How Can You Tell?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach All day long we’ve been driving in Montana, which is cowboy country and mining country. To assist folks in distinguishing these from say the Midwest kind of country which also may have horses and cows, here are some distinguishing marks and features of cowboy country. You know you’re in cowboy…



Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach On our way out of Idaho today I saw a great billboard about wind power. It gave me hope for the future. Here’s what the billboard said:

What an Engineer Finds Extraordinary about Climate

Guest essay by Ronald D Voisin For quite some time we have known that atmospheric CO2 lags Earthly temperature in both directions. This fact has been repeatedly and internationally validated at both ends of the Earth. It is, frankly and simply, a known fact. But here is the rub. Very few ever speak to why…