'King' Obama to circumvent lawful due process on climate

FLASHBACK March 2011: Obama on Deporting Illegals ‘America Is a Nation of Laws,’ Presidential Action Not ‘Appropriate’

Obama Administration Moves Forward on Climate Change Without Congress

Forthcoming regulation likely means no new coal-fired power plants will be built in the United States

By February 22, 2013

President Barack Obama is tired of waiting for Congress to move on legislation to reduce carbon emissions, and his administration is poised to move forward on actions to do just that—including a move that will effectively eliminate the possibility of any new coal plant opening in the United States, experts say.

“We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence,” Obama said during his State of the Union address. “Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science—and act before it’s too late.”

Source: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/02/22/obama-administration-moves-forward-on-climate-change-without-congress

Sure, let’s ignore China and Germany building new coal plants like there is no tomorrow because some activist idiots (led by “death train” Hansen)have made the weak minded afraid of the weather.

What happens when people start dying in the cold winters because they can’t afford electricity? This is already happening in Britain. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2240716/24-000-died-cold-homes-winter-Fears-grow-figure-higher-year-spiralling-bills.html

My comment to this unlawful presidential action spurred on by irrational fearmongering activists like Bill McKibben and 350.org is simply “Up yours, Mr. President“.

h/t to reader e. c. cowan


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Ditto, Anthony!
“Up yours, Mr. President“.
This is chilling.
Winters are not going away. Energy bills will soar.
You have to weep for what this man and the AGW hogwash are doing to this formerly great land.

Tom O

So far, the only “promises” made by this president that have been kept are the ones that have direct and negative impact on US citizens. All other promises made, such as ending war, stopping torture, bringing economic growth and prosperity have all been proven to be only empty rhetoric. So sad. For a supposedly intelligent and loyal American, he has chosen to be anything but.

Those likely [EPA] standards—limiting emissions to 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour—virtually eliminate the likelihood new coal-fired power plants will be built.
“That’s huge, because just to look at the numbers, coal fired power plants emit around 2,200 pounds per megawatt hour where a new gas-fired, natural gas power plant is about 900 pounds per megawatt hour,” McGarry says. “So in order for any new coal to be built in the U.S. in 2013-2014, they would have to have some sort of carbon-capture technology, which at the moment is economically unrealistic.” USA TODAY 2/22 pg.1 of link

Ryan Simpson

Nice Job Barry. The US economy could use a good kick to the nuts right now. You know, whatever, your job is safe.

Much like what he is doing on education. He will have his fundamental Transformation whether the voters want it or not. He truly does mean an internal noetic transformation within people in terms of values, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs using education. What was being pushed as social and emotional learning anyway and hiding as unappreciated meanings of student achievement and growth is now angling to come in the front door as mental health first-aid.
Part of those changed beliefs is the belief that Gaia has a temperature and the reasons are man-made increases in carbon dioxide. This necessitates the reorganization of the US economy around Sustainability with government officials and bureaucrats in a position to designate the economic winners and losers. All this Industrial Policy being needed to stop the catastrophe assumed to be pending and impossible to disprove. So we have Dirigiste Mercantilism around a Low Carbon theme that just happens to benefit loyal supporters and their priorities and interests.
Most of us then are now to have a subject-sovereign relationship to government in the 21st century. We just are a bit more aware of such things here at WUWT than the general public is.
I share your sentiments Anthony.


How about the little matter of a charge of fraud and wilful deception, both for Obi and Billie.

Ray R.

An elegant and appropriate response. Thanks!

Louis Hooffstetter

This is legislation by the executive branch. It is a clear violation of our constitution, and therefore an illegal abuse of Presidential power. We need to force the Supreme Court to address this issue.
Any ideas?

Colin Gartner

The stupid, it burns. I know not what it is about cAGW that makes people so bloody clueless. It is painful listening to blowhards like Obama and Kerry speak on the matter. It is a damn shame what is happening in the US right now (speaking as an observer from north of the 49th). I have always been a great admirer of the US, and to see it in decline (IMO) is like watching a good friend slowly die from disease of one sort or another. Death by 1000 cuts, as it were. As I said, a damn shame.


This president is quite frightening.
He and his administration don’t think rules or laws apply to them.
Until the press actually starts reporting we are screwed.

Gary Pearse

Don’t tell me the Michigan Militia was right!


What will happen if the energy suppliers begin restricting their service areas to those seviced only by ‘compliant’ generating plants? Areas previously supplied by coal plants can use windmills.


Really chilling? Where were you when Cheney instituted searches of every email in the U.S. without legal oversight? Torture of US and foreign citizens in secret prisons?
I am not happy about carbon dioxide regs either, but to act as if our rights have not been eroding since 9/11 is to ignor reality. This is a much broader issue.

Does anyone really believe that King Obama is going to just step aside when his current term expires?

Willis Eschenbach

How did America get to the point where the President has the power to close down electricity generating plants at his whim? Was this the tripartite division of power envisioned by the founding fathers?
If I were the coal guys I’d run to attack the legality of this … but of course, they have to be careful, because King Obama the First has already said it’s legal for him to kill any American he wants to with drones because … well … um … because Obama said so, and if you don’t like it, well perhaps you’d like a vacation at Guantanamo, you remember it, the place Obama swore to close.
And as a result, looks like this year may bring us the first drone strikes on coal plants, or perhaps that would create too much “coallateral damage”, he’d likely just hit the Big Coal executives in their cars or homes or something, Because we know Obama doesn’t care about the wives and kids of the people he’s decided to murder, he’s shown that many times.
I say “murder”, because it is not done with due process, it is not decided by a jury of the man’s peers, he has no right to appeal, it is not authorized under the Constitution. He could have been a hundred miles away from what he’s alleged to have done, but he gets no chance to protest his innocence, he has no right to present witnesses. Nothing.
What happens is that one man decides to kill someone, and another man dies.
I call that murder, because that’s what it is.
PS—Obama has refused to say whether it would be legal for him to order a drone strike on American soil … are we feeling safer now?

Willis Eschenbach

Brad says:
February 22, 2013 at 10:33 am

Really chilling? Where were you when Cheney instituted searches of every email in the U.S. without legal oversight? Torture of US and foreign citizens in secret prisons?
I am not happy about carbon dioxide regs either, but to act as if our rights have not been eroding since 9/11 is to ignor reality. This is a much broader issue.

Since Obama has continued and even increased Cheney’s searches, where were you? To act as if our rights have not been eroding since his inauguration in 2009 is to ignore reality. This is a much broader issue.


Due process soon will include the Pres. signing an executive order that makes CO2 emissions a crime with jail time and declare that blogs like this are accssory to the crimes and subjet to fines also.
Just watch one of his recent events, try to watch several of them, understand what it protends ahead for all of U.S..
Yes this thread is a correct response.
When he or his help mates attack you direct here your will have firm evidence that you are a danger to them.
At tha point be on guard and do not give them a opening to attack you via Eric Holders Justice Dept..


Another executive order that will hit the elderly and the poor hardest—just the individuals he needs eliminated. As Hitler called these and others: “Useless Eaters” or “Life Unworthy of Life”.
These “T-4” programs of Hitler were also put into real practice by Margie Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.
Federal euthanasia is the next “T-4” cog in the wheel to follow high energy costs, and Obamacare and the death panels.

Willis: 100% spot on. Murder.


Barry will retire to his $40 mill Beach front mansion in Hawaii along with his $100+ mill trust fund from his rich socialist patrons. Not bad pay for 8 yrs of golf. holidays and fundamentally wrecking the US economy!

From a strategic perspective, this administration scares the crap out of me.


Lets not go overboard. A judicial review of any EPA new regs is for sure in the cards. The justices hate having to do science, but they will have to, because the EPA has stopped doing it.

James Evans

“Was this the tripartite division of power envisioned by the founding fathers?”
Surely the tripartite division of power was simply based on the British tripartite division of power, with a few tweaks. And do we really want to go into what was envisioned by the founding fathers? They had some pretty weird ideas on race, for a start.


Americanos, unfortunately mostly handwaving. You had a chance to kick him out, you did not. Republicans picked a lame duck candidate Romney who never never had the slightest chance of winning being a Mormon etc. You will have to put up with this horse**** until the next election. Rubio is the ONLY winner the republicans have currently got. Lets hope they dont f*** ** again!

As someone who owns some working interests in natural gas wells and who also invests primarily in natural gas producing companies, I rejoice at this move which will mandate an ever increasing demand for Nat Gas plants and thus a steadily increasing price! Anyone connected to the o & g drilling business should profit handsomely from this move. (and yes, especially Exxon, who should finally get a nice payoff from their purchase of XTO energy a couple years ago – so much for sticking it to “the big guys”.)
Sorry for all you consumers out there who are going to get the shaft when you have to pay these higher prices, but hey, you’re the ones who voted for this guy.

Laurie Bowen

I’m in the same mindspace as Eliza. The Republicans lost the last presidential election because they couldn’t beat an incumbent that somehow turned out to be a worse performer than Bush. So America and the world gets another four years of economic decline under Obama.

Mike Smith

It’s exactly what a (small) majority voted for. There is no longer any chance of a reversal. The body of people supporting the march toward Socialism is growing daily.
It will take one or more States to secede from the Union before those believe in freedom and personal responsibility will once again have a home. But I’m not even sure that can happen when states like Texas are packed with liberals.


Sorry folks but Climate Central has many a ‘news’ release paving the way for, and mitigating this action. Go figure.
I only hope that Comedy Central has been informed as well.
“There’s a war on coal in America — or at least that’s what players in the coal industry say. They’re not entirely wrong. Coal prices in the U.S. are falling and coal plants are being retired. Most of that change is being driven by what analysts refer to as “market conditions” — otherwise known as shale gas and fracking, which has driven prices for natural gas down, down, down. That’s encouraged utilities to phase out coal in favor of cleaner natural gas — a transition that has been accelerated by federal environmental regulations that will increasingly limit the sort of air pollution associated with old coal plants.”
Read more: http://science.time.com/2012/11/21/the-war-on-coal-is-being-won-in-the-u-s-but-the-real-battle-is-overseas/#ixzz2Leh55c1w
But the footprint of shale gas mining, extraction, and transportation releases more GHGs than a refitting and production of cleaner coal plants. Coal = Romney and Shale gas = Obama.
The push has been on to replace old plants with new ones and start construction by the end of 2012, since 2004: http://www.netl.doe.gov/coal/refshelf/ncp.pdf see p 18
The now “no more new ones” is just spinning the plan all along.
And anyways, more than a 1,000 plants are planned worldwide, anyways,
No worries, trillions of tonnes of Green House Gases (GHG) will be released no matter what the spin tornadoes say. If it has no effect…well then hallelujah…and Amen.


CAGW is like an autoimmune disease destroying a society: an overactive immune response of mankind against substances and tissues normally present in the environment.
There is a cure though: knowledge!
Keep fighting the good fight, Anthony!
One day knowledge and common sense will prevail!

Vince Causey

Well at least you get to keep the coal power stations you already have. In the UK they are preparing to dismantle existing coal fired power stations to meet EU directives.

Bob Diaz

If someone had told me 5 years ago that we would be seeing clear violations of our constitution, I would have never believed them. We live in scarey times.

lurker, passing through laughing

The President has been treated as a spoiled child.
Instead of vigorous pushbacks from all who claim to care about the Consitution, and public exposure from a press committed to preervation of our liberties, we instead are experiencing a slow motion train wreck: His policies do not work, will not work and the price- our financial future and the rule of law, is tragic.
“Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” comes to mind.

Mark Bofill

Mike Smith says:
February 22, 2013 at 11:06 am
It’s exactly what a (small) majority voted for. There is no longer any chance of a reversal. The body of people supporting the march toward Socialism is growing daily.
Yup. President Obama himself doesn’t really irritate me. It’s the fact that we elected him that really gets under my skin. He’s just one of the more visible symptoms of the stupidity of our society – what else would we expect though, of our nation of Honey Boo Boo followers, most of who couldn’t even tell you the name of the Speaker of the House?
Don’t misunderstand me. I understand why we have a democratic republic and I don’t have a better solution to propose than that. All I’m saying is, President Obama isn’t the root problem; our averaged out stupidity as a people is.

john robertson

I say, encourage the great one.
Every generation the parasites seek to rule over the productive.
They will fail again.
Obama and crew are believers in global government and the superiority of the educated class.
Same old song, we the bureaucrats, NGOs too, can better run your life than you can.
Therefor we deserve to live at your expense, leeching off of production.
We the never productive, are best fit to control production.
The progressives are engaged in massive overreach.
This is good, informed citizens are necessary for the republic to function, ditto for a democratic civil society.
51% of voters, who voted, are current believers, that the liberal, progressive methods work.
I call them ill-informed, as I believe policies based on theft must run out of willing victims.
Current government policies and practises are hurting the producers already and that damage will be felt by all voters, increased tax bite, combined with less income and freedom.
Socialism is wonderful, until you run out of other peoples wealth.
These are the times when citizens wake up, our liberal progressive friends are strange, they mistake silence for agreement, so when they scream down any doubters they seem to assume they have consensus.
What they actually have is increased resentment, anger and obstruction.
The failure of Obama and friends great vision and the exposure of the complicity of the our government agencies, the UN and the fake environmentalists, will be a boon to this generation.
A taste of Zimbabwe will create more informed citizens, that any amount of outreach and logic.

Laurie Bowen

@Bob Diaz says:
February 22, 2013 at 11:14 am
What makes you think there is anything different than 5 years ago. It’s not . . . .
How many people still say OJ did it.


What’s wrong with you people?
I call it part and parcel of being a visionary.
If he allowed these coal fired plants to be built, what would happen when he closes down coal mining The nation could suffer.

Stephen Richards

So sad. For a supposedly intelligent and loyal American, he has chosen to be anything but
Oblarny ? intelligent, loyal ? Have I misread. What bloody planet are you from? He is Kenyan, unintelligent though damn crafty and slimy. Sorry if I misread.


+1 to Joey’s comments at http://joannenova.com.au/
Pachauri quietly blows goalposts away, pretends to like skeptics. It’s all PR to keep the gravy train running
Spot on.

The good people of Boulder, Colorado, USA are trying to buy out the local (Xcel) power company so they can righteously shut down the historic coal-fired Valmont power plant. It produces steam and some of the Gas of Life. Boulderites hate the Gas of Life and want to ban it from the People’s Republic of Boulder. Less power to them.

“My comment to this unlawful presidential action….”
I’m sorry, but it’s not unlawful, as Congress gave the Executive these powers when they created and paid for the EPA in the first place. From at least the meat packing scandal in 1905, the executive has been granted power by Congress to make these controversial decisions, so that they wouldn’t have to. It’s the same way we go to war now. They write the declaration in a way that give the Exec the decision to go to war so that they won’t suffer the consequences. See the mealy-mouthed ” Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq” as a perfect example. They gave the Pres the ability to go to war, and then some – the opposition party Democrats – claimed to be shocked and disapproving when he actually did.
And I do agree with Brad to a point. It’s funny that partisans only get concerned about excessive executive action when it’s controlled and done by the other party.


Brad says:
Really chilling? Where were you when Cheney instituted searches of every email in the U.S. without legal oversight? Torture of US and foreign citizens in secret prisons?
I am not happy about carbon dioxide regs either, but to act as if our rights have not been eroding since 9/11 is to ignor reality. This is a much broader issue.

Brad, you’re absolutely right. It IS bigger, because both D’s and R’s are responsible. Now, Cheney has been out of office (as VICE President, BTW) for 4 years. Obama is in office now. So do we gripe about the past, or deal with the present?
“He did it too” is no excuse.

Joseph Adam-Smith

Read the Dily Mail article. And what was the response by the warmists?
Dave Timms, of Friends of the Earth’s Warm Homes campaign, also called for government action, saying: ‘The Government must take action to tackle this homemade humanitarian disaster by ensuring we all have warm and energy-efficient homes.’
How about ensuring we have reliable source of energy? Like keeping our coal-fired power plants running until new plants are built – preferably gas (using UK fracked sources), nuclear (but just about all the energy companies have pulled out because of the lack of policy) and coal – there is over 300 years’ of the stuff underground in the UK!


I bet dollars to doughnuts that most of the coal saved from this action gets shipped offshore.


From where I live (UK) I see the USA has piles (of trouble) and it seems that Barack (Preparation) H Obama figures he is the suppository. Hah!!


Well, if I had a “Sophie’s Choice” between Merkel’s no nukes and BO’s no coal, I’ll choose the latter(cough . . cough). Since most Western countries are really in a No Growth condition, no one in the US will notice shortages for another 10+ years. By then, the other party will get the blame. Of course there are minor inconveniences like long term base load plant replacement that will be put off. Oh, the gas and turbine people must be giddy.


Vince Causey says:
“Well at least you get to keep the coal power stations you already have. In the UK they are preparing to dismantle existing coal fired power stations to meet EU directives.”
Yup. Except the Germans, who failed to meet their co2 cuts under said pointless EU directives can build nearly 30 coal fired power stations instead. Maybe if we are nice we can buy electricity off them.


Perhaps Obama has joined the Sierra Club and now no longer feels obligated to accept the law?
Perhaps he will take instruction from Pres. Brune to “fight with both fists” and chain himself to the White House fence and get arrested?


Is anybody really surprised by this? I’m not.

Demonstration Project for Earth Day 2013: Turn off every coal fired power plant for 24 hrs.
Just think of of the damage such an “project” would cause to the electrical grid, power plants, the economy, and the enevitable lives lost to blackouts and brown-outs. Just a dispassionate discussion of the disaster that would unfold might be instructive.
How long would it take to restart the grid? How would it be done?
How long would it take to restart industrial processes designed to run 24/7?
How could we monitor the problem with nearly all communication turned off?
How much food would have to be discarded?
How many windows would remain unbroken?