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  1. Paris Climate Conference 2015 will become the anti-VW conference.

    I predict that the greens will, in an effort to seek relevance, turn the Paris conference into a mob action media swarm against VW.

  2. hopefully, Paris will fail if India stands firm. 2 of India’s INDC targets:

    – To reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 per cent by 2030 from 2005 level…
    – To achieve about 40 per cent cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel based energy resources by 2030 with the help of transfer of technology and low cost international finance including from Green Climate Fund (GCF).

    2 Oct: BBC: Matt McGrath: UN battle looms over finance as nations submit climate plans
    Divisions over money between rich and poor countries re-emerged as nations submitted their plans for tackling climate change to the UN.
    India, the last big emitter to publish its contribution, said it would need $2.5 trillion to meet its targets.
    The Philippines said that without adequate climate compensation, their cuts in emissions wouldn’t happen…
    The plan says that India’s transition will cost $2.5 trillion, a “scary number” according to one observer.
    It is unclear how much of this money will come from India’s own resources and how much from the international community and investment…
    In their written submission, India’s proposed climate actions appear to be contingent on getting much of this money from richer countries: “The successful implementation of INDC is contingent upon an ambitious global agreement including additional means of implementation to be provided by developed country parties.”…
    Developed countries have committed to $100bn funding for developing countries to deal with climate change by 2020, but India’s environment minister suggested the bill was going to a lot bigger than that.
    “I am telling the world that the bill for climate action for the world is not just $100bn, it is in trillions of dollars
    per year,” said Prakash Javadekar.
    “Countries will take up their own responsibility but the world which is historically responsible for carbon emissions, what we are suffering today, the climate change, they must at least walk the talk on $100bn.”…

    on BBC, and in other MSM, there is a reluctance to quantify the planned future coal usage;
    ***AFP includes it though:

    2 Oct: AFP: India vows ambitious green targets but defends coal use
    ***Yet India also vowed to continue expanding its use of coal — it plans to double coal production to one billion tonnes by 2020 — saying it was vital to meet the needs of its burgeoning economy, which grew seven percent last quarter…
    While the new goals would take India’s capacity for renewable energy by 2030 to more than double the 175,000 megawatts currently targeted, coal will “continue to dominate power generation” in the future it said in its UN submission…
    “India’s continued commitment to expand coal power capacity is baffling,” said Pujarini Sen, a senior Greenpeace India campaigner…
    India sits on the world’s fifth-largest coal reserves and already depends on coal-fired plants for more than 60 percent of its power, while the country’s population is set to overtake that of Asian rival China in the next two decades…

    from The Hindu 2 Oct: India to cut emissions intensity
    India has also stated its challenges in terms of human development goals, for which higher energy production and consumption is a must.
    “No country in the world has been able to achieve a Human Development Index of 0.9 or more without an annual energy availability of at least 4 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) per capita,” it said…

  3. excellent analysis:

    2 Oct: notalotofpeopleknowthat: India’s Climate Plan Will Triple Emissions By 2030
    The following points stand out:
    *No actual CO2 target has been set.
    *Although the talk is of “increase the share of clean energy in its total energy mix by as much as 40%”, when you get down to the small print, as we will shortly, the commitment is only to 40% of capacity, and not generation. As we know, renewables give very poor utilisation, so the amount generated will be much, much less than 40%.
    *Also, this 40% is not of its total energy mix, as reported, but only of electricity mix…ETC
    Commitment is given about reducing carbon intensity of GDP, but nearly half of this has already been achieved since 2005.

    compare to BBC spin:

    2 Oct: BBC: Navin Singh Khadka: India’s ‘ambitious’ pledge to slow emissions rise
    India, the world’s third largest carbon emitter, has pledged to the UN to reduce the rate by which its greenhouse gas emissions increase by up to 35% by 2030, compared with 2005.
    It says it aims to generate 40% of electricity from non-fossil fuel sources, mainly solar and wind…

  4. 2 Oct: ReutersCarbonPulse: Ben Garside: Poorer nations face let-down as INDCs lack carbon market buyers
    Dozens of poorer nations seeking to sell emission reductions to help decarbonise their economies are likely to face disappointment because barely any rich countries are willing to outsource their abatement efforts through buying carbon credits…
    There are at least 70 countries that are seeking to use, or considering using, market-based mechanisms, according to INDC data compiled by Carbon Pulse.
    But the vast majority of those are developing nations looking to sell emission reductions to richer governments, with barely a handful of willing buyer countries and no interest from the major economies of China, the EU and US.
    “The seller countries would be disappointed, and as the INDCs are the result of hard-won national compromises they are not subject to negotiation in Paris,” said Frank Melum, an climate policy analyst at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon…
    The remaining buyer nations are relatively small emitters with limited demand, such as Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland…
    As a result, the prospect of a burgeoning transnational carbon market or a resurgence of a global crediting mechanism such as the CDM seems slim in the near-term, but a Paris deal could set a course for more trade in future, observers say…


    2 Oct: ClimateChangeNews: Alex Pashley: Hall of shame: Who hasn’t pledged yet to UN climate pact?
    Nearly 50 countries missed the UN deadline for carbon-cutting plans. Whether due to limited means, sloth or belligerence, here are the big ones not playing ball
    In the world of climate diplomacy there are no penalties, just reproachful gazes…

  5. 2 Oct: UK Daily Mail: Hugo Duncan: Is that you or your eco-warrior wife speaking Mark? Carney feels heat after saying ‘climate change could cause new crash’
    He claimed that the environmental issue could trigger a financial crisis
    But critics dismissed his views, with the Financial Times saying Mr Carney’s intervention ‘comes dangerously close to taking sides’.
    The newspaper said his views received ‘derision and praise in equal measure’ with the Governor appearing to be ‘either a far-sighted visionary or a dangerously deluded fool’ depending on your point of view…
    Dr Richard Wellings, of the Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank, said: ‘There is little evidence to support his alarmist views on the impact of climate change. Indeed, Mr Carney should be far more worried about the harmful effect of the green policies designed to prevent global warming.
    ‘Green taxes and regulation are already suffocating economic growth in the West by driving up energy and transport costs, yet by pushing industry to China and India they do little to cut overall emissions.’…

    1 Oct: UK Telegraph: Jeremy Warner: Who put Mark Carney in charge of our climate policy?
    Like it or not, the whole of modernity is based on hydro-carbons. We’ll never convince anyone to leave fossil fuels in the ground
    Like virtually everyone else, central banks failed to see the financial crisis coming. For ordinary mortals, it was excusable; they were entitled to think the authorities had matters under control. For central banks, guardians of the world’s monetary system and supposed keepers of the deep knowledge on banking crises, it was not. ..
    By this week wading into the climate change debate, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has signalled that there is almost no area of public discourse that can be considered off limits. What next? The war in Syria? Come to think of it, why not put the Bank of England in charge of everything? …
    There was, however, also something faintly reckless and naive about the Governor’s intervention. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole of modernity is based on hydrocarbons. Without coal, oil and gas, we’d still be in an age of limited life expectancy, subsistence farming and riding to market on horse and cart. However much we might wish it, this dependence is not going to change for a long time to come…
    Thirty years of extraordinarily costly research and development has resulted in a renewables industry that today accounts for a stunning – wait for it – 1 per cent of global energy supply…

  6. Anthony, et al. (ahem, Willis, ahem),

    A new blog post here ( cites a new paper by Soon, Connelly & Connelly here ( with data files provided here (

    When you have time, would you mind doing us the honor of hitting this with a sledgehammer a couple of times and seeing if it breaks? ^_^

    Thanks in advance!


    ‘How Climate Change Is Intensifying Hurricane Joaquin’

    ‘Joaquin’s quickly progressing strength can be tied to unprecedented sea surface temperatures in the hurricane’s vicinity, Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, told The Huffington Post.’


    ‘Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, explained the phenomenon last month while discussing recent flooding in Utah and Arizona.

    “When the right weather system comes along,” he told HuffPost, “that weather system can be thought of as a device for reaching out — quite a ways at times — and grabbing the available moisture and bringing it in and dumping it down.”‘

    and another word or two from our favorite Mann: ‘Mann warned it’s likely we’ll be seeing more hurricanes of Joaquin’s strength.’

  8. I note on the James Hanson thread, that there is still much confusion about how the Ice Ages are formed and regulated. I have been writing the following explanation as a letter to UK politicians, but perhaps it might be good enough to go out as a WUWT article.

    But if you do like it, could you pass it before some of the standard WUWT sages, like rgbatduke or tallbloke first. I would rather than any mistakes or misunderstandings by myself were ironed out first.



    The Reason for Temperature Dataset Deception:

    So why do these so-called ‘scientists’ have to fiddle the data? Answer: – because CO2 does NOT regulate Earth’s temperature (or tamperature).

    Fig 1 shows historic temperature vs historic CO2 concentrations, over the last 450,000 years. The large cycles here are the recent Ice Ages and Interglacials. At the top are the short warm Interglacial periods, and at the bottom are the long and bitterly cold Ice Ages. So you can see we are in an unusually long Interglacial warm period at present, and long overdue for another bitter Ice Age.

    Note that CO2 (red line) follows temperature (blue line) very closely. This is ‘proof’, so we are told, that CO2 is the primary regulator of world temperatures. But it has been proved that CO2 concentrations lag the temperature rise or fall by up to 800 years. So CO2 is a follower of temperature, via ocean outgassing or absorption, rather than the driver.

    Alarmists counter this physical reality by saying that CO2 is a ‘positive feedback’ – it assists the warming and cooling trend. But CO2 is nowhere near strong enough to do that. Note that each time CO2 reaches a maximum, the world temperature reduces. If CO2 was a very strong positive feedback, and therefore the primary regulator for Earth temperature as is claimed, then this huge rise in CO2 concentration would produce a runaway temperature. This is exactly what climate ‘scientists’ and the BBC try to scare us with every day – a ‘tipping-point’ and a ‘runaway greenhouse effect’.

    But increasing CO2 does NOT cause runaway temperatures at all – it causes a rapid worldwide cooling. Maximum CO2 concentrations in fig 1 always result in reducing temperatures.

    And look at the reverse situation. When we reach an Ice Age (bottom of the graph), the greatly reduced CO2 in the atmosphere causes warming, and the Ice Age ends. Again, if CO2 were the primary regulator of temperature this could not and would not happen. Instead, the Earth would simply freeze over when CO2 concentrations became that low, and the influence of CO2 ‘greenhouse warming’ was reduced. (Fig 1 graph shows an 8ºc cooling from 300 to 200 ppm CO2. From 200 down to 100 ppm would be another 10-12ºc of cooling, which is quite enough to produce a snowball Earth.)

    But the Earth does not freeze. When CO2 hits its lowest values and ‘maximum cooling’, the Earth warms up.

    Ergo – CO2 does NOT regulate Earth temperature.

    fig 1.
    Temperature vs CO2 over 450,000 years
    Ice Ages are at the bottom of the graph.

    The Feedbacks in Interglacials:

    It is almost universally agreed that variations in the Earth’s orbit are responsible for the initial change in Earth temperature, that causes an Ice Age or an Interglacial. These orbital variations are known as Milankovitch cycles. And this (supposedly small) initial change in temperature is enhanced by positive CO2 feedbacks to cause warming or cooling. However the other great and much more significant feedback, that is often forgotten about, is albedo – the reflectivity of the Earth.

    So these two feedbacks enhance an initial temperature change made by orbital Milankovitch cycles. And the net result of these two feedbacks is:

    CO2 positive feedback:
    Earth warming = More CO2 = More greenhouse warming == More CO2 = More greenhouse warming.

    Albedo positive feedback:
    Earth warming = Less ice = Less albedo = More warming == Less ice = Less albedo = More warming.

    (Note: a warmer world temperature will increase CO2 concentrations, via ocean outgassing.)

    The problem here is that these are positive feedbacks that can result in runaway warming. This is the very same runaway greenhouse warming that we are regularly told will kill everyone on Earth, unless we give Big Green £billions of our tax money.

    However, this alarmism is unwarranted. In reality, albedo has a natural feedback limit, which is when the ice has all melted. So albedo cannot warm the world any further than an ice-free Earth, and cannot result in a runaway warming effect. But the natural limit for CO2 is 1,000 ppm, which is much higher than the 320 ppm achieved in the Interglacial periods. So CO2 does have the potential to keep on warming the Earth and thereby causing that dreaded ‘runaway greenhouse effect’ that Greens and the BBC try to scare us with.

    But look again at fig 1. Why did the Earth suddenly cool, when CO2 concentrations were so high? The interglacial period has little or no albedo feedback effects, because the ice has all gone. So now the warming feedbacks are solely reliant on the mighty CO2 molecule. And what happens? Well, as soon as CO2 is responsible for the warming, the world cools. Clearly, CO2 is NOT the primary regulator of temperature, otherwise the world would not have cooled.

    Reverse Feedbacks in Ice Ages:

    And we also get these same feedbacks in reverse, when the Ice Ages form:

    CO2 reverse positive feedback:
    Earth cooling = Less CO2 = Less warming == Less CO2 = Less warming.

    Albedo reverse positive feedback:
    Earth cooling = More ice = More albedo = More cooling == More ice = More albedo = More cooling.

    Regards CO2:

    Fig 2 shows that the change in CO2 absorption and warming is very small between the Ice Age (180 ppm) and the Interglacial (320 ppm).

    Age CO2 Insolation
    Interglacial 320 ppm 258 wm2
    Ice Age 180 ppm 254 wm2
    Difference 140 ppm 004 wm2

    Now 4 wm2 is a piss in the ocean. It is claimed that CO2’s 4 wm2 (coupled with water vapour) can cause an 8ºc change in surface temperature. But it does not, because the majority of the Ice Age temperature change is caused by variations in albedo, not CO2. And note that the Milankovitch cycles can vary the insolation by up to 100 wm2, at high latitudes. What is CO2’s 4 wm2, when compared to the Milankovitch 100 wm2 ?

    Regards albedo:

    Fig 3 shows that the albedo change is MUCH more significant than CO2. Insolation at 60N in the summer averages 460 wm2. The normal land albedo is about 10%, giving a 46 wm2 reflection and reduction in surface absorption. But if the land is covered by snow all year round, the albedo can rise up to an average 60% reflection, or a reduction of 276 wm2, depending on how fresh the snow is. That is a 230 wm2 change from the normal ice-free value.

    You see the great difference here.

    CO2 feedback-forcing change, up to +/- 4 wm2 (worldwide)
    Albedo feedback change, up to +/- 230 wm2 (regionally)

    What is going to have the greatest effect on an Ice Age’s ice sheets and glaciers — snow-ice-albedo or CO2? Quite clearly, the primary feedback that enhances the progression of Ice Ages and Interglacials is snow-ice-albedo. While CO2 feedbacks were, and still are, a piss in the ocean.

    Ergo – CO2 does NOT regulate Ice Ages.

    The limits of CO2:

    In the modern industrial-age CO2 has risen from 300 ppm to 400 ppm. As can be seen in fig 2, this rise will give a feedback-forcing change of about 2 wm2. This is another piss in the ocean, and yet it is this urinary dribble that has got the BBC and Met Office into Global Warming frenzy. Quite clearly, 2 wm2 will do absolutely nothing to world temperatures.

    To overcome this inconvenient fact, climate ‘scientists’ claim that this 2 wm2 forcing-feedback will be enhanced by water vapour, to create a more meaningful change in world temperature. Water vapour, so they say, will double the effect caused by CO2. (Yes, the most powerful and abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is actually water vapour.) But the assertion that water vapor assists CO2 is incorrect. In fact, it is more than incorrect, it is arse about face.

    Several climate realists have claimed, with good evidence, that while water vapour may be a positive feedback, the clouds it creates represent an even stronger negative feedback. In other words water vapour plus clouds will combine to resist temperature variations, instead of enhancing them. Warm days are cloudless sunny days, while cloudy days are cooler, because the clouds strongly reflect sunlight (they increase albedo, just like snow and ice). So water vapour plus clouds actually give us a stabilising negative feedback.

    Cloud negative feedback:
    Warming Earth = More clouds = More albedo = Cooler Earth

    Cloud reverse negative feedback:
    Cooling Earth = Less clouds = Less albedo = Warmer Earth

    So water vapour plus clouds will regulate temperature and keep the Earth temperature stable, within tightly set bounds. And if this is so, then everything that the IPCC and climate ‘scientists’ have claimed over the last 30 years, is completely wrong. You and I and the entire media may well have been sold a scientific dummy – a dummy that has proved to be very lucrative to some institutions and organisations.

    This cloud thermostat-regulation theory has been expounded by Willis Eschenbach, amongst others, but completely ignored by the ‘scientific’ community. But the theory is simple, logical, and of serious merit. And the fact that climate ‘scientists’ will not engage in this debate is illuminating. If Eschenbach et al are wrong, they why will the scientific community not engage with these climate realists, and show them why they are wrong? What are they afraid of?

    And remember that we have already seen that the dominant effect for Ice Age temperatures is albedo, not CO2, because the change in albedo has a much greater effect on net surface absorption and warming. (See figs 2 and 3.) And the Earth’s net albedo is as strongly regulated by clouds, as it is by snow and ice. So CO2’s piss in the ocean is irrelevant in world temperature and climate, because the mighty cloud albedo and the mighty snow-ice albedo can always overcome it.

    A CO2 change from 200-500 ppm equals increase of 4 wm2
    A cloud increase of 50% will result in a reduction of 40 wm2

    Or, in the all-important northern latitudes for Ice Age formation:

    A CO2 change from 200-500 ppm equals increase of 4 wm2
    A cloud increase of 50% will result in a reduction of 54 wm2

    Average world insolation 340 wm2. Normal cloud reflection 80 wm2.
    Average NH summer insolation 460 wm2. Normal cloud reflection 108 wm2.

    So when the puny (positive) CO2 feedback tries to change world temperature, it is instantly slapped down by the mighty (negative) cloud feedbacks.

    fig 2.
    The ‘feedback-forcing’ ability of CO2. Note that the effects of CO2 are greatest in the first 100 ppm, and then the graph flattens out. So the effect of rising from 300 ppm to 500 ppm of CO2 is very small. The insolation is given here as about 260 wm2, instead of 340 wm2, because the 80 wm2 reflection of clouds has already been deducted.

    fig 3.
    The albedo-reflection of ice and snow goes up to 85%. So up to 85% of the insolation may be reflected in snowy land masses and ice sheets, versus about 10% for normal landmass and seas. I have assumed a value of 60% albedo, for the Ice Age ice-sheets.

    The True Reason for Global Warming and Ice Ages:

    As can be seen in fig 1, recent Ice Ages have a regular 100,000 year cycle. Such a regular cycle cannot be CO2 driven, which is why it is universally acknowledged that orbital, precessional or solar influences are the prime initiator of Ice Ages and Interglacials. (The Milankovitch cycles.)

    The Earth’s climate is bi-stable. It has two stable modes, one warm the other cold, and it can oscillate between these two. And the stable regimes at either end of this bi-stable Ice Age cycle are regulated by cloud formation or dissipation, which works as a thermostat to stabilise temperature.

    So the climate remains stable, until it receives a massive influence which pushes it towards the other climate regime. And that destabilising influence is the Milankovitch cycles in the Earth’s orbit and axial precession, which are powerful enough to overcome the cloud thermostat and throw the Earth’s temperature into its alternate mode.

    In fig 4 it can be seen that the Milankovitch cycle forcing is up to a whopping 100 wm2 at northerly latitudes, which nearly twenty times the maximum feedback-forcing of CO2. So yes, of course the Milankovitch cycle forcing can overcome the puny CO2 feedback-forcing and the mighty cloud thermostat stabilisation, and send the Earth into its alternate mode.

    How the Ice Ages are caused and regulated:

    Start of an Ice Age:

    Look at fig 4. At about 125,000 years ago the pink temperature line plummets (the start of the last Ice Age). The pink line is temperature, and the blue line is Milankovitch warming or cooling cycle (or changes in sun-strength). What we see here is a reverse positive feedback system. Milankovitch cooling initiates the start of an Ice Age, which is then enhanced and encouraged by reverse albedo feedbacks:

    Reverse positive feedback:
    Milankovitch cooling of 90 wm2 = More ice = More albedo = More cooling == More ice = More albedo = More cooling.

    The sustained Milankovitch cooling of 90 wm2, plus the reverse positive feedback of increasing ice and albedo, initiates the new Ice Age. And since this cooling effect is much greater than the cloud thermostat can cope with, the Ice Age starts and we move swiftly into a new Ice Age. And when albedo begins to approach a maximum value, a full Ice Age almost approaching a snowball Earth, the cloud thermostat can now overcome the albedo feedback and regulate world climate to this new standard temperature.

    End of an Ice Age:

    Look at fig 4 again. At about 15,000 years ago we can see the final upwards rise of the pink temperature line (the end of the last Ice Age). This is the reverse of what we have just seen. This is a positive feedback system, where increased Milankovitch warming results in reduced albedo, and the end of an Ice Age:

    Positive feedback:
    Milankovitch warming of 50 wm2 = Less ice = Less albedo = More warming == Less ice = Less albedo = More warming.

    The sustained Milankovitch warming of 50 wm2, plus the positive feedback of reducing ice and albedo, ends the Ice Age. And since this effect is much greater than the cloud thermostat system can cope with, the Ice Age is ended and we move swiftly into the warm Interglacial period. And when albedo approaches its minimum value with no snow or ice, and can no longer significantly effect world temperature, the cloud thermostat can overcome the albedo feedback and regulate world climate at this new standard temperature.

    This is a bi-stable system of regulation, formed from a titanic battle between positive albedo feedbacks and negative cloud feedbacks. And the ring-master in this titanic climatic battle, that decides which feedback will be dominant, are the orbital and precessional forcings (the Milankovitch Sun-strength).

    But do note that CO2 does not figure in this scenario whatsoever, because it is a piss in the ocean and is easily opposed and overcome by albedo feedbacks and the cloud regulating thermostat. What is CO2’s 3 or 4 wm2 feedback-forcing, when compared with the 230 wm2 from localised albedo feedbacks or the 40-50 wm2 of the cloud feedbacks? It is ice and albedo that initiate Ice Ages and Interglacials, not CO2. And it is clouds that regulate Ice Age and Interglacial periods, not CO2.

    So we can say with some confidence that the world will not get much warmer than it is at present, because ice extent and therefore albedo feedbacks are already at historic lows. And they cannot get much lower, so the world cannot get much warmer. So the shrill cries of a runaway greenhouse effect and searing and deadly high temperatures are misleading and wrong. As we have seen, the main regulator of ‘runaway temperatures’ is albedo, not CO2. But albedo warming has reached its natural limit and cannot warm any further, while the puny efforts of CO2 are easily overcome by cloud regulation.

    So the Earth is NOT going to warm appreciably more than it is now. The Roman and Minoan warming periods were perhaps 1ºc warmer than now, no more. Indeed, with the tampered modern tamperature record, they have even made the Roman and Minoan warming periods cooler than now (because it was embarrassing to have warmer temperatures with less CO2. So we can be quite confident that the maximum albedo forcing of temperature on the world, is about the temperature we have now.

    So the shrill cries of deadly warming that will fry us all are just that – shrill cries from a new religious cult. And like all religious cults, if you don’t join their creed and genuflect to their high priests, you are demonised, mocked, shunned, and metaphorically burned alive over hot coals. (Several prosecutions of climate realists have been attempted in the USA.) But it is even worse than that. Because the Green industry is benefitting financially from these shrill cries, this is a fraud. A fraud that has already netted about $1 trillion or perhaps $2 trillion in fraudulent income for Big Green. Which makes Climate Change the biggest fraud in academic, corporate and world history. And many dumb politicians in the West are looking at this fraud with mouths agape, and not understanding any of it.

    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. But the lie can only be maintained for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic (or metrological) consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
    Joseph Goebbels (My brackets.)

    So the very foundations of the Great Climate Swindle was devised and accurately spelt out by Joseph Goebbels. And every politician has fallen for it, because they cannot believe that a fraud could be so large and so extensive, and with so many influential people backing it. But think about it for a minute:

    Backing Climate Change makes you virtuous and popular.
    Opposing Climate Change makes you immoral and a pariah.

    Backing Climate Change makes you rich, with grants galore.
    Opposing Climate Change makes you poor, with no grants at all.

    Backing Climate Change gives you promotion and world travel.
    Opposing Climate Change puts you on the dole and in the gutter.

    Backing Climate Change makes you famous, with a Nobel Prize.
    Opposing Climate Change exposes you to prosecution from alarmist zealots.

    Why do you think that influential people support this Climate Change nee Global Warming bandwagon? They are like lab rats or tame monkeys – if you reward them every time they mention Climate Change positively, they will do exactly what you want. If you say ‘jump’ they will say ‘how high sir’. You wanted trained monkeys, instead of scientists, and now you have got them.


    The climate cycle is bound to change. The Milankovitch cycle is already heading into a cooling phase (although it will warm again later). And in the shorter term the PDO and AMO cycles, are also heading towards their cool phase. And so the direction of any future climate change has to be towards cooling, both in the short (decadal) and long (millennial) term. And then you will look worse than foolish. In fact, alongside Tony Blair, you will become the most hated prime minister in history. The idiot who bankrupted the nation by betting on the biggest fraud ever devised. Now that is a legacy that will be richly deserved.

    The Great Climate Swindle.
    An old 2007 film that is still worth viewing.

    As can be seen in fig 4, the climate appears to be more stable in Ice Age mode than in Interglacial mode, and so our current warm climate is not typical of the Earth climate. The typical climate is 6ºc cooler, with glaciers extending down as far a northern England. The Younger Dryas cooling some 10,000 years ago should have signaled the start of the next Ice Age. But the climate recovered into warm Interglacial, for some unknown reason, and the warm Interglacial continued. Geologically this is very unusual and we should really be heading towards cooler temperatures by now. Look at where the Milankovitch cycle is now, and where it is trending. In normal circumstances the world should already be 3ºc cooler, with polar ice-sheets beginning to extend. Why they are not extending is a much greater mystery than the current fraudulent alarmism about Global Warming. (And this extended warm period started long before CO2 became an issue).

    What to do:

    Simple. Pay someone big-bucks to uncover all the holes in the Global Warming Swindle. Nobody will do this at present, apart from a few hardy and honest climate realists, because to do so is professional and economic suicide. So place Steve McIntyre, Judith Curry, Willis Eschenbach, Jo Nova, Roy Spencer, and Fred Singer et al in charge of a multi-million $ funded research program, with the sole task of discovering all the errors and holes in the Climate Swindle. And they will find errors and frauds a-plenty, I can assure you, because they are not trained monkeys.

    Are you willing to bet the nation and your legacy on a new religious cult, without a second opinion? Are you going to accept scientific advice without a proper and rigorous peer-review, and merely accept the current back-slapping pal-reviews? Do you really think that climate ‘scientists’ are being rigorous in their attempts to cross-check the data and analysis?

    I ask you – do the British courts accept the prosecution’s evidence and arguments, without the defence team being able to speak? Do British courts denigrate and prosecute the defence lawyers, because they may have a different view and may give a different perspective on the case? Is this how British justice works? Is this how British science works?

    Mr Cameron. This is the nation’s future. This is your legacy. Are you willing to bet the farm on a hunch given by pet monkeys, who have been trained and conditioned to give the ‘right’ answer? Or would it be better to give a substantial grant to obtain a valuable second opinion?

    fig 4.
    Changes in insolation (sunlight strength) in northern latitudes, caused by orbital changes of the Earth. (Milankovitch Cycles).
    Blue line = ‘Sun-strength’.
    Rising pink line = Rising temperatures.
    Note the large variation – up to 25% variation in ‘Sun-strength’.

  9. can’t recall seing this on WUWT. MSM now picking it up:

    1 Oct: Science Daily: Global warming can alter shape of the planet, as melting glaciers erode the land
    Climate change is causing more than just warmer oceans and erratic weather. According to scientists, it also has the capacity to alter the shape of the planet…
    In a five-year study published today in Nature, lead author Michele Koppes, assistant professor in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia, compared glaciers in Patagonia and in the Antarctic Peninsula…

  10. Financial Times and The Times join in the mocking of BofE’s Mark Carney (Daily Mail & Telegraph mocking posted in Tips comments above):

    2 Oct: Bishop Hill: The carneyage of Mystic Mark
    It is said that once people (Financial Times) start laughing at you, you are completely finished. I think Mark Carney may have reached that point (LINK plus text in the comments for those who can’t access it)
    COMMENT by son of mulder:
    Mocked in the Times today as well today (behind paywall)
    Starts off “Being the world’s leading expert on climate change is typically a full-time job. So it’s easy to forget that Mark Carney also has a part-time role as governor of the Bank of England, proving himself the man for a forecast immediately overtaken by events.”
    Ends “If he ever sets a target for the ice caps melting, buy a boat.”
    The middle is a list of failed/useless targets.

  11. 29 Sept: Redd-Monitor: Chris Lang: London Carbon Credit Company scammed people out of £1.7 million. Company director Young Erumuse disqualified for 15 years
    Foundation projects
    On its website, Erumuse’s company claimed that,
    “”London Carbon Credit Company is currently in advanced negotiations with the world renowned Clinton Foundation to be sole UK provider of carbon credits produced from the Clinton Climate Initiative’s Carbon Capture and Forestry projects.”
    And in a press release dated 16 October 2011, London Carbon Credit Company announced that the company
    “will soon be able to offer its clients carbon credits from Bill Clinton’s Clinton Climate Initiative, part of the Clinton Foundation”…
    So, on 13 September 2012, REDD-Monitor wrote to the Clinton Climate Initiative to ask them some questions about their relationship (if any) with the London Carbon Credit Company.
    The following day, the Clinton Foundation Fraud Alert page was updated to include the London Carbon Credit Company as one of a list of scams claiming to be associated with the Clinton Foundation…
    (Director of Global Carbon Measurement Program at the Clinton Foundation D. James) Baker did not reply to my question about whether it was possible that the London Carbon Credit Company had bought carbon credits from Clinton Foundation projects.
    He also declined to tell me what precautions the Clinton Foundation takes to ensure that its name, reputation and its projects are not used to legitimise the fraudulent activities of companies like London Carbon Credit Company…
    According to the Insolvency Service, London Carbon Credit Company managed to sell the carbon credits at an average price of £110.70, having bought them for around £3.50…

  12. 1 Oct: UK Mirror: Andrew Penman: The carbon credit conman who sold investors hot air
    Not the slightest flicker of remorse crossed the face of investment conman Young Erumuse when I confronted him.
    It was a short walk from the financial heart of Britain in the City of London, and he stood glowering down at me in his blue three-piece suit.
    At first he denied he was Erumuse, the director of London Carbon Credit Company Ltd…
    One victim was told: “Many savvy investors and corporations alike are adding carbon credits to their portfolios. Please don’t delay the process any longer than necessary as prices for credits are rapidly increasing on a daily basis.”
    The website used a string of logos of official bodies in this field, including the Gold Standard Foundation, Ethical Junction and Verified Carbon Standard.
    Erumuse, 34, did not have permission to use any of their names…
    Official Receiver Paul Titherington warned that anyone cold-called by carbon credit salesmen “is being offered nothing but hot air”.

  13. 30 Sept: Reuters: Germany issues warrants for two in $171 mln CO2 trading fraud probe
    International arrest warrants were issued in late July for Mobeen Iqbal, 32, and Ashraf Muhammad, 35, both of whom are thought to be living in Dubai, the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office said in an emailed statement.
    “The accused are strongly suspected to have been backers and leading members of a gang employing a tax evasion scheme in connection with the trade of CO2 emission rights and to having evaded a total of approximately 136 million euros between August 2009 and April 2010,” the statement said…
    The prosecutors also took to social media website Facebook to seek help from the public in tracking down the two men…
    In April, Frankfurt prosecutors charged two British citizens for suspected tax fraud amounting to 31 million euros in the same carousel trading investigation. Another Briton was arrested by U.S. authorities in Las Vegas in May.
    The investigations broaden the carbon trading scandal that has also affected Deutsche Bank, where prosecutors are investigating 25 staff, including co-Chief Executive Juergen Fitschen and finance chief Stefan Krause, on suspicion of tax evasion, money laundering and obstruction of justice.
    Prosecutors are not preparing to lay any such charges against the bank as investigators have turned their focus to the role of independent traders, a person close to the investigation told Reuters last month.
    The source said any potential charges against the bank would likely be over its negligence in failing to properly screen clients. The probe could conclude by the end of the year with a possible settlement agreement…

  14. Sunday October 4 2015: Climate Change Cracks, Perth expert does the maths on real impact of CO2. A mathematical discovery by Perth based electrical engineer Dr David Evans may change everything about climate change on the eve of the UN climate change conference next month. A former climate modeller for the Governments Australian Greenhouse office with six degrees in applied mathematics.

  15. 3 Oct: UK Telegraph: Christopher Booker: Why that climate deal is already a dead duck
    The binding global treaty Mark Carney, the Pope and others all want simply isn’t going to happen
    Last week a steady drone rising all year finally swelled to a crescendo. Talking up what Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, described to the City’s leading insurers as the “catastrophic impacts of climate change”, the world’s great and good were piling in on all sides. The Pope was supposed to be at it in his addresses to the UN and the US Congress. Presidents Obama and Hollande were at it, as was David Cameron with his offer of £5.8 million of UK aid money to support the cause. And the Prince of Wales wrote a letter to Britain’s top judges pleading with them to do all they can to bring about what he called “a Magna Carta for the Earth”…READ ON

  16. IPCC models CO2 sensitivity coded wrong – “Yes, CO2 has an effect, but it’s about a fifth or tenth of what the IPCC says it is. CO2 is not driving the climate; it caused less than 20 per cent of the global warming in the last few decades”.

    Dr. Evans

    Dr Evans is an expert in Fourier analysis and digital signal processing, with a PhD, and two Masters degrees from Stanford University in electrical engineering, a Bachelor of Engineering (for which he won the University medal), Bachelor of Science, and Masters in Applied Maths from the University of Sydney.

  17. Kevin Avruck, the Dean of GMU’s School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution emailed me back and said that Shank is an adjunct professor in their school. (Adjunct = part-time).

  18. Some perspective on expert forecasts with implications for climate, from a finance writer here:

    Some quotes:

    ““What you think is much less important than how you think,” says Prof. Tetlock; superforecasters regard their views “as hypotheses to be tested, not treasures to be guarded.”

    Most experts—like most people—“are too quick to make up their minds and too slow to change them,” he says. And experts are paid not just to be right, but to sound right: cocksure even when the evidence is sparse or ambiguous.”

    “Start by zeroing in on the “base rate” — the average historical experience.”

    Seems the AGW establishment started with a wrong “base rate” as in the shaft of the hockey stick rather than the undulations of climate.

    “Finally, as new information comes in, ratchet your expectations up or down.”

    Seems that a lot of the AGW establishment is very reluctant to ratchet expectations in light of the pause.

    I feel better about my capabilities as an amateur forecaster compared to the experts.

  19. The media may want to make a big deal about the heavy rain in N Carolina. (The governor is saying “the most rain for NC for the last 1,000 years”. She knows because she has been there 1,000 years.) The world record (as far as I know) is in Thrall, Texas which got 23.4 inches during 6 hours and eventually 39.7 inches of rain over 36 hours.,_Texas#Thrall_flood

  20. I’ve been checking this 3 year chart of the Great Lakes water temperatures – you need to click on the lake name at the top of the page to see the values for each of the lakes.

    They have numbers for the mean surface and the mean whole volume temperatures for each of the Lakes. The numbers for Oct 2015 are already lower than Oct 2013 for each of the Lakes. And the three eastern Lakes are cooler than 2014. Remember that 2013-2014 was the winter season when the Lakes were 92% ice covered. If I remember correctly, the Lakes were about 90% covered last year. They were clear of ice earlier in 2015 than 2014 by about a month.

    It will be interesting to see how much ice the Lakes will be getting this year. I’m hoping for a 90% coverage since that seems to keep the water levels up.

    You may want to include the multi year map in the GL Ice Page when you have to correct all of the links for the current year. Thanks for the work that you do!

  21. I use a program called PeerBlock to see who is trying to access my computer and every time I come to WUWT I get warning messages about NASA and NOAA and sometimes Dept. of Defense..Just thought I’d let you know !!! Not sure what it means ???

  22. The Nov. Issue of Astronomy Magazine has an interesting column on a postulated second dynamo offset from the first which is hypothesized to cause destructive interference in the normal 11 year sun spot cycle and due to cause a Maunder minimum type event in cycle 26. Would love to see Leif’s comments on the theory and, of course, all of our other solar experts as well that will undoubtedly show up on such a post. The column is called, “Sun’s activity slowing down”.

  23. behind paywall:

    5 Oct: UK Times: Robin Pagnamenta: Britain may have to ‘go Dutch’ to avoid blackouts
    Supplies of electricity this winter are likely to be so tight that Britain could be reliant on imports via an undersea power cable from the Netherlands, industry experts fear.
    This month, National Grid is expected to set out its forecasts for power supplies in its annual winter outlook report. It is set to predict that the UK’s electricity supply margin could be as slender as 1.9 percent or less at times of peak demand during December and January…

  24. read all:

    5 Oct: ClimateChangeNews: Megan Darby: UN releases 20-page negotiating text for climate deal
    Shortened document makes clear which elements will be legally binding and sets out decisions to be made before Paris summit
    At 20 pages, the document (LINK) is less than a quarter the length of the last version, published in July…
    Pulled together by the two co-chairs to the process, Ahmed Djoghlaf and Dan Reifsnyder, the document has no official status. Decisions can only be made by negotiators from the 195 countries involved.
    But it will form the basis of interim talks in Bonn 19-23 October, the last negotiating session before Paris.
    In a separate “scenario note”, the co-chairs said they would put the text up on a screen for negotiators to go through line by line…
    The International Emissions Trading Association was dismayed to see little provision for carbon markets…

    UNFCCC: 20 page document

  25. 5 Oct: Reuters Carbon Pulse: Work on carbon markets held back as diplomats slash UN climate text
    By Stian Reklev and Ben Garside
    Mention of carbon markets was largely left out of the main draft Paris agreement released Monday, though references to building an international carbon market regime made it into a draft decision for negotiators to craft detailed rules on later…
    But it did say countries may “cooperate in the implementation of mitigation activities”, potentially paving the way for international carbon trade…
    In the draft decision portion, it said countries should agree by next year’s UN climate conference rules and guidance for accounting of emission reductions, including allowing use of “internationally transferred mitigation outcomes” to meet national goals “supplemental to domestic action”, a basic principle for international carbon trade…
    Of the nearly 150 INDCs submitted so far, at least 70 countries have said they intend to use or explore the use of market-based mechanisms…
    Such plans may face years of uncertainty if there is no language or provisions for international carbon trading in the Paris agreement, but with the growing number of national and sub-national governments turning to CO2 markets, observers are confident emissions trading will remain a key approach to reducing GHG emissions…
    The text also included provisions that would scale up annual climate finance after 2020, although it was left in brackets whether the Paris deal should contain a reference to the $100 billion by 2020 in finance that parties pledged in Copenhagen…

  26. 30 September 2015 Last updated at 07:39 BST
    Green energy company Home Energy & Lifestyle Management Ltd has been fined a record £200,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after making more than six million automated calls as part of a marketing campaign offering “free” solar panels.
    The company blamed another firm it hired to make calls and said it was appealing against the ruling.

  27. hmmm! what could there be in this for Germany/EU?

    5 Oct: Climate Change News: Ed King: Germany offers India €2 billion in solar, clean energy funds
    Leaders Modi and Merkel agree renewables finance package and to cooperate on plans for global climate deal in Paris
    According to a joint statement, €1 billion has been offered over five years to help India meet a goal of deploying 100 gigawatts of solar by 2022…
    He added both leaders had discussed plans for a global climate deal to limit warming to below a 2C danger zone, set to be signed off in Paris this December…

  28. 6 Oct: Reuters: India leads Asia’s dash for coal as emissions blow east
    By Krishna N. Das and Tommy Wilkes
    India is opening a mine a month as it races to double coal output by 2020, putting the world’s third-largest polluter at the forefront of a pan-Asian dash to burn more of the dirty fossil fuel that environmentalists fear will upend international efforts to contain global warming…
    China, India and Indonesia now burn 71 percent of the world’s newly mined coal according to the World Coal Association…
    Other Asian nations are increasingly looking to coal to power their economies too, with Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam opening new plants, pushing the Asia/Pacific region to 80 percent of new coal plants.
    “Coal is still the most cost competitive power generation fuel, and in the end that’s what matters most for emerging markets,” said Frederic Neumann, Co-Head Of Asian Economic Research at HSBC in Hong Kong…
    Japan’s use has reached a record after shrinking its nuclear industry and it plans to build another 41 new coal-fired units over the next decade…
    Australia’s exports of thermal coal rose 5 percent to 205 million tonnes in the last financial year and are to increase by a further 1 million tonnes this year, driven by increased demand from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan…
    Magadh mine is the biggest of the many New Delhi will open to hit an annual coal target of 1.5 billion tonnes by 2020, raising its production above the United States but less than half the amount China currently burns…
    If India burns as much coal by 2020 as planned, its emissions could as much as double to 5.2 billion tonnes per annum – about a sixth of all the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere last year – Peters said…
    He said India could replace the United States as the world’s second largest emitter by 2025. “This is something no one would have expected.”

  29. 6 Oct: Saudi Gazette: AFP: India agrees to fast-track German business deals
    Narendra Modi on Monday hailed Germany as a “natural partner” of India after signing deals with Angela Merkel on clean energy and speeding up the European powerhouse’s investment in Asia’s third largest economy…
    Briefly leaving behind a refugee crisis in Europe, Merkel and her ministers signed 18 deals with India’s government, including on renewable energy and fast-tracking approvals for German companies to operate in India.
    “We see Germany as a natural partner in achieving our vision of India’s economic transformation. German strengths and India’s priorities are aligned,” Modi said after meetings lasting three hours with Merkel, who arrived in the capital on Sunday…
    The two countries signed agreements worth two billion euros ($2.25 billion) on German investment in developing India’s clean energy corridors and solar energy industry…
    But India has rejected calls to curb its heavy reliance on coal for power, instead calling on industrialized country to bear the burden of curbing emissions.
    Germany is already India’s most important trading partner in Europe and both Modi and Merkel have said they are keen to increase trade…READ ALL


    A team of top-level atmospheric chemistry boffins from France and Germany say they have identified a new process by which vast amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted into the atmosphere from the sea – a process which was unknown until now, meaning that existing climate models do not take account of it.

    The effect of VOCs in the air is to cool the climate down, and thus climate models used today predict more warming than can actually be expected. Indeed, global temperatures have actually been stable for more than fifteen years, a circumstance which was not predicted by climate models and which climate science is still struggling to assmilate.

  31. Can I assume that the following was caused by ‘climate change’?

    BBC – 5 October 2015
    Wild mammals ‘have returned’ to Chernobyl
    …..They say a long-term census of mammals in the area has shown that wildlife numbers are likely to be “much higher than they were before the accident”.

    Professor Jim Smith of the University of Portsmouth led the study, published in the journal Current Biology.

    He stressed that this “does not mean that radiation is good for wildlife”. …..

  32. Geez another day and another loon project for a “carbon free future”; guess they have not figured out a not so trivial problem but what do they know.

    Welcome the “Global Apollo Programme to Combat Climate Change”, the Millennial Generation’s NASA Apollo Moon Shot, one shot, To The Future.

    And the kicker as always, “In other words, through a conscious effort, backed by public funds, we can steer the development of the advanced technologies needed to ensure humanity’s safety and wellbeing.”

    Oh Yea. With everyone dead, who needs thing like hospitals or insurance.

    Ha ha

  33. AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment still claims the Himalaya’s will be gone by 2035

    “Mountain ecosystems face a massive test of their robustness from projected climate change. Warming is already melting many glaciers, fundamentally altering hydrology both in the mountain regions and downstream. For instance, glaciers cover 17 percent of the Himalayas and provide two thirds of the flow of the River Ganges. But at their present rate of decline all the glaciers in the middle and eastern Himalayas will have disappeared by 2035. Many mountain valleys are threatened by floods as lakes formed by melting ice are breached ”

  34. trying to stitch up an agreement – no Africans listed as “key leaders”:

    5 Oct: Politico: Sara Stefanini: World leaders sidelined at Paris climate talks
    Summit organizers want them to show up at the start, not the end, to avoid a repeat of the Copenhagen disaster.
    “The French idea is to have heads of state come at the beginning to make statements — they will not negotiate, you won’t have them in closed doors,” an EU source familiar with the preparations said.
    While Paris has yet to send out invitations to the summit, which runs from November 30 to December 11, key leaders from both the developed and developing worlds are expected to show. That includes U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and of course the host, French President Francois Hollande.
    The point is to keep leaders’ hands clear of the actual text of the agreement, in case it fails to satisfy. But their presence in Paris is required if the 196 countries want to succeed this time, environmental advocates say…
    The outcome of the Danish COP15 in 2009 was derailed at the beginning by a leaked draft of the agreement, and then exacerbated by the final talks among a couple of dozen heads of state…

    following has been picked up by all CAGW-invested websites, especialy those focused on renewables.
    fossil-fuel-rich African countries, exploited by the rest of the world in the past, present & future, are being told they will only be allowed to develop by buying into other countries’ renewables options! nice.

    6 Oct: Business Green: Jocelyn Timperley: Renewables could supply nearly a quarter of Africa’s energy by 2030, says report
    IRENA report says the continent has the potential to quadruple the proportion of its energy supplied by renewables
    The report identifies four modern renewable energy technologies that could play a major role in the continent’s energy mix: hydropower, wind, solar power, and modern biomass systems for cooking.
    The report also highlights how solar and wind projects across Africa are now producing ***record-low electricity prices…
    The report also recommends the active promotion of investment by increasing the availability of local financing and the use of public financing to reduce ***perceived risks to investors…
    Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of IRENA: “Tapping into renewable energy resources is the only way African nations can fuel economic growth, maximise socio-economic development and enhance energy security with limited environmental impact,” he said in a statement. “The technologies are available, reliable and ***increasingly cost-competitive. The onus is now on Africa’s governments to create conditions to accelerate deployment, paving the way for Africa’s unfettered, sustainable development.”

    ***just some of the contradictory statements in this piece.

  35. 6 Oct: Bloomberg: Greenpeace Says Can Find Cash to Buy Vattenfall Coal Assets
    by Niklas Magnusson, Jesper Starn and Tino Andresen
    Greenpeace is exploring funding options to buy Vattenfall AB’s lignite operations in Germany as it seeks to shut the power plants and prevent others from starting new coal mines.
    The environmental group wants to start discussions with Vattenfall after the Swedish state-owned utility put the assets up for sale, Annika Jacobson, head of Greenpeace in Sweden, said in an e-mailed statement on Tuesday…
    Vattenfall’s plants and mines, with a capacity of more than 8,000 megawatts combined, are worth 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) to 3 billion euros, according to Rodger Rinke, an analyst at Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg…
    The organization could finance a potential acquisition with donor money, crowd-funding and other sources of financing, he said.
    “Mostly, we would believe it would be our supporters who would be interested in such an acquisition to save the climate,” he said…

  36. ***in the world that has NINE COUNTRIES!

    5 Oct: Guardian: Dana Nuccitelli: The Republican Party stands alone in climate denial
    Amid internal calls for climate action, a study finds that Republicans are the only climate-denying conservative party ***in the world
    A paper published in the journal Politics and Policy by Sondre Batstrand at the University of Bergen in Norway compared the climate positions of conservative political parties around the world. Batstrand examined the platforms or manifestos of the conservative parties from the USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. He found that the US Republican Party stands alone in its rejection of the need to tackle climate change and efforts to become the party of climate supervillains…
    So, what’s different about the United States? One factor is the immensely profitable and politically influential fossil fuel industry…
    Australia just replaced its climate-dubious prime minister Tony Abbott with climate realist Malcolm Turnbull, and even Abbott’s government had a climate ‘Direct Action Plan’, albeit an impotent plan…

  37. pathetic:

    6 Oct: Climate Change News: Ed King: BBC apologises for radio show that mocked climate science
    Half-hour programme did not make clear climate sceptics were a “minority voice”, UK broadcaster admits, in “an unfortunate lapse” of editorial policy
    “What’s the point of the Met Office”, aired in August, did not make clear sceptics are a “minority voice, out of step with scientific consensus,” the corporation said in an email to climate scientist Andy Smedley.
    “This was an unfortunate lapse for which we apologise and we would like to assure you we remain committed to covering all aspects of the subject in the most accurate and responsible way possible.”
    Presented by Daily Mail columnist Quentin Letts, the show featured Peter Lilley MP, Graham Stringer MP, forecaster Piers Corbyn and Andy Silvester from the Tax Payers Alliance…
    The BBC said it had carried out an internal review and emphasised that the programme emerged from “an unusual combination of circumstances which we have now rectified”.
    Read the full reply here…PLUS TWEETS
    The broadcaster also added a note to the show’s web page, clarifying that the Met Office’s views on climate change were supported by scientific consensus.

  38. It’s important WUWT address this spin on the IGES scandal, otherwise the MSM will repeat it. The author seems to think the 1st amendment is a defense against breaking federal law.

    Climate-Denying Rep. Wants To Investigate Scientists For Requesting A Probe Of Climate Deniers

    > But Shukla’s right to petition the government in this way is outlined in the First Amendment under “redress of grievances.”


    John Ashe, a former UN ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who was general assembly president from 2013 to 2014, was accused in a complaint filed in federal court in New York of taking more than $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese businessmen, including developer Ng Lap Seng.

    Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, who announced the arrests of Ashe and the other defendants, said the investigation could result in more charges as authorities examine whether “corruption is business as usual at the United Nations.”


    And if it is, how they can get their cut…

  40. I was checking google for other IGES stories. So far National Review is the most “MSM” to report. Why not FOX?

    Yesterday Science Magazine did a story. Does acknowledge “whether IGES might have violated its nonprofit status with political activity”. Comments closed, many deleted.

    Climate scientist requesting federal investigation feels heat from House Republicans:

  41. another link re the UN officials arrested:

    6 Oct: UK Telegraph: Ruth Sherlock: United Nations officials charged with accepting massive bribes from China businessmen

    had a feeling CAGW could come into the story somehow, tho didn’t find any mention in MSM reports. however:

    6 Oct: FBI: Former UN General Assembly President and Five Others Charged in $1.3 Million Bribery Scheme
    Deputy United Nations Ambassador for the Dominican Republic Also Among Those Charged
    In addition to agreeing to pay for ASHE’s family vacation and basketball court, LORENZO began paying ASHE’s wife, as a “climate change consultant” for NGO-1, in the amount of $2,500 per month…
    In addition to attendance at the conference, CC-3 also sought to “offer [ASHE] a permanent convention venue for the UN meetings on sustainability and climate changes…as well as for the 193 members of the UN to convene…”

  42. ***- Climate, taxes, Sean Penn – LOL:

    7 Oct: Daily Star: AFP: World economic leaders tackle slow growth, climate change
    LIMA: Kick-starting the sluggish global economy and funding the climate-change fight top the agenda this week as finance ministers and central bank chiefs from around the world gather in Peru.
    Setting the stage for the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the IMF cut its 2015 growth forecast for the world economy Tuesday to 3.1 percent, predicting the worst year since the global recession of 2009…
    ***- Climate, taxes, Sean Penn –
    An entire neighborhood of Lima has been closed off with military checkpoints for the occasion, leaving the streets bizarrely empty in the normally traffic-jammed city and creating headaches for commuters.
    The cordon will keep any protesters well away from the movers and shakers who drive the global economy…
    Indeed, inequality is a hot topic in the long list of events and panels scheduled around the meeting, which will get a celebrity boost when actor Sean Penn jets in to discuss his humanitarian work.
    But concrete progress is more likely to come on another major issue: the fight against climate change…
    …Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is due to publish a report Wednesday on progress toward reaching the global funding target of $100 billion a year to fight the impacts of global warming…

    7 Oct: Reuters: DIARY-Top Economic Events to Oct 19
    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, LIMA, PERU – The IMF holds a conversation on climate change – 1900 GMT. Speakers: IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. LIMA – The IMF holds a discussion “Energy Pricing-Getting it Right” – 2030 GMT. Speakers: IMF Deputy Managing Director Min Zhu and former Irish President Mary Robinson…
    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, LIMA, PERU – World Bank President Jim Yong Kim participates in a discussion titled “Young Entrepreneurs as Drivers of Sustainable Growth” – 1900 GMT…
    LIMA – World Bank President Jim Yong Kim participates in discussion on “Future of Food: A Conversation about Shaping a Climate-Smart Food System” – 2130 GMT…
    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 LIMA – G-20 members hold a news conference – 1330 GMT. LIMA – World Bank holds a discussion on “Unleashing Private Investment in Renewable Energy” – 1600 GMT. Speakers:- World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Norway Foreign Minister Borge Brende…

  43. Washington Post…

    How a hypothesis became dogma

    “The vibrant certainty of scientists claiming to be authorities on these matters is disturbing,” George V. Mann, a biochemist at Vanderbilt’s med school wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Ambitious scientists and food companies, he said, had “transformed [a] fragile hypothesis into treatment dogma.”

    Indeed, the subsequent forty years of science have proven that, if nothing else, the warning against saturated fats was simplistic.

    I always finds the saturated fat / climate change similarity amazing. People accept dogma as fact and just quit listening

  44. Canadian physicist Arthur B. McDonald has won the Nobel Prize for discoveries about the behaviour of a mysterious solar particle, teased from an experiment buried two kilometres below Sudbury.

    The Queen’s University professor emeritus was honoured for co-discovering that elusive particles known as neutrinos can change their identity — or “oscillate” — as they travel from the sun. It proved that neutrinos must have mass, a finding that upset the Standard Model of particle physics and opened new avenues for research into the fundamental properties of the universe.

    McDonald, 72, shares the prize with Takaaki Kajita, whose Japanese collaboration made the same discovery with slightly different methods.

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