The big chill comes early – record winter blast hits Northern Plains

Massive early cold wave –  Nearly an inch of snow at Rapid City. This is the earliest recorded snowfall going back to 1888.


Source: NOAA

Mount Rushmore from NWS Rapid City Twitter Feed:

Mt-Rushmore-snowA television Meteorologist in Sioux Falls, SD had this to say:

Way too early for this. Even the Presidents look like they are crying…

The national Weather Service in Rapid City posted this on Twitter a few minutes ago, it shows their view outside the window looking at their radiosonde launch station


According to a newspaper report from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, eight inches of snow have reportedly fallen in the Black Hills area. This beats the previous early snowfall record set on Sept. 13, 1970, when 0.7″ of an inch of snow fell at Rapid City, SD.

Elsewhere, 8″ of snow were reported in Downtown Custer, 6″ were reported five miles south of Hill City, and 4-5″ inches were reported in Hill City, Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported. Mount Rushmore reported 7″ of snow, and Sundance, Wyoming reported 4″. The map below shows accumulations.



 INCHES  LOCATION                 ST  COUNTY           TIME

 ------  -----------------------  --  --------------   -------

  8.00   DOWNTOWN CUSTER          SD  CUSTER           0800 AM

  7.00   MOUNT RUSHMORE           SD  PENNINGTON       0810 AM

  7.00   1 ENE DOWNTOWN CUSTER    SD  CUSTER           0605 AM

  6.00   5 S HILL CITY            SD  PENNINGTON       0815 AM

  6.00   8 NW TERRY PEAK          SD  LAWRENCE         0750 AM


  5.00   5 ENE DOWNTOWN CUSTER    SD  CUSTER           0600 AM

  5.00   JOHNSON SIDING           SD  PENNINGTON       0530 AM

  4.50   HILL CITY                SD  PENNINGTON       0852 AM

  4.00   1 ENE SUNDANCE           WY  CROOK            0800 AM




  2.00   6 E DEVILS TOWER JUNCTI  WY  CROOK            0842 AM

  2.00   9 ENE DEVILS TOWER JUNC  WY  CROOK            0840 AM

  2.00   ALADDIN                  WY  CROOK            0835 AM

  2.00   6 W BEULAH               WY  CROOK            0824 AM

  2.00   5 W WHITEWOOD            SD  LAWRENCE         0820 AM

  2.00   2 W DOWNTOWN SPEARFISH   SD  LAWRENCE         0815 AM

  2.00   3 ESE DOWNTOWN GILLETTE  WY  CAMPBELL         0750 AM


  1.50   BEULAH                   WY  CROOK            0855 AM

  1.30   12 SW MOSKEE             WY  WESTON           0800 AM

  1.00   FOUR CORNERS             WY  WESTON           0827 AM


  1.00   LEAD                     SD  LAWRENCE         0745 AM

  0.90   1 NW PIEDMONT            SD  MEADE            0730 AM


Source: NWS Rapid City

Freeze warnings for many northern U.S. locations have also been issued, including Spokane, WA and Duluth, MN.

I expect we will see many many cold records set.


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Steve Hill (from the welfare state of KY)

Well, the Global warming is causing chaos with the climate, everyone knows that. Obama said so. 😉

Yes, and according to his little pal, Master Kerry, we must save everyone from the warming, even those nice
‘IS’ people in Iraq and Syria,


Not only that, Master Kerry says it is in the Bible, that we must save those nice IS people from Global Warming. If you don’t try to save them, by taking reusable bags to the market, you are a heathen!


Here in Norway its been the oposite. When USA is Cold or mild, we have been mild and warm. 🙂

Listening to some farmers in Iowa and Missouri on radio, they’ll be running around tomorrow to assess crop damage.


It’s been a few years. I’ve forgotten. Is that stuff what they used to call “snow”?

Brian R

No. It’s called Global Warming Powder.

Barbara Skolaut

I think we have a winnah! 😀
(I am so stealing that)


That’s one to remember, excellent!

Jay Hope

Better known as GW fallout!

that is Funny!!

John from the EU


My grandchildren don’t know what it is, according to some warmist PhD.

The Ghost Of Big Jim Cooley

You must always mention the twat’s name – so that when he Googles his name, he gets hits that show up what he said: Dr David Viner

Hardly surprising. All the heat is going into the ocean. (/sarc))


Canada, big exporter of cold air to USA….


We should reconsider the Keystone pipeline. Lesson learned: Never piss off the Canadians – the payback is chilling.

Gordon in Vancouver

I live in Vancouver. We get our cold air systems from Alaska. But please do approve Keystone, it will save a lot of oil spills from rail.


Shouldn’t countries that export cold air get paid money from UN green slush fund? They help to reduce global warming.
We could start up a whole new trading scheme based on Cold Air Credits, this would be worth billions of dollars per year and would provide a useful new revenue source for hard pressed banking sector.
Countries hosting these CAC exchanges would see boost in GDP, it a win-win way to fight global warming and save the planet.

∑(Sn) Wong

This is great news for skiers


Yeah, let the farmers eat cake.

Brent Hargreaves

And what’s David Viner up to today? He’s in a well paid government job advising former British colonies on Global Warming tm.

Mike Maguire

Minimum/low temperature report from Saturday morning(9-13-2014) and possible corn/soybean market reaction next week.


Yes AW bad news for the farmers indeed. But as you know most of us carry Government (you the taxpayers) crop insurance and although that never pays beck the hrs and hrs put in let alone the damage it does to soils and equipment they are somewhat covered.

Alan Robertson

Yesterday, sweatin’ it off… today, freezin’ it off.

Richard Day

Once the snow and temps have been homogenized, it was really a blast of hot, humid air from the Gulf of Mexico that was felt.


Looks like the presidents are crying


Oh, jezz, I swear I didn’t read the quote in the article.

Mike McMillan

I had the same thought when I saw the photo. Who can blame them?


50 miles west of Chicago, tonight predicted to get down to 39F.
A bad end to a cool and damp spring/summer.
Bad news for the remaining tomatoes and pepper plants.
The great lakes had ice late last winter, so the water is still colder than normal, I hope this is not the start of the next (little) ice age. Last winter was tough, two in a row will be depressing. I know it is weather not climate, but with the decadal oscillations shifting to the cold phase and the low in activity we may be in for some cooling.
That’s why the warmists are so desperate with this latest propaganda push, for the UN meetings coming up next year, they see the window closing as the warm scare will be harder and harder to maintain in the face of mother nature and the truth. Hence the push for the weird or dirty weather meme from all that dirty carbon pollution, can’t sell the warming scare scenario when you are shivering.
Therefore also a bad time to mess up our energy infrastructure !


As many here know, we had that blast through Southern Alberta on Monday and Tuesday. In Calgary we had about a foot of heavy, wet snow. Tens of thousands of trees were broken, driving around last night we say an immense number of broken branches lying everywhere, and the City has a special collection service to get the debris to landfill sites. (For those not familiar with winter weather, trees handle snow fine unless they still have leaves, which they all do. A large tree can have thousands of pounds of snow stuck to its leaves)
Many cars and houses are damaged from broken tree branches, many power lines were down including a bunch that were visibly steaming. Crop damage is immeasurable at this point, but will probably be serious. This is a critical time for farmers, they probably intended to be harvesting this week and next, not trying to find the crop under the snow. It was definitely destructive.

Doug Proctor

Three days earlier I flew in from Palm Springs: 41C, down from the previous day of 43C. Several hours after I left the dust storm and 7.5cm of rain flooded the area.
Looked to me like the offshore Mexican tropical storm pushed a big system over into the Central Valley deserts, and then further ENE, which caused a counter-clockwise movement from northern Canada to swing south-south east, dragging the cold with it. Calgary was colder than Yellowknife.

Mike Maguire

Though large scale/upper level features teleconnect thousands of miles apart and often effect each other, in this case the offshore Mexican tropical storm and this northern stream system hitting with snow and cold are coming from entirely different stream flows(at least that’s my impression).
This cold wave/pattern had origins going back over a week ago, when northern stream energy and Arctic cold at very high latitudes began dropping south thru AK and Northwest Canada.
Much like recent northern stream troughs/lows, including the ones that caused one of the coolest July’s in Midwest history and last Winters Polar Vortex’s, this one dropped straight south and brought unusually cold air south of the US/Canadian border.
The Mother Lode of cold air is still up in N.Canada right now.
Where will that go?
Early next week, the northern stream will grab a chunk of that cold and send it southeast into southeastern Canada, with just the southern edge getting into the Upper Great Lakes and Northeast US briefly.
The new pattern as the week continues and possibly into week 2 will feature a more zonal flow of much warmer air that spreads across the US from west to east.

Paul Vaughan

Thanks for sharing your local perspective CodeTech.
I’m curious:
Have you seen many damaged evergreens?
Please keep us updated on the crops.


Yes, I will never forget the October 4 1987 storm in Albany/Southern Vermont.
The earliest measurable snowfall at Albany, where 6.5″ inches fell, with as much as 20″ reported in parts of the Catskills. The storm wreaked havoc on the area because it was a heavy, extremely wet snow, which fell on fully leaved trees. Numerous branches and trees were felled…taking down power lines with them, blocking roads and damaging houses. Albany was described as “looking like a war zone.” Hundreds of thousands of people were without power…some for up to two weeks. It was the most snow that ever fell during the month of October in Albany.
I remember having to take showers in the morgue at the local hospital in Bennington, VT.

I remember that Winter. I was living in Albany, NY at the time. There were many downed tree limbs around the roads of the city. I remember thinking at the time trees have to prepare for Winter like animals and people do and that is the reason they lose their leaves in the Fall.
It had never occurred to me before the reason why trees lose their leaves in the Fall. It’s because having them during a heavy Winter snowstorm would cause the trees to lose their branches. It’s also the reason pine trees can retain their pine needles, because they don’t hold as much snow as leaves.
Bob Clark


@Robert Clark. Another reason is that tree leaves from non evergreens need quite a bit of water to keep them functional. The tree.wouldn’t be able to support full foliage in winter anyway, because the air is sondry and the ability to get moisture from roots to leaves is greatly diminished in winter – in many places it is like desert conditions as far as moisture is concerned since the water is all locked up in snow and ice.
Evergreens have smallish leaves with a wax coating and chemicals inside which don’t freeze. The small wax coated.leaves prevent water.from escaping (reduces leaf transpiration) which allows the tree to hold on to the leaves without the water cost. Note that there are a handful of conifer species that do lose their leaves in winter as well.

Mike Singleton

The Calgary snow fall over 3 days was the highest total for the complete month of September ever recorded.


all that good wood to landfill?
why not shred the leaves etc and use it as green mulch immediately to help protect soils, and saw the bigger bits for use next year for firewood,
looks like bitter cold winters may become the norm, not the exception.
what a waste to put it in a ditch


Ban Ki-Moon must wish his Climate Summit could be moved out of the US.


I suggest Monrovia, Liberia or Freetown, Sierra Leone as a new venue for the Climate March.


Nothing says warming like cooling.


Wouldn’t that be a great bumper sticker?


Gee, looks like a cold winter coming again. I am in NZ and we are in spring the winter here was mild I thought.

John Boles

The People’s Climate March may be hilariously cold. I hope Al Gore attends.


Forecast for Ely, Mn tonight is 27° F (-2.7° C). Glad I’m didn’t plan a late summer canoe trip this year.


Please share some of the cold with us europeans too.
Asked a colleague today why he believed in CAGW and the response was: it just feels like there should be a problem releasing all this CO2.


Be careful what you wish for, skeptics, you might just get it!


Mind control over the weather is about as real as CAGW.


We never wished for a deep Solar minimum or deep freeze or anything like that. We just didn’t want international treaties based on flimsy science. That the Global Warming models collapse so spectacularly is of course beautiful.


Okay, we’re upset about the Keystone – when we get upset y’all get the cold shoulder 😉

Mark Albright

The polar vortex seems to have again hurtled an historic Arctic outbreak out of Canada and into the USA after leaving Calgary reeling from an early season snowstorm earlier this week. At West Yellowstone MT the mercury slid all the way down to 6 F this morning (12 Sept 2014), the first time it has ever been so cold this early in the winter (or is it summer?). And for the first time ever in early September the temperature dropped into the teens at Sheridan Wyoming where the temperature stood at 18 F this morning following an extensive snowstorm yesterday.
From NWS Billings:

Boulder Skeptic

“…the first time it has ever been so cold this early in the winter (or is it summer?). And for the first time ever in early September…”
I think you mean the first time in recorded temperature history. There was very, very thick ice there multiple times in the past. I guess I’m just sensitized to things sounding like the warministas and their “unprecedented” weather claims. 😉

Yeah, I purposely wrote that in the style of an alarmist, but with tongue in cheek.


Well not really. Temperature have been lower and winter has come sooner many times in the past. The only difference is that man with his thermometers was not present then to record and observe what is happening now.

On the Climate Change discussion forum on Facebook someone made the point that it has snowed in September in the northern U.S. states before and gave a list of when this has happened. I found it notable that the highest level was in 1971. This was when we were having unusually cold Winters to the extent some suggested we were heading towards another ice age.
Bob Clark


It could be so easy for the professional alarmists; just switch to ice age alarmism.
But they seem to have a 90 degree phase lag to the PDO.

That would work for our current head of the White House Office of Science and Technology:
Obama’s science chief blames man-made carbon emissions.
Published: 10/09/2009 at 12:00 AM
Note: the title here refers to what Holdren said in 1971 when harsh Winters led some to suggest we were headed towards an ice age.
Bob Clark


That doesn’t look like the presidents are crying. It looks like their noses are running.

Funny I thought they looked like Sentinels from X men.

A gov. tax payer paid for webcam “photo”, every 20 sec.’s is worth a thousand post “words” on the internet.
When the low info voters see the snow it sinks in much better than trying to understand earth, sun, moon, cloud, ocean, ect cycles and the statistics from that put into a graph via a compter model.
The National Park Service , the Forrest Service, heck all the ski areas have web cams.
Put up a link to them all and invite the public to come by and see the truth for themselves.
Lies kill.
Truth is life.


If you live out in the boonies and use propane for heat, you may want to fill up now before the farmers all start drying their wet corn.
Oh BTW: looks as though Jefferson may have caught a cold as he seems to have an ice cycle hanging from his nose.

abasin web cams
like that

Gunga Din

No predictions…er…projections here, but I sure hope this won’t end up in another Blizzard of ’78.
( I never did get around to buying a snow blower.8-(


Hey, I was in Alaska in ’78 it was a balmy, errrr, -32 F I think… Been a while

never try links in a pickup truck on a ranch road in Texas.


Can’t wait for global cooling so things can warm up a bit….all this global warming makes me shiver!

Tom in Florida

Meanwhile, just another fine day in Florida. We even have a weak tropical wave passing over the southern part of the State bringing some needed rain. Perhaps I’ll hit the beach early tomorrow with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and just enjoy the warmth of it all.


You’ll be under water soon enough 🙂

Tom in Florida

Even though only a mile from the Gulf as the crow flies, I am at an elevation of 13′ so not to worry.. How many cm is sea level supposed to rise?

I’m in S Florida. Still waiting, waiting for those coastal property values to fall. Still waiting.


We are expecting a record low in Kansas City, and if the clouds that have kept us so cool in the past 2 days clear out, we might even see the northern lights, courtesy of the solar storm! I think I am going to ask for a snow blower for my birthday.

It is 37 degrees at my house this morning. The airport always manages to be warmer so it might not hit a record for today, but it did last night at midnight for yesterday. No northern lights though.

Ashby Manson

We could use some of that cold & wet here in So Cal.

William Mason

Predicted to be over 100F in Woodland Hills until Wednesday. I would love to see some of the cool air here.

Pamela Gray

What you need is an El Nino. Unfortunately, it is till in the El Nado stage.

Ibin Alarmin

Unprecedented climate disasters! Therefore caused by human CO2!
Don’t you forget that we the true believers own this meme. Heh.

Pamela Gray

It’s a bit nippley in NE Oregon too!

Tom in Florida

Now that’s a standout comment.

Pamela Gray

Funny that! Cold weather has the opposite effect on gender! A couple jumps into Wallowa Lake. Two are out, one is in. LOLOLOL!!!!!


The warmists will spin it as extreme weather.


That’s why they moved from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’.

“U.S. corn and soybean production in 2014, already pegged at record highs, will be higher than expected a month ago and somewhat above trade expectations, the U.S. government said…”
“”We are swamped with grain stocks, not only in the U.S. but in the world,” said Don Roose, an analyst with U.S. Commodities.”
In Minnesota we are looking for more warm days and a delayed frost. The 10 day forecast looks good hopefully yielding the farmers a bit more income. The nationwide picture shows success. In the face of any extreme weather.


Our CO2 emissions caused this extreme weather outburst. We will be seeing more of these extreme weather outbursts in the future, maybe even year round snow over much of the corn belt as the world continues to warm.

Leon Brozyna

Right … it’s still summer.
And we didn’t even need a polar vortex to bring a chill to our lives …
Today’s high in Buffalo was 55°F (equal to the normal low for this date) … about the type of weather we’d expect to see around the 27th … of October.
What remains is to see if this winter will be a brutally cold and snowy season.

Bruce Hall

This is just weather; heat waves are proof of global warming.


Frost warning for some areas of New England Sunday night . . .

jJim Waters

My wife says “The gods are trying to tell us that the warmers are wrong”

David L. Hagen

Rare September snow causes damage to trees and power outages in some areas

A late summer snowstorm dropped up to 20 inches of snow in parts of Wyoming.

Pamela Gray

Wyoming is a beautiful state. On my cross country trip to the state of New York, Wyoming was my favorite by a lap!


Just a thought but would a cooling trend appear similar to what we see happening?

Gavin Hetherington

Winter is coming…

Brrrr. Where’s my woolies?


It’s summer for Gore sake!

Robert Wykoff

And the US anamoly for the month of September will be positive, and will probably be in the top 10 warmest evah.


are you serious or just joking?


I think the “evah” at the end answers your query…

Robert Wykoff

Only half joking. I bet the september anomaly for US is positive.

Matt Bergin

It can snow all it wants. Last year I picked up a Gravely C8 with an MA210 snow cannon. Here is a video.
I am waiting for snow

Pamela Gray

I am buying a house in Elgin, Oregon (if I am blessed by God that is). About 6 years ago they had a snowmageddon event that destroyed open vehicles, house roofs and car ports. I will be needing to buy a snow blower me thinks. Does that one do the job?


meanwhile, it’s going to be over 100* here in The Valley this weekend, like totally, fer sure!
i’ll be in the swimming pool, if anyone needs me.

Ashby Manson

Yes, we appear to be hogging the heat.

Rick K

How deep will the heat be in the pool? 😉


I hope it snows in New York Sept. 20 for the global warming march

Remind me to bring a coat and thermal underwear the next time I have to work outdoors in early September in mid-Missouri ….