Why does it always seem to snow in Hollywood Global Warming Films?

day_after_tomorrow_poster_Because warm weather isn’t deadly enough

Submitted by Eric Worrall

The Federalist has a hilarious article, which discusses Hollywood’s big problem portraying Global Warming; its hard to make a nice day look deadly.

Citing several recent films as examples, they make a really good point. I mean, can anyone think of a Hollywood global warming film which didn’t end in a snowstorm?

From the article:

A funny thing happens when Hollywood tries to portray the horrific negative consequences of global warming: they tend to end up showing an Earth that has frozen over.

I noticed this the first time in 2004′s The Day After Tomorrow, where global warming supposedly leads to a global atmospheric inversion that buries New York City under a mountain of snow. It was a striking image: a global warming movie whose poster features the hand of the Statue of Liberty poking out of the top of a glacier.

Read it here: http://thefederalist.com/2014/07/01/global-warming-the-movie-starring-freezing/

Snow is scary – it is cold and dangerous weather, which turns friendly and familiar environments into death traps. And that polar vortex thing out of “The Day After Tomorrow” – terrifying, as if the ice was a malevolent presence, reaching out to suck the last breath of life from the heroes.

But hot weather – if it’s really hot, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s hard to imagine dying, because today is perfect weather for a trip to the beach.



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David Ball

The antagonist in “Predator” only hunts on earth during “hot” years. Of course, that is an alien causing mayhem in the plot line, not the hot weather.

Pamela Gray

No kidding about cold versus warm!!! If it continues to warm, we Oregonians just might be able to enjoy that beach trip and flash some ungoosebumped skin while we’re there.
Ever dipped a toe in the waters off our state? The Golf Stream it is not. Ever stand in the wind along our coastline? Goosebump producing. brrrrrrrrr! Hell, Washington and Oregon might as well merge with Alaska and we’ll just be a big ol’state cuz none of our coastlines are bikini beaches.


When it’s hot people head off to the beach or light a BBQ. It’s happy time.
To make a 2C rise in global mean temps look frightening is difficult. Most of that rise would (according to CAGW) be at higher latitudes. But wait, they have changed their minds AGAIN! Is there anything carbon dioxide can’t do??

Eureka Alert – 29-Jun-2014
High CO2 levels cause warming in the tropics
………The new results, published today in Nature Geoscience, contradict those previous studies and indicate that tropical sea surface temperatures were warmer during the early-to-mid Pliocene, an interval spanning about 5 to 3 million years ago…….
The scientists focussed their attention on the South China Sea which is at the fringe of a vast warm body of water, the West Pacific Warm Pool (WPWP). Some of the most useful temperature proxies are insensitive to temperature change in the heart of the WPWP, which is already at the maximum temperature they can record. By focussing on the South China Sea, the researchers were able to use a combination of geochemical records to reconstruct sea surface temperature in the past.
Not all of the records agree, however,……




By extension, their research must be finding that cold is scarier. It could also be called (low) heat without humidity, but that does not sell tickets.


There are many papers and articles detailing some climate disaster from history or geology. They conclude that their writings contain a warning about the dangers of climate change but almost everyone documents a cold spell. Even the droughts and famines are regularly triggered by global cooling.

Alan the Brit

I recall the last time we had snow covered Britain a few years back. Everyone loved it especially the kids. Then after a week it got rather annoying, after two weeks it got really boring & very inconvenient using ever more fuel to heat our homes & get around in our cars because we had no snow tyres, chains, or gritted roads especially in the countryside! Even the kids got bored with it.

Alan the Brit

BTW, Duster, Waterworld is a v good point! However, if what I have read in the past is true, Greenland & Antarctica would just be vast inland seas if the ice melted, due to the weight of all that compacted ice on the bedrock below pushing down on it. Something the warmistas forget.

M Courtney

TinyCO2 says at July 1, 2014 at 8:24 am

Even the droughts and famines are regularly triggered by global cooling.

But the greenhouse…
Everyone knows that things grow worse in a greenhouse.

G. Karst

Warming is a pleasant walk in the park. No one goes for a walk during a full blown blizzard. Not if they value their lives. So to become really alarming… warming must cause severe cold, wind and snow events. It is not a hollywood original as warmist climatologists claim such obvious contradictions frequently. GK

the horror of Waterworld was that it was so booooooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg.
oh, and sea level rose by 20,000 feet. (that’s why only the Himalayas were left above water)

Sir Sir

This is what I have been telling my friends for years: that the greatest achievement we can leave our great-grandchildren is a warmer earth. My only fear is that despite all the emissions of the last 150 years, the earth will get colder anyway. It is a genuinely scary thought. But it is why I do everything I can to increase my carbon footprint. Photosynthetic lifeforms have sucked most of the CO2 from the atmosphere and raised O2 levels to dangerous combustible levels. Something must be done.

Robert W Turner

But if the Earth reaches 2 degrees warmer than preindustrial times we will reach a tipping point with super-cereal consequences, sayeth the good book, IPCC Second thru 5th assessment reports.

George Turner

So they’re looking at records in the South China Sea from 3 to 5 million years ago, yet a slightly earlier WUWT post says that the Pacific changed character 2.6 million years ago because North and South America finally closed the open connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Bad Andrew

It could be also, that despite (or because of?) propagandists yelling Global Warming daily for years, that the public thinks that cold is a more believable scenario.

tm willemse

And then there was “The Day Before Yesterday,” AKA “Noah.”

Why does it always seem to snow in Hollywood Global Warming Films?
It’s like their morphing of the term “global warming” into “climate change”; they’re covered no matter what happens.
But no matter what happens, the solution never changes: cure global warming with global taxing.

Jim G

It will get colder, it is only a matter of when. That has been the natural state of our world, most of the time. Start practicing crawling out from under 5000 feet of ice in the northern latitudes. I wonder how long it will take for the wolves to make a big comeback even without any assistance from the Forrest Service.


The British film “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” (1961) did a great job of portraying a rapidly heating world – although that was because the Earth was knocked off-course and rapidly heading for the Sun rather than because of some namby-pamby, barely detectable natural fluctuation in temperature..


The German movie Hell tries to make hot seem scary, but if I recall it was the sun that caused the change in climate rather than man.
The Colony is another post-apocalyptic movie, in it the planet is frozen because the geoengineering to fix global warming went awry.

Speaking as a member of a tropical species, I’d welcome some global warming, but it doesn’t want to come out and play.


Do we know CO2 level before and after ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ ? I don’t see how CO2 could drop from 390 ppm to 280 ppm (or lower but that would kill plant life) in just a few days. So that means that we have a colder world with the same ‘high’ CO2 level. This debunks completely the CO2 as a greenhouse gas story


Pamela Gray says: July 1, 2014 at 8:14 am
“Ever dipped a toe in the waters off our state?”
Yeah…last year. Next time SoCal. Crater lake is beautiful!

Jack Hydrazine

Haven’t ever heard of the AGWer’s motto?
Warm globally, cool locally!


Quoting Robertvd: “I don’t see how CO2 could drop from 390 ppm to 280 ppm (or lower but that would kill plant life) ”
Although plants are happiest with higher CO2, a concentration lower than 280 ppm would not kill plant life. During the last ice age atmospheric CO2 bottomed out somewhere around 180 ppm, yet failed to kill off all the plants.

The other 1961 movie that had the earth heating up was Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, which had the Van Allen Belts catching fire and needing to be nuked to snuff out the fire. Cheers –


Frankly I’ve been looking forward to some global warming. I never did understand what all the whinging and gnashing of teeth was all about over things getting more comfortable in some places that aren’t. (yes I understand the implications of temperature upon agriculture but even so most of that will be mostly in places that are already marginal)
When you get to a certain age, winter becomes a trial in the northern climes else Florida would still be a big swamp.

Tom in Denver

The Movie ” Knowing” with Nicolas Cage. The movie ends with everyone dying in a huge global warming event. Although it isn’t exactly caused by man. Instead it’s a super flare from the sun.
In reality that is exactly how life will be destroyed on Earth. The Earth will be roasted by an ever brightening Sun, in another billion years or so.
So the Global Warming alarmists are in fact correct, their timing is just a little off.

Poor Yorek

Also from 1961 comes the Twilight Zone episode: The Midnight Sun


“And now we see it again in Snowpiercer, a much-praised new film that tries to be a parable for both favorite leftist causes of the day: economic inequality and global warming.”
I saw the movie and this is a stretch. If it really “tries” to be a parable of global warming it fails. Other than providing part of the explanation for the cold it is barely discussed as least as far as I remember.
Then there is the recent movie “The Colony”. In this movie we build weather machines to temper global warming but they eventually break down and a new ice age starts – this doesn’t even make any sense!


“Tom in Denver says:
July 1, 2014 at 10:44 am
In reality that is exactly how life will be destroyed on Earth. The Earth will be roasted by an ever brightening Sun, in another billion years or so.”
The actual mechanism of this is the increased luminosity increases weathering which traps CO2 in the ground until photosynthesis is no longer possible. So in the end we die from a lack of CO2.

Tom J

Actually, Hollywood would love to go to a warm spot to make a film depicting the horrors global warming. Trouble is that every time they’ve tried they end up interrupting an IPCC meeting.
Or wrecking the view from Al Gore’s mansion.


Soylent Green


Quoting Jimmy : “During the last ice age atmospheric CO2 bottomed out somewhere around 180 ppm, yet failed to kill off all the plants. ”
Are we sure CO2 was that low all over the Earth. In the tropics seawater would still get warm enough to outgas CO2. We know the tropical forest survived the 90K year cold period.


Isn’t Avatar about a warm planet where they all live in harmony ?


slp says:
July 1, 2014 at 9:36 am
“The German movie Hell tries to make hot seem scary, but if I recall it was the sun that caused the change in climate rather than man.”
Just watched the trailer. They do it by making everything very bright and overexposed. People protect themselves by wearing hoodies. Sunglasses seem to be scarse. Clouds are non-existent – wait a moment, atmosphere gets drier when sun gets more intense? Nevermind.
If you go to watch it, take shades with you. Or alternatively look at a blank piece of paper.
If you’re a prepper, stack shades; they’ll be good for barter.

Janice The American Elder

Book of Eli. Didn’t see any snow in that one.

Tom O

“Jim G says:
July 1, 2014 at 9:12 am
It will get colder, it is only a matter of when. That has been the natural state of our world, most of the time. ”
It would appear that would be the case for the last few millions of years, yet the scientific record, if it is one, has a hot and tropical world existing for several hundred million years – assuming the dinosaur record is reasonably accurate. So what caused the world to go from a tropical world, suitable for growing 100+ foot long lizards into a “mostly cold world” of today?
And didn’t I read where CO2 was over 2000 ppm in the past? Is that what caused the “tipping point” into a colder world – too much CO2? Something happened, that’s for sure, but what was it? Maybe the global warming ploy to reduce CO2 is working against them since it appears that as CO2 climbed, the “warming” slowed and ceased, and appears to be poised to go down. Maybe there is a CO2 tipping point for climate, but which way does it tip?

Rational Db8

Of course there’s 2012, which has some really spectacular special effects – But that’s a hypothetical change in solar output with magically altered subatomic particles that interact with the Earth’s interior, causing heating and then the Yellowstone Caldera to blow as a precursor to “crustal displacement” across the entire world along with a pole shift too…. no snow involved – well, I take that back, they did crash land on a glacier, but that had been there and was about to be wiped out of existence by massive tidal waves.
With a hefty dose of “suspension of disbelief” it’s actually a fun movie to watch.

Well, the problem is more about the visibility of a searing hot day. I could take a picture of a 100F+ day and a pleasant 70F summer day, and they would look the same. Hot, humid conditions are not pleasant – otherwise people wouldn’t use AC.

Dan in Nevada

Jimmyy says: July 1, 2014 at 11:10 am “Soylent Green”
Beat me. It amazes me that this 1973 movie is set in the CAGW narrative. The reason “soylent green is people” is that global warming has severely hampered agricultural activity. The political elite (as in real life) get what little is available while the unwashed proles get the green. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is where Hansen’s “research” originated.


The 1961 Twilight Zone episode “The Midnight Sun” had a similar therme, but with a Rod Serling twist at the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0G-Ke0FG5s

John Law

Not so fast!

Rational Db8

re: post by: Janice says: July 1, 2014 at 11:37 am

Book of Eli. Didn’t see any snow in that one.

But no global warming either – The Book of Eli had nothing to do with climate – it was supposedly a nuclear apocalypse. There’ve been plenty of those over the years. The Road. A Boy and His Dog. On the Beach. The Day After. The Postman, etc., etc.


“…we will reach a tipping point with super-cereal consequences,…”
My Cheerio will be as big as a doughnut?

Bruce Cobb

Because nothing frightens Warmists more than the prospect of global cooling, which would mean the death of their cherished belief system.


“Isn’t Avatar about a warm planet where they all live in harmony ?”
Ah, but they’re super-superior to humans and live in harmony because they don’t have any evil CO2-spewing SUVs.
Besides which, anyone who’s worked on a movie could tell you it’s one of the most wasteful industries on Earth, and you should laugh any time the Hollywoodistas whine about ‘The Environmment’. The only good thing is that we used to be able to reduce the budget of our indie movies by going through studio dumpsters to collect the perfectly usable–if not unused–stuff the big budgeters dumped at the end of a shoot.

more soylent green!

If it was hot, everybody could wear really skimpy, revealing costumes. While I may seem obsessed with this theme, nothing sells a bad movie better than gratuitous sex and nudity.
Otherwise, they have to make better global warming films.
Here’s an idea for an HBO documentary: How global warming will destroy our sex lives.


The cool weather in Texas drug on so long this year most peoples gardens failed miserably, cold weather is not associated with prosperity, even in Hollywood.