Keystone XL: NASA's James Hansen risks arrest…. again

From @connect in my Twitter feed today:



I count 39 in this photo, including half bodies at far left. IMHO, 39 angry activists don’t speak for the country. Hansen, seen standing at far left in the grey fedora, keeps coming back for more, time and again. I wonder if there is some sort of “Three strikes” law for people like him?  I’m reminded of a line in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption:

Andy Dufresne:

Maybe you should try a new career.

Tommy Williams:

What’s that?

Andy Dufresne:

I said, since you don’t have much success as a thief, you should try a new career.

Ryan Maue has some interesting takes on the photo op:

Maue_keystone2 Maue_keystone1


UPDATE: (h/t to Latitude and NJ_Snow_Fan) James E Hansen was arrested again today according to Washington Post story.

UPDATE2: Ryan Maue notes via FB messaging: mote first line of second page of WashPo article on Keystone XL:

“The protest was well orchestrated and had an exclusive air about it, bringing together the elite of the environmental movement.”

…this was a “by-invitation only” protest with 38-45 people. WaPo nails it.


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I think it’s touching that they have woolly gloves and coats on while protesting about the climate being too hot.


Explain to me again how buying oil from Saudi Arabia instead of Canada reduces CO2?


It’s funny how these guys act like Keystone XL is some kind of “make or breaK” thing. Part of it is already under construction, the part from Oklahoma to Texas, with the President’s blessing.
And about a month ago, the Seaway pipeline reversal was completed, so more oil can get from Cushing down to Houston for refining. That didn’t even get a peep from Hansen or McKibben.
That’s just the two projects that I’m familiar with. I’m sure there are at least a dozen more major projects underway, all with the same goal… get more oil out of Canada. Even if the remainder of Keystone XL doesn’t happen, the amount of oil coming out of Canada is only going to go up.

All the same arguments were used againt the Trans Alaska Pipeling…and we all now know what a massive environmental disaster that has been…. /s
Alaska Pipeline Doomsayings Revisited:

How has he avoided being charged under the Hatch Act?

Shame nemo missed them. Perhaps if they were freezing to death, they would not begrudge heat to those without the luxury of woolly gloves and coats.

More Soylent Green!

To borrow from and mangle Carl Sandburg: “What if they had a protest and nobody gave a [crap]?”

Theo Goodwin

How old was Hansen when he first saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark?”


OldWeirdHarold says:
February 13, 2013 at 10:47 am
“Explain to me again how buying oil from Saudi Arabia instead of Canada reduces CO2?”
Kind of explains why the President of the US showed fealty to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia when he bowed to him.


Graham says:
February 13, 2013 at 10:39 am
I think it’s touching that they have woolly gloves and coats on while protesting about the climate being too hot.


What a bunch of complaisant pampered looking stuck up privileged a[snip]. If I were there I would risk arrest myself, by taking out my equipment and hosing them down with my personal bio-products.


Dr Ball, for someone like Hansen to be arrested and convicted, the DOJ must be interested in actually doing their job. That is not the current culture at the Department of Justice.


How does Dr. Hansen get away with this? If an ordinary GS-12 engineer with a security clearance was arrested in a street protest, they would be summarily fired. Dr. Hansen on the other hand not only gets a pass from his employer, he gets celebrated in the media.


39 protesters. Thousands of jobs. To me the numbers speak for themselves.

Mark and two Cats

“…since you don’t have much success as a thief, you should try a new career.”
What relevance has this quote? Hansen has had mucho success: he has copped large money and wields big influence.
More’s the pity.

It is painful to see fools being taken in by the AGW hoax.

Karl Koehler

The Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam is a climate activist?


I am becoming increasingly convinced that many of the devotees of the many – ism’s that have proliferated since the 1960’s, most particularly environmentalism with its proponents drawn from those most remote from the core basis for material existence – literally de-natured – are actually developmentally retarded.
Looking at these ageing creatures who generally give the impression of seeking the certainty of a secure childhood in absolutes that only mummy and daddy can give, I am struck by the resemblance in the seated cross-legged pose to primary school children who have been assembled for a class photograph.


OT, what day of the month does the widget get updated?

I’ve looked at that picture many times and I can’t see any poor people.
Alarmists are Discriminating Against Poor People!!! *
* but most of the big oil funded conspiracy theorists that read WUWT already know this.

Fred Jensen

Funny hats seems to be a trend – I think I see at least three fedoras in the crowd. Not sure how the cowboy hat got in there…

It’s good to see the numbers dwindling. They must be sooooo disappointed.

Darryl Hannah arrested! The rest were just celeb airheads.


I hope Billy gets out of jail in time for his CO2 tax presentation tomorrow 😉

J Broadbent

This is ominous for the Team’s cause. Only 40 to 50 concerned activists and most of these the high priests.
The celebs and experts have been deserted by their foot soldiers?

Richard Day

Be a real shame if they got arrested and sent to a maximum security penitentiary by mistake and released into genpop.

David L.

Do these people even know what they are protesting?

He should not be arrested for protesting!
The charge should be fraud against mankind!


For all the manipulative appeal to cloying emotion displayed by the oft repeated “for our grandchildren”, and the relentless propaganda of 6 or more years, it is truly astounding that they don’t look to have been able to muster one 20 yo to their cause.
If they can’t even get their own children to take an interest, where can these people be placed on the spectrum of the lunatic fringe? Are their children simply too mortified and ashamed to come out publicly and denounce all this?


What a bunch of self important liberal idiots.
I wonder how many of them suck on the taxpayer teat?


Activists arrested at White House protesting Keystone pipeline
Shortly after noon, D.C. police began arresting the protesters, who included actress Daryl Hannah as well as prominent climate scientist James E. Hansen, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune and civil rights veteran Julian Bond. Some of the activists tied themselves to the gates with plastic handcuffs; others sat and refused to budge despite officers’ multiple requests. Bill McKibben, co-founder of, which has helped galvanize significant grass-roots opposition to the plan, said Obama cannot ignore that the carbon-intensive process of extracting crude from Alberta’s oil sands will destabilize the planet. “Whether it’s convenient or not for our politicians, this is the test,” McKibben said in an interview before being arrested, adding that Wednesday’s protest and a climate rally slated to take place Sunday in Washington were designed “just to keep this in front of people’s minds. . . . This is the first environmental issue that’s brought Americans into the streets in many, many years.”
Activists arrested at White House protesting Keystone pipeline – The Washington Post

I wonder if Hansen was ‘on the clock’ while protesting. Could this be an infraction of NASA employment rules? Maybe someone will submit an FOIA request for his time card for today……LOL!

James Ard

It would be interesting to find out who all of these people are and what organizations they work for.


Did they all turn up on the same bus?

Latimer Alder

Looks like a Goldman Sachs awayday jolly…with compulsory ‘dressing down’ and badges for the participants.
Hardly a rerun of the Million Man March is it?

Larry in Texas

Tim Ball says:
February 13, 2013 at 10:50 am
As always, God bless you, Tim, for your courage and intelligence in stating the skeptical truth. You make a very good point about the Hatch Act. But these days, it seems like the Hatch Act is honored more in the breach than in the observance.
My constant refrain, spoken while blue in the face: FIRE HANSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The 21st century version of the Keystone Cops…


Anthony, Just so I don’t get this wrong, James Hansen still works at NASA as of today and is in charge of Tempature Data that is released to the public?.
Aug 2011 James Hansen was arrested for protesting also.
How can anyone trust tempature data from NASA ever with Hansen still working for NASA?

Jeff L

“including half bodies at far left” …. are we talking about the photo or politics …. maybe that should be “half minds on the far left”

Jeff L

What’s amusing is they seem to think if they stop the pipeline, the oil won’t be produced & burned; The only difference is if it gets burned here or in China. Talk about a futile protest.

james griffin

Love the bit about lined up like primary school kids…just one problem. If a teacher told my class it would get warmer and we would never see snow again at least one of us would have pointed out we now get snow every winter.
Miss…why is that….?
err….The snow is caused by warming….
How miss?
err Mr Hansen will tell you…
Mr Hansen’s chained to the railings outside…has he been naughty?
… he coming back Miss?


‘I wonder if there is some sort of “Three strikes” law for people like him? ‘
If there had been he would have gone past it long ago, the reality either he dies or you have to wait for a new president before he loses his job has he is in like a horse tick .
Meanwhile he carries on trashing NASA reputation , something they will come to regret when their funding goes bye, bye

Waiting for Zeke and Mosher to swoop down and explain what this is.


It’s good to see they’re all wrapped up nice and warm. It’s nice to see that Daryl Hannah is so concerned about global warming that she was willing and was in fact arrested…….again. It was great to see the concerned Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director there too.
Here is Daryl Hanna in October last year protesting yet again over oil sands. How did she get back home and what fuel was used? See the irony and hypocrisy.
October 18, 2012
Protestors will be flying to Defend Our Coast from all over Canada

There’s even the possibility American celebrities like Daryl Hannah and Mark Ruffalo will drop by, since the two Hollywood hotshots have publicly endorsed the event.
The speakers and many of the participants will be flying in from across Canada, some of them from outside the country.
An angry young Alanis Morissette might ask, isn’t it ironic to burn jet fuel made from oil to attend a rally to protest burning oil?
The irony would only be compounded if the jet fuel was made from oil sands crude, which will undoubtedly be the case for the return journey out of Vancouver International.
I debated this not insignificant hypocrisy of the eco-warriors with Mike Hudema of Greenpeace on Facebook the other day.

Daryl Hanna did turn up for the protest.
Keystone XL Pipeline rebuttal against Warmists


David says:
February 13, 2013 at 10:49 am
. Even if the remainder of Keystone XL doesn’t happen, the amount of oil coming out of Canada is only going to go up.
David, don’t take your eye off the pea……this guy is the sock puppet
…..pass cap and trade….approve the pipeline……under the condition that Canada has a carbon tax

lurker, passing through laughing

Hansen is a self-parody, besides a body double for Homer Simpson.

I love it. Go, Homer! Go! …..errr Dr. Hansen!


One thing I find odd about the hold up on the keystone pipeline, the part that would bring oil from the North Dakota fields, currently carried by Buffett’s railroads, is a big section under contention. Humm.

Frank K.

Yup, looks like ol’ Hansen’s made the News (again):
NASA’s top climate scientist and government official James Hansen was arrested Wednesday outside the White House — at least the fourth arrest now for the scientist.
Hansen, a controversial and highly vocal proponent of the argument that man’s actions have dramatically affected the planet’s climate, is the director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies — a position for which he earns a $180,000 taxpayer-paid salary.

You see, my friends, Hansen and his liberal, leftist buddies are already set for life with huge earnings and savings, and all the creature comforts life in the U.S.A. can provide. And, apparently, he wants to ruin the lives of working class Americans – i.e. those who would potentially be put to work constructing and operating the Keystone pipeline. Their jobs, their incomes are secure. Yes, Hansen and his greedy cronies will be rewarded with double digit percentage salary increases, and generous government benefit, while you and I twist in the wind with high private sector unemployment, high energy prices, insane regulations and government intervention, and higher taxes (even a carbon tax).


I would have lost my public service job for being arrested.