The Slow Fourier Transform (SFT)

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach While investigating the question of cycles in climate datasets (Part 1, Part 2), I invented a method I called “sinusoidal periodicity”. What I did was to fit a sine wave of various periods to the data, and record the amplitude of the best fit. I figured it had been invented…


The ocean ate my global warming

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Willie Soon sends me a fascinating paper by Beenstock et al. on sea-level rise. Beenstock, famous for taking a down-to-earth approach to climate issues, asked the question how much warming the tide gauges show if one does not tamper with them. The official sea level data are fiddled by an…

NOAA Expert: Lake Superior may have ice in June

Submitted by Eric Worrall George Leshkevich, a NOAA expert on Great Lakes ice, suggested in an interview that he wouldn’t be surprised if there was ice on Lake Superior in June. While satellite images show more ice broken up and in smaller floes, there’s “a lot still on the lake,” Leshkevich said.