Stop global warming, get paid $12-13 per hour

…plus benefits if you work more than 350 hours…

Spotted on the Orange County Craigslist by WUWT reader “Roy”, you’d think with a €236.9 million (2011) budget, they could afford something other than Craigslist.


See the ad:

33 thoughts on “Stop global warming, get paid $12-13 per hour

  1. That’s for recruiters? What a sweatshop. Somebody should organize them and get union scale for these poor suckers.

  2. Yes, I know. All they will do is sucker others to join up and pay Greenpeace. But they will do it for the best intentions, and save the planet?

  3. Amazingly for Craigslist this add appears legit as the phone number does belong to Green*&^*^.

  4. I take great pleasure in wasting the time of their street dwellers before telling them their whale saving cause has been undermined by the philosophy of the trust owners with regard to global warming.
    Quite wipes the do-good smirks off their happy little faces.

  5. Greenpeace NZ was paying around $NZ14-15+ an hour for it’s street monkeys trying to sign people up to join them or sign their pathetic petitions, like Save the Arctic garbage.
    Of course plenty of Uni students for a quick easy income join Greenpeace for such easy income. Plenty of the Rasta type students or those with naive lofty ideals of thinking they’re help saving the World! Yeah right.

  6. Just thinking about it out loud…
    People who would do that kind of work for $12.00/hr would do it for free.
    Why not just call for volunteers?
    Greenpeace sounds kind of dumb.
    Do they want a bunch of non-English speaking immigrants on their crew? Why?

  7. Ok – here’s the logo:
    First there were large steam emitters.
    Then we put helium in a gay pride blimp.
    Now we chop up or club birds to death with giant blades!
    Green – Peace! We’re, like, totally awesome and cool and stuff. Dudes! Just knowing that you’re one of us? Yeah, the chickies’ panties just fall right off. True dat! and stuff.

  8. Drax, a UK coal-burning power station, was closed at the end of March not because it was at the end of its life, but because future CO2 limitations meant it was not worth updating the other pollution-reducing devices that these things now have. It provided about 4 Gw of the UK’s 55 Gw. max demand
    But all is not lost. One of its generators is going to be kept going by burning wood pellets imported from North America,, pellets made from wood lovingly caressed from happy trees. Or maybe I misread that bit and the Americans are clearfelling forests to grind up so we can meet our ludicrous renewables target.
    Say what you like about GreenPeace — and I personally wouldn’t pee on them if they caught fire in a urinal — but you can’t call them treehuggers any more.

  9. Sad, just like crack dealers paying the naive to hook others on their mind poison. If the donors had any idea the income of the leaders, they may rethink donating, and if they realized the manipulation of science and public policy, for private benefit, that is ongoing, many well intentioned donors would be suing for millions back.

  10. It says “We are financially independent of corporate and government money”. Sorry but I burst out laughing when I read that, what do they call them anonymous gifts.
    James Bull

  11. They have the standard ignorant error in the photos. Steam from a cooling tower and no smoke from the chimneys.

  12. Their mission statement is also to outlaw all nuclear technology worldwide. Please ask their chuggers whether this includes medical applications.

  13. Greenpeace: Dune us and help us deflect attention from the misery of the poor and attack the very companies that are likely to invest in the countries where they live.

  14. ‘financially independent of government’
    So they won’t object if the EU cut off their funding then?

  15. The claims that not-for-profit means sacrifice are pure illusion – it simply means that
    incomes stays within the organization and no dividends are paid to those who
    invest (contribute). Greenpeace’s officers are very well paid for mostly spreading
    lies and supporting stupid technologies (like bird-killing windmills). As you can see, the
    major purpose of this organization is to keep the money rolling in. If that means making silly claims
    like saving the whales (who hardly need saving these days, and were saved by the public’s switch to that dirty oil and international treaties) than expect plenty of silly claims – like their claim
    that nuclear energy is “intrinsically unsafe.” Quite a claim considering that no one has ever died or even been seriously injured by any nuclear accident in the West. On the other hand, anyone want to ballpark the number of deaths and injuries resulting from a million California rooftop solar
    panel installations? And have windmills set the whooping cranes back on the path to extinction?
    Greenpeace is not just a sleazy organization, it’s downright braindead.

  16. With age comes wisdom(for some). Youth has no wisdom that’s why they make good soldiers. As I recall my D.I. saying in Basic Training “don’t think. it will only get you in trouble”. Don’t think $12-15 is enough to pay off college debts.

  17. Gee, I guess this part of the new green economy we have been promised. Paid work to kill off the remaining economy.

  18. Get paid a pittance for drawing other suckers in the door?! This sounds like Scientology, or some Pyramid scam.

  19. Aren’t they part of the living wage movement, or have I got them mixed up with some other social/environmental justice group? $12-$15 per hour is not much of a living wage, just ask the working poor I talk to who can’t pay their bills.

    VoIP phone from Newport Beach, CA
    But is it really? It’s a feature of magicJack that the number is with the unit. Take it with you, and you can make calls from a hotel’s broadband in Dubai that look like you’re in Philly, source of the unit’s number.
    Only $12 to 13/hr in Cali? Isn’t that effectively minimum wage?
    This shows you how badly the GreenWar has fallen. They should be getting flooded with college interns willingly working for free with no benefits, who buy their own office supplies, and instead they are paying? Oy Vey!

  21. For the kind of individuals that they typically hire the pay rate sounds about right since they have limited job experience and their reliability is very low. Also, posting in CL would get them the largest visibility with that demographic too since those individuals don’t go looking for jobs they expect to have someone come up to them and give them one.

  22. Since Global Warming has already stopped, I guess its pretty good pay to do absolutely nothing.

  23. The IRS probably took about six µsec to approve their not-for-profit tax status.
    ” …we are uncompromising in our campaigns. ,,,” [Except when it comes to bird kills at windfarms; those are okay!]

  24. “Major sources of NGO funding are membership dues, the sale of goods and services, grants from international institutions or national governments, and private donations. Several EU-grants provide funds accessible to NGOs.
    Even though the term “non-governmental organization” implies independence from governments, many NGOs depend heavily on governments for their funding.”

    NGOs are by definition funded by governments in so many cases. Note the “sale of goods and services” is also likely to governments and, even worse, unaccountable, unelected gov’t agencies. For example, England’s energy departments are laced with consultants from NGOs, quietly directing the destruction of the energy and industry, for the government. These international nonprofit predators do not reflect the interests of any of the local and national people they claim to represent. No one wants their water supply and electricity made more expensive and rationed based on scary global warming computer models. That is purely the goal of a few heartless, irrational, anti-science globalist activists.
    The Russians actually have a very interesting approach to “nonprofit” NGOs (nongovernmental organizations). NGOs have to file as foreign agents in Russia.
    People need to be honest with themselves about funding from NGOs. The term is truly misleading, and the globalist ideology has, as its central goal, governance.

  25. James Bull says:
    May 21, 2013 at 11:09 pm
    It says “We are financially independent of corporate and government money”. Sorry but I burst out laughing when I read that, what do they call them anonymous gifts.
    Boy is that a clanker.

    Grants to Greenpeace Fund:
    Foundation Name: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
    Abstract: For efforts to encourage corporate demand for sustainably managed forest products in North America and Europe
    Amount: $50,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Foundation Name: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
    Abstract: For continued support to encourage development of philanthropy in Russia through market research, development of fundraising strategies and dissemination of information to Russian nongovernmental organizations
    Amount: $49,000 Year Authorized: 2002
    Foundation Name: The Trust for Mutual Understanding
    Abstract: For travel to Lake Baikal by Russian and American participants in project designed to draw increased national and international attention to environmental problems affecting the lake and watershed
    Amount: $25,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Foundation Name: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
    Abstract: Toward efforts to support expansion of sustainable agriculture in China
    Amount: $150,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Duration: 2-year grant
    Foundation Name: Reiman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    Abstract: For general support
    Amount: $50,000 Year Authorized: 2000
    Foundation Name: The Scherman Foundation, Inc.
    Abstract: For general support
    Amount: $80,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Duration: 2-year grant
    Foundation Name: The Overbrook Foundation
    Abstract: For general support
    Amount: $10,000 Year Authorized: 2000
    Foundation Name: Columbia Foundation
    Abstract: For True Food Consumer Action Network, San Francisco-based pilot initiative to educate consumers about transgenic crops and sustainable agriculture
    Amount: $75,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Foundation Name: The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
    Abstract: For general support
    Amount: $14,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    Foundation Name: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.
    Abstract: For Global Warming Campaign, which raises awareness of global warming
    Amount: $75,000 Year Authorized: 2001
    And on and on…

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