A call to action – give #ClimateThanks

Another Internet campaign that could go horribly wrong…

Tom Nelson advises me that the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications decided to prod readers into giving “Climate Thanks” this Thanksgiving on Twitter. A silly idea for sure, but certainly better than advocating eating “tofurkey” to lessen climate change. I’m sure WUWT readers have lots to be thankful for about our current climate and the people who fight the good fight against climate numptys like the Sks Kidz.

Here’s your chance to give climate thanks, though maybe not in the way intended. Read on.


From the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications:

Giving Climate Thanks, a thousand strong and still growing

This Thanksgiving, we’re giving #ClimateThanks. With friends and colleagues across the climate community, we are taking a moment to tweet or post who or what we are thankful for in the fight for a safe climate. Please Tweet #ClimateThanks and help us raise awareness about the amazing things people are doing and build a stronger sense of solidarity among the far-flung climate community.

More than 1,000 people and organizations have lent their voices to the #ClimateThanks chorus so far, reaching millions.  As the pies bake and families start to gather, we encourage you to join in.

To participate, simply go to Twitter and post your #ClimateThanks messages (remember the # – you can also use this on Facebook).  The more the better! If you’re thanking an organization or a person with a social media presence, let them know about your gratitude by including their twitter handle (@ipcc_ch, for example).  If you’d like to highlight an example of their great work, include a shortened url to their website, recent article etc.

– See more at: http://environment.yale.edu/climate-communication/article/giving-climate-thanks/#sthash.6VYMgpxB.dpuf


For those not familiar with Twitter, the way this works is that any tweet with the hashtag #ClimateThanks will become part of that stream, which can be viewed here.

Yesterday, I put the concept to the test on my Twitter feed:

I also have plans to give #ClimateThanks to Steve McIntyre, Michael Mann, electricity, agricultural production and a whole list of other climate related people and things I’m thankful for in today’s climate. You can too. Use your imagination #norules. But be civil, humor and irony works best.

I’m sure WUWT can help in this effort. If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one here.

If you already have a Twitter account, follow this link to post a Tweet with the #ClimateThanks hashtag already inserted.

And when you do Tweet your #ClimateThanks, then be sure to follow WUWT on Twitter. If you don’t have any ideas, there’s no rules against retweeting some gems Tweeted by others.

I’ll retweet some of the most creative ones. You can copy your tweet into comments below to draw attention here as well to give others ideas.

Thanks and happy Tweeting!


UPDATE: Well, THAT didn’t take long….just 5 minutes.


150 thoughts on “A call to action – give #ClimateThanks

  1. “we are taking a moment to tweet or post who or what we are thankful for in the fight for a safe climate.” — Mouthpiece
    Are they serving everything raw and at room temperature? Otherwise it’s as meaningful as an adultering preacher that pounds the pulpit about infidelity.

  2. Right after I give thanks for Obama and suggest to my family members that they enroll in “Obamacare”.

  3. Climate community?
    If this isn’t the genesis for a series of related ‘climate community’ cartoons by Josh, I don’t know what is.

  4. I just learned what a widget was and still don’t get what a tweet is or its purpose. My previous experience tells me that a tweet is a noise a bird makes. I have neither a facebook or a tweet account.
    So let me just “tweet” this: Hashtag. I am thankful for the extreme blizzard in 1878 over the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon that prevented my great-grandfather from continuing his route into the Willamette Valley over the Oregon Trail. He decided to stay in Wallowa County and homestead there. It is the home of my river, The Wallowa. Best fast-stream unregulated trout river there is. Unhashtag.

  5. I’d like to give them thanks but I can buy a much better turkey at the grocery store. Heck, I can get a much better turkey at Obamacare. Or, if I really wanted a plump, fattened up turkey I could get Al Gore. Or, I could go to the EPA for truckloads of turkeys. The UN could supply me with trainloads, maybe even supertankers full of turkeys.
    And, guess what, I’m not going to give them thanks this thanksgiving either. I might thank them for an apology though, but I don’t think that’ll be forthcoming.
    To everybody else on this site; to Mr. Anthony Watts; to Mr. Willis Eschenbach; to all the collaborators; the moderators; and to all the posters – Thank you very much, and…
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Andrew Winston;
    #climatethanks to all those fighting for EVERYONE’S prosperity
    Yes Winston. you’ve nailed it. The climate community is fighting for everyone’s prosperity. Prosperity has to be protected you know. So all of us should give you our prosperity so you can put it somewhere for safe keeping. Like your bank account.

  7. “This Thanksgiving, we’re giving #ClimateThanks.”
    That dolt is simply breathtakingly amazing.He should thank himself for the moment the oceans began to recede and the planet began to heal.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on the other side of the Atlantic!
    Is there nothing that the warmists won’t turn to propaganda?

  9. I am thankful for all of the CO2 in the air which helped to have record harvests this year. It almost seems as if God intended that we burn fossil fuels to raise the CO2 levels to feed more people than ever before.

  10. I’m thankful for unproven climate models and wild speculation without which we wouldn’t have anthropogenic global warming. #ClimateThanks

  11. Religious folks normally give thanks to their favorite deity on Thanksgiving. No reason why those who worship the Clientology religion should be any different.

  12. Pamela Gray: “My previous experience tells me that a tweet is a noise a bird makes. ”
    Indeed. The tweet is the birdsong of the Great Twit. A yellow bellied bird common throughout Europe.

  13. Pamela Gray says:
    ” Best fast-stream unregulated trout river there is.”
    What do you mean by “unregulated”?

  14. I give #ClimateThanks for living in a warm period; the Little Ice Age froze the Pilgrim’s cranberries!
    I don’t twitter but would someone please tweet this for me.
    REPLY: Done. – Anthony

  15. This also gives an insight into the ‘minds’ of these people? They actually seriously believe they are saving us, the planet and the climate with their actions, political machinations, fuel oppressive policies and pseudo/wrong ‘science’? Simply dillusionary, egomanical individuals…..
    Sad, very, very sad!
    Still not really sure what this thanksgiving thing is all about – but Happy for our American cousins all the same!

  16. Werner Brozek says:
    November 27, 2013 at 9:55 am
    I am thankful for all of the CO2 in the air which helped to have record harvests this year. It almost seems as if God intended that we burn fossil fuels to raise the CO2 levels to feed more people than ever before.

  17. tonyb says:
    November 27, 2013 at 9:39 am
    Climate community?

    My thought exactly – “Climate Community”??? What the heck are these people smoking (perhaps they all have relatives in Colorado – heh)??? It’s laughably (and childishly) inane.
    “#climatethanks to all those fighting for EVERYONE’S prosperity…”
    Ehhhh – what??? What did he do to increase anyone’s prosperity? [sigh]
    Well, happy and joyful Thanksgiving to all, even the insane, delusional people in the “climate community”…

  18. Here’s one (but I don’t tweet):
    #ClimateThanks to WUWT, for helping to disseminate the actual facts and science about climate, and unmasking the charlatans and rent-seekers.

  19. With not being American I don’t celebrate thanks giving. But I will give thanks nonetheless:
    #climatethanks to all you radical Eco nut jobs who are tirelessly working around the clock to strip us of our freedoms and damaging the planet for future generations with your ‘cure worse than the disease’ policies and your bank accounts brimming with taxpayers money. I am also giving thanks for the hours of entertainment you give back to the rational people left in the world. Thank you for ALWAYS leading by example and showing us the light and driving us away from our evil, fossil fuelled orgies, that we call day to day living.
    But above all happy thanksgiving to all our American Cousins. Have a brilliant time and crank up that fire 😀

  20. Unregulated is that I refer to as the common trout regulations listed at the front of the regulations booklet. You can use whatever bait (live, dead, soft, hard…) and hook size you want. In the same county we have another fork commonly referred to as the Lostine River. This river is designated wild and has all kinds of fishing regulations attached to it. I have a separate bait box labeled “Lostine River” just for it. But when I am on the Wallowa, I am free to fish my limit without someone coming up to me to measure my hook span and artificial bait hardness. The thing about the Wallowa is that the fish bite! So even if I don’t catch anything, the action is frequent all day long! Hell, I’ve been known to fish for 8 hours straight without food or water.

  21. “As the pies bake…..”
    In a carbon-neutral and/or carbon-free-powered oven, of course. As the families gather….but as long as they use public transportation powered by gerbils. Give me a break…..!

  22. As a Canadian I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to the only climate community in the world here at WUWT based on science, and especially to you Anthony! The true believers hate this site, and everyone who utilizes the science here. That there is worth thanks in my world!

  23. I don’t “tweet” either, but, FWIW (if someone would tweet this, I’d be grateful):
    1. “Thank you, God, for Al “millions of degrees” Gore — the gift that keeps on giving.”
    2. “Thank you, God, for WUWT’s facts!”
    3. Bruce Cobb’s at 10:49am — good one!

  24. On this day is worth remember that turkeys no more vote for thanksgiving than AGW proponents would votes for reality based science over a model based on.

  25. I posted two tweets in the last hour. One lasted about 20 minutes then disappeared from the stream. The other never made it in. No swear words, just giving climatethanks for the recent IPCC video referring to it as a tutorial for naughty graphing techniques.
    Other comments seem to be disappearing too. I didn’t think anyone was allowed to delete.

  26. Mike Bromley the Kurd says:
    November 27, 2013 at 11:14 am
    Kat says:
    November 27, 2013 at 10:51 am
    Verry sound comments [BBC – it is NOT the Brezhnev Bull*u*t Commune] are giving us our fill of the Brezhnevian Salmond’s aspirations for a free independent Scotland [you know – Free Scotland, get one free with every twenty litres of petrol], so the Caledonian emphasis on the ‘rr’s seems appropriate….]
    Bruce Cobb says:
    November 27, 2013 at 10:49 am
    My Thanks. I’ve added a bit.
    Here’s one (but I, too. don’t tweet):
    #ClimateThanks to WUWT, for helping to disseminate the actual facts and science about climate, and unmasking the charlatans and rent-seekers. For the CO2 for making record harvests. And for the delightful folk at the BBC and other deny-the-truth websites, masquerading as news, for the weekly – sometimes daily – amusement I get from reading your – politely, now, please – carp.
    Moderator, if you do tweet – please be good enough to tweet this for me; it’s not all carp. H/T, Auto

  27. Disappearing Tweets.
    If a tree falls, and there is no-one to hear it, does it make a noise?
    If a tweet displeases an Archimandrite of the COOian cult, is it a tweet really?
    Might it be a virtual tweet in some form of private n-dimensional space?
    Of course
    /sarc [even if I don’t tweet].

  28. Pamela Gray says November 27, 2013 at 9:41 am
    I just learned what a widget was and still don’t get what a tweet is or its purpose.

    This goes way, way, waaaaay back (in wireless telecom years anyway) … bear with me for a bit of a trip down technology lane.
    Once upon a time (1970’s era) one of the regional Bell (Telephone) operating companies decided the time was ‘ripe’ for a mobile ‘subscriber’ (mobile phone) .. they endeavored to field and prove an analog-based service (1980’s) which eventually evolved in the standards (1990’s) to become EIA/TIA-553 “AMPS” or Advanced Mobile Phone Service. The first ‘portable’ cell phones in the mid/early 90’s used this standard.
    Then along came the digitally-coded over-the-air protocols (we will ignore CDMA, NAMPS and GSM at this point and speak of the dominant technology deployed in NA), beginning with EIA/TIA IS-54 then advancing to IS-136.
    IS-54 was good for ‘providers’ (cell phone carriers) as it allowed a 3X increase in capacity (for a given amount of spectrum). For every digital “voice channel” radio put into service at a cell site 3 phone calls could take place versus only *one* voice channel/conversation for an analog radio. This was an important first step in increasing system ‘capacity’ (ability for the cell phone company to ‘carry’ more calls and not give ‘busies’ to customers when they dialed.)
    The upgrade from the IS-54 to the IS-136 standard changed the analog *control* channel to a *digital* control channel. This allowed something called SMS – Short Message Service – to be added to the capabilities of an IS-136 compliant cell phone. This occurred in the late 90’s time frame – note here that the internet was arriving about this time! Also of note the SMS feature makes use of the DCCH (digital control channel) without needing to assign a DTC (digital traffic or ‘voice’ channel) to transfer the short “message” to the subscriber.
    Now, the format of SMS over an IS-136 compliant system is about 140 characters – and initially would *only* work between phones on the *same* cellular system … enter “Twitter” and the ability to take a single, one-way SMS message with embedded ‘special’ characters (not normally used, but still present in the ASCII char set) and address a ‘list’ (or group) of (like: “many”) recipients and viola – a viable service is born!
    Nowadays, iPhones et al are smart enough to integrate the SMS and web-browsing functions so links sent via ‘SMS” integrate seamlessly with the web browser, so links can be easily shared in a “Tweet”.
    EIA/TIA wireless standards – http://www.cnp-wireless.com/amps.html

  29. #climatethanks That we have had no global warming in the last 17 years! Less hurricanes, typhoons and NP ice is recovering! #greensgobyair
    H/T to Bishop Hill for the second hashtag…

  30. In a lot of ways, this social media gift is the gift which will keep giving, on both sides of the debate. I can’t imagine how busy their mods/admins/tweet handle owners are filtering out what they don’t agree with. Too bad they’ll never publish the stats which identify percent blocked vs. allowed. Or how many users were added to their black list. Point being, it’s easy to have a consensus when you only listen to the folks who have the same opinion!

  31. I’m #climatethanks that the sun is slowly, and not quickly, declining its sunspot activity. I’m also thankful that the next Ice Age is not yet upon us.
    It’s debatable how many warm years we have left, though.
    I’m thankful that Nature bats last, and Nature could not care less what the IPCC nor their useless models have to say about climate, not the past, the present, nor the future.
    I’m especially thankful that gas drilling engineers have made natural gas so abundant that the gas price has decreased to production parity with nuclear power. Atta boy, fellas.
    I’m even more thankful that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission had and still has the good sense to publish and enforce rigorous safety and design conditions for nuclear power plants, so that building a new nuclear power plant will bankrupt any public utility that has been duped into such a project. Atta boy, fellas at the NRC.

  32. Well I’ll be dog-gone. Who would have thought that twitter-ing had such a rich history? So now what do we do with old words like “twitter-pated”? Can’t remember what it means but I think I used to be that.

  33. @ Pamela Gray
    Gotcha. The Watauga River and it’s tributaries varies in regulations similarly. There are places that can be pretty much be fished by any method and others have various limitations like barbless hooks and catch and release only.
    Y’alls trout might be bigger but for sheer fun and pounds of meat (i.e.: lots of smaller fish) it’d be hard to beat the Watauga from Wilbur Dam to the bee cliffs. (At least the last time I was able to get away and go trout fishing it was anyway.)

  34. You talk about SkS so much that I decided to visit it just now.
    Guess what I read on the very first page?
    “I pulled up the UAH and RSS lower tropospheric anomalies through WoodForTrees.org and did the calculations myself. Sure enough, the average of UAH and RSS for the 2001-2010 decade comes out at 0.226C. The current 2011-present decade is running at 0.173C. That’s 0.053C below the last decade, based on, yes, three years of data. So, they actually do have this much correct.”
    Wow! Even SkS have finally admitted there is no warming.

  35. I don’t twitter ( I also don’t tweeter, twotter, flitter or flatter), but if I did, I would certainly give thanks to the improvements in human society made possible by use of fossil fuels that enable those of us in modern nations to no longer worry about daily survival. We all expect to survive without taking any action to do so thus allowing us to pursue whatever else our hearts desire. (h/t to a certain radio host on the EIB network). Unfortunately there are still areas of the world where daily survival is the only focus for people and it is a shame that they are doomed to stay that way because of the false nobility of saving the climate.

  36. Re John West says: November 27, 2013 at 10:21 am “What do you mean by “unregulated”?”
    and Pamela Gray says: November 27, 2013 at 11:09 am
    “Unregulated” can also mean that the stream is not dammed. Dams can “regulate” streamflow either by direct human control of flow, or indirectly simply by the presence of the hydraulic structure. One reference notes a dam in the Wallowa watershed:
    And everyone – have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  37. I’m thankful no major hurricanes formed in the Atlantic this year, last time that happened was in 1994 #ClimateThanks

  38. Give #ClimateThanks we are in the longest period on record without a US landfall of a > Category 2 hurricane.

  39. @ Pamela Gray says:
    November 27, 2013 at 12:32 pm
    “Twitter-pated” from Disney’s Bambi = love struck and foolish.

  40. Re: extension link document. What a load of horse poo. I can’t decide which statement in that toilet paper report is worse. It is quite obvious the cough-cough researcher was a young idiot with no knowledge of the geologic, hydrologic, and archeologic history of the Wallowa Valleys.

  41. @Pamela Gray on November 27, 2013 at 11:09 am on trout fishing . . .
    – – – – – – –
    Pamela Gray,
    I was composing a #ClimateThanks tweet when I saw you use the magic word => trout
    Nice to see your fishing commentary.
    I flyfish the Pit River downstream (west) of Lake Britton near Burney CA about every other week during trout season. But only with soft hacked flies that I tie myself. A lot of my soft hackle materials are from a couple feathers clipped here and there from road kill that I happenstance to spot in my wanderings. Several times I had to explain my activities to CHP (California Highway Patrol) officers who pulled up to me as I was snipping away at road kill. They give me kind of odd looks as they drive away.
    I also fish occasionally the Truckee River downstream (east) of Truckee CA.
    Converted exclusively to fly fishing ~30 years ago . . . : ). The soft hackled fly fishing preference came from finding it gets consistently more strikes than with other flies and other flu fishing methods.
    Better than trout are the mountain whitefish of the Sierra Nevada Mtns. Smoke em to get true gourmet eating, nice. You catch them occasionally when fishing for trout.

  42. I read that the sponsors of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications is the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
    The Grantham Foundation was founded in 1997 by Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham.
    Jeremy runs some sort of investment management firm.
    Below is a story of the investment fund, Jeremy, the foundation, big oil, tobacco and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  43. Slight correction:
    “I read that ONE OF the sponsors of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications is …..”

  44. Re Pamela Gray says: November 27, 2013 at 1:13 pm
    Sorry about the horse poo. I was focusing on whether there was a dam in the watershed or not. Looking back through that report, it is dripping with hot-button items, lots of nerves to drill into.

  45. Thank God we live at a time when authentic scientists can be heard and even while facing tremendous adversity and attempts to crush their work from far more powerful forces, can deliver their message.
    The freedom to exclaim the truth………….present real world empirical data with expert analysis and mostly objective views here at Anthony’s site, something that didn’t exist 20 years ago.
    Thanks for modern technology and the tools that enable us to take accurate measurements and make comprehensive observations of so many things on our planet. Like its vegetative health and the booming biosphere or explosive growth in crop yields and food production. All from increasing CO2 and its key role in the indisputable law of photosynthesis.
    We live in interesting times, with many leaders and groups corrupted by politics, money and agenda, especially pertaining to climate science Thank God again for those scientists with enough integrity, honor and perseverance to stand up for authentic climate science.
    Please pass this on Anthony.

  46. A call to be arrested. You first Jeremy. Be brave, follow in the footsteps of Dr. James Hansen. Come on, you know you can do it Jeremy, get arrested. It’s all for the grand children dontcha know.

    “Be arrested if necessary,” Grantham advises. “This is not only the crisis of your lives — it is also the crisis of our species’ existence. I implore you to be brave.”
    Editor’s Note: The Grantham Foundation provides financial support for The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media.

  47. Fun times…

  48. I don’t twitter, but I would like to give #climatethanks to WUWT, JoNova, Climate Audit and Tallbloke’s Talkshop. If someone could do that for me …

  49. “…#climatethanks to all those fighting for EVERYONE’S prosperity…”
    That simple line gives away the whole game- this is a pure call for wealth redistribution- the Statists are recruiting their hapless minions, who haven’t yet learned to think for themselves.

  50. John Whitman;
    I wonder what you mean by “flu fishing”! You don’t need a hook to catch the flu. ;p
    Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which is 28 four-letter words and intervening spaces. 😉 Do you know that many? 😀

  51. “those who invade lists like this with hateful, denial rhetoric”
    Translation: Your ideas differ from mine and I have no rational argument to support my beleifs. I label your ideas as hate crimes and call for your hate speech to be silenced.
    Andrew Winston is a Cultural Marxist and makes his living off the AGW scam.

  52. Cheers to all of you about to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Here is my Tweet:

    John Whitman (@_John_Whitman_)
    11/27/13, 2:47 PM
    #ClimateThanks 2 untold # clear reasoners finding ubiquitous exaggerations in key AR5 related climate research.


  53. Even though I don’t Twit, today reminded me to give #ClimateThanks for the Georgia Power crews who restored power to my neighborhood after high winds caused some tree limbs to impact power lines and blow the cut-out. Climate is much better with electricity than without.

  54. Brian H on November 27, 2013 at 3:02 pm said,
    @John Whitman
    I wonder what you mean by “flu fishing”! You don’t need a hook to catch the flu. ;p

    – – – – – – – –
    Brian H,
    Flu is what happens to bodies weakened by frequently stumbling and falling in icy river water flowing at ~ 10 mph; constantly drenched and exposed to brisk mountain winds while wading in pursuit of the wild trout! Chest high waders fill up.
    But I love it.
    : )

  55. Our tweets are disappearing from #ClimateThanks faster than the turkeys from Walmart right now. I don’t know twitter that well. Are “they” deleting or blocking or both?

    • I’ve done three tweets-all deleted within minutes…just like their recent YT video when they just closed down all comments and deleted those already posted.
      I think they leave the WUWT tweets because they know they’ll be called on it.

  56. I fear that le Winston has it all screwed up. His gang of cagw warriors are fighting AGAINST prosperity, by causing unnecessary increases in the cost of electricity. And food…burning corn-derived alcohol as a payoff to big agribusiness.

  57. I see several here in this thread who say they don’t use twitter. That is fine, but twitter is a wonderful resource and a lot of fun. Each tweet must be no more than 140 characters which keeps the tweets short and to the point hopefully. As the man once said, “brevity is the soul of wit”.
    You also get to select who you will “follow” and you see only tweets by those people and anyone they “re-tweet” in your time-line. I think you would profit from taking a look at twitter.
    Several important skeptical voices are on twitter and well worth following. (plus we radical libertarians can be a hoot to boot!)
    – Mark

  58. Ah to be young and stupid again, with the true belief that what I was told was the absolute truth.
    Today it’s “climate change”, when I was a kid it was Apartheid and the Cold War, before that it was Vietnam, etc.
    I wonder if the young will ever actually be on the correct side? I mean, to this day the anti-Vietnam people are convinced THEY stopped the war and brought peace.

  59. I’m not a Twit either, but let me express thanks here to Anthony for creating “…the world’s most viewed climate website” and a forum for rational discussion of the topic.

  60. Several non-continentals claim not to understand Thanksgiving but just consider it a harvest festival and because the timing of harvests varies from place to place so does the time of getting together and sharing. Locally it is a time for many to help restock the food banks. If you think harvest has been over for many weeks, think again. Some grapes are still to be harvested and a day without wine is like a day without sunshine.
    As to the purpose of this post: I give thanks to both those with a sense of humor and to those without. Both make me laugh.

  61. Tweets may not be being deleted, instead a tweet with a URL may not be indexed and therefore it won’t show in any public search. This is likely to occur if it’s a new account or has few followers.
    Just tweet without any URLs or links.

  62. Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me: a hard-core alarmist (read: devout practitioner in the church of the Left) isn’t going to be serving anything remotely traditional on Thanksgiving. Pies? Please. All those animal fats and refined sugars? Maybe if they filled it with quinoa and flax seed… and it was a hemp crust. As long as you suffer while eating, then it’s allowed.
    In fact, all I ever hear from these neckbeards is how racist/insensitive/inaccurate/ ecologically-unfriendly the day is. Are they trying to appeal the few more-normal folk they’ve ensnared and are doing their darndest to indoctrinate?
    Pretty sneaky, sisi!

  63. John, mountain whitefish is just about the best eatin there is. It is easily filleted due to the large bones, and the tough large-scale skin is more easily removed than that of rainbow trout. The flesh is sweeter than trout and stays together better when grilling. Some people mistake it for a sucker fish. It does not have a sucker mouth for bottom feeding and does not eat that way. The whitefish is an ancient trout with a smaller head and mouth but larger body and eats crawdads, worms, whatever a rainbow trout eats. The have a harder mouth so if you catch one you probably will have to set the hook if they haven’t swallowed it. I’ve caught the same fish 4 or 5 times until I decide to set the hook and keep the fish. The Nez Pierce are said to have preferred Wallowa Valley whitefish over trout, using trout as a fertilizer for corn crops. I’ve heard it smokes up really nice but I can’t keep it in the freezer long enough to smoke it.

  64. Brian, I used to be a research audiologist in the Portland VA Medical Center. I learned to cuss like a sailor. When I moved on I had to clean up my language big time! If forced to think, I could come up with quite a few cuss words.

  65. Ms. Pamela Grey,
    I admire your spirit. I grew up in Salem, or as I call it, ‘So-Lame’. I got the heck out when I hit 18 and headed for Spokane. The whole Portland/Eugene vibe is too much for me. Heck, I’m only 30 and it was driving me crazy in my teens! You, however, are living proof that true Oregonians still exist. I tip my hat to you.

  66. aaronshem ‏@aaronshem 6h
    @BjornLomborg Thanks for all you do to promote development and making our society more adaptable. #ClimateThanks
    Expand Reply Delete Favorite More
    aaronshem ‏@aaronshem 6h
    @nshaviv Thanks for keeping a cool head. #ClimateThanks
    Expand Reply Delete Favorite More
    aaronshem ‏@aaronshem 6h
    @mattwridley My thanks for showing how our climate has improved thanks to warming and CO2. #ClimateThanks
    Expand Reply Delete Favorite More
    aaronshem ‏@aaronshem 6h
    @michellemalkin http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/27/a-call-to-action-give-climatethanks/#more-98223 … I give my thanks to @mattwridley for showing how ghg and warming improve our climate. #ClimateThanks

  67. Scute says:
    November 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm
    I’ve done three tweets-all deleted within minutes…just like their recent YT video when they just closed down all comments and deleted those already posted.
    I think they leave the WUWT tweets because they know they’ll be called on it.
    Yeah, mine too. WUWT reposted one of mine with improvements and it is still there. I’m thankful for WUWT’s clout.

  68. “As long as you suffer while eating, then it’s allowed.” HGW (5:42pm today).
    LOL. You are so right. Another way they become holy (besides driving a Holy Car, etc…): eating vile food. Penance……. or something.

  69. I’m happy that no virgins have been harmed in this latest attempt to appease the weather gods. #ClimateThanks for that.

  70. @Andrew Winston
    ‘to all those fighting for EVERYONE’S prosperity,’
    How does impoverishing those with wealth lead to EVERYONE’S prosperity?

  71. Hey, Pamela Gray,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, a wonder of good sense, equability, wit, and intelligence (at least you had a hit!). Hope the academic year is going well.
    Re: “Twitterpated”
    To refresh your memory (been awhile, hm? heh — I remember as a kid I just HATED that scene; all those animals acting just, oh, grrrrr, just so, stupid! (I’ll bet all those climastrologists as little kids LOVED that kind of stuff) — and the scene at the end of Disney’s “The Jungle Book” — despicable)

    Take care,

  72. Richard Windsor is on twitter!
    Richard Windsor ‏@SpaceWeather101 38m
    #ClimateThanks EU Parliament for recognizing fuels made from crops such as corn and rapeseed are harming both environment and food supplies

  73. @Sisi says: I want people to think for themselves. For heaven’s sake–he asked them to join in the fun, Anthony didn’t tell anyone WHAT to tweet–just asked them to be creative–I think that is “thinking for themselves.” By your measure everyone should stumble on information–not subscribe to blogs that will keep them informed?

  74. If ever you needed evidence of the proposition that the climate ideology is basically a replacement for religion and makes the point that human kind have need of something greater than themselves to understand their place in the universe …. this is it ….. don’t give thanks to god …. give thanks to the climate ….. ffs.

  75. @Imran Can — Amen! #(:))
    @Russell Cook — Great one-liner, lol.
    @Brendan — Indeed, the irony. Go, Big O’ !

  76. These two were accepted
    #ClimateThanks if it wasn’t for you legions of fraudsters would be denied the opportunity to suck on spurious grant money
    Great that global warming stopped 17 years ago. CO2 is beneficial and trivial compared to natural cyclical climate changes. #ClimateThanks
    This was deleted
    #ClimateThanks if it wasn’t for you I would never have discovered the truth

  77. #ClimateThanks for showing the increasing confidence the IPCC has in its climate models which have no relationship whatsoever with reality.
    There are plenty of hilarious tweets, keep ’em going! LOL.

  78. You couldn’t make it up, but someone did.
    Hahaha and thanks a million. That cheered me up no end. The first time I regret no being on twitter.

  79. #climatethanks that the science is “settled”, wait … why do new discoveries keep popping up ?

  80. I think I heard a whisper-in-the-wind today of Mother Gaia thanking people for rescuing the earth from near CO2-starvation that has occurred over the last million yrs.

  81. As Bob hope would have sang: thanks for the memories,
    Of mike manns hockey stick, of graghs not worth a lick. Of big
    al’s gore, there’s ice no more, cause co’s such a vice. the ippc is such a con, it just goes on and on now it’s time for lunch..We thank anthony so much. Happy
    Thanksgiving to all. (Except you Al)

  82. ***
    HGW xx/7 says:
    November 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm
    Pretty sneaky, sisi!
    Hilarious, but I doubt she gets it. Prb’ly doesn’t even know what a battleship is.

  83. #ClimateThanks #ComeEnjoy #TheWarmth #OfNorthernCanada
    Don’t fly or drive to see family, don’t roast a turkey or bake a pie, wouldn’t want to add co2 to my freezing climate, all you climate-warmists please please please come visit the Alberta energy (or to you tar) sands NOW! Ride your bike up here. Don’t bring boots, don’t bring a coat, don’t bring mitts, don’t bring a hat. Don’t worry remember its warming up here.
    OR next year head off to Churchill Manitoba to see those poor polar bears that no longer have ice to s̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶ survive on. But don’t bring anything warm with you, in fact bring shorts. Happy Thanks Giving, enjoy your raw food.

  84. #ClimateThanks for
    “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” and sisters. WS
    for all of you I will give thanks today.

  85. #ClimateThanks for interglacials like the holocene that we’re still in, and warm periods within it like the current MWP, which may be ending soon, contrary to Warmists’ cries.

  86. Sisi says:
    November 27, 2013 at 4:13 pm
    “I want people to think.
    for themselves.”
    … and then shut up, pay the Carbon taxes, have their standard of living reduced, the price of electricity increased, the price of fuel increased, being forced to pay the lavish wages of useless climate scientist impostors who will never, ever discover anything because all they do is write paper after paper about the squiggles their models just made….
    …and of course bend over backwards for Teh Won…

  87. #ClimateThanks for a good year and better eat up because winter is coming and it’s goin to get cold.
    Thanks to WUWT for all of the interesting articles and comments.

  88. #ClimateThanks to Dana “Nutbag” Nuccitello for his hilarious use of circular reasoning in explaining why entirely beneficial CO2 is a “pollutant”.

  89. “those who invade lists like this with hateful, denial rhetoric”
    Heh it’s not hateful, we’re being rather jovial from what I see. 🙂

  90. Ultimate irony- this post in the middle of about 100 re-tweets of the same post – I just have to ask the question – has this “tweeter” (vs. the more derogatory option) ever actually “questioned authority” or the frequent appeals to authority made by climate change scientists, most unscientifically:
    Question Authority ‏@naturalllyi 21m
    How to Talk #ClimateChange @ Holiday Gatherings – http://ecowatch.com/2013/11/27/talk-climate-change-holiday-gatherings/ … @350 @billmckibben @MichaelEMann #ClimateThanks @RAN #DT @EcoWatch

  91. Michael Mann likes to block any one from following him if the tweet an inconvenient fact.
    So much for being open.

  92. I’ve had a twitter account for a long time now but never felt compelled to use it. Until now. I’ve tweeted more in the last two days than ever before in my life. It certainly is fun to plant that one zinger that you know has got to make people pause.

  93. Sisi @ 2:56 pm ……
    I hope it is not lost on you that you need to come HERE to make you post. As this is a place where you voice will be heard (as foolish as it is). The reason you would not post it SkS, is that they don’t have enough traffic for anyone to see it over there.
    All you and yours have are spam-bots.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Sisi. Enjoy your tofu.

  94. ” For heaven’s sake–he asked them to join in the fun, Anthony didn’t tell anyone WHAT to tweet–just asked them to be creative–I think that is “thinking for themselves.””
    Not at all! He asked to disturb the fun, quite childish, yes, I know. Many seem to following his advice though, Wotts-bots?
    “I hope it is not lost on you that you need to come HERE to make you post. As this is a place where you voice will be heard (as foolish as it is). The reason you would not post it SkS, is that they don’t have enough traffic for anyone to see it over there.”
    sounds like a challenge! What are your conditions?
    [All writers must follow the posting rules. There are no other conditions until writers chose to break those rules. Mod]

  95. All tweets that do NOT conform to CAGW or their propaganda, have been deleted. Typical leftist mentality, where anyone disagreeing with their groupthink moronity will be erased. Had the same problem with feminists as well. They just do not have the facts on their side and rely on fiction, theories and fallacies.

  96. ***
    TomR,Worc,MA says:
    November 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm
    You’re right! After I posted I remembered it. Sis got her brother “diagonally” & he said “Pretty sneaky, sis.”

  97. @Sisi, Sorry to have disturbed your church of global warming tweeting services. As fun as it was to do, it was wrong of us to disturb you while offering your prayers and giving thanks to your anti-carbon, anti-human god.
    We plomise not to do it again.

  98. @Bruce Cobb
    No worries! I haven’t given anyone #climatethanks, so therefore I cannot have been disturbed during the ritual. I was just trying to point out childish behaviour, maybe people should put their energy to more useful things? Thanks for your concern though! Much appreciated. I hope you keep your promise.

  99. my climate thanks to Tony Abbot who seems to have done the unprecedented act of abolishing a tax.
    (i’d have bet long odds against that. i’ve never been quite so pleased to be wrong.)

  100. @~mod
    Oh, I see! Was meant as teasing not meant to be actually offending… But OK, your rules! I’ll try to keep that in mind. Be careful though not to take all the fun out of discussions by snipping everything out that someone somewhere could find offending.

  101. [Reply: Glad you asked. Your multiple labeling of readers as “Wotts botts” was more than routinely objectionable. ~mod.]
    Sooooo, Sisi, the troll, has been busted.
    Bummer, she/he/it was sure to be so much fun. (Trolls are good. Kinda like cow dung, they supply the nutrients for healthy growth.)

  102. dung comparisons are good here! They smell nice!
    bot comparisons are wrong here! They don’t smell at all!

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