CNN's dumbest news question, evar

And we thought this one was bad:  CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming….

OK that set the stage, what could be dumber than that? Now study the picture below, and ask yourself, what’s wrong with this picture? Note the plane, a Boeing 777.


And here is what was said: 

CNN’s Don Lemon has been entertaining all sorts of theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including the chance something “supernatural” happened, but on Wednesday night, he actually asked panelists about the possibility a black hole was involved.

Lemon brought this up along with other “conspiracy theories” people have been floating on Twitter, including people noting the eerie parallels to Lost and The Twilight Zone, and wondered, “is it preposterous” to consider a black hole as a possibility?

Source: Mediaite (click for video)

I wonder how many B.S. detectors went off globally at that moment.

Now, I’ve seen everything. Remember this the next time one of these idiots discusses the science of global warming.


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Oh. My. Word. I think I finally believe that the human race deserves extinction. The movie Idiocracy just became reality.

John F. Hultquist

I thought CNN was consumed by a black hole shortly after the Gulf War.


And warmists make fun of the people that watch Fox News? Sheesh.

Why would someone steal a new plane; forget the passengers?
Where is the most feasible place to land it?
The person who stole it is more knowledgeable than the trained pilots.
No ship sightings during theft.
Leaves one to simply look for an old airbase and lots of nature canopy and camouflage.
Best bet by me.


As an occassional trainer at work, I have always had the attitude that the only stupid question was the one that was not asked.
Journalists continue to prove me wrong …

I’ve been through most of the postings on the PPRUNE website (professional pilot’s rumor and news) on this subject over the past week … the journo’s seem to read that site owing to the wide range of technical types who drop by with a technical tidbit or two … one has to learn to ‘read’ between the lines of the wheat the chaff though …
Almost 7,000 posts and 10 million views so far on that one thread.


EU committee rejects deal to exempt foreign flights from CO2 charges
LONDON, March 19 (Reuters) – The European Parliament’s Environment Committee (ENVI) voted on Wednesday to reject a deal to exempt long-haul flights from paying for carbon emissions until the end of 2016, aiming to prevent the European Union from bowing to foreign pressure…
19 March: NYT: Coral Davenport: Obama Turns to Web to Illustrate the Effects of a Changing Climate
As part of an effort to make the public see global warming as a tangible and immediate problem, the White House on Wednesday inaugurated a website,, aimed at turning scientific data about projected droughts and wildfires and the rise in sea levels into eye-catching digital presentations that can be mapped using simple software apps.
The project is the brainchild of Mr. Obama’s counselor, John D. Podesta, and the White House science adviser, John P. Holdren…
The effort comes as Mr. Obama prepares to announce a set of aggressive climate change regulations aimed at limiting emissions from coal-fired plants. Although a poll by the Pew Research Center last October found that 67 percent of Americans believe that global warming is happening, a Pew poll in January showed that Americans ranked global warming as 19th on a list of 20 issues for Congress and the president…
Some major software and mapping companies have already expressed interest in using the climate data. Chief among them are Google and Esri, a Redlands, Calif., company that supplies mapping and geographic information systems software to federal agencies, including the C.I.A., and city and local governments. Company executives say they anticipate a strong interest in the data. “There’s a market for this,” said Jack Dangermond, Esri’s chief executive, who joined Mr. Podesta and Mr. Holdren at the White House. “We’re excited to use it. Reading climate data in real time is unusual.”…
“What if we could make information about sea-level rise, extreme heat and drought as simple to digest and interactive as using Google Maps to get directions?” said Rebecca Moore, the engineering manager of Google Earth, who was also at the White House. “That is not possible, but we think it’s possible to get a lot closer. There’s the possibility to create a living, breathing dashboard in a way people can understand and relate to.”…

Robert in Calgary

Ha! Less than 10 minutes ago, one of my brothers called about the plane and disapproved that I was watching Fox. I told him almost no one watches CNN. Then he got huffy.


I think I saw that story in the checkout line at the grocery store.


13 mins 25 secs: 19 March: Southern California Public Radio: Airtalk with Larry Mantle: What will make Americans care about climate change?
Bjorn Lomborg, (Ph.D. in Political Science), adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School and director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center (a think tank that specializes in development spending); Lomborg was named on Foreign Policy magazine’s Top 100 Global Thinkers
John Abraham, Professor of Thermal Sciences at the University of St Thomas, St Paul Minnesota

Mike T

“CNN’s dumbest news question, evar” looks a little dumb too when a simple word like “ever’ is misspelled. Having said that, I agree that canvassing Twilight Zone scenarios for missing MH370 flight is really weird, and is really “creating something from nothing” i.e. the longer the plane is missing, the more outrageous the scenarios for its loss become, based on similar information to that which was available within a day or two of the disappearance. It now seems satellite imagery has picked up possible wreckage in the Southern Ocean towards Heard Island from Australian mainland.

He was reading many twitter theories.
He did not say “is it preposterous to consider a black hole as a possibility?” (Watch the video)
Hate to defend him, but the “quote” is misleading & not accurate. Watched most of that segment, and the reading of many of the tweet theories – some were outrageous but some were plausible.


The only thing that matters is that the plane is no longer flying. But the Australian PM has just announced one of our Orion RAAF aircraft has spotted debris. But they are not certain yet and more planes are going to the area to investigate. Don’t know where the debris is. If it is and the black boxes are received then we might have some way of knowing what happened.


I still think you have to go a long way to beat that “meteor caused by global warming” question. That is the single dumbest thing ever. Even asking if the meteor came out of black hole is less dumb.


btw John Abraham claims that the evidence that all extreme weather events are human-induced is so convincing, it’s time for those who don’t believe in CAGW to be told they must prove their case.

Sorry, pat, probably beating you to it on this:
“Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: PM Tony Abbott says satellite images could be wreckage of crashed plane”
Read more:
The Australian-led search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight has had an apparent breakthrough, with satellite images showing two objects in waters off Perth.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament on Thursday afternoon that an Australian P-3 Orion aircraft had been diverted to check out the objects and would be followed by other planes.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces that satellite images could should debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces that satellite images show objects in the waters off Perth that could be debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Photo: Andrew Meares
The first Orion was due to arrive on the scene about 2pm, he said.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Good luck, guys.


That right thar is why the US has become the global laughing-stock among much of the remainder 6.9 billion people on earth.
And watch, not one person will get fired for gross incompetence and stupidity.
Reward the epically dumb and then wonder why credence and loyalty are GONE.
MSM101: First, take brain out, remove heart and balls, obviate emotional center to full extension, set to attack-of-the-zombie-clones. And you’re good to go Bryant!
“Look out! Run away! They eat your brains and testicals and turn you into spineless slack-jaw couch SNAGS!”

Oh my, someone even worse than Nancy Grace.


Yup yup and aliens and crystals and the bermuda triangle (temporarily shifted to the Indian Ocean) and voodoo and don’t forget the zombie apocalypse!


PS. If this is the plane then we should know more about why it changed direction. It would be very sad that the pilots where in someways incapacitated and the plane was on auto pilot and just kept flying until it was out of fuel.

Updated map fitted to latest data re MH370 flight terminus:

Jim B

No one got the quote from Mary Schiavo? The Former Inspector General U.S. Department of Defense!
“A small black hole would suck in our entire universe. So we know it’s not that.”
Phew! I was worried there for a second. LOL


Must have been a slow news day.

Paul Westhaver

This is so upsetting at so many levels. I am afraid we must let the ignorant suffer their self constructed prison.
We have no means to help these people.


Personally, I wait for the NTSB report which usually takes ~ 1 year to be released.
Then again, if it was sucked into a black hole, it would/could/might explain the radio silence.
So there is that.
It is either in the hands of its captors, or in the ocean.
Lots of families ……..

Hmmm …
Crew on @USNavy P-8 spotter tell @WrightUps “significant radar returns” coming from site where possible #MH370 objects spotted.


Paul Westhaver says:
March 19, 2014 at 9:57 pm
This is so upsetting at so many levels. I am afraid we must let the ignorant suffer their self constructed prison. We have no means to help these people.
Oh the Humanity!
A lifetime of deep propagandizing will do that to ya though.

a jones

Jim B says:…….
Quite so.
The lady is a little confused.
This universe is a naked singularity, there may be others but if so we know nothing of them. As we know nothing about the elsewhere whence our universe came.
We do know that our universe had a beginning and will end but not how it will do so.
We do know that black holes are singularities within our universe and therefore are subject to the arrow of time, in effect they obey the second law of thermodynamics. They too have a lifetime and a shorter one than the universe itself in which they exist.
So fear not and indeed LOL.
Kindest Regards

The video linked in the article is no longer there Anthony.

Oops, correction, that is the video on the linked WUWT article, it’s video is missing now.

American ignorance of geography beyond the confines of the United States has now been joined by a competitor… American ignorance of basic Science opr even Common Sense.


I daren’t look. Did Bill Nye say yes ??

Colorado Wellington

Now, I’ve seen everything. Remember this the next time one of these idiots discusses the science of global warming.

Is it preposterous to wonder about the black hole and the whereabouts of Dr. Trenberth’s missing heat?


Comments like this one made by CNN must be ruining business over at The Onion.


CNN is the new “Ship of Fools”. The political left is cratering.



Didn’t Disney make a movie about something like this? Maybe back in the ’70s? Can’t remember all the details….
This country is degenerating into a mass of low-double-digit IQ idiots.


Jim –
i was tempted to post the latest on the plane, but got caught up in the John Abraham interview on public radio, so u beat me to it. hope the mystery is resolved, for better or worse, soon.
meanwhile –
20 March: Guardian: Posted by Dana Nuccitelli: A remarkably accurate global warming prediction, made in 1972
A paper published in Nature in 1972 accurately predicted the next 30 years of global warming
John Stanley (J.S.) Sawyer was a British meteorologist born in 1916. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1962, and was also a Fellow of the Meteorological Society and the organization’s president from 1963 to 1965.
A paper authored by Sawyer and published in the journal Nature in 1972 reveals how much climate scientists knew about the fundamental workings of the global climate over 40 years ago…
Sawyer’s paper was followed by similarly accurate global warming predictions by Wallace Broecker in 1975 and James Hansen in 1981.
This research illustrates that climate scientists have understood the main climate control knobs for over four decades. Perhaps it’s about time that we start listening to them…


20 March: Engadget: Timothy J. Seppala: Google and Microsoft are using the cloud to track climate change
The raw data comes from the likes of the Department of Defense, NASA and the US Geological Society, but probably isn’t easy to grok for the average person. To help with that, Google and Microsoft have stepped in. Mountain View is donating 50 million hours of its Earth Engine’s computing power — the Global Forest Watch’s backbone — and is partnering with academics in the western US to produce a near real-time drought map and monitoring system.
Redmond, on the other hand, has developed a tool (dubbed FetchClimate) that can both recall historical climate data and forecast future weather trends based on the stockpiles of information stored in Microsoft’s Azure back-end. For example, the software giant says that this could allow state planners to predict extreme rainfall, preventing flood damage to infrastructure and transit lines as a result. These are still early days for the Initiative, but, as times goes on, more applications using its wealth of info will surely surface. For now, though, it’s nice to see tech companies exploit government data instead of the other way around…

Did these people have to fail an intelligence test as part of their terms of service?


well….not a black hole, but close
The Langoliers

Why such a valuable piece of property as Boeing 777 (not to mention human lives) couldn’t be equipped with a coordinates-transmitting device that cannot be switched off from inside? In the case of a black hole, of course, even that wouldn’t help…

if there were no mobile phone calls from passengers to me that suggest sudden catastrophe rather than hours of flights.


Alexander Feht says: Why a 777… couldn’t be equipped with a coordinates-transmitting device that cannot be switched off from inside?
Everything electrical on an airplane (even your house or car) has to have circuit breaker. Basic safety. Circuit breakers are mandatory safety items. The AICARS modem (the INMARSAT data system) circuit breaker was behind a cockpit panel that the pilots don’t normally have access to, but would know it’s location anyway from tech manuals and training. That is how it is believed it was turned-off, via a circuit breaker, the data modem to the transmitter was killed but the transmitter itself was actually put in a standby state, pinging the satellite but not transmitting a/c data).


Too much coverage while concrete evidence was rather lacking. Hmm… seems familiar.


jauntycyclist wrote: if there were no mobile phone calls from passengers to me that suggest sudden catastrophe rather than hours of flights.
You really, really should learn how cell phones work (radio range, cell tower antenna coverage patterns, etc) before you make another comment like that on a blogsite with a bunch of techno-geeks. Unless one of those passengers had a Iridium handset, a phone call was impossible. Also the pilot probably anticipated resistance from the cabin occupants, so he depressurized the plane and climbed to 45Kft, while he was on a pressure O2 mask, which would quickly incapacitate and killed the cabin occupants as the little passenger emergency dixie cup O2 masks don’t work at 45K. And the flt attendants’ walk around O2 bottle would only last about 3-5 minutes at 45Kft.


My guess–the pilot ran amok because of the conviction of his favored candidate. The voice recorder will confirm or falsify.

Steve C

As a convinced “d-e-n-i-e-r”, I naturally prefer the conspiracy explanation. The black hole was of course provided by the aliens.
(/sarc, if you really hadn’t realised)