Just in time for Durban – new green technology promises big fuel savings, lower emissions

What our world could be like. Green, no climate disruption, non threatening weather, and most importantly, clean air!

People send me stuff. We’ve spent so much time on Climategate that other more important things have fallen by the wayside. We’ve seen a lot of claims on how green technology will reduce emissions and save the Earth. Often these claims are met with scorn and derision because some of them are just junk ideas as they just don’t deliver on the claims. Windpower, for example.

But every once in awhile something comes along that singularly stands out and deserves special attention because it is so unique, so “outside of the box” thinking, that is truly transcends any doubt or ridicule. It is truly the personification of state of the art green technology.

This simple accessory added to any vehicle offers an improvement on automobile fuel economy of 20% or more. Just think, if everyone in America and the EU installed one of these how much faster emission reduction targets could be met.

Here it is:

Yes, the Neo-socket (or more accurately the neo-plug) is the next generation Neo-Con.

Check out these features!

Here’s how it works (from the marketing website):

Product Description

Neo Socket is the latest technology, a breakthrough invention and patented device that could save fuel consumption by 10-30%.

Neo Socket also helps improve car’s engine acceleration and the performance of on board equipment such as stereo, air-condition and lights. It also provides more horse power, longer battery life and higher throttles response. Neo Socket, gives cars cleaner emission and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes (GCC). That means less pollution and more clean air. Neo Socket is proven safe, convenient and easy to use. Just plug-in into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car and Neo Socket starts working instantly.

  • Increased Gas Mileage
  • Lower emission
  • Save on gas by 20%
  • Hi-Grade (Blue)
  • Cleaner emission
  • More horse power
  • Longer battery life
  • Too easy to use and start working instantly

How To USE

1. Insert Neosocket into cigarette lighter socket.

2. The light turns ON (May be you need to turn on the engine at this time

3. Start driving


1. Does this work for Gas/Fuel engines only?

It does work for Gas/Fuel as well as diesel engines.

2. How does this works?

Just plug-in into the 12V cigarette lighter of your car and Neo Socket starts working instantly.

3. Does this work for 24V?

No, Neosocket only works for 12V cigarette socket only.

4. Does it have a fuse?

Yes, it does have a fuse.

5. Does Neosocket work if attached to cigarette socket adapters?

Yes, it does work if attached to cigarette socket adapters.



Alternate marketing name: Placebo Plug

You’d think it would be a green light, but it only comes in one color, blue. There are some knockoffs out there that are green, but don’t have the proper energy efficient aerodynamic shape. Don’t buy one of these:

Volkswagen has already embraced the blue light special concept with their Think Blue for a more efficient driving future slogan. Learn all about it here

This isn’t a joke. This is a real product with real claims. I encourage you to encourage all of your green environmentally conscious friends to get one of these, to help Save the Earth. Order here.

h/t to Bernd Felsche


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Honest ABE

“Neo Socket is the latest technology, a breakthrough invention and patented device that could save fuel consumption by 0-30%.”
^^^ Fixed.

AMAZING! I’m going to buy one, even though I don’t have a driving licence!


Does it cure acne? Or warts? I know, I know, it will eliminate the need for Viagra!

I’ll stick with the Neo-CRU. Their marketing is second to none.


Oddly enough, that thing looks as obscene as the claims about it.

“Save on gas by 20%”
There’s a claim to get them into trouble (not that they’ll care, I am sure they are well protected behind multiple screens). They should have said “up to …”.
Possibly they should have consulted Phil Jones. I gather he has some good approaches to fudging the data, and his rates are not too high.


It’s a delusional thought generator in portable form. What will UEA think of next?


I get it. Must convert nickel to copper inside the case and that’s where that instant energy comes from.

Eyal Porat

Sorry, this looks too fishy to me.
We have already seen many of these “miracle” appliances before.
Nowhere is it explained how it REALLY work. No tech data, no technological idea…
My experience says “scam”.
REPLY: …and the story tag says “satire”. Of course its a scam! – Anthony

Richard Abbott

The package advertising should scrap “as seen on TV” and replace with “as seen on Watts Up With That?”
Could possibly be nearly as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle……….


It’s really a wireless digital 100 mph carburetor in disguise isn’t it?
REPLY: yeah with Bluetooth, everything is better with Bluetooth – Anthony


“Yes, it does work if attached to cigarette socket adapters.” Fantastic!
Does it work when attached to a mains power outlet in my home, e.g. to save power on my toaster and coffee machine?


I’ve been unemployed for two months now and haven’t driven my truck at all. I suppose I’m the unsuspecting victim of our administration’s “green policy”, “comprehensive health care”, and “post-normal Keynesian economics” (although nobody even bothers to defend it as “Keynesian” anymore). I’d like to try out this little blue dongle, but I’m past my “tipping point”.
(Maybe there’s more than one way to get us back to circa-1800’s carbon output; if you can’t legislate climate stupidity, there’s always the more insidious (un)economic alternative.)

Andrew Harding

If I buy two, plug one in to the cigarette lighter and the other into the auxiliary socket in my car, will I save 40% of my fuel bills? In fact somewhere I have a splitter allowing me to connect two devices to my 12volt socket. IfI buy two triple splitters as well and connect them all up with 7 of these miracle devices, I can syphon off all the petrol they make and sell it! Where’s my credit card?

Patrick Davis

Like those who have fallen for the AGW hoax hook, line and sinker, I wonder how many people will actually buy this?


It generates a high voltage static discharge in to the live side of the cars electrics, destroying the engine management computer, thus makeing the car un-usable.
So you take the bus, thus the savings on fuel.
The more people buy it the greater the fuel savings.
Simple really…

Yes, but does it make coffee and espresso as well as Rossi’s magic coffee pot reactor does?


I will buy four, the only problem will be safely emptying the fuel tank.


Just think what could be done with private jets.
I have a 12v converter for one of my DVD players????????????????????????????


From the review website http://trust-e-reviews.com/neosocket/
The Neosocket is a new application of an old technology. Basically, it acts like a small battery that helps your car’s electrical system perform better. The small device is fitted with a capacitor that once plugged in to your 12v adapter is instantly connected to the car’s main electrical system. (capacitors are also commonly used to power the electronic flash in cameras)
The capacitor first charges and then discharges the stored electricity (voltage) when there is a heavy energy demand from the alternator. Heavy energy demand (reduced voltage) is caused by using any electrical accessory in your car including lights, windshield wipers, air conditioning, stereo or any combination of them.
Instead of the alternator and battery having to work overtime, Neosocket supplements the required voltage to reduce the load on the electrical system from any accessory that is being used. The reduced electrical demand frees up energy that can be better used to deliver a more constant and steady supply of electricity to the spark plugs and ignition system.
The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of the gasoline which will improve you gas mileage and produce cleaner emissions. You will also get better horse power, acceleration, and a smoother running engine despite daily driving conditions.
The fact is that fuel mileage will fluctuate in any car due to driving habits, lack of maintenance, traffic conditions and many other factors. All these factors will rob the fuel efficiency your car was meant to achieve. The main purpose of Neosocket is to help your engine consistently maintain its designed fuel efficiency despite of all these unpredictable situations.
Just plug into your 12 volt accessory adapter and it starts to work.
Improves your car’s fuel economy and performance when using your A/C or any other onboard accessory.
Over half a million units sold since product release in 2006.
No maintenance required.


No doubt, Al gore and David Suzuki endorses this product.


At first I thought it was a butt plug. Wait……

Leon Brozyna

Gosh … it’s a steal at $70. I can get one for each of my friends at Christmas, thereby making Christmas shopping a breeze while saving the planet, all in one fell swoop.

Pete H

“REPLY: …and the story tag says “satire”. Of course its a scam! – Anthony”
Anthony! At least the face slap moment invigorates the blood flow around the face!
No good to me though, it has not got flashy lights that change colour!


just spotted “satire” in the comments – seems a very elaborate satire to have an amazon page, but satire it must be

Gary Pate

P.T.Barnum was right….

Gary Hladik

“…and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes.”
Wait, does that mean CO2 is carcinogenic (Yikes!), or does it mean that “climate changes” are due solely to the “carcinogenic emissions” and not to CO2, as we’ve been told?
Dang, I just know I’m gonna be up all night trying to figure this one out!

Allan MacRae

May I point out, Anthony, that the energy-saving and cost-saving claims for NeoSocket are actually LESS MISLEADING than the claims that are routinely made for grid-connected wind or solar power… … so is it a scam, or just more phony “green” marketing?
Remember, society has squandered a trillion dollars on worthless, destructive wind and solar power schemes. In comparison, NeoSocket must be a bargain!
Makes a Great Gift!
Someone should buy one for David Suzuki – please include detailed installation instructions.


The claims are consistent with, um, anything I can think of.


Hey, we’re saved, that must be the “130 mi/gal. battery” advancement from the Energy Dept. Obama referred to! “For only another $500 million + $69.95 + S&H.! A must buy, because it’s commerce!” And you can charge up another capacitor while you drive by shaking up one of those magneto flashlights to replace all your housing needs, or by braking frequently. Also soon to come to Obamacare’s fitness and wt. loss panacea.

Ian Macmillan

April comes often this year. Must be the weather…

I offer, as a consolation prize for those who had hoped that the headline was true, or for those that are not as amused as I was, a truly functional device that might save you energy.
It is a new creation from the creator of the iPod, Tony Fadell.
I won’t spoil the surprise, check it out here:
And an article on how it came to be, at wired:

Oops, wrong url for the first link, but acceptable.
The company website for the “nest” is here:

Wow! Totally coincidentally I heard about this today: http://wot.motortrend.com/mazdas-capacitor-based-i-eloop-regenerative-braking-system-139535.html
From Mazda, it is actually a (presumably properly designed and implemented) system that on the surface looks a lot like what NeoSocket claims to be. Turns the alternator into a brake to slow your car down when you take your foot off the gas. This charges a largish capacitor. That is then used to power the cars electronics.
Overall this means that you save a small amount of fuel that would have been used to keep the alternator turning over to provide the same power.
Cool design that can be easily adapted to most modern cars (non electric or hybrid.) We’ll also note that modern cars have a reasonably large number of electronic devices so anything that helps reduce their load on the engine helps reduce gas consumption.
I do rather doubt that the NeoSocket works very well though. But its likely that the Mazda design will be cost effective (as in pay for itself over the life of the vehicle.) Even if it doesn’t achieve 20% reductions. 🙂

Remember everybody, pause for re-reading and reflection before “oist”-ing 😉
@-REP: I thought it was some kinda U.K. terminology.

Dodgy Geezer

“…and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes.”
The Earth has cancer!!
I KNEW there was something wrong. It probably doesn’t have a Medicare plan. Can it go on the British NHS?

Claude Harvey

I assure all you “Doubting Thomas-es” that not only does Neosocket increase fuel economy by 30%, it also cures the heartbreak of erectile dysfunction. Just plug that baby into your personal socket (do not be concerned of the light doesn’t illuminate) and you’ll be saluting the flag in no time!


Reminds me of my youth. Charge up a capacitor to a thousand volts or so and leave in lying on the workbench. There is always someone who will come along and pick it up. 🙂

It is much cheaper and simpler to just keep the battery connections clean and at the first needed battery replacement 2 to 3 years after new car purchase, Just buy a battery with twice the rated ampere hours of the recommended original. The additional battery capacity is greater than a large capacitor would be.
Same “reported” benefits with the additional life, cold cranking amps, stability and voltage stability for a lot less than $30.00


You might all laugh but the late Peter Brock, a well known racing driver in Australia who had a special arrangement with GM to produce factory specials blew his entire career apart by insisting that the road and race cars were to be fitted with an ‘Energy Polariser’ which made similar types of outlandish claims. The idea with this one was to ‘align the molecules’ of the fuel or the car or something – it was never clear, but the principle active agents were crystals and magnets, which should explain enough.
GM had to dump him over the adverse publicity, a move which put a huge dent in his otherwise supremely successful career. To compare, it would be like Fernando Alonso insisting a ‘NeoSocket’ be fitted to every Ferrari F1 and road car, and Ferrari being forced to dump him as a result. While Brock is rightly considered the Australia racing legend to this day, he never really recovered from the setback, and GM Holden formed a relationship with Tom Walkinshaw racing in the form of Holden Special Vehicles, which still exists to this day.
A fascinating story of how even supposedly smart people can get taken in by this type of thing.


@Baa Humbug says:
November 30, 2011 at 10:41 pm
At first I thought it was a butt plug. Wait……
REPLY: yeah with Bluetooth, everything is better with Bluetooth – Anthony
Butt plug – the plug and play edition!

If this is something like the Fuel Doctor, and I bet it is, please see what the following review had to say:
Post-test, we cracked open the FD-47 to find a simple circuit board for the LED lights. Even if you could “condition” the ECU through the lighter socket, it’s unlikely  the Fuel Doctor is doing so. On the upside, it might help prevent you from smoking in your car.

Reducing emissions is something that is necessary and critical in our time, however, the main thing that should be focused on is to find alternative renewable energy with no emissions and, sadly, this will never happen as long as these huge non-renewable energy companies can help it. Keep it up, great post 😉

Mike M

“But if you call now, within the next 20 minutes, because you know we can’t do this all day, we’ll give you a second neosocket.”
(It’s plug not a socket. They don’t seem to know their goesintas from their goesontas….)


Andrew Harding writes “If I buy two, plug one in to the cigarette lighter and the other into the auxiliary socket in my car, will I save 40% of my fuel bills?”
Oh thankyou, thankyou thankyou!
I bought 10 of these magical devices, plugged em in and voila! I’m siphoning excess fuel from my car in the garage as we speak! I’m expecting to have filled the 44 gallon drum by morning at this rate!


Thanks for this, Anthony. The perfect Christmas gift for my unreconstructed AGW believing friends and family.
Just hoping they throw in a set of steak knives for multiple purchases.


psssst… I have this brand new Rolex to sell… really cheap..
Please give me your bank details so we can do busyness.


Dodgy Geezer says:
Can it go on the British NHS?
or maybe… ObamaCare???


This will never see the light of day before the lackeys in high places beholden to Big Oil ban it from sale to the masses, to protect their fat profits. You just wait and see if I’m right.