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At WUWT, one thing we pride ourselves in is helping visitors learn about the issues and the science, even if those visitors should already know what these things mean. Take for example, Michael Tobis proprietor of “Only In it for the Gold” and “Planet3.0”, both heavily pro-warming sites. Readers may remember Mr. Tobis from his famous F-word Fusillade.

Mike came to WUWT to ask a simple question, and of course, we are always happy to help him out.

Original comment asking to define “CAGW” here.

Honestly, I thought most everyone (especially the bloggers) in this debate knew this term, but apparently not. So, this post will make sure everyone does now.

CAGW is an abbreviation for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming

For more abbreviations, see our WUWT Glossary Page


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Thats just plain wrong, those of us on the right side of this argument know that it stands for Cash And Grants Weekly


So it doesn’t stand for
Crazy Al Gore’s Weather?


Alternatively, “CAGW” could be an abbreviation for Collectivist Army of Global Winghuts


On par with the Rachael Maddow Jeopardy Oops!

I wonder if he can connect the dots? CAGW = Hansen AGW=Manabe

Tom in indy

Just heard today that 30 people died in the Ukraine from record cold. At the same time, no deaths have been attributed to the unseasonably mild weather in the midwest U.S.A. Maybe Mike wants somebody to explain the ‘catosrophic’ part of CAGW to him.

Gee – I thought the ‘C’ stood for “Censored” as in Climategate.

Jenn Oates

I feel smart, now!
Yeah, already knew that, heh heh heh


Is there any other kind?

William McClenney

Not unusual Anthony, there have been a blizzard of anthroglowarmie buzzwords pumped into the blogosphere in recent years. I think of them as GHGs (GreenHouse Globules) gradually morphing from global warming to sustainable development, increasing the heat of the blogosphere commensurately.

Come And Get Wealthy?

Damn you guys are good……
just about spit my water all over the keyboard on that second one from Beesaman.

Jeff (of Colorado)

Didn’t Mick Jagger sing that in, “Can’t Always Get What you want….!”


I thought it was Computer Aided Global Warming.


…irritable climate syndrome

Anything is possible

Can’t Allow Growing Wealth

David Falkner

I have a nomination for the next quote of the week:
“But we are now looking to draw a line under the Greenland controversy and move on.”

Jason Calley

Well, I for one am glad that Mr. Tobis asked. I try to always use “CAGW” in discussions, posts and conversations. I have a friend who is a strong believer in CAGW, and the term was one of the few things that we agreed on. Here is why it is important. The entire reason why people who believe in it are worried is that they think future events will have all four characteristics. It has to be catastrophic. If it is NOT catastrophic, then there is nothing to get so worried about and why controll CO2? It has to be humanity’s fault. If it is NOT anthropogenic, but rather is natural, then man-made CO2 has nothing to do with it. It has to be world wide. If it is NOT global, but rather is a case of some local places warming while others do not, or cool, then again, we are not talking about catastrophe, and it becomes difficult to assign CO2 as the causative factor. And lastly, it has to be warming. If it is NOT warming, well, then we are talking about something completely different, and something that controlling and limiting CO2 does not have much to do with.
The entire case for CO2 control is a stool that balances on four legs. If even one of those legs fails, then the entire case for controlling CO2 falls apart. I always use CAGW, no matter how much they say “climate change” or “climate disruption” or “global weirding.” I refuse to let them weasel out of their belief by changing the terms and hence moving the goal posts.

Graeme M

Jason Calley, that’s a neat, no, brilliant paragraph. Do you mind if I use that whenever I am arguing the case?


Can Anyone Guess Why ?
Calling All Ghouls Wednesday ?
Can Anybody Guess Where ( – the missing heat is) ?


Phil Valentine’s An Inconsistent Truth No. 1 Movie in America by Per-Screen Average. Is this significant

You know the way Warmists usually get things back to front?
I reckon deep down Tobis knows that it’s CAGW that’s fuc<ed!


I can’t believe ppm isn’t in your glossary. It stands for Pachauri’s perverted manuscript.


he knew what it meant. he was just being a smart ass.

Willis Eschenbach

I always figured it stood for “Computer Assisted Global Warming” …


And here I thought it was Commies Are Going Wild!

Those swivel-eyed global cooling deniers should all be locked up.


perlcat says:
January 31, 2012 at 5:25 pm
Come And Get Wealthy?
Jason Calley says:
January 31, 2012 at 6:08 pm
(Excellent condensation of the political and economic aspects of CAGW.)
I declare a tie (Not that anything I write here means Jack-Spit, but those two comments are super!)

Wow, lots of great ones here! None of mine can compete, but here they are anyway…
Without end…

Keith Pearson, formerly bikermailman, Anonymous no longer

Seconded, you guys are good! Seriously, it’s actually stunning that Mr. Tobis doesn’t know the term. Good on ya for assisting him, and here’s hoping that he sees the light someday. Also, here’s hoping that one of the three people likely to be the President next term can pull us out of our nosedive….what am I saying?

Mac the Knife

CAGW: Conning A Gullible World

Con Artists Going Wild?


Jeez, I thought it always meant “Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming?”

Pamela Gray

Can’t Access Giss Wildassguesses

Jim D

Part of the reply is wrong. Not runaway global warming which few think possible. It stops when the CO2, and perhaps methane, rise stops, and would only be runaway if there was a much larger source of these released from somewhere.

Mac the Knife

Cooling Ain’t ‘Green’, Watts!!!!


Willis Eschenbach says:
January 31, 2012 at 6:43 pm
I always figured it stood for “Computer Assisted Global Warming” …
Willis, I’m using this one from now on…………………..LOL

Conditions Aren’t Getting Warmer
Careless Analysis Garners Wealth
Can’t Anybody Go Wrong (by sounding the warming drums and collecting grant funds)
Calling Attorney; Got Whacked (by yet another FOIA request)

Rob Dawg

Honest. I am embarrassed.
AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming.
CAGW = Computer Algorithmic Global Warming.
I didn’t even ever stop to think there were alternative definitions.

Civilization Atrophies, Goldman Wins.

Al Gored

Carbon Attacking Good Weather.
The weather was always good, everywhere, all the time, before evil Carbon (which in today’s world means CO2) started on its rampage.

Brian R

Sound like one of those late night TV video commercials.
I hope Michael Mann doesn’t get naked.


Conspiracy Among Greedy Watermelons

Creative Algos Gone Wild


Can Anyone Guess Wattsupwiththat?


He asked this on curry’s site 8-10 months back. He wants to craft an image of being professorially aloof akin to braniacs who can’t drive, etc. He’s being a douche.


Crazies against Growth Worldwide?

Interstellar Bill

Comments Are Great – (you’re) Welcome


Under this Administration, “CAGW” means: “Can’t Always Get Work”.
In fact, change the acronym to “CNGW” and it means” “Can Never Get Work”.

Communist Agenda Getting Whupped
Calamity! Argh! Gasp! Wail!
Corrupted Arithmetic Gives Warming