2015.

Saturday’s event will highlight the unique challenges faced by small island states in the Caribbean, as they seek to address issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Read more:

Of course, if you missed Saturday’s Caribbean summit, there are plenty of other opportunities to contribute to taxpayer funded efforts to combat climate change.

There might still be time to book a place at the 84th meeting of the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) board in Bonn, Germany, 25 – 28th May. The CDM supervises the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism. The Kyoto treaty is now defunct, sort of, but that doesn’t seemed to have stopped the board from scheduling regular meetings.

The 2nd – 4th of June sees the meeting of the CDM accreditation panel. Even though the Kyoto CDM is kindof defunct, they still have funding to promote and accredit schemes which comply with the CDM.

Can’t make it to the CDM events? Don’t worry, there is always the Bonn Climate Change Conference in June (1st – 11th). Since the Bonn conference is in the same city, I guess you can probably commute between the CDM accreditation panel and the climate conference, if you are so minded.

And there are plenty of more events in the CDM schedule – for example, the 67th meeting of the CDM Meth panel on 15 – 19th June, the 48th Meeting of the CDM Small-Scale Working Group 22nd to 25th June, the 85th Meeting of the CDM Executive Board Meeting in July, etc, etc. Not bad for an organisation whose fiscal authority kindof expired a few years ago.

If you are quick, you might also make it to the 29th June event in New York.

Then there is the Common Future summit in Paris in July 7th – 10th, though you need to be quick, early bird registration closes in a few weeks.

This is followed by the World Engineers Summit on Climate Change in Singapore, 21st – 24th July.

July sees another opportunity to visit South America – Hands-on training workshop for the Latin American and Caribbean region on vulnerability and adaptation assessment, from 27th July to 31st July.

Naturally the events I have listed are just a few of the highlights in the couple of months. For a more comprehensive list of the events and conferences our climate heroes will attend, in the lead up to the Paris COP21 event, check out the UNFCC calendar. The calendar only lists the major events – there are undoubtably hundreds, perhaps thousands of smaller events and green travel opportunities, for climate functionaries who haven’t quite made it to the big league.

93 thoughts on “The Caribbean Climate Summit – for people who can't wait until Paris

  1. I suppose it gives Francois Hollande something to do since he has given up trying to sort out the French economy.

    • He has scheduled already to SAVE THE WORLD from the AGW during the COP21 conference.
      That’s a much bigger deal than boosting the starving french economy and reducing by a half the unemployment.

      • Unfortunately, that’s it. Hollande failed in every respect to reduce unemployment and boost starving economy. Happily, as sometimes happens with idiots, he was lucky enough that terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo took place in January and offered him the opportunity to claim he is going to “save France from terrorism” and now the forthcoming COP21 offers him the opportunity to claim he is going “save the world from climate change disaster”.
        That’s probably enough to make him reelected in 2017. The French are possibly stupid enough to do so.

      • Ah, why not. Here in the UK we elected a majority Tory government because they promised to save England from the Scots! #sarc

      • He could improve the French economy by telling the Americans what to do with their stupid sanctions and fulfilling the contracts with Russia.

  2. Considering the number of British MPs and senior officials who have found it necessary to go on fact-finding missions in the Caribbean (usually during British winter), I would have thought that everything there is to know about the region would already have been known and planned for.
    But perhaps they need to check that nothing has changed.
    I notice that none of these important meetings are being held in places like South Shields or Detroit. Aren’t they affected by Climate Change?

    • Or Invercargill. (Once the home of the most southerly lamppost in the British Empire.)
      If there aren’t enough B&Bs, I’m sure the Kiwis could find some tents for the delegates.

  3. If at first you don’t succeed try,try, try, try, try, try again, again, again, again, again, again. If that doesn’t work try again.
    If I had as little success as them I would have given up but then I don’t have as much of my income balanced on this castle in the air.
    James Bull

  4. Is this where most of the billions spent on climate change is going? It sounds like a slush fund for hordes of bureaucrats and the well-connected that allows them to travel the world to negotiate meaningless agreements and “raise awareness” for climate change. I wonder how much is actually spent on climate science. I fear that the amount wasted on travel and overhead gives the Clinton Foundation’s 85-90 percent a close race. But at least the Clintons waste mostly private donations instead of government tax money.

    • I have now seen any numbers for the Clinton’s overhead as low as 90% of donations. The Washington Post has a recent article on that.
      As for ‘private’ donations, it seems the majority of donations are, one way or another, made at the expense of the populations of the countries from which they originate. It is quite possible the funds are private, I am willing to be convinced. Perhaps it will come clear during the investigation.

  5. Wait, there has been a mistake!!!!
    Change of venue !! The new location for the “Bean Feast i” it will be held on the 15 of January 2016 in Ulan Bartor ( Ulaanbaator ) (average temp. for January -40c ) Climate anyone?
    Your Dollars at work.

    • That’s why Caribbean is chosen. They may still remember Copenhagen 2009, where climate summit with Obama among others were near being trapped by snow.
      In Martinique they might be reasonably safe even against the most evil “gore effect”

  6. Not nearly enough ‘pollution’ coming out of those engines. You need to speak to your photoshop guy.

    • Sorry 🙂 – I was going for plastic and fake. My original thought was to do an animation of green planes flying across the world, slowly choking the world in their smog, but it would have taken too long to create.

      • It’s a pretty good image, bold, dramatic image, and vividly green, but for some reason, the top part of the engine housings are intersecting the wing’s leading edge.
        The very high quality of the jet’s appearance makes me think this is a 3d model where a few of the components are out of place, possibly the result of transit from one 3d format to another. It happens. The engines and their pylons need to be moved down on the z-axis.

      • say why couldn’t they limit their flying to solar powered planes? A meeting in Caribbean would then require about twelve weeks out of their schedule and a couple hundred of those goofing looking solar powered monstrosities (jobs always got to think about the jobs propaganda) Heaven forbid a tropical storm materializes while they are in route!

      • It took me over an hour before I suddenly realized I was on the wrong axis. Moving up & down is the y-axis, of course, and the engines/pylons look like they need to be moved down.

  7. Martinique is the only destination with the “exotic” factor. Mind you, NY is good for shopping I suppose…

  8. I’m surprised you’re surprised that there are meetings scheduled up to the big one in Paris. I think it’s called ‘preperation’ – maybe an attemp to avoid a Copenhagen-esque shambles.
    The Paris Agreement will, though, always end up being too little too late

      • I don’t move in the circles of the great and the good, Brother Eric, but from my bike saddle perspective that seems a splendid suggestion

      • “Shame nobody introduced the climate heroes to teleconferencing”
        Think of the bandwidth needed to carry that “payload”.
        Maybe the trips are secretly funded by Big Air?

      • I’m thinking about the frequent flyer miles, traveling to fun and exciting destinations, and burning lots of jet fuel.
        Teleconferencing is for wussies.

      • Wash out your mouth!
        Don’t you know bureaucrats just HAVE to travel to exotic places.
        I mean, somebody’s got to do it.

    • Village idiot, you’ve used a new noun: ‘preperation’
      [Sarc on] Is it from the verb prepeer, to get together with one’s peers in advance of?

      • “to get together with one’s peers in advance of?”
        Well Bob, Screwing over the taxpayers comes to mind first, it goes downhill from there.

      • I usually try to slip in a deliberate spelling mistake; I find they can be used in the same way as anti heat seeking missile flares by aircraft 😉

        Usually just one does the trick, though. Any more looks just showy

    • Skype? But that would mean no lovely first class flights to exotic locations.
      Computers powered by solar? Although that would mean you couldn’t have any all-night sessions to waffle and blather through whilst sucking on a Pina Colada.
      Village Idiot, why do you continue to be hoodwinked by this scam? The junketing Climerati are laughing at you acolytes.

    • Ahhh. How sweetly innocent you are Village idiot. Do you still get toothfairy money too? Get tucked in at night? Come home to warm cookies and cold milk?
      To be adult, no. Skeptics are not surprised about pre-meetings prior to meetings followed by post-meetings set in luxurious jet-to places.

    • Vill, (I really cannot call anyone Village idiot), could you tell us more about why you think that the proposals already made are “too little , too late “. As to “too late” , well we cannot wind back the clock , we are where we are – but ” too little?” We already know that the working families in the US , UK ,EU are committed to giving away 100s of billions of dollars annually . In addition Cameron is committed to virtually destroying British industry to implement the Climate Change Act. What more can we give?
      It would be useful to know what you would like to see come out of Paris . Not in terms of technology or scientific proposals , because you may yourself not be a working scientist and it would be unfair to ask but in terms of :
      A: the legislation that you would like to see and who would enact or enforce it
      B : the sums of money that you regard as necessary to alleviate the climate change threat that clearly concerns you .
      This is your opportunity to mount the soapbox , and a lot of us are seriously interested in knowing what the other side of the argument really think.

      • B : the sums of money that you regard as necessary to alleviate the climate change threat
        That one’s easy! ∞, of course!

  9. The cult of CAWG’s meetings and forced spending on green scams that do work (let’s say the EU and US mandated conversion of food to biofuel which damages the environment, increases the cost of food worldwide, will result in mass extinction of wildlife due to reduced habitat, and also does not significantly reduce CO2 emissions) are clearly a boondoogle.
    A boondoogle is a massive waste of money that does not solve or address a problem and whose primary reason for existence is that it creates cushy jobs for the participants.

    Boondoogle – Definition
    The term “boondoggle” may also be used to refer to protracted government or corporate projects involving large numbers of people and usually heavy expenditure, where at some point, the key operators, having realized that the project will never work, are still reluctant to bring this to the attention of their superiors. Generally there is an aspect of “going through the motions” – for example, continuing research and development – as long as funds are available to keep paying the researchers’ and executives’ salaries.
    The situation can be allowed to continue for what seems like unreasonably long periods, as senior management are often reluctant to admit that they allowed a failed project to go on for so long….

    The term arose from a 1935 New York Times report that more than $3 million had been spent on recreational activities for the jobless as part of the New Deal. Among these activities were crafts classes, where the production of “boon doggles,” described in the article as various utilitarian “gadgets” made with cloth or leather, were taught.[1] The term’s earlier definition is thought to have its origin in scouting, particularly in reference to a woggle.[2]

  10. Tomorrow I am flying to Spain, to take advantage of the warm climate, cheap booze and will continue to contribute to WUWT with my views on taxpayer funded scams. Speaking of which will HM Government pay my airfare?

  11. This merely reflects on what an ‘industry ‘ the whole CAGW thing has become . And sadly it shows how very hard it will be to bring it down , for one way and another their a lot of people whose profession , if not ideology, is tied into keeping this gravy train on the tracks .

  12. Important bureaucrats should obviously be exempt from considerations like carbon footprints, unlike us lesser mortals.
    ‘Important’? Make that ‘pointless and expensive’.
    ‘Us lesser mortals’? Make that ‘we, who pay the taxes, who pay for these pointless and expensive bureaucrats’.

  13. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Flying around the world burning jet fuel, using other people’s money to tell them their planet is frying.
    The hypocritical world of the climate change progressive elite on show at a capital city near you!

    • Same in FNQ Tom, all the climate refugee we have to accommodate each winter are becoming a problem, cannot contain them behind barbed wire fences, they clog up the Leagues club and the RSL every night, they stroll around town in sandals and shorts when the rest of the population is wearing skivvies and jumpers, and they wonder why we live in such a hot climate………..I tell you is not good………….

  14. I understand there’s an additional summit in Reno, Nevada, just outside the Mustang Ranch. This summit will determine how climate change affects prostitution. Speaking of Nevada, I understand there’s an additional summit in Las Vegas to determine how climate change affects gambling. Right next door there’s a vineyard tour in the Napa valley to determine how climate change affects wine production. Close by, there’s going to be a summit in Idaho to determine how climate change affects the ski industry. But, don’t worry if you miss it because there’ll be another summit in Aspen, Colorado. And, don’t worry if you miss that one too, because there’s still another one in Switzerland to study the ski impacts – very important. And, returning to Colorado, there’s an additional summit to determine the climate change impacts on the marijuana industry. Speaking of intoxicants, there’s going to be a tour of Scotland’s single malt distilleries to determine climate change’s impact on Scotch. Prefer a climate change summit in warmer climates? Well, there’s a climate change summit in Bonaire to determine climate change impacts on scuba diving. Don’t worry if you miss it, there’s another one in Aruba. There’s also a climate change summit in Jamaica to study its impact on Blue Mountain coffee. Speaking of coffee there’s another summit in Hawaii to study the impact on Kona coffee. Wanna’ go to Hawaii but can’t make that summit? There’s an additional summit there to study climate change impacts on surfing. Additionally, there’s a summit in Tahiti to study the impacts of climate change on Palm trees, and white sand beaches. There’s one more summit concerning white sand beaches but this one’s in Rio de Janeiro. That’s because this summit is additionally concerned with the impact of climate change on thong bikinis. Finally, France will be reintroducing the Concorde so these summits can all be squeezed in in time.

    • @Tom J
      They used to say, “There’s an app for that.”
      Now it appears to be, “There’s a summit for that.”
      “Summit” sounds soooo much more important than total-waste-of-taxpayer’s-money, don’t cha think?

  15. All future climate meeting should be held in the rapidly warming arctic, in January, in tents. They can observe the melt firsthand. Meeting there will reduce the number of conference attendees, and give some folks a chance to enjoy the last days of a cold arctic, it would also offer a new food source to the soon to be starving Polar bears. [trimmed]

  16. Saturday’s event will highlight the unique challenges faced by small island states in the Caribbean, as they seek to address issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation .

    how best to extract the maximum amount of dough from wealthier countries, using just the right amount of faux shaming, crocodile tears, hissy fits and tantrums.
    There, fixed it for ’em.

  17. The two greatest threats of our time.
    (not necessarily in order)
    The Fraud of Global Warming
    Islam is a Religion of Peace
    Hollande has all but struck out…..

    • On the first they want to have laws that treat skeptics as criminals, and on the second, that could be construed as ‘hate speech’ which is a criminal offense.

  18. Perhaps St Pierre would be a good venue to observe climate change induced volcanism.

  19. It’s a tough gig trying to save the world. I don’t envy them the endless travel and the constant jetlag. They are absolute heroes and should have all their expenses paid by someone. What amazing stamina and determination. I couldn’t possibly keep up. I worship them and I am sure the planet does too.

    • Alex… the participants would not get the sarcasm. I’m sure they’d sincerely thank you for understanding their sacrifice, a heavy burden, but all well worth it to save the planet. Well, all except for the sociopaths who are just playing us for suckers.

  20. Where do we sign up for the carbon credits for all the conferences we planned to go to but didn’t?
    BC prices carbon at $30/ton. That is something like $300 of carbon credits for every 1000 kilometers of air travel not taken. $12,000 worth of carbon credits for a flight not taken around round the world.
    Given the number of Climate Conferences I’d planned to go to, but didn’t to help save the planet, I likely wracked up close to $100,000 in carbon credits over the past year alone. Maybe a lot more,
    I see a huge growth industry where people of all ages and persuasions can sign up for trips and then not take them. Round the world airline ticket are currently selling for well under $2000, so that still leaves more than $10,000 in carbon profit for round the world trips bought but not taken. Even more if the air-tickets are refundable.
    And why limit yourself to not taking just a single round the world trip? Each of us could probably squeeze a dozen of so of these trips not taken into our busy schedules. With careful planning we could entirely eliminate our boring day-to-day jobs and embark on an exciting, full time career of not going anywhere. Just think of how much you could help the planet by doing nothing.

  21. Hey, I know – they could hold the summit underwater communicating with hand signals, and using waterproof documents and pens to highlight what “could” happen if an agreement isn’t reached. It would be awesome.
    Oh, wait.

      • Could be some significant cold weather in Paris.
        Isn’t Paris at a similar latitude as Montreal?
        It’ll be December and Al Gore will most likely be there increasing the chance of nasty weather.

  22. The Empire of the Greys.
    Bureaucracy will expand to absorb every resource available, then expand its reach to consume ever more.
    Always here to help…. some one or some thing.. yet always helping only its endless growth.
    The UN is bureaucracy.
    Useless at performing its stated aim.
    With and endless hunger for power and wealth.
    Actions speak, name one crisis the UN has not prolonged, encouraged and then demanded more money on behalf of.

    • ..dont worry I am thinking……………. It must be Alzheimer, I cannot remember any. I do remember that they have talked a lot about various wars and crisis, genocides and pillages, they have definitely admonished a lot of dictators and mass killers, I do know for a fact that there are countless resolution of condemnation for certain individuals and countries with very stern words used, not as stern as some countries wanted just in case a bigger country got it’s nose out of joint and ended up bombing the hell out of the UN. I do know that they are an organization that is very costly to run, a lot of many has to be paid by all the countries in the world to be part of this prestigious and useful organization. ..and pigs will fly!!

  23. I understand an unnamed UN official was organizing a summit to determine the carbon footprints of the events and conferences held in the lead up to the Paris COP21 event. Apparently this official felt that all these vacations…er, summits, were hypocritical and unnecessarily contributing CO2 to the atmosphere and should be cancelled. However, this UN official’s summit itself has been cancelled due to his tragic, and untimely death. Apparently he died in an unexplained single vehicle accident. His cochair, who vowed to continue the summit also died shortly afterwards. Apparently he killed himself. No suicide note was left, and his family was shocked since he was in generally good spirits. Additionally, the firstborn sons of the official and cochair have been missing ever since their deaths. And, allegations have surfaced that the UN official and cochair’s secretary has been involved in an extramarital affair and has resigned as a result. In memory, and to show deepest respect to the foregoing officials the UN has permanently cancelled any further summits concerning carbon footprints of UN activities.
    I guess I better put a sarc tag here.

  24. Tax payer funded group hugs.
    The problem is that the louder skepticism becomes and the more climate is out of line with models the more these followers need their hugs, the group reinforcing each other’s belief that they are right and the rest is wrong.
    I kind of imagine them standing around in a big circle, hands around each others shoulders with a CO2 emitting candle, or 50, in the middle of the circle (gives more atmosphere and warmth then a little solar powered LED).
    Chanting away, singing their hymns. Now and then the lead singer calls for a different chant and the whole lot goes from CCS to polar bears, only to break for feeding frenzies, back to solar (sitting on the beach) and wind ( as a result from the feeding).
    In the end there will be a carefully contrived statement that basically means: This was soooo much fun, we need another taxpayer funded group hug in 4 weeks.
    Despite everything they say about skeptics, they don’t want it to stop as it would mean the end of their junkets.

  25. …and all of this travel has been achieved without releasing any more CO2, all method of transport used are powered by solar and wind energy! A new “secret ” green machine: you start up on solar, as the vehicle gains speed you switch to the windmill on the roof and you have plenty of power. Obviously there are no batteries in the vehicle, too much CO2 has to be used in the production of them! Morons!!

  26. “I see now in Paris, to stop the climate from changing,
    The politicians another jamboree are arranging.
    Plenty of delegates our governments I’m sure they’ll be sending;
    Loads of taxpayer’s money I’m sure they’ll be spending.
    The mysteries of climate they’ll pretend to unravel;
    (Loads of CO2 emissions as the free-loaders travel)
    There’s no chance of success, as the blind lead the blind,
    Mother Nature’s secrets the politicians won’t find……
    Read more:

  27. The day these jackals – I prefer to use a different word, really – decide to PROVE they believe in carbon based global warming by holding all these meetings via a form of “go to meeting” or some teleconference of that nature, that will be the first day I believe THEY believe what they are saying. As long as they “jet away” to exotic conference after exotic conference, I know they KNOW they are playing a game designed to create world government.

  28. Martinique is nice, bright, sunny and warm. In Paris it will be bleak, cold, overcast and depressing. Global Warming Anyone>

  29. Generally, I would say that those climate summits are a good opportunity for the scientist to mention their latest thesis and projects on climate change. Still, when it comes to politics, I have a different approach. Every time I see a politician talking about the climate, I become a bit skeptic: what does he want? is he really interested in the climate? Usually, they have a hidden agenda, which is, often, more important than their public one. So, I prefer to take my information from useful sites with debates,, like this one, or from some other sites which try to explain the climate changes and which are the major events that have triggered the climate changes. For example, there are some interesting aspects on

    Anthony, FYI the skeptical French blog is having a climathon each week to honor the most idiotic statement made by a well known public figure, leading to the COP 21. French President Hollande, IPCC Jean Jouzel have been multiple winners of this weekly context.

  31. I must point that a French mathematician, Benoît Rittaud, implemented a weekly contest seeking the author of the most outrageous climate BS, and guess what ? The winner of this week is… François Hollande ! See

  32. That tells us all. climate conferences are about jollies to fabulous places and nothing else. Paris is too cold and crowded for the likes of climate scientists and are far too pleb compared to what they not consider their right.

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