Josh on Pachauri's "hacked" emails and resignation

Apparently, Pachauri’s troubles are all just due to an “unfortunate series of incidents”… and his resignation from the IPCC is just to give time to set the record straight.

Meanwhile, the world awaits the inevitable mug shot and the perp walk.

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    • Strauss-Kahn is about to escape charges of helping prostitutes work (helping a prostitute work in any way is a crime in France), so he will be available as a potential chair of IPCC.

  1. From his resignation letter.,,.in case there was any doubt on his scientific standing with AGW. “‘For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

    • We’ve been saying that the environment is religion not science for awhile.
      It’s nice to see the other side admit it as well.

    • According to his victims, Pachauri believes at a fundamental level that women are his personal toy things.
      So it would be more accurate to say that Pachauri’s mission, religion, and dharma is “…the survival of the MALES of the species…”

  2. Did I read that right ? he is suffering from UHI
    I hope the doctor that takes his temperature has nothing to do with climate science

    • Do you mean that the credentials for becoming a chairman of the IPCC are; an old politician who has a reputation for his stupidity, violent temper and bullying, flaunting money made out of politics, writing dirty novels, using his power and position to molest women and a solid believer that CO2 is a poisonous pollutant that threatens the well being of civilisation and the planet? No Mr Prescott does not fit that profile; he has not written a dirty novel yet, but perhaps he will get round to writing his memoirs sometime.

      • Is it true that Pres. G.W. Bush supported Pachauri to get this IPCC job? If so, was that a brilliant strategy? How better to get some obnoxius bureaucracy to crash and burn than have Pachauri its chief?

    • John Prescott would be ideal to lead the IPCC, but I doubt if Patchy would give up his paradise on Earth at TERI’s headquarters to him.
      He used to represent the oaf sector of Britain’s Labour Party and as deputy prime minister used to love wasting gigantic amounts of money on his own pet projects and other whims.
      The Guardian comments: “Ed Miliband is bringing the former deputy prime minister, John Prescott, back into frontline politics only months before May’s general election.
      In a controversial move, the Labour leader has appointed Lord Prescott as his personal adviser with specific responsibility for climate change. His remit, according to aides, is to “bash heads together”.
      For our cousins across the pond, Ed Milliband is the leader of Britain’s Labour Party and the architect of the country’s insane energy policies through the Climate Change Act.
      Foul tempered John Prescott is one of the world’s few perfectly spherical people.

    • Not just Brits. Prescott’s notoriety has circled the planet . . . the bits that used to be pink on the map, anyway. And he does have some sympathy down under for punching an egg thrower . . . back in the day, New Zealand had a Prime Minister who put a right cross on a protester.

    • classic John Prescott – “The green belt is a Labour achievement; and we intend to build upon it”
      Hopefully we can expect some corkers in his role as climate advisor to Labour.
      He was a man of the people , the picture of him playing croquet, in front of a mansion, in whites proved this.

  3. This observer warned some of the big shots about Pachauri a long time ago but never received the courtesy of a reply. Bad Karma!

  4. There may be a certain sadistic pleasure in watching this unfold, but we can all be sure it will have zero impact on the blob.

    • Hmmmmm….. not a good idea to have this here. Seems inappropriate to have young people drinking wine and positioned ambiguously with a nearly naked man. Call me a prude but this is borderline criminal. mods?

      • I have to agree. Although there are (sigh) probably states and countries where such activities will be legal in the not-too-distant future, this kind of goes over the borders of good taste, Bacchus or not. I a bit shocked to see it, actually. The audience reaction is rather telling: it seems the younger set are more “upset” than the older….
        Having said that, it’s probably “vin ordinaire”, but still…..

      • Can’t you see it is “cultural”?
        Now you must answer: “Oh, I see. It is cultural . My apologies.”

      • In retrospect I agree with Paul and others that it was poor judgement on my part to post this. I would hate for my (daily dose of) poor judgement to tarnish the reputation of WUWT and its viewers. Mods, please feel free to remove this if you see fit (not that you need my permission).
        My sincere apology.

      • What’s in poor taste posting a photo from the recent Oscar Awards show? I think this was a lead-in to a Lady Gaga performance.

      • As Bill Clinton’s defenders said, he did this in his personal life (Pachauri and this weird dude) so this has nothing to do with his ability to govern.
        (Where the “H” are the parents!)

  5. “I did not try to have sex with that woman. Or that one, or one that, or that one, or that one………………..”

    • Jake J,
      The sex charges have relevance in that if Pachauri was essential to the IPCC mission leading up to Paris in December, then this resignation would not have occurred because of the charges.
      The relevance is that the climate change cause’s intellectual leadership has decided that Pachauri is well past his ‘use by’ date.

      • I have the disconcertingly rare habit of applying the same standards to everyone and everything. Which is to say that if someone discovered a video of Anthony Watts blanking a blank of blank-bank, I’d have exactly the same opinion. The IPCC might be a pig, but it doesn’t affect my view of any of the issues, just as it wouldn’t if he were a prince of a guy.

      • (arggh, fixing typos)
        I have the disconcertingly rare habit of applying the same standards to everyone and everything. Which is to say that if someone discovered a video of Anthony Watts blanking a blank of blank-blanks, I’d have exactly the same opinion. The IPCC fella might be a pig, but it doesn’t affect my view of any of the issues, just as it wouldn’t if he were a prince of a guy.
        This cheering is understandable but unseemly. Even a well-grounded ad hominem is still an ad hominem. Sure, it helps if your adversary is an execrable human being, but it’s really not terribly relevant.

    • The charges might not have relevance, but the obvious lying does. Pachauri wants you to believe that his phone, computer and various accounts were hacked by someone over the past 18 months or so. He’s a liar like Anthony Weiner as someone pointed out above.

      • So he lied to beat a sex crime charge. Not to praise lies or sex crimes, but it’s understandable for someone to do that. And it has nothing at all to do with the global warming debate.

  6. Nice one Josh. My thoughts about the sex scandal wrt Pachauri are the same as any sex scandals. Here in UK the man gets his name smeared through the press and TV and the female accuser has her identity PERMANENTLY hidden, even if she makes this up. A man is effectively destroyed by false accusations even if the courts find him not-guilty. I think this is totally wrong; anonymity should be given to both parties until after the trial and if there is a non-guilty verdict, this should be continued.
    In this case however Pachuari has resigned, before any trial, criminal or otherwise. I do not want to comment any further!

  7. If you Google Ismail El Gizouli the first item is his CV which claims that he is an Energy and Environment Specialist with numerous consultancies , predominantly in Renewables area , and a lifetime spent in various UN activities . On the face of it what you might expect , then the next Google item is a “nofracking consensus” comment from 2010 , and to give you some flavour of what it contains , here is an excerpt :
    “Forget Genocide & Malnutrition – Sudan Fights Climate Change for the IPCC
    May 27, 2010 at 9:24 am

    This is a desperately poor country cursed with abominable leadership. This is a government accused of practicing genocide and crimes against humanity. In the words of Amnesty International, Sudan’s president “allegedly ordered attacks on villages and camps, targeting groups on account of their ethnicity, while using rape, hunger and fear to create conditions of life calculated to bring about their physical destruction.”
    Sudan is a nation, therefore, with more than its share of problems. Is it not bizarre that a country this poor and this troubled can nevertheless spare educated men such as El Gizouli to play key leadership roles in the IPCC? As the IPCC likes to remind us, those involved in its work receive no pay for their efforts. It’s a voluntary gig.
    Is it not also curious that a country in which children routinely die of infectious diseases associated with contaminated drinking water nonetheless has time and attention enough to become a signatory to international environmental agreements involving biodiversity, climate change, endangered species, the ozone layer, and the protection of wetlands?
    In September 2008, when the United Nations Human Rights Council sponsored a three-day conference, other speakers addressed immediate concerns such as extreme poverty, the importance of good governance, the problem of corruption, and the need for health care.
    Sudan’s Ismail Elgizouli (different spelling, but same man) talked instead about climate change. His PowerPoint presentation included a graph projecting agricultural yields 50 years hence (worrying about problems that might occur in half a century sounds like a priority to me), claimed malaria would increase due to climate change (this is vigorously disputed by malaria experts), and spent several slides attempting to link the conflict in Darfur to climate change.”
    After reading that I did not want to know any more about the man .

    • Good point, mikewaite. El Gizouli seems to be associated with the terror regime of al-Bashir.
      “Vice-chair Ismail el Gizouli holds degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Operation Research & Statistics. He was the Director of the National Energy Administration of Sudan (the planning arm of the Ministry of Energy) during the time that Sudan both first began oil production and was overtaken by the genocidal Omar al-Bashir. El Gizouli has continued to work closely with the al-Bashir regime as an advisor/consultant on energy and environmental matters over a period in which Sudan has grown to be the world’s 30th largest producer of oil, accounting for 78% of its export earnings .”
      The new IPCC leader could be in for more serious questions even from the watermelons than Glori-oil-Patchy.

    • Of course, the present replacement from Sudan won’t be elected in October 2015 as the next regular IPCC boss. To obvious are his ties to the rather ugly regime of Sudan…
      But THIS PERSON could be quite likely the next “Pachauri” after the election in 8 Months:–15843685
      According to this interview in a Swiss daily, Thomas Stocker is nominated for the job as next IPPC President by the Swiss Government. And what can we expect of him if elected? Well, see for yourself: When asked how to deal with CAGW skeptics he said:
      “Zweifel ist zwar immer die Quelle des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts, aber Zweifel an belegten Fakten ist Ignoranz.” (= Doubt is always the source of scientific progress, but doubt of proven facts is ignorance)
      And when asked why CAGW is a proven fact, his core statement was as follows:
      “… Diese Aussagen basieren auf Millionen von Messungen weltweit, auf dem physikalischen Verständnis des Klimasystems und auf der Simulation des Erdklimas mit Computermodellen. …” (= These claims base on millions of measurements worldwide, on the understanding of the physics of the climate system and on the simulation of the Earth climate by computer models)
      So we see, women working in IPCC departments might be save from harassment by this would-be IPCC President, but CAGW skeptics would have to deal with an even more orthodox IPCC pope than before…

  8. I wonder if there’s a Thomas the Tank Engine Coach or Engine that would be appropriate for Pachy?
    (considering his trained profession).
    Wasn’t there an obnoxious diesel switcher out there? (been a long time now….).

  9. Do other countries write the short hand “and” symbol differently? I’ve always done it as an upside down 4, but Josh writes it as an upright 4….that threw me off for a second.
    Either way, a humorous take on an unfunny little man.

  10. Here’s hoping the replacement is Prescott. He’s really capable of pissing off the German’s, French, and Canadians so that maybe the Paris conference could just implode

  11. There seems to have been a large discrepancy between the modelling of Dr. Pachauri’s behaviour and the recorded observation.
    A little homogenisation of the observed data should cure this.

  12. Dammit Janet!
    The Nations which are thus United must take a New Path.
    Will we all sit and watch the same cabal install the next fool to continue stealing our freedoms and our funds while making a mockery of common decency?
    I hope for a leader to speak truth to this rotten hoard and put them down as they have earned.
    Many will follow.

  13. He apparently needs serious help and I hope he gets it, I have no time for his type but I hate to see people go down for stupid reason like this. Like others before him, when you see yourself as the savior that’s when you lose your place in the world and can justify anything in your mind, no matter who you hurt.

  14. I know you all want enjoy the moment – any chance we can actually maintain some objectivity and decorum?

    • any chance we can actually maintain some objectivity and decorum?”
      Let me think about that……….No !!

  15. flashback:
    David Suzuki & John Abbott College
    The Scenario:
    Let us us imagine that I, the author of a book, am invited to spend a day at a college attended by students as young as 17. Imagine that, a month before my arrival, I tell the school I’m not fond of bodyguards but that it would be OK if I were accompanied throughout the day by a couple of hand-picked students.
    Imagine I then say I’d like these students to be male. Why? Because I’m female. I then go on to express definite opinions about what these young men should wear in my presence.
    The Response That Didn’t Happen:
    Surely there would be an adult in the room who’d realize that my interest in these students is both unprofessional and non-academic.
    Surely everyone would notice that I am discriminating against all the young women in the school – and behaving as though young men are little more than pieces of meat.
    Surely someone would say that I am free to ogle young males on my own time, but no self-respecting school would dream of supplying me with students for that purpose.
    Sexual predators come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Sometime they are the last sort of people we’d expect – such as Catholic priests. Sometimes they are famous individuals who, to quote a UK report released last month, hide “in plain sight” and use “their celebrity status” to “gain access to vulnerable people” (see paragraph 3.7 here).
    My point is that it is difficult to know who might, or might not, be a sexual predator. Many people who say sexually inappropriate things are totally harmless. Conversely, many sexual predators are no doubt careful to never say anything that might arouse suspicion.
    But the fact of the matter is that letches exist. Sex abuse is real. And schools have a special responsibility to protect the young people in their care.
    If a guest invited to a school is requesting the company of particular kinds of students, wearing particular kinds of clothing, everyone’s alarm bells should be ringing.
    But when David Suzuki visited John Abbott College last October, no one appears to have objected to his request for, as a school official put it,
    a couple of ladies (females) that would act as body guards…Why females, you ask? Well, he is a male.

    • Uhhh…John’s post is a bridge too far for me.
      Yes, the visit setup appears less than professional, but nobody other than “John” appears to have made a claim (or implication, or insinuation, whatever) that Suzuki is a sexual predator.
      Ad hominem attacks generally reek of desperation and deliberately distorted/mis-stated facts; this one does too. If there is some reason legitimate reason I should consider Suzuki to be a sexual predator, I clearly missed it.

      • While the CBC blasted those that broke this story, however, the CBC has had numerous issues of it’s own. I had served in LE for a period of time and had to keep my eye on an almost convicted child molester who got off on a technicality. The man still would show up at school bus stops and even a small school. I had to be careful not to do anything that would violated his rights but made it clear he was on my radar so he backed off.
        He passed away from a stroke a few years later and isn’t missed by anyone. Predators do have similar characteristics and the Suzuki issue got my attention.

  16. Add this item to the extensive list AGW effects…
    Sexual Harassment.
    “It’s even better than Viagra:….

  17. It really is time for another Carrington event to remove the trash from the Planet.
    [no. Do not wish harm onto others here. Put those wishes elsewhere, if you feel you want to express them at all. .mod]

  18. Well, the temperature goes up tiddly up up. Then it goes down tee down down. Up. Down. Spinning around. Pachauri’s gotta a smile. The girls they got a frown. Up. Down. Rolling around. Pachauri thinks he’s a lover. But the girls know he’s a clown.

  19. And so the author of the IPCC’s “Himalayan Glaciers Will Disappear in 30 years” is disposed.
    Actually the UN has the REAL problem.
    The problem. Third World Bureaucrats with delusions of being despots on a Global Stage once they secure a UN post, like the Mr. Bon Ki Moon, is the real problem with an organization like the UN.
    Ergo, no one in a leadership position will be drawn from a Disposed Dictatorship or a Looser of World War II (Moon is a half-breed Korean-Japanese, and not an ethnic Korean). See something familiar ?
    That is the way to reform the UN and with it the IPCC.
    Hoy Hoy
    PS. Old French Military Proverb: If you want to end a war, kill the “President.” Careful, the sward has two cutting edges.

    • Feet of Clay. What a perfect expression. I had to look it up. It is from the Book of Daniel (2:31-40)
      Just read this passage in reference to Pachauri… Ed, it is perfect!
      31 Your Majesty looked, and there before you stood a large statue—an enormous, dazzling statue, awesome in appearance. 32 The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, 33 its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. 34 While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. 35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were all broken to pieces and became like chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. The wind swept them away without leaving a trace. But the rock that struck the statue became a huge mountain and filled the whole earth.
      Bravo Ed!

  20. 3 consecutive posts on patchygate? Schadenfreude much? I think you might be in danger of losing the moral high ground, especially around playing the person not the ball.
    It looks like he is not going to escape answering to the law and his victims. Good.
    If I want salacious speculation about the sex lives of z-listers I will read the tabloids and gossip mags.

    • To the AGW activists, it has always been about wealth redistribution, the green religion, and the personality cult. Lay on! He was a high priest of the green religion!
      Who is next?

  21. Those pesky hackers.
    /extremely sarc
    probably nothing will happen, he will join the likes of Gleick and Susuki and everyone will say how brave he is is. But there is one rule for warmists and another for skeptics. Look at the difference between the reporting of Soon and the reporting of Pachauri.

  22. You should read his resignation letter where he calls protection of the Earth from climate change his religion. No, he really said that.

  23. The claim is made the information was hacked in the hope of making it inadmissible in court. Logically now his ethial standards have been proven in one area the media will start looking at everything he has said and done more objectively.

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