Kenneth Trenberth on Nobel and religion at Christmas

0462.txt (h/t to Rog Tallbloke)

date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 08:58:09 -0700

from: Kevin Trenberth

subject: The first Nobel and other Christmas greetings

to: IPCC-group

Seasons greetings to you all, my fellow Nobel Laureates (even if we did not get to go to


I just want to wish you and your families all the best for the holiday season, and Merry

Christmas to those of you who celebrate that festival. As part of IPCC we have achieved

something to be proud of. Thankyou for being a part of it with me.

At NCAR at the Christmas party a group made up a song that mentions by name all the NCAR

LAs in AR4. The song is below. You may appreciate it. (or not).

All the best for 2008.


Sung to tune of The first Noel

Our First Nobel

Our First Nobel, for the IPCC,

Goes to Beth, Bette, Bill, Jerry, Kathy and Guy.

Kevin, Linda, Paty, Re-to and so many more,

And we’re sharing the honor with Mister Al Gore.

Nobel, Nobel, a story to tell,

We hope our coworkers’ egos don’t swell.

The First Working Group said to sound the alarm,

Rising CO2 levels are causing great harm.

Temperatures and greenhouse gas are racing up neck and neck,

Soon the whole Earth will be hotter than heck.

Nobel, Nobel, the planet’s unwell,

This is the future the models foretell.

The Second Working Group said that change is assured,

>From the melting of glaciers to migration of birds.

>From loss of land and crops to habitats,

How can they make it much clearer than that?

Nobel, Nobel, the oceans swell,

Polar bears search for new places to dwell.

We must work to mitigate, tells us Working Group Three,

Change from fossil consumption to clean energy.

If we all do our share in reversing the trend,

Our children might have a clean Earth in the end.

Nobel, Nobel, sound the warning bell,

Let’s make a future where all can live well.

Nobel, Nobel, we are stars for a day,

Can an Oscar be far away?


Kevin E. Trenberth

44 thoughts on “Kenneth Trenberth on Nobel and religion at Christmas

  1. Suddenly… I feel a lot better about those filk songs I wrote back in my SCA days.
    (Did everyone else’s blog hits go through the roof when the FOIA file released? Sheesh, if I’m getting the traffic I’m seeing, the WUWT WordPress servers must be about ready to melt down.
    Oh. Wait. That’s probably just the global warming.)

  2. OMG. Someone mentioned earlier that in themselves these emails have nothing ‘incriminating’ per se. I would tend to disagree; gloating amongst the high-and-mighty is a sure sign of there being some hanky-panky on the side. Hard to prove? Yup. But there is a slip-up implicit in all of this, and sooner or later it crumbles into plain sight. The above corny display is revealing in its lack of depth and wit. You see what the “issues” are, in plain sight. It’s all showmanship, no substance. Polar Bears??? Give me a break, Trenberth.

  3. Amateur. This was just one of many of my submissions last year. Dated but still funny.
    Let It Snow
    Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
    But our fraud is so delightful,
    So off to Cancun we’ll go,
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
    We have no plans for stopping,
    And your cash we’ll soon be copping;
    The curly lights really blow,
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
    When we’ve given you a good fright,
    About some drought or a storm;
    And if we get our way you might,
    Not be able to keep yourself warm.
    The fraud is slowly dying,
    And, my dear, we’re all still lying,
    But as long as we’re in Mexico.
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

  4. Nice one, Kevin!
    See you in Moorea! Or Athens, or Oslo, or wherever. These people go to more exotic places than Paris Hilton.

  5. Just the other day I said the way this lot give themselves prizes, Kevin’s bound to get the Grammy.
    Expect this to get a LOT of airplay on NPR.

  6. 1- Am I missing a joke about some unrelated Kenneth (as opposed to Kevin) or is it just a typo in your title?
    2- Where is the bit about religion that we’re supposed to object to?

  7. Wow. Are all of the newly released emails this incriminating? The above email surely is the final nail in the CCAGW. Wishing people all the best and seasons greetings, if this is not the work of communists, what is?

  8. Ohhhh…that is SO special … I’m tearing up as I write this [sniff]…
    (Hold it, didn’t Al Gore get half of the 2007 Nobel NOT-Physics Prize loot??? Bwahhhahahahahaaa……………..).

  9. “As part of IPCC we have achieved something to be proud of.”
    What exactly did they achieve?

  10. The first Nobel,
    Won by I P C C
    Was a death-knell to science / a real travesty
    The data stays locked
    In the barn or the shed,
    So they say, we can’t tell, was it all in their head?
    Nobel, Nobel,
    Nobel, Nobel,
    What caused that tree in the Yamal to swell?
    On beaches where they
    Went to meetings to see
    What the land looks like / ‘fore it’s swallowed by the sea
    The gave us plans
    that could save us poor fools,
    If we’d go back to nature and stop using tools
    Model, model,
    Model, Model, What does our far future hold, can you tell?
    Who needs good temps,
    Or records kept long
    We have our Nobel so “our cause” can’t be wrong
    If any dare
    to question our work
    Then we’ll sick Gavin on him
    And call him a jerk,
    Models, models
    models, models
    Who knew that oracular work paid so well?
    I’m not quitting my day job either. The iron I help make makes the world a better place.

  11. Well, so now we know what the “cause” was that Michael Mann was on about. Kevin lets us know that it’s “the planet’s unwell” and “We must work to … Change from fossil consumption to clean energy.
    We need to understand clearly what Kevin has revealed about what these people have done. As scientists, they yielded to an inner certainty that they already had the answer without actually knowing. This is probably the cardinal error to make within science.
    They blindly accepted as a physical truth that fossil fuel CO2 was wrecking the climate, even though an adequate theory of climate physics was not in hand and their climate models are neither predictive nor falsifiable. In the absence of knowledge, they intuited. Without a valid theory, they concluded.
    Then they went on and, in the grip of an inner certainty, willfully and knowingly misrepresented the science they did have in hand. This is the cardinal crime against science. It is to violate the professional integrity on which all of science critically depends.
    Most likely, in their certainty, they knew that the future climate would validate their unfounded pronouncements. The emergent truth of the future would retroactively validate and justify the promulgated lies of the present. Perhaps they thought, therefore, in the future of which they were certain, they’d be seen as prophets and receive honors. They’d not have to face any former lies because the future would show them as precocious latter-day truths. Lies in service of “truth”: the ethical offense at the heart of AGW climatology.
    Kevin has let us know the motivation. It’s not about money. It’s not about tenure. It’s about blind righteousness. It’s about personal revelation over objective knowledge. It’s about subverting science for a personal fancy.

  12. Just remember that the “doctor” that “perfected” the lobotomy operation received a Nobel Prize for his efforts.
    I for one would rather expire without a Nobel Prize than claim that I could predict the weather in one hundred years.
    These climate “scientists” are being exposed as a bunch of HACKS……………
    Cheers, Kevin.

  13. Mike D in AB says:
    November 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm
    I hope Elmer sees Mike D’s comment since he’s looking for a M4GW inspiration.

  14. I appreciate this song because it encapsulates that we were all supposed to buy in 2009 but which the alarmist scientists have been trying to backtrack from since Climategate, Amazongate, Glaciergate, Jones’ admission that there’s been no appreciable warming since 1999, etc. There’s no mention of ‘warming causing more severe snow storms or colder winters’ or other more recent ‘climate change’ scenarios. This song is pure ‘global warming’ and any denial on these scientists’ part that they were pushing a scary and exaggerated message is now futile.

  15. He wrote this BILGE on the taxpayer clock, no doubt?
    Time to light the torches.
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  16. What an awful song. I guess he/they really believe the polar bears have no where to go, and that the earth is unwell, and that they are saving Gaia for the Children.
    The thing about Christmas is the word festival. Obviously to convey the pagan ritual that Christmas is based on…at least in his believe system. Not that that matters, atheism is commonplace. But it does seem rude to address Christian believers in such a matter…oh, btw, you Christianists…have a good pagan festival….enjoy your Sky God.
    How about just ‘happy holidays’ Ken?…is that too much?

  17. “We hope our coworkers’ egos don’t swell”
    That’s actually very funny. In an ironic kind of way..

  18. I’ve seen more embarassing songs at christmas parties than that one. And “Kenneth”? And the somewhat PC habit of not wishing a Merry Christmas to those who don’t celebrate – what’s so very wrong with that?
    Sorry, Anthony, I think this post is more embarrassing than its contents. I think it’s a bad idea to do dig for this kind of personal and rather harmless stuff in the emails. There’s enough interesting stuff in there. For instance, it’s just so satisfying to see how they knew mannian reconstructions were junk all the time!
    But that’s just MHO, your YMMV etc – I still mostly really enjoy your excellent site!

  19. Actually, after reading Pat Frank’s comment, I partially regret my previous post. The song is indeed interesting in what it reveals, so it’s highly relevant to post it. Your post could still need a better title, though!

  20. Oh wow, they were given a Nobel PEACE Prize, which they shared with with the inimitably scientific Algore.
    I am also offended by the reference to Christmas as a festival, but it’s pretty much what I’d expect from this gang. They have no respect for anything but the “cause,” which we are supposed to respect without question.

  21. To comment on Espen’s opinion, and his partial retraction:
    I think it is entirely appropriate to, “dig for this kind of personal and rather harmless stuff in the emails”, because this whole charade has only ever been about people.
    As most of us now realise, there is and was very little science involved in the global warming/climate change fiasco.
    It is more about the psychology of propaganda than it is about the physics of climate dynamics. And propaganda is created by people to influence the behaviour of other people, and success in that field was what Kevin was celebrating.
    I can’t speak for anybody else, but I personally abhor the idea of somebody messing around in my head for their own selfish reasons – and getting paid with my money for the joy of doing it.
    Being exposed as an egotistical idiot is at the lower end of what I would wish for them.

  22. No need to be offended, I suppose you want revenge now? What he said about happy holidays/Merry Christmas is perfectly acceptable to me. Theres a parallel here, as Christmas acolytes teach their fellow believers that conscientious objectors are ‘Scrooges’, just like climate sceptics are trying to protect Big Oil and Coal.
    REPLY: Or, we could simply be laughing because it is funny. Sheesh lighten up – Anthony

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