Can anyone check out this claim of suppressed access?

Duct-TapeSamiz Dat writes in WUWT Tips and notes

May 4, 2015 at 5:33 pm

Hey, Anthony, just a heads up. I am a chemical engineering student at the University of Adelaide. Loading your page takes a few seconds wherever I am in Adelaide…..except at the University of Adelaide, when trying to access your site from any of the North Terrace campus computers I easily wait up to 10-15 minutes before the site has loaded, individual posts take another 10-15 minutes to load. Yours is the only website this has and is happening with so far.

I have had similar emails from time to time, but I’ve never had any interest in following it up since such things can often be flukes. But this time, maybe not, so I’ve decided to ask if users are seeing similar things when they try to access WUWT via government networks and university networks. I’m really interested to find out if anyone at University of Adelaide can corroborate this story.

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  1. Anthony: I think word you want in the last line should be: “corroborate”

    • yep, that was a voice recognition error, thanks to Willis for fixing it while I was away.

  2. Lately I’ve been having problems loading wuwt on my mobile phone. it seems to be your site, climateaudit and bishophill. All other sites that I frequent seem to load fine. The problem is only on 3gpp and not WiFi. I use Verizon. Could be many differt things.

  3. Sounds like an internet eco-nazi einzatsgruppen is at work.
    Could this be a ‘dividend’ from the COOKMOOC at University of Queensland?

    • Keine Nazionale Einscheissegruppen gebraucht, just too many elements on a single page.
      Lots of ads, as said, pictures and videos, embedded content from here and there. Many pieces on javascript. Vulnerable to dns problems and local filters.

  4. Tips & Notes is always slow to load for me, but my PC is from 2005. 🙂
    (Reply: It’s usually slow for everyone due to the large number of comments. -mod)

  5. With all the ads, images, and other hundreds of comments, it takes a lot to load a WUWT page. It might be worth doing some timing tests with just the parent page, e.g. on Linux:

    tmp$ time wget -O wuwt.html
    --2015-05-06 22:51:59--
    Resolving (,
    Connecting to (||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
    Location: [following]
    --2015-05-06 22:51:59--
    Reusing existing connection to
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: unspecified [text/html]
    Saving to: `wuwt.html'
        [                                                           ] 121,449     --.-K/s   in 0.07s
    2015-05-06 22:52:00 (1.66 MB/s) - `wuwt.html' saved [121449]
    real    0m0.949s
    user    0m0.000s
    sys     0m0.004s

    That’s pretty weird – the index file redirected to a 2013 posting, and not just any random posting. I can’t look into that now, maybe later. I could well have downloaded that post sometime.
    At any rate – about a second for that post, including redirect.

  6. Being an Australian and watching the verbal machinations emanating from our universities, this would not surprise me if true.

  7. WordPress has a reputation for being slow to load.
    Add on bells and whistles and it gets worse.
    Pile on comments, including images, and it gets … umm … worser.
    But I don’t think that would account for University of Adelaide’s glacial pace.
    Maybe they have dial-up 🙂

    • Dial-up. That would do it. Been there.
      We moved to DSL in Sept. 2008.
      Most things load in a few seconds.
      In-home wireless sometimes gets lost, inconvenient, but easily fixed.

  8. Here in West Auckland, NZ, on an ordinary copper-pair phone line, I find WUWT loads at about the same speed as most sites, including local sites. UK Daily Mail is the slowest I regularly use.
    Speed varies with time of day rather than the sites one accesses. 6.39.00am to 8.00am is best forgotten about, try again while locals are driving to work.

    • UK Daily Mail is the slowest I regularly use.

      Possibly due to the large number of images.
      Or maybe you computer has taste?

      • My iMac laptop really objects to The Independent website, possibly due the moving sidebars etc etc. Firefox almost always freezes if I’m on that page. I have to say I often object to it too… but I do like to read at least two news sites per day even though most of them make me spit tacks

    • Quite likely, plus factoring age of computer, internet connection & users on that connection. While away over the weekend I used a hotel’s public internet connection in their lobby to see what was new on WUWT – slower than molasses! But so was the site I needed to pay my apartment rent. Other sites like the airline check-in one popped up quick. Meanwhile, my silly AGW believers over at ClimateCrocks claim Breitbart pages open up slowly just for liberals, but my old used iMac bogs down just the same on those, but has no particular problem loading WUWT.

  9. Some ad sites may be blocked, requiring them to timeout before the remainder of the page can be loaded.

    • My Ubuntu/Chrome occasionally fails to load a page (waiting for an ad server). If I press stop the page loads fine without the ads. My Win7/IE11 always works, same network. Try a different browser.

    • THAT is most likely the case.
      You can test if they are using a proxy by closing the browser reopening it and trying again, if its suddenly much faster you know its been cached somewhere else.

  10. Central Queensland in Australia, a city with average internet structure on an average ADSL connection, WUWT loads as fast as anywhere else. Same with the phone. Firefox with some ads blocked.

    • Mt Isa? I lived there for two years from 1958. No internet then!
      Hmmm, maybe Mt Isa is not exactly Central Qld, since it is not far from the Three Ways in the NT.

      • Ha. I worked at that Three Ways Roadhouse many many moons ago after working on an outback station Cloncurry way. During time off work did some serious drinking at Mt Isa pubs.

      • James, are you saying there is another type of drinking besides “serious” when in the Isa?

      • Ha. I worked at that Three Ways Roadhouse many many moons ago after working on an outback station Cloncurry way.

        We were stuck for three days outside of Camooweal around Christmas time 1970 (the water was six feet above the bridge), and then bogged outside of Kloncurry in 1971 on the way back from Winton (we were pulled out by a SuperHippo).
        No internet then either.

  11. If the download is slow, run a speedtest. The same test download speed but vastly different site download times (close to the speedtest result) would indicate something selective going on.

  12. Already mentioned–blocked ads timing out.
    Heavy commenting with many-pixel graphics.
    “Traffic-shaping” either on you — a hostile site, or distance.

  13. The university network has the ability to do selective rate limiting:
    “The Palo Alto Networks NGFW knows which users are doing what. In the pre-Palo Alto Networks days the University could only identify activity by IP address. Now we can identify and control traffic based on user-id and groups and potentially rate limit specific application traffic. The Palo Alto Networks management interface is very easy to use. It also allows the firewall support team to react more quickly to threats.”

  14. Could the delay be because it takes some time for your computer to turn the pages upside down so you can read them in the SH without turning your monitor (or yourself) upside down?

  15. Not a problem at my University. I would be surprised if this was deliberate throttling. The academic staff at Universities have nothing to do with running the networks. And the IT people are simply too busy. Who has time to police the internet for political correctness.
    Have you asked the IT people at Adelaide why the site is loading extremely slowly? That would be the first step. Chances are this is not deliberate.

    • And ask a friend with a different logon ID to try to access WUWT from a different machine at the UoA.

    • If you “out” yourself by admitting you visit this site and ask for help you are putting yourself at risk at ANY university. I am not being paranoid. I work in a University IT shop and I can tell you that at least one of the guys here, who is a far-left Koolaid drinkin’ nutjob, would definitely spread it around and cause problems if he knew my politics.

    • Mike, that’s all well and good, but what the hell am I looking at in the ‘results’??? There’s no scaling to tell me if the results are good or bad. People who devise websites like this always forget that 99% of us haven’t a clue what they’re talking about! I changed to a new web host provider recently, and what they instructed me to do was laughable – I couldn’t understand a single sentence. When I berated them, they replied with an apology…then did the same again. They talk to you as if you are ‘in’ the world of computers. Bizarre. I talk to my clients as though they nothing at all…which most of them don’t.

  16. I currently live in Tasmania and cannot access WUWT or Jo Nova from the computers at the local library which are under government control.

  17. In any browser you can press F12 to get the Developers window. In there you will find some very nice graphs showing how long it takes to load each element of a website. You usually have to “turn on the functionality” before loading the page as such metrics are off by default

  18. Loads fine here. A few things to check:
    – does the CDN which WP use have a point of presence in AU?
    – make darn sure JavaScript that can be loaded async is being load async (stops the page render hanging up on a slow server).
    – The twitter images and counters seem somewhat slow to me (based in AU)..

  19. Australia has notoriously slow internet. The NBN upgrade probably hasn’t arrived at the University yet and the old copper wiring is probably being backed up by tin cans and pieces of string, which will probably still be needed to connect the University buildings to the Street “node” where the optic fibre cables will eventually reach.

    • Wrong. NBN has nothing to do with it. Universities have had direct fibre access for years (also CBDs, hospitals, large businesses etc). Google AARNet. Copper/ADSL is perfectly fine for houses.

  20. I suggest that you ping WUWT to see how long the packets take vs a ping of some other US site. One thing that does happen is that ISPs tend to cache stuff en route. The first load of a site that is not frequently visited in your neck of the woods or its content can take a while if the site is not all that local. I read the Nigerian Tribune from time to time. The first access takes a while. After that, it is in the cache someplace and a second access does not take nearly as long.

  21. Samiz should connect through a proxy server while he is on the university network. If he gets better speed through the proxy, it’s probably something on the university’s end. If so, it could be malicious or it could be a misconfiguration or a DNS issue.

  22. Only tried once but blocked at University of Queensland, home of the science for deniers. What a joke.

    • If you are blocked at Uni of Qld charge them with breach of the Public Sector Ethics Act which specifically applies to all Universities in Queensland, it also applies to contractors servicing any public sector organisation.

  23. While back there was a furore over parental control software also blocking sites of political parties the vendor didn’t support. Wonder if this could be a similar thing? The uni may well have installed filtering software to stop ‘adult’ material from wasting campus bandwidth, and this might have had a few sneaky blocklist additions made by the vendor.

    • While back there was a furore over parental control software also blocking sites of political parties the vendor didn’t support. Wonder if this could be a similar thing? The uni may well have installed filtering software to stop ‘adult’ material from wasting campus bandwidth, and this might have had a few sneaky blocklist additions made by the vendor.

      It may be legit “adult filtering”. Has anyone else been seeing WordPress sidebar ads for “prepare to laugh. We’ve compiled the top 100 fails” featuring a bride in a dress with an almost non-existant top, leaving almost nothing to the imagination when it comes to her inflated errr uhmmm? Then there’s “the 50 most beautiful women on earth” series. I can see nanny-filters legitimately blocking this stuff.

  24. About 3 years ago at my local library, WattsUpwithThat was blocked from the computers there but RealClimate was accessible. Some twit there was masking out sites he disapproved of so I never went back.

    • Well, that was real courageous of you. I bet all unwittingly blocked visitors there, also stopped going? So who will bell the cat?

  25. Australia has one of the poorest performing networks for internet connections. My mate in Pataya, Thailand get’s better performance and no data caps. Also, I think there are various filters now put in place by the Govn’t capturing user metadata. Sure, that’s going to stop outlaws.

  26. There is a university in the US which indeed blocked Steve McIntyre from accessing data. I wrote to complain, and they denied it (deniers come in many forms), but Steve comfirmed it.

  27. I’m on copper and in SW Oz. WUWT loads in three or four seconds. Nothing wrong with copper unless you are Km’s from the exchange.

  28. I use a Squid proxy to block all advert and non-science content that is linked from this site. It does this for every site, actually, and needs constant tweaking, of course. I do this because loading the first page is otherwise crazy slow. A side benefit is I don’t see anything except information that I want to see and which is the reason I visit these pages in the first place. I suspect that I am a 70 year old millennial – no patience for slow sites and unrequested material. My browser, my choice.

  29. WUWT cannot be accessed in mainland China, but otherwise I have never had a problem.
    I think the Chinese are a bit sensitive about climate. They do not care about CO2 levels, and they laugh and laugh as they watch the West try to destroy their economies over a non-problem.

    • Just back from a trip to China -slow down in construction very noticeable every where. The Chinese are not worried about climate but in Beijing air pollution from particles and brown skies from NOX both mainly from cars (many coming from Germany such as BMW, VW, Audi Mercedes) and Buses & trucks is a concern but then Beijing (18million) is in a valley and pollution gets trapped. Skies were much clearer and cleaner in the largest Chinese city Chongging of 33 million and in Shanghai (22 million). I recall some years ago in New York it was not possible to see the street from the top of the Empire State building and in Tokyo the car pollution causes watering of ones eyes.
      AWG alarmist love to mix up air pollution from particles and smog with CO2 which is a clean, odourless gas beneficial to life (and does not cause any warming as any chemical or mechanical engineer who understands thermodynamics and heat & mass transfer knows)

  30. Anthony,
    from the other side of the world: I am frequently accessing your website from a German government Computer Network without any trouble at all. Given the AGW-frenzy that goes as “politics” in my country, this should be proof that there’s no conspiracy going on here.
    Oh, and, Ursus Augustus, it’s “Einsatzgruppen”, not “Einzatsgruppen”.

  31. I’m in UK (private house) and don’t have a problem with WUWT loading. Bishop Hill had a long delay problem with his ISP/Web Host a while back…now resolved.
    Chromium (page bottom left) caption shows what the browser is waiting for. And ticks through incoming elements as the page constructs. Any links to Ads is asking for trouble. And what Google is doing you can only but guess!
    I never rated Uni’s or Gov departments of any use…Gov UK is still a mess which is no surprise. Pay peanuts get…..not a lot!
    Sorry if this has already been said.

  32. I have noticed that WUWT is always one of the slowest sites to load in any browser on a variety of machines. With my pitiful CenturyStink DSL connection it seems even worse. I have often wondered if this has something to do with WordPress.

  33. @Peter Miller

    WUWT cannot be accessed in mainland China, but otherwise I have never had a problem.
    I think the Chinese are a bit sensitive about climate. They do not care about CO2 levels, and they laugh and laugh as they watch the West try to destroy their economies over a non-problem.

    If the Chinese (and Indians, and much of the developing world) had their way, they would close down WUWT, Climate Audit and all the sceptic sites.
    “When the enemy is making a false movement we must take good care not to interrupt him.” (Napoleon)

    • Not a problem here in Hong Kong, loads very quickly, but a few kms across the border it’s a different story.

  34. @Ex-expat Colin
    I never rated Uni’s or Gov departments of any use…Gov UK is still a mess which is no surprise. Pay peanuts get…..not a lot!
    Oh! If only we HAD paid peanuts….

  35. Of course it might be that your website is so popular in the University Anthony that everyone is overloading the server.

  36. I have no problems accessing WUWT in England.
    But the situation is more serious than probably most here realise. Censorship in Britain starts – of all places! – with the British Library. Many websites which may be vital to research are blocked on the grounds of ‘Intolerance’. One such site is The Nation of Islam:
    Its Home Page today leads with the long overdue plea of ‘Saving our (Black) girls’, clearly from the depradations of liberal-sanctioned ‘sin'(drugs etc.). Despite its racial intolerance, it is a serious site dealing with deadly threats to life and existence. On the other hand, it automatically takes the ‘Black’ point of view against the white, even when this involves a defence of the criminal (which it otherwise opposes). Evidently intolerant, but a very valuable source.
    An even clearer case exists for Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s site, The AHA foundation, also banned at the BL:
    In a similar vein to NOI, it attempts to rescue ‘victims of honor violence’, ie abused women worldwide. Though there is no NOI-type colour bar, it is not hard to guess which religion might be producing the main clients of the site.
    It is time our leaders realised they are ruling with our permission, and that no source of information which promotes sincerely held views, no matter how foul, should be censored. Quite apart from anything else, leading the fight against the enemy means understanding the enemy, a point completely lost on the AGW crew.
    Which is why they are losing.

  37. If you open up a command prompt (Start, all programs, accessories) in windows and type tracert it will show you the hops (jumps between connections) from your PC to this website and where the slowness is coming from, if its early in the trace then its probably the university, if its later then its the general network.. Tracert stands for trace route.
    Hope that helps (I work in IT)

  38. I work at another Uni, and EVERYTHING is slow as a wet week compared to at home on ADSL.
    Remember that there a huge amount of traffic on these Uni networks and bottlenecks to OS sites can often occur.

  39. Try loading httpwatch and check the timings and transactions during the load…fun to see what’s happening during any web access….try for free…

    • Hugh C
      I run a program called PeerBlock and every time I access your site I get spying from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reporting my access to and
      National Aeronautics and Space Administration reporting to It seems big Global Warming brother is watching your site and probably slowing things down.

  40. A couple years back, I had a similar experience with my sons school issued laptop. When I tried to access WUWT from home to help him understand a topic about global warming, the schools security blocked it and categorized it as entertainment. The same category for you tube and other sites they deemed not appropriate for school children. coincidentally Fox News was also blocked. They changed that shortly after, no doubt some liberal zealot in the IT department got “reprimanded” for it after numerous complaints.
    Perhaps there is something similar going on there as well? I am not an IT guy so this is merely speculation on my part.

  41. The worst is Tips and Notes.
    Sometimes that is so large, it simply refused to load.

  42. Reading the comments above it appears that sensible, popular sites like WUWT tend to load slower whereas cr*p sites load faster.

  43. I have trouble here in US when staying at a hotel using their computer in lobby. It may block all WordPress sites for some reason, not just WUWT. Otherwise, WUWT loads instantly and always with any browser (fairly new computer, lots of RAM). Interestingly, however, if I leave Climate Audit open it may start using too much memory and close and reopen itself for some reason (same with Instapundit site).

  44. The Queensland Government educational network covering all public high schools in the State was regularly blocking WUWT and other skeptical sites in 2010. This mean that high school students could not access your site a lot of the time. I would put in requests for the skeptical sites to be unblocked and a week or so later you could get access. The return e-mail to local IT guru would say that the blockage at been a “terrible” mistake. However, if you checked back in a month or so, the sites would again be blocked. Government sites here in Australia often use a Political Correct Filter to ensure that vulnerable minds are not sullied by non-approved ideas and thinking.

  45. We have terrible bandwidth at some of our campus facilities (engineering, by the way is among the worst). One proposal to rectify this would be to prioritize web pages. Things like Facebook and Pinterest and so forth would get lower priority. We also have several infrastructure options for improving bandwidth also, so prioritizing of web pages is not likely. However, knowing the mindset of a majority of the adults on campus, I can pretty well guess which sites would get low priority.

  46. Anthony: I was able to access WUWT right away from our Junior College computer system. Of course, we are located in the Midwest in a rather conservative area but nevertheless, you came up instantly,.

  47. Basic Principle: Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to incompetence. The first place to look is for a problem on the page itself.
    The page is a very slow loader by its nature. The wonder is not that it loads slow; its that it loads in a reasonable time at all.
    Anthony: To the extent you are going to show the same set of graphics somewhere you should consolidate them into a single one. Given the size and complexity of the page you should find a skin that removes any unnecessary separate items. If you can consolidate a set of javascript files you should do so. If you don’t do this already, you should look into breaking out the comments with a javascript widget that will load the comments if a user makes that request. Advertisements and various stuff other than the text of the article should not be stopping the page from loading. I don’t deal in pages like this, so can’t say how off the top of my head but you can make it so that the crucial bits get a head start and then asynchronously load things that are not crucial.
    On the upside, for people like me with a connection greater than 50 mbps, the page loads quickly. To me that indicates that you are either part of a CDN or you have a very fast, powerful and well managed servers. Yay!
    On the upside
    This page (the one I am making the comment on —, tested on pingdom:
    Tested from San Jose, California, USA on May 7 at 11:28:10
    Page size 1.8MB
    Load time 60.00s
    Requests 302
    Perf. grade 75/100
    Your website is slower than 97% of all tested websites
    Below is the list of items the browser has to resolve when loading this page:
    Requests done to load this page 302 requests 1.8 MB 60.00 s… 50.4 kB
    remote-login.php?action=js&host=watts… 0 B… 2.5 kB
    expound-v2.css?… 0 B… 50.3 kB… 47.7 kB
    style.css?… 3.8 kB… 1.4 kB
    duct-tape.png?… 39.6 kB
    jasper-nance-eastern-red-glow-mesa-az…… 2.5 kB
    jarreau-climate-blogs.jpg?w=50&h=50&c…… 9 kB
    electric_double-layer_capacitor_activ…… 3.1 kB… 12.5 kB
    jim_steele_book1.jpg?w=180&… 0 B… 0 B… 0 B
    bloggies_2013_bsb_badge.png?w=180&… 0 B
    bloggies_2013_wloty_badge.png?w=180&h…… 0 B
    bloggies_wuwt_lta.png?w=180&… 0 B… 4.5 kB 14.9 kB
    jim_steele_book1.jpg?w=180&… 20.1 kB… 1.8 kB… 16.8 kB
    bloggies_2013_bsb_badge.png?w=180&… 41.7 kB
    bloggies_2013_wloty_badge.png?w=180&h…… 17.3 kB
    bloggies_wuwt_lta.png?w=180&… 22.3 kB
    werme_on_wuwt1.png?w=169&… 0 B
    weatherbell_sidebar.png?w=180&… 0 B… 0 B 12.4 kB
    spencer_tggwb.jpg?w=170&… 0 B
    watts_et_al_2012_button.png?w=180&… 0 B
    jaxa_amsre_thumbnail.png?w=160&… 0 B 6 kB
    atmos_refpage_icon.gif?w=174&… 0 B 0 B 7 kB 828 B… 0 B… 11 kB 4.8 kB
    loading.gif?… 2.8 kB
    form.js?… 627 B… 16.6 kB
    w.js? 4 kB 8.6 kB… 0 B… 926 B
    jaxa_amsre_thumbnail.png?w=160&… 9.2 kB
    werme_on_wuwt1.png?w=169&… 10.4 kB… 21.5 kB
    spencer_tggwb.jpg?w=170&… 18.7 kB
    watts_et_al_2012_button.png?w=180&… 28.3 kB
    weatherbell_sidebar.png?w=180&… 16.8 kB
    d?3bb2a6e53c9684ffdc9a9bf4195b2a62ac2…;open-sans… 179.8 kB… 994 B
    atmos_refpage_icon.gif?w=174&… 12.3 kB… 8.5 kB
    data:font/opentype;base64,d09GRgABAAA… 0 B
    data:font/opentype;base64,d09GRgABAAA… 0 B
    data:font/opentype;base64,d09GRgABAAA… 0 B
    data:font/opentype;base64,d09GRgABAAA… 0 B
    data:font/opentype;base64,d09GRgABAAA… 0 B
    p.gif?s=1&k=sgt5tia&app=&ht=tk&h=watt… 334 B 16 kB
    sync? 0 B 33.9 kB… 2.2 kB 2.4 kB
    ads?gdfp_req=1&correlator=39911330676… 8.1 kB
    wl?jq=1.11.1&sg=361837bc83c4c2cba7b35… 7.3 kB
    sync? 602 B… 0 B… 936 B 19.8 kB… 88.9 kB
    ads?gdfp_req=1&correlator=39911330676… 7.2 kB… 2.2 kB
    w2?sg=361837bc83c4c2cba7b350dff56a564… 8.6 kB… 57.1 kB… 1.5 kB… 955 B
    data:application/font-woff;charset=ut… 0 B… 0 B
    dtc?asid=ab1c7831-f4cd-11e4-a6d9-0025… 0 B 1.1 kB
    dtc?asid=ab1c7831-f4cd-11e4-a6d9-0025… 333 B… 0 B
    dt?asId=ab1c7831-f4cd-11e4-a6d9-00259… 255 B
    grv-jquery-1.8.2.min.446a642fc8237b37… 33.1 kB
    grv.dotdotdot-1.5.1.a1ebd8499a7747349… 2.8 kB
    base.4d5af7b63f06f735cd4da846853f6442… 2.3 kB
    atomic-leaderboard.fe8db6892217758d12…… 1.1 kB
    widget.7ba4c0cb89390ca0c9dc35bb1c9c52… 7.6 kB… 1.6 kB
    ads?gdfp_req=1&correlator=39911330676… 7.5 kB… 2.2 kB… 974 B… 768 B… 1.7 kB… 2.7 kB… 327 B
    dt?asId=ab1c7831-f4cd-11e4-a6d9-00259… 255 B 22.4 kB… 809 B… 7 kB… 1.6 kB
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    wl?jq=1.11.1&sg=361837bc83c4c2cba7b35… 7.3 kB
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    p?C1=1&C2=7913598& 0 B… 0 B… 0 B 34.6 kB
    rate.php?cmd=get&id=10063&uid=wp-post… 639 B
    master.html? 1.5 kB
    count.json?callback=WPCOMSharing.upda… 751 B
    count.json?callback=WPCOMSharing.upda… 751 B
    count?callback=WPCOMSharing.update_fa…… 641 B
    g.gif?v=wpcom-no-pv&x_sharing-count-r… 215 B
    g.gif?v=wpcom-no-pv&x_sharing-count-r… 215 B
    g.gif?blog=1799261&v=wpcom&tz=-7&user… 215 B
    g.gif?crypt=UE5tW3cvZGQtTXV6LmM0bmtJd… 215 B… 0 B
    ?id=1FC527BEF11A134699C72B5849D1… 1 kB 1.4 kB
    wdre?clientTime=1431012491061&sg=3618… 218 B×90/Nort… 5 kB×90/Nort… 7.5 kB×90/Nort… 26.4 kB×90/Nort… 31.6 kB
    p2?C1=1&C2=7913598& 309 B
    ?callback=__twttr.c…… 12 kB
    w2?sg=361837bc83c4c2cba7b350dff56a564… 8.6 kB
    ADTECH;loc=100;target=_blank;key=key1…… 0 B
    jquery.js? 32.8 kB
    exrtd? 536 B 1.5 kB 3.3 kB
    ive?pageViewId%5BwidgetLoaderWindowUr… 218 B… 75 kB
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    • At home, WUWT loads fine (unless there are a LOAD of comments for a particular post). I run Windows 7 Pro and Firefox.
      When I check in at work (During breaks! Really!), it’s always slower with some things blocked. (Links to some blogs and graphics.) It’s been slower since the city implemented some kind of snooping “screen capture” program (So for sure, only during breaks!).
      The point of this reply is that the problem is likely not at the source of the site but rather where the site is being opened.
      Is WUWT (and other skeptical/non-PC) being targeted by the University or are all sites with something on it that falls into their “caution” protocols also slow?
      How does semi-“RealClimate” or other CAGW sites load at UofA?

      • still laughing at the guacamole … That was epic… But my connection has never stumbled on this page. I load it three or four times a day and it takes only seconds to complete. Never had a problem from up here in remote wilds of Canada. Don’t change a thing Anthony.

  48. I’m skeptical. But if I don’t try to test it, I’m not truly skeptical. I’ll test my local library, and ask a South Australian relative to check it out, and I’ll report back.

  49. I was having an issue with WUWT loading about a year ago along with some other sites. I blocked all advertising and no longer have problems loading though there are some videos I cant watch without switching browsers.

  50. It’s possible that issues such as described come from (poor/outdated) cached DNS data. For our home PCs (running Win Vista and Win7 Pro) I wrote a small batch command that we keep handy whenever we get any hangups resolving web sites. Use Notepad to create a simple text document, name it, using *.bat as the filename extension:
    E.g., RenewDNS.bat
    I used the ‘pause’ command so I could make certain the batch file successfully completed. You don’t even need to close your browser… just minimize, run the batch command, then refresh the problem site in the browser. Hope this helps.

  51. Here at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it seems to load fast – no slowdown here.

  52. I didn’t read every comment, but a quick scan didn’t show mention of DNS. Poor choice of DNS servers can kill load speed. I just went through this with bringing up an old machine. Of 3 DNS servers 2 were no longer live. Taking 2 failed DNS requests before a valid one completes really slows things down. Add a heavy page weight site with lots of lookups can stretch to minutes.
    This may not be noticed with, for exemple, inside company connection to servers your company has listed in the internal DNS, but show on lookups that leave the local cache.
    When testing page speeds, always include an explicite test of DNS lookups.
    I now use a Raspberry Pi for a $35 caching DNS Server so most lookups don’t hit the internet and things are much faster…

  53. Enable “keepalive”. That makes a huge difference especially for SSL. If you are working through a proxy (likely the case at a university) then you don’t really have a choice in the matter.
    Without keepalive, if you have 300 objects on your web page, the browser initiates 300 connections; and if you are behind a NAT, then it has to set up 300 dynamic translations and if everyone on campus is doing that you could run out of TCP port numbers (only 65535 iin total and 1024 are reserved). This will cause a connection failure and your browser will retry again and again until a translation becomes available.
    But a “keepalive” reuses the same TCP connection so is much faster. Still, it will require a new connection for each unique URL (host/domain) requested.
    Shunt some advertising sites via your “hosts” file to In windows, c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. The entries are one host per line “” and what will happen is it will cause instant failure rather than a timeout, greatly speeding up the loading of everything else while reducing clutter.
    Advertisers know you can do this so the more clever ones morph the hostname part regularly making it hard to maintain your hosts file. A slick little tool for Linux is called “dnsproxy” and it can wildcard the host part.
    I was provoked to this by Huffington Post which has absolutely the busiest, piggiest, slowest-rendering webpages I have ever seen. WordPress sites aren’t all that bad and my old Linux box handles them just fine.

  54. Another thing — in Windows, check your internet options, connection tab. advanced, and UNCHECK “automatically detect proxy”. That’s almost always a performance killer. If you actually do have a proxy then manual configuration is probably better.

  55. Is this what we have to look forward to if the government gets to regulate the Internet? Kind of scary.

  56. So far you load fine on my computer here in the UK, I use BT internet, but no doubt the “land of free” defenders are watching.

  57. I’d bet for incompatibility of WUWT ads with some feature of the server. Google has problems. And there’s the possibility of a link to a site that is blocked by the Or a bad word in something, one municipality’s system is bad for false blocking.
    Blocks do exist, years ago the Richmond Public Library (in B.C.) was blocking They were using a service of some kind, I’ll try to find it in my records.
    At the time CM started using to get around such, the silly service wasn’t blocking that URL.

    • I can’t find info on the blocking service used by the Richmond library, I don’t remember the symptom but I doubt it was slowness though IIRC it was subtle.
      I’ve seen the phenomenon of slowness from poorly coded links and from slow external servers. (One naive but good person had coded the PayPal button on her page to link to PayPal automatically, instead of only when the user commands the button. For some reason PayPal was often slow to respond, perhaps the link was to the wrong part of their site.)
      But those aren’t likely the cause here.
      (Blocking of high-volume traffic is common to ensure capacity is available for all users, BC Ferries does that and blocks by content as well. Such blocking is often poorly done.
      And ISPs are variable, Shaw in Canada is bad. And there are organizational uses that overwhelm the network, one company had real-time simulation traffic going over its internal network at times.)

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