The Lewandowsky participation question

UPDATE: There are so many respondents (thank you) and since it is clear that about 97% of WUWT readers hadn’t seen/participated in 2010 Lewandowsky survey, that we’ve added a second thread to get the most important part of the data.

You can still record your participation/non-participation below in the question form, but if you DID PARTICPATE in 2010 please also see this new thread:

People who previously answered that they DID participate in 2010 are encourage to drop a note in comments at that new thread.

At the suggestion of Steve McIntyre, I’m posting this request because we know that both AGW proponents and skeptics alike read WUWT daily. It therefore is the most broad reaching venue to ask this simple question:

Did you participate in the Lewandowsky conspiracy opinions survey anywhere in the year 2010 on any blog? (if you are unfamiliar with it and don’t know if you did/did not,  read Lewandowsky’s paper here)

There are two steps: First I ask you to do the poll below, then leave a comment with your usual handle in the comment section signifying your answering the question.

Note that unlike the Lewandowsky poll, safeguards are in place to prevent vote stuffing.

Step 1: Answer the question below

Step2: Leave a comment in your usual handle/name below stating your answer in Step 1 (note Steve’s re-boot at the top of WUWT to leave a comment in the other thread if you did participate).

This will be a sticky top post for a few days. Please ONLY LEAVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION YES/NO. Most others will be deleted. Thanks for your consideration – Anthony


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I did not participate in Lew’s poll!

Will Nelson

Skeptic, did not participate

David, UK

I can’t see many AGW proponents participating in this – not the honest ones anyway. But I guess we’ll see.

Steve R

SkeptIc-did not take survey


As they say… “I wouldn’t go there!”

I am a skeptic and I did not participate in the survey and I am still waiting for my first oil or coal company check.


Skeptic, did not participate.

Peter Hartley

I chose option 2 — skeptic non-participant

Michael Auer

I’m skeptic, and did not participate

Ken in Beaverton, OR

Skeptic and did not vote in 2010.

James Allison

Skeptic, did not participate


Second answer




I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky Survey in 2010

Mark Nutley

Cast my vote

Latimer Alder

Sceptic. Never heard of this survey until the last two months. I did not participate in something I did not know of.

I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewa[n]dowsky Survey in 2010

No, never saw it on any blog that I visit.

Mike Walsh

Clicked and done

Neil Jordan

I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky Survey in 2010.

Lance Wallace

I am a skeptic and did not participate in the survey.

Jorma Kaskiseiväs

Skeptic / DID NOT


I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky Survey in 2010


I really can’t see why a skeptical person would have participated in the Lewadowsky Survey of 2010


Skeptic and did not participate in survey.

Interstellar Bill

I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky survey in 2010.


I am truly amazed that so few people (warmists in particular I guess) have done so little research on their own to try and understand Climate Change.
As a former Green Party member and voter I understand their concern for the planet, but to just listen to the media / watch movies such as An Inconvenient Truth etc, without doing due diligence is plain stupid.
The media feel the need to promote catastrophe – they have to make a profit for their shareholders. As for Al Gore – well, the less said the better. Let him slide into history as a teller of fairy tales.
It takes very little research to understand that the Earth has been warmer than present most of the time since the last Ice Age ended.
How did the Vikings manage to grow enough hay to feed their cattle through winter without a warmer climate then? It’s certainly not possible now to do that in Greenland.
We all know that the truth will always come to the surface and the Warmists will be shown to be “the sky is falling” people.
It’s time their leaders showed some common sense and helped the rest of these sheep to understand the truth.

Chris Phillips

Skeptic, did not participate

Odd Haugland

I am a skeptic and I never did see the poll


Skeptic, did not participate.


My BIG OIL cheque bounced and so I didn’t participate in Lewandowsky’s survey


skeptic and did not participate in lewadowsky survey

skeptic, no participation.


Done. Option 2

D Boehm

Skeptic & I did not take part in the survey.

ben bock


Dave Dodd

Skeptic, did not participate!


Skeptic, no Lew poll.

Brian Macker

Skeptic, No.

DG Eagling / I voted “I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky Survey in 2010”

Chris B

Skeptic, did not participate

Kit Blanke

answer two

Bob, Missoula

skeptic no

My vote was: I’m a skeptic and I DID NOT participate in the Lewadowsky Survey in 2010, mainly because the year 2010 passed by without me being aware of «the Lewadowsky Survey» at all

Political Junkie

Skeptic – nope!


Did not participate in the 2010 “poll” …


Skeptic, I did not participate.

Steve Keohane

Skeptic, did not participate.

Luca G

Skeptic, and did not participate in the Lew poll.


Skeptic, did not participate.