The de-evolution of climate activism

National Review’s Katherine Timpf interviews protestors at the Flood Wall Street climate march. Some segments are just unbearable to watch.

The video pretty much tells you all you need to know.


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…and the bear was arrested

One nice thing about running around in a bear outfit is your identity is hidden.

It’s definitely worse than we thought…


OWS took a bath.

I wish I could agree that this was ‘funny’.
There’s several too many exhortations to violence against dissenters in there for my liking.
On the plus side it looks like the talks myself and Anonymong had with the marchers at the London Climate march were with the saner activists. Sheesh!

Newly Retired Engineer

It has been my experience that folks in the UK are (a) better educated and (b) better behaved than your average American protester.


Except when soccer is involved.

the muzzies are better behaved and better educated are they?


now, now

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

May I point out that Newly Retired Engineer isn’t British. And jorge, it isn’t soccer, it’s football.

Soccer protests, jorgekafkazar? Uh?

george e. smith

I believe it is officially named “Association Football.” Well it used to be.
Now “Aussie Rules” is REALLY football. (no I’m not Aussie.)
American “Football” should be renamed: “Please DON’T kick (or drop) the ball.”
The only way to stop play, in Aussie Rules, is to kick (or punch out) the referee instead of the ball.

IN the early days of ESPN, they carried a lot of Aussie Football. I rapidly became a fan. A shame they have grown to the point they no longer offer it.

george e. smith

After TGoBJC gets rid of the British Monarchy, what will the UK do to replace its tourism industry ?? Stonehenge isn’t all that interesting, for a pile of rocks.

Mike McMillan

So is a hamster.


Crazy do not even cover this. Gives one an insight into the minds of ISIL.

The interviewees were unimpressive in any moral or intellectual sense, but then so is every single one of the prominent campaigners for alarm over our CO2. It is utterly astonishing how successful they have been.
Can anyone think of any well-known and admirable campaigner for climate alarm? Or is that just a contradiction in terms?


Well-known – HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.
Heir to Queen Elizabeth II.
Admirable – everyone is entitled to an opinion.
I was not struck by Diana.
I think Charles’s view on modern architecture are, on the whole, very sane.
Likewise most of his views on farming, the (British) countryside, general conservation, and related topics.
But, on climate change, I feel his Cambridge degree in Anthropology [IIRC] may not have equipped him to understand even the standard fare on WUWT.
Can one pity him?
Even before I was born [and I have an old-farts bus pass], he was the Heir Apparent; his Mum [QE II, remember} is going strong at 88 plus. {And her Mum managed 101 . . . . }
But, despite that, I think he does not understand the Global climate issues as well as he and his advisers think he does.


As a proud citizen of the once Dominion of Canada, I pray QE2 outlives her idiot inbred son. I would vote to end our proud association with the British and the Monarchy should that fool become King.

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

Peter, many of us within the UK are ‘against’ the monarchy, but we all recognise that the Queen only stays where she is because she knows full well that His Twatness would end up with Britain becoming a republic. Despite the fact that I have no time for her, I admire the fact that she can see he is an idiot of extraordinary magnitude.


One name confirms His Idiocy: Camilla


One name confirms His Idiocy: Camilla

Would be interested to know the carbon footprint of most of these people.

Eamon Butler

Or ANY of them for that matter.

Steve P

Carbon footprints don’t really matter, if CO₂ is not the climate-changing, catastrophe-calling, demon trace gas all the alarmists want us to think it is.

Shawn from High River

Shows you what we are dealing with,insanity

Data Soong

You can always find examples of fringe lunatics in all protests … though I imagine she didn’t have to look very hard to find her examples. 🙂


They were marching down the street. No looking necessary.

Vince Causey

Worse than ISIL.
At least they only want to set up their islamic caliphate in someone else’s country. These nutters want to “burn down houses”, “take a sledgehammer to everything” and destroy capitalism for the whole world. Maybe there should be some drones flying over New York!

Tom Elliott

off subject, but the ISIL folks want the same thing for the world not just their country’s. Don’ be foolish.

Vince Causey

I am not trying to downplay ISIL – they are truly evil and a grave threat.


I disagree. ISIL is a threat from outside, they’re clearly visible, they stand out. Threats from outside are significantly easier to identify and neutralize. Plus, “we” can go to the source of an external threat and take the battle there.
These people are threats from inside. They blend in. They actually represent a shockingly large percentage of our civilization (I blame the education system and the news fabri… er… media). Threats from inside immediately circle and gain support when you attempt to neutralize them. There is no way to take the battle elsewhere, they have defined the battleground as Here.

Ian Hall

Wow – interesting video. A question that always bothers me though is why do AGW advocates use models that base predictions on the doubling of CO2? At the current rate of increase it will be approximately 150/200 years before this happens. Now I expect human ingenuity to move beyond hydrocarbon fuels within half of that time. On that basis (and assuming we’re talking clean fuels) surely CO2 levels will then stabilise or even begin to fall? Not very scientific I appreciate but I don’t recall seeing this argument raised before.

Bell Phillips

“Now I expect human ingenuity to move beyond hydrocarbon fuels within half of that time. ”
I wouldn’t bank on this. You may turn out to be right, but hydrocarbon fuels have been around a long time. People have been heating with wood for millenia. Newcomen built his steam engine in 1712 – 300 years ago. It’s purpose was to pump water out of coal mines – coal that was being used for heat and iron production.
Until 60 years ago, there was really no option. Unfortunately, the same retards who are so frightened of hydrocarbons have been dead set against its only real alternative – nuclear. Whether they will remove their heads from their rectums in the next century in anyone’s guess, but I’m pessimistic.
If something else comes along, the watermelons will be against it too, as a cheap and abundant energy source is against their religion. Human ingenuity isn’t needed so much to invent new technologies, as it is to figure out how to get the enviro-leftist segment of society to move to reality or to remove their influence from the rest of us.


–If something else comes along, the watermelons will be against it too, as a cheap and abundant energy source is against their religion. Human ingenuity isn’t needed so much to invent new technologies, as it is to figure out how to get the enviro-leftist segment of society to move to reality or to remove their influence from the rest of us.–
They are religion. Only way to beat a religion is with another religion.
I suggest the sport fan religion should incorporate other religious beliefs- and
the sport I would suggest is space exploration.
Related to this in terms of audience viewing would be air shows, though more related would rocket racing.
The enviro-leftist may or may not hate football or air shows, but there better chance they will hate
rocket racing. More fans of rocket racing will create a better future.

John F. Hultquist

Read this — near the end he does just what you are looking for:

I understand approximately half of the CO2 we emit is absorbed by the system and doesn´t stay in the air. Using that figure I went ahead and estimated the CO2 concentration we can theoretically achieve if we use all the fossil fuel reserves listed in BP´s Factbook of World Energy. The estimate yielded 620 to 630 ppm beyond 2100. However, I didn´t include estimated CO2 emissions for cement plants.

It is a form of an extremist religion that certainly is not based on science.


You should post a warning to people planning to watch this video to have several hack sacks on hand.


Oh no!
They left the doors open AGAIN!

Leon Brozyna

She interviewed plenty of airhead bimbos that lacked the one and only saving feature of the kind – pleasing eye-candy.
My apologies to bimbo airheads everywhere for the comparison.

John Of Cloverdale WA, Australia

Tim Blair has a good term for them, he calls them “Frightbats”.
“They shriek, they rage, they cheer, they despair, they exult, they scream, they laugh, they cry! There’s never a non-emotional moment in the lives of Australia’s left-wing ladies’ auxiliary, whose psychosocial behavioural disorders are becoming ever more dramatic following Tony Abbott’s election.”


I fear violence is in the offing, and I’ll be pointing my finger straight at Barack Obama. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone dumber than George Bush to be elected President. I was wrong. In fact, George is looking pretty good to me right now


I agree.
I consider it a sad state of affairs when I would rather GWB in office then BHO.

Evan Jones

Dubya is one of my favorite presidents.


George looks better and better to Obama, too, mostly as someone to blame things on.


No; but as someone whose speech to the UN about bombing Iraq (and Syria) one should copy while wearing the same tie and suit.

I can´t decide whether Obama is worse than Bush. It´s a close call. I never expected I would write this, but I´m starting to miss ole Clinton.

David Ball

Fernando Leanme September 26, 2014 at 11:36 am says;
“I can´t decide whether Obama is worse than Bush. It´s a close call. I never expected I would write this, but I´m starting to miss ole Clinton.”
Fernando, there is something about your posts that just doesn’t ring true. There is something phoney going on here. Stinks to high heaven.

David, I´m curious why you think that way. Do understand I focus a lot on foreign policy (I don´t live in the USA).

Lynn Clark

Eight years ago Bill Whittle responded to people who say things like that about GW Bush:
Scroll down to the November 6, 2006 “Seeing the Unseen part 1” essay, then down to the “War of the Bumper Stickers” section.


Lynn – I was amused to find that page already bookmarked in my browser…

They need a Million Mann March.
Imaging a million of Michael Mann goose-stepping along, hockey stick in one hand, fauxbel prize in the other, chanting:
Hey Hey – Ho Ho! Those kids of yours aint gonna know snow!


Just use the Occupy excuse. Those were just a few “bad apples”. That isn’t really representative of the whole and if you don’t believe that you belong in jail.


Holy crap . These idiots make the Occupy crowd look like Rhodes Scholars. They are but chum in the jaws of demagogues. Good grief.


Why do you hate the Occupy crowd so much that you compare them to Bill Clinton?


The stupid is strong with them.

Threats of arson, threats of bodily harm. Threats to children.
They seem to have learned well from their predecessors. We can only hope that they stay marginalized, or civilization is doomed.


The lowering of the standards of education was not an accident. The uneducated are much easier to manipulate.

One of my favorite movie quotes:

I know what I am talking about when I am talking about the revolutions. The people who read the books go to the people who can’t read the books, the poor people, and say, “We have to have a change.” So, the poor people make the change, ah? And then, the people who read the books, they all sit around the big polished tables, and they talk and talk and talk and eat and eat and eat, eh? But what has happened to the poor people? They’re dead! That’s your revolution. Shhh… So, please, don’t tell me about revolutions! And what happens afterwards? The same f**king thing starts all over again!

Juan Miranda
The movie is alternatively titled, “Duck You Sucker”, “A Fistful of Dynamite”, or “Once Upon a Time In The Revolution”
It dovetails with your comment.


We’re all DEVO!

Eustace Cranch

God made man
But he used the monkey to do it
Apes in the plan
We’re all here to prove it
I can walk like an ape, Talk like an ape
Do what a monkey do
God made man
But a monkey supplied the glue.
Read more: Devo – Jocko Homo Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Bill Illis

You can’t say DEVO or de-evolution without posting this.


Dad always told me!
If you gonna be stupid
You gotta be tuff.
That must of been one tuff crowd.


There is that whole left side of the bell curve thingy.


So wait, I am confused. According to the polar bear we will not even be able to comprehend the level of heat increase? Only 2/3 of mammals die though?

Krebs v Carnot

An inability to comprehend the level of anything is part and parcel of their mindset. Do you not recall that their All Most High and Worthy Albert Gore proclaiming that temperatures of the Earth’s interior were “extremely hot, several million degrees”?

Notice how, if even one nominally “right wing” crazy shows up anywhere in the country carrying a stupid sign, that will be Top of the Line coverage on every MSM outlet and paper for the next week – “Look how Crazy and Evil those people are!”
But as soon as the group is affiliated with the left, they can openly advocate for concentration camps and mass slaughter, and today’s media will conspire to hide any reports of what they say. Because, of course, these left wing crazy groups are just spouting what every good leftist believes in their hearts, but they hate it when the mask is ripped off.
The modern news media today sees it’s mission as being the ones who hide and destroy any stories that they think don’t help either this administration, or their own personal political desires. As such, they are even worse than the old Soviet Pravda, because they still claim to be “honest” and “impartial”.

Frank K.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the liberal bias of the MSM – they are nearly all left wing progressives now. And they will stop at nothing to destroy the culture and traditions of our great country.
But, there IS something you can do to fight back. I call it my ** divestment strategy ** for removing the left wing, progressivism which permeates our modern life. Simply remove these MSM sources from your computer/ipad, your televison, your print material, and your cell phone. Do you have a CNN app on your cell phone? Get rid of it? Do you happen to subscribe to a liberal publication like Time or the New York Times? Unsubscribe. And get rid of links to all MSM websites (and that includes awful weather sites like the Weather Channel and Weather Underground) on your computer. Don’t even visit those sites for basic information. Every click means more money in their pockets. Just visit an alternative site or news aggregator which does the sorting through the liberal MSM for you.
Nothing will change unless we do something…

Let them express themselves. Most people learn to recognize a con after being victimized several times. These extremist CAGW’rs are either poor examples of con artists or victims of the con.

You describe what I have already done. I also don’t watch any TV show that has promoted or uncritically showed climate alarmism. This includes any shows produced by the BBC (Doctor Who, In The Flesh ; that I would otherwise have watched), InnerSPACE, William Shatners Weird or What, Daily Planet, the Weather Channel, CBC National News…
I kid you not, I’m watching Gilligan’s Island right now. No Global Warming in sight in 1967 :-). Ha ha, Gilligan’s fillings are made with explosive plastic…


I am sure that the interviews were edited to show the looniest of the looneys there, and most marchers, while misguided, were not as bad as these lunatics. At least I hope so.


No True Scotsman.

Michael Rainey

Right on. It was pretty easy to pick out a dozen or so airheads for the video.


From my experience with that crowd and with College students these days, I would expect the Bear pretty much represented the level of understanding for most of the march protesters not shown.


It’s not too much co2? It’s not enough oxygen!


Now could someone in the know post the names of the celebs and politically connected that were proud to be a part of this mob/march.
Please list names in a tabular form (one name per line) and in bold.


Further to my above comment, could a list be made of the high profile alarmists that did not attend this most important mob assembly.
Telling indeed!


“We know where they live. We’ll burn their houses down.”
Ok, here’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s house. Sorry, this is just one of them. Here’s his “beach house”. If he’s not there you might find him on his yacht.


Don’t forget the Kennedy mansion in Hyannis, Ma.


On the right side of the “beach house.” Is that a Porta-Potty? Whazzat?


I’m reminded of people of Walmart videos and crazy Russian drivers videos. All cherry picked and unrepresentative of the general population. Not WUWT’s best day. There is a lot of factual information out there that debunks the ideas of the alarmist without singling out the nutters even the alarmists would surely rather do without. This post deserves to be filed with the recently disappeared Krugman spoof.


Allowing climate fanatics to speak openly is bad for skeptics exactly how?
Unrepresentative? RFK jr. is now unrepresentative?

Alan Robertson

dp- I watched real time video interviews with such people as Bernie Sanders and several Leftists organizations participating in the Climate march event. There wasn’t a rational or truthful statement from any of them. There are plenty of video interviews out there from the event and they all show exactly the same thing. You can call it cherry picking and subtly denigrate WUWT if you wish, but the video in this thread comes a lot closer to showing the reality of just who was marching down the street than what you imagine and try to defend.


Just remember the ol’ Payback’s a Bitch saying when some alarmist creates a “People of WUWT” video using skeptic nutter posts from here. They definitely exist; they’re definitely not representative.


“This post deserves to be filed with the recently disappeared Krugman spoof.”
What is the recently disappeared Krugman spoof? And how does one spoof him? A guy who thinks an alien invasion would be a great thing for the economy?


How to spoof Krugman – draw him with a neck?

Robert W Turner

A people of WUWT video? Where exactly would they create this video, are having a CAGW skeptics gathering? That isn’t a bad idea. But exactly how and why would any radical-conservatives be associated with WUWT? This site does not promote radicalism. It promotes anti-alarmism. I’ve never seen anything on here advocating violence against people on here.
Furthermore, this video is very relevant to post on WUWT as it pertains to anti alarmism. The very behavior that we are against (climate alarmism) is where these loons are getting their ideas. Do you think they are getting these ideas on their own or do you think the behavior portrayed in the video is generated from the constant bombardment of climate alarmism? I’ll go with the later.

Skype or some other form of video conferencing would work.
Anthony and the Mods could insure that each person is who he/she says they are.

Owen in GA

Until the mods put an end to it, we used to get a large number of the “Sky Slayer” types on here. Some of their posts were almost as “out there” as these people (though I don’t remember any of them threatening violence).

Only 35% of Americans can name the three branches of government. Which, of course, we know are (I’ve got a) phone, (I’ve got a) pen, and Harry Reid.
I think these people are entirely representative.


Agreed the average person who is concerned with climate issues is not like the angry, semi-deranged and ignorant seen in this video. I know a number of nice, reasonable people swayed by the 97% consensus, science is settled, etc, unaware of the the boondoggle behind it. And how would they know when segments of mainstream news media like the LA times has banned anything other than the Gore/Mann line?
The reason alarmism has gotten such a foothold in the media and subsequently in otherwise reasonable people, is because the discussion has been hi-jacked by alarmist dishonesty, ignorance and power lust and unfortunately the people in the video does accurately represent those sensibilities that is driving alarmism.


Unfortunately these nutters are not the exception. And the ignorance doesn’t stop here but is a reflection of the progressive teaching from elementary through graduate school. As a teacher at all these levels I have dealt with these brainwashes and their methods for 30 years.

dp, After watching the Kennedy interview on 21st September I became very concerned. There´s a lot of poison being put in the water by climate extremists. And the president doesn´t help with his hysterical statements. I´m extremely disappointed he has turned out the way he did.

Brad Keyes

Fernando, in your experience is there ANY sect of the great church that is the climate movement which ISN’T pervasively venomous (or Venemous)?
I’m not referring to the individual parishioners, most of whom are ordinary decent people, but the ones who feel entitled/compelled/qualified to evangelise/proselytize/apologise for it. With some honorable exceptions (like yourself [?], “Liam23,” CRR Kampen, others I’ve forgotten) aren’t most public climate-concernists more like the unlovely BBD and Eli’s other rabid rabbitoids?


They should have the pre-recorded laughs going on with the video. Just like TV shows

Steve P

The guy talking about the sledgehammer got some laughs… And then I looked again…
At :30 where the plaid shirt guy is talking about burning their houses down, white shirt sledgehammer guy is lurking around in the background.
At :56 where f’n sledgehammer guy is talking about busting everything up, plaid shirt guy is lurking around in the background.
Sleeveless disobey dude also makes a b/g appearance…


I’ll bet my bottom dollar this video will never make MSM. However, imagine if people from a Tea Party rally used some of the inflammatory rhetoric used by the CAGW wackadoodles seen in this video. I dare say MSM as well as Obama would have plenty to say. Hypocrisy at its worst.



Wow… just… wow.


Before the Climategate email releases, belief in CAGW was pretty mainstream….Newt Gingrich, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, etc. all supported controls on carbon. After Climategate, it was like a balloon was punctured, and this is what is left.
I wonder how hot it was inside of that bear suit? Is it hard to put hand-cuffs on a polar bear?


Maybe, like at Disney, the suit had air conditioning. Nice Freon A/C…

Mac the Knife

Is it hard to put hand-cuffs on a polar bear?
Speaking from personal experience handling and transporting dangerous stock (“Lions, and Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!”) and more mundane critters, I would never, ever attempt to handcuff a polar bear without a huge dose of general anesthetic first….. for the bear, of course!


dp September 26, 2014 at 10:05 am
Dave September 26, 2014 at 10:09 am
You’re both right. It may not be WUWT’s finest day but the MSM and the powers that be consistently paint skeptics in just such a light. If we were an identifiable minority, it would be a hate crime.


Are they all like that, a little frightening. Imagine if they actually gain any power.

John Boles

Odd how, within the extreme climate movement like that, there are poor and rich within it, and the poor hate the rich and the rich hate the poor. They both think that the others cause the problems.

Sweet Old Bob

If procreation required brains,these people would be an endangered species….

To not procreate requires responsibility, planning, and forethought. Anotherwords, to not procreate requires brains. These people are the result of procreation run amok.


“Anotherwords, to not procreate requires brains.”
You’re so good looking you don’t even have to talk to the women, in other words?


What’s fueling this fanaticism is one-sided, semi-hysterical climate porn sites like Romm’s. These fanatics read nothing else but the exaggerated and hysterical material from the warmist side, including its demonization of contrarians–no wonder they are so wrought up.


These fanatics read nothing else…by choice


These fanatics read?

jealousy mixed with idiocy.
great combo

Brad Rich

Threats of violence, dumb silence, incomprehensible gibberish? Didn’t anybody else listen to Pres. Obama’s speech?

John Boles

I love how many flew in to NYC to attend, even though there were marches closer to their homes, but that they flew on jets to attend the march, how is that for hypocrisy? Oh I forgot, they are the elites, and they are doing good work, and they are making a difference, and their own rules do not apply to them.

National Review is using the same trick that Alarmists use – focusing on the extremely looney on the other side – that’s not a scientific sampling – this video doesn’t tell rational people “all they need to know” – unless there’s a missing “/sarc” – that assertion reflects badly on WUWT


We don’t know whether it’s a “scientific” sampling or not. Depends on whose definition you use. I would like to know, though, how many clips they shot overall and how many they rejected.

jorgekafkazar September 26, 2014 at 11:25 am
We don’t know whether it’s a “scientific” sampling or not. Depends on whose definition you use. I would like to know, though, how many clips they shot overall and how many they rejected

i can take an educated guess re the sampling practice used by NR – i’m brazen enuf to privately imagine that more interviews were captured – and that the more rational ones were rejected – but even if proven wrong – my main theme wouldn’t be
as for a definition of “scientific” sampling – i’m referring to a definition that would satisfy the claim that the video responses are “all we need to know” – it’s like saying that all we need to know the alarmism is Michael Mann

Alan Robertson

Go watch any of the many video interviews conducted during the event(s). In varying degrees, they all show the same kind of thinking. There are plenty of interviews published on the net by the marching advocacy groups themselves, which highlight their own distorted thinking.
Free speech is a messy affair and you are witnessing the result of years of the professional propagandists’ CAGW advocacy which has blanketed the masses at every turn.
How is it that people are all over this thread implying that the videos (shown now in several threads,) aren’t representative of the truth? How is it that people appear saying that WUWT and others should keep silent?


Funny isn’t it? They’re out in force doing damage control after The People’s Climate March turned out to be a revolutionary socialist lovefest.

a careless reading of my post might gather that i’m impying that WUWT shouldn’t publish things like this video – my protest was over Anthony’s interpretation of the video – “all we need to know” – it’s the Red Scare all over again – the opponent is more sensible than you think – and even more sensible than some who leave comments at WUWT – the skeptics have a fringe element too

C’mon, she interviewed someone in a Polar Bear suit. How much more equitable could she be?

I’m not sure how Katherine Timpf could have continued to interview them. It had to have been frightening.

Robert W Turner

I have an idea for a new anti-drug commercial.


This is your brain on raw vegan bunny food?

I am not aware of the National Review or this interviewer. I guess it is very right wing and they want to put over the point that the protestors are stupid and violent.
I would like to believe that the interviewer selected the dozen most stupid people in the march and most of the rest were more rational.
Anyone reading this actually there? Anyone seen a more balanced interview?
I accept there are going to be lots of irrational activists and those promoting an adjacent agenda such as smashing capitalism. But there must have been a good core of more reasonable people surely?


September 26, 2014 at 11:36 am
“I would like to believe that the interviewer selected the dozen most stupid people in the march and most of the rest were more rational.”
The rest were the ones with the Socialism Now banners. They’re not interested in the temperature, they just want their central planning and an end to any free decision by anyone.


There is lots of footage on YouTube filmed by the marchers themselves which isn’t much different from hers. IMO National Review is mainstream conservative, not very right wing.


Climatereason, RFK Jr. was one of the most prominent individuals attending the march. He and his family are very well known and thought of (at least by those on the left), extremely influential, and very wealthy. Listen to the videos posted of him and his beliefs from the march, especially how people who disagree with him should be jailed. I don’t see that as any less extreme than the views shown in Katherine Timpf’s video.


I just watched Michelle interviewing rfkjr
He didn’t seem very bright or coherent.
Is he currently a politician over there?


tony,September 26, 2014 at 1:34 pm
RFK Jr. is one of the nephews of the late President JFK and son of RFK Sr, who was attorney general for his brother. He’s an attorney specializing in environmental law, and also (I think) hosts a radio show, though I’ve never listened to it and am not sure I want to. He’s not holding any political office at the moment, but his family has been very prominent in American politics for years with his uncle John as President, his father, but probably more than most his uncle Ted who was Senator from Massachusetts for many years. Check out the chain of events that occurred at Chappaquiddick to get a feel for the man, not a pretty picture, and that’s being kind. Also, you also might want to check out Uncle Ted’s involvement with the KGB in the 80’s. If RFK Jr wants to find treason, he needs look no further than Teddy.

For those like dp who accuse this coverage of being unrepresentative..
Please provide links to a sane CAGW a climate control march.
These rent a mob fellows are ignorant and vicious, those interviewed are very representative of the members of the Cult of Calamitous Climate.
Useful idiots who can be loaded up with hatred and pointed at any convenient scapegoat.
There is no difference between these people and any other zealot.
Think of them as cannon fodder for any cause.


I’m not talking about this being representative of people who swarm on demand – it isn’t representative of the alarmist faction generally. Any crowd like this is going to have nutters show up and that is where the cameras are going to be. See more at the RFK Jr. interviews. I disagree these on-demand crowds are representative of anything except people who like to attend such pointless events. Like this:


It’s all about Palestine, innit?


Just went to the first session of a local class at my community college on global warming. The teacher mentioned that the polar ice caps were shrinking. He was astonished when I told him that the polar ice caps were growing. He had no idea what has been happening to the ice caps.
It was interesting, he happily admitted that there is significant natural variability, then said but we can’t do anything about it, so let’s focus on what we can change.
One of the fun facts he related is that the average temperature on earth has increased 5 degrees C since the end of the last ice age. I asked him if that was Exxon’s fault.


Sounds like you’re going to have a fun time getting your failing grade ;o)
I wish I was enrolled with you. Enjoy!

Amongst the rants was the guy who couldn’t even propose one new policy to address AGW. Truly the “useful idiots”.