Last 2 years running, The White House blamed extreme cold for the faltering economy

Obama Cartoon

Original image: The White House at the conclusion of “Snowmaggedon 2.0”, posted to Wikimedia by David King

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

President Obama’s economic advisors have just blamed the faltering performance of the US economy this year on cold winter weather – just like they did last year.

According to Politico;

Jason Furman, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, recently told Congress the White House still “expects that the economy will continue to grow at an above-trend rate and that the unemployment rate will decline further.” Furman added that less fiscal brinkmanship could allow the economy to overcome a winter slowdown and speed up heading into the fall. Furman on Friday said “a range of factors including the weather and the global economic slowdown have affected economic data for the first quarter.”

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The story from April 2014

The White House was quick to note that this year’s insanely cold winter slowed growth, and indicators in March, when temperatures warmed a bit, were stronger.

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The 2012-13 and 2011 winters were milder – but in 2012, the President provoked uproar when he cut winter fuel assistance for poor people

2010 was Snowmageddon – so no guesses for what got the blame that year.

Perhaps if President Obama spent less time worrying about “global warming”, and focussed his attention on mobilising federal resources, to help people and businesses in blizzard affected areas, the American economy would stay more on track during severe winters.

159 thoughts on “Last 2 years running, The White House blamed extreme cold for the faltering economy

  1. Here in UK its called: “Having your cake and eating it” I would guess that your President doesn’t believe in AGW because of this statement and his purchase of a seafront property in Hawaii!

    • In the UK in my experience politicians are rather adept to “having yours and mine cake and eating it”, and if one depends on saving income, they ‘eaten’ large slice of the that cake too.
      As the USA is concerned, if there is anything in my ‘spurious’ correlations (source of great annoyance to some) it looks that the North and North East USA may just embarked on a new climate trend line, and it looks more of a downhill than a pause or plateau. It is time for the USA to take a brand new look at climate change, this time from a different angle, a 180 degrees would be suitable starting point.

      • Nobody has yet realized that the “Missing Heat” is hiding in the Ocean, Deep, Deep down! I suppose Obama and Gore, with their mansions in Florida, will be the first casualties when “The Heat from the Abiss” comes out and burns everything to a crisp…………

    • I would say Obama is putting icing on his pineapple cake before eating it.
      That said, is David Cameron much better?

      • The fat-faced chap is, at least, associated with a party, many of whose leading lights appear to be realists (more or less) on climate change. A fair few seem to be trying to line their pockets, legally, legitimately – but distastefully – through tax-payer subsidies. Also the fat-faced one’s father in law appears to have a nice income from ‘renewables’ . . . . .
        The geek, Millipede, touted as a Prime Minister, is the former Secretary of State behind several green/expensive/pointless – even counter-productive – measures; wind and solar farms for a start, with their guaranteed extortion from the electricity bill-payer. No change here – just more controls and bureaucracy . . . .
        Everyone’s favourite Deputy Prime Minister for the last 4.9 years, Nick Clegg, looks likely to retire from public life, as he’ll lose his seat as an MP. He and his party have been the main constraints on the Coalition seeking to rationalise its Energy Policy. Net result, no E.P. at all.
        The Greens seem to have their watermelon characteristics surfacing every time they open their mouths. 60% tax if you receive over £150,000 – that will catch a lot of head-teachers.
        UKIP – the upstart Farage’s lot – are very realistic on climate [possibly why the fat-faced one is starting to edge that way too. Shock horror!].
        The Scot Nats and the Welsh equivalent – Plaid Cymru – are basically socialists, so seek controls, bureaucracy, regulations, permits, bans, guidance, confiscatory tax rates, and the rest. I have no idea if they believe in CAGW [or CACC] – but they’ll seek the controls etc. etc. They do SO know better how to spend my money that I do.
        Auto – already thoroughly disillusioned with the General Election ‘Campaign’ (and there is 25 days to go!)

  2. …and the lack of bad weather, tornadoes and hurricanes etc didn’t help the economy
    before the bad weather hurt the economy

    • Tornadoes are good for the economy. You have to rebuild – GDP goes up.
      And no it’s not just a Keynesan text – see Australia’s BER predicated on exactly that.

      • The best brains that could be appointed to the Treasury literally implemented the Broken Window policy by tearing down modern school halls just to rebuild them.
        Unfortunately, this is not sarcasm. Oz unemployment has soared for 5 straight years, in conjunction with the 2nd worst structural deficit on the planet.

      • Andrew, I have a simple question for you … why don’t we just skip the middleman (tornados) and bulldoze the towns ourselves? The demolition “costs” would also produce an added boost to the economy and we would be booming; our standard of living would skyrocket would it not?

  3. Yes, the cold caused huge economic harm which the White House studiously ignored and the media ignored. The New York Times barely used the word ‘blizzard’ last winter, I think it was four or five times in total. One of these was in reference to the past, not present.
    Instead, from January to today, all the media has stories about how Los Angeles is hot and dry. Over and over and over again. Even San Francisco isn’t hot and dry anymore and the rest of the West Coast is seeing a series of winter storms bringing SNOW even up to next week.
    It snowed two days ago in Egypt…again!
    All the warning signs of global cooling are increasing, not decreasing. The last harbinger of the warm cycle is in the Pacific Ocean and that will be gone by next year.

    • Yes one real reason to have a go at the current USA government is that they have become so taken in by the AGW lobby. That they risk leaving the USA ill prepared, should there be any cooling of the climate in the USA.

      • @taxed: what do you mean, “taken in” by the AGM lobby? No Western government is taken in. The governments are the ones *creating* and feeding the AGW lobby because it suits their aims. Governments may be evil and psychopathic, but they’re not stupid.

      • David, UK
        Yes you are right, it does suit their aims. But now their is a risk that AGW is becoming a vote loser i puts them on the back. So let’s show the voters that AGW is wrong.

    • The US was practically the only place on earth that had a colder than usual jan-feb. Are you people delusional? Can you see beyond your own backyards?

      • Yep, funny how a place with lots of thermo-thingys is the only cold place on earth time and time again. (Summer too – rarely touching 90F in places that are usually closer to 90C in summer.)
        The unusually hot places include Siberia, the sea south of Iceland, and Antarctica (but only the volcanically active peninsula, not the other 14m sq km).
        My backward is about 8000km from the US btw.

      • My backyard is pretty overgrown, I like it that way. The front is fairly well taken care of … I can see out of it.
        Why can’t some people just stay out of my back yard … stay in your own back yard and quit trying to look into my mine.

    • Daniel says
      “aah politics on WUWT…. who would have expected that…..” because of course god knows the President would never mix climate and politics, nor would the media, or how about the CAGW alarmist, Universities?, the UN?, the EU? communist? socialist? grant seeking social scientist? Climate scientists? Liberals? Democrats? Union organizers? Republicans? IPCC members?
      And here I thought Daniel that your goal in life was to point out hypocrisy? The presidents not being a hypocrite? WUWT is only doing what you profess to be your goal in life.

      • “And here I thought Daniel that your goal in life was to point out hypocrisy?”
        lol. goal in my life?

      • Daniel;
        I thought I read you say in another thread that you are just trying to point out hypocrisy. Maybe I attributed to much to this as life goal as you imply that you have none , but that’s probably for the better because I am guessing there are numerous mirrors in your house and avoiding them all would be difficult even for the few times you get up off the coach.

      • “I thought I read you say in another thread that you are just trying to point out hypocrisy.”
        you really think me pointing out WUWT’s hypocrisy is the goal of my life?
        lol, in the real world, WUWT is nothing, just one more site that spread anti science nonsense and conspiray theories. kust like creation ministries , prison planet , A&E for 9/11 truth etc etc
        in science or thereal world, you play no role at all.
        but as usual for such cult like groups, they overestimate themself.

      • Daniel
        I am not WUWT, I go out and work every day and live in the “real world” and in that real world brother you are a joke, oh wait your one here too! I am not the one who spends all day everyday posting hear on WUWT that’s you and for you to try and place yourself in the “scientific world” is ludicrous since you can’t even make an argument with out contradicting yourself a dozen times and every time your challenge you fall flat on your face. As for your existence in the “real world” I’d be shocked if you even know what that is. My guess is your a college kid, an academic or involved with the government in some way. maybe its time you start doing something and stop wasting your time as a troll, because brother you stink at it.

      • “I am not the one who spends all day everyday posting hear on WUWT that’s you”
        LOL really? all day, every day?…. and you actually believe that?
        “you can’t even make an argument with out contradicting yourself a dozen times and every time your challenge you fall flat on your face.”
        what a deluded view, but i am sure your fellow WUWTers will agree wtih you. so you must be right.
        “My guess is your a college kid, an academic or involved with the government in some way. maybe its time you start doing something and stop wasting your time as a troll, because brother you stink at it.”
        what government?

      • “21 and a political science major? that’s my guess.”
        21? in my age i am not going to argue against that claim 🙂
        Political science major?`politics? no thanks.

      • Daniel;
        You use LOL a lot so that leads me to young, but it could be late middle age and never grew up.
        Not politics you say then I am guessing social worker, probably currently out of work?

      • Give some clues this could be fun, though I doubt you would tell the truth anyway.
        Me 47, engineer by trade business person by vocation.

      • “Give some clues this could be fun, though I doubt you would tell the truth anyway.”
        You would not believe me anyway, as you indicate yourself.
        i see no use in it.

      • Daniel;
        Even on something so simple you can’t be straight and to the point. Are you looking here for honest debate and discussion or is it as I have said to you before that all your are here for is to peddle a religion and an agenda of others? You play a game and think yourself clever, stop and actually read some of the things written here (and before you ask yes I read everywhere else as well with an open mind) and keep an open mind. Troll through the pages for RGB (Dr. Brown) references, he is eloquent and try’s to explain all side of the issue and is by no means dismisses AGW as a theory and tell me that he is not a true scientist with a true understanding of the issues. there are plenty of others here who you can say the same of, I mention Dr. Brown because his post are the most complete and detailed.
        You are not honest with yourself when you post here and you are wittingly or not pushing an agenda, stop and consider and think why is this important to you?

      • Why do you people engage with idiots such as Daniel. He is simply provoquing you into keeping him on the blog.
        IGNORE HIM for crying out loud. You just confirm his argument that you do not engage in science.
        IGNORE HIM !!!

      • “Even on something so simple you can’t be straight and to the point.”
        you already said that you propably will not believe me anyway, so why should i even try?
        “a religion and an agenda”
        i have no religion and no agenda.
        “You play a game and think yourself clever, stop and actually read some of the things written here (and before you ask yes I read everywhere else as well with an open mind) and keep an open mind.”
        i do read here. but mostly find alot of dishonesty and inaccurate information.
        what is why i like scientific sources much better than WUWT.
        “Troll through the pages for RGB (Dr. Brown) references, he is eloquent and try’s to explain all side of the issue and is by no means dismisses AGW as a theory and tell me that he is not a true scientist with a true understanding of the issues.”
        did he publish in the scinetific literature about Climate sensitivity or projections he deems catastrophic?
        “You are not honest with yourself when you post here and you are wittingly or not pushing an agenda, stop and consider and think why is this important to you?”
        why is AGW important to me? because it is important to humanity?
        because i got convinced by the evidence the scinetific community presented.
        and what WUWT and co present to counter the science is… not quite convincing to say it nicely.

      • Daniel says:
        politics? no thanks.
        Oh, but yes. You are entirely political. You are the one who admitted that you’re an unemployed “Occupy” guy.
        You are being disingenuous, and the truth is not in you.

      • Stephen
        Normally i agree with you “Dont feed the trolls” is my favorite way to express it, but i was out of town with nothing to do, so sometimes when i am bored i like to poke the trolls an have some fun

      • “Oh, but yes. You are entirely political. You are the one who admitted that you’re an unemployed “Occupy” guy.
        You are being disingenuous, and the truth is not in you.”
        that was not my post, someone else posted as Daniel. that was the point when i started using my full name.

      • Daniel Kuhn,
        My sincere apologies. It was an inadvertent mistake based on there being more than one ‘Daniel’.
        It took me quite a while to track it down, but you were using the screen name “Daniel” for a while, not your full name. Apparently another “Daniel” wrote:
        I had no earnings this year. Occupy doesn’t pay. I’m just attention seeking.
        Since you say that wasn’t you, I accept your assurance. My apologies for assuming.

    • Yes, this site has been drifting more and more toward direct competition with Climate Depot. I think WUWT should place itself on the “Political Climate” list.

      • John@EF,
        Your ilk has decisively lost the science debate. There is no question about that.
        Your response has been to push the debate into the political realm. Therefore, it is the fault of the climate alarmist crowd that the discussion has become political. It’s possible that unlike the scientific debate, you may even win the political debate.
        But make no mistake: the fault is your side’s alone that politics is rearing its ugly head. It is your fault exclusively.

      • John@EF:
        If you are not smart enough to see that WUWT is trying to separate and identify science from politics that alarmists have intertwined, you need to work on your comprehension skills.

      • Anyone making the claim that the entire climate debate isn’t riven with politics, displays either woeful, or willful ignorance. To further assert that discussing climate- related political issues is wrong, is disingenuous, or worse.

      • My view is that both sides basically accuse the other of doing politically motivated science. Appealing to the science itself is the best way I can think of to resolve it. Isn’t easy. I’ve got my partisan hat, and though I don’t at all like wearing it I do know how to use it.

      • Brandon, there is a fundamental difference between skeptics and alarmists. Alarmists clearly want to use CAGW for their political agenda, to control and tax the very air we breath. Their post normal science is well documented in many books. Have you read any?
        Skeptics, for the most part want the science separate from the politics. They want and ask for open debate. They are not asking to dictate to, or tax anyone.

      • David A,
        By appealing to your own broad definitions of “sceptics” and “alarmists” you are not addressing my actual arguments, and in so doing putting words in my mouth. I don’t take fallacious arguments seriously however right they may accidentally be. Please learn how to address my own words and arguments or desist from commenting on them. Thank you.

      • I always quote peoples’ words. Gates wrote:
        My view is that both sides basically accuse the other of doing politically motivated science.
        Accusations can be made by anyone. But in reality, skeptics want to get at the truth of the matter. In this case, the question is whether man-made global warming (MMGW) is a problem. Or, if it even exists in any measurable way.
        OTOH, alarmists have made up their minds. But since they’ve lost the science debate (no measurements of AGW, see?) their arguments become more and more political. In politics, no measurements are necessary, and assertions rule the day.
        So in reality, scientific skeptics are doing their jobs as required: they are deconstructing, if possible, all conjectures, including MMGW. Whatever remains standing after the smoke clears is accepted as current theory.
        But the alarmist crowd simply believes. No facts or evidence can convince them otherwise. Since they can’t win the science debate, they move it to politics. That’s the problem.

      • Gates,
        I wrote:
        …the question is whether man-made global warming (MMGW) is a problem. Or, if it even exists in any measurable way.
        No answer, and I’m not surprised. Show me a measurement quantifying AGW. Then we can talk.
        Also, your chart is a fine example of natural global warming. So is this:

      • dbstealey,

        No answer, and I’m not surprised. Show me a measurement quantifying AGW. Then we can talk.

        How many times have I told you: there is no direct measurement, only estimates.
        How many times have you replied: yeah, “guesstimates”, then gone back to ridiculous assertions such as …

        Also, your chart is a fine example of natural global warming.

        Well at least you accept it as a reasonable representation of reality. Good to know. Let’s look at it again, shall we?
        Where’s The Pause, Stealey? Twice now I’ve asked.

        So is this: [Alley (2004) … again]

        Well geez, genius. It’s pretty easy to figure out that warming and cooling cycles prior to significant human presence and activity are natural. Does it not occur to you in all your scientific wisdom as a proper skeptic that the reason for Alley’s research, and that of his paleoclimate colleagues, is to help us figure out what those natural forcings and processes are so that we can tease out our own present-day signal from the mix?

      • In other words, you’ve got nothin’ but excuses, excuses.
        But without measurements, everything is just speculation.
        How many times have I told you: there is no direct measurement, only estimates.
        I agree. There is no direct measurement, and no accurate indirect measurement of AGW. But measuring the percentage of man-made global warming (MMGW) out of total global warming is certainly possible.
        If human emissions were the only forcing there was, the measurement would be 100%. If global warming tracked one-half the rise in anthropogenic CO2, AGW would be 50%. Almost any quantity in science can be measured. Science is all about measurements.
        But global warming has stopped, while the rise in CO2 continues unabated. What does that tell us? I personally think that AGW exists. But the lack of any empirical evidence proves that the effect from MMGW must be insignificant.
        Without any measurements, everything is speculation; nothing more than a conjecture. An opinion. That isn’t good enough to halt Western civilization in its tracks, for fear of the ‘carbon’ menace.
        That isn’t even enough to slow down fossil fuel use. In fact, the only solid evidence we have concerning CO2 shows that it is completely harmless.
        Not only that: we know that CO2 is highly beneficial to the biosphere. More is better, and there is no observed downside. No ‘harm’ from CO2 has ever been found. There is zero evidence that CO2 causes any problems at all.
        The original conjecture that rising CO2 would cause runaway global warming and climate catastrophe was flat wrong. It is exactly the opposite of reality. More CO2 is highly desirable and beneficial. It is an unmitigated good. The biosphere is starved of CO2, and it responds with alacrity when more is available.
        The central problem is this: those who originally bought into the CO2/climate scare were simply wrong. There is no question about that now. The problem is that they refuse to admit that all the facts and evidence falsifies their original conjecture. So, how can we convince them to accept Planet Earth’s verdict that CO2 is a net benefit, and that it is completely harmless?
        The answer is, we can’t. We might as well waste our time and energy trying to convince the Jehovah’s Witnesses to convert to Scientology. Climate alarmists operate on faith now, not on science or logic. Their belief is no different whatever than the strongest of religious beliefs. They are hopelessly lost in their belief. Most of them will never accept reality.
        But the truth will remain. As the believers in the man-made global warming scare die off one by one, the truth will always remain the truth. It never changes. In the long run it will be seen that literally millions of people believed in a conjecture that had zero empirical evidence to support it. Then the MMGW alarm will fade into history along with phrenology, dowsing, witch doctors, and a hundred other delusions the human race once believed in. In retrospect the believers in the MMGW alarm will be seen as ridiculous, gullible fools.
        But in the mean time billions, if not trillions of dollars will be completely wasted propping up the MMGW false alarm. That wasted money will never do the productive, beneficial things it could have done to improve everyones’ condition. It will be totally wasted for the great mass of humanity. Only self-serving charlatans will pocket the loot. Everyone else will be poorer.
        I don’t have a better answer. But I know one thing for certain : if CO2 was a significant forcing then AGW could be measured. In all of science, we can measure processes. The few exceptions include measurements that are too small for the existing instruments to detect, or what is being measured is buried under ambient noise, or the uncertainty principle makes a measurement impossible. MMGW can’t be measured because it is just too minuscule. If it was a large effect, of course we could measure it.
        After many decades of searching for evidence by thousands of highly trained scientists using the latest equipment, they still cannot quantify AGW. It’s just too insignificant. But they will never admit they were wrong. The money, fame and reputations are too much to give up. So they will keep searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s there. But it really doesn’t matter.
        Finally, not one alarming MMGW prediction has ever come true. That fact alone should tell folks that they’re on the wrong track. The MMGW hoax is a scam being perpetrated by governments that have finally achieved their ultimate wet dream: taxing the air we breathe.

    • Laughing keeps young. i like to laugh, that is why i like to read the comments on WUWT.
      “Not politics you say then I am guessing social worker, probably currently out of work?”
      social worker, no sure not.
      and no, not out of work.

  4. One of those bad-weather bed-wetters…
    Obarmy is done. He can tell whatever he wants, no one is listening to the quacking of a lame duck.
    Really dangerous are just his executive [dis]orders.
    I hope people will realize now that warmer is better.

  5. All that cold weather was caused by “climate change”, i.e. carbon dioxide-induced global warming. I know this because the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC or “Our ABC”) told us Australians so and they can’t be wrong can they? The USA is very lucky to have such a scientifically literate president like Barack Obama, next week he might even invent economic fusion technology driven by windmills. /sarc.

  6. This essay seems a bit disingenuous, no offense to Eric Worrall who’s writing I generally enjoy.
    The reference to “a range of factors including the weather”, hardly equates to “The White House blamed extreme cold for the faltering economy”.
    And especially troubling is this comment, “Perhaps if President Obama spent less time worrying about “global warming”, and focussed his attention on mobilising federal resources, to help people and businesses in blizzard affected areas, the American economy would stay more on track during severe winters”.
    This seems to agree with the statement made by the White House, that severe winters have a dampening effect on the economy.
    Maybe I’m confused as to the point of the essay. Are we arguing that the White House is using the cold winter as an excuse for poor management of the economy or that their attempts to mitigate the effects of a cold winter have failed?
    Either way, the title is a bit misleading and were I on the other side of the debate, I’d find a great deal wrong with it.

    • Yeah, Eric lost me a abit when he got to: “mobilising federal resources, to help people and businesses in blizzard affected areas, the American economy would stay more on track during severe winters”. Governments should just stay the f*ck out of the way and the economy would get back on track very quickly.

  7. The closer we get to the end of Obama’s disastrous Presidency, the louder he, like his Warmist friends, will scream.
    When the unsupported claims made by “warmists” have the layers peeled off, the shrill will get more outlandish as when we heard yesterday that an Australian “climate scientist” told us that all the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic will be gone in “a decade or so”………RUBBISH!

    • Well, except that Hillary Clinton would be Obama Continued in many respects, so we may only be getting to the end of Obama Part 1.

      • JohnWho: Are you sure about that?
        Certainly there seem to be no doubt that Hilary will be the next president, but I suspect that when she gets to the White House there will be constant comparisons between her performance, and that of the US economy, and the state of the nation under her husband’s stewardship .
        For all his faults I seem to remember that his handling of the economy was at least respectable,( but I am not a US resident and therefore had no direct exposure) and Hilary will not want her first term to be blighted by the economic consequences of the drastic concessions that Obama and Kerry are planning for the 2015 Paris summit.
        She is a smart woman and will almost certainly be thinking about that.

      • Mike,
        You are completely wrong about “Certainly there seem to be no doubt that Hilary will be the next president,”
        Yes, there are those who will vote for her even if she were to commit murder live on television but you do not seem to realize what is going to happen. Republican President, Republican Senate, Republican House. Not because the majority of the people like Republicans, but because the majority of people are disgusted by the current administration and anyone with ties to it.

  8. l sense there will be a change of tack here on part of the AGW lobby.
    Because they will use any increase in these “Arctic blast” winters in the USA as a sign that global warming is happening. Why do l think that, because one of the more sensible idea’s to come out of climate science in recent years is the “Arctic Paradox”. So you can bet that the AGW lobby will use that for their agenda. Should any more warming fail to turn up.

    • The “Arctic Paradox” is where blasts of cold air from the Arctic push down across North America or Northern Asia, which while making area’s further south much colder. lt has the effect of warming up the Arctic because the cold air been driven south like over North America over the last winter, is replaced by warmer coming up from the south elsewhere. So while the Arctic can get warmer land masses further to the south can get colder.

      • For crying out loud. Have all the bloody idiots been released from the asylum on the same day.
        Taxed. That is the biggest pile of garbage ever. For christ’s sake read a few more meteo text books.
        The Arctic is cold because it gets little or no heat from the sun at any time of year. It will not warm by passing cold air south.
        That’s mental.

      • Stephen Richards well if think am wrong. Then l suggest you take look at the “Arctic sea ice graphs- Google site”. Where you will find maps of the Surface Air Temperature. Which if you take a look at the 7 day and 30 day anomaly maps. You will notice that while it was much colder across eastern North America where was a noticeable warming over much of the Arctic.

      • Stan~ yes its weather. But what is weather over the long term ? (climate).
        What it shows is just because its warmer in the Arctic, that cannot be taken as a sign that its warming everywhere else. What it shows is that if weather patterns like what caused the 2 very cold winters in the eastern USA became a increasing trend. Then its possible for there to be major climate cooling over land masses to the south. While at the same time it becomes warmer in the Arctic.
        How who spends a lot of their time telling us that Arctic warming is a sure sign of global warming.?

  9. That’s funny, I thought the faltering economy was because of “greedy ceos” and other capitalists.
    Is hard to keep my bs straight for when I hang out with my Obama supporter friends. It’s high time for somebody who knows about economics and finance to be in the white house. At least somebody who listens to their advisers on economic issues. Obama doesn’t even do this. he is too concerned with his “legacy” whatever that means.

  10. Obama is simply one who’s mindset is that he is the smartest man in the room so nothing could possibly be his fault. The Dunning-Kruger effect is alive and well at the White House.
    “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias where unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.”

    • Ignorant people do not know they are ignorant as that is one of the many facts of which they are ignorant. Now add to this having millions of people, who are also ignorant, vote for you and treat you like a rockstar and you get what we have. Pretty simple stuff that does not require any psychobable.

      • JP, oh yes! It is quite evident that they do. Law takes very little analytical thinking, mostly memorization. Also look at all the lawyers! But then anyone can get a degree in anything with enough time, money and pull. Fact of life today. Ignorant is as ignorant does.

      • So, Obama’s records are not sealed – because all you have to do is get his written permission to release them.
        Which he has not permitted anybody to do.
        And, your link to the cityroom blogs does not produce words, only headlines. By the way, I was writing about “people in his classes” not “his roommate while he was at Columbia”. We do believe he was in NYC while he claims to be enrolled at Columbia. We just have found nobody who remembers him from their classes.
        Then again, Obama usually voted “present” while a senator in Illinois, just so he would not leave a record of having actually opposed anything. Nor supporting anything. But he was in Illinois: having been elected three times after forcing the release of the legally sealed court records of HIS opponents three times.

      • “Law takes very little analytical thinking, mostly memorization. ”
        Heh. Let’s see you subject yourself to being called on to present a case in, say, a first-year Torts class, and then spending the next five minutes getting grilled like you never have been before in your life.. I suspect you wouldn’t last thirty seconds.
        But, hey, yes: those US Supreme Court justices are picked for their…..great memories.

      • Anna, you have just demonstrated my point. You know not of what you speak. Supreme court justices are chosen on a political basis, don’t you think? Try being grilled regarding results of statistical analysis of research data by a CEO who does not know a higher order differential equation from a coffe order. Classmates of mine found medicine and law a cake walk compared to engineering. The law classes which I took in grad school were just what I said, memorization and I had several lawyers report to me over the years and those who were also cpa’s went so far as to indicate accounting was more difficult. Bottom line though is just what I said, anyone can obtain a degree, today, in any field, including engineering if they have enough time, money and pull. And I have had Harvard grads work for me who were not at all impressive, so Obama’s education does not obviate ignorance.

      • JPeter asks, “Do ignorant people earn a JD at Harvard MCL ?”
        Do you remember all the Ivy league MBA’s who said the MBS packages were all AAA rated securities?
        A practical 10 year old kid could tell you that loaning hundreds of thousands of dollars to folk with no income and no job was not a good idea.
        Some just pay more for their ignorance then others.

    • This has long been called
      “Unconscious Incompetence”, the final and most dangerous of the four states of human capabilities.

      • Politics is the last refuge of incompetence, though I have also heard that insurance sales is. The examples of which I am aware, though, are brothers, one of whom stays home and runs the business and the other that becomes a politician. Invariably the one who runs the family business is the smart one and the other not so much. And I do know some fairly intelligent insurance people, politicians, not so many.

      • I haven’t heard that phrase. I am no expert but I think it is possible Obama has a form of “narcissistic personality disorder”,
        as a little kid under enormous stress, lacking a father figure (or having too many) my guess is he made up a version of himself as “a man” then inhabited it. and still does. That he did not transit to manhood/adulthood in the normal way.
        in this hypothesis it’s not that he “hates America” (read: normal people), it’s just that the only way NPD’s can become normal is by becoming ~5 years old for a little while. Which is impossible for the adult ego. Thus they ultimately are adults, possibly trying to get everyone else back to that level. The liberal urge to “return to nature” could be in him an attempt to resolve his NPD state.
        Pseudo-science provides him emotional relief as it parallels his pseudo-adulthood.
        NPDs make for a very electable politicians.

  11. Perhaps if President Obama spent less time worrying about “global warming”, and focussed his attention on mobilising federal resources, to help people and businesses in blizzard affected areas, the American economy would stay more on track during severe winters.

    No, that is what the states should do, if they so desire. The fedzilla has no place in “helping people and businesses”.
    The enumerated powers are:
    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
    To borrow on the credit of the United States;
    To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;
    To establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;
    To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;
    To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;
    To establish Post Offices and Post Roads;
    To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;
    To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;
    To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;
    To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;
    To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;
    To provide and maintain a Navy;
    To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;
    To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;
    To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;
    To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; And
    To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.
    —Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution

  12. The saving grace here is that climate change like immigration is just a phony issue for Obama. He uses both issues for political posturing and to obtain as much voter support as possible. Obama has no intention of passing an amnesty bill contrary to what he says. he also has intention of pesonaly pushing to AGW fraud any more then any other democrat would. He gets support for speaking a certain way but without making much change. He doesn’t lose the votes of people in his own faction that wouldn’t want say amnesty or major taxation on energy usage. if anything seems partly his fault like not being able to get anything to pass he can just blame that on the other side. It works every time.

  13. ‘A radiant fool setting off skyrockets by day’.
    H/t, that’s James Thurber, clearly seeing the future.

  14. Politicians: no morals, no ethics, no knowledge of science – no problem.
    In the USA system, they are a cash-consuming, power hungry, but necessary evil.

  15. I have no trouble with blaming an economic stumble in the northeast with the cold weather, in fact, it’s nice to see the financial types referring to that when the White House doesn’t take the lead. I’d throw in a heavy dose of expensive natural gas due to pipeline capacity (apparently some LNG shipments made things better than last year).
    March both years was cold. Hmm, colder last year by a couple F°, so that implies a delay in construction, planting, etc. too.
    Seems to me the point of the story should be that regional deviations from the NASA-GISS temperature trend are another sign we read too much into that record and that warmth is better than cold, at least in the winter.
    As for the west, water is king and always has been. It’ll be interesting.

    • Where I am in the West, we enjoyed a relatively mild winter.
      Some people forget that the Eastern seaboard is NOT the entire country.

      • And that United States is not the same as ‘global’ in ‘global warming’.
        Climate change, otoh, can happen both globally and anecdotally. How convenient.

  16. Is that Gilbert Godfried or a skinny Rosie O’Donnell in a suit in front of the White House?

    • Rosie O’Donell. Doesn’t she look good? It the latest diet craze, the Fossil Fuel Diet. “Food that’s touched by fossil fuels shall never touch my lips.”

  17. No surprise, they blame the weather for their policy failures, since they wore out the “Bush” excuse.
    Here the USA Today points out that Obama blames global Warming for his daughter’s asthma while pointing out that Scientific facts would probably blame his smoking
    “President Obama blames global warming for his daughter’s asthma. Today that’s politically useful spin, but the science says something different. If you’re looking for a culprit, it just might be Malia’s dad.”
    “The president connected his daughter’s malady to global climate change. In a discussion Tuesday, he said “all of our families are going to be vulnerable” to global warming-induced health risks because “you can’t cordon yourself off from air or from climate.”

    • and then he jet fueled down to rasta land to visit the Marley Museum – he has all Bob’s records he stated – on way to fist bump R. Castro. I guess he has changed his belief in CO2 cause for gorebull warming

      • Intrigued by your name, since I spent a good portion of my career in that field. We also seem to share certain political views.

  18. Of course they blame the weather.They’re liberal democrats. Their failures are always the fault of someone or something else.

  19. Does it make sense to promote economic growth and to artificially drive up the cost of energy? Can you save a drowning man by dumping more water on his head? The White House has proven to be adept at generating propaganda. Has anybody noticed economic growth requires more energy? If we more build more huge houses which require huge energy inputs to build and heat/cool the White House would be cheering. The concern about climate change is completely fake. The love of government control is very real.

    • The concern about climate change is completely fake.
      The left believes in none of the things it wants the rest of us to believe. I forget the original source of that quote.

  20. I’d like to see Obozo sitting on a big fancy chair placed by the Secret Service slugs at the waterline on some balmy beach in the Caribbean, to point imperiously out to the waters and command the ocean to give up all that heat it’s been hiding in the benthic depths.
    Or maybe an Executive Order to the same effect?

  21. Our virile global warming warriors; all in unison as if in a howling, pre-battle, rebel yell; scream out: “Positive feedbacks, positive feedbacks!” It pumps the adrenalin, gets the juices flowing, gets ’em in the frame of mind for the fight. It’s their rallying cry – the essence of their argument.
    And, you know what? I think it’s a brilliant pre-match strategy. Let us stop acquiring voodoo dolls with Obama’s likeness on them and sticking pins in the dolls. It hasn’t worked. Let us stop throwing darts at pictures of him on the wall. Let us stop whipping beer bottles at the TV every time his rat eared head pops on. And, when we see a clapped out Volvo with weathered Obama/Biden bumper stickers on it let us refrain from running it off the road. Now, we could employ my sister, my older sister, my blood sucking vampiric older sister who doesn’t like him either. But, I can assure you, strictly to spite her innocent younger brother, me, she would support Obama instead.
    So no, we must change tactics. To beat them we must join them. As we say in Chicago: When you go to a knife fight you don’t bring a knife; you bring a rebel yell. So, what I would recommend (because I know it’ll work) that anytime Obama and/or his gargoyles inrtroduce any piece of legislation, any national health care, any banking regulations, any budgets, any stimulus measures, anything at all (and particularly as it relates to the economy), that we suck in our stomachs, draw in the deepest breath of atmosphere that we can fill ourselves with, and all in unison scream, howl, and spit out: “Negative feedbacks, negative feedbacks!”
    For the truth shall set you free.

  22. Economy stand still, as long as infation in USA, Canada and EU is 5% China has to put it’s large amount of currencies to move. That boosts economy, without inflation capitals get lazy.

  23. It seems there is no consistency in the messages coming from the White House. What next? Warnings about rising sea levels and then buying beach front property? Just kidding, no one would do that, right?

  24. So… Out of one side of the Obama mouth comes the lies of Global Warming and out of the other side of his mouth the reason for the bad economy is the colder weather…
    So he takes no responsibility for his policies on AGW killing jobs while double speaking that it is a cooling world that caused it…
    Really???? Obama expects the voting US populace to believe in a cooling world while spouting warming mantra?
    Does any one else see the blatant lies and hypocrisy??

    • Whatever obama says is true at the time he says it. If you find discrepancies between his current assertions and his past utterances, the fault is in your mind, your loyalty is in question, and you require re-education.
      And if thine brain offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee. No lies, no hypocrisy – obama without end, amen.

    • Um… Bill, they have that covered. They no longer refer to it as “Global Warming”, they morphed it to Climate Change and Climate Disruption for this very reason. No warming = bad news for the Chicken Little types.
      I find it hard to blame them for using this easily wielded club. It’s what politicians do… spew FUD while accusing their opponents of spewing FUD.

  25. Truman had a sign on his desk when he was president; “The Buck Stops Here”.
    Obama and many others seem to have a sign that say; “The Buck Stops Over There”.

  26. It is rather ironic that ‘climate change’ is a psyops weapon designed to destroy market economies based on private property, and then blame for the damage wrought is shifted onto weather.
    I think most people have absolutely no idea of how advanced and powerful (and simplified) modern propaganda techniques have become. But are not the best wars those that are won without firing a shot?
    As a mental exercise, ponder the progression from a WW1 biplane with wood and canvas, to a modern jet fighter.
    Then ponder the similar progression from WW1 propaganda techniques to modern mindwar.
    I put forth that the size of the leaps are similar.

    • Max Photon, you have a rapier-like sense of humour, yet I think you use it to mask the worry you have for mankind. Forgive me for being overly familiar, but I share this affliction.

    • “But are not the best wars those that are won without firing a shot?”
      The climate war is not yet won; there may yet be shots fired. I have know lefties who would gladly don a green shirt and participate in an eco-Kristallnacht.
      The greenpiece o’ shites that boarded that oil rig recently would prolly have been happy to have done so armed had they had enough support.
      obama would surely allow armed UN climate-enforcers into the country after usurping enough power.
      Come the enviro-revolution, there will be many a bullet pocked wall where deniers were stood.

    • Max,
      Good example. Another comparison can be made with ships from little more than a century ago. They were made of wood, they used cannons for weapons and wind for power. One modern destroyer could easily wipe out the entire world’s navies by itself, with zero damage inflicted on it. Propaganda techniques have progressed the same way.
      The premier experts on human nature were the erstwhile Soviets. When the Berlin Wall came down a lot of sensitive documents were released, some of which disclosed that every Western double agent had been compromised. Not a single exception. That includes every U.S. double agent supposedly working for us. They were all ‘turned’.
      There is a mountain of evidence for those willing to look, showing that the infiltration of every newspaper, every media outlet, every professional organization (including all scientific organizations like the APS), and every international organization, has been the primary goal of the FSB (the old KGB: same players, different initials). They have been extremely successful, gaining control of most of their targets. Where they don’t have control, they control individuals within those organization.
      American and world opinion is being tightly regulated. We are being told only what they want us to be told. The one area that they have not been successful in controlling is the internet. But they are working on that, and working hard: “Net Neutrality” is simply a veneer to control the internet.
      There is a big push to turn control of the internet over to a UN authority. Guess who controls the UN? Anyone unhappy that a comment of theirs was deleted from a website because the blog owner didn’t agree with it was seeing what will be in store for them once the internet is controlled by the UN.
      For example, last year a comment I made at Scientific American was deleted for “name-calling”. It was the only comment I made there, and I had been very careful to be excessively polite and factual. There was no “name-calling” at all, but they deleted my comment with that excuse — and banned me permanently. From my comment they could tell that I was skeptical of MMGW being a serious problem, and they don’t want comments like that seen by their readers.
      That is the future. Being somewhat of a pessimist, I don’t have much hope in stopping it. Lenin was right when he said that capitalists would be happy to sell him the rope to hang them with. If the internet goes the way of Scientific American, or the NY Times, or TIME magazine, etc., we will lose the last major free speech outlet we have.
      Free speech is worth fighting for. But I don’t see much in the way of a fight among users of the internet. At first, of course, government control will be made to appear as a good thing. But the pattern is that they will never give up control, and all contrary voices will eventually be silenced. For your own good, of course.

      • Net neutrality used to be a good thing.
        Trust the left to pervert a proper concept into a political tool without its supporters even realizing it.
        The idea was to prevent those with huge money backing from crushing those without it. To prevent something like Netflix from absorbing all of the available bandwidth and squeezing out independents or other competition.
        The result has been 90% (estimated) ownership of online content by rabid leftists, and the desire to convert that to 100%.
        We need a new name for what Net neutrality USED to be.

      • Can you say Exocet ?
        I imagine there are whole crews trained to shoot those nasty bastards down nowadays.

      • Partly on point. My uncle was a higher up in the Def Dep’t at one time and worked for USAID in Yemen. We catch spies and send them home. The Russians, as my uncle said, kidnapped the spy, tortured out the info and delivered identifiable body parts to the appropriate embassy. End of spy problem.

  27. “[o]bama’s anti fossil fuel mantra will bring our economy down…”
    Exactly his purpose.
    He is gutting the “middle-class” and pitting the wealthy against the poor. How better to foment communism?

  28. The basic push is for a world dictatorship, and that didn’t just start. International Communism has always had that stated goal. It is more than words to them. They are working hard 24/7/365 to bring it about.
    And the goal, if reached, will not be a one-man dictatorship. That is too dangerous to the bureaucracy. Karl Marx wrote that a nameless, faceless bureaucracy controlling society was the greatest danger of all, worse than Capitalism. But that is the most likely outcome.
    For an example, look at the EU. Can anyone name even one of the [hundreds] of officials and bureaucrats who have real regulatory power over five hundred million citizens? Do people even know that the EU president is appointed by some unknown good ol’ boys — who are also unelected? On a smaller scale, the EPA rules over citizens and has arbitrarily run many of them off their land. Or the IRS, [which] is now heavily political, and which grants or withholds 501(c)3 status depending on what it perceives as the ‘right kind’ of organization.
    The goal of world government is supported by a complicit press that is always ready to accuse selected groups and individuals of “racism”, and other thought crimes. But they do the same, and worse, themselves. The President and Hillary accuse their opponents of a “war on women”, when they both pay their female staffers less than their male staffers. But it’s A-OK, because it’s all for the cause.
    When you read a quote or a story in the media that demonizes an institution or an individual, it is well to keep this law of human nature in mind:
    Fen’s Law:
    The Left believes none of the things they lecture the rest of us about.

    • It is not just the state worshiping leftists. Conservatives look to expand the power of government when they get the chance.
      It is the nature of the State to want to expand and to dominate its people. All States (governments) will grab all the power that they can. The State seeks to enslave the minions. See George Orwell for details.
      For an great analysis on this issue look at this Matt Palmer essay on Murray Rothbard’s view of the State and his famous book “Anatomy of the State”; and then read the book itself. (free all over the place)
      The short version is his quip that the State is “a gang of thieves writ large”.
      ~ Mark

  29. What a ‘sh.t grin’ if I’ve ever seen one as this man systematically weakens to destroy our country. I wouldn’t post such things on your site if I were you (the deceptive image). Most younger people don’t have the experience to see through the vast deceptions in play.

  30. re the Greenpeace gang on the rig – they couldn’t take the weather!
    12 April: Maritime-Executive: Wendy Laursen: Bad Weather Sends Greenpeace Home
    Six Greenpeace activists rappelled down from an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday after spending six days living on the structure to protest against drilling in the Arctic, the environmental organization said.
    The multinational team climbed on board Polar Pioneer, an oil rig leased by Royal Dutch Shell that is bound for the Arctic, on Monday…
    Worsening weather conditions that were expected to bring swells of up to seven meters led the six activists to leave the oil rig on Saturday.
    They climbed down into inflatable boats and returned to the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which had brought the activists out into the Pacific Ocean for the protest.
    Shell said the protesters had jeopardized their safety and that of the crew assigned to the oil rig.
    The company had filed a complaint in federal court in Alaska seeking an order to remove the activists. On Saturday evening, a judge granted a restraining order against Greenpeace to prevent a repeat of the protest, Royal Dutch Shell spokeswoman Kelly op de Weegh said in an email…
    More to come
    “I might be climbing off this oil rig, but this is merely a transition into the next step of saving the Arctic,” American Aliyah Field, one of the six activists, said in a statement. “I can’t wait to join the millions of voices, the volunteers in Seattle, and all Americans who believe we deserve better, safer, cleaner forms of energy. My voice cannot be silenced, and neither can the millions of others taking a stand against Shell.”…
    Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, said: “I am so inspired and impressed by the volunteers’ decision to climb Shell’s drill rig. I hope everyone who sees what they did is inspired to take action in their own way, to help save the Arctic…
    12 April: SBS Australia: Greenpeace activists leave Arctic-bound oil rig
    Australian Zoe Lennox, 21, formed part of the group….
    TWEET: Zoe Buckley Lennox: Weather systems coming. So we’ve just made one more crossing – on the way home to @gp_espy. #TheCrossing

    • and good riddance – glad the filed and got the order
      but –

      we deserve better, safer, cleaner forms of energy

      makes me wonder about the cranial capacity of the useful idiots –
      right, contradiction in terms

  31. I really enjoy this site and the discourse. That being said, this post was exhausting to get through due to the trolls battling. Don’t feed the trolls!

  32. This is standard operating procedure from Obama’s White House; the lack of accountability and leadership skills is appalling. He gets things done not because he is a good leader but because he abuses his position of authority. It’s like having an incompetent boss, even if he is an idiot, he still gets to tell you what to do.
    In terms of leadership, the plaque on Obama desk reads.

    “The buck stops somewhere else”

    And a poster on the wall reads,

    “It’s not my fault!”

  33. Sorry, I am confused. Is the problem the:
    The cold weather?
    The cold global warming weather?
    Or the global warming weather that is really warm but just appears to be cold?
    And if Hussain Obama want’s to alleviate global warming, is this to:
    Make the cold weather colder?
    Make the cold weather warmer?
    Or make the global warming cold weather that is not cold really, appear to be less cold than it isn’t?
    Errrr, I hope that is clear……

  34. Crossing the “spin” beams of WH messaging is not allowed. It confuses the media poodles.

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