Cancun: the rationing rationalizing

Well the Telegraph article on rationing our modern lifestyle to reduce CO2 has made some waves since I covered it yesterday, fortunately it has not affected the attendees at Cancun. See the video below.


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R. de Haan

Skeptic Journalist not welcome at Cancun.


This should be called, Alarmist Gone Wild, (AGW).

R. de Haan

Well, come on. We all know that when you ply those AGW activists with liquor, they’re easy!

The sacrifice is never meant to be for them. Just the people that produce everything in the world. Kinda like Hollywood people spending millions on a party to raise thousands for the poor.
Some people actually believe it matters, but mostly it is about money and power. On my site I get both. Those that care about the science I enjoy, even if they disagree, but some of them… Not so much.
John Kehr

R. de Haan
Mark T

Not only does their ideology blind them to the true consequences of what their plan would ultimately do (as well as it’s actual chance of success,) it further blinds them to how hypocritical their actions are, or appear to those of us on the outside. Really, what a shame.

Mark T

No apostrophe on its… gah, my own pet peeve!


No rationing on the tequila, that’s for sure. Now if only I could get a free pour like that from my local publican 🙂
Not that I drink tequila…

Hey Man! You’re breaking the rule! Remember — What goes on in Cancun… Stays in Cancun!

Cassandra King

The people you see believe they have a Godlike purpose, a holy mission to save the planet and you really cannot get a more important task. Save the world and make a very good living, look at me I am so very important they seem to portray so very clearly.
These attendees you see depend on these meeting for their jobs, their livelihoods but it goes deeper and this is the key, they rely on the CAGW fraud for their living and that is a key enabler. Save the world, take a leading role in saving the world, imposing your own views and principles on the world gives one a sense of power and destiny and this binds participants together in a shared crusade, now combine this with the real aim of these so called summits which is of course to gather together a like minded group of individuals in a separate space where no counter view can intrude. Cults use this method very effectively, they take a group and exclude any potential elements who might pollute the group narrative belief system while strengthening the group think prejudice and sense of belonging.
Cancun and all the other summits are designed to emulate the success of cult groups in controlling group minds and actions, its really nothing more than a large version of the heavens gate cult meetings. Seal of one group from the larger community and give them a Godlike mission to save the planet while making sure that adherence to the cult narrative is fiercely defended and continued membership of the group requires total belief, it helps of course to make sure that future invites and salaries are used as disciplinary weapons to keep the belief system pure.
The CAGW summits should be seen and examined closely in this light, base tricks and deceptions and cunning manipulation of human frailties to further a corrupt end, as old as humanity and still we fall for the tricks?


Although I hate to say the warmists do anything right for fear this may mislead people into thinking they do other things right, there is no reason to rebuke them for this fiesta. There is no way they are going to agree upon rationing and thus no reason for them to ration before discussion really even begin. Also, such eleborate parties do, in fact, help the political process, which is a shame really, because it shows how easily our politicl leaders are influenced and leads to government sactioned bribery in the form of expensive dinners.

Why refer to the World War II all the time?
Rationing of food, energy, and basic commodities for all who doesn’t belong to the carefully chosen, correct-thinking elite was a widespread practice in the Soviet Union, and still is an everyday, normal way of life in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and many other socially and environmentally disastrous countries.
These are perfect examples of the social regime that the environmentalists yearn to impose on the whole world: they rule and dance, we work and starve.
In the final reckoning it’s really that simple. Isn’t it, Parteigenosse Pachauri?

Mark T

Interestingly, if you’ve ever been in on a meal provided to military personnel by any defense contractor you’d notice the exact opposite. Such meals are typically sandwiches and some soda/coffee/tea and a cookie for dessert. There’s also a box next to the table for the military folk to put in a “fair value” contribution for their meal (not optional.)

Ok, as John Wayne said, “That breaks it!”
So when they get back they’ll be implementing skyrocketing energy bills for us, and telling us no eating meat?


“Little man, another drink please!!.
Oh a vote? Please, no more indulgences for white people, or those uppity Northern Asiatics, et al. Does anyone else think that the Chileans need a bit of discipline also? Oh. And I will have a bit of that Iranian caviar. So rare now, eh Che?”.

Don Penim

Maybe they should continue the party over at one of Cancun’s dance clubs where, according to this Cancun Nightlife website, they can experience something cooling:
“One of Mexico’s most popular clubs, Dady’O is known for endless nights of dancing, great parties, famous DJ’s, three dimensional laser show, CO2 cooling effects, action packed shows and theme parties. Considered an international hot spot for people from all walks of life..”



Interesting bit on upper atmospheric sulfur dioxide causing heat trap on Venus. I think I would have initially guessed a different scenario, but the measure is real and the article is a caution against AGW intervention. Venus is the most hard rock volcanic planet in the Solar System by far. I don’t think that climatologists appreciate how much vulcanism has to do with atmosphere, IMHO.


Speaking of rational, cheers to Adam for having the only rational comment in the lot.

Baa Humbug

Mark T says:
November 30, 2010 at 10:09 pm
Mark is that for real or are you pulling a leg? A fair value box to pay for their meal?
Soldiers don’t have to pay for their rifle and ammo, helmets and body armour, which they need to fight, but they have to pay for a sandwich? nah!!!


How do you know these are Liberal Greenie goons?
Only Greeny goons would wear a back-pack to a party. Are they worried that someone might steal their hair shirts and sandals?


There will be the same film in Cancun as it was last year in Copenhagen and nothing will be changed 😀

Mark T

For very real. This is done intentionally so there is no hint of an attempt to influence a contract or related business decision. The standards are very high, and it is a shame this is not true across the board with our government.
Keep in mind, these personnel are often those that run the contracts or approve the contracts, i.e., they aren’t typically soldiers from the field, though they may have been at one time. The government may reimburse them if they track how much they’ve actually spent, though I don’t know for sure (never asked.)

Dear Tim,
“Rational” and “Rationing” are two different words with two different meanings.

David Walton

Re: Well the Telegraph article on rationing our modern lifestyle to reduce CO2 has made some waves since I covered it yesterday, fortunately it has not affected the attendees at Cancun.
Why am I not surprised?

Doug in Seattle

The less I hear of what the bureaucrats are saying at Cancun, the more worried I get that they will impose their agreement upon us.
The US administration has already indicated they will implement an agreement with or without the niceties of congressional approval. The EU long ago drank their Koolaid. China, Russia and India will sign and simply ignore it.
I preferred the open reporting from Nopenhagen to the relative silence from Can’tcon.

R. de Haan
Brian H

Mark T;
Join me in spreading this little mnemonic:
His-hers-its; he’s-she’s-it’s.
Pick the right group, and U can’t miss! 🙂


Alexander Feht says:
November 30, 2010 at 11:08 pm
Dear Tim,
“Rational” and “Rationing” are two different words with two different meanings.
First, that should be “rationalizing” and “rationing.” Second, no kidding!
According to them, we should do the “rationing” and they’ll do the “rationalizing” for their version of AGW (Alarmist Gone Wild, thanks Russ.)

David L. Hagen

Soon they will not have to worry about forcing greenhouse rationing.
Lloyds warns that nature will soon be forcing a reduction in conventional liquid fuels. e.g. by 2012 to 2015.


Baa Humbug says:
November 30, 2010 at 10:53 pm
Mark is that for real or are you pulling a leg? A fair value box to pay for their meal?
Soldiers don’t have to pay for their rifle and ammo, helmets and body armour, which they need to fight, but they have to pay for a sandwich? nah!!!

Most DOD contractors would be prohibited from offering DOD personnel (civilian and military) a ride from the hotel to such a dinner/reception.

Brian H

About that sulphur dioxide band around Venus, the close is

“We must study in great detail the potential consequences of such an artificial sulphur layer in the atmosphere of Earth,” says Jean-Loup Bertaux, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin, France, Principal Investigator of the SPICAV sensor on Venus Express. “Venus has an enormous layer of such droplets, so anything that we learn about those clouds is likely to be relevant to any geo-engineering of our own planet.”
In effect, nature is doing the experiment for us and Venus Express allows us to learn the lessons before experimenting with our own world.

Really, the experiment was done for us, a few million years ago by an advanced race on Venus ….

Mike McMillan

Groovy party, man. I’ll bet nobody got to bed before 9:30.

Louise Gray’s Telegraph article inspired an utterly brilliant rant by a teacher which was reposted by Bishop Hill –

This article is the last straw. For six years I have had to bit my tongue while force-feeding this climate anthropogenic global warming nonsense into the increasingly sceptical minds of my science school learners. They all know it’s a scam. I know it’s a scam. They all know that we will be notionally 1010ed if we don’t all toe the party line, give the “government approved” answer in the exams, fill in the approved plans, but carry on as normal. I cannot seriously go into a school next term and carry on like this.

read the rest here
Inspired by aritcles such as this at P Gosselin’s No Tricks Zone (news about German parliamentatians branding scientists for the crime of scientific dissent) I am interested to know how many people are sceptical but feel the need to hide their views in their working life.
This poll asks simply, if you have doubts about the ‘orthodox view’ of climate change, how open are you about it?


I remember someone suggesting to ban iced water in US in restaurants – and here they serve nothing BUT ice… 🙂 I love that stuff 🙂

son of mulder

A few weeks of the UK’s early freeze and I can envisage rationing. Already I’ve heard on the BBC that Brussel sprouts for Christmas are at risk and sheep won’t be lambing so I’ve done my bit for the nation and turned up the heating.


Food rationing! They warn us for the cold that is coming.


save the last dance for me . this the last dance for globle warming

R. de Haan

I wonder what sort of reception our bold Brit climate pioneers will get from their nearest and dearest when they get home from the beachfest?
Both the Tyndall Center (near Manchester) and CRU in East Anglia are paralysed by a few feet of freezing snow this morning.
Somehow I imagine that, if their wives have been digging the car out for the school and shopping runs, when Kev, Phil and the boys hop out of the airport limo, red eyed from pina coladas and belching from too many buffalo wings and bluefin tuna canapes – the reception might not be the moist eyed devotion they were expecting.
(NB -Personal experience has contributed to this theoretical scenario)

Peter Miller

As a very little boy, I remember the ‘Bonfires of the Ration Books’ in the High Streets of the UK. The disastrous economic policies of Atlee’s Labour government resulted in the UK – one of the winners in World War II – to be one of the last countries off rationing in Western Europe.
Rationing – except in the case of war – is not only a reflection of the stupidity of the economic system in which you live, but it is also a reflection of micro-managing, control freakishness of your political elite.
Rationing therefore makes perfect sense to AGW advocates, as i) it is stupid, and ii) it allows you to control the behaviour of the ‘little people’, especially those ‘little people’ who keep embarrassing you by pointing out how stupid you are.
For example: “So you’re a sceptic? OK, so that means no rations for you, until I am convinced you have seen the light!”
In the AGW believer’s vision of a new world order, just like in a communist state, there will only be two choices: i) submit to a stupid doctrine, or ii) starve.

R. de Haan

I cannot believe that Paul Crutzen, the Nobel winner for chemistry, is “advocating” injecting large quantities of SO2 into our upper atmosphere.
These are the thoughts of a madman, not a Nobel prize winner.


Orwell would be proud of Louise Gray.
How can anyone write this crap and look at themselves in the mirror in the morning?
Am I supposed to believe it? If not why write it?


The ‘settled’ scientific debate – lost
The blind acceptance of the public – diminishing fast
The enforced mandatory laws – yet to come

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

Blame it on the tequila…buckets of it

Teaching largely social sciences ( and some science) in secondary schools for the past 37 years I can say that none of my colleagues were/are warmists. I looked at both sides of the argument in class but always concluded that runaway warmism was bollocks. When I left it gave me great pleasure to gather up all the warmist videos and literature and toss them into a skip bin.

John Marshall

Nothing like conspicuous consumption to join the great and good together!
May this meeting fail as well.