From Rio + 20: The future we dread


Marked-up draft of UN Rio+20 agenda reveals shocking “sustainability” wish list.

An American family of four could owe the UN $1,325 per year.

The United Nations plans to make its Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference “the most significant environmental conference in history.” A draft planning and agenda document, “The Future We Want,” marked-up by myriad ultra-liberal NGOs, provides an unvarnished look at what lurks behind Rio+20.

“Americans, their free world partners and people in developing nations who hope to lift themselves out of poverty should be on their guard. Otherwise Rio+20 could easily trap them in a future we dread,” said Craig Rucker, CEO of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, a Washington, DC-based organization that advances the needs of people, while also protecting wildlife and environmental values.

The UN’s international NGO allies want to expand previous calls for a “green economy,” by including new demands for “resource justice” and new mechanisms to ensure “contraction and convergence for over- and under-consumers of natural resources.” People do not need advanced degrees to figure out whose economies and lifestyles the activists intend to “contract,” Rucker commented.

Another agenda item would have the world end “speculation” in energy, raw material and economic markets. However, history has taught that it is extremely difficult even to define “speculation,” and that attempts to control investment, development and resource allocation frequently end in disaster.

The international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also advocate making national environmental policies subject to “international legal frameworks and regulations,” and “strengthening international environmental governance … within the institutional framework of sustainable development.” That would make national sovereignty “the most endangered species in Rio,” CFACT president David Rothbard stated.

The NGOs would place both nature and man in jeopardy, since they call for curbs on “any technologies that might imply a serious risk for the environment or human society, including in particular synthetic biology, geo-engineering, genetic modification, nuclear energy and nanotechnology,” Rothbard observed.

They would curtail the very technologies that allow us to provide for people’s needs in the most efficient, least intrusive manner. Few policies are more counterproductive than forcing people to grow low yield crops that are susceptible to insects and drought, or to rely on inefficient energy technologies, he said.

The document also seeks to impose staggering financial burdens on people in developed nations. It would give the UN 0.7% of a nation’s gross domestic product – some $1,325 per year for an American family of four. A Canadian family would pay $1,211, while their counterparts would be taxed $1,206 in Germany and $1,171 in Japan. Norwegian families would take dubious first place honors, paying a whopping $2,445 every year. Other countries’ obligations, based on World Bank 2010 data, can be found on

The NGOs most popular agenda item appears to be increased funding and powers for the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which they want to turn into an international version of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “People concerned about the impacts that EPA has had on American energy prices and jobs – for minimal health or environmental benefits – should be especially wary of giving vast new powers and funding to the UNEP, which is completely unelected and unaccountable,” Rucker commented.

On climate and energy, activists claiming to be acting for “indigenous peoples” said the UN should insist that developed countries shift rapidly to low-carbon energy use. Not to be outdone, environmental NGOs are demanding that developed countries cut carbon dioxide emissions by 95% by 2050. That would take the United States back to what it emitted around the time of the Civil War, while accomplishing nothing for the climate.

To pay for this expansive eco-wish list, the United Nations and NGOs also want to give the UN authority to tax every currency conversion and financial transaction, fuel sales and air travel tickets – and seize all funds that currently provide subsidies and tax deductions for fossil fuel and nuclear power. These funds would be in addition to the extensive foreign aid already provided by taxpayers and treasuries of developed nations.

CFACT invites people to examine this remarkable document at – and determine for themselves how much it actually represents “the future we want.”

The Committee is taking a delegation to Brazil to expose these potentially devastating policy proposals. “We also intend to inject some much needed common sense into the deliberations, and ensure that at least some consideration is given to the needs of real people, especially the world’s poor – and not just to the unreasonable and often outrageous demands of Deep Ecology, anti-development activists,” Rucker said.



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This doesn’t have a prayer — not with the world economy in tatters (but keep up the pressure to expose these bizarre plans, nevertheless)! Rio +20 will produce another long-winded document, lacking specifics (apart from justifying next year’s bash).
Kurt in Switzerland

Mike Hebb

It’s about time the rest of the Climategate emails were cut loose I think.

They’re flaming mad. UNELECTED pols basically stealing money. This must be stopped at all costs.


This is the real fight, and it has been all along. CO2 is nothing now; it’s all about sustainability. And every single company in the U.S. is “doing” sustainability now, along with every city and county government (thanks to U.N.’s Agenda 21 plan to go around national governments and straight to the gullible citizens).


My bet is that the implosion of this dangerous farce will make the Copenhagen conference look successful by comparison.
The confluence of unaccountable big NGO’s, unaccountable UN bureaucrats, and unaccountable AGW promoters is leading to a debacle that will be historic in scope.The AGW movement has less and less contact with the real world, and its veneer of science is wearing thin.

Richard deSousa

George Orwell would be proud of the agenda the UN has planned for our planet… 😉 the One Worlders are nuts…


They’re [slowly..] learning that reality is creeping on to ’em and, thus, they [now] attempt becoming ‘immune to taking responsibility’… My Godness, what a World is this???
Get them and put ’em to court… ehh, what court?…
Go figure!

Philip Peake

Fortunately, with the world on the edge of financial meltdown these proposals will be heartily laughed at by any responsible government.
Irresponsible governments should expect armed rebellion to make Syria look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.
At a different time, under better circumstances there would be a minuscule chance that these proposals might be adopted by certain governments.
I really think there are a group of people that are trying really hard to forment world-wide civil war.

“We also intend to inject some much needed common sense into the deliberations,
A this point, I wonder if that is wise. Marginal improvements to something terrible will only make the terrible more likely to happen.
A better strategy is to encourage more excesses. Make it far worse. Make the final recommendation repugnant.
These NGO are so far overboard. Don’t throw them a life preserver, throw them an anchor.


hunter says:
The AGW movement has less and less contact with the real world, and its veneer of science is wearing thin.
And yet, this is what I see in the MSM and from the general public:
We don’t seem to be gaining any ground at all.

In a different UNEP report the UN agencies also seek a veto right before any country can take any new innovation to the production stage.
Also be on the lookout in this or any other report out of Rio mentioning happiness and well-being. The UN agencies think they and governments generally need to be in charge of ensuring each citizen’s happiness and well-being.
Equitable happiness and well-being.


We are fortunate in that wealthier countries tend to be those with democratically-elected governments, who will soon suffer the consequences — indeed, are suffering them now — if they try to go along with this abrogation of their responsibilities. Behavioural economics tells us it’s much harder to take away something someone already has than to withhold something they haven’t got. The environmental movement has yet to learn this.

F. Ross

Jerks, …very dangerous jerks. [For “jerk” please substitute the explitive of your choice]
Is it time for another release of FOIA emails yet?.


NGOs are simply businesses hiding under the cover of “international” & “nonprofit” to avoid taxes regular businesses must pay. Another marxist scheme.

John West

From the draft:
“114. We call for increased aid effectiveness”
Agree, since the UN is the most ineffective organization in world history, it should be disbanded.
Seriously though, the smell of desperation permeates the entire document, they know the jig is almost up, the news almost out, widespread knowledge of nature’s betrayal just around the corner.

And then there’s the “Beyond-GDP Principle” being pushed by all these UN agencies and other groups.
Now how on earth can we afford all these bureaucrats in a world based on a global economy that “recognizes the inherent limits and distorting effects of using GDP as a measure of progress and welfare. Policy goals and monitoring need to be guided by integrated measures on environmental, social, human and economic well-being, taking into account diverse interpretations of human welfare.”
I guess we really do just provide the funding in this world of superiors dictating to inferiors.


Mike Hebb — Interesting comment. When the last Climategate emails were released it was said there were more to come and it was said or strongly hinted that they would involve the connections of the AGW movement with politicians. So I agree it is time for at least ” a taste” of what they include.


This is Obama’s 2nd term agenda if elected.

“A nation of sheep begats a government of wolves”….Edward R Murrow
The UN is the Uber-Nation, an unelected, fascist banking syndicate creation….the question is, how ‘sheepish’ is humanity in the face of this naked tyranny ?

Bill Illis

Instead of developed and developing economies, the world could end up getting split between the developed countries and the going backward fast countries (those that buy this ridiculous belief system).

R. Shearer

Put it on my bill.


Oddly the madder they make it the better it is for those that oppose it , the first rule of politicians is get elected the second stay elected , these ideas break both the first and second rule so are nothing but a wild vote loser for politicians and therefor likely to kill the whole thing dead .
Post Rio apart from nice sun-tan , a few post drinks headaches and some expended waist-lies the only thing likely to come out is a few meaningless plans to promises to consider to think about doing something . Or in other words , things as normal .

Fred 2

Unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of seeing that we pay for and follow rules they create in orrder to solve problems they alone define. What could possibly go wrong?

“sustainable” means returning humanity to hunter gathering, except for those in charge of course.

matt v.

As has been shown during previous similar conferences , these meetings have very little to do with saving the planet or protecting the environment , but everything to do with yet more taxes, more UN control of all free nations and general loss of national sovereignty. They should be referred to as “watermelon conferences “- green on the outside but red on the inside. The pr work has already started prior to Rio and the floodgates of another round of new doom and gloom papers will soon fill the mainstream media where every possible thing that can go wrong is now on the tipping point due to global warming .


Someone once told me that I should be careful about the enemies I make. My reply was: “I don’t make enemies, they identify themselves by their words and actions”. The bunch that is the topic of this thread have made it abundantly clear that they are my enemy. So be it.
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” (G. Patton)


I’d rather negotiate women’s rights with the Taliban than give these jokers a cent.

Steve C

CFACT are dead right. We need ways to fight this band of tyrants, and the more effective, the more widely known and the sooner the better. Hoping that the current economic meltdown will stop them really isn’t enough.

There are days (and this is one of them!) when I begin to wonder if the whole CO2->CAGW “debate” has been fostered (and permitted to fester) in order to keep everyone’s eyes focussed off-side, so to speak, in order to avoid any close examination of the Bigger Picture!

Gary Pearse

I don’t believe it will go this far, but, you know, these NGOs are well funded by Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders and the rest of the unwittingly blind lot of nice liberal folk. This is why NGOs have a lot of confidence that most would tend to march out to have their Kumbaya utopia. It was bad enough that these organizations were being funded for a life of endless safaris at high pay (how well have they done developing the Third World). It would appear that they do have an electorate and a constituency. A vote for the left is a vote for this crowd. They have to push this hard now before the climate cools and sealevels flatten and fall in the coming decades. The serious CAGW climatologists have been useful fools, but nevermind, they’ll try to do what they intended all along another way

Interstellar Bill

The latest print copy of Nature has a comically apocalyptic cover art scene,
but the Freudean slip is on page 19, a cartoon Sandalista dragging a chain
with an end resembling a chain gang’s ankle collar, though it’s a chimney plug.
Then on page 68 they actually use the big Socialist Mantra, ‘Equity’,
which is right down there in Abused-Word Hell, next to ‘Diversity’ and ‘Fairness’.
The rest of the title is the Big Scary Anti-Future: Rescale Civilization,
the new code word for the Permanent Green Depression they so yearn for.
That kind of re-scaling is usually called genocide.

Keith Pearson, formerly bikermailman, Anonymous no longer

As the ‘good’ Reverend Al might say, “resist we much”!
Mike Bromley the Canucklehead says: June 12, 2012 at 2:14 pm
They’re flaming mad. UNELECTED pols basically stealing money. This must be stopped at all costs.
This is precisely the methods and implementation that has gone on with the EU. Unelected bureaucrats, beholden to no one, calling the shots. And think, things are working out *so* well in Europe right now, right?


Monkton on Rio + 20 …


This may be a good thing – massively overeaching themselves at this point may bring about a fall.
But, they will NEVER give up, to much power and position at stake. They will regroup and do it all again.

R. de Haan

As long as we refuse to handover the control over the internet to the UN we will be fine.

George E. Smith;

So finally; this is what World War Three has turned out to be. Hell will become a frozen ice ball, before I pay a dime to the UN scumbags.


Any free country’s leader or representative who signs on to this should immediately be incarcerated and tried for treason upon landing back in their home country. And I’m 100% serious too.


And, of course, those lucky enough to be a part of the UN bureaucracy will never ever pocket this extra money and live like kings. They are the enlightened ones and therefore not corrupt. (end sarcasm)

George E. Smith;

“””””…..Curiousgeorge says:
June 12, 2012 at 3:17 pm
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” (G. Patton)…..”””””
That’s Gen George S. Patton; Guess, what the “S.” stands for ??

Gunga Din

I would recommend “Animal Farm”. If you don’t want to read it, there is an animated version that can be found online. Just remember that in the book the animals didn’t rise up again at the end. it is a good depiction of what can happen when the human nature is exploited by others whose human nature is dominated by a lust for power.


Time for the UN to be disbanded, really…..


Norway has a foreign aid budget that is about 28 billion kroner (4,7 billion US dollars). There are 5 million people i Norway and our foreign aid budget is about 1,000 US dollar per capita, or approx. 4,000 dollars per family or 1,800 US dollar per employee!
The Norwegian government has about 600 trillion US dollars in investments all over the world.
The numbers can be found here:
Norway is controlled by a socialists government.

@terrybixler 2:52 pm
This is Obama’s 2nd term agenda if elected.
Worse, its Obama’s exit plan. If re-election is becoming less likely, then Obama’s supporters will Agenda21 and Rio+20 with gusto. A “Scorched Earth” electorial defeat, but a strategic victory.

Gunga Din

Norway says:
June 12, 2012 at 3:58 pm
…. Norway is controlled by a socialists government.
We’re all in this together whatever flag flies over our head.


Simple, just make it law that only democratically elected bodies can pass laws and that they can not delegate those law making powers to unelected institutions or individuals.
That should restrict the evolution of these quangos!


Any government that attends this meeting deserves to fall in their next election.
It is about time for countries to start withdrawing membership in the UN and cancelling all their funding for the UN.
We need to start pressuring our governments to demand this. Its time to stop allowing the NGO’s to highjack our nation’s public agendas. Write your representative today.

Gary Pearse

The whole UN creation was to essentially destroy Western Civilization. The irony of setting up the HQ in NY, the centre of much that they dispise, and having more than half of it paid for by the hosts is not cheek enough! Why did we let them go as far as they have? Pull the funding out from under them and stop sending money and making endowments to these NGOs. Even if they didn’t come up with Rio+20 scheme, they should be fired on results – look at the status of world peace, world poverty eradication, the IPCC charlatans…. Shame on us.


George E. Smith; says:
June 12, 2012 at 3:48 pm
“””””…..Curiousgeorge says:
June 12, 2012 at 3:17 pm
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.” (G. Patton)…..”””””
That’s Gen George S. Patton; Guess, what the “S.” stands for ??
I don’t have to guess – Smith. 😉 I spent 30 years in the military, and have studied (and occasionally participated in ) warfare since I was old enough to read. That was about 1948. I was born into the military, as were my ancestors going back to the 1600’s.
“So as through a glass, and darkly
The age long strife I see
Where I fought in many guises,
Many names, but always me.
And I see not in my blindness
What the objects were I wrought,
But as God rules o’er our bickerings
It was through His will I fought.
So forever in the future,
Shall I battle as of yore,
Dying to be born a fighter,
But to die again, once more.”


“Climate Funds Update is an independent website that provides information on the growing number of international climate finance initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change.”


Oops link for Climate funds Update: