UN: We should switch to eating insects

Fly and beetle larvae on 5-day old corpse of South African Porcupine (Hystrix africaeaustralis), Honeydew, Gauteng, author Paul Venter, source Wikimedia

Fly and beetle larvae on 5-day old corpse of South African Porcupine (Hystrix africaeaustralis), Honeydew, Gauteng, author Paul Venter, source Wikimedia

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan has suggested in an interview with The Guardian, that people should switch to eating insects, to reduce the need for traditional cattle farming.

According to The Guardian;

Should we be encouraged to reduce their meat consumption?

The global livestock industry is indeed a major threat to the climate as it represents 14.5% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A growing population and a rapidly growing middle class are increasing pressure on the traditional protein sources, beef and poultry meat, making it more difficult to meet demand. We cannot continue the way we are producing and consuming meat. Obviously, this should not go as far as governments telling people what to eat. However, keeping meat consumption to levels recommended by health authorities would lower emissions and reduce heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. And of course there are alternative sources of protein. For example, raising insects as an animal protein source. Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat. They make up part of the diet of two billion people and are commonly eaten in many parts of the world. Eating insects is good for the environment and balanced diets.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/may/03/kofi-annan-interview-climate-change-paris-summit-sceptics

It is nice to know the UN has a plan, to ensure we all have something to eat, after they decommission the world’s fossil fuel infrastructure.

166 thoughts on “UN: We should switch to eating insects

    • And I assume that Kofi and friends are going to be the first to line up for those Beetle Burgers?

      • If you have been to places in the Far East, you see insect food at the markets and along the streets. But I have never seen a MacBeetle Burger for sale. There’s a thought, maybe they might taste better than the beef patties they use.

      • That’s precisely the bottom line, Aussiebear .
        When the leaders of the first world live on a diet of insects and when, following their lead, the citizens of the first world live on a diet based on insects, then they would be in a position to tell the world to eat the freaking insects.
        While these fools tell their private chefs to “upgrade” their menus, I suggest halting the burning food for fuel in the first world and providing developing countries with the infrastructure to produce energy as cheap as the one the first world has.

      • I sure hope so and I want to see a video of them practicing what they preach too. Otherwise they are jsut hypocrites.

    • OMG I can see it now. The meat tax is coming, and insect subsidies. Should I meet Kofi I will surely need to feed him some insects. Perhaps some live red ants. While I dine on a nice thick filet mignon.

      • The tax is already in Australia and it’s called Halal. I think it goes to the ISIS fighting fund. 😉

    • I volunteer the UN to go first. They should all have to eat bugs, and their vending machines should only sell roaches and worms.

  1. This would be an interesting dietary supplement for most Americans. Including me. But it is an interesting idea.

    • Termites release more CH4 than all of human activity put together. It’s a non-issue as CH4 oxidizes to CO2 rather quickly. This is just another rich person thinking of solutions to a non-problem.

  2. @Marcos

    dont insects produce 3x the CO2 that humans do?

    Good reason to eat them…?

  3. This is where they get me questioning. That one can measure “The global livestock industry is indeed a major threat to the climate as it represents 14.5% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions “. 14.5%??? No one can convince me that anyone can measure all the livestock on this huge planet to that that kind of precision.

    • I dispute these figures. I can say without even pulling out my calculator that it is wildly inflated.
      The man is certifiable.

      • Surely the figure for animal green house gas emission is hugely inflatulated?

    • Prior to the arrival, the estimated population of buffaloes (bisons) was 50 million to 75 million. Did they produce methane and CO2? Yes. Now there are just a few 100’000 left. Do they produce less methane and CO2? Yes. So livestock may just be a compensation.

    • Even accepting that figure as true, would like to see the figure as per cent of total CO2 in the atmosphere, and as per cent of total atmosphere. Kofi and his ilk would never present those figures because it would make them and their claims look stupid.
      Being stupid and sounding smart is what is now considered leadership, which historically will eventually be recorded as the era of “When the stupids were in charge”

  4. Deep fried insects are supposed to be “fun” to eat where I live – personally? I am further UP the food chain…

      • That’s the French. Around 1100 that area suffered major famines. Their culinary arts have never recovered. Give me pizza any day.

      • “…suffered major famines. Their culinary arts have never recovered”
        Silly, but I often ponder; just who was the first person to try and eat certain things.
        Something like octopus, crabs, lobster, snails, etc. That must have been one hungry guy. (and/or woman, Ms Moore). Now they want to throw insects into the mix (Hmm, insect Chex Mix, maybe?)
        Are things really that bad and we First Worlders don’t have a clue, or is this all for effect? It’s certainly makes good crisis marketing material.

  5. I think we ought to switch to cannibalism and start eating, Liberals, Progressives, Marxists, and journalists.

  6. I’ll wait to observe the Guardian writers chow down on some bugs. They’re the ones who write:
    The global livestock industry is indeed a major threat to the climate…
    Surely they would want to set a good example. Wouldn’t they?

  7. Up here we have an abundance of sea bugs. Lobsters. The season got delayed due to sea ice.

  8. As an American, i can only see this as an introduction to French cuisine in preparation for the paris summit.

  9. So just where the hell is this pile of insects that we are to eat ?
    I mean, they must be piling up somewhere, unless of course something else is eating them now.
    Naw, there couldn’t be birds and small animals eating those insects could there ? What about the bats; don’t they eat insects ?
    What would happen to all those other animals (and plants too, that eat insects now, what would they eat if we eat the insects.
    Would it go like the game fishes and food fishes in the ocean, that are extincticating, because we turn all the bait fishes in Omega 3 and 6 yuppie oils ??
    I dunno : we could be messing around with something we just don’t understand.
    I wonder if they taste just like chickin. Do Madagascar hissing cockroaches taste like chickin ?
    If you try them, could you let us know.

  10. Insect farming certainly appears to be viable.
    As a means of reducing CO2 emissions, I’m not so sure that it’s viable, particularly given that cattle are CO2-neutral (http://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/news/agriculture/agribusiness/general-news/climate-breakthrough-cattle-carbon-neutral/1681718.aspx) or reduce CO2 (http://www.theland.com.au/news/agriculture/cattle/general-news/us-grasslands-carbon-neutral/1840920.aspx).
    Anyone wanting to farm grasshoppers will need to make sure that no spiders can get in …
    … or the grasshoppers will start emitting CO2!

  11. Namibian Brahman beef cattle reach 1,200 kg in desert conditions

    Something…. money, most likely…. is behind this weirdness….
    {Aside: Is it the soy/tofu industry? “Oh, so ya don’t wanna eat bugs, do ya? (hyuck, hyuck) Well, here, then. Buy our tofu — it tastes like…. uh… {shake-shake-shakety shake — dumping chicken flavoring on…} CHICKEN! (ghastly grin).”}
    No one is going to eat bugs instead of beef. If the statists manage to regulate beef out of the meat market, there is chicken …. fish…. wild game….
    The only people eating bugs instead of beef (or what food they could have bought with the profits from selling beef products) will be those who were eating bugs before their cattle were stolen (call it what it is) from them:
    poor Africans.
    Kofi and his statist cronies (just take a little tour of his foundation’s site for evidence here: http://kofiannanfoundation.org/ ) care about the poor — NOT.

  12. Good news from New Zealand! Our scientists have identified several compounds which reduce methane emissions in ruminants by up to 90%. They confidently expect to have a product ready within 5 years. Surprisingly the political left, who hope to make NZ ag the most highly taxed industry in the world, did not react to this breakthrough with joy. That ‘problem’ was never meant to be solved.

    • This reminds me of environmentalists who don’t want safe and effective disposal of nuclear waste. I remember posting on Usenet about the idea of dumping vitrified nuclear waste down a depleted oil well into a salt dome, then filling the borehole with concrete. An anti-nuker followed-up that this would be unacceptable, because the waste has to be monitorable and retrievable.

      • I kind of like the idea of burying the stuff in oceanic crust which is being subducted.

      • One of these days we are going to come to our senses and start recycling the stuff instead of throwing it away.

  13. future headline….
    Scientists discover insect farming destroying the planet…
    …film at 11

  14. You first, Kofi. Show us plebeians how it’s supposed to be done. Be sure to send plenty of pictures.

  15. Throw another maggot on the barbecue ?
    Your meal doesn’t have to be maggot on a stick but dried pulverised maggots could be used as protein supplements in a lot of products …..though we already use soy for the same thing.

    • “…dried pulverised maggots could be used as protein supplements in a lot of products”
      Yea, I love hotdogs too. Tube steaks on a stick over on open fire, the best!

  16. Well, lobsters, crabs and shrimp are arthropoda – the same family as insects. I could go a long time on a sacrifice like that. They’re not going to tell us what insects we have to eat are they? In Nigeria 50 years ago, I did eat some deep fried termites. I was invited to a wedding and these little critters were offered around as appetizers- it was traditional and one didn’t want to be impolite at such a happy gathering. I didn’t go out of my way to saver them – a crunch and washed down with a drink.
    Before the rainy season, the termites fly out of the ground in clouds and the locals hang a lantern on a branch with a large pan of water underneath to catch the critters attracted to the light at night. Their wings fall off in a short time after leaving the ground. I also ate a grasshopper in Sweden at a student party – they had cans of these dried out little delicacies. Anyway, I’ve stuck to domestic meats, game, fish and fowl since. I did swallow a lot of black flies involuntarily in northern Canada on geological surveys.

    • With 40+ years of motorcycling I have ingested more than my share of bugs, so no thank you on the insect tray as it passes by.

      • At work on a water treatment site there are huge swarms of flies at this time of year so the golden rule is “Keep your mouth shut if you don’t want a snack”.
        I’m sure I’ve ingested loads already and there will probably more in the future and they haven’t killed me yet, although I haven’t tried this method of getting rid of the fly.

        James Bull

  17. In return for Mr. Annan’s kind thoughts regarding my, and everyone else’s, dining choices, I am going to respond in kind and invite, no…INSIST that Mr. Annan immediately take the lead on this wonderful plan of his. Furthermore, I will forthwith adopt his apparently (in his mind at least) appropriate initiative to plan other peoples lives, and not only call for him to immediately take the lead in adopting an insects only diet, but I will plan his meals for him as well.
    For breakfast each and every day, Mr. Annan will dine sumptuously on cold maggot paste (which he can use to brush his teeth as well), which he can spread on his cockroach castings-flour brioche.
    He may wash that down with a large glass of blowfly squeezings.
    For lunch, he can choose between a second breakfast, or just keep it simple with a on-the-go helping of fermented dung beetles with a spider-web slurry seasoning, and nice bed bug and flea parfait.
    I will have to plan his dinner later, as I am becoming quite suddenly hungry myself.
    I am having steak, a fresh garden salad, and an olive oil vinaigrette. Crispy chicken wing appetizer, and fresh homemade ice cream (strawberry) for desert.
    He can thank me later, after I get back from buying a pair of the biggest steel toed boots I can find, with which to kick some old mountain goat of a disgusting busybody right in his rude @$$

  18. That is ridiculous. How does he expect people to get enough insects for a day’s meal. Does he expect everyone to run around in the forest all day pecking on trees like birds? Or is he expecting people to farm insects? Did he do his scientific calculation that the amount of energy ( and feed ) needed to farm insects for consumption is lower than that needed to farm cattle? So we raise plants and carcasses to feed the insects that we eat.

  19. Why is it that these alarmists always propose a cure that is worse than the disease?

      • I can’t think of any other logical reason for them to try to make things worse than anything nature is likely to do, can you? The dead giveaway is that they are unwilling to do these things themselves.

    • Fen’s Law:
      The Left believes none of the things they lecture the rest of us about.
      There’s no way the UN/IPCC delegates are gonna chow down on bugs.

  20. My suggestion: let them start by eating the mosquitos that spoil my summer evenings outside
    At least they would be doing something of value for once

  21. I suspect this was based on ground breaking WHO work in South East Asia. There were communities with no meat, no protein source. It was noticed in some villages that the children were doing well, and others, the children were dying from malnutrition. The difference was the healthy villages were eating insects collected in the rice paddies. Excellent study. Well worth the read. However, in my country, it would be difficult to grow enough insects in many areas (it’s dry like Namibia).
    I have been watching since as the news has spread, and now the pressure is on for the rich (read Western nations) to eat insects. Nothing wrong with that, it will come, but eliminating beef???? You’re kidding.
    The issue I have with this is that if raising animals for meat causes CO2, what about the wild animals like kangaroos, monkeys, giraffes. By logical extension, as wild animals produce prodigious quantities of CO2 and methane, they should also be eliminated. The birds, possums, snakes, lizards in my back yard all have to be cleared out. Then you can go further, decaying plant matter produces CO2 and in some situations methane…….
    Normal Green lunacy

  22. Novel idea time:
    All food served at UN functions from here on out must be wholly bugs. Lets see how long that idea lasts when it is they who have to eat their own ideas.

    • Great plan! They should ask French chefs to get started planning only insect meals for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. That might lower attendance.

  23. Proposing eating insects is goofy.
    The environmentalists/cult of CAWG have picked the wrong bogie man (climate change), to push as they have done zero actual research into the issues. They do not know what is or is not a problem and they do not know what are the solutions to the problems.
    There is a more than two fold reduction in agricultural land and agricultural inputs, to grow fruits and vegetables that are consumed directly by people, rather than growing feedstock for livestock which is then consumed by people.
    The number one factor for extinction of wildlife is habitat reduction, not ‘climate’ change.
    What the environmentalists should be pushing, is what the health care agencies of every developed country are pushing:
    A drastic reduction in meat consumption (reduction to multiple meatless days per week and a maximum meat consumption per day of no more than one card deck size portion on the meat days) and an almost complete elimination of sugary food/sugary drinks and a switch to the consumption of 5 vegetables and 2 fruits per day, as it is win-win.
    That change in diet to a ‘Mediterranean’ diet/similar to the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and so on traditional diets has astonishing health benefits and significant real environmental benefits. Changing the majority of people’s diet would half the amount of agricultural land that is required to feed the developed countries and would reduce health care costs by 50% to 60% and would stop the increase in health care costs. US health care costs are now 18% of GDP, the highest of all developed countries.
    The diet change and an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption reduces the risk of the most common cancers by a factor of four to five, reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes by a factor of five, reduces the incidence of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis by 50%, and will eliminate almost all weight problems. Study after study looking at how diet affects health confirms that assertion and new studies are working out the biochemistry and biological reasons why that is true.

    The researchers worked out what effect fruit and vegetable intake had on the respondents’ risk of death. They found that people who ate at least seven portions a day had a 42% lower risk of death from all causes.
    But the findings of the new study are so persuasive, that the authors are pushing for the UK Department of Health to rethink their recommended intake of five-a-day.
    “We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is healthy, but the size of the effect is staggering,” says lead author Dr. Oyinlola Oyebode, of UCL’s Department of Epidemiology & Public Health.

    • I would take all of that with a large grain of salt. From what I have seen in the news lately about fraud in medical studies, they could teach climatologists a thing of two about achieving the desired results. I wonder how much CO2 those herds of Buffalo that “darkened the plains” produced before we replaced them with a few less cattle?

    • “The diet change and an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption reduces the risk of the most common cancers by a factor of four to five, reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes by a factor of five, …”
      You’ve got to believe that epidemiology is an exact science to believe this!

      From http://acsh.org/2010/04/dispatch-vegetables-and-cancer/
      “The popular wisdom dictates that eating vegetables prevents cancer, but here is one very large study saying that might not be the case,” says Stier. “But somehow, I doubt this will be in headlines on the news tonight.”

      From http://acsh.org/2014/04/diet-cancer-little-evidence-direct-link/
      “As described by George Johnson in his essay in the New York Times — aptly titled “An Apple a Day and Other Myths” — the gap between science and wishful thinking is still present, and isn’t likely to close soon. Reporting on the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Mr. Johnson noted the dearth of presentations linking dietary intake and cancer prevention. In 1997, by contrast, the AACR reviewed over 4,000 studies and concluded in a massive report that green vegetables helped prevent lung and stomach cancer. Ten years later, the AACR found no benefit for such intake.”

  24. “The global livestock industry is indeed a major threat to the climate”
    Have some patience! I’m trying to eat them as fast as I can.
    But I have to wonder, do these people think that there are no other plant eating bacteria that produce GHGs other than in cow’s stomachs? If the grass and other plants eaten by cows are left in the fields, what happens to it? Won’t it either decompose or get burned by fire and release GHGs anyway? Do they propose to spray everything with Roundup to prevent all the plants and weeds that cows eat from growing? Besides, the cows are not eating coal or other forms of sequestered CO2. They eat renewable plants. I thought that was okay. The methane breaks down into water and CO2, which gets taken up by future crops of cattle feed. It’s the cycle of life.

    • You actually hit the nail on the head with your very last sentence, cycle of life. This is what they are really after to destroy, life, well most unwanted human life that is, of course they need x amount of slaves to do their bidding, like making them nice beef steaks.

  25. Kofi Annan will have to “rip the ribeye steak out of my cold dead hands” (Kudos to Charlton of course).
    If we were meant to eat bugs why do we have canine teeth ?
    I have some suggestions for exactly what Kofi can eat; (snip, snip, snip and more snip).
    Cheers, KevinK.

    • let them lead by example, we await the example they set.
      as committed believers of their words they will adopt this immediately. the biggest problem will be getting airline to support their diets in first class where they always fly.
      what sort of fools and idiot do they think we are. and what fools and idiots they continue to look like.

  26. If humans were not meant to eat meat, vegetarians would have never invented foods designed to taste like meat. It would taste like…hmmm…a cross between brussel sprouts, hubbard squash, and lima beans.

  27. “Let them eat….bugs…” ~Queen Marie Antoinette
    (I’m familiar with history, so no lectures on this phrase’s origin, please)

  28. Life is not looking like its going to be much fun for the insects in Canada in around 7 to 10 days time.
    Just checked out the jet stream forecast and it looks like its setting up for a real blast of cold air to go streaming right across Canada and into the northern Atlantic. So its looking like winter has not quite finished with Canada just yet. Also with this cold air moving into the northern Atlantic it could setting the UK up for some very stormy weather in 10 to 14 days time. This is one l will be watching closely.

    • Fruit blossom out at the moment here in Cheshire , but no insects due to the cold, wet, windy weather – could be a bad year for fruit here . Difficult to reconcile with this being the warmest period of this country’s recent history.

  29. I am so sick of the disconnect in the idiotic cattle farts cause global warming. What these zarking cretins fail to recall is that, up until about 1900 there were about 60 MILLION North American bison roaming and farting their way – and that was just plains bison. Considering that African cattle displaced wildebeast and other even-toed ungulates, and ditto other places, the world is no worse off than in its natural state in terms of bovine flatulence.

  30. somebody commented that the estimates of domestic animal populations can’t be terribly accurate (since to have any idea of CO2 at all this would also need to include age, size, health etc. same must be true of wild ungulates) so how does anybody come up with a number that is anything but a wild ass guess within wide “error bars”. Sounds like a job for Mikey Mann!

  31. What a fun town- OKC. What a day. Nobody paid any attention to the 5 or 6 quakes, today. They’re routine. This 7+ inches of rain with over 3 1/2″ in the past hour is a pain. Might not have been too bad, but it rained all night and the ground is saturated. The Interstates are flooded, with over a foot depths at underpasses and widespread flooding all over the place. The hail isn’t helping anything and I do wish they’d quit blowing that damn tornado siren every 5 minutes. We get it- it’s awful. I know we have now had maybe a dozen tornadoes, this evening, but what can you do? Certainly can’t drive to evacuate. Just ride it out. Vehicles are getting washed down the creeks and rivers. What a day. The weatherman just said it’s gonna get worse before it gets better and the current tornado is stationary and just grinding away.
    Not sure how it can get worse- maybe we’re due for a volcano, tomorrow. Or raining frogs.
    Maybe the skies will be darkened with locusts. “It’s what’s for dinner.”

    • We’ve now had 6+” rain in past 2 hours. On top of all we’ve had in past 24 hrs. The drought might be ending…

      • Might not have to eat bugs, just yet. A nearby private Zoological park, “Tiger Safari”, just got hit by one of the tornadoes, or was damaged by the straight 85-90 mph winds with this storm. Exotic critters are now loose and roaming around. Gnu stew? Wildebeest barbecue? Quick, the tiger rifle!

  32. I’m no John Milton but this recommendation by the UN spells the loss of paradise for me.
    Help me design the nine circles of hell on earth.
    1) Constant hunger, with only living insects to eat
    (Circle lead by Koffi Annan)
    2) Freezing homes due to lack of fuel
    ( Circle Leader is Al Gore)
    3) Empty cribs due to mass sterilization
    ( Circle leader is Maurice Strong)
    4) No old people due to mass mandatory euthanasia at 55.
    (Circle leader is Kevorkian)
    5) Elimination of inferior gene pools and races
    (Margaret Sanger is the Circle leader here)
    6) Destruction of Truth
    ( Circle lead by Michael Mann)
    7) Mass infection by Chimeric viruses mutating the remaining living people
    (Circle leader ?
    8) War
    (Circle leader is a peace keeping committee run by the UN)
    9) Criminalizing of ownership of Water?
    Please feel free to design your own contributions to the 9 circles of hell on earth thanks to the UN.

  33. You should have seen Greg Gutfelds monologue on the 5 today it was hilarious.

  34. This info has been bopping around again in recent weeks. Can’t find the reply that there’s not much food/nutrition advantage exists if you feed insects the amount of food needed for them to become human-quality food.
    If you can only afford enough chicken feed to make skinny chickens, then you can only afford enough cricket food to raise skinny crickets.

  35. Several points, humans have semi recently killed large numbers of large grazing animals that used to walk the earth and do not currently. This never seems to be accounted for in these figures. Also goats are something like 4 times more efficient at food to meat conversion then cattle, rabbits even better then that. With tilapia and carp species of fish being better still. Ive seen tilapia set up where they ate mainly greenwater algae fueled in large part by their wastes alone that had decent growth rates. Point being, even if this was a legit issue which I do not think we can say, we have other options to drastically lower the numbers here, and stick with meat and things people actually want to eat.

    • Having been involved in the lake management biz, I have detailed knowledge of tilapia and grass carp (if that is the sort to which you refer).
      Regardless of the species fish few on a diet of algae taste like…guess what they taste like?
      Have all you like.
      Few will be able to join you, and if they do, I would point out that little nutrition is to be gained from a meal which is quickly expelled as vomitus.

  36. I love beans. At Costco, a 25lb/11.4kg bag of yummy pinto beans is $20 US. That’s a lot of nutritious meals!
    And contrary to the stereotype, if beans are properly prepared, gas is not an issue.

    • Yes, but what about the price of nice plump fava beans… “Some fava beans and a nice chianti” to “share” with a neighbor perhaps….
      Cheers, KevinK.

      • Sorry Max, I just could not resist the “Fava bean” joke. I too love beans (fresh green beans. Lima beans, etc), but I will never give up my steak based on the “advice” of some UN plutocrat like Kofi, Once he starts eating bugs I’ll gladly watch in amusement while eating an nice Filet with a Lobster Tail, or some King Crab legs (boy it must suck to be so delicious that humans risk their lives on boats in the Bearing Sea to try and catch you in a trap).
        Cheers, KevinK

      • boy it must suck to be so delicious

        I routinely surf totally alone in great white shark territory, so ‘just desserts’ is a double entendre in my world.

  37. You realize if we adopted such a diet that we’d be accused then of taking food out of the food chain and out of the beaks of birds, etc., etc., etc. In the same way, if windmills ever worked and became the one and only, the human-haters would suddenly wake up to the fact that windmills are bird-mincers and we’d have to give them up as well. They want us to get used to less and less and eventually have nothing.
    No matter what we do, we will be still doing something wrong in their eyes, and considered the lowest of the low.
    After insects, I suppose they’d say we can eat grass (no, not that sort of grass). While we’re working through the insect phase, however, in the world they want for us, you do realize, yes, that we won’t be allowed fire to cook them?

  38. Hey, didn’t Annan oversee the Oil for Food Program in Iraq? One of the biggest frauds in history, his sons dipped into it as brokers to the tune of about 20 million.

  39. These jerks want to use false science for the basis of converting the world to eating insects. And then they will want us to stop eating insects and go vegan. They HAVE to have the populace (slaves) in the settlements subject to long term malnutrition via veganism, as they know that weakened people will have trouble rebelling. In India, there is a saying that “red meat causes war,” as healthy people have the energy to stand up to their oppressors.

  40. I remember discussion of eating insects back in the 1970s, before there was significant consideration of AGW. Insects could be farmed with less resources than other animals slaughtered for meat, especially cattle. Some insects can be fed plant matter that grows where plants useful for feeding most livestock can’t grow. For example, some locusts eat just about anything green.

  41. This actually isn’t a bad (optional) idea, if you can find the right tasty insects. Grind them up, make a good insect burger. (Heck, you dear reader have probably eaten red die made from bugs and were none the wiser.) Somewhat like in Snowpiercer. Could be a profitable enterprise – BugBurgers Enterprises. Large animal protein is going to get more an more expensive as time goes on.
    I’d eat one.

  42. Everything the leftwing does is a debasement of human beings. It’s almost as if there is an unseen malevolent spirit guiding them.
    I predict they’ll eventually announce plans to force people to drink urine and eat feces (to save the environment).

  43. Moronic story. Methanophilic bacteria love large animals. Where large animals live, the methanophiles are thickest. Their role is to convert long chain proteins into shorter chain, so that the humus bacteria can break it down further to fertilize soil.
    Without large animals the world would be a much poorer place.
    Also, the nitrogen from urine of large animals also feeds the soil bacteria.
    That is sufficient reaon to keep cattle, let alone they break down plants into useful fertiliser in the form of manure. Especially plants with high lignin content that can otherwise take years to break down.
    Also, the high lignin content plants in grasses anyway, tend to be tall and carry hot fires that scorch the ground, so if livestock are knocking these grasses down, then they are protecting the soil.
    So let these dinosaurs from the Guardian keep up with their mythologies, but in the real world, large animals are needed. Who are these [people to decide on biodiversity in their god-like manner?

  44. Cattle & GHGs? Are the TreeHuggers completely ignorant of the Carbon Cycle, or just completely ignorant?
    Insects are, in fact, more feed efficient than cattle. OTOH- it’s really, really hard to get the little lasoo around there necks at branding time.

  45. Beetles. It’s what’s for dinner.
    Seriously though, whether or not eating insects would be a healthy addition to a western diet is a red herring. This is about a de facto world government dictating and controlling how we live by not only making energy more expensive and less reliable, but creating the Biggest Lie in the history of mankind, that our CO2 is destroying the planet.

    • One may feel an urgent need to do something. That is voluntary. This is the urgent need to make someone else do something and that needs a whole lot more … necessity … Plus an absolute prerequisite to a conversation about it that the proposers are already going first.

  46. You first, Kofi, Baby!
    Why don’t you switch all of the food served at the UN to bugs?

  47. I wonder some times if they are all brain dead and it seams that i am right , I wonder how he wood react to be given a maggot sandwich

  48. Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat.

    This sounds like something pulled from his arse. I didn’t realize all insects all eat the same thing. I always thought they eat other insects, meat, rotting meat, misc garbage, blood, feces, and different plants depending on the insect.
    Kofi being a vegetarian would probably stick to vegetarian insects (maybe some blood and feces eating insects for special occasions), but since he did not say “less expensive or equal conversion rate”, it is a safe bet that raising insects is a more expensive protein source than raising livestock. Which is what the poor are in desperate need of; a more expensive source of protein.

  49. A local science museum had a program last year on edible insects and how to prepare them. I wanted to go but my kids wouldn’t bite 🙂
    Seriously, some insects are highly nutritious and a viable source of food. Centralized control of human behavior- not so digestible.

  50. You UN bureaucrazies, go ahead and eat all the slimy bugs you want, but you do not nor ever will speak for me, you cretinous totalitarian turds.

  51. The article speaks of high rates of conversion “from feed to meat”. That means using insects to feed livestock, chickens, etc.

  52. in Australia, all the cattle eat is grass in 85% of cases (15 % of beef is lot-fed). All the grass on the rangelands is composed entirely of carbon chains which originated from CO2 in the air, via photosynthesis. Thus the cattle take in all their carbon atoms from the air, and some of the carbon returns to the air. No new carbon whatsoever is added to the air by grass-fed cattle. Nil. Zilch.

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