Australia: No longer a carbon tax nation

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The Gore Effect has struck again. Al Baby recently visited Canberra accompanied by his usual blizzard to try to convince the tiny band of eccentrics that held the balance of power in the Senate to vote to keep the “carbon” tax that has been pointlessly crippling the Australian economy.

He failed. The Senate upheld the vote in the House to bring the doomed CO2 tax to a timely end. The Australian Labor Party, which had unwisely introduced the hated tax for the sake of clinging on to office for a few more months with the support of the now-decimated Greens, is belatedly trying to whip up support from a skeptical nation for a repeal of the repeal.

Bob Carter, whose measured, eloquent and authoritative lectures all over Australia putting the minuscule global warming of the 20th century into the calming perspective of geological time helped to see off the tax, sends me the following image that the ALP are desperately circulating to their fanatical but dismayed supporters.


The propaganda graphic was accompanied by the usual mawkishly syrupy message from the Labor loonies to useful idiots everywhere:

“Just hours ago, Tony Abbott made Australia the only country in the world to reverse action on climate change.

“Not satisfied with hurting Australians through his cruel Budget, he’s now hurting future generations.

“Labor fought hard to put a price on carbon, and Labor fought hard to move to an emissions trading scheme. Through our climate action policies, investments in renewable energy topped $18 billion and 24,000 jobs in the sector were created. Houses with rooftop solar increased to 2.1 million, and wind-generated energy tripled.

“The Abbott Government and the crossbench in the Senate have taken a wrecking ball to Labor’s action on climate change.

“Let’s show Tony Abbott that we won’t stand for this. We will not give up the fight to securing a clean energy future for our children.”

The Prime Minister’s supporters have not been slow to respond. In no time, they were circulating the following take on the message.


Meanwhile, the tourist postcard industry has not been slow to sense the opportunity for combining celebration of the demise of the tax with some hearty Australian humor. Enjoy!



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Mike H

Please send the repeal formula to British Columbia.


Proud Aussie right here. <—-

Stephen Richards

I love the auzzie humour.

There are a lot of folks celebrating over at Joanne Nova’s. But of course a couple of wet blankets, unaffected by the tax, are whining about its demise. Notably the butcher of Wiki.


HEY you looney twits!
CANADA BAILED ON KYOTO. So WE get bragging rights, NOT YOU.

Nice to see a lordly pat on the back to Bob Carter. He’s put in a lot of time and taken a lot of abuse over the last few years.


“Just hours ago, Tony Abbott made Australia the only country in the world to reverse action on climate change.”
That’s funny, I seem to remember a few other countries who have recently ‘reversed action on climate change’, usually by ending government support for renewables, closing nuclear power plants in favor of coal ones, abandoning Emission cap plans, and that kind of thing.
Maybe I just imagined it?

I’ve been feeling we’re winning now for a while.
Now I KNOW we’re starting to prevail. 🙂
The first major nation repeals the Carbon ? idiocy. 🙂
Good on Ya Cobbers !!
My cup runneth over, my cold tube definitely doth not 🙂

Willis Eschenbach

Thanks for that, Lord Monckton, and Bob Carter, Joanne Nova, and Australian skeptics deserve much of the credit.
Hilariously, I find this:

It will go down in Canberran folklore as a myth, but it most certainly happened.
The very moment the carbon tax was repealed, after three parliamentary attempts, several years of political warfare and the killing of a leader or two, a rainbow appeared over Lake Burley Griffin.
God tends not to take political sides, but when it comes to the carbon tax, She does seem to be trying to tell us something via celestial signs.

Best to all,

@Willis Eschenbach – I will put that one down as myth. Rainbows require a steep sun angle, and they repealed it around 11am local time. Makes for a good story though.

Congratulations to Jo Nova and her supporters

Bruce Cobb

The enemies of mankind lose again. How much more punishment can they take? Let them cry their crocodile tears.

I haven’t stopped grinning since the news came in. I look forward to reading the comments over at Jo Nova’s. I like to wait until the comments have fattened up over there (they are tiered), so I don’t miss any. I quite enjoy the bun-fights.
By the way, it’s snowing here in New South Wales.
Thank you for this article, Lord Monckton, it’s great to see Aussie humour so quickly out there, and great to see you show it to the world. Cheers, mate! 😀


I’m not (yet) fully convinced that the government in the lower house (House of Representatives) will accept the upper house (Senate) amendments. They might yet reject them and keep it as a double-dissolution election trigger. I’ll believe the Carbon Tax is gone when they pry it from the cold, dead hand of the Greens and Labor and my electricity bill falls.

Lil Fella from OZ

Accountability and responsibility….. who takes that for such lunacy to implement a carbon tax. Price hike on everything without achieving a thing to reduce the CO2 ‘problem.’ You should hear the carry on of the greens and the left in our land of no carbon tax. They don’t live in the same place as I do, they can’t!

Now that folks in the Land of Oz have awoken,
will the rest of the world listen?
Regardless, to rational Aussies, “good on ya”.
Wonder if you could send some of your rational thinking to the powers that be here in Obamaland.

Curious George

There were several comments by knowledgeable non-skeptical people on ClimateEtc recently Taken together they illustrate a carbon tax problem (and other “climate science” problems) beautifully . I’ll paraphrase what they wrote; text in parentheses is what they omitted.
(We got a Nobel prize, partly for a popular graph that turns out not to be very kosher.) The skeptics are trying to keep the Hockey Stick alive. (Let bygones be bygones).
That is a dream of a successful bank robber. No apology, no admission of guilt. No wonder that people don’t trust them. This dream is difficult to share.


If only we had spent the billions on roads, hospitals and proper stuff. What a waste! (of my money). Good on you Tony. Keep up the decent work and thanks to all the campaigners for their dedication, honest discussion and perseverance, and Anthony for this wonderful site..

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

Has anyone contacted Chris Turney for comment?


On an entirely different matter. You should get your thyroid attended to before it causes you physical problems.
But in any case, keep up the good fight. We need science in this field, not religion and superstition that have combined into an escathological cargo cult of the CAGW.

Mike Smith

Congratulations Australia and a sincere thank you for your courage and leadership.

Gunga Din

Has Al Baby called for a recount of just Dade County? 😎


Now we have to make sure that an ETS isn’t bought in via the back door.
This would be the obvious aim of Al Gore and his meeting with Palmer.
There is money to be scalped from the Australian public, and you can bet Gore and Palmer want some of it. !


Labor didn’t fight hard to put a price on CO/2 (carbon).
The labor government under Gillard deceitfully introduced it after explicitly denying they would on national television just days before the election.
That they had “purchased” both houses of our parliament with financial promises to key independants and its coalition partners, the greens.
Gauranted there would be no “fight”.
I really do hope this is a lesson to America and the rest of the world that the people will hit back at governments lies and deceit to the majority.
In America you really do have serious problems with Obama’s “scorched earth” policys in relation to global warming.
Like Gillard and her “purchased” government, he is introducing his policys against the will of the majority by way of his executive powers.
He will condem so many to abject poverty just by way of increased utility prices.
For what.
Look closely America at what your “leader” is doing.


If Al Gore tried to directly interfere in Indian politics would he be arrested and immediately deported?


Very fine day when parliament finally stopped defying the voters of Australia.Election after election they have voted against the tax only to be stymied by the Greens tail wagging Labor’s dog. Labor is controlled by unions and they see global warming as a means to fill their pockets with renewable energy contracts.
The Greens openly admitted they wanted a One World Government, where their “wisdom” would be dropped like gentle rain on the rest of us new cave dwellers.

Don B

Don’t forget the Germans. Actions speak loudly.
“The plant is the first new hard-coal-fired generator in Europe’s biggest power market since 2005. It marks the start of Germany’s biggest new-build program for hard coal stations since its liberalization in 1998. Ten new hard-coal power stations, or 7,985 megawatts, are scheduled to start producing electricity in the next two years, according to information from German grid regulator Bundesnetzagentur and operators.”

John Carter

Here’s a better idea for Australia and the U.S. and most nations to deal with the climate change problem in a way that minimizes government intrusion, maximizes mitigation response, maximizes personal liberty and choice, maximizes the marketplace.
Whether it is recognized on some level or not, as skeptical science points out, scientific skepticism is good. Simply deciding that something is hooey, and so immediately seeking to discredit that argument with whatever argument can be grabbed (right or wrong, relevant or irrelevant, misrepresented or incomplete or not, etc) in order to do so, and then with whatever argument can be grabbed (right or wrong, relevant or irrelevant, misrepresented or incomplete or not, etc), seeking to support any argument or idea that discredits climate science, is not good; it may feel like science, but it’s the opposite of science, leads away from the truth, and towards misinformation and further misconception. That then in turn FURTHERS the same tendency toward wanting to simply discredit something to begin with, and reinforces the process.
Realized or not, this is what inadvertent man affected expected climate change denialism (denial of the fact that geologically massive amounts of long lived greenhouse gases have been pumped into the air, and of the basic science (and slowly, minor casual observation over time) that says this will lead to geologically significant change in the climate patter), or “refutation,” has become all about.
Many of the things that drive fear of climate change redress (as distinguished from climate change science itself), may be warranted or unwarranted. In both cases, those seeking to advocate for sensible climate change redress would be helping rather than hindering discussion and accuracy of information, to not just ignore the fears or concerns of others, simply because they believe them to be unwarranted or not a concern of their own. And to also not immediately assume and assert that those who have them (and thus perhaps leading to the promulgation of poor information or science assumptions, with this recent thread being a good example, as I’m sure are others), are only doing so to “deceive.” Following these tendencies in a world in which keeps telling me “everyone knows how huge a problem climate change is” (when everyone clearly does not, and most people, including many politicians, still don’t know the basics – and it’s done a lot – has only further entrenched the beliefs that climate change is half hooey, made advocates look less credible than they really are, and increased the zeal to simply discredit it and simultaneously simply credit anything which seems to so do, as described above.
That being said, the simple lowest cost highest freedom lowest government intrusion and probably by far most effective and efficient solution to our radical atmospheric additions (that are (as a matter of physics, “not climate change science,” or “models,” or arguments) increasing the net energy balance of the earth) and that is offered above (again, here ) is offered for the reasons listed in support of it.
However, at the same time it also serves to address some of the perhaps more warranted fears of perhaps excessive government entanglement, individuals not being allowed to do this or that, possibly too much U.N. control, etc. And, again, while misplaced resistance to certain otherwise neutral tools, simply due to otherwise irrelevant but strong association, can sometimes get in the way of initially seeing this clearly, it is by far the most efficient. This – loss of efficiency (which is really what a big part of what economics is all about) – is another solvable, in fact (net) improvable, impediment to not only sensible redress, but sensible discussion.


“The Gore Effect has struck again. Al Baby recently visited Canberra…”
“Al Baby” ?
The rest of the post went unread, other than some skimming.

M Courtney

Sorry – wet blanket time.
Tony Abbot’s party dumped the tax as it was a redistributive measure – not a free market (voluntary) measure.
Just a good old fashioned right/left scuffle.
They still have the commitment to the belief that AGW is net harmful – which is unproven.
Restoring the primacy of empiricism over idealism has not happened.
They still don’t think that ‘things you see‘ are more important than ‘things that “experts” ‘ opine.

I tried to put up the following post at the Australian propaganda site in response to their “obituary” for the “carbon” tax. It was deleted thrice. I wonder why?
“It looks as though Australian academe is at odds with the Australian people. Global warming to date, as the mean of the RSS and UAH global-temperature datasets, has occurred at half the central near-term rate (equivalent to 1 K in 35 years, or two-thirds of a Kelvin by now) predicted by the IPCC in 1990. After close to two decades with no global warming distinguishable from the measurement uncertainties (or 26 years on the RSS dataset), it may be wise to rethink the policy before calling for the introduction of another CO2 tax or an ETS. Better to redeploy the $1 billion a day now being spent by Western nations on climate change toward solving the real environmental problems: deforestation from Indonesia to Haiti, over-fishing of the oceans, encroachment on the habitats of endangered species.”

The propaganda site to which I was referring was “The Conversation”.


I hope this becomes a trend. The global economy is sitting on a tipping point and needs a nudge away from the precipice the current policy of madness has brought us to.

Lord Monckton, come back to Aus and have a beer. But bring warm clothes – we’re still struggling to overcome the “Gore” effect!

Curious George

Moderator – please snip Vicomt Monckon’s comment. He represents old times and ideas of politically incorrect opinions. Those times are gone. Progressives – full steam ahead!
[Jim, let me be clear on your request: no, and hell no, especially when you yourself hide behind a fake name (you are neither curious, nor George) while espousing that your own political viewpoint is superior. Feel free to be as upset as you wish – Anthony Watts]

In reply to Mr Worrall, I’ll be in the Land of the Eructating Camels from 10 Sep to 3 Oct. And I’ll happily have a tinny of XXXX. On my last but one visit to Australia, one Flannelly had been flannelling about the drought that would never see flowing water in the Murray-Darling basin ever again. Within a day or two of my arrival, the clouds gathered, the heavens opened, and so much rain fell on Australia that the sea-level fiddlers blamed it for having caused an unpredicted fall in global sea level. It’s the Monckton Effect.


John Carter says:
July 17, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Here’s a better idea for Australia and the U.S. and most nations to deal with the climate change problem…

What “climate change” problem would that be specifically?


I may well be reading far too much into this but is it intentional that the poster above shows the Antarctic landmass just as dry, dusty and ice-free as Australia?
Oh, and all cracked up as well if my eyes serve me…

Gary Hladik

John Carter says (July 17, 2014 at 3:50 pm): “Here’s a better idea for Australia and the U.S. and most nations to deal with the climate change problem…”
What “problem” would that be?
“…in a way that minimizes government intrusion, maximizes mitigation response, maximizes personal liberty and choice, maximizes the marketplace.”
Is to do Nothing–with a capital N–about it. There, fixed that for ya. 🙂


Monckton of Brenchley says:
July 17, 2014 at 4:00 pm
The propaganda site to which I was referring was “The Conversation”.
What a delightful name, too bad they only allow some to converse.


“AndyG55 says:
July 17, 2014 at 3:00 pm
Now we have to make sure that an ETS isn’t bought in via the back door.”
Indeed. I refered to a comment I heard on a newscast in another thread that one of Palmers conditions for supporting the repeal of the carbon tax was to leave an ETS “framework” in place (Which apparently *IS* in place for the, planned, switch from a tax to an ETS in 2015) but set a price of $0, until all other countries play along too. This was when he spoke along side Al Gore when he was here. Clive Palmer is a business man, a good one at that, and can see easy money, easier than digging stuff up out of the ground when he can leave it there and get rich on “carbon credits”.


John Carter, Citing discredited sources does you no credit.
From the WUWT blogroll…
Skeptical Science – John Cook
* Due to (1) deletion, extension and amending of user comments, and (2) undated post-publication revisions of article contents after significant user commenting.


apart from a quote from PM Tony Abbott, BBC only quotes critics from Labor and Green Parties, plus the Climate Institute:
17 July: BBC: Australia votes to repeal carbon tax
sour grapes, BBC?


meanwhile great western hwy blocked by snow and we where told our children would never see snow again .carbon tax R.I.P .


The tears of failed CAGW carbon tax proponents. They nourish me!

John Carter

In original article above
Bob Carter, whose measured, eloquent and authoritative lectures all over Australia putting the minuscule global warming of the 20th century into the calming perspective of geological time
Christopher, do you know this sentence is sort of meaningless? The issue isn’t the current temperatures, and the change over from a semi high approximation of the last 800,000 year CO2 levels, to a much higher level,not seen in over two million years, amplified by simultanous geologic spike in the othr two main long lived atsmospheric greenhouse gases, is very geologically relevant. Here’s why We also evolved under the conditions that existed under the last few million years and less (as did the specie, plants and waterways systems we rely on,)
The idea that addressing climate is some form of “spending” is mistaken
The idea that is is pointless spending, even more. But it seems it is this fear of lots of spending that drives a lot of the disbelief (and belief in any representation, accurate or otherwise, that advances this, and disbelief in and discrediting of any representation, accurate or otherwise, that goes agains it)
The other photo, the burping camel, is hilarious. But it sort of reinforces the basic ignorance of the issue, doesn’t it? That is – let’s put even more methane into the air. This is a problem. Just because one can’t see it, feel, it, touch it, and it is largely in the future (though already in part caused in the past, and being heavily amplifed now) and involves ranges and uncertainties – and its thus, if one wants to, easy to find ways to seemingly pick apart – doesn’t change this fact.


In New Zealand, I scanned the TV news for a hint of the carbon tax repeal. Nada!
I went through my morning paper assiduously…and there on page 10, 2 column inches, about 50 words…was the news.
If that isn’t tail between legs…what is? If CAGW is a planetary disaster you would think it would warrant more coverage? Yeah nah!

John Carter

JohnWho says:
July 17, 2014 at 2:13 pm
Now that folks in the Land of Oz have awoken,
will the rest of the world listen?
Jack says:
July 17, 2014 at 3:38 pm
Very fine day when parliament finally stopped defying the voters of Australia.
Yes, in one sense, but, speaking of the land of Oz, and whether the world should listen to Australia, what about the equally serious problem of the voters of Australia being incredibly misinformed on the issue of Climate Change? Here are the basics of the issue, unconnected to politics, which some knowledge of is needed to make any kind of assessment on the issue at all. And what is really the problem.
How many Australians know this? How many Americans?
dp says:
July 17, 2014 at 4:06 pm
I hope this becomes a trend. The global economy is sitting on a tipping point and needs a nudge away from the precipice the current policy of madness has brought us to.

The current madness of avoiding an extremely serious and compounding problem that is forfeiting enormous and compounding net world gains to not Australian Ostrich on (again, see bottom paragraph ? Or the alleged madness of trying to solve climate change by ‘wrecking’ the economy?
Good solutions do not do the latter, or have almost anything to do with it. Changing the structure of our GDP *(Or the world’s) is not an economic harm, it is a change. So how do we do that, to a better structure with better growth (not radically atmospherically impacting) in a way that doesn’t cause real net economic harm or loss? The best solution, very concisely laid out in the link just provided, accomplishes this, and also, in terms of the economic issue, very specifically addresses why, at the end.


“This is a problem.”
The only problem is that anyone takes this seriously.
Do you have any idea how funny the AGW Alarmists are going to look to our descendants a century from now? ‘Hey, kids, get this. Back in 2014, people were really worried that the world was going to be destroyed by… camel farts!’ ‘Get real?’ ‘Yeah, look, I found all these posts on the Internet archives, it’s hilarious’.


“Changing the structure of our GDP *(Or the world’s) is not an economic harm, it is a change”
You’re probably one of those people who say ‘Dying is not the end, it’s just a change’, aren’t you?


only Reuters has captured the true significance of the repeal.
the many, many years & tens/hundreds of billions of $$$ invested in CAGW, at the expense of the scientific method & the credibility of politics & the MSM, only made sense if a multi-trillion dollar CO2 derivatives market had got off the ground. thankfully, that is now less likely than ever and, consequently, “A new global (climate) agreement is highly unlikely to be reached any year in the future”, according to one insider***
17 July: Reuters: Global carbon market hopes fade as Australia dumps CO2 trading
The goal of a global carbon market to tackle climate change, once touted to reach $2 trillion by 2020, received a major setback when Australia on Thursday scrapped its planned carbon trading scheme, which would have been the world’s third biggest…
“There’s a realisation that linking … is not going to happen within the 2020 timeframe,” said Andrei Marcu, head of the Carbon Market Forum at the Centre for European Studies in Brussels, referring to when a new global treaty on emissions reduction is expected to begin…
***A new global (climate) agreement is highly unlikely to be reached any year in the future. I’d rather see more room for national or regional mechanisms spreading all around in the short-term,” said Matteo Mazzoni, carbon analyst at Italy’s Nomisma Energia…
Last month, China launched the seventh and final regional pilot carbon market, but plans to set up a national trading scheme remain fraught with uncertainty…