Climate control – lather, rinse, repeat

We always talk about and are lectured to about how “weather is not climate”. Of course that’s a flexible meme, because now when the weather turns hot or bad, climate is to blame.

I had to go to Walmart today to pick up something, and as I walked down the aisles looking for things, this jumped out at me. Unfortunately, it was so ridiculous, it made me laugh out loud, and I got stares. So, I’m sharing this humor with you.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before some enterprising company did this.


Gotta love that “defend your hair against bad weather” line.  Now even when CO2 or weather modification driven hordes of tornadoes descend upon us in retaliation for our climate sins, we can avoid bad hair days.

Of course, shampoo only goes so far. They need “climate control body spray” to really be effective. /sarc


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Greg Goodman

How about sending Mike Mann a bottle with next year’s calendar ?


Used By Professionals
Advanced Formula
Climate Control
Freaking priceless! Marketing gone berserk.


You couldn’t make it up! Priceless!


Anthony – I am shocked, shocked to find you shopping at Walmart. With all your big oil funded millions, don’t you have -people- to do that for you?? And can’t you afford to have them shop at a more upscale location? Target?? 🙂 🙂 😎


Translation – Use it!
you might get killed by a hurricane/tornado/storm/ice age/solar flare/ etc, etc – BUT at least ypu hair will look good?
the best bit of this will be extracing the urine out of anyone who buys it!

Lawrence Jenkins

You’ve Gotta Wash That Mann Right Out of Your Hair.
From The Movie AGW Unspecific

That looks like a product I need to try. Rapid changes of climate from all the travel that I do makes my hair look like I got parole just as the warden pulled the switch.

Laurie Bowen

Just curious, how much does it cost?

Greg Goodman

All those millions of bubbles now captures 400 ppm of CO2 and can be safely disposed off.
Now we can all do our bit for carbon sequestration and the planet while at the same time ensuring we are LOOKING GOOD .
What’s not to like?

Greg Goodman

“Just curious, how much does it cost?”
What does it matter if it can save the planet?

I got a Homer Simpson haircut…so all i need….
is some Mop-N-Glow….and i’m good to go….

Gunga Din

So….A tornado may kill me but my hair would still look good?

Rhoda R

I love free enterprise. Suckers will buy this and someone will get rich. Good for them.

Gunga Din

Climate control – rinse, lather, repeat
Will the madness never end!!

This shampoo should sell in the Ozarks we have a lot of climate change. We get cold from Colorado, heat from Texas, rainouts from the Gulf of Mexico, etc. A young married man from the Ozarks ordered breakfast while on a job away from home. He ordered the eggs fried hard, bacon burned to a crisp and the biscuits scorched black. The waitress said that she had never taken an order like that. “Do you want anything else?” “Yes… frizz up your hair and sit across from me. I’m homesick!”

David Joss of Downunder

A little OT but we have a brand of bottled water in Australia that assures us it is “suitable for vegans and vegetarians”.


Is that why Mike Mann keeps a perfect hairdo?

Gunga Din

David Joss of Downunder says:
May 18, 2013 at 2:13 pm
A little OT but we have a brand of bottled water in Australia that assures us it is “suitable for vegans and vegetarians”.

Then it must not contain any dihydrogen monoxide.
(I know. Old as the hills.)

It ain’t shampoo, its realpoo.


Shampoo, Advanced Formula, Climate Control?
Get me a barbecue with Advanced System Climate Control, then I’ll be happy.


Mike Mann would need only a very small bottle, unless it works as sun cream as well!


Now all we need is a breath mint that neutralizes our CO2, and an antacid is gets rid of the methane.


Time for a slogan competition…
“Three degrees of hold in every can”?


Does it turn your hair green?

X Anomaly

It seems the Australian “ABC” is making posting a false claim regarding the Cook consensus paper here:
The claim is: “97% of scientific papers relating to climate change share the view that humans are the cause. ”
This is false. The Cook paper can only claim that “Among abstracts expressing a position on AGW, 97.1% endorsed the consensus position that humans are causing global warming.”
“scientific papers relating to climate change” does not mean the same as specifically “expressing a position on AGW”
The ABC tax payer founded website is giving the reader the impression that “97% of scientific papers relating to climate change share the view that humans are the cause. ” How can that be if 66% of the papers surveyed don’t even mention it!
They have no shame, and this settles it.

Tom J

I think that shampoo needs to be followed up by a wind turbine blow-dry.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Climate Control shampoo? There is finally something that’ll keep my thick mane from looking like I’ve been out in a hurricane?
Oh wait, my name is not Mann, Hansen, Romm or Cook. I’ll have to wait for the Weather Control shampoo since I know the difference!
(Plus I have far more working scalp follicles than all four together, so I have to get the right one!)

Janice Moore

“… slogan competition…” [Jon at 2:49PM, 5/18/13]
Okay! How about: “ 97% of Climate Scientists Agree… “ LOL.
[sorry to all the other 500 WUWT posters who will think of that one, too]
@Gunga Din, maybe it’s an oldy but I had never heard it and it is definitely a goody. LOL. Yeah, no nasty CHEMICALS.

Janice Moore

Climatology (like ANY cult) is all about: CONTROL (and “manageability”)
Thanks for sharing, A–th–y.
A little ad for the above:
“My hair was a wreck #[:O(]
… until… I used Climate Control Shampoo.” @[:o)]
(notice, it even made the model’s nose smaller!)
Joseph A. Olsen, you seem like a cool fellow. I’d like to
suggest you describe yourself more flatteringly as having
a “Bruce Willis haircut” — he looks gooooo-d.
Hey, Lawrence Jenkins, clever. (just wanted you to realize someone enjoyed your wit — can’t comment on ALL the witty posts, though, so I’ll end with yours)


A chemist I worked with once who had worked for a shampoo maker described to me the hilarious marketing-driven process by which new shampoos are developed. How well the shampoo worked or what it was really good for was almost irrelevant.


I’ll take it if it also protects the rainforest.


And there’s the classic advertisement of them running towards each other through the foam on the beach – while the seas are about to inundate us.
Is the second wash and rinse ‘greenwashing?”

Life is becoming a Leno punchline

Over on BusinessGreen, one of the side panels carries this link;

Cut your energy bills and carbon footprint with the world’s greenest hand-dryer
This exclusive whitepaper explains how brushless motor technology differs from conventional brushed motors to deliver huge energy efficiency savings, longer life, and increased reliability.

Saving on your electricity bill is fine but what difference is it going to make to the #x of nuclear bombs sitting under the oceans or whatever the ‘scare de jour’ is from the warmist hymn book for May.


What’s wrong with some enterprising capitalist trying to make a few bucks off the eco-nuts?


Does it come in Mann scent?

Reg Nelson

And the propaganda not only continues, it finds end game:

Craig W.

Laurie Bowen says:
May 18, 2013 at 1:44 pm
Just curious, how much does it cost?
According to, $3.48/32 oz.
They also sell the conditioner, finishing spray and mousse. The mousse is not well reviewed because people seem to have a hard time getting it out of the can.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

MattS said on May 18, 2013 at 3:48 pm:

What’s wrong with some enterprising capitalist trying to make a few bucks off the eco-nuts?

Nothing, if the eco-nuts would only spend their own money. But they like to community organize everyone into paying their fair share, plus half of their own share.
I can imagine the campaign speeches in five years if this stuff becomes trendy:

It is a right of poor people everywhere in this great country, that they too can have good looking manageable hair.
It is the duty of government to tax the evil energy companies who have brought this climate change down upon our tousled heads, to force them to provide this remedy to those they have placed in need.
I have a dream, that all our children shall have beautiful hair, of all colors, no matter their color.
This is America, our country, we are demanding the hair that is rightfully ours, granted us by the Unrevealed Deity and the Founding Parental Units of our great land!


Don’t forget the accompanying conditioner and a wide toothed comb for full effect …

Pamela Gray

The next wave of climate change inspired toiletries and clothes will soon hit stores near you. Climate controlled outer wear. Climate controlled underwear. Coats rated for Extreme Weird Weather just like my Jeep is “Trail Rated”. We are in for some hilarious stuff folks!!!!


It is the insidiousness, that causes hackles to raise.
Is there a shampoo for that ?


Maybe the formulation of this Climate Control Shampoo will effectively cleanse the AGW propaganda from the heads of those who use it.
One can only hope.


I’m waiting for the reintroduction of environmentally friendly lightbulbs – the real ones, without mercury vapour, so that you don’t have to evacuate children and pregnant women if one breaks.


jaymam says: May 18, 2013 at 2:26 pm
“Mike Mann would need only a very small bottle, unless it works as sun cream as well!”
Mikey Mann polishes his dome with this product …
He is also rumoured to use these accompanying products as well …


Well, we’ve had the “Breck Girl” and now we have the ‘poo mann !


Greg Goodman says:
May 18, 2013 at 1:29 pm
How about sending Mike Mann a bottle with next year’s calendar ?
Luckily I`d finished My coffee before reading that , 10/10

Michael Mann made a deal with the… spiritual world. He traded his hair for brains. Folks here think that’s a raw deal. So he possibly could get arrested for mooning if he sticks his head out the window, that’d be about it. So smart, nothing sticks, way too slippery.

Janice Moore

“We are in for some hilarious stuff folks!!!!” [Pamela Gray]
Aaand, here it is:
“The mousse is not well reviewed because people seem to have a hard time getting it out of the can.” [Craig W. 4:24PM]
I haven’t laughed that hard in days. Thanks, Mr. W..

Gary Pearse

I note the Scampoo also covers climate protection UV rays, static, humidity and I can’t read the end one – maybe its made of CO2 or keeps out the missing heat. Oh boy! CAGW wailers have got it coming. I suspect that soon Mikey, Jimmy, Kevvy, and friends will be getting calls for endorsements.