Josh on the Salby – Macquarie University affair

In flagellant scientifico…


30 thoughts on “Josh on the Salby – Macquarie University affair

  1. Brilliant Josh! LOL.
    Okay, who’s going to be the first to send a copy of this to Macquarie University? I wonder how many they’ll get in a day? This should not only be sent to them, this should go into poster size and be plastered up all over town. I love it.

  2. JOSH! Am I glad to see you post!
    Hope all is well in general; you are obviously doing very well in the creativity department.
    A loyal fan,
    — And, please, next time you climb Mt. Everest, let us know so we (er, I mean I) don’t start to form a search party.

  3. Maybe Josh could do a cartoon of the wanted-to-be-hurricane.
    T.D. Chantal dissipated at 5 PM EDT July 10.

  4. Will Trevor Keenan be next to go?
    Reported in The Australian paper today….’The efficiency dividend, shown by long-term data from forests around the world, was bigger than predicted by sophisticated computer models.
    “This could be considered a beneficial effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide,” said Macquarie University’s Trevor Keenan, lead author of a Nature paper today reporting the results. ” ‘

  5. Robin: That is an eye-opening NatGeo course plan for kids. In the section on what to do about Climate Change, California is touted as the “cool” state when it comes to mitigation. How do all you Californians paying your energy bills feel about that?

  6. Maybe you should call your sketches lunytoons. In view of the subjects, this maybe a more appropriate description of your artwork.
    Wonderful stuff. More please.

  7. Yes, in some quarters “science” now means “propaganda” “idolatry”, “blindness”, “mendacity” and “venality”.
    And “liberal” today actually means “selfish,” “callous,” “”dishonest”, “control freaky”, “sociopathic”. ” “reactionary” and “fascistic”. Funny how words can be twisted to mean their opposite – or maybe not so funny, but rather sad and dangerous.

  8. I assume you are referring to Macquarie University near Sydney. Maybe they got a grant to prove climate change (AGW causation) and he was going against their mission. They are very political places universities. They have a scorpion’s sting if you go against their basic principals.

  9. Well, there is a claim that the Manniacal one will never receive… ;->
    Excellent one Josh!
    Dr. Salby should get that one engraved onto a plaque for his wall. Best job recommendation ever.

  10. Macquarie has always been one of our “toy” universities that sprang up in the late 20th century when almost every highschool kid expected to go on to uni. Now the Labor government is cutting back on university funding, these tertiary institutions are like overcrowded lifeboats. It’s survival of the toughest, or the best-connected.

  11. George Montgomery says:
    July 10, 2013 at 2:59 pm
    For more inspiration, Josh, check out Murray’s rating on Rate My Professor.

    Wow, that’s embarrassing!
    REPLY: Hmm Phil,maybe we should check out your rating at Princeton.

  12. On a personal level, it’s a bit sad really. Salby apparently did reasonable work on atmospheric science before descending into crank territory. It’s a clear sign that something is terribly wrong when a scientist doesn’t understand that mass (in the form of human-made CO2) doesn’t just spontaneously vanish from existence.

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