Al Gore's Reality Drop – Climate Change to Destroy Music?

Gosh, is there anything it can’t do?

People send me stuff. I would not have believed this unless I saw it from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, where I constantly wonder what sort of reality those people inhabit. See the yellow highlight.


Maybe the guy is being tongue in cheek, maybe he’s dead serious, it is hard to tell. But, this sort of messaging is probably something that resonates with the caliber of people who would buy into Gore’s version of reality in the first place.

With messagaging like this, I think my first take on it still holds: Al Gore’s ‘Reality Drop’ is a bomb – so let’s give him a ‘hockey stick

59 thoughts on “Al Gore's Reality Drop – Climate Change to Destroy Music?

  1. Not entirely sure what the problem is there, with the guy mentioning an interest in nature and music. Those are pretty damn common!
    Or, with the benefit of a re-read, I’m guessing it’s his ludicrous implication that both are in imminent jeopardy. Yeah, I’m going with that.

  2. You know .. at Live Aid, it was so hot that it made enjoying the music more difficult.
    I did notice that at Woodstock, the rain really didn’t stop everybody from enjoying the drugs.

  3. This guy really needs to change the name of his projest to something much more fitting.
    The Climate Reality Awareness Project.
    Then at least the acronym will let the people know what is dealt out there

  4. As far as I recall, Mraz also travelled with Gore to Antarctica and came back and wrote a rather cringeworthy piece about it. He’s a Gore tool; as a musician without success probably pretty cheap to buy.

  5. Mraz is not being tongue in cheek. He really is that much of an airhead. He is from here, so we are well aware of his shortcomings. Great singer – not too much left of the gray matter.

  6. It certainly isn’t tongue-in-cheek, when He says He’s passionate about it.
    Then again, sometimes His passion runs wild.

  7. LOL @ Mraz!
    Seriously, if you want to pile up a list of “environmental” impacts, just start poking around at the music industry and entertainment industry.
    Imagine the environmental impact of pressing, first vinyl albums, then CDs. The waste and damage from these things are amazing. Couple that with a distribution system worthy of food itself… truckloads, trainloads, boatloads of crap constantly shuffling product from Asia, from Europe, from everywhere.
    And don’t think the digital revolution makes things any better. Between power generation, the environmental damage caused by generation after generation of ipods being discarded or breaking is legendary. These things are sold by the MILLION, so while one alone is not a big deal, the entire bunch of them IS a big deal.
    We still have the problem of poster glut, t-shirts aplenty, and don’t even get me started on the excessive lifestyles pursued by the “stars” and their managers, hangers on, promoters, etc.
    For ANYONE in the music industry to start yapping about environmental damage or “climate change” is like a dictionary definition of “hypocrisy”, and ignorance. The music industry is NOT ESSENTIAL. In any way. It’s completely driven by greed, and has nothing to do with a productive or advanced society.

  8. That’s nothin’. Here in Ontario Climate Change apparently causes the snow plows not to meet standards sigh…..
    “Transportation Minister Glen Murray insisted the province’s standards for clearing snow off highways are being met, and blamed climate change for making the problem more difficult to deal with.
    “We maintain standards for any contractors who are delivering snow plowing services, and those standards haven’t changed and they’ve been maintained,” said Murray.
    “We are going through a period of climate change and are getting very aggressive and intermittent snow, so the challenges are certainly greater than they were before.”

  9. In the TV series the A-Team, this would be the place where Mr. T looks at Jason Mraz and says “Shut up, Fool!”

  10. I saw a news report that people are taking the scare of global warming, climate change and going ‘Green’ less seriously. The corrupt researchers, politicians and former politicians who have positioned themselves to have research continuously funded and/or to sell junk bonds called carbon credits now see their dreams of great wealth begin to slip away. They are now begining to panic and will become more dangerous or they could go ‘nuts’.

  11. Bryan A says:
    February 28, 2013 at 12:30 pm
    This guy really needs to change the name of his projest to something much more fitting.
    The Climate Reality Awareness Project.
    Then at least the acronym will let the people know what is dealt out there
    Just laughed a little too loud at work.

  12. Colder weather was rumored to be better for Italian violin makers a few hundred years ago. I wonder if Al is looking for the next Stradivarius. Just think, a couple of votes and it could have been President Gore, instead of the flim flam man enriching himself by fleecing the gullible.

  13. “We are going through a period of climate change and are getting very aggressive and intermittent snow”
    Climate change makes snowflakes mean and fitful!

  14. Lord, please, please stop Jason Mraz from making more music! For the climate, or whatever reason you need…

  15. You all act surprised. He did write 93 million miles for the climate reality project.

    Watts, you’re brave. Hating on Mraz is sure to mean a woman won’t touch you.

  16. WTF indeed, here on the wet coast we occasionally get snow but you guys get ‘aggressive” snow, does it come at you with a bat? scream obscenities? global warming is terrifying……cue the music.

  17. Jason Mraz is a musician, so of course he knows the truth about everything, right? It’s narcissism unplugged!

  18. In that Climate Reality letter Jason Mraz writes, concerning climate change; “This is the REAL information from scientists’ decades of research, not government or corporations.”
    Huh? What? So where does Mr. Mraz think Al Gore came from? The heavens? Or, maybe someplace hotter and lower (which might explain his aversion to warmth)? Now, much as I’d love to speculate on the latter the fact is he come from…government? And, Mr. Mraz, precisely what funded those decades worth of research the climate scientists so selflessly conducted? Did they use their own money? Or, maybe, more likely, the taxpayers’?

  19. From the wiki page on Mraz :
    “Mraz lives a health-conscious lifestyle and enjoys eating mostly raw vegan foods.[38] He owns an avocado farm in Bonsall in Northern San Diego County. Mraz is an active supporter of several charities including VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, MusiCares, Free the Children, Life Rolls On, the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community[39] (SPARC) and the Human Rights Campaign.[40] He has been named the 2010 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year. He also received the Clean Water Award in 2010 from the Surfrider Foundation.[41] The same year, he also teamed up with The Nature Conservancy[42] and created a PSA using his song I’m Yours to raise awareness about the non-profit organization’s efforts to protect the earth.[43] Jason performed at Farm Aid 2011 on August 13 in Kansas City. He has also advocated LGBT rights. ”
    It would appear he supports all things liberal, CAGW alarmism apparently being one of them.
    Just further support that CAGW alarmism is politically based, not scientifically based.
    I bet if you asked Mraz what he thought the the correct CO2 sensitivity value was & why he thought it was the correct value, he would give you a blank, deer in the headlights stare as he wouldn’t even know what you are talking about….. yet he is passionate about this “cause”.
    Emotion over facts will be the death of us all.

  20. “This is the REAL information from scientists’ decades of research, not government or corporations.”
    Al Gore, right? Which scientists? Would this be IPCC brand of science? Would this be the warmists/alarmists science? Which scientists spouting the warming meme would NOT be government funded? Can anyone point out a scientist Al Gore (or any associate) would be quoting that isn’t funded by governement? All the activist scientists are funded by government!

  21. I may not be unique, as I suspect the sponsor of the Survey Monkey (TM) survey might not necessarily enjoy my responses. No profanity, but a dose of incredulity . . . .

  22. I followed a link at the Reality Drop site (how appropriate, they dropped it long ago) to this rebuttal to climate change “deniers”.
    As our climate changes, some years will be warmer than others. Yes, 1998 was unusually warm (partly it was a strong El Niño year). But overall, 2005 and 2010 ⎯ which were tied for the warmest years on record, globally ⎯ were both hotter. Scientists have observed rising temperatures, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, melting Arctic sea ice, and increased humidity over the last several decades. The full range of available data from 1880 conclusively shows the world is warming. And we can expect that trend to continue as long as humans send carbon pollution into the atmosphere
    But then according to the UK Met Office 2006 was higher but 2010?

  23. Ok Climate Change is definitely something more people need to understand and look at. And I get trying to use celebrities to drum up support and awareness, but when they make silly statements like that it just takes away from the issue. Yes we get it Jason, you’re a musician. Next time try to sound smart instead of trying to sound “witty”. It just comes off like one of those Captain Planet or G.I. Joe “messages” which are targeted at little kids.
    P.S. That’s not to say they weren’t both awesome shows and staples of my childhood : )

  24. Do you people really not get that he means “We need to fight Climate Change so we can go on living and enjoying music.”
    I’m as much a skeptic as anyone else but this just seems to be a willfully ignorant attack.

  25. I really enjoy Jason Mraz’s music. His heart is in the right place, but he’s been seriously misinformed about climate change. He just needs to read this blog on a regular basis.

  26. Having never heard of this guy in the music world, I suspect losing his music would be no great loss. Maybe even losing his “environment” is also a good idea. It’s fracking with his head.

  27. Lil Fella from OZ says:
    Is there a drug we can put these guys on to bring them back to reality and the real world?
    If there were, it would have to be called “Buzz Kill”.

  28. I wonder about his concern “…This is the REAL information from scientists’ decades of research, not government or corporations…”
    Read it again: it’s from the CRP (started by a politician), and backed by Arnold Worldwide (an advertising agency headquartered in Boston). Where’s their source for the scientific research? Most of their stuff comes from SkS (SkepticalScience), started by a cartoonist.
    I thought it was supposed to use REAL information.

  29. It is time for artistic types everywhere to combat Global Warming by insisting on emission reductions.
    Therefore, the time has come to end Burning Man.
    In its place, we should celebrate Clean Green Free Renewable Energy, namely solar and wind.
    Ladies, gentlemen, and all others unspecified, let us now have
    Glowing and Blowing Man!
    And right on cue, here’s Al Gore back from a jog.

  30. “I’m just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I’m waiting for my rocket to come”
    -Jason Mraz
    That AND “truth” AND fun!
    I’d give both brain hemispheres and a multitude of facts for a piece of that action! (It apparently worked for Jason.)

  31. …or perhaps to put it more simply, it appears that the choice between being right and being cool is a “no brainer”.

  32. Obvious init. As it gets a lot hotter / colder and /or dryer / wetter the cat-gut and glue of your Strad. will melt or become brittle and your precious will disintegrate.

  33. So, have I understood this correctly? … Al Gore Rhythms are destroying music and Global Warming is causing snow to occasionally become tetchy, though possibly only in Ontario.
    ““Transportation Minister Glen Murray insisted … … We are going through a period of climate change and are getting very aggressive and intermittent snow”

  34. umakemelaugh says:
    February 28, 2013 at 1:51 pm
    “You all act surprised. He did write 93 million miles for the climate reality project.”
    What do you mean with “He wrote 93 million miles”? That he wrote a song called “93 million miles”? What is so astonishing about a musician working for Gore writeing a song for Gore? I thought that’s what musicians do?
    And yes, we are surprised by such an extreme amount of idiocy. We should have gotten used to it by now but it keeps stunning us.

  35. He refers to statements and claims that climate change doesn’t exist. I’m not sure which planet he lives on. I live on the Earth and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a claim that climate change doesn’t exist. This is pretty bizarre, as a major sceptical argument is that the climate is always changing.

  36. When I am looking for scientific answers to scientific problems, my first stop is always musicians, actors, and artists. They always have their feet set firmly on solid ground and their finger on reality. Their successful lifestyle, is all I need, to confirm the end is near, and we should all emulate their cosmic awareness. Feelings are never wrong. GK

  37. @ Lil Fellow from Oz, the drug they are pursuing to bring them back to reality, is poverty, works like a charm, I however do not want to be exposed to it.
    Involuntary doses of poverty cause psychotic reactions in my family.

  38. G Karst, I have to agree with you 100%. When I what reality I also look to this group of celebs who spend their whole working life pretending to be someone else, playing roles of fiction in films and stage plays about fictional times/events!
    It never ceases to amaze me how these same people are so knowledgeable about every issue that affects the environment, society and how we should live our lives.

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