Friday Funny: Australians bury their heads in the sand to protest inaction on climate change

heads-in-sandYeah, that’s gonna work.

Australians, angry at Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s reluctance to adopt an alarmist attitude on climate change, think the “ostrich” is the perfect metaphor to protest their country’s inaction on what they perceive to be a grave threat. From The Guardian:

More than 400 protesters stuck their heads in the sand on Australia’s Bondi Beach on Thursday, mocking the government’s reluctance to put climate change on the agenda of a G20 summit this weekend.

Prime minister Tony Abbott’s perceived failure to address climate change is all the more galling in the wake of an agreement between the United States and China on Wednesday to limit their carbon emissions, they said.

“Obama’s on board, Xi Jinping’s on board, everyone’s on board except one man,” activist Pat Norman, 28, bellowed into a megaphone on the Sydney beach.

“Tony Abbott!” the protesters shouted back.

214 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Australians bury their heads in the sand to protest inaction on climate change

  1. I sincerely hope these good folk continue to maintain their stance.
    Although it will restrict space for beach goers on hot days.

  2. If they kep their heads in the sand they would made a small but an important contribution to reducing the amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.
    Meanwhile why are a couple of them showing their pants is something of secret signal like a stange hand shake , to let other know their of ‘the faith’?

    • Nah, this is a rehearsal for when, inevitably, the Aussie Caliphate takes charge. It’s just that some are more enthusiastic than others.

    • Nah, this is a rehearsal for when, inevitably, the Aussie Caliphate takes charge. It’s just that some are more enthusiastic than others.

    • Nah, they’re asking Gaia why she has paused the warming for the past 18years. Rude bastards – all trying to speak with her at the same time!

  3. As usual there is a surfeit of unintentionally hilarious comments following the Guardian article. One deluded fool even believes events like this have “climate change deniers” raging with impotent fury!

  4. No warming in 18 years and these people still refuse to recognize reality.
    That pond scum virus must have turned their brains into mush.

    • Ah! I finally learn why they call this movement “green”: because the green algae origin of the Acanthocystis Turfacea Chlorella Virus!

  5. It’s come to a very sad state of affairs indeed when people are protesting because they want to pay *more *taxes.

    • If only that were true. But in typical left-statist style they don’t want to pay more taxes, they just want everyone else to have to pay more taxes.

  6. Now folks… just hold that pose until the sea level rises. You’ve been telling the sane people of the world it could happen any second now…

    • Most of them do not get a vote. Bondi beach is full of New Zealanders collecting Unemployment benefits from the Australian Taxpayer! My apologies to New Zealanders who do work, I am only refering to the ones on Bondi Beach. However remember, voting is compulsory in Australia, so the Australians there have to vote.

  7. LOL, Idiots are the ones not seeing 18 years of steady temperature. How could they with their heads in the sand?

    • AND…not reading the press regarding the gross distortions/adjustments of their own temp record.
      Religion…plain and simple.
      Folks like that make me think of the Monty Python skit regarding the cheese shop.

  8. Funny – because NOBODY is “on board”. just a few posers paying lip service to “the cause” without actually doing anything.
    Canadian PM Harper is not “on board”… not even a little.
    400 people in a country of over 36 million hardly warrants attention, except to laugh at them.
    I don’t really know for certain where Tony Abbott stands, but his climate change stand earned my respect, and seeing how outraged the eternally outraged (left) is over his “shirtfront” scandal earned even more of my respect.

  9. “They’re mainly young with not much in the way of thought out politics except a youthful altruism that sees the complex problems of the world in simple ways. In terms of political consciousness, they’re black and white thinkers with no grey shades in between – that’d be seen as selling out. Given such an innocent world view, they are the most easily exploited and are therefore ruthlessly exploited. All youth is, just ask anyone in advertising. All that’s needed is to assure them the science, which is terra incognito to most of them anyway, is rock solid and then take cynical advantage of their youthful enthusiasm by playing on their emotions and appealing to the better angels of their nature.”
    They’re just kids. Don’t be too hard on them. Persuading someone to do nothing better than mooning is actually quite funny.

    • Gary: As it’s on a beach it reminds me of the great Marty Feldman with Julie Edge (phwoar!) in the film ‘Every Home Should Have One’: They are ‘cavorting’ on a beach. He says to her, “What’s in it for me?”.
      “Sand”, came the beautifully laconic reply from Edge.

    • My thought too. Looking at the photo there only seems to be slightly over 100 people shown. Granted there may be more off camera, but it seems as if the outer circles are ‘broken’ to the left so I’m thinking the photographer moved in until the crowd filled the frame so this is probably everyone. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

  10. Actually, it’s sad reading any of the comments at that guardian site. So many genuinely outraged “progressives”, spewing their completely incorrect “science” and mocking those who try to correct it.
    No wonder Australia is losing out. I feel bad for them, they definitely got sold a handful of beans.

  11. Well done them. Just to prove to the rest of the world that like everyone else, they too have an …

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have just hit peak irony. We’re going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that we may never see a spectacle quite like this one again. We’re going to have to transition to new sources of irony in the years to come.
    Burying their heads, because Australia didn’t get with the program like China. Where China agrees to ramp up fossil fuel use at will over the next 15 years. Where do these people come from.

    • Had the same thought as you, Mark, when I saw this on a news crawler yesterday.
      All they heard was “…China… Obama… agreement… climate change…,” if they even heard that, and they were off to the races. They depend on people like Joe Romm or Weepy Bill to tell them what to think and believe.

  13. China: we are going to release as much CO2 as we feel like, with no restrictions whatsoever, and we are not even going to think about reduction until 2030.
    Australia: China’s on board!

    • It’s all in how you say it, “We are going release as much CO2 as we feel like, with no restrictions whatsoever, while addressing climate change to the fullest.”
      See you just put in “addressing climate change” and everybodies happy and can go back to drinking lattes in green approved paper cups.

  14. Looking at the picture I thought they were having a flatulance party. Seems like a perfect position for letting go….

  15. I just don’t understand Australia and the youth of Australia these days. I’m embarrassed. I saw it coming over 20 years ago and decided to leave.

  16. I can’t get over it, the picture does not look like people with their heads in the sand.
    It looks like people with their asses in the air. I wonder if they consulted with a publicity expert and the theory of optics in the news before deciding to introduce themselves to the world via their asses.

    • “It looks like people with their asses in the air.”
      Maybe they’re just re-shooting this old Baracuda music video:

      • At least she would not have had any problem remembering the words. Video shot in Germany – which town? Just a glimpse of a rather long tram – probably two three section trams coupled – in the background towards the end.
        And did they put their arses up? No, they just stuck them out and wiggled them a bit.
        Re the red panties referred to in an earlier post – possibly influenced by our former would-be media dictator who said that if people wanted a licence and he said they had to wear red underpants on their heads, they would have to do it or not get a licence.

  17. They’re just presenting for the inevitable paddling that’s coming their way.
    Buying into AGW? That’s a paddlin’

  18. Despite the number of volunteers, Dr Mann was disappointed to find that rectal thermometry can’t be used as a proxy for global temperatures, not even when the results are used upside down.

      • Even the volunteers thought that splicing the hockey stick to the bare data was unethical. Or at least they thought it would be hard to accept and leave their position exposed.

  19. For those wondering about the dropping of pants – I believe that would be a salute to Tony Abbott who is continuously portrayed in budgie smugglers (swim pants) by those that want to caricature him.

  20. 400 stick their heads in the sand. That must be the most useful thing these Greens have done all year. No doubt tis is the highlight of the Guardian reporting – not surprising it has a small circulation!
    Well they do say “Simple Minds are Easily Amused”!

  21. It’s all a bit confusing really, just looking at the picture with no placards, signs or other visual aids. Are they digging up sea turtle eggs? Participating in some kind of synchronized methane release performance art?
    Oh wait, it’s about Tony Abbott and something he doesn’t do? No, I don’t think he sticks his head in the ground. Should he? No? Wait, what?

  22. I guess they couldn’t be bothered to travel to Brisbane where the summit is actually being held (not Sydney).
    Will Ostriching become the new Planking? Hopefully it will serve to thin the herd a little.

  23. I like this protest on so many levels – bending over and sticking your bottom in the air seems to come naturally to environmentalists.

  24. Maybe if they bury their heads deep enough they can see all the way to China?
    Meanwhile, up here we are having a foretaste of the coming ice age.

  25. Damn!
    I hope that what they’ve got is not contagious … soon the only thing I’ll have to bury my head in will be heaps of snow and that’ll be most uncomfortable.

  26. Didn’t see this on msm news- mostly because even our hard Left ABC knows it would cause uncontrollable hilarity and possibly brain aneurisms among the general population. They are trying to be a tiny bit more careful as pressure against their one-sided politics and waste of taxpayers money is mounting
    and yes as one of the ‘skeptics’ I am having problems keeping my blood pressure down – due to laughing too hard 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly, they’re merely demonstrating they’ll buy into myths like ostridges burying their heads in the sand and CAGW.

  27. Appropriate that they protest for the myth of CAGW by reenacting the myth that ostriches bury their head in the sand.

  28. Is Gavin there? I count roughly 280, so someone had to adjust things to get to 400 and he would certainly be the man for the job.
    He miss quoted also, Obama is in,(not the US) and Xi Jinping is laughing his a** off!

  29. It’s a wonderful visual of that dreaded medical condition known as “recto-cranial inversion”.

  30. We finally found a good use for time capsules. Put the picture in along with some scary AGW climate change stories and seal it up. It will generate some great laughs and maybe some lessons for future generations.

    • Put a photo like that engraved on gold disk and send it out with the next Voyager mission. 😉
      That way any E.T intelligence that picks it up will understand why there are no more humans on earth by the time they get here but lots of fat polar bears wearing red shorts on their heads.

  31. I hear some of the protesters are taking yoga classes. Then they will really be able to stick their heads in a place where the sun does not shine!

  32. Looks like a bunch of a$$holes to me.
    I don’t know about shaming Abbot into “action on climate”, more likely to make him embarassed to be Australian.

  33. Guardian: “Ornithologists say the African bird does no such thing but that didn’t spoil the protest.”
    Yeah, that’d be about right. Enviros never let the facts get in the way.

  34. I think the display can be taken another way: “Our asses in the air is a metaphor for how China has f*cked us good.”

  35. Sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches? It’s a good example of them believing in myths … It’s better for them to be in school instead and learn something … but wait, myths are being taught today, as part of the “modern” school … [/sarc]
    This ostrich myth is very old and did probably originate from when someone once saw a female trying to bury her eggs. Hiding heads in the ground is bad strategy, when hunted by predators. Using this expression is good though, as they are trying to “hide” from reality … May the tide be with them!

    • Well, I have seen a “beak attack” at a zoo, but that was due to people teasing/irritating. If threatened, they normally runs away, but will kick if cornered and it may be as powerful as a horse kick. Add the effect of the large claws and a sudden and certain need of an ER is required, if there´s one close by …
      Sea rise? Sure of that? The IPCC type of “sea rise”?

    • Some climate deenyers were seen in the area telling innocent bathers that there had not been any warming for over 18 years.
      They at first stuck their fingers in their ears and starting singing ” la la la , I can’t hear you”. When that did not work the alarmists got alarmed and started frantically digging holes in the sand in search of the missing heat.

  36. They call skeptics “deniers”.
    I call them “[trimmed]”.
    Don’t they know methane is a GHG too?
    I don’t get the significance of fart circles. Are they trying to provide a target for local sea gulls?
    New contest: Caption this picture.
    Here are a few to start off:
    “Everyone, George lost his contact somewhere around here.”
    “How an Australians clam bake begins”
    “The worst day of Australian SEAL training”
    “Australian color blind test for drivers ed: Find the matching set of underpants”
    “You guys I can see Greenland from here!”
    [Watch the language. .mod]

  37. I have been to Bondi beach. I wouldn’t walk on that filthy sand without boots on. Let alone allow it to touch me. Yuk. That place is a disgusting hole

  38. Ive tried debating austrailians on this issue actually. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Atleast the ones I have encounter will do this same thing when presented with data that doesn’t fit the idea humans are evil and doomed. They seem to think the data itself is a denier.

  39. Of course ostriches dont actually bury their heads in the sand, but its a perfect metaphor for how observational fact shouldnt get in the way of the urban myth and action on climate change!

  40. You’d think these disciples of Al Gore would know better than to stick their heads in the Earth. Don’t they remember that it “is extremely hot – several million degrees” down there?

  41. And I thought crack was illegal…
    On a serous note:
    What really happened was this group was having a party smoking things and other stuff.. when some one spied the police looking there way. The leader of the group in a loud voice said ‘cheese it the cops’! ‘HIDE’…
    So they did….

  42. Perhaps they’re settling the science to prove that when you bury your head in the sand your bum sticks in the air?

  43. To think that the spot where all these ostriches buried their heads in denial(no warming for over 18 years) is literally a 4 minute walk from my front door. I must have some pretty dumb neighbors. Actually, it is a shame there was no sudden sea level rise to drown this ship of fools.

  44. Heads in the sand at Bondi – our message to Tony Abbott on his climate change policies!
    BY EDEN TEHAN, organiser
    And although we’re still waiting for the official ruling from Guinness, there’s a good chance we may have had more than 650 of us to establish a new world record: most number of people burying their heads in the sand simultaneously!…
    ***Why did I organise this event? As a solar PV entrepreneur frustrated by our government’s shortsightedness with regards to all things renewable energy, I am embarrassed and disheartened that Australia is taking no action to address the most significant global issue of our time…
    As images of the event make their way around world tonight…
    CAGW-infested BBC .counts only 200+ … Guinness needs to take account of this figure before declaring any world record!
    13 Nov: BBC: G20 protesters bury heads in the sand on Bondi Beach
    More than 200 protesters buried their heads in the sands of Bondi Beach on Thursday in a demonstration over climate change inaction…
    Eden Tehan, one of the protest’s organisers told reporters that Mr Abbott’s “refusal to include climate change on the G20 agenda” showed that he had his head buried in the sand on “the most important issue of our time”.
    “We want to tell world leaders coming for the G20 that Tony Abbott does not represent the view of most Australians who want to see urgent and global action on climate change,” Mr Tehan added…
    Tehan doesn’t speak for the majority of Australians…

  45. The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels – By Alex Epstein
    Here’s the trailer for his book that was released yesterday:
    He wrote it directly to challenge the moral narrative given by the mainstream.
    If you are honestly concerned with the environment, then you should read the best possible argument for using fossil fuels and industrial progress.

  46. I am seeing 3 – 4 or more articles in the Aussie MSM on climate change every single day since the start of the G20 talks started. Reading the comments on the articles that allow comments the volume of people who have fallen for CO2 driven climate change hoax is truely staggering. Australia was once called a smart country.

    • You should read “The Australian”. The paper is still ‘officially’ in favour of the CAGW hypothesis, but its support is very lukewarm and it happily prints articles in favour of coal, oil and nuclear power, and most readers’ letters are anti-CAGW. These are the sensible Australians.

  47. Feel sorry for them, but do let them stay with their heads in the sand and die. That way they will stop breeding. The same in Canada. If all the alarmists would turn off their electricity, they would die and stop breeding.

  48. For once the alarmists have it right – all of them (alarmists) have their heads in the sand. That way they don’t have to actually look at reality. Talk about deniers…..

  49. Yer typical Oz Climatology 101 class out on a field trip looking for the missing heat.
    They get to feed punch cards into a DEC10 in their final year.

  50. “Prime minister Tony Abbott’s perceived failure to address climate change is all the more galling in the wake of an agreement between the United States and China on Wednesday to limit their carbon emissions, they said”
    I say the prime minister should agree to make a similar agreement. Australia should match China and agree to peak out with their carbon emissions by around 2030.

  51. I don’t think this is funny at all. These people are seriously serious about their views (Which is OK I guess) totally backed by unscience.

  52. Good denizens of the Land of Oz, Ozzies all, ignore these foolish protesters. It is they who hide their heads in the sand about the events that disprove all of the so-called “climate models” that have wrongly predicted the dire consequences. By the way, Obama and the Chinese did NOT enter into an “agreement.” Only the news media outlets like the foolish Guardian and some of our lefty media outlets in the US call it that. Neither the Chinese nor the Obama administration (on their own White House website) call it anything other than a plan for future action. And the Chinese, of course, made absolutely NO commitments about reducing emissions – only that their emissions would “top off” by 2030. Oh yeah. Whatever.

    • Obama cannot do anything internationally anyway, and he has no support from Congress. So it’s just BS, but the alarmist media, espcially in Aus, are making it to be something significant.

  53. The proponents of AGW put their best foot forward….. errr, no. That’s not right….. turn the other cheek?
    Or are they just the obliviously ignorant butts of a painfully obvious joke….???

    • its not only a pebble beach, but the pebbles are “graded” down the length of it. I cant recall which way the grading goes but one end has smaller pebbles than the other. In any case there are many pubs just a mile away that serve real beer. Spent an afternoon “snuggling” with a lover on that beach and almost got swamped by waves.

  54. Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand. The old saw probably originates with one of the bird’s defensive behaviors. At the approach of trouble, ostriches will lie low and press their long necks to the ground in an attempt to become less visible. Their plumage blends well with sandy soil and, from a distance, gives the appearance that they have buried their heads in the sand. Others believe that the myth may have originated from the fact that the females will dig deep nests in the sand to protect their eggs. From a distance it appears that their heads are in the sand when in fact they are simply turning their eggs with their beaks.
    How appropriate to use one myth to illustrate another. And who would want to associate themselves with those people? Maybe their next stunt should be all those activists shooting themselves in the foot.

  55. The Guardian is a notoriously unreliable source. Perhaps it’s some alarmist cult appeasing The Angry God of Weather (AGW) by willing exposing themselves to a heat stroke, lightning bolt, giant wave, insect bite etc.

  56. It seems to me that this is the herd position preferred by the ruling proponents of the faithful. All such cults demand such prostrations. Easier for them to kick their followers in the butt to keep them in line.

  57. WOW 400 greenie students protesting at the beach I am sure that is going to change opinions. Perhaps if they wanted a real crowd they should have combined it with a protest over student fees that would get you a good 4000+ usually. Spot the fail PR stunt.

  58. Our son’s friend spent a year in Australia working and touring. When we asked him about the nature of his work he told us he worked for Greenpeace by going to protests and holding up signs. It was easy work he said.
    I wonder how many of these folks were paid to show up on Bondi Beach.

  59. Just an update re the G.20. After Warren Newman’s article on AGW, (He’s a scientist, and also principal adviser to the PM), you can Google it on the web, that I thoroughly agree with. He was pointing out the falsehood’s generated regarding this and being the main force behind climate change. Tony Abbott spoke about this with the G20 assembly on climate change. He didn’t agree with Obama’s stance. (Obama is competing with China of course). The police were very tolerant of protestors and avoided the strong arm stuff but spoke to them and moved them on when too near the conference and the Marriot hotel. But these jokers, I think they left in the sand. I mean to say they could not stand there long without breathing? LOL.
    I don’t know of Pres.Putin’s stance of global warming, (he supplies lots of gas to European countries) he is such an old fashioned Russian who is bent on the male macho image, and was faced over the M.17 ‘accident’. Well although I realize that the M.17 strayed allegedly over a war zone, one has to remember American warships shot down a commercial airline too once. However, they did investigate it at the time thoroughly before shooting it down, and no blame was associated with their actions.
    No need for Russian war ships to patrol our waters, such a display is so old Russia almost sabre rattling, eh. However, I believe the Chinese were there too, and a few Aussie boats – ships.
    If Obama wishes to go on and on about global warming and cutting carbon emissions, I don’t think he had many supporters in the assembly of world leaders. So you from the USA should be pleased regarding this. David Cameron sided with our PM about this.

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