The Josh-WUWT 2015 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available

Here is your chance again to join “Josh of the Month Club”. Samples follow.

After the great response we had the last two years, Josh has sent his artwork across the pond to provide a special WUWT calendar for USA and Canadian readers again this year. It contains artwork more centric to issues here on this side of the pond, along with some cartoons never before published on WUWT.

These make great Christmas gifts for yourself, your friends, or some of those special people like Mike Mann that need some cheer and enlightenment. Recall that Dr. Mann turned our simple gift into another conspiracy theory rant. No hard feelings, I’m happy to send him a new calendar again this year.

Here is the cover art:

(note – low res, actual calendar print done with hi-res graphics):

calendar2015_UScover-low-resI like the February art:


And, in addition to regular holidays, it has some special days marked on the calendar too.

Each calendar is $19.99 plus $5 shipping (plus $1.25 packaging and handling -total $6.25) plus tax for your state (sorry, can’t escape that one) and will be shipped direct to you. Josh and I split the profit.

  • Printed on durable, matte cardstock
  • Hanger hole punched at the top
  • Measures 8½” x 11″ closed, 17″ x 11″ open
  • Delivery by US Mail (delivered in about 5-10 business days, longer for Canada)


ORDERING: USA/Canadian readers can place calendar orders here.

NOTE: UK/European readers should order via Josh’s website here.


33 thoughts on “The Josh-WUWT 2015 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available

  1. Nice one, Just ordered 4 in UK
    Are you sending a complimentary one to our No balls Prize idiots; Mann & Gore ????

      • Maybe can try the address of the imaginary Noble committee that gave Mann his imaginary Noble prize.
        If little kids can believe in Santa Clause, why should Mann not believe in his Noble prize. I think he still has it hanging in his office window, probably put there by Santa.
        BTW nice job on the calendar 🙂

      • Alx;
        Have “e” trouble much?
        Note, too, the Prize he falsely claimed to have a piece of is the Peace Prize. Nada to do with science, and he’s continued in that vein.

    • LeeHarvey on December 12, 2014 at 9:52 am
      Does anybody have Michael Mann’s address?

      Try this address, it is not Mann’s address and he won’t be there, but they might figure out who to forward the calendar to.

      /parody on
      c/o @Professional Scientist
      Dept. of Made to Order Climate Hockey Sticks Games and Models
      Margaritaville University
      Baked Butte , Neverland Province
      Planet Luna IV
      parody off/

      Its Friday, be funny . . . or try to at least to be . . .

    • I know of one way you could reach Mann. Send a calendar to Mark Steyn which he could give to his attorneys to give to Mike’s attorney’s. (LOL)

    • Note that the description includes “Hanger hole punched at the top” and “Measures 8½” x 11″ closed, 17″ x 11″ open,” so that’s not a desk calendar but a wall calendar.

      • OK, you ready for this ?
        I keep it closed on my desk and write observations/appointments in the open space of any date.
        I’ve got a stack of calendars going back ~ 12 years, all 8.5×11 (closed).
        But, the link above:
        “NOTE: UK/European readers should order via Josh’s website here.”
        says the calendar is A-3, 11.7″x 16.5″ (closed).
        So it seems to me that if you order a calendar from across the pond you get a different size.
        I just thought it was interesting/ distressing 🙂

      • Hi, yes the US Calendar is different from the UK one. Mine is A3 in size and hangs on a wall. The WUWT one can be folded – sorry for the confusion 😉

  2. Got mine a couple of weeks ago ready to put up for all to see when they come in the front door. The one from this year will then join last years tucked away for posterity.
    James Bull

  3. Thank You . I hope, one day my great, great, great grandchildren will read at them and have a good laugh. And yes, they will be part of a time capsule.

  4. I was looking for one of Sou. Perhaps a graph with question marks filling it.
    Asking if she had “lost the plot”?

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