Almost Friday Funny – IPCC's renewable energy cycle

Josh is drawing in renewable circles over the recent IPCC flap.

If you have not read it yet, please do so. This story needs wide distribution:

A blunder of staggering proportions by the IPCC

15 thoughts on “Almost Friday Funny – IPCC's renewable energy cycle

  1. Noted in passing, zazzle will do a coffee mug for $14 that has space for 3 panes of text or graphics. If Josh will grant permission to let his art work be used on a cup, you can get your very own. Alternately, I suppose he can do them and then sell them out.

  2. From BBC Mr Black how dare they!
    Revkin suggest that not everyone in the solar physics community likes what they’ve seen – so publication could yet prove a hurdle. So its what they like theyve admitted it LOL Recommend saving that page before he takes it off!

  3. They lied to us. Yes, you and me!
    They’re the Snarks of the IPCC.
    They’re after our dosh.
    But then there came Josh,
    And the Snark is a Boojum, you see.

  4. Given that a large part of the ‘renewable enegry’ in the report was dung, I would have shown the the shredded paper being fed to a goat and then a person tossing the resulting dung in to a primitave fire pit.
    This would also allow the introduction of methane into the mix.

  5. Well the BBC’s Richard Black has firmly nailed his colours to the AGW mast, it will be interesting to see how he wriggles his way out of that one as world temperatures start to level off and then decline! I foresee a move to a greenthink publication pretty soon…..

  6. I think the IPPC reports could supply the world with endless supply of cheap energy, if they were used as input for engines of the type that powered the spaceship Heart of Gold in one of the books in “The Hitchhikers guide to the to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

  7. Jimbo, true! Hot Air is an obvious choice but ‘Warmed’ seemed more appropriate given the ‘Warming’ science in the cycle.
    Bjorn, yes, the ‘infinite improbability drive’ – what a good idea.

  8. Hey Josh, I picture a long haired hippy environmentalist with a pony tail and head band, smoking a spliff, a peace sign on his tie-dyed t-shirt, wearing hippy glasses and sandals, and over his hippy clothing he’s got a crinkled labcoat with the IPCC or the UN emblem on it. He’s holding a clipboard painted green and in his pocket protector you see the ends of numerous joints (pot) sticking out. Just an idea for your next cartoon.

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