Hottest weather of the season likely coming


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By Steve Pierce, AMS chapter president, Oregon

Portland, Oregon (June 25th 2013)   “The hottest weather of the season is likely on the way for the Pacific Northwest this coming weekend, and it could get even hotter next week. In fact, the entire western half of the country is about to bake under what could be a near record setting heatwave for some locations in the southwest. Models are coming into better agreement today for a significant heatwave across much of the west starting this Thursday and lasting into early next week.

At this point in time there is the potential for seeing temperatures approaching 130 degrees in Death Valley, CA. which would be just a few degrees shy of the all-time world record highest temperature ever recorded for any location on earth. The old world record of 136 degrees recorded in Libya back in 1922 was found to be incorrect and the torch (literally) has now been passed to Death Valley, CA. that reached 134 degrees in 1913. Could Death Valley challenge this temperature once again? It could be close. At the present time, models are suggesting they will be pushing 130 degrees later this week down there.”

“The big question remains, how hot will it get here in the Pacific Northwest? It will all depend on exactly where the ridge of high pressure sets up. The latest weather models now place the center of the ridge directly over Portland and Seattle Sunday through Tuesday with hot offshore flow aloft and near the surface. If this were to verify, temperatures could approach 100 degrees in Portland early next week. This would be rare for this early in the season. Only a handful of days before July 4th have passed 100 degrees in Portland history. Record daily high temperatures for Portland in the first few days of July are all in the upper 90′s. We could end up challenging some of these if the models continue their recent trend of  forecasting hotter weather with each run. The exact details are still a few days away for us here in the Pac NW. A slight shift in the position of the ridge can make a lot of difference for us. This much is certain, you can say goodbye to showers and temps in the 60′s. These will quickly be replaced with sunshine and temps in the 80′s to near 90 by the weekend and possibly another 10 degrees warmer early next week. Get out those shorts and prime that pool for some swimming! If you don’t have a pool, make friends with someone who does. You may just need it!


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Yep. It’s summer in Arizona too!


in the mean time…
…anyone keeping up with the record cold in the Arctic
it’s breaking records

Gunga Din

The old world record of 136 degrees recorded in Libya back in 1922 was found to be incorrect and the torch (literally) has now been passed to Death Valley, CA. that reached 134 degrees in 1913. Could Death Valley challenge this temperature once again? It could be close.
Hmmm … Will this potential new world record be measured at the relocated Death Valley site?

Richard from Holland

Send some of it this way please. Holland has been under par since the beginning of the year and next week the forecasts are +/- 15 C, where 25 is normal.

Summer is icumen in
Loudly sing Cuckoo


Death Valley is one place where UHI effects are not to be worried about.


June 26, 1990 – 23 yrs ago tomorrow – Phoenix had its all time high temp of 122° F. In those days, I drove a Black Camaro with no A/C. Good times.

Neil Jordan

Re Gunga Din says: June 25, 2013 at 3:23 pm
This WUWT post provides background on the former Libya record and the new Badwater site.

Ian W

Latitude says:
June 25, 2013 at 3:22 pm
in the mean time…
…anyone keeping up with the record cold in the Arctic
it’s breaking records

You must realize that the cold temperatures in the Arctic are just weather whereas the Death Valley and the Pacific Northwest are showing temperatures expected by catastrophic climate change. /sarc

Mr Watts, Joe Bastardi mentioned you today on the Cavuto Show about your efforts with NOAA weather stations and needed calibration.


OK by me. Spring, wet, cold & windy, has lingered into the first days of summer here in Oregon.


It is all about the ridges now ?, darn it.
I thought it was all MY fault.
Wait…..the ridges are all my fault, right ?
Now I feel appropriately guilty, cool.


Well, we know here in the UK we have two weeks of rain and cold weather ahead of us, Wimbledon tennis started this week…


OMG….the summer solstice has arrived, and temps are getting warmer? Sure as heck has happened here in northern Alberta.

They are predicting 75F on Vancouver Island next week where the average high is normally 72F! The sad part is that right now it is 63F when it is normally 72F.

Gary Hladik

Neil Jordan (June 25, 2013 at 3:45 pm), thanks for the link. I overlooked it when it was published.


Coming close to records set in 1913 but more than likely won’t break ’em…..hmmmm.

I recollect (I think it was on the late John Daly`s site) that the weather station, i.e. the thermometer, had been moved to a hotter part of Death Valley, somewhere where surrounding mountains more effectively reflect heat onto the weather station. I don’t know whether this is true, but if a new record is reported maybe someone in the know could confirm the change of siting , thus disqualifying the record.


I’ve worked in weather that ranged from -16 F to 103 F.
It is only the type of pain that differs at those extremes.
I put in about 25 years of it, been a weather geek my whole life.
Seen every kind of weather there is in the Midwest (Chicago), never seen a tornado.
I’ve heard the wind come thru the high-tension towers behind my house, that assured me I don’t even want to get close to a tornado.
But, then again……..
I live for the weather, it is invigorating.
Don’t you dare try make it some kind of bogeyman to increase taxes, I’m still young enough.


So if it does not reach that record high, that will mean that temperatures are lower or at best similar to those in 1913.
So what is Obama panicking about?

Robert M

The heat is already brutal here in Alaska! It’s sunny, 77f and I’m dying here…

Rob Ricket

The crew over at the no tricks zone is predicting frost in Germany.

Evan Thomas

I believe Oz has some pretty impressive high temp marks in the Outback, in WA I think. BOM have the records. Cheers from chilly Sydney.


David says:
June 25, 2013 at 3:41 pm
June 26, 1990 – 23 yrs ago tomorrow – Phoenix had its all time high temp of 122° F. In those days, I drove a Black Camaro with no A/C. Good times.
I was riding a Harley. Seeing asphalt flowing under my tires while stopped at the intersection of McDowell and Beeline, was a bit weird, but not as weird as the Bottlebrush tree that exploded while I was almost under it. It took out a power in my neighborhood; so no evap, and I had just got it working! But as I had gone the past three years without any cooling at all, it was not too bad.

In my part of the world ( Nova Scotia ) the “heat ” map shows 52 degrees…please send us some global warming !!!! What a crock.

Steve in Seattle

Yes, once again, ABC, CBS, NBC, the major newspapers will crank up the weather is somehow climate, even though we don’t know how ! !

Yipeee! Summer is coming!!!


Hansen told me that 1913 was not all that hot, please see adjustments.

I notice that you do not see our president in one of the cold areas of our country bundled up in coats and appearing to be cold. Now why would he not promote global warming in a cool spot? The mind boggles…


My wife follows BBC music on her Kindle, and all the UK has had since the beginning of spring is 12-15C, cloudy with rain showers. Here in the Western Great Lakes we’ve been “normal” for June (slightly below normal for May), with slightly above rainfall. Well, that is until recently. For the last 6 days highs have been around 28-31 Deg C, plenty of rain showers and severe thunderstorms. And it looks like the ridge of High Pressure in the Far West will allow much colder temps to invade the Western Great Lakes Ohio Valley beginning Friday. The highs on Sunday will only be around 22 Deg C. The long range forecast for the 4th of July here is for partly cloudy skies and 20 deg C, or about 8 deg C below normal. Sweater weather for the 4th!!!!

Richard Patton

But summer isn’t supposed to arrive in Portland until July 4th!!! 🙂

I like the hot weather. My old joints loosen up more easily, and don’t stiffen up as fast when the work is done. However to have the heat starting to stay stuck in the west can, and might, and may be the first indications of what could, perhaps, give us a moderate confidence that in six months we could, might, perhaps see of one heck of a cold winter in the east of the USA.
Look back at 1976, and you see the heat building in California until they start fretting about drought, and a big ridge get established on the west coast. As that ridge poked north, its west side had south winds which gave much of Alaska a break, as they got balmy Pacific breezes. However the east of Alaska is on the the other side of the top of the ridge, where the winds curve east and start back south, drawing in air from the Arctic Sea. In 1976 the “cross polar flow” this pattern established continued all the way down the east side of the ridge, at times clear to Florida.
In September and October the weather in the east of the USA was merely brisk, and the abundant sunshine masked the fact the northwest wind was arctic, but by November people stopped calling the weather “brisk,” and began to call it d— cold. Up in Maine the water in the bays on the coast was so much warmer than the air that by late November it was “smoking” at dawn, looking all the word like steaming soup, though the water was only fifty. Then forty. Then, by the middle of December, a skim of ice first started to be seen.
By New Year’s in 1977 the clammers gave up trying to dig on on the mud flats, and the lobstermen either pulled out their boats or moved to anchorages out towards the open sea. And so it went, day after day, with news of ice freezing up Boston Harbor, and then New York’s, and then news of bays freezing down in Delaware and even Chesapeake Bay. That was the January “Time” magazine had the cover of the red faced man with the woolen hat.
I like remembering that cold, and walking on sea ice three feet thick on the bays in Maine, when it is 90 degrees (F) in New Hampshire, and I have a reeking stable I’m putting off cleaning. I don’t like remembering that cold when I think of the firewood I’ll need, and it is 90 degrees out. (Maybe this year I’ll just get lazy and buy some.)
I don’t like remembering that cold when I think of our president’s ridiculous idea that warmth is a bad thing, and we should increase the cost of heating homes. That will make it colder, for many, no matter what the weather is.


I am 100% positive I saw the long term outlook just this week on The Weather Channel say the south east was going to be slightly below normal for July and August. For a change, we get the good end of the deal. Suck it, western states!


Caleb, it snowed twice on me in Georgetown….SOUTH CAROLINA. Just north of Charleston. Twice while I lived there. And I was only there from 1974-1979. I am positive 1976 was one of those years. Good times.


In the 70’s in Cleveland – and loving it! A very nice spring this year. Keep it coming.


I was 12 in 1990, and remember the 122 degree day in Phoenix, vividly. My buddies and I swam all day in a friend’s pool, like we always did, and then, at around 4PM, the hottest part of the day, I rode my bike home, like I always did, so that I could beat my parents home. It was hot. That June was really f-ing hot. I lived in PHX for ~25 years and I now live in the PNW. Thank f-ing God! 110+ is unbearable, and I don’t miss it one bit.
Here’s some interesting AZ heat facts:
Seems that it used to be much “hotter” than it is now… However, I do recall they relocated the Sky Harbor weather station (the official PHX temp reading) at some point after 1990, so we’re not really comparing apples to apples. More climate “science” fail.


Oh. My. God. It is late June and the hottest weather of the season is expected!!!!!
Only flat earthers could possibly doubt that a hot July is anything other than the end of the world.
The One is right! We must clutter our open spaces with his pals wind mills and pay his pals huge sums of money to make certain that it cools off within three months or so….or we will all die!!!!


Why is the map deep red and orange. When I look at the temperatures I see 80 in Florida. That is a surprise, 80 in Florida in the summer. A 79 in San Diago, also a surprise and a 62 where I am. I am really tired of having the heat on all summer will looking at a map of fire colors.

Janice Moore

LOL. Here I was (seriously) thinking, “I need to go online and see what the weather looks like for the rest of the week,” AND THERE IS A POST ABOUT IT ON WUWT! A-th-y, you cover EVERYTHING.
Well, I suspect the AMS (local chapter president, no less) is doing a little damage control for its own organization (after the resigning of 3 of its more prominent members recently) along with P.R. for ol’ D’oh!bama. Of COURSE they would ostensibly talk about the “Pacific Northwest” but actually be talking mainly about Portland, OR which, being much farther inland, is MUCH HOTTER than Seattle and most of western Washington.
If they mention any area east of the Cascade Mountains or include Idaho, but imply that they are talking about simply “the Pacific Northwest” you can KNOW they are doing their bit for the humans-control-earth’s-climate gang. It is
significantly warmer east of the mountains. I’ll never forget the time I was driving home, heading west through the Tri-Cities and a temp sign said it was 102 degrees around 5PM in August AND PEOPLE WERE OUT ON A GOLF COURSE GOLFING! I don’t care if the heat is “dry,” it’s HOT!
Amazingly hardy people over there. It also gets much colder in the winter in eastern Wash., yet, they play outside in hotter summer temps. than the average Seattle-area person EVER would.

Janice Moore

Eve, LOL, good point. Even the Pacific Ocean is boiling mad red and orange. What a bunch of charlatans.


I have questions.

The hottest weather of the season is likely on the way for the Pacific Northwest this coming weekend

So, since it’s past June 21, the season is Summer. My assumption then is that this warm spell is supposed to be the hottest weather of the summer of 2013. Fair enough, I get that.

and it could get even hotter next week

Wait a sec…. my head just about exploded there! Now I have to completely erase the first half of the sentence from my memory and wrap my head around the second half, which is saying that the hottest weather of the summer of 2013 might not happen this weekend, but at a completely different time!
Well this is inconvenient. I don’t know if the prediction is for the hottest weather this weekend, or the next week, or in late July and early August like it is EVERY OTHER STINKING YEAR, but we all know that weather forecasting is useless past a few days out, therefore the entire exercise is futile.
I’m personally expecting the hottest weather so far this calendar year, and I really hope it gets as warm as 20-30-40 years ago, because it certainly hasn’t for the last several years. It would be nice if it got warm enough to actually swim in my lake, because the last time was in the 90s. I’m getting to the age where I’m no longer legally allowed to appear in public wearing swimming apparel.

Janice Moore

HA! NOAA and AMS need to get their act** together. I just went to check out the forecast at and it’s not anything at ALL like what Mister Weather Announcer above said.
Here’s this coming Friday – Monday’s forecast (for about 1 hour due north of Seattle, WA):
“Friday Mostly sunny, with a high near 73.
Friday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 55.
Saturday Mostly sunny, with a high near 75.
Saturday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 55.
Sunday Mostly sunny, with a high near 77.
Sunday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 55.
Monday Sunny, with a high near 79.
Monday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 56.”
And right now? It’s mostly overcast with about a 20 knot breeze and it is 58 F.
**Well, they sort of have their propaganda in sync — the graphic of a very sunny, blue-skied, day with only a wisp of a cloud and “63 F 17 C” on the NOAA page (for the “current conditions” — LOL) is a nice piece of false advertising.
Soon, they’ll be playing Perry Como non-stop, “The bluest skies you’ll ever see are in Seattle… .” Yeah, that’s because it’s been so long since you’ve seen them, they DO look extra blue!

Janice Moore

Code Tech!!! (LOL, just kidding, here) Why does Canada make men in their 30’s (or so) swim NAKED???!
Yeah, what a weasel: “It COULD be even hotter next week.”
It COULD be even colder…
It COULD be raining men …
It COULD be the week D’oh!bama gets indicted for reckless homicide (Benghazi incident)


Portland, Oregon (June 25th 2013) – “The hottest weather of the season is likely on the way …”
We’re four days into the season,and temps are still increasing? SAVE US Obama!

Janice Moore

Well, actually…. if the “hottest” is going to be over with by the end of next week… We’re going to have an extraordinarily cold July and August!
What a Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey operation!
Okay, okay. I’ll stop TALKING SO MUCH.

Look at the colour scheme! You know, I reckon if it really DID heat up, say to the top of the scale where it looks green right now, they’d switch the colours around to keep those hot reds and oranges. They just love that psychological message.

Latitude says:
June 25, 2013 at 3:22 pm
in the mean time…
…anyone keeping up with the record cold in the Arctic
it’s breaking records
Every day. I was just needling a Newsviner who seeded an article titled “”.
These guys slay me. Anyway, this is one of the warmists who had prodded me about the Arctic sea ice extent back in May. They won’t change their mind until they see several thousand feet of a glacier sitting nearby. Even then they might have an explanation.

milodonharlani says:
June 25, 2013 at 3:53 pm
OK by me. Spring, wet, cold & windy, has lingered into the first days of summer here in Oregon.
I live in Trinity Co, Ca. It has rained for the last 3 days around here. I,m glad I had an early start to my garden. Speaking of the Arctic ice rebound, has anyone taken note of the fact that the Northern Pacific has been heavily cloud covered above 40N for this entire year so far? This stretches from China/Russia to the Pacific Northwest. That might have a bit to do with the ‘real’ climate change.

Master of Space and Thyme

To those who are so upset with the colour scheme of the map, it may be wise to chill out, the map is from Weather Bell and was added to Steve Pierce’s weather prediction by Mr Watts. Weather Bell is Joe Bastardi’s employer, and the last time I checked they were on your side


I left Phoenix in 99, but visited again. The summertime is when chip sealing took place. I remember the ‘Radio Station for Men’ (whatever its call letters were), leading the effort to save the ‘chip seals’. Unless you’ve summered in Phoenix, you don’t really appreciate the idiocy of ‘dry heat’.