Friday Funny – Surreal Climate #5

Josh of has a take on Cancun….

15 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Surreal Climate #5

  1. hahahaha….!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, JOSH!!!!!
    Yeah…….. They’ve been “GOTTCHA’D” just like little roaches in a trap, my friends. Perhaps they should’ve enlisted Stephen King as spokesperson to fare better!
    Me thinks their ‘snake oil’ is wearin’ mighty thin…….Makes one wonder what they’ll dream up next! Keep awake and keep laughin’ (it’s what ‘pisses them off’ most…their egos can’t STAND it! hee-hee-hee-ha-ha-ha!!!) Roll up your sleeves, guys! This ‘war’ of ‘wits’ has only just begun and it’s gonna be fun.
    We were ALL made for times such as these. (used to think God was ‘off’ for not having me be born in the 1800’s in Montana…but, then realized that without my contacts, I couldn’t have seen a thing (ie: been a good shot) ’cause I’m legally blind without them!
    C.L. Thorpe

  2. Odie – “Are the catfish biting today?”
    Jeb – “It doesn’t matter.”
    Odie – “OK.”

  3. The link near the top, Josh of has a typo and goes to a nonexistant page at WUWT (<ramble>well, it would go to a page if there were one there, but it’s nonexistant, so it really doesn’t go there, but to an error intercepting page which I suppose must count as a page. I wonder if it counts as a page view.</ramble>.
    It should be Josh of and is always worth a visit.

  4. Crossopter says:
    December 3, 2010 at 6:47 pm
    I apologise. I can’t make one Gavin Schmidt to the other….?
    I think Gavin is the “blog wrong'” guys while the “sums” guys must be Mike Mann. lol, my guess anyway.

  5. Crossopter
    Whilst we are in humorous mode, I have similar problems with this:

    “Are you beginning to believe?”
    Apologies to all concerned – I’ll get my coat

  6. The comic is incomplete. there should be a mercenary with “big oil” labelled on his helmet holding them at gunpoint in the background.

  7. As I told in a prevoius post, “snake oil” vendors did chose a perfect place for gathering: in the ancient Mayan language (were they prophets?) Cancún means: “SNAKE PIT”.
    Reality is stranger than fiction…

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