Climate Craziness of the Week: Supermandia

Mike Mann thinks this is cool.

In case you don’t know, SUNY’s Professor Scott Mandia is the guy running Mike Mann’s legal defense fund.

My only question is, why does he need hip wader boots?

From Scott Mandia’s blog he captions this photo: The Caped Climate Crusader: Battling the evil forces of global warming deniers. “Faster than global T rise, more powerful than a stranded polar bear, able to leap over rising seas in a single bound.”

If he can leap over rising seas, why the hip waders? Must be for wading through something deep, but what could it be?

I’m sure our readers can help correct this caption.

h/t to Tom Nelson.

136 thoughts on “Climate Craziness of the Week: Supermandia

  1. When defending tremendously huge piles of unremitting BS,
    you first have to stand atop them.
    Hence the Hip Waders.

  2. Scott wrote this review of Donna LaFramboise book Delinquent Teenager, clearly he did not read the book:
    [SNIP: It is really not necessary to repeat here his whole review when you could just link to it. -REP]

  3. Mann has it wrong, he isn’t the “caped climate crusader” – he is Coproman! Able to produce more excrement than a busy Taco Bell, stronger smelling than OJ Simpson’s quest for the real killer, and quicker to sue than the Church of Scientology!
    Now you know why he has the hip waders.

  4. Not only is co2 science a “virtual” science, but it’s acolytes also live in their own “virtual” World.
    Not that we needed any proof of that.

  5. How long ago was this picture taken? I thought Long Island was blanketed with snow. Now that would have made a much more impressive picture.

  6. The first thing that popped into my head was about shoveling a load of c**p and an expression a friend of mine used when it got really loose and really deep which was, “Mann the pumps, it’s too loose to shovel”.

  7. I believe the C on his shirt stands for CRAP…
    thus he is Captain Crap
    faster than a fart in a high wind
    stronger than the methane that blows up his cape
    able to leap stunted trees (and run rings around them) in a few bounds

  8. It’s nice to see a Gasser (CO2, or methane) with a sense of humour. However, it’s too much to ask that it be a good sense of humour.
    The thigh-highs are for wading through the frozen CAGW evidence that fell on Central Park on Saturday.

  9. They have to be artificial limbs,anything that has to do with the Mann made hockey stick doesn’t have legs to stand on.

  10. Faster than a Mann injunction………..more powerful than a pal review ………….able to leap over logical arguments in a single bound

  11. “John West says:
    October 31, 2011 at 3:03 pm
    Quick, get the Craptonite!”
    That won’t work; craptonite actually strengthens Bizarro science.

  12. During the 70’s and 80’s the socialists dismantled the mental institutions, for they knew, in the future, they’d needa a lot of sup’a he’os. :p

  13. Anthony, this is an obvious spoof, but you are confused: this is not April 1st, it is November 1st.
    No one could be this stupid, surely………………………………
    [REPLY: Halloween kinda balances April Fools…. -REP]

  14. okay, sorry 🙂 how about this one:
    “I just hate it, to wade through all that CO2”
    [REPLY: Not as funny, but much more, ummm, acceptable. Thanks for being a good sport about it. -REP]

  15. Why?
    Because when you are up to you butt in crap, it is difficult to remind yourself that the initial task was to flush the toilet.

  16. He has the hip boots on because he still hasn’t given up on James Hansen’s prediction that NYC would be under water by 2010.

  17. Really, how old is this man?
    My 10 year old son had a belly laugh when he saw that picture, asking me who this childish [*parental censorship*] is.
    Boy, oh boy!

  18. With the BS that deep, one would think The Caped Climate Pushador would be wearing chest waders a dry suit and a snorkel.

  19. Seen here proudly modelling the new Team Uniform that Mann has recommended that all members of the “Team” wear so as to promote the image of the team and improve their sense of unity, so that they may project the correct impression to the sceptic rabble, the newspapers and the politicians.

  20. Anthony,
    Can we get a pic of your irradenscent Skeptical Electric WATTS costume.
    Come on. You can show us loyal denizens.
    Is your costume in Stevenson screen white?

  21. Regarding the hip waders. You’d think that a dry suit would be more appropriate for the depths of doo-doo that Mann will be in when his buddies can no longer cover for him. He’s going to go down for sure, it’s just a matter of when.

  22. It’s a Coprophagous Steatopygian! Those aren’t hip wades for the surrounding BS. They’re for his own involuntary, sudden, explosive diarrhea. It comes from being immersed for long periods in intellectual BS.

  23. You are witnessing the antics of people who claim to have the answer “the greatest ever threat to mankind”.
    Their claim is that they can control the temperature of this planet.
    Does this exchange convince you that these people and their claims are credible?

  24. Why do climate scientists NEED legal teams when every other field of scientific endeavour seems to muddle along with only the occasional patent claim ??
    Says it all I think.

  25. Step into my full contact hockey rink. I’ll be dressed as Gordie Howe c.1955. And they didn’t wear helmets or visors in those days.

  26. Shub Niggurath says: October 31, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    Shub, there is just so much wrong with that statement that I hardly know where to begin.

  27. Can’t be a hockey stick. Everyone knows a hockey stick must be directed down to work. Maybe he’s a swatter of bats.

  28. <JDN says:
    October 31, 2011 at 3:06 pm
    How long ago was this picture taken? I thought Long Island was blanketed with snow. Now that would have made a much more impressive picture.
    Exactly. They leaves haven’t changed much in this picture. Clue?

  29. Ironic when I recall that Mandia was defended on this forum a while back…
    Helping running Mann’s defense fund… how about that! With what? Government grants?

  30. Alvin says:
    “The leaves haven’t changed much in this picture. Clue?”
    You mean this is his every day attire?

  31. “After much theorizing on female psychological forcings and Halloween costume trend data, Scott Mandia’s resulting model said this costume was both robust and highly sexy.”

  32. I’ve been worried lately that the CAGW group had been gaining ground but this picture has alleviated all my concerns:)

  33. “Your honor, as you can tell from my attire, I am entirely serious when I say there is no reason for the State of Virginia to believe my client wasted any money.”

  34. When Scott Mandia and his fellow ‘Rapid Response Climate Team’ come, who you gonna call?
    Call Anthony’s Skeptical Ghostbusters!!!

  35. I debated with this nincompoop on the Financial Post blog regards Donna’s book. Full of arm waving and smoke blowing, he could not answer my one question: Please cite just one of the “many scientific errors” you allege Donna made in her book. He ranted from authority about the consensus, but could not answer that one question.

  36. TheGoodLocust suggests- “…he is Coproman!”
    Excellent! I was also thinking along the lines of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change and a sidekick to Ted Turner’s Captain Planet that was brilliantly lampooned on Robot Chicken-

  37. We’ve had super serial for some time, now I’d like to introduce his sidekick………
    super cereal, very high in fiber.
    Super power : Guaranteed to aide a movement
    Weakness: Will do anything for money
    In this photo we see our hero in a black-op training program designed by Trenberth code named :
    Find the puck/heat. He’s donned in Muller’s newest gear, Sneakin’ Boots. In a previous interview Muller claimed that these boots allow one to sneak softly and carry a big stick.

  38. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – if they actually think this is cool, then the situation is even worse than we thought.
    I mean, just look at this guy – he couldn’t beat his way out of a brown paper bag, or even knock the skin off a rice pudding, let alone leap across a rising sea in a single bound.
    Perhaps it’s a lame attempt to detoxify their notorious reputations, by being seen as fun guys who can have a laugh like the rest of ’em.

  39. Today on Sesame Street we introduce the letter C…
    A Cunningly Contrived Costume of Completely Comic Convenience to Contrary Climate and Carbon Concerned Citizens….

  40. Mike Jowsey says:
    October 31, 2011 at 6:43 pm
    I debated with this nincompoop … Full of arm waving and smoke blowing, he could not answer my one question … ranted from authority about the consensus…

    Mike, I had a similar experience. I’d never heard of Scott Mandia when I posted a (probably overly sarcastic) comment on Grist, I think. It was about the sensationalistic language they used in an article about ice melt on Greenland. He replied with a post quoting both James Hansen and the IPCC at great length. I pointed out he was merely arguing from authority, authorities I do not respect at that, and tried to engage him in a conversation about data, analysis, and validation of models.
    His subsequent posts were equally devoid of any sort of analytical thinking. There was a lot of “why do you think you are right and all the experts are wrong”, “are you a scientist like me, or just a layman”, etc. My replies were generally two-part. First I’d catalog all the propaganda techniques he’d used in his latest message (that may work with his students, but not with me), then try to turn the subject to data and analysis. I finally concluded that an actual intelligent conversation was not possible and gave up.
    He’s a mighty climate warrior, indeed!!

  41. Dreadnought says:
    “I mean, just look at this guy – he couldn’t beat his way out of a brown paper bag, or even knock the skin off a rice pudding, let alone leap across a rising sea in a single bound.”
    Plus, he forgot his codpiece.

  42. “My name is ScottMandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
    — with acute and everlasting apologies to Shelley

  43. Smokey says:
    October 31, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Plus, he forgot his codpiece.

    Maybe that’s because, as the olde cockney joke punchline goes: “…there ain’t no f’in(g) cod.”

  44. Smokey says:
    October 31, 2011 at 3:25 pm
    “WTF?? When I put these boots on this morning they were transparent!”
    What’s that other old profession that wear transparent acrylic high heels?

  45. Steven Hill says:
    October 31, 2011 at 3:41 pm
    Faster than another Government grant
    Faster than a (CAGW) scientist chasing a government grant!
    There Steven fixed it for you 🙂

  46. Rob MW says:
    October 31, 2011 at 6:16 pm
    You have to be an Ozzie to understand this one:
    “…………faster than a Pink Bat can burn a house down…………..”
    Faster than a seagull after a hot chip.
    Faster than Juliar Gillard chasing your taxes.

  47. He bought a superman suit, put a big C over the S, is wearing hip rubber boots, carrying a hockey stick, and claims he’s like a Climate Crusader…
    Sometimes, in life, you just have to look, laugh a bit, shake your head, and walk away hoping that the world never hears what’s really going through your head…

  48. Superheros have feelings too you know! Well, according to all the films these days that are all mushy and cool for girls, superheros are not mushy and cool, stop destroying my healthy childhood.
    The whole point of a superhero is getting the once over by the weak effen lunatic asylum media.
    Superheros are tough and kick ass, If your the bad guy, dressing up like the good guy is only gonna get you your butt kicked, There should be a law under with penalty of mandatory ass kicking for idiots who distort our views of what a superhero is.
    BTW… are stains an issue? Fake superheros usually wash their capes after a hard days work but this one screams Monica lewinsky to me.

  49. I’m rather surprised no ne else has yet observed the obvious appropriateness of the costume for a deserved descent into the Rings of Hell as described in Dante’s Inferno. It is very difficult to distinguish between the most appropriate destinations among those rings of Hell. The hockey stick is useful for many of the hazards encountered during the journey to the lowest rings of of Dante’s Hell, from the wasps and hornets stinging those consumed by self-interest along the shores of the river Acheron to the human excrement drowning the flatterers in the second bolgia of the Eighth Circle, but the hockey stick is perhaps not so useful with respect to the diseases afflicting the falsifiers and frauds of the tenth bolgia of the Eitghth Circle of Hell. The costume is perhaps also over ambitious with respect to the hip waders, because the second bolgia is too deep for them to prove effective. As usual, these ambitous, covetous, profligate, and would be Halloween caped crusaders are all too ill prepared for and contemptuous of the cold beating of Satan’s wings freezing the treacherous in the Nonth Circle of Hell.

  50. He was working as a recruiter for the US Marines,
    ‘Till congress sent him sashaying to promote their schemes.
    What was he to do? Where was he to go? He had to move his fanny…
    So over the citizens’ incomes he declared a seize.
    He had retirement to pay for, health care and cheese.
    He had style! He had flair! He said please.
    That’s how he became the Nanny!
    Who would have guessed the offense we’ve described,
    Was just exactly what subverters prescribed?
    Now Chavez finds him beguiling (watch Fox T.V.!).
    His minions are actually mocking (a spending spree!).
    He wants to look in your arse, perform a non-census medical exam!
    The flashy stud from D.C., the Nanny named Sam!
    To the tune of the theme song for The Nanny, a tv show.

  51. Why is he wearing oil products for protection?
    Since when did Superman wear a thong?
    (Yes, I know he has in a few unlicensed/unofficial movies)
    He’s wearing a wedding ring, why didn’t she stop him?

  52. “Maybe this superhero outfit will help me find a girlfriend!”
    Hmm methinks looking like that may get you a friend but it won’t be a girl !!!

  53. Ed Fix says:
    October 31, 2011 at 8:04 pm
    Mike, I had a similar experience…..“are you a scientist like me, or just a layman”.

    He has a Masters, is obviously gunning for a cushy career path, trying to impress his hero, Mike Mann. He’ll prolly have a coupla papers in AR5 before he gets his PhD. Which won’t improve his disconnection from logical argument, but it may improve his career in the short term.

  54. I see Michael Mann as the Hulk. The green colour would go down well with the environmental groups and i could see him saying ‘Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry coz I’ll get my lawyers onto you’.

  55. Can you imagine the reaction if a sceptic had published a picture of himself like this?
    By now we would have had at least three, instantly pal reviewed and acclaimed, published papers by professors of “the psychology of climate change” – explaining how deranged, psychotic, planet-hating, middle aged white males were projecting dangerously violent images of themselves as all-powerful revenge figures.
    Personally, I think he’s had the outfit hanging in the back of the closet for a while ……….” Honey, can we errrr….. do the Superman thing again tonight”………… “Weeell….alright – but for God’s sake forget the smelly fishing boots this time!”

  56. Archetypal costume of the ‘Useful Idiot’. Hey, Scott, get a fur coat; you’re going to need it.

  57. Considering what Mandia is wearing and the object he has in his hands, with all the ramifications of that object, the guileless expression on his face is priceless; he could be just as easily looking up from his bbq. From this picture alone, if I was in the market for a lawyer, this man would be my last choice.

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  59. I’m surprised no one has commented directly about that particular pictured hockey stick. In an interesting experiment in creative graphing, it’s laid out with 10 year increments, equally spaced following the trend line (?). The line is blue and straight from the handle end to 1930, red from 1950 and a steep curve up to 2010 on the blade tip, while 1930 to 1950 is a slightly-curving purple-ish (red and blue overlapped?), which may have been done to indicate modest warming, or is a messed-up indicator of when the mishandled temperature record was spliced onto the mangled temperature reconstructions.
    With the decadal marks projected down to the x-axis handle, we can see the manipulation of the scale, compressing the end to make the warming trend appear far more alarming.
    It is worse than we thought. These people can’t even do a simple Halloween costume without giving in to the temptation to “accentuate the presentation” and make it look worse than it is. Well, worse than what they think it is, this planet and reality tends to think otherwise.

  60. DirkH says:
    October 31, 2011 at 4:12 pm
    That’s what we’re up against.

    If that’s it, the battle’s over.
    The ‘C’ is for Capitulation. Or maybe “Cryin’ in my beer.”
    /Mr Lynn

  61. Look, up in the sky!
    It’s a bird!
    It’s a plane!
    Not bird, nor plane, nor even spud, it’s just little ‘ol me, Undercrud.

  62. From G. Karst on November 1, 2011 at 9:59 am:

    Yes, but is he faster than a speeding bullet?

    Many things become possible with the proper use of large artillery. ☺

  63. I have a Manure scoop he can borrow to go with the hip waders. A hockey schtick just doesn’t work that well for scooping poop.

  64. Not even Halloween is an excuse for that.
    BTW, to those making reference to Robin — you’re bats. As in Batman bats. Soopman don’t have no sidekicks.

  65. What he said just before the photograph was taken: “Hey, you don’t really have that camera turned on, do you?”
    Alternatively, I wonder what the bet was about. The bet that he obviously lost.

  66. The wading boots are hoot and very telling. He certainly isn’t carrying a fly rod either. The bullshit must be even deeper than previously though…

  67. …and these people are asking us to take their CAGW crap-trap SERIOUSLY?
    I mean, I thought we were fighting for the future of mankind, Hansen’s grandkids, polar bears etc. and they WANT to associate with this image of a w*nker in his jammies??
    (Sorry, am I allowed to call the twit a w*nker on WUWT? Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!)

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