Almost Friday Funny – Sheep Mountain in outline

Josh writes: There’s an excellent post over at Climate Audit on Sheep Mountain which seemed too good not to cartoon.

Regular readers will recognise the familiar outline of the landscape (a graph that was in the IPCC’s First Assessment Report) and there’s a relevant 2009 post here on WUWT


Cartoons by Josh

17 thoughts on “Almost Friday Funny – Sheep Mountain in outline

  1. That is so clever.
    But it requires more in depth knowledge than the King William’s College Quiz.
    Almost as funny as it is cryptic.

  2. Josh is wicked-clever, and McIntyre is wicked-smart
    Great combo
    Anyone who disbelieves the MWP was global needs to answer this question: What is found underneath the receding front of every glacier on every continent (except Antarctica)? Fossil forests and(or) remains of human habitation.
    So, what was the climate like before the glacier covered up the evidence?
    That’s right, boys and girls – – it had to have been warmer than today – – at 270 ppm CO2

  3. Dare I be a party pooper with my usual mantra
    (Joss’s skyline is of Central England only;other places had peaks in different medieval centuries. Compare with these attempt at a global graph which has a Carolingian peak: )
    But, anyway, it reminds me of another pun on the author’s name in a Nature op-ed back in 1974. This was when CRU was threatened with closure mostly on account of its failure to win grants from the British gov funding bodies:

  4. Josh has outdone even himself with the cleverness of this landscape. Readers need to check the link to fully appreciate its wittiness.

      • I just finished reading McIntyre’s post at CA entitled ‘Sheep Mountain Update’.
        So, Josh’s “In like a lyin’, out like a lamb” was a funny punch line, even though delayed several hours from first reading his cartoon.
        It was worth the research to get the punch line.

  5. The Sheep Mountain “divergence” is no problem for the dendroclimatologists. Like the Tiljander sediments, the new dendro results can be flipped upside down, fed into the Mann-o-matic, and–presto!–we’re still doomed! 🙂

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