Senator Whitehouse apologizes for inciteful tornado remarks

Recall this story from yesterday: US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse From Rhode Island Provides Erroneous Information To American Public in Global Warming Rant

Foxnews reports on the apology. Note that about the same time, Barbara Boxer was making similar claims.  Later, you get to decide with a poll:

Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has apologized for remarks Monday in which he linked Oklahoma “cyclones” to climate change while berating Republicans for their stance on the issue — around the time a massive tornado killed dozens in that state.

A Whitehouse spokesman said Tuesday the politically charged remarks were pre-written as part of the senator’s weekly Senate floor speech on climate change.

“Tragically and unbeknownst to the senator at the time, a series of tornadoes were hitting Oklahoma at the same moment he gave his remarks,” the spokesman said. “Senator Whitehouse regrets the timing of his speech and offers his thoughts and prayers to the victims of yesterday’s storms and their families, and he stands ready to work with the senators from Oklahoma to assist them and their constituents in this time of need.”

Read more:

Here is the text of his speech:

And his statement today:


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Meh. Let him apologize for engaging in the worst kind of propaganda. Then maybe we’ll have something.


What a scumbag.

Yancey Ward

Proving oneself dumber than Barbara Boxer is quite a challenge.

Louis Hooffstetter

“A Whitehouse spokesman said Tuesday the politically charged remarks were pre-written as part of the senator’s weekly Senate floor speech on climate change…”
His constituents must believe rain smells like urine.


I refuse to participate in any survey that has not been approved by John Cook as representing a 97% consensus.


He apologized for the timing of his speech not for the content.

Gotcha Taphonomic. You stand with the Senator.


Lying liars lie

Mark Bofill

Okay, that’s just wrong.
Am I parsing this correctly? It’s OK to make absurd claims about cyclones, climate, and policy so long as nobody is getting socked by cyclones at that particular moment?
It’s fascinating to watch the intricate and sometimes bizarre dance of politics and political correctness. Or maybe it’s political expediency. I’m starting to become a little colorblind in this range.


He lead in with Oklahoma. That’s a pretty fantastic coincidence.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse finds religion:
“Tragically and unbeknownst to the Senator at the time, a series of tornadoes were hitting Oklahoma at the same moment as he gave his remarks.”
Therefore….THE DEVIL DID IT ! ! !
Whitehouse > doghouse….you’ve got some AGW homework to do.


Being from Oklahoma, I recused myself.

Come on guys…NOBODY else has ever apologized about linking climate change to actual deaths.


Tar and feathers.


Once again, Boxer (and Whitehouse too) provide perfect examples why politicians should have IQ tests before they’re allowed to run for office. I’ll bet neither one could pass a sixth grade science test. Of course, the voters who put them in office need to pass an IQ test too.


Yancey Ward , Thanks for posting that , LOL my thoughts exactly .


Mr. Watts, can you slow things down a bit? Tornadoes, F5’s, Senate speeches, Cosmic rays. It’s difficult to keep up! 😉

Unfortunate that political apologies these days are so weak and that most of us just don’t believe them anymore.
As far as political brilliance goes, how do these remarks compare to Hank Johnson remarks regarding Guam tipping over?

Rud Istvan

Anthony, this post and the vote is more along the lines of hit them were it hurts, which I have become a recent advocate of after observing the shenanigans by ‘Warmists’ the past couple of years.
From a sceptical lukewarmist with other, bigger, concerns.

James Allison

Mark Bofill says:
May 21, 2013 at 4:44 pm
Any Politician should have a better sense of timing.


A Whitehouse spokesman said Tuesday the politically charged remarks were pre-written as part of the senator’s weekly Senate floor speech on climate change.
Any bets that the staffer who had pre-written those “politically charged remarks” has been re-assigned? It’s always easier to blame some low-level functionary than to acknowledge your own failings.


I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt about Oklahoma. However, he still gets nought out of ten for speech accuracy and content.
I think he beats Barbara Boxer but is well behind Hank Johnson. Guam tipping is a classic!

juan slayton

Listening to Bastardi on big mouth Bill Oreilly right now responding to Sheldon. Interesting….


He bloviates about Science and then spouts non-sense.
He talks about millions from a few billionnaires and ignores multi billions of tax dollars funding PC scientists reworking dodgy records into non-functional climate models and repetitious statistical studies that prove nothing.


I wonder if he could give me hints on my lottery numbers, if he can accidentally predict the Oklahoma hurricane tragedy he might accidentally get my lottery numbers. Yeah right we believe him. NOT!

I’m glad he admits he doesn’t know what is going on.

Justus McNeal

You know the absolutely most STUPID part about this? Fox gets a lot of flak from the public, and a lot of it is very deserved I will say because they do spin things very heavily to the right. BUT, I will say this. My familiy has had FOX on for several days because of all the stuff about Obama. Today, we had FOX on all day and ALL they focused on all day was talking to the victims and asking for donations to the Red Cross.
I think this is very classy for Fox to dedicate 90% of its news time to this disaster even in the wake of incriminating things against Obama and even their own reporters.
What is DISGUSTING is that the Democrats, both in congress and on other networks, use this devastation that has hit those poor heartland states to further their own agenda.
That is SICKENING and I’m so sick of it.


Yes the American ObamaNation is without compare.. One would think a second term for that smug bag of wind would have the Dems taking the high road.. Unfortunately a disaster in a “red denial” State is cause to grandstand and rub salt..
Kicking your political opponents when disaster has them down is what they mean by Change?


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Rich Lambert

Apology not accepted senator. Get back with everyone after about a year or two and we’ll see how your actions match your speech.

Tom Jones

He is apologizing for his timing, not his nonsense. Less rant, more read was exactly right, and the timing was irrelevant.

Sam the First

Bring Back Charles!
I miss the Mods on here – far too much petty politicking and sometimes, namecalling etc etc on here these days
Reply:It’s good to be missed, but I am in retirement. ~ctm

Eugene WR Gallun

Gaum tipping over??? Listen to Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia. Listen to how he repeats himself and how he can’t seem to get a thought together. HE WAS ON DRUGS!!! Is there a single person who sees that video who does not absolutely know that he was on drugs?
Eugene WR Gallun

Luther Wu

So, the Senator apologized because he didn’t know we were having a tornado here at the time?
He didn’t know that we had several tornadoes the day before, with deaths and property damage in three different Oklahoma communities? He didn’t know?
We are deniers and polluters and it is our fault?

Leo Smith

And there was me thinking it was all Gods vengeance on gay marriage…sigh. So many faith based prejudices to pick..


Justus McNeal, you’re not likely to hear a lot of people agree with your position on Fox. They’re more “center” than “right”. You’re so used to the far, far left media that it only seems right in comparison.
And Eugene WR Gallun, it doesn’t have to be drugs. My dad has Alzheimer’s and often does the same thing. He gets stuck on a thought, no matter how trivial or ridiculous, and will repeat it for hours if not re-oriented. He’s never, however, been under the illusion that an island can tip over and/or sink… that’s just nuts.


What’s really exposed here is Whitehouse, Boxer and the rest of them sincerely exited that people get killed and injured by some tragedy, so they can jump to their feet and cry for more power, ashamed only by the public’s realization of their MOTIVE.
On every issue they lurk like ambulance chasing lawyers watching from the street corner hoping a car runs over someone. Only then, we see HOW FAST they spring to action, to SAVE the people.
What we’re witnessing is not just wrong. It’s evil.

I was a bit surprised by the poll results at first (even though I contributed to the lopsidedness). But upon further reflection and having read the comments on the previous post, I am not surprised. It is telling that except for a few raving lunatics (Trenberth and Boxer), the Alarmists have hunkered down on this one. Even the normal trolls of the boards I frequent have been eerily silent about the outrageous ghoulishness of the few who spoke up first and firmest. Of which I count Whitehouse as one of the ring leaders.

Kim Moore

If his political life goes south, Sheldon has a bright future as a tent-carrying evangelist. He even writes in rhythm.


Kinda like buying carbon credits. Sin all you want, you bought credits!

The tornado started on 20 May at 2:45pm CDT. That’s 3:45pm ET. Senator Whitehouse’s speech appears to have been given at 4:44pm ET ( If I have interpreted the times correctly, there is surely no way that Senator Whitehouse could have been unaware of the tornado at the time he gave his speech, his apology, he lied.
And : If he didn’t know about it, why on Earth would he refer to cyclones hitting Oklahoma, when Oklahoma is 400 miles from the coast?


Hes not only full it, he’s a BS expert too. Unfortunately for him he has stuck a size 13 boot in a size 12 mouth, it will always leave an impression!
What can I say about Boxer that any sane person doesn’t already knows, she’s a looney tune!!!!

Marty Sorensen

The IQ of Whitehouse equals last night’s temperature at Fraser, Colorado, which I believe was 34.

Olaf Koenders

I shudder to think the carnage Whitehouse, Boxer and Hank Johnson could do to the country if they somehow amassed half a brain between themselves..


He said this:
I’ll tell you why. We’re stuck in this together. When cyclones tear up Oklahoma, and hurricanes swamp Alabama, and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, for billions of dollars to recover.
And the damage your polluters and deniers are doing doesn’t just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas; it hits Rhode Island with floods and storms, and Oregon with acidified seas, and Montana with dying forests. So like it or not, we’re in this together.
You drag America with you to your fate.
My take is that these things are very often written by staff…and OK is tornado country. But, honestly, I don’t care. He is a demagogue, and that much is clear

Eve Stevens

Not a Rhode Island resident but if I was, he would be gone.

Yancey Ward [May 21, 2013 at 4:32 pm] says:
“Proving oneself dumber than Barbara Boxer is quite a challenge.”

You got that right. But you gotta admit the competition is absolutely fierce.
The US Senate is the pinnacle of the Peter Principle and contains probably 70 of the dumbest people in America.

“Tragically and unbeknownst to the senator at the time, a series of tornadoes were hitting Oklahoma at the same moment he gave his remarks,”
Then he is doubly stupid. The tornado outbreak was predicted at least 48 hours ahead of time. The day before tonados spun up as predicted. If you are going to speak on climate, then maybe you should check the weather.