Friday Funny – the new and improved 4 legged AGW table

Now with Escherisms!

Josh from Cartoons by Josh writes:

I thoroughly enjoyed all the helpful comments on both your blogs about Kev’s  4 legged climate table.

I have tried to put a few of them in… the result was of course entirely predicted by my own highly sophisticated computerised climate cartoon model…as you can see.

Have a great weekend!

Readers may recall, here’s the original discussion: The 4 legged AGW table

And here’s the improved table and final result in a three part panel. I loved how he worked in the polar bear in an Escher style arctic ice “death spiral”.

71 thoughts on “Friday Funny – the new and improved 4 legged AGW table

  1. Good thing I wasn’t holding any beverages or my monitor and keyboard would have been the targets of a surprise downpour.
    Absolutely (sun)spot on!

  2. Ah just the thing to enjoy a dreary NE Oregon day-La Nina inspired weather (complete with impeding storm) …

  3. Very clever and highly amusing!
    Both ‘updated’ cartoons should be sent to every primary school on the planet immediately.
    A picture tells a thousand words, and children would looooove the polar bear. He looks a bit peed off in the ‘result’! Now what could his name be? Snowy? Sooty? Jack, as in I’m all right, but thanks for asking? Or then, maybe he is a she – Alice, Beatrice or Candice?
    Thank you Josh, and Friends.

  4. Josh, its a thing of beauty!! I especially love the Escher foundation, and the addition of the “results” pane. Priceless!! The angry looking little polar bear sticking his head up after the crash, and the crash releasing the clouds – its all just great! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  5. Hehe he Josh is very good at subtly working in the fine detail.
    Well done Josh and thnku WUWT

  6. Murray Grainger says:
    December 10, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Never get anything designed by a committee.
    In this case, though, a great outcome.

    This was democratic input to an executive arbiter. Agreed on the outcome. 😀

  7. Sharperoo, I guess some people just need everything explained to them in one- and two-syllable words. 😉
    Great stuff, Josh! You have the editorial cartoonist insight combined with a wonderful drawing hand. Keep up the good work.

  8. I second the call for a T-Shirt! The main picture on the front with the result on the back! I want mugs too– much better for starting office conversations.
    Thanks so much Josh!

  9. Confusing, chaotic, problematic, resulting in an implosion like collapse. :-()
    I didn’t get coffee through my nose this time because I didn’t drink it while watching the pic. I’m real clever like that.

  10. where is the gravy train it was left out, I think a good cartoon can be made up showing all the left wing scientists hanging on as it travels around the world spreading BS and gathering grants from all the sucked in goverments

  11. The ancients had their Tower of Babel, we have the Global Warming table.
    What goes around . . .

  12. Josh. One more improvement. The No-Spill Consensus Tea should still be hovering up where it stood before the BCP table came crashing down. That would add some more authenticity to it.

  13. Josh that is a great one! Wish I could have input that hidden trail of skeptical scientist ‘termites’ with real data ‘enzymes’ creeping up the backside. That whole table’s their ‘cup-of-tea’. (I hear they are now multiplying exponentially!)

  14. Fantastic. I’ll ‘third’ the call to get this on a T-shirt, with the before and after pictures on front and back. What a great conversation starter it would be, as well as bringing back great memories. Sorry I did not think of this suggestion in the first round, but I wish the “enchanted larch of Yamal” had been worked in, too. (Title of a book on the table to read while sipping the ‘no spill consensus tea’)

  15. It’s fairly early on Saturday morning…coffee in one hand…hunting and peckin’ the keys with the other… and I REALLY wake up when I see your first table, Josh… and have a happy laugh after seeing the ‘new an’ improved’ model.
    Thank You again, and isn’t it simply amazing what happens when real friends collaborate?
    Be Blessed, Kiddo. Keep ’em Coming…
    C.L. Thorpe

  16. My favorite was the FOI wastebasket beyond the far corner. Priceless, especially since it survived the collapse. (No, Hansen and Jones, it isn’t going away.) And the clouds that remained… well, there you have it!

  17. +1,000,000
    That was hilarious. I really needed that! The infinite staircase was my favourite part. Though the “remove for tipping point” is a classic too.

  18. Please get this on a T-shirt at I’d buy it. More than one, I have some friends who need it, too!

  19. A couple of minor points, neither necessarily an error, but they might need some thought.
    First, should the polar (ice) bear be continually increasing or continually decreasing? IOW, if you are showing how the CAGW crowd see things, I’d think it should be continually decreasing, even though it might be harder to draw that way.
    Second, since the first pane says “Remove for tipping point” next to the Water Vapor book, I’d think it should be down beside the base in the second pane. OTOH, if the collapse was from internal contradictions, it can be left up, but might puzzle some people.
    And yes tees would be nice, though it might be tough to find a printer to produce them at a reasonable price to get to people for Christmas.

  20. Oooh, I love it! Especially the way the climate models disappear up their own input. It would make a great talking point. If we’re thinking merchandise, how about a calendar?

  21. Very well done, I love the hockey stick as the stirrer. 🙂 But I felt the Government funded mild jug (tax) should of been a lot, lot bigger. LOL.
    I agree with a few of the other people that have commented, it would look great on a t-shirt.

  22. Well, lads – I reckon we ALL deserve a pat on the back for that – but of course resounding applause for Josh for interpreting it all..!
    Slightly off-topic (I’m making a habit of this) but DO keep an eye on neta/Electricity Summary Page of – click on the ‘generating by fuel type’ if you want a chuckle at the proportion generated by wind – recently (you know, during that several inches of Gobal Warming) its been between 1 and 2% – so not far off Big Dave’s 30% target then…

  23. OT sorry, but I could eat my hat this evening.
    Just watched the BBC evening news and the I saw the first report I have seen by them on the NGOfest in Can’tcome (named after the response received from invited world leaders).
    David Shukman, through gritted teeth and holding a handkerchief over his nose, interviewed two skeptics, one of which was Roger Pielke jr. This is a first for the BBC and is no doubt due to the fact that they have been told to report in a balanced way. This was obviously countered by the intonation they they were both raving lunatics but what else would you expect from our taxpayer funded Pravda outlet. Shukmans disappointment that he was not allowed to go to Can’tcome for some Autumn sunshine was palpable.
    However I think the Wall has finally coming down in the UK. Happy days.

  24. Fantastic Josh,
    Congratulations are in order for your fine art.
    The t-shirt proposed is a great idea. Just what is needed, many teenagers would love this and the chance to be walking billboards in re-education of the masses.
    The Climategate elephant with tail raised (cartoon 2) and not to be seen in cartoon 3 is neat.

  25. Obituary Schick, Hen:
    Schick, Hen – 23 months, died Nov. 19 while crossing the road. Born and raised on the left side, the little red hen enabled generations of farm animals by doing most of the work. She is survived by her husband, Cockadoolittle, and one offspring, Chicken Little, currently active in alarming sheep about global warming. Private roadside service officiated by Rev. Sanders.

  26. Josh: the two panels add up to something greater than the sum. Nice going.
    If you choose to tweak in preparation for a tee-shirt, might I suggest inserting the teacup, clearly broken, into the second panel? This time the handle would be on the left, showing the side that was hidden in panel #1, and with the words “Tempest fugit” emblazoned on that previously hidden side.
    As for design by committee, generally speaking I agree. But I wouldn’t exchange the King James Bible or the Oxford English Dictionary for any substitute.

  27. Find the “ology” that best matches the following sayings.
    “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”
    “Too many cooks spoil the Broth”
    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

  28. TinyCO2 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Oooh, I love it! Especially the way the climate models disappear up their own input. It would make a great talking point. If we’re thinking merchandise, how about a calendar?

    A calendar! what a great idea. Josh could create one very easily for sale at (I have no affiliation – I am a customer and it makes books very easy to publish). I’d buy a lot of those, too!

  29. kwik says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    Very good!!
    You need some sort of homogenisation machine for serving that Green Tea
    That’s the milk Kwik.

  30. I’m with Sonicfrog. The no-spill consensus tea hovering above the carnage to represent cognitive dissonance.

  31. EEeeerrr, Josh i know we live in Democracies and everything, and the cartoon was created through democracy and everything…
    When I’m boss of my very own dictatorship and everything, YOUR GONNA MAKE T-SHIRTS!!!
    Please can we have T-Shirts. 🙂 ‘ta

  32. As the Cancun talkfest winds down without result the alarmist stooge MSM are being fed the usual excuses and justifications and damage limitation . The talks have failed for the alarmists? No problem, just declare victory(of sorts) and the client stooge MSM will report it as such.
    So the net result of the conference(holiday in the sun) is? Nations are free to cut as much(little) as they wish, no binding targets and no commitments to reduce CO2, no legal framework and no sanctions mechanism against defaulters, no mandatory wealth redistribution from richer nations other than the insane schemes of the UK and US regimes who seem bent on self destruction, betrayal of their own electorate and national demise.
    In no way can the conference be claimed as a victory or a success, but being the dishonest manipulative gang of deceivers they are they simply lie and declare a victory anyway and their stooge clients will pass the news onto their viewer/listener base.

  33. Awe …. the SUN should have been the CHAIR for the table that was ignored off in a corner…it would be the only thing still standing…over the clouds….

  34. I did the most curious thing today. I plowed out the mailbox driveway so the mailwoman doesn’t have to step in knee deep global warming. Silly me. More global warming is in the pipeline! Somebody forgot to turn off the pipeline!
    I tell you what, the Cankooks can all come stay at my ranch. I have all the global warming a single woman can stand! And just to make it seem like Cankook weather, I’ll have bikinis laid out on all the beds. Plus my yard is also filled with global warming so’s they can feel right at home. And the icerink that was the road in front of the ranch, kinda looks like a calm ocean. I’ll set lawn chairs out if they promise to turn off the pipeline.

  35. Well, Josh’s own area does not have these, nor his one in Oz.
    Also, when I go to create a custom shirt, I can put a different pic on the back.
    Can I pay Josh for the use of these images in order to make my own shirts for family & friends?

  36. RoyFOMR says:
    December 10, 2010 at 4:42 pm
    Find the “ology” that best matches the following sayings.
    “Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread”
    “Too many cooks spoil the Broth”
    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”
    Is it tautology? 😉

  37. Lovely.
    As a variant it would have been nice to see the hockey stick as one leg of the table, but of course this is for a different cartoon. Also while FOI in the wastebasket was perfectly appropriate, the first thing that occurred to me was to have it poking out from under a carpet, perhaps labelled CRU. A Fantasia-style broom could be busily sweeping at it, labelled “inquiries”. Oh, the possibilities.

  38. So all the arguments about climate gate, sunsaw, govt funded milk etc are going to collapse, and we’ll be left with the climate models which state that water vapour and clouds are positive feedbacks, and an angry polar bear. Oh and the binned foi requests will stand the test of time too?

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