A step in the right direction? Major shift in the UK’s government attitude to climate change

Story submitted by D.McNeil

I’d like to bring some points to the attention of your readers that were raised in an article in the Independent published on 11th May 2013  It would appear to indicate a major shift in the UK’s government attitude to climate change.

“The Government is facing an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers amid growing concerns that decisive action to tackle global warming is falling victim to Treasury intransigence.”

“A Government offshore energy industrial strategy document, due to have been published this month, is understood to have been delayed after Treasury objections. At the same time as proponents of renewable energy are leaving, Mr Cameron appears to be surrounding himself with climate change sceptics who are warning him that Britain cannot afford the cost of new renewables.”


“Mr Cameron has also appointed the former Tory minister Peter Lilley to his advisory board. Writing in The Spectator this week, Mr Lilley warned that the “green lobby” was “in control of the Department for Energy” and suggested that the case for global warming was far from clear-cut. “Global temperatures have failed to rise for 16 years,” he wrote. “Recent measures of how much global temperature rises as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases are far lower than is built into climate models.”

I find it very surprising that there has been so little reaction to  a member of the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Advisory Board using the phrases “the case for global warming was far from clear-cut.” and “built into climate models.” in the UK national press.

Independent article


Spectator article



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Could it be that reality is seeping in??

Stuart Elliot

Interesting how the issue is framed as a loss of talent rather than the beginnings of a return to sanity. But, as the saying goes, there are three sides to every story.

What is remarkable is the reluctance of said nebbies ( Brit slang for nebulous personalities) to stay and fight their corner when the catastrophists hold the commanding heights of UK governance. Either they don’t like it up ’em or there is conclusive evidence available to them that the scam is blown. Alternatively, they may be scampering away to a more protected employment in the EU. For those who don’t know of him, Peter Lilley is one of the few scientifically trained lawmakers in the British Lower House and has recently been making tsumamis in the UK climate alarmist world.


Yes, there has not been much coverage of this in the UK press, although ‘The Guardian’ (a left-of-centre, pro-Green Agenda newspaper) today (11 May) printed a story condemning the appointment of Peter Lilley and alleging him to be funded and backed by ‘big oil’. Of course The Guardian never complained when previous ‘pro-Green’ Government Ministers all had substantial business interests in ‘Green’ industries and investments.

Roy Jones

The UK Treasury’s attitude was signalled two months ago in the budget, when the ceramics industry was exempted from the climate change levy. Now they need to extend the exemption and encourage fracking, but the Liberal Democrats are still true believers, so I’m not holding my breath.


About time too. My energy bill has gone from £95 per month to £137.50 over the lifetime of this parliament & the blood suckers say they want more for windmills & an extended grid to distribute the power. Meanwhile the wholesale price of energy hasn’t changed.
We’ve switched Drax (4GW) to burning WOOD when it is sat on the the biggest coal seams in the UK. They are shutting down coal fired power stations and old nuclear ones. No one is building natural gas power stations because they won’t pay for the standby time when the wind IS blowing.
So even the regulators are predicting brown-outs in the next parliamentary term.
So I’ve told my local MP. If he doesn’t fix it I will vote for someone who will. Simples.
PS I could rant on for pages but we’d all get bored. Welcome to the UEA world.


It’s taken a very weak economy to finally see some cracks of light for these types. Of course there are those of us who have been saying all along that a cap on carbon is a cap on progress and the economy. For those in the government-green energy “complex,” they all knew this was an expensive Ferrari they could only afford if the bubble kept roaring upward, science-be-damned.

kicking and screaming . . .


PS The only joyous thing in this sorry story is that the Marxist idiot who implemented most of these stupid ideas has been put in jail for 8? Months on an unrelated issue. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Eve Stevens

“an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers ” Where are they going to? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Burundi?


It might be good news to UK but it could be one of the most negative global development. The exodus of the British “greenies” could be to more strategic places in the EU, UN, and other international organizations where they will have more funds and leverage over clientele that easier to manipulate and scare.


The Independent states:
“Coalition faces an exodus of energy experts as funding for renewables is held up on grounds of cost”
Ben Moxham
Jonathan Brearley
Ravi Gurumurthy
Energy experts? I wonder what makes them experts? Support for renewables perhaps?


This graph and a number of other relevant graphics have now been sent to a few MP’s following a meeting with my own last week
We are trying to point out that soaring energy prices, declining temperatures and the possibility of energy rationing is a toxic recipe for a govt hoping to be re elected in a couple of years time.

Osborne, for all his many faults, is a climate sceptic and it looks as if the ‘shale-gas’ of change is blowing through government.
I love the idea that the government ‘faces an exodus…’ as if it were some sort of problem. “The Green Taliban” is being ejected. Let’s hope its followed by a further exodus of large swathes of the civil service as well. Street sweeping springs to mind…


Perhaps it should read as follows:
“The Government is facing an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers amid growing concerns that decisive action to tackle global warming is falling victim to reality.”


Man made warming is a crock, it always was and intelligent men and women perceived the evident truth of this political scam [MMGW] long, long ago.
The dimmest of lights, are always to be found in the political sphere and here in Britain, the diminished wattage of most of our political claque is no secret. Hence, it has taken them longer to be switched on than everyone else, unfortunately due to the green agenda the current is intermittent and do not expect the pace of illumination to be anything other than glacial – it may take an ice age.

I see that the anal British are just as logic-impaired as their American environmentalist
brethren – let’s hear them explain why an oil company would give a flying f%^&ck what
type of fuel will be used to make electricity? It will never again be oil, that I can guarantee.

Dr T G Watkins

Smart meters to be introduced to move to a demand supply either by switching off consumers during periods of high demand and low supply or by massively increasing charges when supplies are low.
Truly frightening.


A color map of the world’s countries should be rendered according to their government’s propensity to inact green laws. Reality would dictate that the more green the government, the more brown the country should be colored; and the more skeptical the government, the more green the country should be colored.

Eve Stevens said:
May 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm
“an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers ” Where are they going to? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Burundi?
Heh – climate change refugees 🙂


Humans used to get up with the sun and go down with the sun. I suggest that approach be used for the UK until they mend their ways–for the next several decades, let them have electricity while the wind blows and none when it doesn’t.
At least they’d learn the lesson of cause and effect.

William McClenney

Of course on this side of the pond, all we have is Winston Churchill’s famous quip:
“We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”
One wonders how long it will take us to work through them all……..


Eve Stevens says: ““an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers ” Where are they going to? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Burundi?”


The Independent article got their “theologies” confused.

michael hart

Eve Stevens says:
May 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm
“an exodus of senior energy and climate change advisers ” Where are they going to? Zimbabwe? Liberia? Burundi?

Who cares? As long as they go and stay gone.
The bigger problem is repealing the 2008 Climate Change Act when only 2 MPs voted against it. No major party is making it an issue and senior government figures have their hands in the till with “renewables” subsidies.
Fear of UKIP is not yet running deep enough. They need persuading that if powers cuts happen as a result of the expensive green “no-energy” policies, then, come election time, they will be crucified.


I Jeremiah No Mates do concede that these do resemble actual if minuscule indications of a possible, potential but lets not bank on it change afoot.


Rocky Road:
“Humans used to get up with the sun and go down with the sun. I suggest that approach be used for the UK until they mend their ways–for the next several decades, let them have electricity while the wind blows and none when it doesn’t.”
Except…how do I break this to you, the wind blows or not irrespective of whether its day or night.
I think solar is your better target.


“The Green Taliban” That they are. As botched as our energy policy is it is hard to imagine one more insane than the one adopted in Britian.


WoW !
I wish to the gods our Spanish Government had the same gumption for a dare like that. Of course, here the”progressive” press ( that is, the press sold out to the “left and green supremacy” would raise hell .
Bravo !!!

Australia should see similar positive developments after our Federal election scheduled for September 14th. The ALP is really on the nose with the Australian public and is tipped to lose massive amounts of seats. The Liberal/National Coalition, when in government, is likely to carry out wholesale pruning of “Climate Change” and “Renewable Energy” bureaucrats thereby easing the burden on Australian taxpayers.
I wish it would happen sooner.


The British government is legally obliged to comply with the Climate Change Act 2008.
In the UK, the only way to bring about real change in attitude to climate change is by repealing the Climate Change Act 2008…
… And there is no evidence of that!


The issues facing us are stark. The windmill programme is designed to destroy our power grid’s ability to deliver despatchable energy thereby imposing a significant change on our economy, in effect making us third world.
The Marxist thought behind this, predicated on Agenda 21, is some form of payback for the effects of colonialism but in turn these people are being manipulated by the Eugenicists in the background, see ‘Population matters’, the elite run organisation planning this part of the programme.
So, imagine London with 50% power on, power off, just like Karachi or Islamabad but in the midst of the new Little Ice Age. Did someone mention CO2-AGW? It cannot happen because CO2 is used by the planet to regulate temperature, the working fluid of the Heat Engine.

richard verney

@johnofenfield says:
May 11, 2013 at 2:48 pm
I have often commented that my electricity bill in Spain is more transparent and it lists the costs of supply as about 48% of the bill total, and that taxes and subsidies account for 52% of the bill total. I have often suggested that those in the UK do not know how much they are already paying towards the green agenda.
Last week the Chairman (or CEO) of Scottish & Southern Energy was interviewed on Hard Talk. He said that the costs of supply were only about 50% of the bill costs. He was then less precise as to what the other 50% pertained to, but gave the impression that 25% was green energy costs and 25% was to meet government policy dealing with insulation and fuel poverty.
It is government policy to subsidise the costs of insulating homes and to assist those in fuel poverty (which may of course include bad debts/invoiced sums which the company cannot realistically collect due to the economic circumstances of the customer, eg., the customer is on benefits or working part time on the minimum wage). Whilst that may be government policy, it is the consumer (and not the company) who always pays; Accordingly, it is the consumer who can afford to pay their bills who effectively pays to subsidise others receiving incentives/subsidies/or even free insulation. It is the consumer who can afford to pay their bills who effectively pays for those in fuel poverty. This has driven up bill prices by about 25%. Of course, if bills were not so expensive there would be fewer who could not afford to pay their bills and therefore this element could be reduced by cheaper elecricity prices. Likewise if energy was not so expensive, less money would be spent on insulation which is often not cost effective (eg., double glazing may take more than 15 years to pay back and if energy was cheaper the pay back time may be more than 25 years).
The green element is presumably the costs of erecting wind farms and solar arrays, but it may also include the cost that the company has to pay for the higher cost of supply from these sources including the feed in tarriffs that it pays to consumers who supply the grid with domestically produced green enery. The executive was not entirely clear on this and the BBC interviewer did not press him to explain.
I have often commented that electricity prices could be almost halved if only there was political will. I make that comment upon the fact that my Spanish bill clearly states that the cost of supply is only about 485 (sometimes it is as little as 47.3% presumably this minor difference has something to do with market costs). It would appear that the same applies in the UK.
The government is therefore being very disengenuous when it suggests that ‘green’ matters are only adding nominal sums (may be presently only about £75 or so). In reality, people are already paying about £600, and that will only escalate.
PS. The hard Talk interview is probably available on BBC iplayer.

Michael Kelley

Meanwhile, over here in the US, Obama’s war on coal and low electricity rates is still being waged:

richard verney

viejecita says:
May 11, 2013 at 11:43 pm
From what I have read in the free newspapers, my understanding is that the Spanish government is cutting back on the subsidies that are paid for green energy production since these have become unaffordably high.
Further, the government has been embarassed by the solar scam, whereby producers of solar energy were supplying the grid on a 24 hour basis and getting generous feed in tariffs. This came as somewhat of a surprise since the sun does not shine at night, but then it was found that quite a few suppliers had hooked up diesel generators to supply electricity to the grid when the sun was not shinning. The costs of running the diesel generator was less than the earnings from the attractive feed in tariffs being paid for green energy production.
It certainly would help Spanish consumers many of whom are struggling to make ends meet due to high unemployment etc, if energy prices were reduced. Since more than 50% of the bill is made up of taxes and subsidies, the Spanish government could reduce electicity bills a lot if they were to further pull back from their green initiatives which are proving to be an expensive fiasco.


Don’t get too excited. Nothing will change until the Climate Change part is cut from the Department of Energy part!
As long as morons like Ed Davy are in place we will continue to work towards bankrupting ourselves here on the UK.

richard verney

Wamron says:
May 11, 2013 at 7:47 pm
The issue with wind is that it often does not blow when demand is at its peak. In the UK, energy peak is winter nights, especially cold winters.
The last few winters have been cold in the UK due to a blocking high sitting over the UK/Northern Europe. This blocking high has allowed cold frigid air to hover over the UK. There has been little wind when that blocking high was in place. These weather conditions went on for about 4 to 7 weeks.
A couple of winters ago, I monitored wind power output every day during those blocking highs. During this period, wind was producing typically between 3 to 5% of nameplate/installed capacity. There were a few days when it produced as much as 8%, but tyhis was more than offset by the number of days when wind produced less than 3% of nameplate capacity. As you know wind in usual conditions produces about 22% to 28% of nameplete/installed capacity.
In other words, just when energy demand was at its highest, wind was producing all but no energy. Indeed, for many days it may have been a negative since often in cold conditions when the wind is not blowing energy is required to be drawn from the grid to heat the lubricating oil and to keep the rotor turning slowly (to prevent shaft/bearing problems).
If the UK had been dependent upon wind to produce say 30% of its energy from wind, there would have been extensive brown out during the past 3 winters. These may have lasted for up to 7 weeks. This would have been very serious since even those with gas powered or oil powered central heating would have had no heating for lengthy periods since electricity is required for ignition purposes and to run the circulating pump. Only those with log or coal fires would have had warmth in their house. This is serious since most of the UK housing stock is old, not well insulated and damp. There would have been many deaths in this scenario especially in the old and vulnerable class.


Another lustrum, or perhaps two, will be needed before the politicians realize how vacuous is the science behind the CAGW fear-mongery.
In the meantime we can only hope that they do not further degrade the globe’s economies so fruitlessly with panic-stricken carbon strangulation policies.

John R Walker

Any shift in UK government energy and environment policy, and personnel balance, can probably be summed up in two words – Owen Paterson.
Google him if you don’t know what I mean. Squirrel lovers may want to look away now…

Steve Jones

Our Prime Minister is a spineless PR bullsh*t merchant. He has been spooked by the recent success of UKIP and is merely throwing a few crumbs to the discontented. If there was to be another surge in support for the greens, that is where he would head. We recently buried the last PM that was prepared to follow their values rather than focus group outputs.
The UK parliament is stuffed full of career politicians. Study their CVs and all you will find are student poliicians that have come through the party or local council route. Oh, and a disproportionate number of lawyers.

Old Goat

Whilst we’re stuck with the Press and television support of the “green agenda”, and also certain left-wing members of parliament, plus the outspoken imbecile known as the Prince Numpty of Wales, we don’t really stand much chance of winning against the “establishment”. Although the general public are beginning to realise they’ve been conned, and are (apparently, according to surveys) “not bothered” about the spread of the windfarm blight, they are far, far away from actually sitting up, taking notice and doing something about it. Only the good auspices of the UKIP element hasthe right idea, and any chance of changing things – if they’re allowed to. The chances of them actually forming a government with the way the voting system in the Former UK “works”, are pretty small. So we seethe, and are virtually helpless whilst our various countries and sovereignties are wrested wholesale from us, by thoise in pursuit of common purpose.


As ThinAir mentions “The Independent article got their “theologies” confused.”
In the same article quoted at the start of this thread, Barry Gardiner, Labour MP and member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, said: “It’s no wonder that people who understand the situation, have become frustrated that that theology has taken over the driving seat, and those policies are just being ridden roughshod over.”
Funny, that’s exactly how I have felt over the last few years. Science is defined by the scientific method based on evidence. Models are only implementations of theory which have to be backed up by evidence. There is no room for the word consensus in the scientific world. Just look up the definition of the word. It’ll be something like “agreement of opinions, usually within politics or religion”, the places where theologies belong.

I am planning to write to my local MP, to keep up the pressure.
The draft is below, which asks her to justify continuation of the Climate Change Act.
Any comments would be appreciated and anybody wishing to do similar is welcome to use the template.


Old Goat says:
May 12, 2013 at 2:23 am
“Although the general public are beginning to realise they’ve been conned, and are (apparently, according to surveys) “not bothered” about the spread of the windfarm blight,”
It is as in the US or in Germany: most people live in cities, where we are in no danger of a circle of 120m windmill towers with a radius of 400m being erected around us. That happens only to people who sought the tranquillity of the countryside and bought a single farmhouse in a windy spot of the country.
(Schleswig Holstein has recently reduced the minimum mandated distance between homes and new wind mills to 400m. To keep the business alive, such reductions are essential, as the industry is running out of good places.)

Paul Homewood is compiling a letter to send to his MP and this can be C&P for your own use. I’ve got a couple of links that I’ll add to mine. Some time back I emailed my local guy and didn’t even get a DECC handout as a reply. So I might try again but he wasn’t going to get my vote anyway.

Oops, should have gone to SpecSavers; just noticed Paul’s own post. Memo to self; refresh screen before commenting.


The Lib-Dems are the fly in the ointment of sanity, that and a spineless Prime Minister leads to a total lack of an energy policy.

I have a number of related graphs that I sent to my own MP such as this one mentioned up thread which a number of people have used
if people would like the full set please email me at tonyATclimatereasonDOTcom
We are trying to conduct a concerted campaign to inform MP’s of the energy situation , so if anyone has recently written to their MP perhaps they could let me know the name and constituency they represent?
Incidentally, I would strongly recommend a face to face meeting at a ‘surgery’. Politicians are adept at waving away written representations.