The climate movement becomes "occupied"

It seems that climate advocate Bill McKibben has jumped the shark. As evident on the website, it is no longer about climate in any way shape or form, of course, based on past behavior, it probably never was. Just have a look at some of the recent pronouncements from the website:

and from two days ago…

Listen to what McKibben and some of his fellow protestors have to say:

But even our own Willis Eschenbach thinks the XL pipeline issue is ridiculous, because there is really only one question: Where will the oil be burned?

I think this image sums up this farce pretty well:


I wonder what corporate airline Bill McKibben uses to jet around the world to speak of the evils of CO2 and corporations?

The only thing missing from the picture (though it is likely in there somewhere) is Apple Corporation, purveyor of (in my opinion, highly overpriced) computers which have an almost fanatical following in some circles.Now before you launch into an automatic Mac-vs-PC war, please read why I’m pointing this out.

Apple is company number one (according to Bloomberg) in growth and revenue, and #1 in tech (according to NYT) but the same people who complain about Wall Street, think nothing of getting fleeced by Apple for a computer you can buy for about a third of the price elsewhere.

While everyone is free to choose what computer works best for them, I find that lack of labeling of Apple as a “greedy corporation” very ironic, particularly in light of the worker abusechild labor problems and environmental problems left in the wake of the manufacturing of Apple’s products in China. It is doubly ironic that some of the loudest and most acidic voices about climate  and greed, are Apple product users, and raise not a peep about such problems. Apple gets a pass, probably because the Goreacle endorses the company and sits on its board.

But that’s a side issue, especially when one of the most intelligent and reasonable persons I know, WUWT author Willis Eschenbach, is a Mac user. I only point out Apple Corporation in this context because the occupy protesters and climate activists don’t see the very profitable and ethically/ecologically questionable Apple Corporation as being in the same class of evil corporations they protest for the very same reasons.

The real issue with “occupy” is the lack of rational thought and direction by this “movement”. Even the MSM and some university newspapers are noticing this. For example, watch this video from “occupyAtlanta”. They are actually proud of making a civil rights leader leave.

And in case you were wondering about the political angle, be sure to recite the Marxist chant:

The mindless droning has spread to Seattle:

They may as well be chanting Imhotep Imhotep! Imhotep!!

There’s  a name for people like this: useful idiots.


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Yup. The worst part of all is that their protests against “global warming” are serving Wall Street perfectly. Goldman Sachs loves Bill McKibben, because Goldman loves chaos.
Middle-sized corporations that actually produce things (ie Main Street) have been slow to get on the carbon bandwagon, though many of them have succumbed to peer pressure by now.
The carbon bandwagon has been pulled by Wall Street speculators who see an entirely new market for derivatives and securitization.

Grizzled Bear

I’m of the camp that agrees with SOME of what the original Occupiers seemed to stand for. I think there is way too much power with the banks. And when major corporations like GE can get away with paying little or no taxes, that’s just plain wrong. Not for a second am I going to be lead around by the nose by FOX believing the “job creators” should pay less – sheesh, give me a break. But when I see the McKibben’s of the world, and the various unions that have hijacked this movement, I get sick to my stomach. What, to my eyes, started off as a groundswell of ordinary people “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”, suddenly shifted to opportunists with a pet cause jumping in with both feet. The message that the people are fed up with being kept down, doesn’t mean they want a different set of boots on their neck — this time from the political left who long ago decided they knew what was best for everybody.


To be fair there is an “END the FED” sign on that photo (funny though the captions are) which suggests there are some very awake and aware folks (Ron Paul climate realist types) at #occupyWallSt


I think it is pretty clear where the political leanings of this site now lie. Views on climate change correlate with political views pretty well. Seems science has been forgotten.
REPLY: Heh funny! Sure, go ahead, criticize this site for pointing out the failings of science in a purely political organization that claims to be about science, but isn’t. Show me the last time those bozos at 350 actually discussed any science, showed a graph for analysis or linked to a dataset, then you might have a point. Until then, your comment is MegaFAIL – Anthony


I supose they have to do something/anything to divert attention from the White House.


proof this blog is backed by greedy 1% ers
REPLY: yeah sure, whatever you say. 😉 But you forgot the /sarc tag there anonymous coward – Anthony

Dave Springer

Reasonable intelligent people don’t have a history of serious drug abuse, incarceration, and institutionalization for mental problems. Those are things that reasonable intelligent people manage to avoid.

Leon Brozyna

One of those spontaneous outpourings of emotion, by people against everything, who see conspiracies everywhere, and who spend months organizing a movement that appears to spring up overnight. Once it catches the media’s eye, it’s becomes birds of a feather all flocking together.

P Walker

I wonder what the ramifcations of all this will be , especially if things turn ugly – which could easily happen .


We need to contact the Union of Concerned Scientists immediately. They have been quite concerned over the politicization of science for some time now. I’m sure they’ll be right on this ASAP.


Exactly. This is 99% about getting Obama re-elected. It’s not like he can run on his record.


Talk about mindless chanting and robot like groupthink.
It is a substitute for actual thinking.

Terry Jackson

As the Professor observes, it’s all about the narrative. Looks like another re-play of Mario Savio’s Filthy Speech Movement at UC Berkley, or the Seattle WTO demonstrations. Sponsored and supported be Anarchists United, plus a few unions and President Pouty Face.

R. Gates

Seems both the left (occupy wall street folks) and the right (tea party folks) are just generally angry. They are angry for different reasons (i.e. one is focus on big business and one is focused on big government) and angry for some of the same reasons (i.e an economy that isn’t creating enough jobs fast enough and where the middle class is feeling squeezed, etc.)
That would rally around the occupy wall street crowd is not surprising as both these groups tend to lean pretty radically left and tend to attract the younger (mac using and loving) crowd. It also would stand to reason that as the AGW movement has generally suffered from a lack of interest as of late, there may be some move to pull some energy back into the cause by attaching themselves to and sucking it from the occupy wall street crowd…sort of like a Green Vampire.

Too bad they have it all backwards. Our centralized government gives tax breaks and incentives to big companies in order to control them. And the more control government has over companies, the more control they have over individuals. Regulations are written in favor of big business because it limits the ability of entrepreneurs to create new, smaller and less controllable companies.
Ultimately, the goal is to rule us.


What do you expect from people who have wasted a $100K or so on a worthless college education by avoiding all math, science, economics, etc. possible and majoring in subjects that no company with any functioning brain cells would possibly consider hiring. I wonder how many of the protesters have majoried in Victorian Female Authors or Organic Composting or Transgender Studies or Sustainability Studies? You imbeciles don’t have good paying jobs because you don’t know anything that is of even minimal value to any employer.

If the 99% really was 99% they wouldn’t have to stage sit ins. (this totally grass-roots message brought to you thanks to generous contributions from SEIU, OFA,, & IWW)

Eyal Porat

99% says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:03 pm
proof this blog is backed by greedy 1% ers
Oh, don’t forget the BIG OIL money this site is getting too!
I bet Anthony can rest back in his mansion and sip his 1000$ wine now…

Dr T G Watkins

Kathy Wolfe 12.47pm
A word of warning. This site is addictive and there is no known cure. The ‘links’ and comments section plus the ‘information pages’ require a minimum of 4 hrs. a day!
So much to read and SO much to learn.
Regards and happy reading.

Anthony, you were spot on when you stated, “The real issue with “occupy” is the lack of rational thought and direction by this “movement”.
Here is a quote from a person engaged in that movement, from an AP article…… Karen Livecchia, 49, agreed. “For now, it’s a lot like the Internet — leaderless, spaceless,” she said as she collected signatures at the march, spurred to action by an email from the liberal group
“It’s hard to tell what it will lead to. But I’m not concerned that we don’t have specific demands — that will come.“
I wrote about it here……


Looks pretty normal to me… What started out as a reasonably genuine protest against the supposed power of Wall St (even though I might personally not agree with their premise) got taken over by the normal ratbaggery that wants to protest anywhere, anytime about anything.
Look at Greenpeace as another example. The Australian Greens (a useless collection of ragbags if ever there was one).
What constantly amazes me is that the people in these protests understand that they have the right to free speech and the right to express their political opinions, and want to remove those rights from everyone else. Oh, well… It’s at least consistent with the rather clever summation image.

Hoi Polloi

It’s obvious that McKibben will surf the wave of the OWS movement for his Climate Crusade. Clearly the Climate Crusade has gone out of breath and this will help him, he thinks. Also because most of the demonstrators belong to the same group of melons.


Completely agree with the “Useful Idiots” moniker. We now see, predictably, older and more experienced groups like the Unions muscle their way in to profit from the momentum. We have a similar protest movement going on in Germany, the “Pirate party” who don’t know what the want, only that they want free downloading of copyrighted material. And that the Banks and the established parties are evil.
If any of these movements would explain what kind of system they have in mind once they toppled the existing one, I would be able to decide whether I agree with their goals or not. At the moment you can’t even call them leftist as they don’t define their desired policies. Well, they will end up as ordinary lefties, that’s easy to see, and if only because the experienced agitators will come to dominate them.


@ Allencic,
Last year some time, I heard a call to Dave Ramsey where a woman had done a PhD in German Polka Dance and had run up a massive student loan debt. She was wondering how she was going to pa it all back since she wasn’t employable…
He uses that call as a warning about useless education all the time now.

Mike H.

That Seattle get together had the feel of a religious revival. Call and response of the snakeoil evangelist.

Useful idiots. The perfect description of emotional Manics blindly reacting without thinking.
Frustration without rational thought.

Gail Combs

michael says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:10 pm
Exactly. This is 99% about getting Obama re-elected. It’s not like he can run on his record.
Never thought of that. But you could be correct.
The Blair-Rockefeller Poll conducted after the mid term elections showed the Democrats are losing the traditional base of support among older voters who “….vote in high percentages, compared to younger cohorts, clear support for the Democratic Party is confined largely to African Americans…. If these trends continue, the 2012 presidential election will require the Democratic Party to continue to bring young, and often unreliable, voters to the polls.”
The “Tea Party”/Ron Paul supporters are the group who are anti-Federal Reserve, anti-big government and against the Mega-corporations/government collusion often called neo-corporatism. This looks like a smearing of that message and converting it into a “socialist” message to confuse the youngsters who get caught up in the drama of it all.


Steele says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Too bad they have it all backwards. Our centralized government gives tax breaks and incentives to big companies in order to control them. And the more control government has over companies, the more control they have over individuals. Regulations are written in favor of big business because it limits the ability of entrepreneurs to create new, smaller and less controllable companies.
Ultimately, the goal is to rule us.

Precisely. Foaming at the mouth right-wingers (like the Tea Party) see big business and government colluding to screw regular people over, and they somehow get the weird notion that the problem is the government.
Peaceful, nonviolent, well groomed moderates (like the Occupy Wall Street crowd) see the same thing but they understand that big business are the ones who have guns and can put you into jail for not using their product correctly.
I’d also like to point out for the record that if standing around chanting slogans doesn’t count as “fighting for change” then why is Manhattan under water? Why have we had a record number of hurricanes making landfall this year? Their pithy slogans are causing climate change, and that’s what is in favour of.

R. Gates says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:17 pm
Seems both the left (occupy wall street folks) and the right (tea party folks) are just generally angry.
Well, their are marked differences between the two, hygiene not being the least. Respect for the law, and general decent respect for local venders and general cleanliness in care for the areas of the rallies. Oh, yeh, one other thing……… the Taxed Enough Already party actually has specific areas when peacefully assembling when asking for redress from the government.


Grizzled Bear says:
October 9, 2011 at 12:53 pm
“And when major corporations like GE can get away with paying little or no taxes, that’s just plain wrong. ”
That was an effect of losses they incurred the year before.


Of course they don’t have the remotest idea of what they are talking about. Everyone of the mentioned corporations either actively or tacitly supports AGW remediation. Most drastically. GS is the primary carbon trader in the USA. The established oil companies love the artificial scarcity created bu CO2 hysteria.


350 methodology. Find a parade, stand at the front, and pretend everyone is following you. Hijack the movement for your own benefit.
There is an economic problem in the US and Europe. A lot of investment money is sitting on the sidelines, largely as a result of uncertainty over public policy. As a result we are told we have a “debt crisis”.
However, what we really have is a policy crisis. The money is there, it is simply sitting on the sidelines due to uncertainty. Politicians in the US and Europe continue to live in a world where you can replace CO2 with taxes and the economy will create jobs. Investors are not convinced, so there is no money to finance the debt to pay the taxes. Thus there are no jobs.
This is most obvious when you compare China, the US and Europe. Historically economic prosperity has been tied to CO2 production and there has been no recent development or technological breakthrough that would change this. The growth of all three economies, along with the relative change in prosperity of the citizens, remains in lock step with their CO2 production.
CO2 levels in Europe and the US are down about 7% annually, while at the same time CO2 levels are up about 13% annually in China. At this rate the prosperity of the citizens of the US and the EU will be cut in half over the next 10 years, while the prosperity of the citizens of China will quadruple. This mirrors what we are seeing.


Love this interview on the CBC (!) with “Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author Chris Hedges”, who has clear Marxist sympathies in his defence of the “occupiers”. Best part is Kevin O’Leary taking Hedges to task, and Hedge’s descent into incoherence. :-> Must-see TV.


Envy, misplaced anger, entitlement society, a need for drama, way too much time on ones hands, and a coddling political class.
The anger part I get, but why not protest in front of the White House or Congress, where the policies that enabled human greed to run rampant in the housing sector, were born.
Time to face facts, the Government has no more money to hand out.
Get a job, your payroll taxes can then help pay off Government promises.
Do it for the children, it was done for you.


R. Gates says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:17 pm
People are angry, R. Gates, just plain ordinary people who have been abandoned by thier leaders.
The streets are no different than the blogs, with trolls aplenty out to misdirect and steal the movements.
People are getting wise to the game. There is no list of grievances for a William Jennings Bryan to sell to the Democrats and Republicans for the express purpose of disbanding the protest and absorbing the platform as thier own.
Irregardless of the matter at hand, whether Science or Politics or Economy, the selling of Agenda Swaps is losing it’s customers. Junk Issue salesmen, like Al Gore, are feeling the pain, so now we find one Bill McKibben out in the street hawking his wares.
The days of consensus sales are numbered.


100 years of occupation?
In Vancouver (BC, Canada) they are also planning an “Occupation”. Canada also has useful idiots. Our economy is not doing bad but again.
I live in the Fraser Valley and there are lots of vegetables and fruits to pick up. The people doing the picking are easily recognizable. They have turbans and are usually dark skinned. They often come on a seasonal work visa and go back to their country at the end of the season with loads of money.
If those people wearing tagged clothes and having the latest tech gadget don’t have anything else to do and complain they don’t have money could just take a ride to the area, there are plenty of jobs here. You don’t need to live in a big mega-city.
There are lots of jobs out there, just don’t be so picky and difficult. I don’t see those people in the fields complaining… on the contrary.
… and this is not sarcasm.

Doug in Seattle

Useful Idiots is the correct term. The term was apparently coined by V.I. Lenin in reference to western liberals.
What really gets me about these wall street protesters is the zombie chant repetition of everything they are told by their “leaders”.
What is that about? It just makes them look and sound stupid.


What the zombies in NYC, Atlanta and elsewhere are protesting about is that there has been no global protest movement since the Vietnam war. So climate change is the designer cause du jour for the rebel without a cause, 2011 edition. Oh, and something rad about Wall Street … something, something, mumble, mumble. This is what you get when rebellion skips a generation. As we say in Australia, give us a spell!


Is an astrotruf movement, and the high level acceptance and credulity given to it by much of the media any surprise since we have a self-described “community organizer” serving as President?
OWS, corporate shakedowns, greenmail, etc. are all the tools of “community organizing”.
We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.
The Tea Party really scared the lefties: How dare middle class tax payers actually agitate and demand anything other than the right to pay their taxes and do as they are told by their progressive betters?
So, we have the extreme left agitating in their incoherent whining fashion, and more and more pseudo-scientific groups like 350 will join in.
It will be massively entertaining and maybe a bit dangerous before it plays out. The lefties that are carrying out our President’s deepest wishes don’t see themselves as the losers they actually are. They delude themselves that they are heroic revolutionaries.

Gail Combs

Leon Brozyna says:
October 9, 2011 at 1:04 pm
One of those spontaneous outpourings of emotion, by people against everything, who see conspiracies everywhere, and who spend months organizing a movement that appears to spring up overnight. Once it catches the media’s eye, it’s becomes birds of a feather all flocking together.
II agree with you that it was probably organized. However there are protests all over the place especially in Washington D.C. The Media ONLY films those that are “On Message” as determined by their board of directors/owners.
Main Stream Media Control:
U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917: J.P. Morgan interests bought control of the media.
JP Morgan: Our next big media player? (April 13, 2010) JP Morgan controls 54 U.S. daily newspapers,and owns 31 television stations.
Then there is MSNBC, Comcast and General Electric not to mention the interlocking board of directors.


@polistra says at 12:50 pm “The carbon bandwagon has been pulled by Wall Street speculators who see an entirely new market for derivatives and securitization.”
For at least the last decade, “global warming” and “climate change” have been exclusively about monetizing and taxing the air.
That covers everything one needs to know about the interests of Wall Street, DC, and the U.N.
These hippie “occupiers” are once again the ignorant dupes of those interests.

Torgeir Hansson

The U.S. political system is awash in corporate money. And to a lesser extent, union money.
That, in a nutshell, is the problem.
Elections must be funded with public money, and free access to broadcasting. If the government can’t be used to ensure free and fair elections, what can it be used for?
American politicians come out of elections beholden to special interests. That is wrong on its face.

It is all the same people with all the same “Agenda.” No matter how you view the climate truthers, they are all in the same camp as the others who want to crush the economy, do away with moral behavior, and by all means do away with Christianity. These people who are Occupying the streets are just goons of the same mother.


Your offhanded dismissal of this movement is very saddening. “Down with evil corporations” is not the message. “Get the big corporate money out of politics” is the message. The AGW crowd trying to get involved is irrelevant. A government of the people, by the people and for the people, not of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. I think you may have stepped out of your area of expertise on this issue. Maybe you’re unaware the your country has been looted.
The bankers got to keep their money and unload their debts onto the taxpayer and the governments went along with that, (that’s the money that gets them elected) so now 90% of the people are screwed.


As to the Apple part of the post- Not to date myself, but I really appreciated the graphical capabilities (and curve fitting capability) of cricket graph compared to my alternative (lotus 123) back in early 90’s. Personally, the premium price for a Mac/Apple (OS2 based system) has always been more then I have been willing to pay.
Some of the early (non-server) based experimental design software (e-chip, and business simulation software- Powersim 2.5 -that I used were written for PC based systems as that is what most engineers used. The graphic capabilities (which I associate with the sales and marketing side of things) of the mac/apple products were the benchmark way back when. For response surface (RSM) graphics e-chip worked well for me.

Torgeir Hansson

You have to be living in a cave if you don’t understand what the Tea Party and the OWS crowd is protesting against. The last thirty years has seen a tremendous concentration of wealth at the top, a bubble-driven economy for the rest, and significant loss of wealth for the middle class.
This state of affairs has not come about by natural laws or divine edict. It is a result of national policy over the last 30 years. The policies in effect concentrate wealth among a few people at the top. We can change the policies.

@DirkH The Pirate Party movement is both international and quite well defined in what future they would like to see. Sweden voted a pirate into the EU parliament in 2009 and has managed to cause quite a bit of ruckus with regards to secrecy around ACTA, copyright and US influence over EU legislation.
Have a look at
(This being an american blog I know everything must either be “left” or “right”, but the Pirate Party movement is neither. Refreshing)

The global warming scare was never about science, it was always about the theft of the West’s wealth by UN kleptocrats:
“One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”
~ Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-Chair, UN/IPCC WG4