Climate Alarmists Target the Arabunna People – With No Evidence

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The Arabunna people live in the area around Lake Eyre in Southern Australia. It is a hot, hostile desert region, which is no surprise, because … well … it’s in Australia. Here’s the general area where they live:

Figure 1. Lake Eyre region in South Australia. Yellow line show the area from 25°-30°S, 135°-140°E

A new report from the University of Everybody-Panic is a study of the horrendous future faced by these poor folks:

The first stage of University of Adelaide research released today shows that South Australia’s Arabunna country, which includes Lake Eyre in the far north, is likely to get both drier and hotter in decades to come.

“Temperatures could increase up to four degrees Celsius in Arabunna country in the next century, threatening the survival of many plants and animals,” says the author of the report, Dr John Tibby from the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population. SOURCE: PhysOrg

Yes, temperatures “could” increase … and I could win the lottery, but I’m not quitting my day job just yet. Meanwhile, back in the real world, what’s been happening in the Lake Eyre region in the last thirty years? Figure 2 shows the satellite-derived temperature trends for the lower troposphere in the area around Lake Eyre, from both the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and Remote Sensing Services (RSS).

Figure 2. Satellite temperatures for the lower troposphere in the Lake Eyre Region of Southern Australia. Photo shows the approach to Lake Eyre. Temperatures are the average of the region outlined in yellow in Figure 1. All data from KNMI

So … here’s the deal. We have no evidence that the temperatures are rising in the Lake Eyre region. There has been little change in the area temperatures since the satellite records began. Despite that, University of Adelaide professors are selling their fantasies of a terrifying future to the Arabunna, the aboriginal people who live in the area.

Meanwhile, the temperatures in the region are currently lower than they have been in the entire satellite record

The professors seem to find nothing wrong with scaring the aboriginal people who have lived there for generations. And where do their projections of a 5°C temperature rise originate? Well, as usual, it’s models all the way down, and even the modelers say that their models are useless at the regional level … but despite that, these professors from the University of East Wankerton or wherever it is are more than happy to use these useless models to terrify the local folks.

I find this kind of crying wolf reprehensible, particularly when it is aimed at indigenous people, but hey, that’s just me.



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Restless 1

Been saying for some time, that any policy originating from the left is designed to perpupetuate poverty. Lying is no issue to them.
If these policies hit the darkskinned harder, they consider that a bonus.

Henry chance

When the actual current data is found to be bad in terms of support of the hysteria, there are 2 choices. Either adjust the data or go to the forecasts down the road and use them instead of actual data.

Markus Fitzhenry

The current status of the lake;
It’s not too late to get your entry into this;
Outback Spirit – Lake Eyre Yacht Club Regatta
Lake Killamperpunna, Cooper Creek, 1-6th July 2012


“When we are alarmed with imaginary dangers in respect of the public, till the cry grows quite stale and threadbare, how can it be expected we should know when to guard ourselves against real ones?” – Samual Croxall author, The Boy Who Cried Wolf from The Fables of Aesop and Others


The headline is what they are after. The retraction comes later and is buried. They don’t care because nobody reads that.

I am going to pull part of an earlier comment up here to illustrate why reality and facts and what the science really shows and actual temperatures all seem to fall before the models. Why IPCC doesn’t care if its reports are accurate. Why Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth worked despite the inaccuracies.
The Huxley is Julian Huxley who basically founded UNESCO. These views remain dominant throughout the UN agencies because they foster power and bring money. And when we talk to people in Australia and Africa where people remain very much subject to the whims of nature these UN “development” policies are lethal. Eliminate poverty or allow that to occur and the basis for the fundraising and the bureaucrat’s job is gone. Economist PT Bauer has done some great work on what’s wrong with this grant view of development and what it really incentivizes.
One area of Huxley’s that is vitally important to what is going on now all over the world is his view of culture. This is critical to appreciate now as the social sciences and especially certain theories of psychology, sociology, and anthropology guide everything going on in education, K-12 and higher ed. Instead of the transmitted knowledge and wisdom of the Ages, Huxley and his acolytes see culture much differently. Culture is merely the prevailing behavioral practices, beliefs, and feelings commonly held at any given time.
So if you use bogus science theories to gain research grants to change people’s beliefs and feelings so that they favor the desired public policies you always wanted to implement, you have changed culture. You got the goal you wanted all along. The science doesn’t matter because it was only a means. Intentions and goals are all that matter to these collectivist schemers. And they say so. Means and consequences are irrelevant to them even though they matter so much to us.

Gary Hladik

But Anthony, it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity. It burns 🙂
“I find this kind of crying wolf reprehensible, particularly when it is aimed at indigenous people, but hey, that’s just me.”
Hey, me too! I’m indigenous to the USA, and I really hate it when Al Gore spews his alarmist [self snip] at me. My wife doesn’t mind as much; she’s an immigrant. 🙂


University of East Wankerton……genius!

Greg House

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach:
Yes, temperatures “could” increase … and I could win the lottery, …The professors seem to find nothing wrong with scaring the aboriginal people who have lived there for generations. …these professors from the University of East Wankerton or wherever it is are more than happy to use these useless models to terrify the local folks. I find this kind of crying wolf reprehensible, particularly when it is aimed at indigenous people, but hey, that’s just me.
Very nice article, Willis, but isn’t it time to challenge the global level scaremongers? I mean their calculations of “global warming”.
There is no scientific proof, that all the “methods” used to calculate “global warming” are scientifically correct, including use of so called “proxies”, adjustments, homogenising, temperature reconstructions and assigning temperatures to large areas.

Since when is “evidence” an issue?


Tie the funding of these jokers to the quality of their predictions. If they have to panhandle at age 60 because it didn’t come to pass it will inspire better research in future generations of their profession.


Oh, that’s nothing. In the DFW area, all these weather readers (many of them non-natives) on the local TV stations go bananas when the temps start going above 97. They then start counting how many days above 100 we’ll have. It is ridiculous. People who are non-natives panic and ask the rest of us if we are all going to burn to a crisp. We all assure them that Texans have survived worse than a 100 degree day. I never saw this phenomenon among the rest of Texas, just in the DFW area. We can then expect to hear from the national news in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: global warming over TX temps. Panic sells, plain and simple.

Interstellar Bill

Alarmists plan to use sea-level ‘projections’ to restrict coastal development and destroy property rights, so they must be planning to use these Australian high-temp scenarios as an excuse to depopulate the region, both to restore it to nature and to create ‘climate refugees’.
The only refugees will be our rights and liberties.

I am an Arabunna and really scared. BTW what’s a satellite?


And our Supreme Court just said lying is OK. So what’s the big deal? /sarc

Lake Eyre is a remnant lake formed during the least Ice Age. When Glaciation occurs in middle and high latitudes the climate zones are shifted and squeezed. The one most affected is the High Pressure zone on the poleward side of the Hadley Cell that creates the desert zone, approximately between 15 and 30 degrees of latitude.
Traditional climatology refers to the wet periods coincident with this shift as Pluvials. So when there is a Glacial period in middle and high latitudes there is a Pluvial in the low latitudes and when there is an Interglacial in the middle and high latitudes there is an Interpluvial in the low latitudes.
Lake Eyre, like Lake Chad in North Africa has been shrinking since the end of the last Pluvial period. I remember all the scare stories about Lake Chad disappearing back in the 1980s when desertification and the Sahelian drought were the focus of ignorant alarmists.
I recall massive schemes proposed to divert water from the Congo through the Central African Republic to replenish Lake Chad. Australia has no such option because they are 94 percent desert, although they have diverted water through the Snowy Mountain Range to provide supply to the coastal cities.

Don Keiller

I’d just love to see someone from the Arabunna sue that idiot, John Tibby, for causing unecessary fear and panic and therefore violating their Human rights.
It has got to the stage where only legal action will make these charlatans shut up.


IQs will drop sharply in the University of Adelaide’s faculty of Geography, Environment and Population in the next century, threatening the survival of science, if students continue to be taught by Chicken Little, aka Dr John Tibby.


University of East Wankerton
You will have to be more specific Willis – like McDonald’s it has grown into a vast global franchise.

In my essay Ends Means or Justification or Not we look at the philosophical underpinning of the “ends justification for any means needed” kind of thinking. Hit, there is none. There is none in reference to this BS either.

Pamela Gray

The danger is this: You can fool most of the people some of the time. And if those foolish people vote (like I stupidly did) for some kind of false savior, all kinds of longer lasting damage can occur.
By the will of the people, the president sits for 4 years in the US but can appoint Supreme Court Justices for life. And do not assume this is a comment about the evils of liberalism. A conservative-based law can be signed into our lives that can legally prevent consenting adults the happiness that is their natural right to pursue. Constitutions can be changed to the right or left of your beliefs. And an entire world can be thrown into the modern equivalent of the dark ages.
Maybe that is what it will take before the general population can be jolted awake by their neglect of due diligence. Which is to guard your home and hearth against the tyranny of the very government that wishes to provide benevolence to you, regardless of its leanings and majority rule.
Which leads me to the following paraphrase of wisdom provided by my dear Grandmother: The best government you can have, right or left, conservative or liberal, religious or secular, is this: Bootstraps.
I think I will start a new political party and name it Bootstraps.


geofcol says:
Willis, I am an Arabunna and really scared. BTW what’s a satellite?

Satellite – Very much like a computer model. One that ignores your pet theories and tells you the truth whether you like it or not.

John R

We, the average population of the planet have just missed an opportunity. We could have taken those 45,000 delegates at the Rio+20 gabfest and put them on a suitable island and told them, “Don’t tell us how to live a sustainable life, Show us.” That could have an interesting outcome. Either we, or they, could learn a lot in a couple of years,


Greg House~ If I may ask, where might I find a link to your blog?


All life on earth to end shortly, following the overdue eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano.
All life on earth to end shortly, following the increasing probability that we are statistically overdue for another impact by an asteroid the size of a mountain.
All life on earth to end some day in the future when we are again hit by another planet, finally giving us that second moon we always wanted.
Earth to become a water-less dead planet with a surface of molten rock as the sun continues to contract and increase in brightness.
New York city to be wiped out by giant glacier, next week, according to latest climate change movie.
We have been on this planet for a couple hundred thousand years. Climate change and extinction events are a natural part of this planet and these events are what drove evolution. Without them we would not even exist. We are a very new species and the odds are we will go extinct long and be replaced by some other experiment by nature. I am tired of alarmists. How about instead they come up with ideas for how mankind could survive the very limited range of climate challenges that we could face? How about we focus on positive solutions like developing cheaper energy and more efficient food production, and also lets pour some of that climate change money into our space exploration programs. If we want to be more than just a one shot deal, we need to do what no other species could – get off this planet and spread.


If I were a scientist who believed CGW, I would go to bed angry, thinking stories of that stripe were being ghost written by my enemies to discredit good work.
Somewhere out there is an ice core statician who barfs when he sees drowning polar footage… “swim you furry white ! c’mon you got feet like canoe paddles, don’t give me that !”.


Actually, SCOTUS said that taxing what doesn’t happen is OK.

Greg House

Otter says:
June 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm
Greg House~ If I may ask, where might I find a link to your blog?


TheInquirer says:
June 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm
No evidence?
how about trying a period other than one that starts in the 70’s when it was usually cool? maybe 1910-present…

Richard M

Once again we need to highlight the actual people involved. This would make an interesting TV news item. Kind of like O’reilly’s Pinheads and Patriots piece. It would provide an example of extremism and, most importantly, who is responsible. The names of these folks would be placed on something like a Wall of Shame. We need to get people like,
– Dr John Tibby from the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population
– Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray, lead researcher with the University of Adelaide’s Arabunna Country Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change project
– Mr Aaron Stuart, Chairman of the Arabunna Ularaka Association
called out and made to look like fools.

Crispin in Waterloo

Should we not communicate the threat of anthropogenic global warming to all the world’s citizens as a matter of extreme urgency?
Since when was it wrong to lie to the ingidenes?
But I repeat myself.

Richard M

TheInquirer says:
June 29, 2012 at 12:05 pm
No evidence?

Cherry pick much? How about looking at the full time frame?
Looks a lot different, doesn’t it.

“The public, with its mob yearning to be instructed, edified and pulled by the nose, demands certainties; it must be told definitely and a bit raucously that this is true and that is false. But there are no certainties.”
– H.L. Mencken


Greg House~ You seem to have a Very strong opinion, seems to me you should be stating it for all to hear, not just here on WUWT.

John Slayton

Starzmom: And our Supreme Court just said lying is OK. So what’s the big deal? /sarc
Gary: Actually, SCOTUS said that taxing what doesn’t happen is OK.
Both correct. Hmmm… The reasoning in the Stolen Valor case is just bizarre. Of course if conscious lying is OK, then even dishonest alarmists (not to be confused with the sincere variety) cannot be held accountable. OT, but I would like to point out that relabeling a fine as a tax has the unintended consequence of removing the stigma of not buying insurance. Since the federal government can not require you to buy insurance, you are no longer breaking a law and paying a penalty for doing so. It is now merely an economic choice and either decision is perfectly legal. That may well encourage employers to drop coverage, since the social stigma of law-breaking is removed.


Hey Australia, you should know that British-Columbia in Canada has experience with the Carbon Tax… so much experience that it is now under review by our Auditor-General. Seems like they will find that the tax-payer money went to friends and corporations already funded by other government programs instead of going to “environmental solutions”.


The global alarmists don’t like satellite global temperature data because they can’t massage it with “proxies” to make it do what they want.
They have no use for data they cannot manipulate.


.Hmmm. Let me see. Is this a case of charity and magic at work?
Out of charity and the goodness in their hearts. The powers that be offer to move the poor people away from the potential disaster: drought, sea level rise, flood plain, etc. The children are sent to government or charity schools to improve them.
A few years after the people have been moved, magically, valuable resources are discovered on the land or the land itself becomes valuable.
The people that were moved and their offspring are not allowed to make any claims against the resources or the land. Because they abandoned the land for x +1 number of years, their claim is magically null and void.
The politicos that facilitated the charity and their relatives magically end up with the land and or the mineral rights. In a more sophisticated version the government auctions of the “surplus land” to their friends and relatives.
This formula has worked well for centuries. Ask the Athabaskans, the Cherokee, the native South Africans, Sudanese, Zimbabweans, Indonesians, Pashtuns, Irish, and Scots. This also happens to just anybody not in power. In a typical modern case, a farmer is offered cash money, but below market for his land. He/she sells because he/she is old and the kids have moved on, or because of inheritance taxes. The neighbours also sell. Magically a few years later an airport or freeway appears on their land. In the case of my Grandmother it became a large metropolitan transportation hub.

True, true, the temperature could go up. Or, it could go down. Or, it could remain the same. And, the leader of the tribe could be nailed by an aerolite.


Oh my god in heaven ,typical academics , and not one mention of the effects on the Pankalunka and Giant Spinnifex man .


“It is a hot, hostile desert region, which is no surprise, because … well … it’s in Australia.”
That’s a bit rough Willis.. Only 2/3 of the country is like that. The rest quite habitable. !!

Jon at WA

And I thought the pus pouring out of the children’s ears and noses in that area was the result of the successful transition from hunter gatherer to welfare dependency. The absence of ear drums must be the result of an adaption to human induced climate change.
The spread of sexually transmitted disease amongst toddlers may have resulted from falling night time temperatures with ‘uncles’ helping to keep the kiddies warm.
The wounds from being hit over the head by a beer bottle may have increased due to accidents caused by the increased prevalence of willy-willys, twisting across the desert.
The bottom-dwellers that inhabit Australian Universities have a long history of self-fullfilling prophecy. The social engineers ridiculed and destroyed the reputation of the missionaries educating a primitive people, replaced hope with guilt and welfare dependency, and are now collecting tax-payers funds to ponder the cause and the clean up of the fruits of their ignorant ideological beliefs.

Joseph Murphy

Great Post Willis.
The first comment’s last sentence really should be snipped.


I know what this is about ,some w#nker remembered Bradfield’s plan from the 1930’s to dig a canal from the Gulf of St Vincent and flood those dry salt lakes in South Australia . It was supposed to increase humidity and moderate temperature (in the plan) and provide a resource for the local Indigenous population . I,ll bet someone recycles that proposal with this report to back it up .


Another tiresome modeled Apocalypse scenario. Having failed to find the evidence, the authors rely upon models and imagination. They now offer proof that they use models to make up for their lack of imagination.


So a 40 year trend of 0.3 to 0.5C per decade in the observational record doesn’t contradict the claim of “no evidence” by the author?

George E. Smith;

Dang ! I thought you were talking about a real environmental Catastrophe; like the pristine Deserts of South Australia being threatened by rainfall. You must stop scaring us like that Willis.

charles nelson

The filthy ABC Radio Natinal had a clip of an aborignal man declaring ‘nothing is normal no more’.
They’re hitting it hard this week in Australia…with the Carbon Tax already depressing economic activity and everybody worrying about the price of HEATING their homes during the coldest winter in years, the Government paid for ABC is desperately trying to scare the few remaining gullible and bloster the sagging believers. But, as they say here…it doesn’t matter Green Labor is still ‘toast’ at the next election!