Charles Manson becomes an advocate for global warming

From the Daily Mail, probably the worst alliance you could hope for if you are in the global warming movement. Manson says in a from prison interview:

‘Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere.

‘If we don’t change that as rapidly as I’m speaking to you now, if we don’t put the green back on the planet and put the trees back that we’ve butchered, if we don’t go to war against the problem…’ he added, trailing off.

I didn’t know they gave Internet access in prison. Or maybe it’s old magazines. Either way, not the sort of advocate you dream about having.

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h/t to WUWT reader “Neo”


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Pull My Finger

Well at least he isn’t a climate denier! Just a cold blooded, nutter, murderer. /sarc

Pull My Finger

Which reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer’s shrink, who was worried about old Jeff’s racist predilictions. Kind of think he had bigger issues to deal with.

jack morrow

The media is sinking to lower depths everyday.

Mike Bromley

Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer…
Ol’ Charlie knows how to anticipate trends in negative press.

Torgeir Hansson

[snip – a bit over the top – Anthony]


No doubt the UN would give him some podium time this coming Wed. to share his views and give his support to Bolivia’s agenda item regarding “Mother Earth’s” legal rights. This would be right up their alley.

Coach Springer

His take on Helter Skelter seems to have more scientific gravitas than the one on butchering trees. OTOH, he’s more upfront with you than the hockey stick kids. Is Charles Manson to race relations what Jim Hansen is to climate?


Is he trying to gain parole?
Maybe he’s gunning for some grant funding – you know, something like a study into how many murders are committed as a result of inreased temps since 1950? – or maybe a paper along the lines of ‘AGW cooked my brain – and look what happened!’


I guess they can’t get WUWT in prison….They’re only allowed covers to Time magazine?
Or…Maybe Charlie can see the poles from his room…

Gary Swift

He’s just giving in to peer pressure and agreeing with the rest of the concensus.
If the only news you had about climate was the mainstream media, after being locked up for nearly 40 years, I’m sure you would be shocked and fearfull.
But really; Is this any worse than having Al Gore on your side?


With advocates like that, who needs skeptics?

Robert M

Well… Actually if you think about it, it is not that surprising to discover that Charles Manson has joined ranks with Micheal Mann, Al Gore, James Hansen, Phil Jones and others that hate and are frankly, barking mad.
Unfortunately I’m not being sarcastic…

Prince Charles says much the same thing (has anyone seen the two of them together?)

sceptical me

I prefer WUWT without these tabloid interludes. This one is not even funny.


Oh boy! First Ehrlich and Holdren and now Manson. All the 70’s Hippies are climbing on board. At least Manson didn’t advocate mass sterilization, he took ’em one at a time.


irrelevent non issue This person should not be given any media attention in my opinion.


[snip – over the top – Anthony]

[snip -over the top – Anthony]

I don’t believe that facts should be overshadowed by opinions from any person, no matter how famous (or infamous) they may be.
Hitler believed the sky was blue. Stalin thought the Earth was round. Mao tse-tung thought that evolution was correct.
Does that mean that because I affirm the sky is blue, the Earth is round and that evolution is correct, that I therefore believe in the teachings of Hitler, Stalin or Mao?
So Charles Manson thinks the poles are melting – so what?


ok, i’ve changed my mind now…AGW it is…

Eric Gisin

Manson’s fan cult has a web page:
When you read his words, remember this is the result of 50 years of schizophrenia. The claims of being a victim are part of that, but his radical green view are too. What excuse do other greens have?


[snip -over the top – Anthony]


The people that don’t think that this is appropriate for WUWT need to lighten up. A big difference between proponents and deniers is our ability to laugh from time to time. Accept it for what it’s worth, have a laugh and get back to proving that the proponents are wrong, AND are miserable.

Jim G

Birds of a feather?


We seem to be commiting the ad-hominem fallacy here. He is a totally mental serial killer so he must be wrong. He is wrong but him being a totally mental serial killer isn’t the issue.

Brian H

Sounds a lot like the Unibomber.

not the sort of advocate you dream about having.

But the sort they attract with their lies and shenanigans. Just like Cindy Sheehan and the Aryan Racist party, when all you have to offer is false, do not be surprised the company you pick up.

R. Shearer

Great minds think alike; Hansen, Manson, Mann and Gore.


Doom mongers always attract the insane. See also Mr. “Squirrels and Froggies”. But why are todays doom mongers Greens and Warmists. What i never understood about the Greens is that they never celebrate the improvements in air or water quality that they achieved; same for warmists – after a lot of nations signed Kyoto, was there a big fiesta amongst the warmists all over the world? No. This tells me that both movements (with largely identical members) are deeply depressive systems; driving their own followers into a depressive, instable state of mind.

Jack Savage

I am with “sceptical me” on this one. This is a story best left to other websites, amusing though it is in a macabre way.
I am old enough to remember the sheer horror of the Manson Family as it all unfolded.
Can you remove? You know it makes sense.

Does anyone else think Manson will think he has just got a lot closer to getting parole?

Dr T G Watkins

Arguably, the energy policies being pursued in the name of CAGW will negatively impact millions in the developing world as well as relatively impoverish ‘rich’ nations.
While I do not want to in any way to equate Manson with our politicians, the result of the actions of the latter are likely to cause more deaths and suffering than the former.
Similar analogies can be drawn with the DDT ban, opposition to GM crops, offensive wars (in both senses) etc.
Laws of unintended consequences.


I get both POVs that A) it’s a funny barely relevant news tidbit and B) it’s not worth discussing because it’s not seriously relevant to anything.
So, it’s neither worth taking seriously nor worth getting upset over. As much as my first instinct is snark, I would not have highlighted it as a news item, but “meh.”
On the other hand I don’t think other unthinking celebrities like Leonard diCaprio, Prince Charles, or Al Gore should be big discussion in the climate world, but they are. Double “meh.”

John R. Walker

If we can’t hang him the least we can do is to ignore him…


Ha ha ha! Pretty funny – Charles Manson arguing for changes in behavior from a MORAL point of view! Ha ha ha!
Al Gore, Charles Manson, the EPA and Osama bin Laden all aligned in the “AGW Cause”. You gotta love it!

Richard Sharpe

Isn’t this just par for the course?
If I recall correctly, lots of horrific mass murderers became supporters of Newtonian Mechanics, Quantum theory, String Theory and so forth.

R. Shearer

This post was good for a laugh or two, but now I wonder if it really is irrelevent.
Is AGW becoming cult-like? Certainly, the likes of Manson and O. Bin Laden jumping board might suggest so. That AGW supporters would produce a video justifying unblieving children and others being blown to bloody bits is also consistent with cultish belief.

Stephen Brown

rbateman says:
April 18, 2011 at 12:12 pm
With advocates like that, who needs skeptics?
Exactly what he said!

Hard Rain

There’s some rich irony here. The whole popular mythology surrounding Manson is nothing more than media sensationalism and gross misrepresentations by the authorities. Sounds a lot like “global warming”, eh?
“The real life Charles Manson was not some charismatic leader gone bad, but a pathetic figure from the very beginning.”


Latitude says:
April 18, 2011 at 12:50 pm
[snip -over the top – Anthony]
R. Shearer says:
April 18, 2011 at 2:08 pm
This post was good for a laugh or two, but now I wonder if it really is irrelevent.
Is AGW becoming cult-like? Certainly, the likes of Manson and O. Bin Laden jumping board might suggest so. That AGW supporters would produce a video justifying unblieving children and others being blown to bloody bits is also consistent with cultish belief.
Thanks R. Shearer
That’s the point

It’s not really relevant to anything, but it’s still fun. Besides, if manson or bin Ladin was a skeptic you know what kind of play it would get.
bin Ladin is also on the warm side.


The gas chamber at San Quentin was once referred to as the Green Room. Of course if the Bureau of Prisons wanted to make the process even more sustainable they could consider a solar powered electric chair.


“U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether ‘Mother Earth’ Deserves Human Rights Status”
Charles Manson the chief speaker?

Brian H says:
April 18, 2011 at 1:07 pm
> Sounds a lot like the Unabomber.
Except the Unabomber read Scientific American while he was in grade school. That was in its heyday, with great columns like the Amateur Scientist, Mathematical Games, and ads for Questar telescopes that Dad wouldn’t buy for me.
At least he made me a Soma Cube and I figured out how to make hexaflexagons on my own.
In 2003 I bicycled through Lincoln MT where Ted lived in his cabin.
Hey! Don’t look at me funny like that. He’s eight years older than me….

Robert A

Ignore him?
Indeed not, I can think of no better spokesman for AGW.
We should seek and publish his opinions regularly.


I’m surprised to see that not a single person here has properly put into context that which Manson has said – he said this in a prison interview in the mid 80’s ..
Why I assume that most people here in this room were in diapers at the time, I’m not quite sure…just a hunch.

P Wilson

its official. Fools, criminals and maniacs believe in Anthropogenic global warming (oops. Climate change. oops climate disruption)

Jimmy Haigh

Heeeeeeere’s Charlie!

I’m happy that a least one of them is locked up!! ha-ha

Jimmy Haigh

Sahen says:
April 18, 2011 at 3:31 pm
I think you would find that the most people here were well out of diapers in the ’80s. Were you?
I’ve reached the conclusion that global warmers never quite grew out of their diapers.