Friday Funny – Lewandowsky and Cook on the Arctic Sea Ice Bucket challenge, sans ALS

From the Cabot Institute blog, where we await them posting the full videos of the Cook and Mann lectures. The “lewpaper” cartoon from Josh gets a cameo appearance in this video.


The entire video below, is a bit late on the latest Internet meme. The video is accompanied by this description:

Cabot Institute Director Prof Rich Pancost has been nominated by fellow colleague Prof Steve Lewandowsky to do the Arctic Sea Ice Bucket challenge to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on Arctic sea ice and to help raise funds for climate research.

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Jonathan Bamber talks sea level rise on Emmy Award winning show

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Oddly, there’s no mention on the Cabot Institute blog of the original reason for the Ice Bucket Challenge, ALS reseach Funding. It seems our friends have co-opted that chartable Internet sensation into it being all about them and clowning around about sea ice instead. There didn’t even seem to be any ice in that bucket, but maybe they think all the ice has already melted. Clowning around aside, you’d think they’d have the presence of mind to mention the ALS charitable cause somewhere, but sadly, no. They say instead “…to help raise funds for climate research“. Gosh they have over a billion pledged already from governments.


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I suppose it’s one thing for some internet nobody to not want his voice on these videos, but Lew lectures students, lectures audiences, heck – lectures anyone in earshot. Why the silent treatment? And it needed ice.
Nice Josh cameo though.

Bryan A

It is supposed to be the ARCTIC ICE BUCKET and as everyone knows the arctic lost it’s ice last year

Henry Galt

On a scale, of the people I have known in my 6 decades, psychiatrists are the maddest, closely followed by mental heath-care professionals.
This guy is up there.


“psychiatrists are the maddest, closely followed by mental heath-care professionals.”
Psychiatrists are mental heath-care professionals

Henry Galt
“The category seldom includes psychiatrists …”
I know, it’s wikipedia …


And then their kids.

Biologists and Geneticists are also disporportionaly color blind, we tend to be interested in fields that apply to our conditions, so it highly plausable.

Joe Crawford

Back around 1960, the head of the psychology department at the University of South Carolina made the statement that all psychology majors are either alcoholics, schizophrenics or sex maniacs… or more than one of the above.

Did they choose to major in psych because they were so afflicted, or did they become afflicted to deal with the pressure of being shrinks? I don’t see how the job could be any fun.

Joe Crawford

The assumption at the time was that most were already afflicted when they entered the program . Those that weren’t soon succumbed.

“The didn’t even seem to be any ice in that bucket,” (1st word)
[fixed thanks -mod]

Louis Hooffstetter

Stephan Lewandowsky & John Cook go together like Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels


Maybe also Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.


Kind of insulting to Jim Beam and Jack Daniels don’t’cha think? 😉

Bloke down the pub

Perhaps if he had taken the Arctic Sea ice bucket challenge in the Arctic he might have got some kudos.


97% of scientists would call that a ceramic bowl, not an ice bucket.

Jason Calley

I would call it a cracked pot.
Oh, wait… Were you talking about the container or the presenter?



Man Bearpig

Thats his flak helmet

John W. Garrett



Did it have a tin-foil coating inside ….. ?


More like a gozunder (gozunder the bed)


The original reason for the Ice Bucket Challenge was not ALS research funding. It was actually co-opted for ALS, prior to that it was used in the name of many different charities.

Jeff Alberts

Prior to that, it was used (and still is) to pour over the heads of winning coaches in sports games, preferably filled with Gatorade and ice.

kent blaker

lewpaper… in some parts of the world the lew is what we would call the bathroom,,,ie the toilet. lewpaper is = to toilet paper.

Jim South London

Friday unfunny.


Google is gagging Skeptics its official now
Maybe we should all make an effort to strat using other search engines

Cold in Wisconsin

Ironically the most illiberal policy that I can possibly think of!

Microsoft did the same thing recently,


Mods: please feel free to delete if you feel this is too far O/T – a cause I’m pretty passionate about.


Or even the “You Caring” site!
I’ll get it right some time I expect!


I might be passionate about it too, but unless you give a bit of narrative of what the link contains, I’ll never click it.
Just an fyi.


fair comment, donein a rush from work. An”Edit” feature for comments would be useful!


Truly pathetic and unfortunately not surprising.


John Cook’s video that challenged Lew:

Somehow at 300-400 views they haven’t quite taken off like the ALS challenge did.


Rats! I liked John better in uniform. T-shirts just don’t have the same panache as a vintage German uniform.

Man Bearpig

And most of those will be from here

Shot in the same backyard.


Also they look like they were filmed int he same garden, possibly at the same time.


“Gosh they have over a billion pledged already from governments.”
Not to mention that that amount is ABOVE and BEYOND the budgeted direct spending to “Combat Climate Change” by the federal government which is now over 2.5 BILLION of our tax dollars wasted every year on this nonsense!


In the video linked here called “Johnathan Bamber talks sea level rise…” he says a sea level rise of only 1 meter could cost trillions of dollars. Sea level has already risen by 9 inches or 0.22 meters over the last 120 years, yet that hasn’t cost even close to 20% of trillions of dollars, its cost nothing at all as far I know. He says millions in Florida will have to relocate, but has anyone at all had to relocate yet with 20% of a 1 meter rise? Either there is some threshold where sea level will start to cost hundreds of billions of dollars, a threshold we haven’t reached yet, or the more likely the sea level rise hasn’t changed the coastline much at all because of other factors that have changed along with sea level rise that are incorrectly assumed to remain constant while sea level rises.


Here’s Dana if you want more:

About 8 of these so far.

It’s a good thing that pool isn’t full…he’s not wearing his safety floatie.


They’re just trying to show they’re “down with the kidz.”

Shame they didn’t rope in Chris Turney and his ill fated Spirit of Mawson expedition – which has surely been the ultimate ice bucket challenge to date so far.

Gary Pearse

Google has had real time experience with China controlling what Google does. Is Eric not aware that the lefties he’s buckling under to here are of the same stripe. Isn’t this in itself controlling google?
“The very fact that Google ended some of its services in China, and the reasons for it, were censored in China.”
The entire section on “Ending (by Google) of self censorship” was their battle on principle in China. If they start this here, banning right wing associations, it will turn out to be the end of their own lucrative business and will encourage more interference by soshulists. Look to their share shrinking noticeably when this climate fiasco is over.

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I hope some one is raising funds to save the Emperor Penguins — with the rapid spread of the Antarctic Sea Ice — the annual epic march of the adult Emperor Penguins to the edge of the ice to fish will become impossibly long — the adults wont be able to feed the chicks and the species will go extinct — Oh the Horror of Global Cooling


I have read of that and I wonder how these extraordinary creatures fare.

Come on now, you were in England for a number of days so why didn’t you tag this wit the correct spelling of ‘Humour?’. Not Humor.
Oh well. Here are some quotes on humour

Owen in GA

ahh, the old Churchill (attributed to many others as well) about 2 nations separated by a common tongue. I read it either way without issue. I grew up reading UK editions of Sherlock Holmes and had to argue with my teachers on every test through high school as to whether my essays were misspelled. I finally caved to American spelling. I don’t know where my American mom got all the UK editions though.

Perhaps she thought that Sherlock would be best in the original?


Seems to be very quiet on the Northwest Passage front. As I recall, there was a lot on our news about it in recent years. Presumably become so common as to be no longer newsworthy? Do they still have to use the Panama Canal through the northern winter?
A quick search and only came up with this proposed voyage.

It’s pretty much shut down for the season. The Grey Goose was very busy for a week or so, though.
Part of his summary:
How many vessels started on what appeared to be attempting a 2014 Northwest Passage? 30 vessels.
How many of those vessels proceeded north of the Arctic Circle in 2014? 27 vessels.
How many vessels completed a west to east 2014 Northwest Passage? 2 vessels.
How many vessels completed a east to west 2014 Northwest Passage? 7 vessels.
See for much, much, more.


This is LewSpeak is so pitiful….it is however nice to know that he acknowledges Josh’s cartoon.
As for the alleged “ice bucket” …. since there was no ice we don’t even know that they used cold water. It might have been a pleasant warm bath with faked reaction.
There, that is skepticism!

M Seward

The video about sums up the level at which these children operate.


Interesting that the greatest bandwagon in the history of mankind finds it necessary to jump on someone else’s bandwagon!

Pamela Gray

Call me stupid. I don’t get it.


Sorry can’t do it. I tried. 🙂

Pamela Gray

Does that mean my stupidity can’t be fixed or you don’t get either?


I still think they should be shooting the ice cubes at the sun to slow down the global warming. Well if not that, a better use is mixed drinks.